Unbeaten Bonita gets Pendleton back for opener

Bonita High School quarterback Garrett Pendleton is expected to return when the Bearcats open Hacienda League play at Diamond Bar on Oct. 8. Bonita has a bye this week.

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  • Bonita

    Hopefully Podley isn’t stupid
    hopefully he starts Pendleton right away against D-Bar
    Pendleton is one of the best QB’s in the area Period hopefully Podley does not blow this this team could be real special

  • Bohi or bust

    coach Podley is not stupid. Garrett shpuld be ready this week and Podley will use him. The offense has struggled and getting pendleton back should make Bonita very tough in league. i agree we need to get him in there asap.

  • Bonita

    yes Pendleton needs to start against D-Bar

  • Say What

    That would suck for garrett if the coach did not start him after all the hard work this kid put in the off season.All he did was get hurt. It is not a discilpine action or a situation of bad grades- he just got hurt and now he has healed.I hope they dont platoon each kid. there should be one qb leading the team and it was Garrett before the injury and that should not have changed a thing

  • Basic

    I will admit, I have always been tough on GP due to his mobility (or lack thereof) and slow reads but I’ve also said he has great size and a strong arm, and after all the hard work this summer I was sure he was due for a big year, he really did look very impresive. Having said that, I don’t think you start him right away, what if he really struggles, has 3 picks, one returned for a TD and one ends a TD drive? You would then have a real dilemma. Therefore, why not bring him back slowly, allow him to get up to game speed, make a couple of big plays and then the next game you start him?

    Look to me the biggest lost for the Bearcats is still GH, he gives the offense SO many options, and stabilizes the D, a really great athlete and a leader of this team, so I still think they will struggle a little without him and maybe even loose some games that they otherwise would win…

  • To Basic:

    To Basic;
    you just can’t help yourself. GP is going to be just fine. you put him in now and let him get as many snaps as possible to get him ready for a cif run. keep away from GP he is a stub qb

  • Bearcats

    Pendleton better start against Dbar so he can get ready for the harder part of league
    Podley do not think so hard You would have been 4-0 if GP was playing so you have to start him right away and give him the snaps to get ready for the hard part of league

  • fan

    Pendleton is whack, He can’t play, he isn’t good. Has no vision, no heart and no athleticism. He plays dirty when it comes to football and basketball. Bonita is better over without the likes of him. Ha !

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