Sunday Tribbin: What’s on deck

Anything and anyone you want to talk about. Athlete of the week nominations and looking ahead: Is Diamond Ranch, Diamond Bar still the game of the week? DRanch has been waiting a while for this, but careful what you wish for, nobody expected the purple to be 4-0. La Puente, Azusa would have been a more sexy match-up, but the Warriors falling to Wilson took something away, though it probably still will determine the Montview League title. It’s a tough call because Walnut-West Covina became more interesting after the Mustangs’ OT win over Covina. Bishop Amat gets Wallace Gonzalez back against Cathedral, and how down will the Monrovia, South Hills loser feel on Thursday after what happened this past weekend? I don’t want the interview with that coach.

This weeks pigskin lineup
Thursday, September 30th

Monrovia vs. South Hills at Covina District, 7:00pm
Friday, October 1st
Diamond Ranch vs. Diamond Bar at Ganesha, 7:00pm
Los Altos at Rowland, 7:00pm
West Covina at Walnut, 7:00pm
Azusa at La Puente, 7:00pm
Ganesha at Bassett, 7:00pm
Gladstone vs. Workman at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Sierra Vista at Duarte, 7:00pm
Covina vs. Northview at Covina District, 7:00pm
Pomona at Baldwin Park, 7:00pm
San Dimas at Nogales, 7:00pm
Bishop Amat at Cathedral, 7:00pm
Chino Hills vs. Redlands East Valley at U. of Redlands, 7:30pm
El Dorado at Damien, 7:00pm
El Monte at Wilson, 7:00pm
Keppel at Mountain View, 7:00pm
San Gabriel at Rosemead, 7:00pm
Santa Fe at Charter Oak, 7:00pm
St. Paul at Ayala, 7:00pm
Temple City at South El Monte, 7:00pm

Enjoy this, Chino Hills Tom’s raw footage from Bishop Amat, Damien.

Tailgating at Bishop Amat …

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  • JFR

    Yes Fred, Thropay will be the starting QB.

  • The guru

    Game of the week has to be Covina Vs. Northview its a big rival game! even if Covina is the way better team Northview always comes out to play..
    GoTW- Covina – Northview


    Amat hood,

    let me guess…Amat created tailgating, football and sliced bread.

  • Aaron

    Bonita is on a bye. As far as Athlete of the week is concerned Erik Mikity is fourth in the Southeast with 41 total tackles and 3 sacks also to his credit.

  • FYI

    SWISS – representatives of the Trib posted that video – not anyone from Amat. That is a Trib video. I have a secret for you. Get their attention – with SOMETHING – and you’ll get publicity too.

  • I’m Hungry now

    Is that Bishop Amat tailgaiting or UCLA? Thats amazing. Ive never seen tailgaiting to that extent at a high school game in the valley. You BA fans are sick!

  • GOTW

    No was the game of the week is not Diamond Bar Diamond Ranch…. The community has been waiting for this game and it also had playoff implications in the rough Hacienda….. It should be a great game!

  • Born and Raised SGV

    I hope the the OT loss does not over shadow the performance of Junior Vinny Vinegas. Over 200 yards and 5 TD’s.

    Def. Player of the week.

  • DB vs DR

    Well, DB should give DR a run for their money but if DB doesn’t do anything about DR’s run game, DB will NOT win, guaranteed. They had trouble with Brea’s run game, and that’s why the game was so close.

  • Shocking!

    I’m surprised that some joker from Azusa hasn’t come on here trying to nominate their QB for a third straight week… Maybe their 34 point snoozer vs Gabby knocked some sense into them.

  • Nope


    its shocking that would be Jealous of the azusa QB. the kid had a great game last week and who are you to put him down, i guess your success in football was being the water boy!! sorry you dnt get awards for that….

  • JFR


    Your kids are having a great run but they play against nobody. It’s CO’s argument against BA, you can’t win.

  • kh

    this week game c.o. vs sante fe will let us bonita poeple see how we stand,if c.o. is all that then they should blow out santa fe.
    my moneys on santa fe.there big good and strong.
    let the game be played.

  • JFR


    My son goes to Bohi and I have 2 kids on the street who play for the cats. We lost r QB this week and it’s going to be a tough 4 to 6 weeks without him. After watching films of Santa Fe with Travis it looked good, without him who knows?

  • Yes, Yes, and Yes!!


    How did you know?? I’m amazed. Yes Amat did invent tailgating, football and sliced bread. Pretty Impressive… wouldn’t you agree??

  • so funny

    had to laugh as I watched the video and saw Rudy with Fred, I’m guessin that Rudy didn’t bring anything to eat either and was eating off everyone else as always

  • what did they have in the red and blue cups??????

  • Honest Info

    I viewed your pick for the Walnut and Covina game.Sorry that we lost wished that you were at the game to observe the player that should be considered for Athlete Player of the Week.The player that should get your vote for Player of the Week is Vincent Venegas #5.Like your paper wrote that all the late heroics ruined the outstanding performance by Vinny Venegas who had 10 catches for 207 yards and 3 touchdowns.He also ran the ball in for touchdown #4 and also ran a kickoff of 94 yards for touchdown #5.That is why Vinny Venegas should be considered for Player of the Week .

  • Nope

    jfr, wow i guess you did not see who bell gardens almost beat, and if you are talking about CO then they should play Long beach poly if you think they are so good or some team in that league, so in their eyes you guys play nobody. but we can back and forth about this because in the end the kids at azusa are more humble kids who have to work extra hard at everything and not be spoon fed……so talk to me after your team plays Long beach poly and win!!

  • JFR

    Nope, sorry DOPE!

    Have you ever beat CO. Thank you end of story.

  • Anonymous

    Question, Why should I care? Why do you care? Why is that a pertinent question? Maybe you should get your own cup for a second helping of H.A.T.E.R.A.D.E!!!!!!!

  • @ Anonymous, this is a catholic school high school correct.

  • Lance R

    Red and Blue cups are there for a reason and as long as no one acts the azz and people enjoy themselfs it is all good remember they said college atmosphere. Private school private property with responsible adults. Trust me this is no binge by people , a couple of cold ones while eating nothing more nothing less. The older couples sharing a glass of vino helps their blood and heart. As far as Rudy R. I dont think anyone has a problem having Rudy over for some food and drink after all he brounght the school Rio and should get the comps. I’d offer him some food just to talk about Rio, Amat Football and was it His side of the family his wifes or a combo of things on where Rio got the talent in the bloodlines. We have a father (priest) or two that stop by for some chow as well. At Amat this is as good as it gets, that is why we are the Amat family. This tailgating has been going on for years and the school welcomes it. As far as Fred getting the comps, Keep the great write ups of Amat coming Fred you have lots in the parking lot that will feed you just stop on by there is plenty to eat.

  • why?

    question – and why is that relevant?

  • jr

    this has nothing to do w/the son..he is sik, no question bout that, talking about the dad getting comps all the time and never contributing .ever. , if you want to serve him up every time go right ahead please just give a small slice of humble pie every now and then would ya.

  • COChargerfan

    Every game is different but if you want an idea as to where a healthy CO stands, take a look at what Esperanza did to Santa Fe last week (21-7) and what CO did to Esperanza the week before (35-20). Since Bonita beat Santa Fe by 1 point and according to posts by kh should have lost that game, Bonita fan may want to think a little more about the we can beat CO talk.

    On that dirty play by the Rancho kid, if their coach is sincere about really punishing him for behavior that was clearly just as inappropriate as what LeGarrette Blount did last year, they should make him stand on the sidelines in street clothes for every game that Santiago is unable to play…this would give him time to think about his actions and the punishment would be consistent with the crime.

  • It was a joke, but now that youre getting into it. What are we showing out kids, that drinking at a high school football game is OK. Good morals!

  • kh

    never said c.o. stinks.
    like what they bring year in and out solid school in all sports for many moons.
    was kinda getting a fill where we are,bearcats thats it.
    hey we lost our qb and look 4-0 start.its not always the qb who makes the team,its the team who makes the qb,
    saw travis in passing league is a bit on the small size,
    really dont know how or why he won the mvp in the baseball league,did anybody see mier stats,or matty g , evan highly,and are ss pitcher stats across the broad where as good or better brain tuttle,bonita knocked the kid out of the game in there own park,but what dose k.h. know guys.didnt he say bohi was going to the championship week 1 in baseball [people thaught i was crazy no just have a eye for football i still say we will go undefeated and bring home the cif football patch,4-0 were getting close……
    oh no bohi gets back # 1 pre season 6-5 qb g.p.

    so its ok to break or bend rules and law at private schools,red cups on campus parking lot with fathers looking other ways,,we wont go there with the fathers looking the other way.
    god knows that would never the little boys drink too…come out of the closet,put the lid on the jug,fellow rules while on schools grounds,thats our problem in life us adults break rules on campus so whats wrong with our kids having a joint or cold beer during lunch in the parking lot,grow up,drink at home or after game,yes i do have a problem with somebody drinking in the parking lot and nobodys during crap about it,one of those drunk punks might take my son out after the game, drinking and driving,get a life…kh against drunk drivers.

  • JFR


    Don’t go there, I didn’t see them tapping kegs and dancing on the roof tops of their cars. I did however had to chuckle when I saw raider rug laid out in parking lot.


    Did anybody catch the Citrus College game on Saturday? All i’m going to say to that is, good thing they had a band on the field! 56-6, WOW! Citrus needs to go back to the drawing board!

  • Joe Amat


    Dang! I was hoping nobody saw that rug. It isn’t a chuckle I get when I walk by it. Even kills me when I walk through stores or stop in a 7-11 and there’s Raider stuff all over the SGV. Like they’re our local team or something?!?

    Oh well.

  • dbarresident

    Looking forward to the DBar/Pomona Ranch game this week. Roddy has been pushing this game for years as a natural intercity rivalry….to be honest…we view Walnut as our natural rival. Walnut and DBar are in the same school district, have the same demographics, the same academic excellance and our kids share middle schools. PRanch’s roster is only made up of 25% Diamond Bar kids. They go to a different school district, draw from four (or more) different cities and they recruit more effectively and doggedly than a catholic private school. If Roddy really wants to make this about Diamond Bar I think both coaches should only suit up kids that live in the city and let’s see the results. Just a question, if this is THE big rival game between DBAR kids, where is it being played? That’s right! POMONA…I do look forward to rooting for the Purp/Gold…and I hope Chase and Aaron and Jeff have good games in a losing cause….Go Diamond Bar, beat Diamond Pomona Ranch!





  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to all the teams of the SGV. Very sad to hear about the injury to Santiago especially if it was do to a cheap shot . Also the young man from SD I didn’t get his name but a speedy recovery to both . On the Lancers, that was one heck of statement game for the Men in Blue. Right out the gate the quieted the pit and they were not heard from until a score late in the game . Next up is Cathedral which in my opinion will be a very good test for the Lancers. Not going to be as easy as some fans think . These boys can play and this is a huge game for them . I believe we will get the victory but we are going to have to bring our A game and stay on them all night . As for all this talk on tailgating it is something that has been going on for years and is a tradition.I am not too keen on doing it at schools we visit but that is my opinion . I have never seen anyone get out of hand or carry anything to far at AMAT . It is a persons opinion whether it is right or wrong but to come on here and make an issue of it is ridiculus . It seems the better our team gets the haters are drawing at straws for things to knock AMAT on.
    I have much respect for you and what you have accomplished but remember one thing your problem is unique to you and you only . Yes many suffer the same disease but for you to come on here and insinuate that minors are drinking at the tailgating and so forth is just plain wrong because it doesn’t happen . As far as kids drinking well you as well as I know that after the games at parties it goes on . That is a fact of life,unfortunately statistics prove it. I not going to be a hypocrite and say I never did it while in high school because I did and am quite sure you did also . All we can do is hope we teach our kids to be responsible and don’t do it and hope they follow our wishes. If you do have a problem with people having a few at AMAT then you better damn well be sure the parking lots at Bonita are alcohol free also .

  • SGV For 30 Years

    Here is my take on the DB/DR game. Has anyone noticed that DB athletics has dropped off significantly in the last 10 years? (I mean football and basketball mostly) All those kids Lorbeer athletes who used to go to DB are now at DRanch. DBar was known for stealing kids from all over the place. So lets not make it seem like Roddy invented that. So here is the way I see this game. It is a rivalry game because the winner gets to use this game as a recuiting tool for those North Diamond Bar kids. The loser has to sell his program as we are building to beat those guys.
    Another problem DBar has is that they have 2 of those games. Soon after that game they have to deal with Walnut. That will be another battle for middle school athletes. Losing both those games could do some serious damage to DBar. It could take as many as 5 years to recover. Winning both of those games could put DBar back on top. I understand there are some pretty good athletes coming up from this years 8th grade class and next years 7th grade class. The school that lands them will also land their buddies. High school sports has become like college sports was 10 years ago. It’s about selling your school and recruiting as in your own kids so that someone else doesn’t steal them. It’s the new world of high school sports we live in. Part of me thinks it’s sad that gone are the days where you went to your local school and played with the people you have grown up with.

    SGV430 Ouuutt!!!!

  • Tina K

    Stop with the hate over Rudy R. getting some comped chow. Just because he is the dad of the star QB dont go all jealous on him. He is actully a cool father to talk to. As far as “question” from above post … the example and HS sports and having a couple of cold ones? You tell me what SGV HS has parents that do not drink at their tailgates. Amat is not the only one, there are responsible parents at CO, Bonita, Walnut, Wilson, Los Altos, etc etc etc parents that enjoy a few before the game, these are adults that behave themselfs. When have you heard of a incident where someone got out of hand…very rare. Stop being a pompous anti-jack-azz.

  • @ Tina K, here we go with the name calling, I also go to all the games and my kid goes to Amat. One thing for sure you will not see me with a cup in my hand. It should not be allowed! DRINK AT BAR NOT AT A HIGH SCHOOL!

  • Aaron


    This is high school we’re talking about. Alcoholism is not a unique problem and Mr Huth has identified as a problem for him and he crushed it and got the booze out of his life. He makes the point that we shouldn’t be drinking in the parking lot of a high school. It holds a lot of validity. Set the example etc etc etc. However someone once said to me in order to be successful you have to exceed the standard, so I’d say exceed the standard.

    As far as tailgating…there’s some good stuff in the parking lot on D Street however nothing to the extent of being nearly as widespread or getting there so early.

  • kh

    tina your right we all did it,we all have to pay the piper when caught.
    you guys have always had and have pride,no saying all the nation sit before games and gets lite…
    saying like you said do the drinking off campus,or at the amat late night bars,where ever that is,,i dont think i would want to be caught in l.p. after hours…
    nobodys hating on rio dad,
    happy for his dad,did a great job so far with jr.
    finnally got to see him in action with freds light lites.gets raid of ball fart and shape,thats what makes him a good ss on baseball team,like turning two getting ball to 2b so he has time to react,kids good,never said he bad,you guys made him out to be the next shanchez,watching him maybe he is that good,i hope he gose to the hall of frame,,,,really i do…
    go amat and bearcats.
    you guys get a big cookie this week with wallace gozo coming a broad,
    always liked the kid,really a fine young man,good luck wallace from the huths

  • Joe Amat


    Read what I wrote again: “It isn’t a chuckle I get when I walk by it.”

    I’m with you on this one!

  • Joe Amat


    Again, as was stated before. It’s a private school on private grounds in a controlled & patrolled environment. That’s MUCH better than people starting at “The Wharehouse” and DRIVING to their son’s game.

    You heard these guys start at 4:30. Games over at 9:30 – 10:00 before they get back in their car and drive home.

    Sounds much safer to me

  • reality

    Tailgating at Bohi? The only time I’ve seen open tailgates in the Bohi lot are when the Escalades and Flexes pull up and dump out their kids for the game. Bohi fans also don’t travel well. Just a few at the B.P. game. Better support team for the D. Bar game because a loss could be devastating.

  • amat nation

    Raider things at Amat parties. Amat nation alive and well.

  • footballer

    DB VS DR. I have watched both teams play. !st game I attended was DB vs Wilson. Then I got to see DR vs Lake Elsinor. This game will be a good one. The difference between the programs is Diamond Bar has shown lots of class. DB has played one game at a time and won. Their coaching staff, parents and kids have not been bad mouthing any team weeks before any game. I think this game can go either way. Good luck kids.

  • It is what it is

    DBHS DOMINATED the local schools when they first opened. Try comparing what DRanch has done (NOTHING in tangible results) to what the DBHS had done. All those years the people on the North side were worried because their kids were going to Ganesha or Garey, everyone on that side of town was very defensive about the High School question for the kids after Lorbeer. In the late 90’s they finally open the new school (the one that had been promised since the 80’s for the ‘other end ‘ of DB) and someone show me the proof in the pudding that DRanch has had more success??? It aint there. Your competing with arguably better athletes in this day and age, and DRANCH cannot duplicate the storied success and Championship winning seasons in MULTIPLE sports most notably, BASEBALL AND FOOTBALL. You got nothing there.

    This season just like the past 10 seasons DRanch has a talented team, with speed and strength, but Win, Lose or Draw come friday night you will not be able to erase the fact that YOU HAVENT DONE SH*T compared to DBHS in the same opening time frame. And take a good look at your neighbors, because the tide is rolling eastward. The North end will look just like the South end and be made up of the same demographics in 10 years. Which isnt a bad thing, unless your a racist? Better finally nail down that championship before its too late. Your API and SAT scores will go through the roof, but you will have 30 upperclassmen going out for varsity football.

    We are all proud of the Brahmas record to this point in the year. But non league is over. Now the purple and gold are in the middle of the intense,emotionally charged “next door neighbor rivalry stretch” with Brea, DRANCH, Walnut, and Rowland. There NO LOVE anywhere in that string of games, and that goes back 25 plus years. For the topping on the cake, they get Bonita in week 6 as their “break” in the local action.

    DRANCH you will never ERASE the history that DBHS etched into the CIF record books. And to this point, and as our kids have come and gone, you have no slice of that pie.

    Stop hating DRanch. Thats all you got right now. Just misguided hate. Thats why you have those shiny runner up trophys in the equipment shed, of the football field, that you DONT HAVE on your campus.

  • Anonymous

    Question – Yes. Yes it is a Catholic High School. And as such, you should not be so quick to judge. Are you inferring that every Lancer fan with a cup in his or her hand must have been doing something they shouldn’t? I’m sure there are those that do and there are those that don’t. Your question whether “jokingly” or not did illict unneeded attacks on Bishop Amat, the school where your kids attend. Not all “tailgaters” were drinking. IF you were a die hard fan you would know that the grass roots push is for ALL AMAT FAITHFUL to use blue cups for ALL BEVERAGES in order to show solidarity for the team! ALSO, There is also a push to have ALL THE AMAT FAITHFUL wear “Royal Blue” to the games, once again, to show solidarity. Guys like you are too much. And all you other “Sinners who haven’t Been Caught” your time will come. Enjoy your time, in where you are in your life. Enjoy it in what you do, not in how others do theirs. Trust me, you’ll be much happier people for it.

  • footballer

    Win or loose DR. DB has always shown class. Just an old timer off the 60frwy

  • AMAT 73

    Sometimes you should just let a post go by without a rebuttal on your part. I wrote kh’s problem with alcohol is unique to him , not that alcoholism is unique . If you read the next sentence I wrote many suffer the same disease. Every case is unique as to the extent of how it effect’s one life. Haven’t you run into or heard about what is called a functioning alcholic that goes about everyday life and hides their addiction. I have been to some tailgates where no alcohol is consumed at all. I am sure some of it goes on at Bonita and if you are going to take a stand then 1 is too many. I am sorry you do not have the fan base of AMAT but to knock ours because of the numbers and what time they arrive is foolish. I for one do not partake in the drinking but that’s just me and for me to knock others wouldn’t be right for me and me only . You’ve been to a few AMAT games and have you ever seen this abused or people getting out of hand to the extent of causing problems or fights and such. I think your answer will be no.

  • Amat Honk

    OF COURSE there is a RAIDER rug on the floor! What else are we supposed to wipe our feet on!!!

  • DRanchhhh

    Funny how these Diamond Bar folks are trying to take these fake and VERY conspicuous shots at Diamond Ranch. Using demographics to put a group of kids down is pure IGNORANCE. What exactly are you insinuating?? Is this really about how much your home in South DB is worth more compared to those of Phillips Ranch/ Pomona?? Is that how you Diamond Bar people make yourselves feel good about being on brahma Ave? How much more ignorant and prejudice can your fans become? Truth is these KIDS dont care about that shyt. Most of them played ball together at DBPW, WJAA or SYFL. They dont give a damn about you referring to Diamond Ranch as Pomona Ranch. Some of you “South DB” residents need to get it together. Everything is not about having money and a big house. DB resident, That shows how CLASSLESS you people are over there. Nobody cares about taking a kid from Diamond Bar High. The truth is: If a parent wants to send his or her child to DB or DR, they will. Kids that attend Lorbeer don’t always end up at DR or DB. Bishop Amat, Damien and Ayala get the pick of the litter as well.

    In conclusion, GROW UP, this is not the early 90’s anymore. It’s no longer Ganesha vs. Diamond Bar. Get it together DB Folks.

  • Aaron


    I’m not knocking the fan base for going out and tailgating before the game. All I am saying is that we are talking about high school athletics here and since the majority of us hope these children aren’t drinking even though we are wiser than that. As responsible adults we should set the example.

    Is it done in the parking lot at Bonita…oh I’m sure it is and I have disdain for it. I’m not knocking Amat to knock Amat. If it were a video of it happening in the parking lot on D street you’d hope and I’d hope I was saying the exact same thing.


    To all concerned,
    Like said before, the blue cups are a theme…But if you have to know what is in them, the red cups (Damien fans) are full of hot water and the Amat blue cups have ice water!!! Now u know…

    ON BLUE!!!

  • North vs South?

    Calpreps has the game 27-24, in favor of DRanch. They are at 77% accuracy rate so far this season with southern section projections. Sounds like it should be a close game. Funny that everytime I hear the DR people mouthing off they say that DBHS won all those championships with “North DB kids”, and now that DB doesn’t get those kids anymore we can “all see” how the Brahmas fell off the map. Yet, thats what DRanch gets now, all the Northern kids, so why haven’t they been able to get it done after their battle hardening pre-season schedules that are the “toughest in the nation”. You can’t have it both ways Panther fans. Explain why they haven’t got it done. Explain how this one game here will settle the differences? You still don’t have the hardware that DBHS has. Period. End of story. Perhaps we should ask Charter Oak fans this question. CO has ended your season 3 years in a row. Was Roche really that much better on the field, in the game, teaching, motivating the kids and out coaching the opponents? Why dont your North end kids, win championships now, like the same kids did for DBHS 10 years ago? Maybe its all the Pomona kids your able to “pull” into the school, explain it.

  • AMAT 73

    Sounds kind of like the knock AMAT gets for being in La Puente. It really is kind of ignorant and vastly prejudice on bloggers part to use that angle isn’t it ?
    Aaron, it can be safely said there are no minors drinking at the tailgating at AMAT .

  • DRanchhhh


    You sound real dumb. “We dont get north DB kids anymore!” Like I said you people are living in the past. I didnt know that demographic determined how athletic a kid could be. That whole post is IGNORANT and semi-prejudice. Help me understand what the difference from a Northside to Southside Diamond Bar kid is?? Speak on it so I can lay my claim that SOME of you DBHS fans are ignorant and prejudice. Is it that more White and Asian kids live on the southside? Is it that more African American and Latinos live on the southside?? Is that what you are insinuating? If not, correct me, PLEASE!! I cant wait to see your explanation of why NS-DB kids are better than SS-DB kids? Last I checked DBHS had DOUBLE our enrollment. DR has appx. 1800 kids and DB has 3200-3600. Whats your excuse?

  • just a thought

    You can also use those BLUE CUPS for when you need to piss, instead of waiting in line for the restrooms.


  • Tina K

    kh said:
    tina your right we all did it,we all have to pay the piper when caught.

    finnally got to see him in action with freds light lites.gets raid of ball fart and shape,thats what makes him a good ss on baseball team,like turning two getting ball to 2b so he has time to react,kids good,never said he bad,you guys made him out to be the next shanchez,watching him maybe he is that good,

    i hope he gose to the hall of frame,,,,really i do…
    go amat and bearcats.
    you guys get a big cookie this week with wallace gozo coming a broad,
    always liked the kid,really a fine young man,good luck wallace from the huths

    WOW looks like you are drinking right now. What is up with what you are trying to say. GOSE TO THE HALL OF FAME? Sanchez without the H numbskull.

    Get Raid of Ball fart and shape????

    Geeze Louise is all I have to say.

    Please do not be driving

  • Tina K Interpetation:

    Does anyone here have the interpretation of whatever Tina K was tryiing to say?????

  • DRanchhhh

    Tina K

    What in the “hail-storm” is that, Pig Latin??

  • Tina K

    It is not what I said I am making the example of what KH tried to say. KH all over the place with that post. Read a little closer.

  • just sayin’

    Tina K just cut and pasted what kh wrote at September 27, 2010 10:21 AM

  • Glass house dweller

    I have been to Bonita games, San dimas games, W.C., Charter Oak and Glendora games and I have seen drinking at EVERYONE of those games, in the parking lots, in cars, on side streets and while fans are walking into the stadiums! If any of you people think it doesn’t go on at your schools then you’re a CRAZY!!! Just because you saw a blue or red cup on a video does not mean that there was a 151 cocktail inside. I’m sure there were adults drinking before the game but hey, that’s been going on loooonnnggg before this blog came into effect. Now are we all on here professing our sobriety and due dilligence because we are concerned for the student body at Bishop Amat or are we looking to put a chink in AMAT’s armour? I don’t care if you drink or not at the games and I’m not the parking lot police (of which there are at the Amat games) but …get a grip people! You guys complaining and talking crap sound like a bunch of self-righteous, pant loads trying to let everyone know that YOU are better than “Those” guys who walk around with colored cups! STHU!!!Don’t make me bounce a boulder of your head to knock some sense in ya! The tail gates at Amat are a great time (even to visiting teams). To say anything else is most likely jealousy or just plain ridiculous!

  • Doctor Rumack

    Just dropped in from working on our next ‘Airplane’ sequel with Barb Billingsley to help Tina K. understand kh’s post. Really easy to do on your own if you read slowly and squint a little bit

    Tina K said:
    kh said: tina your right we all did it,we all have to pay the piper when caught.

    I believe we all share complicity in similar wrongdoing, when apprehended, we all suffer a common fate.

    finnally got to see him in action with freds light lites.gets raid of ball fart and shape,thats what makes him a good ss on baseball team,like turning two getting ball to 2b so he has time to react,kids good,never said he bad,you guys made him out to be the next shanchez,watching him maybe he is that good,

    Having seen the lad play, may I say he turns the double play quite well, handling the ball quickly and throwing it smartly to the next fielder. These are all desirable attributes in a short stop and the boy apparently has them. Although I have never personally spoken ill of him, many of your fans behave as though he were already the equal of Hanley Ramirez. After seeing him play, I might even agree.

    i hope he gose to the hall of frame,,,,really i do…

    I hope he becomes an all time great player.

    go amat and bearcats.

    Going forward, here’s wishing the best of luck to both Bishop Amat and Bonita.

    you guys get a big cookie this week with wallace gozo coming a broad, always liked the kid,really a fine young man,good luck wallace from the huths

    Amat football fans should be very pleased to see the return of Wallace Gonzalez Jr. to the field. I have always liked the kid who is really a fine young man. Good luck from my family to you.

    And a little bonus:
    “Get Raid of Ball fart and shape????

    Gets rid of the ball fast and sharp.

  • DRanchhhh

    Tina K,

    I feel like a SUPER DORK now. My apologies. Damn I feel stupid right now.


    Just sayin’…(Realizing that’s a first)

  • kh

    always a pleasure to have your skills behind the huther.
    some times the fingers go alittle faster then the brain or vis versa, miss a few letters now and then,big deal.
    i really dont think they have ever hung any one yet for bad grammer,
    doc whats funny is that i write movies and have conpleted two,with three in writing mode,
    maybe i could send you a copy then you could put it in normal reading and writing form,
    tomorrow am meeting in hollywood on my movie called the agent,you will see the movie,i will send amat73 a copy signed for his support,tina k,you will have to pay for the seat and popcorn.
    it was easier writing with a buss,then now with a clear mind,oct. 6-10 will be my 1 year clean and sober date,i am pretty pumped for myself for what ive been able to fight off the demans,now gods starting to path the way.amen come haters theres only 7 kids better in the state right now in punting then k.c. how many h.s. are there in calif.we are going to go at night and start kicking ball around at bonita.practice makes perfect.stop haten i just know now to try young athletes,got to get into theres minds,there such robots with all these rules to fallow,campus cops hiding lurking in the halls trying to bust them,girls on there minds.driving carefully,its tough,am on there side,

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahaa!

    ROTFLMFAO @ Doctor Rumack !!!!!!!!!

    That was simply, AWESOME, dude!!!

  • @ Anonymous,
    1. So I’m not a hard core fan because I don’t drink at games.
    2. I dont wear blue to the Amat game.
    OK you win I’m not a hard core fan!

    It looks like we don’t agree, I still don’t think that drink should happen at a high school game. what message are we sending the kids that are walking around and seeing everyone with red and blue cups. To say they don’t have beer come on.

  • JFR

    I can’t believe this crap is still going on over a beer or two, check yourself’s morons. A few beers and + hours of football= a good thing. Shut the hell up already, this is what’s wrong with our country. I would love to have a look in the closet’s of these class A people.


    I agree with JFR… shut up all ready! In the video, most are empty handed or eating… A small percent had these cups, including me! I was the 2nd guy interviewed and my cup had coke and ice! Kinda hard to drink a coke in 95 degree weather without ice! Sure if we were in violation of any ethics, father Robert would let us know…As far as our kids go, the first thing they ask for is a cold water…Why, because coach said not to drink soda! So thanks for the concern, but we got it handled!!!

    ON BLUE!!!

  • Laughing

    check it out :48 “Bishop Amat by 10, 27-19” haha Epic Math Fail. Thank God that wasn’t an Amat fan.

  • Red Cup Gate

    I was hoping the red cups would be exposed here. Funny how the bishop nation is trying to defend this.
    Classic bishop math fail, 10 point difference; 27-19 (did the other guy say ‘take the over’?)LOL, must have been a bishop honor student grad.

  • Jastrab

    All Blue,

    Please tell me that Orduno (#74) little brother is going to Amat. That kid looks like he will be 6’8″ when he is a freshman.


  • JFR & ALL BLUE, said shut up all ready & check your self’s moron. Two classic Amat fans at there best. No wonder no one like Amat.

    2nd guy in the video nice interview maybe Ill stop by next home game.
    PS dont save me a cup I dont drink alcohol at high school football games.

  • you & COCF

    question – JFR is a Charter Oak fan who, I think, has kid that go to Bonita. I know it’s hard to imagine, but everyone who supports Amat’s position on things is not necessarily from Amat. Some are just reasonable.

  • you & COCF

    question – JFR is a Charter Oak fan who, I think, has kid that go to Bonita. I know it’s hard to imagine, but everyone who supports Amat’s position on things is not necessarily from Amat. Some are just reasonable.

  • you & COCF

    question – JFR is a Charter Oak fan who, I think, has kid that go to Bonita. I know it’s hard to imagine, but everyone who supports Amat’s position on things is not necessarily from Amat. Some are just reasonable.

  • anonymous

    Question – Ok you’re right, we agree to disagree. In my opinion you are like the guy who tells everyone what he gave up for Lent so everyone can know he is a good Catholic. You didn’t need to come on here and profess your disdain at fellow Amat Family members who lack your moral fortitude. Pray for them and hope they will realize that “IF” they are drinking, they will realize that they are not setting a good example for the kids that are observant enough to realize what they are doing. Although I do disagree that yours/mine/everybody elses kids, KNOW/THINK that there is BEER or ALCOHOL in those colored cups. Plus I feel that it is equally irresponsible for you to feed that crap into their (kids) heads because now they are going to turn out just as judgemental as you! I’m sure if you continue to practice good parenting, your kids, just like mine, will turn out to be responsible, free thinking and positively contributing members of society DESPITE having seen all those colored cups as kids!!!!


    Dude can you not read? My cup had coke and ice! Look at the picture on the video before it starts, i have a priest starring right at me! After reviewing the board, it seems your the only one with a problem towards Amat! Our party is open to anyone, but we have a no HYPOCRITE rule!!!

    Red cup gate,
    The math flubber was by Damien fans, picking Amat to win…You didnt notice, that was the Alfaro family (ex channel 7 reporter)…

    Yes, big Louie Orduno will be attending Amat! He is 5 foot tall and weighs 125 pounds, the only bad news is that we have to wait…He just turned 6 and is only in 1st grade!!! We did the math, he should be about 7 foot tall and 400 pounds when he is full grown!!! LOL…

    ON BLUE!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Question ? ,
    First off I do not put much stock in you going to AMAT games nor having a child attend AMAT but that’s my opinion. If in fact if your are an AMAT parent I suggest you take your fight straight to the top. Msgr is availible to you and your point of view on the tailgating at AMAT. You can also attend the parent association meetings and voice your opinion there also. If it is that much of an issue with you take up the fight there not on the blog because it does seem to be a real problem with you . Now a question for you. How do think we will do against Cathedral this Friday?
    Would love to have a rough draft copy of that book signed by the one and only and maybe a couple of passes to the premier showing . I am getting used to deciphering your writings and I believe you would offer tremdous insight into the world baseball both at the amature and pro level. Hey Honk I loved that wiping feet on the raider rug comment .

  • ALL BLUE: I hear you dont have a kid that goes to Amat. Since you dont pay tution your word dont count. SHUT UP ALREADY!

    Anonymous: I saw a friend of my in the video with a cup and told him I was going to post something and he laughed it off. Regarding giving up drinking for lent I drink at the right place.

  • anonymous

    Question – I see. Either you missed my point all together or you justed showed me your version of the Matrix side step. I guess you get my point though. Continue to lead by example and it will all be ok in the end. Go Big Blue and Good Luck on Friday Lancers!

  • AMAT 73, I dont care if you dont believe my kid go to Amat. I have been around the catholic school system for over 15 year and know enough that they are going to what they want.


    WOW! Where do you get your info? Not only am I vested in my Godsons careeer, but contribute regularly to many Amat charities…
    If your as big of a man in person, as you are online, come by in two weeks…
    Would love to meet you!!!

    ON BLUE!!!

  • Pulllleeeeze

    Itis amazing how people define the red/blue cups as they are designated for beer use at tailgates exclusively. Last time I checked Coke and Pepsi not to mention other brands of soda came in 2-litre plastic bottles when you do need cups to drink your pop out of. Everyone looks for bargains nowadays and six packs and 12packs of soda in the can or bottle is one,, cost more and 2 gets wasted when one does not finish their can. From the plastic litre you can pour the amount in a cup that pertains to ones size. Little johnny may drink 4oz. of coke where as big mike may drink 16oz. so the distribution system works without alot of waste factor. For those that drink beer out of the red/blue cups at a HS game (not just Amat fans) I am sure you can handle both: The ticket if you get caught or a buzz (not buss KH) by not being a idiot. Drink responsibly by ways of being a mature Adult. Raider Rug not welcome at Amat tailgate only if it is unfer the BBQ where the grease drips on it.

  • AMAT 73

    Question ?,
    What a cop out answer. Is that the type of example you set for your kids. You have avenues to take your fight to as I wrote before but you choose not to . In my years when my children were at AMAT I had a few battles (as did my parents when I attended ) with the administration and I won a few and lost a few but I chose to fight and not accept what they said because in reality they don’t do what they want if you do not allow them to .Now that was an example by my parents I still use to this day. But to come on here and say they do what they want is really a cop out on your part. Why fight the fight on the blog where you know it’s just words on a screen and no more . Even now with my involvment at AMAT by being a contributing $$$ alumni and getting back into activities since my grandson is now a Lancer I feel I still have a voice in things not to my liking . But for you to come on here and make statments and then backdown with they do what they want is bull . The only tail you should talking about is the one between your legs while you run from something that evidently by your posts is bothering you and since you do pay tuition ( so your words count) and other fees, have a right to question.It may not change but at least you tried and set an example for your children not to accept things as they are without questioning. But choosing the road you do says a lot about how much conviction you have on what type of examples you set for your children .

  • JFR


    Do you blackball all posts or do you have help? I wrote about the raider rug and how I know it belonged to JoeAmat P.S. he’s smart enough to know I was joking and then I commented on how question sounded like COCF in the way that he couldn’t let it go and could never win. Do things get lost?

  • AMAT 73, Maybe one day I can be just like you and set a good example for my kid.

    ALL BLUE be careful with what you wish for!!!!!


    Boy, you are a tool…Bet you would never show your face and admit who you are…
    So come by, just introduce yourself as john doe! Make sure to bring your cup analizer, a flashlight and i will supply your lunch!!!

    ON BLUE!!!

  • AMAT 73

    I can only hope so brother in the aspect of fighting for what you truely believe in . My whole point to you was why come on here to russle feathers when you can really stand up for what you believe in if it means that much to you. You were the one who posted “they will do what they want” not me .

  • Q

    ALL BLUE: Tool? nice you come up with some good ones. ALL BLUE did you kid go to Amat..

  • RCCougars


    You guys with or without Travis are the best team in SGV, except maybe Amat. You guys have tons of talent and will win against the teams you play. I think you guys will still win the Sierra League this year.

    Now for that so called dirty play, I watched it over and over again on video. All that the kid did is try and tackle Travis, grabbed his leg and rolled over trying to get him to the ground.

    My bigger question is, if your coach is so knowledgeable about the game, why is your star QB running the ball with 26 seconds left in the game down two scores with 70 yards to go for the first score?????

    Quit crying over the injury, it was not intentional, I talked to the kid and he feels horrible about the play. Watch the video again and you will see he grabs one leg and then trys to roll over to get him to the ground. THis is football and unfortunately injuries happen.


    Yes, as stated earlier…It is not hard to figure out who we are with, look at our shirts in the video…Hint; We are not small people! He may be my Godson, but I love and take care of him like my own son, who will be a freshman at Amat in 2 years…My 4 little brothers (little yeah right) all graduated in the mid to late 80’s…A number of niece’s/nephew’s…
    To say the least, I am entrenched in the “Amat family” maybe endowed…LOL..
    Thanks for the less bitter post, your getting closer to my TRI-TIP and RIBS!!!

    ON BLUE!!!

  • I’ll pass on break bread with you I don’t like you. I wish your godson much success.

  • Please forgive us!


    Why don’t you just grow a pair and admit that you are envious of Bishop Amat’s following and our love of football. I know it must be disturbing to you to see hundreds of fans tailgating (that video did not even show close to half of the tailgaters) and thousands more attending the games (7,000+ vs. Damien). It must really hit a nerve to think that the 50/50 drawing at the Damien game was just shy of 3 grand. Yes, that was $3,000.00 at an SGV football game.

    What do you expect, dude? This is highest level of football in Southern California. Amat and his fans have been playing at this level for decades!

    DECADES, son!

    We at Bishop Amat apologize for having a college football like atmosphere and the most dedicated fans in the world.

    Have a good night, closet hater.


    That was not an invite to tailgate with us…More of a para phrase saying, your first step of therapy was successful! Then you take three big steps backward!!!
    To say “I dont like you”, butthead you dont know me! Because I do not hang out with JACKHOLE PUSSYS!!!

    Look, another Amat post almost at a 100!

    ON BLUE!!!

  • Nice word!!!!! I have a lot to say to you, but I wont. see you soon.

  • Amat Honk

    Now Boys, Boys, Boys, let’s play nice here! Jackhole Pu$$ie$???? I don’t even know what that is, šŸ™‚ Still, no need to get all emotional. Difference of opinion….that’s all. Now go your seperate ways.


    Amat honk,
    We all need to watch Clint Eastwoods “Gran Torino”…What I wrote was supposed to be funnier than spiteful…Ever done that, when you wrote it was something different, than when you read it! Amat by 40 tonite…

    ON BLUE!!!