Thursday Final: Mui Bueno, Cats don’t blow it this time, holds on to beat South Hills, 28-25

You want reality, Monrovia’s 28-25 victory over South Hills means the Huskies could finish 1-9, maybe 2-8 or 3-7 at best. They would have trouble with the best in the Hacienda, so imagine what awaits in the Sierra, not to mention another non-leaguer against Los Osos. Truth is, they’re not the bad, they’re still better than most teams in the Valley, but clearly not among the area’s elite. They can score, but they give up a lot of points too, a trend that could continue with a youthful defense and unforgiving schedule. Also, Monrovia is pretty darn good, it won’t surprise me at all if they go unbeaten the rest of the way and win the Mid-Valley title. They took a 28-17 lead into the fourth quarter after blowing a 21-point fourth-quarter lead last week to San Dimas. That means gut-check time, and they showed their guts. After South Hills scored and made the conversion to cut it to 28-25 with four minutes left, the Cat’s faced a fourth-and-inches at their own 29 with just over two minutes left. They didn’t punt, they let their offense win it, getting a game-clinching first down. That was a way of saying, what happened last week won’t happen again. M-Town, this is what you needed, watch how it paves the way for better things to come.

The Inland Insider providing postgame highlights and video interviews.

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League predictions? Mark it down, going with West Covina, San Dimas and Azusa

With the Valle Vista, Hacienda and Montview league’s beginning this week, here are my new predictions on how it will unfold.

Hacienda League: Have grown to love the new league because the parity is great across the board with the exception of Los Altos, who in future years will be right there too. But we’re talking about the present, and no way am I not going with West Covina (3-1), fresh off three straight wins over Venice, South Hills and Glendora, all upper-divisional foes. I’m going with Rowland (3-1) and Michael Ball to edge out Bonita (4-1) for second and third respectively. That leaves a fourth-place guaranteed spot, which I’m giving to Diamond Bar (4-0), who will edge out Diamond Ranch and Walnut for that final spot. There is one at-large berth in the Division, and given the fact five teams are ranked in this week’s top ten poll, it’s not a stretch that five teams could make it to the playoff party.

Valle Vista: The only guarantee thus far is that San Dimas (2-2) will do enough to win the league title, though going undefeated will be difficult. Covina (3-1), with its win over West Covina still fresh in the memory banks and with perhaps the best offense, will finish second, thus earning a precious playoff berth, (only two playoff spots are guaranteed in each league in the Mid-Valley Division with four at-large berths overall). Baldwin Park, because it started 0-4, could be in playoff trouble. The Braves need to finish second to guarantee a spot, but absolutely have to finish no worse than third to have any kind of a chance at a playoff spot, which won’t be easy with Wilson (2-1) and Pomona (3-1) much improved. But I still like the Braves to finish third, then I can’t wait for the playoff pairings. Lets say the Braves go 4-2 in the VVL and finish 4-6 overall. Do they get in over a fourth or fifth place Pomona or Wilson, who potentially could have a better overall record? I can’t wait to watch how CIF handles this, because regardless of who finishes third, the VVL should garner at least one of the at-large berths. But the reality is, scheduling easy pays off more than scheduling up.

Montview League: Azusa (3-0) should build on their back-to-back titles and bring a 12-game league winning streak into the Montview, which could very well stretch to 18 come November. Yes, the Aztecs will finish first with La Puente (3-1) a close second over Sierra Vista (3-0). But here’s the real story: Will the Montview get an at-large berth? Assuming Sierra Vista loses to Azusa, La Puente and beats everyone else, they would finish 8-2, and maybe 7-3 at the very worst. Is that good enough for an at-large? Or look at it this way, who does CIF take first, an 8-2 Sierra Vista or a 4-6 Baldwin Park, assuming both finish third in league. Interesting thought, isn’t it? As of now, the Dons are No. 7 and the Braves aren’t anywhere to be found in the Mid-Valley polls.

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Diamond Bar vs. Diamond Ranch at Ganesha on Friday is the Coveritlive game of the week

Here’s the deal, I wanted to send Mike “The Cousin” Robledo to Bishop Amat at Cathedral, but I was told by the Athletic Director there is no press box, and that the stadium only holds 2,500, which means just 1,250 on the visiting side, so Amat fans better arrive early. The AD was concerned with the overflow crowd, he said when he made the deal with Bishop Amat, he was told the Lancers only had 1,500 to 2,000 traveling fans. The game will be shown on tape delay on IBN sports on Saturday morning and Mike will provide Amat updates when available, but please, if you’re at the game with a workable cell phone, join Mike and send your updates. But hey, Diamond Ranch and Diamond Bar is something special regardless, so follow all the action along with updates from other games with Mike.

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CIF Polls: Strength of schedule means nothing in the Mid-Valley or Inland, but it matters in the Southeast? Where’s the consistency

Mid-Valley Division
1. Whittier Christian (Olympic) 4-0, 2. Azusa (Montview) 3-0, 3. Arroyo (Mission Valley) 3-1, 4. San Dimas (Valle Vista) 2-2, 5. Monrovia (Rio Hondo) 1-2, 6. Village Christian (Olympic) 3-1, 7. Sierra Vista (Montview) 3-0, 8. San Marino (Rio Hondo) 2-1, 9. Covina (Valle Vista) 3-1, 10. South Pasadena (Rio Hondo) 3-0
Robledo’s thoughts: Assuming that Whittier Christian and Azusa go undefeated, and probably will, they will finish No. 1 and 2. When I look at the top five, I’m looking at teams that could run the table in league, meaning there might not be much change for several weeks. The problem here is that strength of schedule means squat, obviously going unbeaten, regardless of who you face, matters most.
1. West Covina (Hacienda) 3-1, 2. Burbank (Pacific) 2-1, 3. Bonita (Hacienda) 4-0, 4. Rowland (Hacienda) 3-1, 5. Norwalk (Suburban) 2-2, 6. La Serna (Del Rio) 3-1, 7. Muir (Pacific) 1-2 , 8. Diamond Bar (Hacienda) 4-0, 9. Diamond Ranch (Hacienda) 1-3, 10. Santa Fe (Del Rio) 1-2
Robledo’s thoughts: The pollsters are listening to us, the Bulldogs exactly where they belong. Bonita should be No. 2, but give it up to the Hacienda, five teams in the top ten, including 1-3 Diamond Ranch, the biggest surprise of all. Here’s what I don’t get, strength of schedule obviously matters here, but not in the Mid-Valley? What gives.
1. Mission Viejo (South Coast) 4-0, 2. Servite (Trinity) 4-0 , 3. Lakewood (Moore) 4-0, 4. Bishop Amat (Serra) 4-0, 5. Newport Harbor (Sunset) 3-0, 6. Alemany (Serra) 4-0 , 7. Edison (Sunset) 3-1, 8. Los Alamitos (Sunset) 3-1, 9. Santa Margarita (Trinity) 3-1, 10. Long Beach Poly (Moore) 2-2
Robledo’s thoughts: I don’t know if Bishop Amat is this good, or should be ranked this high, but I do know they’re getting better, and when you add Brock Booth and Wallace Gonzalez to the arsenal, I wouldn’t be surprised with Cathedral and Venice next, they don’t get to No. 2 or 3 after what should be a 6-0 start.
1. Vista Murrieta (Southwestern) 3-0, 2. Centennial/Corona (Big VIII) 3-0, 3. Norco (Big VIII) 3-0, 4. Redlands East Valley (Citrus Belt) 3-0, 5. Chino Hills (Sierra) 3-1, 6. Rancho Cucamonga (Baseline) 4-0, 7. Upland (Baseline) 3-1, 8. Redlands (Citrus Belt) 3-0-1, 9. Roosevelt (Big VIII) 3-0. 10. Ayala (Sierra) 4-0
Robledo’s thoughts: The Sierra League or Baseline hasn’t started, yet there is no Charter Oak, Glendora, South Hills or Damien. Again, strength of schedule no consideration, look at Ayala, who has beaten four nobody’s compared to Glendora, who has a 3-1 schedule and has played nothing but solid competition. I blame myself, because I had Ayala No. 5 with Glendora No. 6 in our poll, which in hindsight, I should have reserved. I’ll take one for the team on this.

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Girls Volleyball: This week’s top 10

Girls Volleyball Top 10
1. St. Lucy’s (9-5) –
The Regents took on some of the best teams in the country and after going 4-4 during last weekend, broke even in Las Vegas. Who can do the same?
2. Chino Hills (10-1) — The Huskies have three victories over teams who have been ranked in our Top 10 this season. They get St. Lucy’s next week.
3. Bonita (10-2) – The Bearcats showed heart in beat Los Altos in four games on Tuesday. The tandem of Katie Kirby and Ashley Maxfeldt might be one of the best in the area.
4. Los Altos (7-2) – The Conquerors rebounded from a poor start by winning six of seven at the Mayfair Tournament.
5. South Hills (6-2) — The Huskies are expected to challenge St. Lucy’s and Chino Hills in a rugged Sierra League. St. Lucy’s is up first, next Tuesday.
6. Glendora (3-0) – The Tartans took the week off, but got back to work with a nonleague match against Ayala before facing Baseline League power Los Osos next week.
7. San Dimas (9-4) – The Saints are expected to roll in the Valle Vista.
8. Diamond Bar (11-6) — The Brahmas, who lost in four to Bonita last week, rebounded with a solid showing at the Whittier Tournament.
9. Ayala (5-2) – Most view the Bulldogs as the No. 4 team in the Sierra. That only demonstrates how rugged that league is.
10. La Puente (3-3) — The Warriors, ranked No. 6 in Division 4-A, opened Montview League play on a winning note.

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Chino Hills Tom: Cross Country video from Sierra League’s opening meet at Bonelli Park

Rankings: Check out this link, ranks top boys and girls cross country runners in the San Gabriel Valley

For more SGV cross country news and updates, visit It’s a tremendous site for local cross country and track news. Today there is a nice feature on Rowland High School’s Nick Rivera

2010 Cross Country Calendar

Chino Hills Tom reports from Tuesday’s Sierra League opening cross country meet at Bonelli Park, where Ayala and Claremont are the top contenders, check it out.

Top Ten Boys Marks
1. Paul Ross, Claremont, 14:36, Woodbridge
2. Henry Falotico, Claremont, 14:51, Woodbridge
3. Anthony Castro, Glendora, 14:52, Woodbridge
4. Colin Domonoske, Claremont, 15:04, Woodbridge
5. Alfredo Metoyer, Claremont, 15:05, Woodbridge
6. Timmy Reed, Ayala, 15:15, Woodbridge
7. Kenny Tanner, Ayala, 15:33, Woodbridge
8. Kunal Sampat, Ayala, 15:36, Woodbridge
9. Alfredo Contreras, Ayala, 15:39, Woodbridge
10. Austin Mendoza, Glendora, 15:43, Tartan Top Ten

Top Ten Girls Marks
1. Lauren Justus, Glendora, 17:04, Woodbridge
2. Taylor Khan, Ayala, 17:27, Woodbridge
3. Marissa Scott, Bonita, 17:59, Woodbridge
4. Lexie Jackson, Bonita, 18:17, Woodbridge
5. Jaclyn Gonzalez, Ayala, 18:18, Woodbridge
6. Mikayla Flores, Bonita, 18:21, Woodbridge
7. Chandler Colquitt, Ayala, 18:30, Woodbridge
8. Victoria Chen, Ayala, 18:45, Woodbridge
9. Arecly Rojas-Garcia, Chino Hills, 18:46, Woodbridge
10. Merin Arft, Claremont, 18:52, Woodbridge

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Hundreds gather to say goodbye to Fred Fraijo, loving family man and coach who touched many; Softball fundraiser on Thursday at Irwindale Park

The Northview baseball and softball teams, its alumni, and any past players that played for coach Fred Fraijo are welcome to participate in Thursday’s softball game at Irwindale Park in honor of Fred. The game will start at 5 p.m., with friends joining the field at 6 p.m. All donations and snackbar proceeds will benefit to the Fraijo family.

Hundreds gathered at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Irwindale on Tuesday to say goodbye to Fred Fraijo, who died last week in a motorcycle crash. Fraijo, 49, was beloved as a devoted family man and dedicated assistant softball coach at Northview High School who often provided one-on-one training in his backyard. Northview players attended the funeral wearing team jerseys, while co-workers at Sierra Aluminum Co. in Fontana – where Fraijo worked 23 years as a plant manager – arrived on motorcycles with black T-shirts that read “Fred Fraijo rode hard to the end.”

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The Glendoranator, Gretchen Jaques, will represent Team USA, and chooses Texas

Glendora’s Gretchen Jaques, arguably the best girls swimmer in the history of the San Gabriel Valley, has been selected to represent the United States on the 2010-2011 National Youth Team. The National Youth Team is a stepping stone to the USA National team where many athletes go on to represent the country in international competitions.

The USA Swimming 2010-2011 National Youth Team was selected from the top six times in Olympic events for 18 & U athletes at the 2010 Conoco Phillips National Championships and 2010 Speedo Junior National Championships. Gretchen qualified with her time of 26.22 in the 50 meter freestyle.

After visiting the University of Texas, Jaques verbally committed to attend there next fall and will be signing her letter of intent during the early signing period in November.

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Girls Volleyball: Bonita gets sweet revenge, beats Los Altos in four games in Hacienda showdown

Bonita High School needed four games to win its second Hacienda League match of the season Tuesday.
But for the Bearcats, there was more at stake than an advantage in the Hacieida League standings.
There was a little case of some sweet revenge, which Bonita believes it got after a 29-27, 25-23, 24-26, 25-20 victory over Los Altos.
The Bearcats (11-2, 2-0), getting 22 kills from senior outside hitter Katie Kirby and 42 assists from senior setter Ashley Maxfelt, vied it as payback for the Conquerors’ five-game victory to win their first CIF-Southern Section girls volleyball title last fall.
Los Altos, getting 11 kills and eight aces from Jazmen Russell and 15 kills from Amanda Brown, slipped to 7-3 and 1-1.
Bonita outside hitter Katie Kirby: “It’s revenge. We wanted it bad. We wanted to prove a point.”
Bonita coach Adriana Contreras: “Los Altos is a great team, both offensively and defensively, and they obvisiously brought their A game in games 1 and 2. But we’ve been preparing for this match since the beginning of the season. My girls did well.”

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Breaking News: Bishop Amat’s Brock Booth wins appeal, is eligible Friday against Cathedral

Bishop Amat athletic director Michael Manzo confirmed today that South Hills transfer Brock Booth won his appeal to the CIF-Southern Section and is eligible to play football for the Lancers on Friday against Cathedral. Booth, a tight end who has been practicing all season, was denied eligibility after South Hills challenged his transfer to Amat, citing it was for “athletically motivated,” reasons. The Booth family appealed the decision to a CIF hearing panel, which reversed the decision on Tuesday. Not only will undefeated Bishop Amat welcome Booth, but Glendora transfer Wallace Gonzalez (receiver) becomes eligible Friday after sitting out a full year, giving QB Rio Ruiz two new weapons to play with. “The (Booth) family was thankful they were able to present their case in front of the appeals panel at CIF and that the matters were cleared up,” Manzo said. “They’re (Booth family) looking forward to enjoying Brock’s senior year, and Brock is looking forward to contributing to the football team in any way he can.”

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Tribune Super 35 Rankings: Bishop Amat well ahead of the pack, but Bonita, West Covina join top five with Hacienda League ready to start

Question: I am convinced that if Charter Oak and South Hills were in the Hacienda and back in the Southeast Division they would have a tough time this year. But with Bonita 4-0 and West Covina coming off three big wins, could both of them compete in the Sierra?

1. Bishop Amat (4-0) — Not only the best fans, best tailgating and best place to watch a high school football game. They proved once again, they’re better than anything else in the Valley too after racing to 35-0 halftime lead over Damien.
2. Chino Hills (3-1) – After falling from No. 2 a couple weeks back, the Huskies climb back up after wins over Tesoro and Pomona. After what Tesoro did to South Hills, it makes the Huskies’ win look even better.
3. Bonita (4-0) – Who would have thought at the beginning of the year the Bearcats would climb this high in the rankings.
4. West Covina (3-1) – Consecutive wins over Venice, South Hills and Glendora have Bulldogs neck-and-neck with Bearcats as co-Hacienda League favorites.
5. Ayala (4-0) — The record looks great and they get our respect, but the truth is, they have played the easiest nonleague schedule of all Sierra League teams. The truth comes next against St. Paul and league play, which starts next week.
6. Glendora (3-1) – The Tartans had one the turnover battle to race to a 3-0 record, but it came back to bite them in a losing effort against West Covina.
7. Charter Oak (2-2) – Losing to Rancho Cucamonga and losing their starting quarterback Travis Santiago stings, but at least they have back-up Josiah Thropay, who would start on most teams in the Valley.
8. Claremont (3-1) — Pulls out a great win over Rowland after losing to Bonita a couple weeks back. Now the question, are they really Sierra League contenders?
9. Rowland (3-1) – All that Raiders momentum came to a screeching half against Claremont, but it’s just one game. You know they will compete in the Hacienda with Bonita and West Covina.
10. Azusa (3-0) — Kind of tough to ask La Puente to host Azusa in the first week of Montvliew league action, but it is what it is. The winner will in all likelihood capture the title.
The Rest: 11. Diamond Bar (4-0). 12. San Dimas (2-2), 13. Damien (2-1); 14. South Hills (1-2). 15. Walnut (2-1), 16. Covina (3-1), 17. Arroyo (3-1), 18. Diamond Ranch (1-3), 19. Rosemead (2-1); 20. Wilson (2-1), 21. Pomona (3-1), 22. Sierra Vista (3-0), 23. La Puente (2-1), 24. Baldwin Park (0-4), 25. Nogales (1-3), 26. El Monte (1-2), 27. South El Monte (1-2), 28. Ganesha (1-2), 29. Northview (0-3), 30. Los Altos (0-4), 31. Workman (1-2), 32. Bassett (1-2), 33. Mountain View (1-2), 34. Gladstone (0-3), 35. Duarte (0-2)

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More sad news from the SGV: Longtime Wilson girls basketball and softball coach Ed Bruyninckx passed away Sunday night

It is with deep sadness we report that longtime Wilson girls basketball and softball coach Ed Bruyninckx passed away on Sunday of an apparent heart attack. “The girls and the school is pretty devasted,” Wilson football coach Brian Zavala said. “Grief counselors have been called in and everyone is doing their best to cope with it.” Bruyninckx, this newspapers girls basketball coach of the year in 2008 when he led the Wildcats to a 23-5 record and their first league title since 1994, was as good as it gets and as well liked and respected as any coach I’ve dealt with. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. “He was a wonderful guy, one of the nicest guys you ever dealt with,” Rowland coach Gordon Hamlow said. “I got to know him for a number of years, he’s one of those good guys who got it done, and an excellent coach as well.”

Funeral Services: On Thursday, 10 a.m., at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 16750 Colima Rd, on corner of Colima and Dawn Haven in Hacienda Heights. The burial will follow shortly after at Forest Lawn in Covina.

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Travis Santiago’s injury status not clear, but what is clear is the SGV finally gets to watch Josiah Thropay at quarterback, where he wanted to be all along after stints at Monrovia, Bishop Amat

By Aram Tolegian, Staff Writer
A lot is still up in the air about the quarterback situation at Charter Oak High School. But one thing that’s for certain is senior Josiah Thropay will be under center for the Chargers on Friday night against Santa Fe. That’s because normal starter Travis Santiago is sidelined with an ankle injury that nobody quite knows the extent of how bad it is. Santiago suffered the injury on the second-to-last play of Friday’s loss to Rancho Cucamonga.

Below: Charter Oak is fortunate. How many teams have a 6-foot-5 back-up as talented as Thropay.

Continue reading

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George Johnson not flashy, he’s a winner

by Aram Tolegian
West Covina quarterback George Johnson has significantly less fanfare than Glendora star Chad Jeffries, but against the Tartans on Friday night, Johnson proved he can play the position pretty well himself. While Jeffries was having arguably his best game of the young season by running and throwing like the standout he’s been advertised to be, Johnson was having one of the better games of his long career.

Continue reading

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Tribskin Pick’em: Your predictions and ours

Fred and I will go head-to-head in Tribskin Pick’em throughout the season.
Last Week: Robledo (14-9); Ramirez (14-9).
Season: Robledo (67-23); Ramirez (62-28).

Last week: Fred and I didn’t have a great week. We missed nine times, including Claremont over Rowland, Rosemead over San Marino and Rancho Cucamonga over Charter Oak. I was the only won in the group to pick San Dimas over Monrovia, and I got Fred by going with West Covina over Glendora. But I also gave both of those back, losing with Chino over Northview and Montclair over Workman, which Fred predicted correctly.
This week: There are some big games this week, starting with Monrovia vs. South Hills on Thursday at Covina District Field. I’m going with the Huskies to bounce back from last week’s debacle at Tesoro. I’m just not sure Monrovia can recover initially from the loss to San Dimas in which it led 28-7 with eight minutes left. The other big games are Azusa vs. La Puente in an early showdown in the Montview League; Diamond Ranch at Diamond Bar and West Covina at Walnut in the Hacienda. My desk says go with Azusa, Diamond Ranch and West Covina.
Note: Fred will update his picks later

This week’s games and predictions:
Thursday, Sept. 30
Monrovia vs. South Hills at CDF, 7 p.m.– Robledo (South Hills); Ramirez (South Hills)
Friday, October 1st
Diamond Ranch vs. Diamond Bar at Ganesha, 7:00 — Robledo (DBar); Ramirez (DRanch)
Los Altos at Rowland, 7:00pm — Robledo (Rowland): Ramirez (Rowland)
West Covina at Walnut, 7:00pm — Robledo (WCovina); Ramirez (WCovina)
Azusa at La Puente, 7:00pm — Robledo (Azusa); Ramirez (Azusa)
Ganesha at Bassett, 7:00pm — Robledo (Ganesha); Ramirez (Bassett)
Gladstone vs. Workman at Citrus College, 7:00pm — Robledo (Workman): Ramirez (Gladstone)
Sierra Vista at Duarte, 7:00pm — Robledo (SVista); Ramirez (Sierra Vista)
Covina vs. Northview at Covina District, 7:00pm — Robledo (Covina); Ramirez (Covina)
Pomona at Baldwin Park, 7:00pm — Robledo (Pomona); Ramirez (Baldwin Park)
San Dimas at Nogales, 7:00pm — Robledo (SDimas); Ramirez (San Dimas)
Bishop Amat at Cathedral, 7:00pm — Robledo (Bishop Amat); Ramirez (Bishop Amat)
Chino Hills vs. Redlands East Valley at U. of Redlands, 7:30pm — Robledo (CHills); Ramirez (Ch. Hills)
El Dorado at Damien, 7:00pm — Robledo (Damien); Ramirez (Damien)
El Monte at Wilson, 7:00pm — Robledo (Wilson); Ramirez (Wilson)
Keppel at Mountain View, 7:00pm — Robledo (MView); Ramirez (Mnt View)
San Gabriel at Rosemead, 7:00pm — Robledo (Rosemead); Ramirez (Rosemead)
Santa Fe at Charter Oak, 7:00pm — Robledo (Charter Oak); Ramirez (Charter Oak)
St. Paul at Ayala, 7:00pm — Robledo (St. Paul); Ramirez (Ayala)
Temple City at South El Monte, 7:00pm – Robledo (TCity); Ramirez (South El Monte)

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Sunday Tribbin: What’s on deck

Anything and anyone you want to talk about. Athlete of the week nominations and looking ahead: Is Diamond Ranch, Diamond Bar still the game of the week? DRanch has been waiting a while for this, but careful what you wish for, nobody expected the purple to be 4-0. La Puente, Azusa would have been a more sexy match-up, but the Warriors falling to Wilson took something away, though it probably still will determine the Montview League title. It’s a tough call because Walnut-West Covina became more interesting after the Mustangs’ OT win over Covina. Bishop Amat gets Wallace Gonzalez back against Cathedral, and how down will the Monrovia, South Hills loser feel on Thursday after what happened this past weekend? I don’t want the interview with that coach.

This weeks pigskin lineup
Thursday, September 30th

Monrovia vs. South Hills at Covina District, 7:00pm
Friday, October 1st
Diamond Ranch vs. Diamond Bar at Ganesha, 7:00pm
Los Altos at Rowland, 7:00pm
West Covina at Walnut, 7:00pm
Azusa at La Puente, 7:00pm
Ganesha at Bassett, 7:00pm
Gladstone vs. Workman at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Sierra Vista at Duarte, 7:00pm
Covina vs. Northview at Covina District, 7:00pm
Pomona at Baldwin Park, 7:00pm
San Dimas at Nogales, 7:00pm
Bishop Amat at Cathedral, 7:00pm
Chino Hills vs. Redlands East Valley at U. of Redlands, 7:30pm
El Dorado at Damien, 7:00pm
El Monte at Wilson, 7:00pm
Keppel at Mountain View, 7:00pm
San Gabriel at Rosemead, 7:00pm
Santa Fe at Charter Oak, 7:00pm
St. Paul at Ayala, 7:00pm
Temple City at South El Monte, 7:00pm

Enjoy this, Chino Hills Tom’s raw footage from Bishop Amat, Damien.

Tailgating at Bishop Amat …

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Important announcements …

Jesse Cruz services
There will be a viewing and Rosary at the Saint Paul The Apostle Church, 14085 Payton Drive, Chino Hills, tonight (Sunday) at 7 p.m., with funeral services Monday at 10 a.m. The grave site ceremony follows after at Forest Lawn in Covina.

Fred Fraijo services
There will be a memorial service for Fred Fraijo on Monday at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church (16025 Cypress Ave., Irwindale, CA) from 6 to 9 p.m., with a rosary at 7 p.m. Funeral services are Tuesday at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church at 10 a.m. with the grave site ceremony at Oakdale Cemetary (1401 S. Grand Ave., Glendora, CA) immediately following the service. There will be a reception immediately following the grave site service at the Amvey Post 113 (14910 E. Los Angeles St., Irwindale).

Softball Fundraiser Thursday:
The Northview baseball and softball teams, its alumni, and any past players that played for coach Fred Fraijo are welcome to participate in Thursday’s softball game at Irwindale Park in honor of Fred. The game will start at 5 p.m., with friends joining the field at 6 p.m. All donations and snackbar proceeds will go to the Fraijo family.

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Saturday Morning Quarterback: West Covina pulls trifecta, outlasts Glendora; Bishop Amat routs rival Damien; San Dimas rallies from 21 down to beat M-Town; Bonita shuts out Baldwin Park, now 4-0; South Hills, Charter Oak, Rowland all lose

Saturday injury update: Charter Oak QB Travis Santiago did not break his ankle on Friday. X-Rays were negative, leaving him with a sprained ankle and out for an indefinite period.

Friday’s results
Bishop Amat 42, Damien 7 — The Lancers were dominant throughout, leading 35-0 at halftime. QB Rio Ruiz had a breakthrough game, throwing for 200 plus yards and two TDs.
Rancho Cucamonga 40, Charter Oak 28 — The Cougars have the Chargers’ number, improving to 2-0-1 against them over the last three years. It’s a big setback, the Chargers can’t seem to win the big marquee encounters. Even worse, word is Chargers QB Travis Santiago suffered a sprained ankle on the last play. Does that mean Josiah Thropay takes over next week?
West Covina 33, Glendora 28 — Can we forget Covina? In all seriousness, if the Bulldogs aren’t the No. 1 ranked team in the Southeast next week, the pollsters aren’t paying attention.
Bonita 29, Baldwin Park 0 — Did I just say West Covina should be No. 1 in the Southeast? Yup, I forgot about the guys in green, who make an equally compelling argument.
Tesoro 59, South Hills 6 — This wasn’t just a loss, this was another humbling defeat for the Huskies, who get Monrovia on Thursday.
Diamond Bar 31, Brea Olinda 28 — The Brahmas have all the momentum they need going into next week’s Hacienda opener against Diamond Ranch.
San Dimas 35, Monrovia 34, OT — Amazing. The Saints trailed 28-7 heading into the fourth, scored 21 unanswered points and won in overtime. If you’re Monrovia, you’re only hope is you win the rematch come December.
Walnut 49, Covina 42, OT – The Colts finally surrender their first loss, which is a huge boost to the Mustangs’ confidence.
Hart 44, Arroyo 3 – With or without QB Steven Rivera, it wouldn’t of made a difference.
Wilson 36, La Puente 20 – The Wildcats beat a good team, it makes you wonder what their Valle Vista league chances really are.
Chino 47, Northview 30 – Looks like it’s going to be another long year for the Vikings.
Chino Hills 48, Pomona 13 -- Even though Pomona was undefeated, you kind of expected this.
Rosemead 21, San Marino 7 – The Panthers finally get in the win column.
Claremont 24, Rowland 21 – Didn’t see this coming at all, but when two good teams meet, anything can happen.
Sierra Vista 42, Keppel 12 – Dons offense continues to roll heading into the Montview.
Nogales 40, South El Monte 19 – Nobles, like Wilson, could be another VVL contender.
Ayala 34, Los Altos 7 — Could be a long, long season for the Conqs
Workman at Montclair, NA
Garey at Ganesha, NA

Video highlights and Interviews from Bishop Amat – Damien with Chino Hills Tom, the Inland Insider.

Don’t miss the thrilling finish to San Dimas, Monrovia eitherContinue reading

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Thursday Final: Azusa rolls; El Monte beats Gladstone, Diamond Ranch holds on

Thursday’s Results
Azusa 34, Gabrielino 0 - Jose Nunez accounted for three scores and the Aztecs (3-0) secured their second shutout in three games with a rout of Gabrielino (2-1). Azusa forced six turnovers and held the Eagles to 124 total yards.
El Monte 32, Gladstone 24 - Mike Jimenez and Frank Lopez had big games for the Lions, who were too much for the Gladiators at San Dimas High School.
Diamond Ranch 21, Chaffey 14 - Cesar Carillo threw for 125 yards, including a 30-yard TD strike to Marquise Cherry for a 21-8 lead near the end of the first half.

Azusa had more reason to celebrate Thursday following a 34-0 win over Gabrielino at Citrus College. The Aztecs forced six turnovers.

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Friends, family and teammates remember Jesse Cruz, the former Northview Wrestler who died during a match; Vigil tonight at Northview

Loved ones remember Northview wrestler Jesse Cruz, who was “all about doing the right things.” Northview High School is holding a vigil tonight (Thursday) at 7 p.m. in the gymnasium and the memorial service will be held either Monday or Tuesday at St. Paul Church, which is located at 14085 Peyton Drive in Chino Hills.

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Nogales boys water polo continues surge

By Steve Ramirez, Staff Writer
Almost everything fell into place for the Nogales High School boys water polo team last season. The Nobles challenged traditional power Walnut for supremacy in the San Antonio League before finishing second and advancing to their first CIF-Southern Section playoff appearance in more than a decade. They also won their first postseason encounter in recent memory.

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