Thursday Final: Mui Bueno, Cats don’t blow it this time, holds on to beat South Hills, 28-25

You want reality, Monrovia’s 28-25 victory over South Hills means the Huskies could finish 1-9, maybe 2-8 or 3-7 at best. They would have trouble with the best in the Hacienda, so imagine what awaits in the Sierra, not to mention another non-leaguer against Los Osos. Truth is, they’re not the bad, they’re still better than most teams in the Valley, but clearly not among the area’s elite. They can score, but they give up a lot of points too, a trend that could continue with a youthful defense and unforgiving schedule. Also, Monrovia is pretty darn good, it won’t surprise me at all if they go unbeaten the rest of the way and win the Mid-Valley title. They took a 28-17 lead into the fourth quarter after blowing a 21-point fourth-quarter lead last week to San Dimas. That means gut-check time, and they showed their guts. After South Hills scored and made the conversion to cut it to 28-25 with four minutes left, the Cat’s faced a fourth-and-inches at their own 29 with just over two minutes left. They didn’t punt, they let their offense win it, getting a game-clinching first down. That was a way of saying, what happened last week won’t happen again. M-Town, this is what you needed, watch how it paves the way for better things to come.

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  • where’s the guru

    Fred was this article written by coach get=back? where has coach been, didn’t hear a word from him after WC beat the dogs, let alone the thumping Tesoro(59-6) laid on them……..should I look for him on the sidlines?

  • Dennis Reynolds

    The WC Bulldogs “thumped” the Huskies as well. It was 42-14 midway through the 4th quarter, WC gave up a couple of meaningless scores to make the score respectable at 42-27.

  • Bob

    Sorry but I think Monrovia will win this game. They were in the game until the 4th qt agaist Glendora. Monrovia defence is under rated and they have stud defence tackle that will cause problems.This will be a good game. ps Both teams are green and white it will be confusing..

  • anonymous

    where are the rest two minute drills? Fred? Aram?

  • Colt74

    Monrovia 21…..South Hills 9

  • Oh where, oh where…

    is Observantcrap…he is 1-2 in his predictions. Do you dare give us your analysis? I think you are finally quiet because your fans are tired of losing when you glowingly predict a Cats win. Coincidence?…maybe…Karma?…probably.

  • silence is golden

    Cat got his tongue?

  • New name

    I think he’s changed his name to Observantcricket.

    Chirp, chirp, chirp………..chirp chirp chirp

  • repeat

    I’m sure he’d come up with some foolishness like he’s already posted this year

    Observantcat said:
    Prediction Monrovia 31- Glendora 7
    Dominguez 34- Bishop Amat 7
    Second prediction much more foreseeable.

    How can you seriously think that BA will Beat Dominguez and could barely score with that offense you claimed was so great against Garfield of all teams, a 5-6 team last year who lost all of their skill players last year. The Monrovia Glendora game will acutually at this point of the season will be pitting East true #1 vs. West true #1

    Observantcat said:
    #1 you dont make any sense.
    #2 You have been hiding in the shadows of anyone that has beaten Monrovia in the past year. You are really a SD fan with no spine.
    #3 You probably have never ever suited up in a football uniform in your life.
    This may be the closest to ever getting into a game as you will ever get.
    #4 my advice to you is to wait until Sat. or better yet get on the blogs after 10:00 so that you can remain breathless. You have nothing to back up your claim of physical. You will know the real meaning of physical after Fridays game. Until then keep chattering the BS, we all hear you loud and clear. Someone may get you your BAh, Bah……

    Observantcat said:
    Bimbo dice or whatever you call yourself. Lets wait until Sat. Morning when you are silenced once again. Right now all you know is what you dream.
    September 20, 2010 2:46 PM

    Observantcat said:
    Reality, San Dimas too physical for Monrovia?….Thats the funniest thing I’ve read on these blogs this season. Have you seen how big and physical Monrovia is?…I would ask some of your neighbors first before I just pick up a stick and come marching. That’s Monrovia’s strong point is being physical, they have the real deal on defense this season and you new QB will get a taste of our entire Dline this game. Hopefully you will be spared any key injuuries going into league. They wil shut your running game comnpletly down and passing game is going to have to be forced all night in order to get any offense going. Monrovia by 21! Mark my words.
    September 20, 2010 1:04 PM

  • Anonymous

    I hope it doesnt rain tonight

  • QB Sneak

    Where has the little kitty gone!!!!

    They wil shut your running game comnpletly down and passing game is going to have to be forced all night in order to get any offense going. Monrovia by 21! Mark my words

    FYI- 21 points with 8 min in the 4th qtr. 250+ yards passing, 199 yards rushing. Thanks for shuting the run game down. They have the real deal on defense this season.That’s Monrovia’s strong point is being PHYSICAL I would hate to see the weak point(Did I miss something)

    Like I said.”You probably have never ever suited up in a football uniform in your life”

  • Living Legend

    Looks as if the the two biggest cheating programs of the last 12 years have fallen flat on their face. It’s funny what happens to schools when they play with the kids whom they should have been playing with for years.

    A few years ago this paper was talking as if Bogan and Gano were the end all when it came to football, it seems to me as if they are just like the rest of the coaches in the area when they have “dudes” (and in Bogans case when he plays lesser talent for the most part) they are great coaches, when they don’t have the “dudes” they are average at best.

    By the way where is the Guru, he has not been around lately?

  • Aaron

    MTOWN WINS…good for the Wildcats.

  • nails

    Bogan is in over his head, same with Gano,

  • BOB

    Monrovia ran out of gas in the 4th qt when they played Glendora. South Hills is not Glendora. Monrovia’s quarterback #4(quick as a cat) had a great 1st half and d-tackle #56 is a stud (6’5″ 295) and #9 had some big kickoff returns in the 1st half. South Hills does NOT have the horses this year but they do have VERY GOOD o-line that’s not being used to it’s advantage. It will be a long year for South Hill fans….

  • Karma

    Strikes again! The Huskies are looking at a 2 or 3 win season. Challenge some more transfers. We see what it’s like when players are leaving instead of showing up at the Boganville Apts. Bogan admitted it in todays article when talking about Tesoro when he said, “we got worn out in the second half. That’s part of the deal when you play up”. That’s what happens after years of playing down. Now we see what’s really behind the curtain in the Emerald City.

  • Times they are a-changin!

    Wow! SH lost to Monrovia? What is going on here? So that means that SH couldn’t win the Mid-Valley Division /D-11? Weird, weird stuff. But I guess Bogan never really won in an upper division, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

  • Campanario

    Fabulous assessment, Fred…thank you. The Cats are good, but the love is still welcome. I had a little problem with the description of a possible loss for either team being “devastating.” Not at all sure you can say that at this point, even if the game had gone South Hills’ way.
    Props to the trench boys for M-Town, even though the Huskies’s #4 must have had at least 150 yards. Specials mattered tonite as well…Bogan will tell you that field position was an ongoing advantage for the Cats.

    Also – Cat love to Goldenarm…hang in there, RHL Brother!

  • So. Hills Kittens

    Every dog has its day. So Hills must really miss the San Antonio right about now. League play has not started and they look in dissaray. Makes sense why players wanted out of there, they just knew this was a washed up football team headed for a crash and burn season. Talent is key and talent can make coaches like Gano and Bogan look genius but as the talent left So. Hills and Amat gets Damiens players these two teams are avg. at best and will not make a CIF round. It is a cycle and someday these Schools Damien and So. Hills will bounce back but it could take years, years that may even frustrate a coach or two to bail. A long year for So. Hills and their days of glory are gone for now. As for Damien their may be light around the corner as their Freshman and JV teams beat Amats Freshman and JV teams. Could be a couple of years for them.

  • FYI

    So. Hills Kittens – Amat’s freshmen beat the Damien freshman 14-0

  • Correction Kitty Kat

    Correction: Damien’s Frosh lost to Amat’s Frosh 14-0. Damien’s JV team beat Amat’s JV because they had over 20 varsity players suited up to play our Sophomore JV team. So you may wanna recast your prediction, it’s gonna take over 10 years for Damien to catch up to Amat’s program if they’re lucky enough.

    All I can say to South Hills is…….KARMA! Payback is a Biatch!

  • I was at the game

    Both teams are very average at best. All I have heard about is the size of South Hills Line. They are big! However, they are slow and most go both ways. They were gassed by the 2nd quarter. They will get SMOKED in the Sierra league. I have seen Chino Hills and Claremont. Both will kill SH. Monrovia had some athletes but were very rag tag. The QB for Monrovia was quick but tiny. I think the slowness of South Hills D made him look faster than he really is. The only Weapon Sh has is #4 their tailback….for some reason the coaches kept taking him out and putting in some slow, small running back #22…why, who knows. I think these were 2 very average football teams.

  • Monrovia vs South Hills and the Future

    South Hills….
    First off is a good team, They do have talent, but the have absolutely no Depth. Their stud line man go both ways. I don’t care how good they are, lineman are not built to be two way starters. You have to have subs for those hogs up Front. You will notice teams running alot of toss sweeps and sprint outs to keep those line man running. South hills had everyone going both ways. You just can’t win like that. They were tired and very tired at that. They do have all their skill guys coming back, the RB, QB, WR etc… but who is going to block for them, and who is going to give them breathers? They are losing all of those line man. They will not be good next year. Especially if they don’t have any subs for their line or star players this year. If they go 1-9 or 2-8, will Hart and Canada transfer for his senior year? Will Bogan be in the Valley looking for players? Will he be a front page story in a CIF transfer Scandal? With Schools like WC, Covina, and Charter oak doing better than SHS, will players decide to go there instead…Bogan has so big issues to worry about…I think this year could be the death of that program.

    Monrovia is a good team, but they still have not learned how to battle. They need that killer instinct to close out games, and stay loose in the close ones. They have tons of talent, and they have star RB(who has power and major break away speed) and WR(who is 6-1 and has Burners, if he breaks no one is catching him even as a sophmore) coming up. Expect them to be starters next year. They also have a huge freshman line, which will make their line even better next year. They have young players and underclassman playing in key spots.Every one is worried about losing Bueno next year,but Soph 6-2 200lbs Frazier will pick up where he left off. He is more of a pocket passer but he does have escape ability. He is also a stud LB. McCarthy is coming back he will be unblockable. He’s already go 7 sacks in 4 games. The Cats just need a title, which is easier said than done. Things are looking bright in Monrovia’s Future.

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J ,
    You might want to reconsider that #14 ranking of SH . I still see where you say they are better then most teams in the SGV. That is one hell of a statement . I don’t buy all this karma stuff for the losses but the reality is they are just not a very good team and it’s no fault of the players. Just not prepared and to much youth not backed up by experienced players.

  • Huskies

    Definitely a bad loss for SH. It’s hard to understand how they only put up 7 points after the first quarter. It’s been known all along the defense was going to be vulnerable, but these big runs coming off of missed tackle after missed tackle. Coaches need to start getting into the game and yelling at the players. Get a little anger in them, make them want to hit and tackle someone. The coaches need to mix up the play calling a little more, they’re way to predictable. The wildcat with Hart was working, why stop it? QB throwing some nice quick slants, but way too late? Hopefully the Huskies can saddle up and do something about it in league. DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE!!!

    Btw, since when do coaches have a kid (#22) returning kickoffs and punts, as well as playing DB, WR, and RB, if the kid is so slow? Apparently your eyes at the game were splashed by rain. He’s been the fastest athlete on the team since his sophomore year, with the exception of last year (Canada) who was on the team, but declared ineligible. That probably doesn’t count though and makes him the fastest athlete who was actually on the team.

    Maybe if #22 was used more offensively they’d put up more points! IDK, just a thought.

  • Fan of # 22

    You may have been @ the game but you sure dont know the game. That slow little #22 led SH in SCORING. My prediction is he will be the teams leading scorer and avg # ypc at seasons end, like he did his sophomore year, but wont get the props he deserves. For a slow guy he sure made that last TD look effortless. Try to learn something about the game and evaluating talent before U go to the next game and come in here and make a foolish post.

  • If #22 is there best RB……..OUCH!

    I do know talent when I see it….he was average at best. I saw him get that kickoff in the first 1/2 and run sideways, then backwards. I’d kick it to him all day long! I guess I am just used to watching good football like they have in the inland empire….SGV football is weak with the exception of a few teams (Amat, West Co. & Glendora). I know linemen don’t usually go both ways…but those big guys were bent over huffin’ & puffin’ 5 minutes into the game…..way out of shape. I saw the linemen from Rancho Cucamonga…they ave about 300 lbs. They were still going strong at the end of the game when they beat Charter Oak. I think some SH fans are just trying to make excuses. South Hills is slow (#4 looked quick…best player last night), out of shape, and can’t play defense. They are in trouble this year. Los Osos will show them what Inland Empire football is all about. I mean come on in the last 3 games they have given up 42, 59 & 28 points in the last 3 weeks. Their only win was against Baldwin park….lol who is 0-4…wow!

  • Karma Sundaes

    Bishop Amat’s entire Freshman footall staff left BA to coach at Damien this season.

    The Result?

    Bishop Amat’s new coaching staff beat their old coaching staff 14-0.

    Enjoy the pay raise, Damien Frosh Coaches!

    KARMA IS A B$%^&!

  • Bob

    One thing that has not been mentioned was Monrovia’s punter. The last couple of years some punters are now running out from were the punter starts to outside the tackles and punts the ball rugby style. Monrovia’s punter did this and on 2 back to back punts the ball landed inside the 5 yardline and the third time inside the 10 yard line.Great job

  • AMAT 73

    The Damien game is history . The focus is now on Cathedral . Good luck to all the teams of the SGV tonight for a well played and injury free games. To the Men in Blue stay focused , Cathedral will be trying to make HUGE statement tonight . Stay focused and do the work . GO LANCERS AND SHINE BRIGHT TO NIGHT !!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Amat

    Karma Sundaes,

    IN all fairness, not all of them left on their own accord. Head Coach Parker had been gone a whole year and did not even coach at Bishop Amat last season. A large part of that was Coach Hagerty’s desire to have the freshman coach an on campus teacher and more available, part of it was Parker had a different supervisor and was less available than Hags would have liked. Depends on who you talk to.

    Either way, others were not retained after the following year – some because they didn’t mesh with the new Frosh Head Coach for whatever reason – and I’m sure some of the responsibility lies at his feet too. A couple loyal Lancer coaches were still able to stay – but chose to join Parker at Damien, who did a nice job recruiting them to come along.

    In all reality it was probably a good move for all involved. Amat’s varsity staff is pretty solidified with former Head Coaches and coaches with vast high level playing experience. Those guys were probably not going to crack that lineup and would have always been viewed as “lower level coaches”. Anyone with a desire to learn and move up would have left as a good career move.

    There are not many real good coaches who have not branched out and seen how things are done elsewhere. It’s a good learning experience and that’s what these guys have done. I can’t fault anyone for trying to move on to a different situation if they feel it will help them in the long run. Good luck to those guys (except for 1 game a year!)

  • #22 is a great athlete!

    He played the whole damn game! What more can you ask of a kid. If he’s their best RB it wouldn’t be no OUCH, because #4 is considered the best RB in the valley according to Fred, Aram and their rankings. #22 is a STUD! He’s not big, so you know he does his damage in space, which is where the TD came from. This #22 basher must be an upset parent or a moron who knows nothing about speed or quickness. He’s a senior now and has been getting 100+ yard rushing games since his sophomore year. A slow, small kid could never do that, ever!

  • Gutted

    I can smell the festering mold and mildew stenching up Cameron & Barranca reeling from the remnants of the toiling Bogan empire, my what a skunkistic stench! Did I just say that?! Touche!! Karma es la chonkollerrer! hahahaha puppies might as well BEG obama ON UR SLAGGED KNEES for a bailout!