Breaking News: Bishop Amat’s Brock Booth wins appeal, is eligible Friday against Cathedral

Bishop Amat athletic director Michael Manzo confirmed today that South Hills transfer Brock Booth won his appeal to the CIF-Southern Section and is eligible to play football for the Lancers on Friday against Cathedral. Booth, a tight end who has been practicing all season, was denied eligibility after South Hills challenged his transfer to Amat, citing it was for “athletically motivated,” reasons. The Booth family appealed the decision to a CIF hearing panel, which reversed the decision on Tuesday. Not only will undefeated Bishop Amat welcome Booth, but Glendora transfer Wallace Gonzalez (receiver) becomes eligible Friday after sitting out a full year, giving QB Rio Ruiz two new weapons to play with. “The (Booth) family was thankful they were able to present their case in front of the appeals panel at CIF and that the matters were cleared up,” Manzo said. “They’re (Booth family) looking forward to enjoying Brock’s senior year, and Brock is looking forward to contributing to the football team in any way he can.”

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  • Keepin It Real

    Congratulations Brock and family. It’s good to hear you will be able to play your senior year. Work hard and have fun!


    Finally! What a cruel thing for the South Hills staff to have done in the first place. It’s his final year! What is this “if we can’t have him, then neither can you” way of thinking. Total idiot thing to do to this kid. I’m glad his whole year is not shattered by some shortsighted administrator.

  • just play

    The Canada family should sue C.I.F. How is this situation different than last year. Booth 4 high schools in four years and almost went to Crespi..Not athletically motivated…..Right!

  • doh

    When you gonna learn, CIF hates south hills. It might be the first time all four guys challenged from one school were cleared

  • Booth vs. Longoria

    Interesting game being that Booth will be playing against Longoria both were teammates at LA their freshmen year.

  • AND

    Lacy is elgible at PHS this year after playing at Amat this year. Just glad Booth can play this year after he was cleared earlier in the year.

  • Joe Amat

    Feel great for Brock and happy that Marc and Pam get to watch their son compete during his senior year. Really good people. Most importantly, it’s great that Brock is progressing in the classroom and taking his education much more seriously. Good news.

  • shfan

    That ruling is a joke! CIF is a joke. How can it not be athletivally motivated? Booth has gone to almost every school in the San Gabriel Valley to play football. CIF has lost control of football!

  • jesusjr23

    Good Luck Brock!!!

  • Big Deal, Just let the kid Play !!

  • AMAT 73

    Great news for the Booth family and also the AMAT family. It will be a treat for his family to see this fine young man get to play his final year . Good luck Brock .

  • Amat Honk

    HONK! HONK!!!! GO BIG BLUE!!!!!

  • JFR

    Awesome news, I know his dad from back in the days at W.C.A.L.L along with Gano, Despains and Escoboza’s. I couldn’t imagine sitting out one game in HS, very happy for the young man. Make up for lost time and kick some a$$ Brock.

  • jcaz

    I am guessing that the folks over at CIF must have recognized just how awful and mean spirited South Hills protest must have appeared when that school filed their protest at the very last minute.

    I hope that this sends a message to people such as these, in that if your going to do this sort of thing, then at least do it in a reasonable time frame instead of at the last minute.

  • Jastrab

    There really should be some mechanism that allows a school to file the claim, but if you file them in groups with no positive result something happen to you.

    I still look at that kid from Dorsey that went to Crespi (6’5″) 300 or so and is cleared as a kid that for whatever reason wanted to play at a higher level. Good for him, but going from a city school to a well established (Football based school) like Crespi is athletically motivated.

    It would seem like CIF would put the burden on the school to make the claim and come to a hearing and only then make a decision. The kids plays (if it is in season) and only gets pulled if the school does not make its verbal case.

    This reminds me of an attorney that used to file cases against my company in his boxers and we had to expend resources while the guy launched suit after suit at our expense. Put some expense and time if school thinks there is something dirty.


  • CIF

    Vaughn’s should be ready to play against Ayala if his grades clear. Looks like CIF is sick of SH complaints. Karma is a BIAAATCH wouldnt u say.

  • Joe Amat


    Unfortunately, once a claim is made by a school the process has to run it;s course. As you could imagine with as many schools as exist in the Southern Section it takes time to get a hearing. Once the Booths sat down with what was a very favorable CIF board and presented their facts, the decision was made pretty easy.

    The bad part about the “athletically motivated” rule and a couple others regarding transfers is it is now a “guilty until proven innocent.” So now the burden of proof is on the transfer to show that the move was legit. Fortunately the family is sharp and had things documented enough to prove that.

    Sad that the challenge happened done so late – and I absolutely loved Thom Simmons quote about South Hills, “Just because you change *principals* doesn’t mean you should change *principles*”. I thought karma was at work the past couple weeks on the field for South Hills. Maybe this ruling will clear the slate and they’ll fare better against Monrovia.

  • Amat Dude

    Excellent News..Brock is a great kid and has adjusted to the Amat Family just fine. Now we can sit back and let this fine kid play in front of his immediate and his extended Amat Family!

    Shame on you South Hills!!!

    Go Big Blue!!!

  • Jastrab

    When would Zechariah Rodriguez be eligible for return to Amat? I believe he came from St. Paul this past year. When is the next published grade period at Amat?


  • What I find interesting is I remember Joe Amat and others talking about the Damien situation when Gano was hired. Joe’s words were-it will be intersting to see if Damien lets Gano recruit players other than freshman, because thats not the way Amat does it.And actually he also said they don’t allow older transfers to play.

  • Actually, the Southern Section office sided with South Hills and upheld its decision to deny eligibility. The Booth’s did not convince them, so their next move was to go before a state appeals panel, which they did and won.

    The South Hills-CIF beef actually should be South Hills-CIF Southern Section. And the Southern Section agreeing with South Hills and ruling him ineligible kills that argument right there.

    Have a nice day!

  • uspsc

    if this kid Booth has gone to 4 high schools in 4 years maybe karma might play into Amat rest of the season.

  • uspsc seems that Amat needs all the help they can get. GO PHANTOMS

  • Left out

    If you have plans of attending the Bishop Amat game on Friday night at Cathedral Hi, forget it! There are no pre-sale tickets. The only one’s who will be able to get early at 4:00 p.m. and stand in line, will be the tail – gaters who do not work and have all the time on their hands.

  • Amat Always Shines

    Congrats to Brock and his Family. They finally get to see their boy play his senior year for Bishop Amat. I wish you the best. Amat can only get stronger with Brock and now Wallace G. I feel this year will be better then ever!!!! Go Phantoms? Hahaha wow… I mean good job for wanting to play Amat but you’ll only learn what a REAL highschool pac-5 team looks like. Goodluck purple GHOST because you will need all the help you can get. Only if your “new football feild” had enough room for all us amat fans. Hopefully next year if you come to amat you could see what a real game looks like.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!!!

  • SH Parent

    This ruling is unreal. This is all about filing the right paperwork and the parents doing what they have to do to get the kid eligible. This kid has transfered how many times already? If it wasn’t about sports why not go to LaPuente High instead? Just another way for Amat to cheat by stealing players. Amat Pride? Phooey

  • uspsc

    ya amat or whatever, pac 5 my ass. you ever heard of serra? playing teams like garfield. ya right. have you seen your pathetic field and please use spell check. or do they teach you to spell like that at amat.

  • good for him

    Yes, that’s exactly what Amat did. Recruited and stole a back-up quarterback that has thrown 50 passes in his career. Get real. It was entirely for the kids academic improvement. SH has zero discipline and it can be a bad situation for some. Amat happens to be the best place to fix that

  • Amat tested

    I know it may seem radical, but I believe kids should be able to go wherever they please. You may build dynasties but it works itself out in the end. Those great players who play behind the starters will move on to other places and establish themselves. If those no. 1 players get injured then all of a sudden things don’t look quite as good for that dynasty. Kids want to play and should. Find a place where you can play and make your name. Great coaches are also rewarded. Everyone wants to be so p.c., get over it. Who wants to be stuck with some blow-hard who just likes to listen to his own voice and has been getting his palm greased by booster parents.

  • Look Out

    The crime here is in the random nature in which CIF and the appeals board makes its decisions. It is time for everyone to follow the rules or open it up and let students play where ever they want. Glad Booth gets to play but what about all the other athletes that have been sitting out and missed out on their chance to play. There are students sitting out all across the valley in all sports not just missing their senior year but missing a year period. CIF is a monopoly and if you don’t agree with them or challenge them they never forget it. Parents and schools you are trapped by CIF being your only option to play high school sports. CIF will be the death of high school sports. Football is the only sport that needs them. Good players in every other sport are on club or travel ball teams and don’t even need to play in high school to get recruited or scholarships. Within 5 years if we are not careful the Tribune will be covering travel ball sports and prep sports will not non existent.

  • Lance R

    Congratulations to Wallace Gonzales and Brock Booth for both waiting patiently and practicing hard, finally getting your chance to don a gameday Lancer jersey this Friday at Cathedral and for the rest of your senior year. Getting you two on the field gives Amats coaches some more ammo to play with. I know both of you will contribute big time as the team now gets stronger with your addition. Good Luck to both of you as you will shine as all Lancers to ever wear that jersey do. WOW! this is going to get even better adding these two players. A two tight end set with the running of Moore,Shay and Blue behind that. Adding a Gonzales 6’5 and Booth 6’3, incredible! Rio Ruiz stats are going to rise even moreso with these guys to throw the ball to not to mention what he has been throwing to already. Wallace and Brock you are now one of The Mighty Are The Men That Wear The Blue And Gold. I am sure your parents are very proud of you. Just wait til your first home game when you get to come out of the locker room and approach the field for the first time as a Lancer. The rush and adrenaline pump will be going through you and your parents like crazy and remember when that clete touches Keifers grass for the first time while wearing the uniform on gameday you are now a Lancer for life. Again, Congratulations and enjoy the ride.

  • common sense

    At the very least CIF should release written rulings, these back-room decisions, or yay-nay kind of action is troubling. You have a monopoly controlling everything without any accountability or explanation. I’m glad Booth, Gilchrist and all the others were approved, but what made their transfers any less athletically motivating than Shirley, the Canada’s or Demetrius Jackson? Nothing, it’s all at the discrection of CIF, who approves favorites and disapproves those it has had run ins with in the past.

  • It was a matter of time

    Let’s just say Amat has friends in very high places. So does Mater Dei, Servite, St. John Bosco, and especially Loyola. I am sure you can figure where the power of authority comes from when is comes to Private Schools dealing with the CIF.

  • COChargerfan

    CIF = Politburo…the difference is that the CIF BELIEVES that they are fair and just, oh wait, so does the Politburo…so, my bad, there’s no difference after all. The arbitrary application of a “rule” actually means that there aren’t any rules.

    I find it interesting that school educators, who are the folks that make up and run CIF, can be collectively some of the most liberal thinkers on the planet who are constantly exposing the individual freedom of choice doctrine yet out of the other side of their mouth set up rules that restrict the right for a student-athlete to make their own decisions on the school that they want to attend, including where they want to play sports.

    In their Blue Book, CIF blathers about fair play and integrity and even go so far as to say stuff like To recognize that the purpose of athletics is to promote the physical, mental, moral, social, and emotional well-being of the individual players and To remember that an athletic contest is only a game-not a matter of life and death for player, coach, school, officials, fan, community, state, or nation. So CIF Politburo, please explain how denying a kid the right to play at the school of their choice promotes their emotional well-being? And, if sports isnt life and death, then also explain why you even care if these kids transfer? Being a little inconsistent, arent we?

    The CIF, NCAA and Politburo are all the same; they dont really care about an individuals right to make their own decisions and, instead, are ONLY interested in protecting their little fiefdomsusing buzz talk such as they are protecting the integrity of the game to support their illogical rules.

    The time has come for the CIF to abandon the athletically motivated dribble and just accept eligibility exists for every kid that is legally admitted to a given school. The NCAA should also loosen their grip. But alas they wont the same as every other despot in history has gone down kicking, screaming and defending their illogical rationale.

  • morals

    CIF will always cry that they don’t make the rules, that members schools do. But CIF is like a corrupt police force or judge, siding with its favorites on rulings while dishing out punishment to those that dare question their moral high ground. We need a change at CIF, some new blood in the section, the same people have ruled forever, it’s time for a change.

  • SH Hypocrites

    SH Parent said:

    “This ruling is unreal. This is all about filing the right paperwork and the parents doing what they have to do to get the kid eligible. This kid has transfered how many times already? If it wasn’t about sports why not go to LaPuente High instead? Just another way for Amat to cheat by stealing players. Amat Pride? Phooey”

    So I guess when kids transfer to SH, it’s all for academic reasons right, we should all turn a blind eye when it’s illegal right? Such Hypocrisy coming from a SH poster.

  • TeachDGame

    Wow, Amat definitely get’s stronger. Think the world of WG, don’t know booth at all. But one thing is for sure….. feel bad for those amat faithful players who have busted their humps for the team from their freshman year that now will watch the game from the bench… while the 2 new transfers help Amat to glory….

  • :)(:

    why is everyone all butt hurt over this so what if he transferred for athletics, he just wants to be apart of the winning tradition of amat i dont understand why CIF didnt let him play sooner good luck brock and LANCERS

  • Joe Amat

    Before anyone plays the “CIF takes care of their favorites” card… let’s remember that Wallace was denied eligibility and has sat out over a year while practicing & working out diligently waiting for this Friday. Brock enrolled back at the beginning of April and has been doing the same.

    As to “oldtimers’ comment, I remember the statement very well in regards to Gano starting at Damien. I wrote that there are very few instances of accepting senior transfers at Bishop Amat and that still holds true in both of these instances. I also don’t think you could make any “recruiting” claims (nor did I in any discussions re Gano) as both instances involved “issues” at their former schools, and in the case of Brock, he certainly wasn’t on anyones radar as an elite player. His ability to fit in and be a team player is great to see and belies the image many have of he and his family. They are more than welcome additions to “The Family”.

    As to the matter at hand, Cathedral game, the side stories are interesting. Besides the Booth/Longoria/Teammate connection Longoria’s Godfather is an Amat grad from way back and I’m sure Juan will be in attendance hoping Ryan has a good game … and the Lancers win.

  • Alumni 79

    I dont know what all the hub bub is abot concerning these two transfers to Amat. Be happy for them they get to play football and they waited their turn did their time by CIF rules. Heck Wallace was working out last year with the team when he came over from Glendora and has been working hard all summer. Ones loss is another ones gain and from the Glendora people they did not care and bad mouth Wallace as a malcontent. He is a outstanding individual over at Amat so maybe Glendora was not for him and Amat was. As for Brock coming from a public school over to a Private school held up this time for whatever reason. Be glad for these two, after all they are just trying to live the dream of playing HS football.Lets get on with the season and stop crying Haters. This is a Amat team that was hot to begin with, the team has not gotten hotter. Cannot wait to see this now upgrade team play. As for the guy who now sits behind these two stars, well Hagerty is who he is and these players will still get their playing time.



  • Cathedral Alum

    Hey good luck to both teams and may they both come out of this game with no injuries. It is a Honor to be playing Amat and the Phantoms respect what Amat has accomplished. Like Coach Canales said no body inthe SGV wanted to play Amat and cathedral Stepped up. This is a Great opportunity for the Phantoms. Good luck to both teams.

  • jcaz

    COFAN, that was a good post because I can completely agree on most, if not all of those issues. BYW, this is a two way street here and as some of you may remember, I have often stated in here that CIF should never deny a young man an opportunity to play anywhere he chooses and to do so is only being punitive…….

    You know it kinda funny because I guess that when I hear people talk about the type of person that Wallace has matured into, All I can say is that if someone had told me that this kid wasnt always an outstanding individual, then I would never have believed it.

    Let me share with you a story concerning Wallace.

    Last year during the Diamond Ranch game, I had to go into the mens room. After I was finished, I was standing in front of the sink trying to get the faucet to work. I dont know, maybe I have to blame it on my age, but for the life of me, I just couldnt figure out how to turn that water on.

    Well, standing right next to me was Wallace. He stood there for a few minutes looking at me struggling with that darn faucet. In the back of my mind I was thinking that he was probably standing there just laughing at this old fart who was trying to figure out how to work a simple water dispenser.

    Anyway, after he wiped his hand clean with a paper towel, he walked over to the sink and proceeded to show me how to turn the water faucet on. He was wasnt standing there laughing nor was he acting like a fool. In fact, he was very polite and was very respectful

    Kinda acting like a boy scout helping a little old lady across the street eh ?

    Anyway, to make a long story short, that night, that boy gained my respect because without even knowing me, he walked over there and helped me out.

    Maybe by attending Amat he did in fact gain a change of attitude and a sense of Maturity that he never had over at Glendora. I dont really know, but I was certainly glad he was there that night…

  • saladays

    Joe Amat,

    I am personally glad that Booth will be allowed to play I always want kids to play. But anyone who has been around the block a few times knows what kind of guy Marc is and you have been around the block a few times. What he did to Los Altos is detestable I wish no ill will to any of the kids. Marc is a jerk and four schools in four years is absurd.

  • amat always shines


    wow good come back. I don’t care if I miss spell all the words. Both you and I know cathedral will not win. Amat tires to play the best, hard when noone wants to play us, and look at your schedule who the hell does Cathedral play? Absolutely noone!!! You can’t keep up with Serra that’s why you always lose. No more beating up on little teams your going to understand what pac 5 is really like. WHAT COVERAGE DOES CATHEDRAL GET?… NOTHING. Goodluck but your only hating on amat because you are envious…
    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  • joe Amat

    Sorry saladays. Not with you on this one. You’re right… I’ve been around a few blocks more than a couple times and I have also known of Booth for quite some time. My take is sometimes people (and schools) also get what they deserve.

    Maybe if you’re on his bad side you have a different view because 1)he’ll say exactly what he means and won’t mince words (which may have put him on the outs at South Hills) and 2)he wants what’s best for kids. Like all of us – first his own, but Marc has done many things for many kids that aren’t his own and has been more than generous. Finally, he’ll fight tooth and nail to the very end … which is a pretty good quality in my book.

  • Jackboy

    I personally dont see a problem with a kid transferring schools, for Academics or Athletics; to me its all the same.
    If an Athletic program is stronger at another school, and a kid wants to play there so what! If a school has a better Academic path to College we dont blame a student for transferring do we? We dont make them sit out a year of classes just because they transferred.
    Who do you think has a better shot at a D1 major College scholarship in Football, a kid who goes to (no offense) Wilson, or Bishop Amat? And as a parent what would you do for your kid?
    Who knows, it might make the schools theyre transferring from step back and ask themselves why, and make the necessary corrections and get better.
    And that makes us all better in the long run.

    Go Bearcats!

  • saladays

    Joe Amat,

    Hope your right, I haven’t really seen the side your speaking of. Everyone has the right to raise his own son how he chooses. But I still remember the days of watching Roger Boden and his group work up though cougars and then having their time at LA. Booth was a part of those days so to see him help dismantle Los Altos is distressing to say the least.

    I still think its a big deal to play with your friends, train together, lift together for four years. To work your way from the back of the stretching lines to the front it means something.

  • SH Parent

    Thom Simmons quote about South Hills, “Just because you change *principals* doesn’t mean you should change *principles*”.
    This speaks volumes about this obviously bias decision on his part. So all of a sudden this ruling is based on ” getting back at South Hills?’ Does anyone see the utter stupidity in this type of thinking? The CIF, which stands for Can’t Interpet Fairly, is an utter joke. Thom with that type of comment you should step down. Your an embarrasment to the CIF for your inconsistant decisions. CO was right the CIF is nothing more than a liberal organization who flip flops more than John Kerry did when he ran for president. Congrats Amat on stealing two players. Here’s hoping they don’t make the playoffs.

  • Joe Amat


    I have to agree – some things about the whole community thing is cool. When I go to my wives reunions her school was like that. Being from a private school – we didn’t have that – but got to experience how cool it was to have guys come from different backgrounds, cities, and demographics and work together in the same way and become brothers. You make the best of it either way.

    Unfortunately things did kind of crumble over there at LA and it started from the very top – so a lot of people all the way down had a hand. In some instances it’s a case of “live by the sword – die by the sword” … don’t you think?

  • Joe Amat

    SH Parent,

    I think the hypocrisy we’ree speaking of is South Hills accepting, encouraging, assisting, facilitating, and benefiting from transfers/open enrollment attendees for all these years with open arms… and then Paul Reed turning around and contesting a bunch them when it goes the other way. Isn’t that the epitome of hypocrisy?

  • whitey

    transfers are not prohibited from playing completely, I believe it applies just to varity games, Joe Amat you’re the expert……..

  • Jackboy

    What is a varity Game?

  • new regime

    Joe Amat, if Judy North was still principal, I would agree. You can applaud her and boo her for accepting and not challenging all those years, she was consistent. Now you have a new principal, and an AD who always did have a different philosophy than North on this, but North was in charge, so she had the final say. So yes, like any regime change, there are new principles, and maybe South Hills becomes just a regular football team because of it, but it’s there choice.

  • the truth

    my take, South Hills is under tons of pressure now that they are in a tough league. No more cupcakes. So they want to send a message that it will not be easy to leave their school. They want to stop the floodgates. To late.

    Timing is everything and for South Hills it was not a good time to lose to Ranch in playoffs 2 years in a row while Charter Oak cleaned up. Those incoming freshman that were going to So Hills year after year I’ll bet they are losing some to W. Covina now and Charter Oak. And watch out if W. Cov wins CIF. They will be the Charter Oak of the division in football until the next re alignment. Parents and kids want to be on winners and bring home championships regardless of division. Thats the american way, right.

    As for transfers, if you are doing it for academics and its your senior year, last time I looked the colleges only consider Junior yr and before to base their yes or no on admission. So that being said what other reason could a transfer happen senior year? Athletics (school going to have sorry year in new league) or something even more serious we do not know about.

    I like the transfer rules as written but as with majority of posters I do not like the inconsistency to which CIF applies their rules.

    And I really hate that if my kid was one of those getting bumped from the lineup. That stinks for the senior that has waited his turn, worked hard, and walla, new sheriff in town. ouch.

  • COChargerfan

    Amazing that there’s so much hatred for South Hills and Coach Bogan. I’ve never met Bogan but I watched a lot of SH games in the early 2000’s and the man is a very good football coach. And no duh, a coach is only as good as his players. Mike Shanahan last won a Super Bowl in 1998 so has he been a bad coach for the past 11 years?

    The truth is that SH never deserved being bumped up to the D2 level. I believe that they last won something like a D7 CIF title in 2005 and then got bumped up a Division for 2006-2009 and during that time never got back into a finals let along won anything. Heck, D-Ranch deserved being bumped up more than SH as they were in the finals for the past two years…after beating SH. Just proves that bed-fellows and back room politics drive the leaguing decisions of the CIF members schools.

    And Joe Amat, I first met Principal North when my daughter decided to attend SH as an inter-district transfer and she said outright that she was all for the kids having a say-so in their lives…and she lived by that credo in allowing and not challenging athletic transfers…too bad she wasn’t on the CIF Executive Board.

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