Girls Volleyball: This week’s top 10

Girls Volleyball Top 10
1. St. Lucy’s (9-5) —
The Regents took on some of the best teams in the country and after going 4-4 during last weekend, broke even in Las Vegas. Who can do the same?
2. Chino Hills (10-1) — The Huskies have three victories over teams who have been ranked in our Top 10 this season. They get St. Lucy’s next week.
3. Bonita (10-2) — The Bearcats showed heart in beat Los Altos in four games on Tuesday. The tandem of Katie Kirby and Ashley Maxfeldt might be one of the best in the area.
4. Los Altos (7-2) — The Conquerors rebounded from a poor start by winning six of seven at the Mayfair Tournament.
5. South Hills (6-2) — The Huskies are expected to challenge St. Lucy’s and Chino Hills in a rugged Sierra League. St. Lucy’s is up first, next Tuesday.
6. Glendora (3-0) — The Tartans took the week off, but got back to work with a nonleague match against Ayala before facing Baseline League power Los Osos next week.
7. San Dimas (9-4) — The Saints are expected to roll in the Valle Vista.
8. Diamond Bar (11-6) — The Brahmas, who lost in four to Bonita last week, rebounded with a solid showing at the Whittier Tournament.
9. Ayala (5-2) — Most view the Bulldogs as the No. 4 team in the Sierra. That only demonstrates how rugged that league is.
10. La Puente (3-3) — The Warriors, ranked No. 6 in Division 4-A, opened Montview League play on a winning note.

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  • St. Lucy’s Fan

    Congrats St. Lucy’s.

    The Sierra League will be tough as Chino Hills looks better than we have seen in a long time. South Hills is new to the Sierra League and will be a force to be reckoned with. Ayala always has talent in abundance. This is what makes the Sierra League so strong.

    St. Lucy’s found themselves at the Las Vegas tournament. They aren’t the biggest team but they have a fast offense and amazing hitting power.

    Good luck Sierra League.

  • sgvbl

    I predicted Bonita in 4 over LA. Not to toot my own horn but I have been dead on with all of my predicitions so far this year.
    Does anyone know what happened in the Ayala Glendora game yesterday?
    I saw on Maxpreps that Walnut easily defeated Diamond Bar in 3 yesterday. If that is true then there will be some more changes to next weeks top 10. Steve can’t even get these up before there are changes.

  • ?????

    To sgvbl, I think Regent Fan called out Bonita in 4 before you did in the blog. If they met at Bonita, it should have been called in 3.

    Ganesha had a quality win last week. Something to consider for the top ten.

    Diamond Bar did well in the Whittier tournament…Who was in the tournament?

    Walnut seems to be getting better each week with coach Angel getting his team ready.

  • Ghigh

    Ganesha lost to Gladstone yesterday so we don’t deserve a top ten ranking. . . . yet? La Puente vs. Gladstone tomorrow will be a good match.

  • sgvbl

    With the addition of Chino Hills and Ayala to the mix it makes the top 10 that much more difficult to crack, which is the way it should be. When some of the less profile teams make it in to the top 10, it is a great accomplishment. Its nice to see some of the Davids beat the Goliaths.

  • VB Fan

    Lots of parity there in the top 10. I would not bet against anyone in the 5th to 9th ranking beating anyone in the 2nd – 4th rank. Someone might break the top 10, but will be very difficult for another school to get much further up the ranks.

    SL’s played some very good teams over the weekend and competed in all match ups, taking some DIV1 teams to 3 games. Sounds like they are well positioned to blow up the Sierra league.

    Not any mention of new Sierra league entry Claremont. Any word on how they are going to fair? I see they lost in 3 to LA, so must not be too strong.

    Can’t wait for league to start!

  • Sierra League

    Claremont is actually a very good team they are just young. They will be a real contender in the next year or two.

  • Quote of the Day….

    Katie Kirby and Ashley Maxfeldt are to tandem as Deanna Dalton, Alyssa Young, Megan Callen, Jasmine Warmington and Kailey Faust (insert Jackie Macy anytime) are to a squadron.

  • Tongue In Cheek

    Quote, if we were talking squadrons, then yes, the SL’s squadron would be tops hands down, but since we are only talking tandoms, well, then I guess you have to give it to Kirby/Maxfeldt. 😉

  • Quote of the day

    Good luck with the tandem.

    I believe the point was volleyball is a 6 person game and not a two person game, right? Keep your tandem, I would rather have a squadron. Its not pairs tennis; its volleyball 😉

  • CHHusky

    Good luck to the 3 sierra league teams(squad’s) going behind the curtain (Capo Valley) this weekend. I hope Glendora, Ayala and our Huskies show some inland talent off down in the OC. Our pool will be very competitive!

  • stoners fan

    Well Gladstone defeated La Puente in 5 at La Puente. Both are great teams with no giving up. I think La Puente looks very strong for the next few years. This isn’t over just yet. La Puente will look for revenge at Gladstone next meeting. Gladstone’s OH “Mufasa” dropped 17 kills against Ganesha then went for 23 kills against La Puente. Quite impressive…

  • GHigh

    No offense to Gladstone or La Puente, but the Montview league is strong and Duarte, Ganesha (yeah, that’s right) and Azusa will continue to improve. Hopefully this will help our league in CIF and possibly get one of us a championship in the near future.

  • stoners fan

    GHigh, you’re 100%. This is a strong league all around. We need to bring an CIF championship to this league. Doesn’t matter which team brings it, we need to be there and show our support when the time comes. For some reason, our division or league doesn’t get very much attention. Maybe our girls should put on some shoulder pads since the media thinks the sun rises and sets with football.

  • CHHusky

    Our girls had a good Saturday, after a disappointing Friday. After dropping a close match to Bishop Montgomery on Friday, we won out sweeping Glendora in the silver finals. 5&2 for the weekend, good luck in league!

  • Valle Vista Fan


    Still waiting for those JV volleyball results from your tournament this past weekend.

  • GHigh

    Sorry about the late posting. Here are Ganesha’s JV Tourney Results.
    Court 1
    Ganesha Def. Diamond Ranch 25-13, 25-22
    Pomona Def. Rowland 25-10, 25-22
    Pomona Def. Ganesha 25-23, 25-21
    Rowland Def. Diamond Ranch 24-26, 25-23, 15-7
    Diamond Ranch Def. Pomona 25-23, 22-25, 15-4
    Rowland Def. Ganesha 2-0
    Court 2
    LA Baptist Def. San Dimas 12-25, 25-19, 16-14
    Charter Oak Def. Azusa 25-15, 25-16
    San Dimas Def. Azusa 9-25, 26-24, 15-10
    Charter Oak Def. LA Baptist 25-21, 25-12
    LA Baptist Def. Azusa 25-21, 25-12
    Charter Oak Def. San Dimas 2-1
    Court 3
    Pomona Catholic Def. Ontario 27-26, 16-25, 15-10
    Bonita Def. West Covina 25-7, 25-19
    West Covina Def. Ontario 26-24, 14-25, 15-14
    Bonita Def. Pomona Catholic 25-11, 25-14
    West Covina Def. Pomona Catholic 25-10, 25-17
    Bonita Def. Ontario 25-19, 25-16
    Court 4
    Diamond Bar Def. Covina 25-19, 25-6
    Gabrielino Def. Chaffey 25-12, 25-19
    Diamond Bar Def. Chaffey 25-17, 25-16
    Gabrielino Def. Covina 25-22, 20-25, 15-11
    Covina Def. Chaffey 25-11, 25-9
    Diamond Bar Def. Gabrielino 25-23, 25-18
    Gold Division
    Diamond Bar Def. Pomona 25-16
    Bonita Def. Charter Oak 32-30
    Diamond Bar Def. Bonita 25-12
    Silver Division
    LA Baptist Def. West Covina 25-18
    Gabrielino Def. Rowland 25-15
    Gabrielino Def. LA Baptist
    Bronze Division
    Covina Def. Diamond Ranch 25-15
    San Dimas Def. Pomona Catholic 26-24
    San Dimas Def. Covina 25-12
    Copper Division
    Ganesha Def. Chaffey 25-14
    Azusa Def. Ontario 25-21
    Azusa Def. Ganesha 25-16