Saturday Morning Quarterback: Diamond Bar tastes the Ranch Dressing, 41-0; Amat, Azusa roll; Charter Oak, Damien bounce back

Friday’s results
Bishop Amat 53, Cathedral 6 — For those of you who beat the parking situation at Cathedral, look at the offense roll now. Rio Ruiz threw for 245 yards in the first half, then basically shut it down. Jalen Moore rushed for 138 yards and 3 touchdowns as the Lancers scored on their first five possessions. I’m starting to believe their No. 4 ranking in the Pac-5 is well deserved.
Chino Hills 14, Redlands East Valley 3 — This is probably the most surprising result of the night. Let’s make this clear, there is a huge gap between the Huskies and the rest of the Sierra.
Diamond Ranch 41, Diamond Bar 0 — And I thought the Hacienda was coming down to West Covina, Bonita and Rowland. Wow, Roddy’s Panthers flip the switch again.
Rowland 44, Los Altos 6 — Not a surprise, the Raiders expected a win, a blowout is just a bonus.
Damien 27, El Dorado 7 — Impressive after 42-7 loss to Bishop Amat. What do you make of it, after all, the Spartans are 3-1. And that victory over Diamond Ranch looks much better after tonight.
West Covina 41, Walnut 24 — The Mustangs hung for a while, but the Bulldogs eventually pulled away.
Azusa 28, La Puente 0 — Three shutouts in four games while outscoring their opponents 141-10. You want to say they have a weak schedule. I say talk to the scoreboard.
Ganesha 69, Bassett 14 — I wonder if Azusa is looking at the new tenant in the Monview and going, hmmmm.
Gladstone 39, Workman 7 — With only two guaranteed Montview playoff spots, every win is precious.
Sierra Vista 41, Duarte 6 — Don’t look now, but the Dons are 4-0, just like Azusa heading into next week’s meeting at Citrus.
Covina 14, Northview 11 — Raise your hand if you thought the Colts would win in more convincing fashion. Maybe the rivalry had something to do with it.
Baldwin Park 33, Pomona 7 — This is exactly why I picked the 0-4 Braves to finish second in the Valle Vista League. You knew they were better than their results had shown.
San Dimas 40, Nogales 12 — Saints warming up for next week’s showdown with Baldwin Park.
Wilson 26, El Monte 20 –– A great start for the Wildcats heading into the Valle Vista next week.
Mountain View 40, Keppel 0 — Exactly what you expected, right.
San Gabriel 48, Rosemead 20 — Impressive win by the Matadors; a scratch-your-head loss by the Panthers.
Charter Oak 17, Santa Fe 0 — A shutout brings back memories of the two previous years. Congrats to QB Josiah Thropay, whose long awaited debut was a winning one.
St. Paul 28, Ayala 6 — The Bulldogs finally played a tester, and the results weren’t that good.
Temple City 27, South El Monte 6 — With the way the Rams have struggled, would classify it as a mild surprise.

The Inland Insider’s post-game wrapp-up and interviews following Chino Hills’ huge win over Redlands East Valley.

Tribune highlights and interviews following Azusa’s 28-0 win over La Puente
Coveritlive: In addition to tonight’s live blog, Mike “The Cousin” Robledo will have scoring updates from Bishop Amat-Dominguez, as well as scores from other games. Whatever game you’re at, update your score through twitter or facebook on your cell phone, or sign-on with Mike wherever you’re and join the chat.

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  • FredJ

    sorry for the blog maintenance and delay this morning, we’re up and running again.

  • JOE

    Some students from Northview tagged up Covina Weds.nite. My geuss is Covina will pay them back tonite!! [funny that they spelled the name of their School wrong]

  • the truth

    yes fred beware what u wish for,

    like your league predictions, not your d bar vs d ranch prediction.

    Will rain play a factor? I think rain favors the Ranch running game. Not sure how Dbar will pass with rain, not much experience with that.

    Ranch freshman put a BIG hurtn on the bar yesterday 42 – 0. Bigger, faster, stronger, and way more athletic. Bar qb legit but their coach is gonna get him hurt by passing with 8 minutes left he took 3 very tough hits.

    Raining cats n dogs right now. Call this game a toss up and whoever wins the turnover battle will win the game.

    Unreal how nature knows.

  • dbarresident

    True, freshman game was 42-0 but was 6-0 at half. DBar blew two early scoring chances. DBar’s answer to #17 of Dranch was sitting on the bench with a broken thumb sufferd against Brea. Three of Dranch’s touchdowns were interceptions on desperate passes late in the game. If #22 plays for Dbar final score is probably 21-14 and either team could have won. DBar JV’s won 12-7 even though they committed six turnovers. Rain will help Dranch tonight especially on a torn up grass/mud field, but you know what…DBar will show up to play the game regardless!

  • the truth

    ok I hear ya, game was closer than final score showed. But one player makes that big of diff? We could say same as well kid sep shoulder in game and 2 kids not allowed to play cause practiced with varsity.

    Yes it was 6-0 at half and then ranch marched down field into wind on first drive. Both teams played with class with good clean hitting. Did not see any cheap dirty hits.

    This is good positive banter. cool. The players seemed to enjoy playing their friends from baseball and pop warner and junior all american. Now if we can get the parents, fans, coaches and whoever else to stop the BS by calling out “Pomona” Ranch and “Chi?a” Bar all would be the makings of a great “its about time rivalry”.

    Why have the principals//ADs not gotten together and created some sort of trophy to be played for? Call it the “WINDMILL” or the continental divide like “Sycamore Canyon Trophy” as this pretty much divides the districts. Or the “POWER LINE trophy” which also divides the districts. The locals will know what this means.

    Finally, all of Diamond Bar should come out to this game. The parents all know each other, the kids do, and the politicians do, lets make this a positive start to something healthy and lots of fun for all. All of Diamond Bar shows lots of community pride , the entire city , by supporting things like july 4th festival, the winterfest, and other events, so lets make this one great.

    Thanks Fred for making this a covered game. Please also explore the angle from the players view of how much they have wanted to play this game but the admins would not let it happen until the re alignment.

  • 1805

    DB vs DR,

    Tone it down u two r at each others throats killing each other in here.

    All this trash talk the last couple of years and its a freaking ghost town today.

    My prediction: Uneventful and Boring, just like this page.

  • SGV Athlete

    My Predictions…

    Diamond Ranch vs. Diamond Bar-Diamond Bar
    Los Altos at Rowland-Rowland aka Michael Ball show
    West Covina at Walnut-West Covina
    Azusa at La Puente-La Puente in the upset
    Ganesha at Bassett-Ganesha
    Gladstone vs. Workman-No Comment
    Sierra Vista at Duarte-Sierra Vista
    Covina vs. Northview-Covina
    Pomona at Baldwin Park-Baldwin Park
    San Dimas at Nogales-San Dimas
    Bishop Amat at Cathedral-AMAT
    Chino Hills vs. Redlands East Valley-Chino Hills
    El Dorado at Damien-Damien
    El Monte at Wilson-Wilson
    Keppel at Mountain View-Keppel
    San Gabriel at Rosemead-Rosemead
    Santa Fe at Charter Oak-Charter Choak
    St. Paul at Ayala-The Slime (sadly)
    Temple City at South El Monte-South El Monte

    I don’t mind the rain, and I am actually a huge fan of thunderstorms, but I hope it clears up before tonight so none of the games are called. Should be a hell of a night of great football…

  • Aaron

    It’s not a rivalry. Diamond Bar’s Rivalry is with Walnut.


    Aaron, where are your predictions for tonight? What to you have on th AZUSA, LP game tonight. Hopefully you have something better then SGV ATHLETE. By the way ATHLETE, how come you don’t do predictions on gladstone?


  • Anonymous

    Fred I think you should change that picture man..

  • Aaron

    Been really busy this week but I’m taking Azusa until they prove me wrong. They just win, something that could affect them is depth but they’ve been good.

  • the truth

    Dear Aaron:
    Respectively, I disagree.

    aaron said:
    It’s not a rivalry. Diamond Bar’s Rivalry is with Walnut.

    It is now a rivalry whether Diamond Bar admits to it or not. I argue that it will be a way bigger rivalry than Walnut because the kids and parents have grown up together and played together from 7 yrs old on. Its a town rivalry starting and should have been there from day one.

    It will be larger than the walnut game as thats a district wide game (benefit of admins) whereas the Diamond Ranch game represents all of Diamond Bar, so the players , parents, and fans, can now see them play each other and have fun with it. I think the game is a toss up. What about u?

    The monday morning talk will be way more between the locals than any Walnut game. Period. So let the fun rivalry begin.

  • HuskyDo

    Yeah Fred man ….. I second the picture change, poor kid. or just hope her daddy dont see this lol.




    Max Preps Stats

    Athlete Name…Car..Yds..Avg….Y/G..Long..TD



  • played with all them

    These coaches at LA are done. They don’t care if we win or loss anymore.

  • Aaron

    Phillips Ranch is in POMONA NOT DIAMOND BAR!

  • IEinsider

    Id love to see d bar beat D ranch. The world of High school football is better when D Bar is Playing well.

    sierra league predictions:
    Charter Oak should easily run over Santa Fe
    Claremont over a much weaker ontario Team
    El Dorado Over Damien in an upset that noone predicts
    REV should beat Chino Hills if they just show up
    and Ayala gains some real respect by beating St. Paul

    IE insider Out.

  • jcaz


    You know, I for one just love the idea of cutting and pasting, but at the very least, you should guys should update your templets every now and then don’t ya think ??

    Amat played Dominguez,A FEW WEEKS AGO ! Tonight, the play Cathedral.

    BTW, if your cousin does happen to make down to Compton tonight, he may very well be in for a much better game than the one over by Dodger Stadium this evening, if only because I believe that Dominguez plays Notre Dame at home.

    BTW, just sitting in those stands, listening to either one of those schools bands is well worth the price of admissions, because over the last few years, I have to say that both of these schools bands were absolutely some of these best that I have heard on a high school level !

  • Jimmy the Freak

    Diamond Bar over DRANCH Roddy does not have the tools this year.

    Rowland blows out Los Altos. Los Altos would have trouble beating their Jr. Midget JAA Cougar team right now.

    West Covina over Walnut altho Walnut keeps it close for awhile.

    Azusa over LP. too much arguing after Wilson loss.

    Bassett over The Geshas

    Workman/Gladstone…save on electricity do not play the game.

    Pomona over BP…BP not what we thought they were.

    Sierra Vista over Duarte

    Covina over Northview Covina pissed after losing to Walnut.

    San Dimas over Nogales.. SD finally coming around.

    Amat over Cathedral Another blowout dont show up late you will not get in and will have to go eat at chinatown.

    Redlands East Valley over CH. Homecooking and waiting for the team with this long drive.

    El Dorado over Damien. Damien still licking their wounds from the Amat trouncing.

    Wilson over El Monte. This Wilson team finally making noise.

    Keppel Mountain View Why waste the electricity and your gas money. Not to mention entrance fee.

    Rosemead over San Gabriel Panthers are the king of Mission ave

    Charter Oak more at ease playing the likes of this team Santa fe. Charter Oak wins this one going away.

    Ayala over St.Slime The slime is barely getting by in their wins. Ayala very improved.

    Temple City over So. El Monte close game though.

  • old school

    Aaron said:
    Phillips Ranch is in POMONA NOT DIAMOND BAR!

    Aaron: Half of Diamond Bar is within the Pomona Unified School District (Diamond Ranch HS),the other half in the Walnut Valley Unified School District (Diamond Bar HS). So it could be a rivary game.

  • no nothing about DB aron

    Mr. Aron,

    Know your facts, the city is about half at D Bar and half At D Ranch. The other students at DBar are from parts unknown due to it being a “school of choice”.

    4 D bar elementary feed D BAr that are in D Bar. 4 Elem in Diamond Bar feed D ranch and 2 elem from philips ranch feed D Ranch.

    Know your facts before you give worthless unfactual information.

  • Colt74

    no nothing about DB aron ,

    Dude…cut down on the caffeine!

    “Know your facts before you give worthless (unfactual) information.”…

    If you can make up words…then why can’t he make up facts ? I’m sure he wasn’t making anything up…just possible he has his information wrong. But who the hell are you to spout off? This is a blog…freedom to say whatever within reason. Don’t agree with what someone says…show some class at least and present your view.

    Just because your keyboard lets you be a jack azz doesn’t mean you should….

  • Aaron

    First off I know a relative slice of Diamond Bar is in the Pomona School district and some students do attend Pomona schools. However, are you legitimately ignorant to believe that this is a rivalry?

    Walnut High School opened in 1968, due to increasing population Walnut Unified School District opened Diamond Bar High School in 1981. Thus separating a district in two and taking kids that had done almost everything together and splitting them apart. Creating a rival is much harder than saying someone is when the schools have never competed in football together.

    Half of Diamond Bar does not reside in PUSD it’s legitimately impossible unless all of those parents in Diamond Bar choose to commute their children to schools in Walnut Unified. Diamond Ranch has an Enrollment of 1,817 and Diamond Bar has one of 3,100…wouldn’t you think that if the districts actually had half of the city of Diamond Bar there would be a ton more children attending Diamond Ranch?

    So if it becomes a rivalry…cool but it is because of League and not because of it being natural. I know Bonita’s league Rival was Charter Oak and now it seems it may end up being WesCo and not DR…we’ll see though.

  • ghsalum08

    glendora update anyone


    17-0 Charter Oak

  • GAL

    Arron, you need to find a hobby other than this blog. You spent how much time on your reasearch regarding Diamond Ranch vs Diamond Bar who GAS. Get out of the house tonight and get some fresh air.

  • Jackboy

    Sounds like Aaron does know what hes talking about, and according to your spelling and grammar you never went to High School.
    Its always fun to read these Blogs when someone gets Schooled!
    Nice work Aaron.
    Go Bearcats!

  • BA!


  • Bishop Amat fan in AZ

    Bishop Amat 53 Cathedral 6 FINAL

  • Kidding

    Are you kidding me?
    Wilson is a joke, beating el monte by only 6, what a joke, just like last year, yes winning but havent played anyone with a pulse, and yes playing and beating los altos means playing a nobody, they dont count anymore, wilson equals overrated, no doubt
    and talk about overrated, diamond bar, they didnt even belong on the same field with D ranch, like men playing boys, who picked D bar again?
    They just havent arrived yet, they are getting there, but we gave them a pass to the part too quick…martin is doing a great job, they just arent ready to run with the big boys just yet, but far better than 4-5 years ago…

  • Dranchhhh

    SMH @ DB folks, Aaron and the rest of u you DR haters and doubters. I guess Roddy got it together afterall….CONGRATS TO ALL SGV TEAMS THAT PULLED OFF THE W especially in the “haci”!!!!

  • Did The Warriors Learn A Lesson

    All the little stupid things that La puente was getting away with up before tonight came back to haunt them against Azusa. Not until La Puente stops carrying the ball carelessly, starts tackling, has guys that want to play hurt and suck things up will the Warriors beat teams like Azusa. I hope they learned a valuable lesson.
    Hey Abraham from Azusa you may have the swagger in your walk and the cockiness on the field but it doesn’t translate into your performance.Tone it down a bit your not as good as you think you are.
    Hey Warriors take a loooooooong look in the mirror you could be so much better!

  • the critic

    i cant believe this but MUIR is no longer a team that i will talk about there a disappointing team to watch or even talk about like always MUIR was the more talented team but they dont play together good game burbank MUIR needs to remember how to tackle and is in definitely need of discipline……..MUIR sucks………

  • Dee

    Azusa 28 La Puente Zero!
    I cant hear you SGV. I think you said there would be an upset. So are you? Upset that is. Not a clean looking game for the Aztecs but with 2 of there starters missing the first quarter including Nunez the quarter back. The guys did well. Azusa defense is something great to see!

  • Not Our Day

    LP Warriors gave Azusa 14 points and that is very hard to overcome! Both teams are similar and Rohor has some major Juevos play calling he is afraid of no one and trust his kids. Someone will knock off Azusa eventually but they won’t run the table.

  • footballer

    DB VS BR. 41 zilch. WOW! DB gets out coached. DR is good. Good job to all the boys on the field showing class and helping one another up. My opinion DB coaches need help. Predictable play calling. Both the O and D coordinators need to make adjustments. Hope DB bounces back next week.

  • Panther Fan

    Tonights game goes to show the difference in pre league game schedules, DR with tough schedule and DB with weak schedule. DB was looking good for those first 4 weeks, putting up all the passing, running and scoring stats. But what good does it do when you really play a better team. DR pretty much dominated both defense and offense. DB was able to finally get the ball moving but to no avail. DR 41 DB 0 final score.

  • Amat Dude

    Let’s say it got real ugly fast. Phanthoms had no depth chart to contain the Dawgs. So I just went over to the Cathedral side and met some old friends that were Cathedral alumnus and had a blast with them. Very polite and hospitable group of people at Cathedral. Thanks for hosting the game…..they showed alot of class! We need to shake off our Raider Nation image.

  • whitey

    2 scores to look at closely, Damien getting beat up again by 20 and StP beating Ayala big, Gano is a poor fit at Pomona Cathiloc boys(read the sarcasm ,please) and Ancich is a great fit at StP…………

  • whitey

    oops my bad, pomona cathiloc boys won, gano is still a bad fit, happy 5th place tie with SH in the Sierra

  • Amat nation

    We need to shake off our Raider Nation image.
    Not gonna happen.

    whitey put down the beer damien won.

  • Lionssss

    We should have beaten this Wilson team, inside the 5 yardline three times two of them inside the one yard line and come away with zero points. On the defensive side of the ball I have never seen a quarterback run scared like yours. This kid was throwing the ball up for.grabs so he wouldn’t get hit. Our coaches blew this one big time.

  • just sayin’

    whitey – Damien WON by 20! Have another. LOL!

  • Seriously?

    Did The Warriors Learn A Lesson,
    Are you honestly calling out a high school kid on a newspaper blog. Do you feel better about yourself now?

  • footballer

    Its only my opinion, Stop DR running game, they loose.

  • Just Saying

    “Three shutouts in four games while outscoring their opponents 141-10. You want to say they have a weak schedule. I say talk to the scoreboard.”
    Sorry Scoreboards don’t make the SCHEDULE! Azusa only impresses Azusa.

  • JoeE

    D Ranch deserves all the credit for the win tonight. But going for 2 up 32-0 in the 4th quarter shows no class. That is probably why he isat Dranch..A disgrace to do that in high school football.

  • Picture Speak Louder Thans Words

    @Seriously? I don’t think he’s calling anyone out the above picture speaks a thousand words.

  • Panther Fan

    footballer – so to prove your point, are you using DB as an example of what happens when DR stopped the DB run? It also helps when you stop the pass. DR did both against DB. We all know what the end result is.

  • Just say no

    whitey said:
    2 scores to look at closely, Damien getting beat up again by 20

    Pomona Cathiloc boys

    Better look again at that score this time without the beer goggles on.Please bloggers don’t drink and blog it’s dangerous.

  • Deanos003

    The dormant Dranch/Dbar rivalry is deep rooted in history. If anybody remembers when D-bar started in the 80’s, the rivlary was with Ganesha. Half the DB kids went there, the other half went to DB.

    Ganesha beat DB in cif finals in ’83, DB won it in ’84.

    Roddy went to Ganesha during this rivalry and knows the passion this game brings!

    Good job DR!!

  • Panther Fan

    JoeE – Grow Up. This is Football, and putting up scores is guess what? It is what football is all about. According to your analogy it should be a disgrace that DB had a 4-0 record vs DR’s 1-3 record. But guess how DB got that 4-0 record and DR got their 1-3 record. DB’s by playing against weaker opponents. DR’s by playing stronger opponents. So now that DB gets scored upon, people like you cry foul when a better team puts up points against your team (DB). DR thought they were up for a real battle tonight and came prepared (via a tough non league schedule). DB just rolled over like they were being herded for slaughter. Guess what – they were.

  • Cry cry cry

    people cry after every wilson game..get over it they won..and ask anyone out there..a win is a win..

    Go cats

  • Record Keeper

    Panther Fan, How many championships do you have 12 years into your infamous history? ZERO BOZO! NADA! Your team gets ran in the postseason again. This team isn’t anywhere near as good as DR teams in the past. And what did they total up?

  • jcaz

    Over the past few years, I have watched Amat have to struggle offensively to win games in which the talent was head and shoulders above their completion.

    However, over the last two games, this offense has blossomed to become one of the better, if not the best Pac 5 teams in southern California.
    The reason for this, in my opinion, is because Amat has finally landed a quarterback that is as good, or is better, as any other high school player in this country t that position.

    Let me say this again. I believe that Rio is perhaps one of the best high school players that is currently playing this position, however, there is still very much work that has to be done to make him into a talent that could one day earn him a Heisman trophy if he were to decide on a football career in stead of a baseball one.

    Last week, I did not have a chance to share my thoughts on that game, but I will say right here and now that his performance was perhaps one of the best offensive showings that an Amat football team has enjoyed in well over 5 years.
    Tonight, while Amat did quite well on the scoreboard, there were nevertheless, some performance issues that I still felt somewhat uncomfortably with.

    In this game Rio finally got a chance to throw the ball to Wallace Gonzalez. The only problem was that Wallace is not 9 foot tall kid. On more than one occasion, Rio either overthrew him (and a few of his other receivers) or ended up firing the ball with so much intensity, that many of the kids couldn’t even even the football.
    Now dont get me wrong, when he was good, he was lights out ! For example, there was a play where Wallace was able to catch a floater that Rio put up there and, Wallace being Wallace, simply tucked it in as if it were a brand new baby boy, and proceeded to run like the devil down the sidelines.

    An awesome play if there ever was one, but even though it show just how good an offensive machine Amat is (and will be down the road), I assure you that there could have been far more play’s such as theses, if only Rio were a bit more patient, and a bit more accurate with the ball.

    Anyway, tonight was a game that I felt really allowed this team to build up some confidence going into the middle part of the season, however I should caution all of you that Cathedral is not a Crespi nor is it an Alemany.

    And while Amat will no doubt do the very same thing to Venice, that they have done to both Damien and cathedral, that I am sitting here thinking if scheduling a team such as Muir, and Cathedral was such a good idea, especially when your league opponents have been playing some pretty good competition recently.

    BTW, in closing, did any one of you happen to smile a bit at how the announcer was so excited tonight because their 50/50 raffle was a little bit over 900 dollars ?

    If he only knew….

  • just Saying

    The guy that wrote this is a genius and look what time it was posted it and then read Fred’s article!

    Did The Warriors Learn A Lesson said:
    All the little stupid things that La puente was getting away with up before tonight came back to haunt them against Azusa. Not until La Puente stops carrying the ball carelessly, starts tackling, has guys that want to play hurt and suck things up will the Warriors beat teams like Azusa. I hope they learned a valuable lesson.
    Hey Abraham from Azusa you may have the swagger in your walk and the cockiness on the field but it doesn’t translate into your performance.Tone it down a bit your not as good as you think you are.
    Hey Warriors take a loooooooong look in the mirror you could be so much better!

  • Anonymous

    Wilson fans are haters. They have to complain for every little thing. you are not coaches. A win is a win, practice is preperation for the following game. So all you whiners let the coaches and players TCB.

  • SGV Athlete

    @Aztec Pride,

    Don’t worry about me not making predictions for Gladstone, personal choice. And the reason I picked La Puente in this game was because on paper they had the best chance of beating Azusa, so why not?? After beating LP, its basically downhill for the Aztecs. But watchout for Ganesha, putting up 69 points on Bassett??? Thats not a bad day at work…

  • Wilson Fan

    A win is a win, what kind of talk is that, you sound like one of our coaches trying to explain why we are moving in the wrong direction. This Wilson team just beat EL MONTE 26 to 20, and looked like crap doing it. El Monte played Covina a few weeks ago and they lost 31 to 0, you do the math. We play Covina next week, and a loss is a loss. What is disturbing about all this is we have the talent to compete with Covina. Sorry but this running quarterback can’t throw the ball, as we all saw today. Looks like he can’t run the ball either, what he must have run for -20 or -30 yards today? This kid was playing scared the whole second half and you left him in. Man one time he just throw the ball in the air so he wouldn’t get hit. Don’t know what your issue with Scheriman is but you need to get over it. You want to win put the best quarterback out their.

  • Amat has not faced anybody yet. No OLU, no St Bonnie. The teams are way down this year.
    the defense continues to prove themselves for the last 3 years since Hags. To call a kid the best QB, he needs to prove himself against the better teams, the best athletics, so far I have not seen it yet!!!


    We got to see how they match against Alemeny because that would be their toughest competition. His Dad has done a great job by kissing all the reporters assesssss!
    I’ll bet he was eating from everybody else again!1

  • COChargerfan

    Santa Fe was was way too small on the lines and they got steamrolled by CO. Their only meaningful drive was at the end of the game when several starters, including Rufus, were on the bench…they could have made a field goal but got stopped cold on 4th down. With Santiago and Scoby playing, CO could have easily put up 35 pts. And the defense, with some new schemes and faces in the lineup, played a lot more aggressively…good work by the kids and coaches in making adjustments. People forget that over the first few games last year CO made several tweaks in the defense including moving Keith Smith from OLB to MLB. And a special mention to Nick Alexander who always seems to find the ball.

    Looks like Santiago was starting to move around pretty well on the sideline so hopefully he’ll be back soon. What’s the deal on Scoby not suiting up and playing? Good news is the sophomore Khari Garcia can really run the ball…looks like both Scoby and Garcia will be outstanding running backs as they mature into upperclassmen…I remember Muema as a sophomore and these two kids look like they could be every bit as good as him.

  • Panther Fan

    Record keeper – record this, we are not, NADA, in the post season yet, BOZO.

  • Other Scores

    Crespi 45, Vista Murrieta 31 (VM was the Inland Divion’s #1 ranked team. Corona Centennial will take over)

    Dominguez 21, Sherman Oaks Notre Dame 17 (If ND gave Dominguez a close game, they can give Bishop Amat a close game)

    Loyola 30, Upland 13 (Loyola performs about the same as Norco)

    Redlands 21, Rancho Cucamonga 13 (Sierra is in serious trouble if second best team is Charter Oak)

    St. John Bosco 35, La Habra 17 (La Habra goes 0-3 vs. Pac-5 opponents)

  • Don’t mess w/ da Dons

    Compton Dominguez is 2-1 vs. the Serra. Their tradition of being Pac-5 killers continues…

  • Dranchhhh

    Panther fan,

    Your wasting your fingers bro. DR IS not quite liked on this board. For everything good we do, there will be some coward who will find a way to be negative. Point is we got a much needed win last night after losing to Elsinore and Damien in the 4th. Remember we were up in both those games coming into the 4th qtr. The only team that handed us our socks was Santa Margarita and look at where theyare. Walnut is next and like DB, we should not take them lightly. It seems as if Layton and staff adjusted well. It almost seems like that Carter and price kid had 200 yards or more a piece on the ground. They didn’t even have to open the Playbook. With #8 back there and those receivers waiting nothing is impossible.

  • math guy

    Amat > Dominguez > Crespi > Vista Murietta = Pac 5 > Inland

  • Don

    As ever, thanks to those posting scores of the Big Boy games. For you, even more scores:

    Hoover over Pelham , 29-17
    De La Salle beat Foothill 49-7
    South Panola whipped Olive Branch, 42-7
    St. Thomas Aquinas over Camden County 42-28

    and in more local action, Hamilton beat Chandler, 38-20

    Looks as though Hamilton may run the table this year.

  • Dbarlover

    OK, decided to wait till morning to post my thoughts of the DBar/Ranch game. Best team won…Once people started the talk of playoff atmosphere it was over for DBar. No one on DBar knows what playoff atmosphere is and it was apparrent on the field. Dranch has been in the playoffs and made it to the champion ship game. Roddy and his staff had them prepared, while Martin and his staff tried to treat it like just another game. If Chase could play against us every game he would be going to USC or Alabama. Great passion on both sides of the ball, DBar had no one to match it. Martin stated that the problem with DBar has been it’s skill position players, not his line. I’ve always thought the oppossite. OMG was their a huge difference on the line, Offense and Defense. Bigger, stronger, faster, taller, did I say bigger? Both DBar lines were dominated. Coaching – this game was Roddy’s manhood game and it showed, even in his statement “and play a game next week that matters just as much as this one.” We were out scouted, out prepared, out motivated and out adjusted. My only issues during the game, going for two in a rout, starters in with 5 minutes to go in a rout (Not much choice for DBar, when the JV play on Thursday the Varsity can’t really practice because they don’t have enough players – only 24 true varsity players), blind-siding the kicker on a kick that was in the end zone (yes it was by DRanch’s kicker who made the hit, but he would start at tackle on DBar) who then runs off the field high-fiving his coaches, and last but not LEAST your public address announcer. The most obnoxious one I have ever heard. He constantly was wrong on players on both sides, never shut up, thought he was funny. The absolute worst one I’ve heard including hundreds of daddy’s in pop warner. Please, Please, Please, results of the play, with correct names, down and distance then just shut up. I keep hearing how this is neighbor vs neighbor and DBar kid vs DBar kid…I sat during the half time show with a bunch of little league, pop warner, njb coaches who have coached in DBar for over ten years. We only recognized 14 kids announced. So much for the DBar vs Dbar connection. All and all this game was what I would thought it would be. DRanch still wants to be DBar and it just isn’t going to happen.

  • Dbarlover

    DBar people, quit talking to Dranch people about how they haven’t won anything and all of our championships. Dude, this is 2010. Dranch is a better football school than DBar and it isn’t even close. The uniforms, the coaching, the programs and even the pre-game meals are better. To be honest, I don’t see much of a change in the future. Example…last years team only started five seniors, so this years team should be senior dominated…it’s not…where did all the junior from last year go? We suit up around 38 kids for a Varsity football game and 10-15 of those kids are on the JV. This from a school with a population of over 3200. I was on campus last week and saw at least three kids in the 6′ 260 range. None of them play football. The new start practice for baseball in September rule is killing DBar. The baseball coach their actively discourages his players from playing two sports and the admin doesn’t care. When you have a limited number of athletes to draw from and some of the best are being coerced to not play football….you get an under manned, under sized football team.

  • Dbarlover

    DBar people, quit talking to Dranch people about how they haven’t won anything and all of our championships. Dude, this is 2010. Dranch is a better football school than DBar and it isn’t even close. The uniforms, the coaching, the programs and even the pre-game meals are better. To be honest, I don’t see much of a change in the future. Example…last years team only started five seniors, so this years team should be senior dominated…it’s not…where did all the junior from last year go? We suit up around 38 kids for a Varsity football game and 10-15 of those kids are on the JV. This from a school with a population of over 3200. I was on campus last week and saw at least three kids in the 6′ 260 range. None of them play football. The new start practice for baseball in September rule is killing DBar. The baseball coach their actively discourages his players from playing two sports and the admin doesn’t care. When you have a limited number of athletes to draw from and some of the best are being coerced to not play football….you get an under manned, under sized football team.

  • Dear Football World of America

    Job Opening: Creative Offensive Analyst
    Applications open until filled (hopefully before the Covina game)
    Location: Wilson HS, Hacienda Hts (Chinese and Korean language not required)

    Job description:

    assist the coaches with workable game planning so they might have a chance to beat Covina, B Park, S Dimas, Pomona, Northview, and Nogales

    Be a liason between the head coach and the OC during a game since they really never talk about anything; find a way to assist the O line on how to block on running plays;

    assist the OC during those mental lapse play calling times with horrible play selection/ assist the OC by USING THE RIGHT PERSONNEL FOR THE RIGHT PLAY THAT IS CALLED;

    assist the OC by telling him “NO” on those stupid little screen passes; assist the coaches on teaching the players discipline on the field – once again we had at least FOUR!!!! personal fouls;

    put the right QB in when passing to the receivers – get the OC and head coach to realize they only won because of the unbelievable catches by the receivers (CZarnick’s one handed that set up the Vega TD; Soto’s circus diving TD in the endzone; and the Distinguished Battle Award to Nelson for earning every inch on his own with those 5 stupid naked screen passes;

  • offensive gebius

    DFWB – did it ever occur to you that if you put in a “passing QB” when you pass and your “running QB” when you run -just maybe the other team will figure that out? you better develop one of them that’s able to do both

  • From Aram’s blog:: Offensive position opening

    This was posted last Wed night 9/29 on Aram’s blog:

    “”Wilson on All cylinders – yet?? said:
    It is now very evident that Wilson has a good running option QB and a really good passing QB – but will the coaches use them correctly?? Wilson’s O Line has shown to be effective in passing protection but very suspect with running schemes (so say other coaches I have talked to)

    I have been to all three Wilson games – and it seems that they still do not run on all cylinders – the engine is not tuned up properly yet – if they plan on being mainly a running team – that is not their strength and will be lucky to make playoffs –

    If Wilson does not pass about 35-40% of the time and mix it up with their two QB’s they will not beat good teams such as San Dimas and Covina, BP may be a push on that – but that is my opinion

    It will be interesting to see if they run option at El Monte with QB#12 and also do the hurry up passing attack with QB#7 – which if tuned up and in tandem – may lead them one or two rounds into the playoffs

    we will certainly find out””

    so what did Wilson find out last night????

  • JFR


    Scoobie is recovering from a concussion he recieved in the 4th qtr last week. Didn’t want to rush back a freshman especially when you have a sophmore like Khari who rushed for 150.

  • Midvalley News.

    The Mid Valley is topsy tervy. The Rio Hondo at the top had a big win with Monrovia, but the rest got a reality check. Only two teams should get in the playoffs from there. Their are going to be some battles in the Valley Vista. Covina got a win, but Aram and Fred are correct having them third in the valley Vista. Rivalry or not, Northview is going to get smoked by BP and SD. Covina will lose to both thoset teams. Azusa did what they were supposed to do. They will be untested until the playoffs. I am not buying Serra Vista or Ganesha….Azusa may run into a brick wall when they have to play a real team in the playoffs. The Mission Valley league teams continue to lose. They will only get two in the dance, Arroyo is going to have to get healthy for the playoffs. The Almont league will need to get stronger in order to have a good showing. The Olympic league will also get in 3 teams. Whittier Christian seems to be #1, but they may have some problems with a Monrovia or San Dimas. It’s early but I am going to put my semi finals pick out there. If the Brackets permit, I think it should go like this….

    Whittier Christian
    San Dimas
    Baldwin Park

  • Bobby Bulldog

    This was part of an article in today’s Tribune.

    “By Tyler Drohan, Correspondent
    Posted: 10/02/2010 12:26:16 AM PDT

    WALNUT – West Covina High School flexed its offensive muscle in a 41-24 nonleague victory over Walnut on Friday night.”

    nonleague victory? Where do you get these guys from?

  • COChargerfan

    Math guyhavent we been done this road enough? Well, I cant resist so heres some new math for you to ponder.

    Centennial > Mater Dei > Edison > San Clemente = Inland > a lot of the Pac-5 elite

    Valley Center > Los Alamitos = San Diego D4 > Pac-5

    Capistrano Valley > Cabrillo = Southwest D4 > Pac-5

    Serra > Notre Dame = Western D4 > Pac-5

    Valencia > Notre Dame = Northern D3 > Pac-5

    In fact, the bottom 11 of the 28 team Pac-5 are a collective 19-31 with many of those losses coming at the hands of lower division teams so isolating a few scores to make some sort of broad statement that the Pac-5 is better than some other Division is not supported by the facts.

    Does the following also make sense to you?

    Chino Hills > Redlands > Orange Lutheran = Sierra League > Inland > Pac-5

    I sure hope not.

    In reality, theres no transitive rule in sports so it is pure silliness to make a global Division comparison based upon a few individual cross-division outcomes. Besides, each game is differentprime example from last year is that Edison smoked Servite in their first encounter but lost the rematch in the Pac-5 finals.

  • Coaching coaching coaching

    Interesting comments on the Wilson quarterback situation. What I saw last night was when #7 was in at quarterback #5 had some very big runs, why? El Monte respected the passing game with #7, which opened up the running game. When #12 was in El Monte had no respect for the passing game sent the house. #12 looked lost over his head out their and this was El Monte. Sorry but last year #7 took beatings way worse than last night (Charter Oak, Rowland, Diamond Rancho, Bonita) and never backed down like #12 did last night. #12s body language walking off the field between plays told the story, fans pick up on that if the coaches dont you have issues. For some reason we kept #12 in the whole second half, and our running game and passing game didnt exist. Those jump balls aren’t going to work against any quality team; they didnt work against El Monte.

    Don’t know if you coaches are watching film or what but Prohoroff was getting killed out their all night. Prohoroff has no foot speed. I you are the COACHES but I would move Prohoroff to tackle and put Serria into that spot, Prohoroff isnt working. That DE was killing our quarterback all night. COACHING made no adjustments during the game why do you wait for Saturday morning for the adjustments? Another coaching over sight, when youre starting center is hurt, why you dont give your backup a few snaps before putting him in, it only cost us 7 points.

    Looks like we might have a chance against Covina Livingston has a bad sprain ankle, very unlikely for our game, sure you know that? If he isnt available next Friday you have been handed a gift, lets see what you can do with it.

    I now understand why Morrison let Williams go. We are now getting workman’s rejects, what should we expect.

    The positive side of this is our defense played well, without them this game would have been a blowout with us on the wrong size.

    I know just a parent……….

  • Aztec36

    Why doesn’t our highlights from LP work?! Fix it!

  • Stop the Charade


    Bishop Amat > Charter Oak

    That’s all that really matters to you isn’t it?

    It burns ur ass doesn’t it?

    That’s why you always jump at the opportunity to belittle BA or the Pac-5 every chance you get.

  • guest

    Amat-Cathedral Broadcast Replay working at It’s under the on-demand section.


    The entire Bishop Amat @ Cathedral game is now available to view at

    The game is in a higher res too!

  • Coaching?

    Do you not see what I am seeing? My cuz plays on this team and I have been to every game. The starting WR’s also start on Defense and if your parent’s get what you (2 parents) want and pass like Hawaii these kids will be out of gas by half time. I understand that you want your kids to have 11rec for 142ys but they are not that type of team. I have seen #7 throw like 1-2 TDs and like 6-7 INTs and I know that they are not all his fault but the fact of the matter is if you double his attempts and those skill players get more tired what will his stats look like 4-5 TDs with 12-14 INTs is that what you want? I know this team hasn’t played up to its potential but for them to win games they will have to run the ball, don’t turn the ball over and throw over the top when they stack the box

  • Amat Pride

    The Rio – Wallace Gonzales combo debut has gotten everyone pretty excited last night. Wallace has all the looks of an absolute stud in that White-blue uniform. As matter of fact he looked like an NFL play maker before he even made one catch. Are looks deceiving?

    Wallace did not disappoint. He caught the balls that were thrown to him, although, many were thrown way over his head as though he was 10 ft tall. The chemistry between QB and the tall wide out will come soon and when that happens it’s gonna be lights out. Between the excellent running game provided by Moore and Shay, the spread passing game will give the opposing defense more fits and complications to contain Amat’s powerful Offense. But I have to say it is pretty exciting to see Rio throw to Gonzales. I’ve never seen so many people standing on their two feet whenever Rio passes to Wallace.

    Cathedral is no slouch they have been averaging over 450 yards per game, but Amat sliced them in half like hot knife to butter. Amat handed Cathedral their 3rd loss in 3 seasons, while playing the likes of Oaks Christian, Serra, Crespi and Harvard Westlake.

    I’ve been watching Amat’s team for over 25 years and this one has all the makings of a great Amat football team. They have all the weapons in a powerful and elusive QB, speedy RB’s, big and fast receivers, massive offensive line and a stout and stingy defense.

    My only concern is that they need to stop making mental mistakes…over 9 penalties last night. Maybe it was the glowing Pink uniforms worn by the Phantoms (in honor of breast cancer victims) Even though it was a blow out, this team needs to learn from those miscues and fix it or else it could a break a team during crunch time!

    Nevertheless….exciting time to be a Lancer!

    Go Big Blue!

  • Slow down

    Amat Pride

    NFL playmaker? Really? What game were you at? How many catches and yards? TD?

    Your a little happy!

  • FBfan

    I just finished watching the first half of BA vs. Cathedral. All I can say is, poor Cathedral. They never knew what hit them. The Cathedral players wore pink for Breast Cancer awareness but I’m sure those teen boys weren’t too thrilled about that color while getting beat that bad. Los Altos transfer Ryan Longoria was completely shut down and got the wind knocked out of him twice. He transferred to the wrong parochial school. Two other Cathedral players were injured before halftime. It was ugly. Pretty boring game if you are not a BA fan.

    Going to watch Crespi vs. Vista Murrieta next!

  • ST G54

    Congrats to Roddy & staff on defeating DBar & to Ganesha for getting their first of hopefully many more league wins.. 56 points in the first half great job!!

    Way to many DBar fans talking even after they got their butts kicked..

  • Prohoroff?? why pick on him

    yes P. got pushed around last night – but this is the same P. who won the ‘Strongest Man’ competition last Feb at the NUC combine and went to the Ultimate 100 combine and held his own against those 280-290 guys – maybe his opponent on the other side is a really good player – dont remember his number but that is a possibility

  • amat

    where can i find last night bishop amat game on what website?

  • BA Game Video


    The quickest way to view Amat games is to hover your mouse over the top portion of the video window at (after the commercial ad ends). A search window will appear. Do a search for “amat” and it should be the first game listed.

    The game is also listed under the “On Demand” section but you’ll have to scroll to the right until you find it.

  • amat

    thanks ba, i found it, GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amat Pride

    Slow Down,

    Take a reading comprehension class, I did not say he was a NFL playmaker, I merely said he looked like one before he made one catch. It’s a perception vs. Reality statement. Read before you post dummy!

  • the truth

    Well many of the experts got this game wrong, by a mile. D Ranch really took it to D Bar. But I will say that I could not believe my eyes when D Bar marched down the field at the start of the second half with Cameron at QB and then on the 5 yard line they switched QB’s. This had to be one of the worst choices at the time that I have seen in high school football. How could the coach take out the guy that just marched you down to the 5 yd line, gained confidence and rhythm, and then take the rug out from under him. Very poor coaching decision. End result no score. They outsmarted themselves. Game could maybe have been different from then on if D Bar scored.
    The stadium was packed, both the D Ranch and D Bar sides and were treated to a thats what high school sports is all about regardless of who won. D bar tuba brigade was to cool. Fans behaved.
    For the player of the game and week, it has to be Chase Price CP the D Ranch tailback and outside linebacker who already has scholarship to San Diego State. He started off the game with a sack on the first play that set the tone. Then he ran for 3 Tds a 4th but refs ruled a fumble out of end zone, carried the ball 21 times for 257 yards. Just a running performance that brought back memories of a D Bar tailback from the glory days, Jason Wright.
    For D Bar #17 George Katrib is an outstanding jr wideout (free safety) who goes into traffic to make catches and makes TD saving tackles. Also, #88 Carter was tough on the wideout screens.

  • Hawk – Livingston updates??

    Anyone heard the xray results last night from Keith Hawk at the ER – and was told that Livingston was hurt as well for Covina – any news??

  • amat

    does anyone know y the ibn videos aren’t working, im trying to watch the amat game and nothing appears any help anyone.

  • Coaching?

    I have no dog in this fight but I have coached football and played college football and would like to share a lil football facts with you.Usually on the O-line you put your smartest o-lineman at center and you put your 2 best 0-line athletes at guards and you put your biggest, stongest, not so agile o-lineman at tackles.Just thought I’d let you know and if you don’t believe me just take a look at the monsters that play tackle in D1 & NFL and there is no way they are playing anything but

  • the truth

    Dear dblover,

    Spin this any way you want to try to keep the future pipeline of kids going to your school and down playing the truths. There is a huge Diamond Bar connection but D Bar high does not want to acknowledge it, at least in football. But watch what happens in hoops, baseball, and the girls sports where D Bar will compete at a high level. I’ll bet the blogs will be filled with smack and thats ok.
    We love DB too , but all of it, we do not forget our friendships from years past at little league, njb, or pop warner, when our kids go to a different high school. But it sounds like you do.

    I do not know many of the D Ranch folks that how did you say it want to be D Bar.
    Nope, nada, no way. Our school is the best kept secret in the area and we like it that way. Our teachers care about our kids and teach to the levels of students and not just the calculus types. You are an older school with tons of tradition, kudos but that is what it is tradition. Last time I looked its players that play not tradition.
    Finally, give me the kids, admin, and teachers with attitude, drive, and the will to compete any day of the week.

    In the end We R DR. not we want to be Db.

    See you in the playoffs.

  • you think you know

    watching the Amat/Cathedral game on Cathedral had a player injured and was pinned inside the 5 on opening kick. Safety on the 3rd play – and it went downhill from there for the Phantoms.

    Amat’s in a whole – other – league

  • backazzwards

    Coaching? – the best and most important lineman is put at LEFT TACKLE. Period. If you look at the top OL prospects and the highest drafted OL in the NFL – all LT’s. Then you work your way down from there. College Recruiters and NFL scouts figure if you take a Left Tackle and he doesn’t work out – move him to the right side. If he can’t handle that – he becomes a pretty good guard.

  • football jones

    Take Off the Wildcat Goggles,

    Ive been to all Wilsons games this year and they are much improved from 2009, however I doubt theyll go marching into the playoffs.

    Wildcats 3 wins are against some very weak teams. Next week will come first real test against a solid Colts team.

    Pass moreRun moreuse only 1 QBuse both QBsetc,etc,

    Im surprised not one of our many football experts has mentioned the Wildcats (2) most glaring weaknesses; Turnovers and personal fouls.

    The Wildcats love turning ball over and generate personal fouls like hotcakes!

    If they dont fix these 2 problems soon, the rest wont matter.

  • football jones


    I’ve always heard Left OT is most important lineman – IE Anthony Munoz.

    He must be able to pull and more importantly he guards blind side for a right handed throwing QB.

    Most QBs are right handed.

  • COSteelCurtain

    Congratulations to Thee Charter Oak Chargers.

    This was a good tune up game. Santa Fe was not nearly as physical or athletic as Esperanza or Rancho Cuc.

    The Defense looks to be getting into a good rhythm and attacked Santa Fe’s offense as we have been expecting from the beginning of the season. The D-line controlled the trenches and the linebackers did their job. The offense sputtered a couple of times, but that is understandable considering the amount of practice time Thropay had with the receivers. The O-line and RBs did a good job of mowing down the Chieftains D-line. The bye week comes at a good time. These next 2 weeks gives us an opportunity to fine tune a few things and get better.

    Sierra here we come!


  • (Whitney) is such an ass. Excuse me, i mean Whitey.

  • what a joke

    I was going to comment on ur Rio assessment but its just not worth it. Quickly though ur so full of it.

  • Brahma Chef

    Dbarlover said:
    DBar people, quit talking to Dranch people about how they haven’t won anything and all of our championships. Dude, this is 2010. Dranch is a better football school than DBar and it isn’t even close. The uniforms, the coaching, the programs and even the pre-game meals are better.

    You can make fun of our uniforms, our coaching, even our programs but don’t ever….. make fun…. of our team meal!!!!!


  • JFR

    The 3 best things that came out of this weekend.

    1- CO won with Band-aids

    2- Cathedral can never come on this blog again!

    3- UCLA won, ugly but WON!

  • Patricki

    @ DBlover,

    You dont have to be a fake poster to make your point !! Its obviouse you ARE a Dranch fan! In as many yrs as ive been attending DB and following the program , we would NEVER trash talk our own team( the team we support win,lose ,or draw) The game is over, done with! Next!!

  • jcaz

    what a joke

    Ok, but which part of my comments did you think were a joke ? Was it the part about me believing that he is the best prep player at his position at this time ?

    Or, was it over my contention that the kid throws hard, but also throws rockets that are 20 feet over his receivers heads, more often than not ?

    Pick your poison dude….

  • Truce

    Wilson bloggers lets call a truce.
    Let these coaches figure it out. Leave it alone, and give them space and peace of mind. Its a huge week going into Covina.

  • Panther Fan

    BA keep an eye on a potential playoff opponent – Santa Margarita 21 Los Alamitos 0 at the half.

  • Cat Fan


    Sorry but I have to agree with Wilson QB Status, we had a great looking team. The old saying it ant broke don’t fix it. Well now its broken.

  • Humpty Dumpty

    Cat Fan, 1-9/0-4? That’s broken.

  • Chino Hills Husky Fan

    WOW! Husky Defense is playing lights out! REV Didn’t have an answer.Our kids were pumped! Can’t wait to start league…should be fun.I see Ayala FINALLY played some competition and got beat. My Prediction for the sierra league race:
    1. Chino Hills
    2. Claremont
    3. Charter Oak
    4. Damien
    5. So. Hills
    6. Ayala

    We’ll see how thin pans out starting in 2 weeks. Good luck to all sierra league teams!

  • BA Blues

    Panther Fan

    Thanks for the heads up. Santa Margarita is no doubt a Trinity power as they used to be not so long ago. The last time Santa Margarita played Bishop Amat was in 2005 and 2006. SM won in 2006 and BA won in 2005. Both were high scoring shootouts.Bishop Amat fans would be absolutely thrilled to face the Eagles again on the playing field.


  • Look at the big picture

    Yes we are 3-1 a similar record to last year and a similar non-league schedule to last year. We haven’t played a quality team yet. The only loss was to DBar(0-10 last year when we scheduled the game) and we saw what DRanch just did to them. I understand why Zavala scheduled these teams, he wanted to build confidence going into league. Last year we blew by the majority of our non-league games (except Shurr) and that was expected this year. What we beat LA by 23 LP 16 and ELM 6. These are some of the weakest teams in the SGV. We should have blown these teams out like last years team did. 15 21 and 42 were the margins of victory in our non-league games last year. The margin of victory was almost 1/2 from last year and this years team is clearly more talented than last years team.

    Now is that coaching or what?

  • Just give it time.


    They are not cowards,and they will talk to you coaches. You are the cowards because you hold it against their kids, and minimize their play time. Instead of calling out fans, get ur offense straight the way it was built to perform, and you wouldnt have any blog issues.

  • New Games Stats to be provided

    It was hoped that after the El Monte embarrassment on Friday, the tone of the coaches at the Wilson Saturday team film meeting would have brought some “we finally see the light” speeches. Unfortunately the opposite was true once again and the players will feel the full penalty for their ‘wicked ways’ this week in practice.

    The following statistical poster will be filled out at all upcoming games and the results will be posted each ‘Saturday Morning Quarterback’ blog for observation and evaluation:




  • Storm

    Jcaz before you annoit him a Heisman Rio is a good solid HS QB and thats it. He is not next level material period. Amat has looked very well in these games overpowering teams without a problem. With the exception of Dominguez the rest are low level competition. When Amat faces pac 5 competition they blitz more, desguise their defense better, this is where you will see a normal Amat team. Their storm is coming. Playing weak non league teams is good for morale but it does come back to knock you out when the teams in league are so much bigger, stronger, and game speed faster them what you prepared yourself with. Loyola beat Upland who Kicked Amats ass in passing league. Alameny is playing the big dog schedule in non league not all games but some. Crespi ventured out to IE and beat a top team out there. Come league Amat may be in for a bit of a surprise unless Rio is truly a Heisman trophy player. The OL of Amat has yet to be tested against the PAC5. What looks good right now 5-0 can crash come league. Dont be surprised, this has happened before.

  • Ro

    everyone just cant be happy about Amat success and always have to talk bad about Rio Ruiz.the fact is he is becoming a great quarterback week after week.this is a way better amat team than last years team who won league,more balanced offense and more weapons.they will be ready for loyola and alemany.


  • River Dance

    Reality…Rio is your nightmare
    Storm…Amat well shine
    What a Joke…U are!!!

    These 3 loser’s do not understand football, don’t understand the position of QB and have an agenda because their son is starting on the bench.Their axe to grind is with the coaches not Rio, but they need someone to blame because there little Johnny is just not good enough to see the field. What they all should be is thankful that Rio is what and who he is that allow’s the 2nd and 3rd string guys to touch the field when Grandpa and Grandma make the game to see little mijo. Lil Johnny’s dad and mom shout out, “look at my boy everybody, he should be the starter, after all he’s a senior”…Well i doesn’t take much to find out who the bitter ones are, the are usually Senior Parents and family who’s kid do not see playing time. Reality is what it is and the best talent plays.

    Jcaz has been around a loooooong time and has seen enough to make a quality assessment. He know’s that Rio is out there calling audibles and changing where the play goes (like B Farve and P Manning) and Amat has been very successful so far. If you watch the game you will see him change plays based on what the defense shows and then you will also see a successful play follow. Hag’s has a very, very special breed of athlete playing QB-who has all the tools to give Amat it’s first Pac 5 Title and he is making sure that he cultivates and nurture’s it to perfection. With every game he allow’s Rio to do more and show more and come league and the Play-off’s he will become the type of QB coaches dream of and the Amat family will go crazy for this kid. But he is just a kid and he is not perfect, really nobody is perfect not even the pro’s. But I will take my chances with Rio as my QB against anyone. Need proof, just look at last years big game’s, Loyola, Alemany, ND, and of course Mater Dei…it was Rio making the big plays, Rio scoring the gaming winning TD’s and Hag’s has all ready stated that they know Rio steps up in big situations and thrives on being in the moment, those are his words. I think Jcaz has a deep thoughtful point there, we have a great Athlete here at Amat and he has helped bring out the mass of fan’s again… Ruiz, Shay, Gener, Juarez, Moore, Orduno, and W. Gonzalez will make up the new breed of legends at Amat, I am gong to sit back and enjoy because this is awesome football. Amat will shine

  • Normal BA Football?


    Thanks for the warning! We Amat fans had NO IDEA that the Serra was going to be tough like it always has been! We forgot that our guys were going to have to step it up and practice really, really hard for league! Whew! We have you to thank for reminding us that the Pac-5 is the toughest divsion in California and that we have been playing in this division for about the past 30 years! Your wisdom will sure lead Hagerty in the right direction!

    Thank you Storm! Thank you for saving Bishop Amat Football!

  • jcaz


    Ordinarily I would agree completely with every point you have made. However, there is one very important thing that has been missing here over the last few years with Amat, and that an offense who could play witht he best of them.

    You know,no no matter who the opponent has been over this last half decade,or so, Amat has always seemingly had some difficulty in putting up points. In fact, as 73 often likes to observe, Amat is a team that will play the run more often than the pass, and will put up just enough points to win out in the end.

    The reason for that ? Because their offense has always never been explosive. The have always seemingly struggled to score.

    It’s funny really, because even Fred once said (hey, that rymes…) that Amat always plays up or down to the level of their competition. They never blow anyone out, but they do manage to somehow win.

    How true that has been… far

    Look, all that I am saying is that this team has finally gelled, and the leader of this offense unit is one special athlete. He seems to be getting it together.

    This is so very important because up to this point Amat has not had an offense that has been able to put up points like this. In fact, I cant even remember the last time Amat put up more than 40 points on consecutive games against an opponent in any of the last 6 years or so, can you ?

    Sure, you can make the argument that the completition is week, but even if you did that, it isn’t as if Amat hasn’t played inferior teams over the last several years, and has never really blown anyone out….have they ?

    I mean, these kids are really kicking some azz out there, and that’s even without a true marque running back like Johnson happens to be.

    BTW, I have stop right now and reemphasize to you that even as much as I love my Lancers, that I may be a honk, but im no homer.

    If Amat sucked, id be the first one to tell you that. In fact, if I recall, right after that first Garfield game, I did !

    To tell you the truth, Amat really did suck and they were luckey they didn’t open up with a quality opponent in the first game.

    Honestly, when Hags came in here and told us that we were going to compete for a Pac 5 title earlier in the year and after witnessing the first few games, I almost shook my head and wondered what in the heck he was smoking anyway.

    The fact is, that i can now see just what he was talking about, and you know what ? Its only going to get better because this team is really going to take us far this year.

    BTW, never mind the defense here because even under coach Verdi, Amat has always had a very formidable defense unit.

    But now what were talking about is an offense that is head and shoulders above what we have seen at Keifer in a very long time. This unit and this young man who leads this offense, has the potential to take Amat well beyond the first few rounds of he Pac 5 playoffs and maybe even to a championship.

  • Dranchhhh

    I really hate when posts begin to take a racial overtone. No one cares about how many Asians are at DB. No one cares about how many black kids and Latinos are at DR. JUST SO THAT YOU DUMB ASSES KNOW, there are more whites And Asians than blacks at DR. WHEN will you guys learn that its not about race? Its about commitment and desire to be the best prepared football team come Friday night. Stop the race blaming.

    At this point all the talk about DR. And DB, can go out of the door. DR NOW has Walnut to worry about. This is not a punk team from what I hear.

  • DOG

    Are you serious? Did someone check the history books? If not they better type it in, “Worst BUTT kicking at home”. LOL. What do you think about Garfield now? If you want your kids to have a better chance at giving Amat a better game and not get embarrassed, you know the place. And yes you wont have to pay for tuition. LOL

  • AHSFBfan

    CH Husky fan,

    Just so it’s clear. Ayala rested it’s starting QB, Caleb Carillo, to heal a minor injury. Instead they started a soph QB in his 1st varsity action at QB. St. Paul scored 3 of their TDs as a result of interceptions and stopped an Ayala drive with another interception in the endzone. The inteceptions led to St Paul drives of 2 yds, 8 yds, and one was returned for TD. Ayala drove twice inside the 20 and settled for a FG, which likely would have been TDs with Caleb playing. Factor all that together. Ayala scores 14 pts. on both FG drives and another one on the drive that resulted in a pick in the end zone. 21 points total. St Paul does not score 3 times on the miniature fields and pick 6. The real picture is that Ayala probably would have beat St. Paul 21-7 or better with Caleb playing. The rookie played respectable and gave a glimpse of the future, while gaining valuable varsity experience.
    While your still on your cloud, I understand REV played terrible, but still stifled your vaunted offense. REV also played sloppy offense and had crucial turn overs that helped you win. I wouldn’t be talking smack quite yet. The Sierra is coming and the truth will be revealed soon enough.

  • sal espinosa

    lol i know its late but been working since the game. pure domination from dr from the get go!!from db players trying to walk on drs sideline-DENIED!! dr had breast cancer awareness going with the wearing and selling of pink t-shirts, passing the can for the cure. db did not perticipate at all. a rumor was they misunderstood and thought it was a can drive and figuired dr would throw cans at them lol. the t-shirts were for sale out front.please, one injuired player would not have made a diff.smack talkin all week from players and parents that drs gehtto lol did you see the db coaches swaggering on and off the field in theyre dickies, purple shirts not tucked in and black hat turned backwards whos gehto????? flatt out out classed and out played. guees who just stole a bunch of players from maybe going to db bas we couldnt unite on the cure, it would have been nice cus it wasnt about the money going to dr it going for the cause.

  • St.Paul 77


    What color is the sky in your world?

  • Panther Fan

    Get rid of that loser attitude. Diamond Ranch will not necessarily always have a better football team. They may not have the better team in any sport. There are always years where a team will be playing good and others where they don’t.
    Don’t start playing the race card as an excuse with the asian population, some of OUR best players are asian. DR has an asian population also but may be a little more diversified with multiple cultures. Sports competition is not a problem having asians, the problem is a coaching problem. As far as not playing two sports, the coaches may discourage it but it is ultimately up to the student and parents to make that decision when it is in their best interest and desires. Also if the coaches are discouraging the students, then these coaches should be dicouraged from working at DBHS. they should not be there period. All students need to be encouraged to reach their full potential in all events academic and physical. Since it is a concern to you and others on this blog who have mentioned this, then you, the other bloggers, parents, and the South DB community should start confronting the Administration about it. It is your school after all. You do have a voice don’t you?
    As far as badmitton is concerned, I don’t remember DR having any team in that sport. There are no Swimming or Water Polo sports at DR or the other Pomona High Schools either (That is a school district policy). DR has had decent Tennis and Golf teams in the past may I add, so the competition could be stiffer than you may think. I see there is no mention of Track and Field, Cross Country, Soft ball, Wrestling, Volley Ball and Basketball. All in all DR will compete at all levels and sports they are involved in, to the best of their capabilities, with a winning attitude no matter the level of competition – win or lose.
    There is no reason for DB to not look at DR as a rival. It’s there now whether DB Admin., Coaches, Parents, and students like it or not. If DB doesn’t like it and wants to hide from competition with DR, then DR will herd the brahmas and take them to slaughter in all the sports, not just football. My advice is to stop being whimmpy – Buck Up and play. The ball has been served it is now in your court.

  • the critic

    still cant get over the fact that cathedral needed a running clock in the first 3minutes of the third quarter to save face lol….phantom fan needs to be on suicide watch for the next 48 hours wow your phantoms suck and for robledo saying that cathedral was going to be amat’s toughest challenge them and or damien should stop with the ridiculous predictions those two teams were amat’s easiest games smh come on robledo step it up …..

  • The guru

    Check this Billy Livingston Broken Foot????
    The game was close billy was knocked out mid 2nd quarter… havent heard of what the xrays said but from what i have heard broken foot….

  • YouWannaWinPutSherimanIn

    It is no way to late to turn things around. League started Sat. morning about 11:00am. Though 12 is a Very valuable asset on both sides of the ball, he has proven that he is not the QB to lead this team to compete. He refused to make reads on Williams options plays. He just gave the ball to 5 and pulled a whodini. On the other Hand 7 is our 401k….. You know you can count on this kid. He will not give up or quit. He makes reads, passes are on the money, reads the defense, and gives this Team its best opportunity to compete. Coaches must see this,but seem to be toooooo stubborn to admit it. Coaches are more concerned with blog entries than they are with admitting that Sheriman is our best QB. If this were not true the coaches would look at blogs and laugh, but instead they get upset at the truth, and challenge fans, Instead of challenging Williams to learn and run the offense that this team has been working on ( spread/pass ) since early this spring. Coaches don’t be stubborn, YouWannaWinPutSherimanIn. You will look like heroes. And everyone wants to be remembered AS A HEROE, not a ZERO. Its better to be late ( with the change ) than to not make it and lose. All this nonsense of players wanting to leave is petty. What they realy want is Zavala to lay down the law and have Williams run – a pass attack that opens up the run for 5. If u dont believe it, go back and watch the diamond bar game n see how Sherimans pass attack opened the run. Thats the best these kids played all year. I know it was a loss but it was a credible team. Zavala, think about how easy it is to replace an insabordinate OC. and then think about how hard it is to replace the talent you can lose. It seems easier to sit down with Williams and teach him the offense that was used all summer, than it would be to replace M.I.A. TALLENT.

  • Patrick

    People the game between DB and DR is OVER!! Period! Both schools have bigger and better things to move on too!

  • Mismatch

    Cathedral just might opt out of next year’s game at Keifer. This might be a reality considering that Rio Ruiz, Jalen Moore, and Zachary Shay are all returning next season. Another thing to consider is # of injuries. I rewatched the Cathedral game and I counted 6 or 7 Cathedral injuries which resulted in stoppage of play. This is an obscene number of injuries for one game and I would not blame them at all for dropping BA next year.

  • Blue Skies Forever


    Guess with the right spin anyone can justify away a loss. Yes, your Bulldogs started a soph at QB. So did SP. SP starts quite a few sophs on both defense and offense and was missing several starters on both sides of the ball.

    So don’t go throw your soph QB under the bus. He did well considering the circumstances but it is a team effort and your team didn’t show up and SP’s did. Where was your line play? #28 was shut down.

    They dominated Ayala in the 3rd quarter and you take away the fumbles and INT’s SP gave up in the 1st half that gave you guys great field position and I think you guys get shut out.

    Personally, I thihnk your team came in resting on its 4-0 start and thought SP would be pushovers. SP wanted it more and it showed.

  • Saw it coming!

    Could you not tell for the past 3 years that the name “Schrieman” was going to be in the middle of some controversy at Wilson that would divide the program. didn’t take a psychic to predict that one

  • Lost Altos …..

    Saw it comimg,

    Dont you guys over at LA wish you had the same controversy. Instead your working on your 0 & 10 season. By the way we are enjoying the wheel. What is your record now 0 & 5 half way their.

  • tcbruin

    Amat’s opponents have not given them a serious challenge to this point.

    Amat controlled to Dominguez game until the final minutes and was able to escape w/a W.

    NO ONE can predict how strong an opponent will be when these games are scheduled.

    RR IS getting better. JM & ZS have been great. Defense has been very good. Adam Sanchez has also been getting better every week. No glaring issues with special teams.

    Overall, high B grade for the entire team.

    Coaching, superb as usual. ALWAYS prepared and able to make adjustments quickly.

    As the season moves forward, the PLAYERS/team have to avoid becoming complacent. The TOUGHEST part of the season is coming. There are NO gimmies in the Serra league.

  • Get it straight

    Sheriman is’nt dividing team, and if you wouldnt stand up for your son after being drug threw the mudd, shame on you. Obviously people agree. Read the blogs.

  • Saw it coming!

    Lost Altos ….. actually, not a LA fan – but a blog reader from a team ranked far, far, far above Wilson. Like I said, I could have called this 2 or 3 years ago – long before he was “dragged though the mudd”

  • Right

    Saw it coming,

    Forgive me but dont believe you.

    Schriemam maybe in the middle but our OC Williams created the controversy.

  • Wilson Falling?

    How far have you guys at wilson fallen over there? Why are some of you parents taking this so personal, from calling out players to coaches. This is high school football and its not about you (parents) its about the kids..Maybe the other qb is better than this kid…maybe not..but is talking about both the kid and the coach on the blog really gonna help? Maybe that kid should work harder? Maybe the coach should call better plays? Who Knows! The point is, that you guys are making the school and the program look silly for the whole SGV to read. You guys were 0-10 last year and now your 3-1. I guess the qb that is in hasn’t lost yet either. So wouldnt you say thats a improvement? All im saying is stop making your program look bad, and just learn to take the cards you guys are dealt. Hang tough maybe your boy will come through and win back the spot or maybe the new kids holds on either way. Remember its about the team, and not the parents! Someone earlier said if it aint broke why fix it..well 3-0 with the new qb sounds like it aint broke! Wouldnt you agree?

  • Wilson Falling?

    How far have you guys at wilson fallen over there? Why are some of you parents taking this so personal, from calling out players to coaches. This is high school football and its not about you (parents) its about the kids..Maybe the other qb is better than this kid…maybe not..but is talking about both the kid and the coach on the blog really gonna help? Maybe that kid should work harder? Maybe the coach should call better plays? Who Knows! The point is, that you guys are making the school and the program look silly for the whole SGV to read. You guys were 0-10 last year and now your 3-1. I guess the qb that is in hasn’t lost yet either. So wouldnt you say thats a improvement? All im saying is stop making your program look bad, and just learn to take the cards you guys are dealt. Hang tough maybe your boy will come through and win back the spot or maybe the new kids holds on either way. Remember its about the team, and not the parents! Someone earlier said if it aint broke why fix it..well 3-0 with the new qb sounds like it aint broke! Wouldnt you agree?

  • Wilson Falling?

    How far have you guys at wilson fallen over there? Why are some of you parents taking this so personal, from calling out players to coaches. This is high school football and its not about you (parents) its about the kids..Maybe the other qb is better than this kid…maybe not..but is talking about both the kid and the coach on the blog really gonna help? Maybe that kid should work harder? Maybe the coach should call better plays? Who Knows! The point is, that you guys are making the school and the program look silly for the whole SGV to read. You guys were 0-10 last year and now your 3-1. I guess the qb that is in hasn’t lost yet either. So wouldnt you say thats a improvement? All im saying is stop making your program look bad, and just learn to take the cards you guys are dealt. Hang tough maybe your boy will come through and win back the spot or maybe the new kids holds on either way. Remember its about the team, and not the parents! Someone earlier said if it aint broke why fix it..well 3-0 with the new qb sounds like it aint broke! Wouldnt you agree?

  • Dear Wilson Falling:

    OK good advice for the most part, but don’t think this is just a QB controversy because that is only one fractional part of the situation, this not just a Schreiman thing by a long shot //

    the coaches have made it very clear they are not interested in parent or player advice – and key players and parents are tired of ‘This is the way it is going to be so get used to it’ – I will refrain from what some of the players actually say – (cant wait to read your ‘they are subordinate and rebellious’ comments)

    all last week the OC said that his run option and gameplan was unstoppable – especialy from El Monte – that was his words – and El Monte (national team #11,000+) did indeed stuff that offense with many many many plays for a loss, it made last Friday really look like the Hoyd era of 2 years ago// and that is our main concern – we were there 2 years ago and dont want to return to 0-10 by total massacre

    my son and I have now watched the game video three times and it gets more upsetting each time – WE REALLY BELIEVE THAT THE COACHES ARE NOT WATCHING THE SAME TAPES THAT WE SEE

    from 8 minutes to go in the 2nd QTR to the end of the game – that was the worst 2 1/2 quarters in two years – and I have every tape for the past 3 1/2 years

    once again the chief concern for most parents/players – WE ARE NOT GOINT TO BEAT SD, BP, COVINA, POMONA, NV, NOGALES DOING WHAT WE DID AGAINST EM – we are on the blogs because this is the only way to try to get them to see that – these coaches seem to have no accountability – but at least on these blogs we will try

    – and if they make changes that elevates the game, makes the team better, let the key players do what they do best, put those key players in the right positions and plays – then we will speak highly of our coaches – but if there is the usual ‘we’ll ignore you again anyway’ – we will be back on this blog next week in a negative fashion


  • smallcity

    Rio Ruiz returning next year is not a given. He’s already made that clear.

    I don’t think a lot of folks understand the leadership factor involved in being a good/great QB. This is the X factor and in my opinion Rio has it.

    The amount of injuries sustained by Amat’s opponents thus far is cause for concern. If I am correct, you’ve had multiple kids carted off the field in every game. Could it be that the potential take at the gate is blinding some of these schools? Just a thought.

  • Wilson

    First off let me correct you, we started off 3-1 last year also. The only difference is last years were by much larger margins of victory. We just played El Monte beat them 26-20, Covina played them and beat them 31-0.

    The quarterback situation is bigger than just the qb. We practiced the passing game all spring and summer. Two weeks before the season starts our OC, Williams decides he wants to run the triple option instead of passing and switches qb’s on us. His position is no one can stop the triple option. Well guess what LP and El Monte just stopped it. Wounder what Covina a run defense will do against his option.

    Where it gets personal is during the El Monte game our OC had our running qb throw the ball 20 times, trust me he isn’t a passing qb, so what was our OC trying to prove. It almost cost us the game.

    Why do the parents go to the blog and not to the coaches?

    Parents have waste of time coaches ego’s.

  • Raul

    Poor Cathederal, they sufferred many injuries and got beat bad by all of amat’s teams. Not one game was close, they were out scored 109-14, and the points they scored were their first string against amats2nd and 3rd strings. During the jv game some of their fans sat on amats side, and said after the game, varsity would be a different story, it was, it was twice as bad.
    I hope they have a by next week, as they had many players injured on their varsity and jv. I wish them the best, but next time they should really watch what they say, before playing a team of Amats caliber. They are not ready to play at that level. When you play a team like amat be respecfull, like muir and dominguez . They came out and played hard but were not arrogant braggers, a week before game time.

  • Amat Dude

    It is not how bad Amat’s opponents are, it’s how good this Amat team is even with all the penalties made by the Lancers. The Cathedral game could have easily been 70-0 as the Damien game was had the first team been kept in. The second and third team scored 2TD’s on Cathedral’s first team.

    I watched the Loyola-Upland game and Amat has all the weapons to beat both teams hands down. Passing league and scrimmage does not mean squat Upland!

    This is the most explosive Amat team I have seen in years…and the defense is better than last year…trust me!

  • Amat or Venice?.

    Predictions for amat vs. Venice?????.

  • Record Keeper

    ZERO Football championships at DRANCH! You choke out in the end. You will never wave that flag. Your people don’t have the goods. Nice win. But it doesn’t make up for NOT BEING ABLE TO REPLICATE WHAT DBHS HAS DONE. EVER.

  • Slow Down

    Amat Pride

    Perception is not reality! Get a clue and take a class in understanding HS football vs. the next levels.

    Looks don’t produce results now do they?

    What a moron!

  • just curious??

    according to max preps…
    Schrieman…db:9/17 for 135, 1td 3int…lp:2/5 for 22 0td 2int
    total: 11/22 for 157 1td 5int qb rating= 49

    Morales…la: 12/14 for 329 3td 1int…lp: 4/7 for 29 1td 0int
    total: 16/21 for 358 4td 1int qb rating= 137, also has 22car for 154 3td

    I am trying to figure out where this Schrieman kid is playing like Peyton Manning and Morales has no business playing varsity qb…Am I the only one that is confused?

  • George’s answers

    just curious??

    Morales’ stats are deceiving, because he loaded up at LA’s expense, currently one of the worst teams in the SGV. All Morales’ passing yards against LA were from high-arch, deep floaters. No timing patterns, or passes that required much arm strength, or coverage reading.

    Schrieman has been told by the Wilson coaching staff that of his five interceptions, he was at fault zero times. Two balls were tipped by Wilson WR #4, one was tipped by Wilson WR #15, and Wilson WR #3 broke off his pattern on one interception, and stopped running his route on another.

    I have no interest in who plays QB at Wilson, but with Morales playing, the defense can put 8 on the line, because the pass threat is not there. With Schrieman at QB, and #5 (Vega) at RB the defense will have to take a more balanced position, which will open up both the pass, and run.

    (not M.S.)

  • Witness- Amat moves up to #10

    Football: This week’s top 25 rankings
    October 3, 2010 | 11:16 am

    Santa Margarita, Encino Crespi and Santa Ana Mater Dei move into the top 25 this week by The Times. All moved in based of impressive victories against strong opponents. Santa Margarita knocked off Los Alamitos, Crespi beat Vista Murrieta and Mater Dei defeated Huntington Beach Edison.

    The top 25:

    1. Mission Viejo (5-0)

    2. Westlake (4-0)

    3. Servite (5-0)

    4. Corona Centennial (4-0)

    5. Lakewood (5-0)

    6. Gardena Serra (5-0)

    7. Norco (4-0)

    8. Alemany (5-0)

    9. St. Bonaventure (3-1)

    10. Bishop Amat (5-0)

    11. Crenshaw (3-2)

    12. Oaks Christian (2-2)

    13. Valencia (4-0)

    14. Vista Murrieta (3-1)

    15. Dorsey (4-0)

    16. Long Beach Poly (3-2)

    17. Thousand Oaks (3-1)

    18. St. John Bosco (4-1)

    19. Santa Margarita (4-1)

    20. San Clemente (5-1)

    21. Tesoro (4-1)

    22. Dominguez (4-1)

    23. Crespi (4-1)

    24. Mater Dei (2-2)

    25. Newport Harbor (3-1)

  • Panther Fan

    Record Keeper,
    Just think about it for a while. As much as it agravates and eats away at you from inside, with all that DBHS football history, there still remains the FACT that there are ZERO, NADA, ZILCH DBHS Football wins against DRHS.

    There could have been if DBHS would have scheduled playing time against DRHS over the last 10 years.

    If DRHS was to have replicated what DBHS has done then people would say DRHS is trying to be DBHS. Excuse me – that is what people are saying now. DRHS in time will do better than DBHS, and they are on track for doing it now.

    Oh, by the way how many Movies is DBHS in?
    How many commercials is DBHS in?

    The most important FACT that remains is DBHS has not been able to beat DRHS in Football – EVER. So put that in your records.
    Play it again SAM.

  • You can’t get over it

    And you never will,

    DRHS has been around for 12 years. They have nothing to show at the end of this time period to show for there “so called success”. In those same 12 years DBHS had 2 Championships and 4 Finals appearances. Baseball, Softball, volleyball, Girls Track were all kicking butt and hanging CIF banners too.

    What do you have in the same opening 12 years? Brahma football has two 27 game winning streaks to add to their history.

    You have a history of FAILING.

    41-0, you decidely won the game.

    But one game does not erase your history of falling short compared to the road already paved at DBHS.

    Facts my friend. Just the facts. Why don’t we ask our CO bloggers out there why you choke?

  • Panther Fan

    You can’t get over it and you never will,

    As much as it agravates and eats away at you from inside, with all that DBHS football history, there still remains the FACT that there are ZERO, NADA, ZILCH DBHS Football wins against DRHS.

    I haven’t disputed your past glories.

    The ONLY FACT that MATTERS is the present.

    You can’t get over it And you never will.

  • hmmmmm

    Ask Fred and Aram why DR chokes in the finale? Or are they outcoached? Possibly simply outmanned? WHY CANT DR DUPLICATE THE SUCCESS OF DB IN THE SAME TIME FRAME? Just answer the question deflector.

  • Chino Hills Husky Fan

    “I understand REV played terrible, but still stifled your vaunted offense”….LOL. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself. Is that why coach Bruich from REV said they had no answer to our 3-3 stack defense. REV has a very good defense they have allowed only 35 points in 4 games. We scored 14. Unlike Ayala, we have actually played some good competition. I am not smack talking…just stating facts. We have had a tough pre league schedule and went 4-1. 3 of those games were playoff type games. Ayala’s 5 pre league opponents have a combined record of 4-16. The team Ayala lost to, St.Paul, is 4-1…they lost to Norwlk. Norwalk lost to Mayfair, who We beat handily…Just sayin’. We beat Tesoro who is a pac 5 team ranked in the top 25 in So cal. We beat REV who was ranked 4th in the inland Division, we did lose to Santiago in a horrible game…they lost to #1 ranked Vista Murrietta in the last 16 seconds and just beat Roosevelt. We beat Mayfair who will win their league and be a force in their division. Our only weak opponent was Pomona who was 3-0 when we played them. Care to discuss your schedule???

  • Amat tested

    I see Amat dropped a spot on max preps state ranking. They went from 17 to 18 yet they remain undefeated. How could that be? Well, maybe scheduling 2nd tier teams has left them as the “Boise State” team this year. The powers that be see St. John Bosco and the teams they play as the real players in this thing. They’ll blow out Venice and will get owned by Stenhouse at Crespi who had 5 TD passes last game.

  • Storm Coming

    Santa Margarita, Encino Crespi and Santa Ana Mater Dei move into the top 25 this week by The Times. All moved in based of impressive victories against strong opponents. Santa Margarita knocked off Los Alamitos, Crespi beat Vista Murrieta and Mater Dei defeated Huntington Beach Edison.

    And Amat moved to #10 by beating Cathedral and the week before Damien. Enough said!

  • anonymous

    Sure Amat’s Offense is doing well, starting to gel and putting up points BUT…..If they score 42 and give up 43, they LOSE. How about that defense!!! Amat’s defense will have a lot to do with their success or failure come league play! Alot has been said about the Offense thus far but, C’mon, that defense looks pretty dang solid!Go, Amat, Go Big Blue!!!

  • Stats

    7, 135 yards vs a credible team DB. 12, 358 yards vs two horrible teams. Be real with your stats determining who fits in better at wilson. LP n LA were the 12 show, and u seen how that turned out against EM. He couldn’t give the ball to 5 fast enough. He refused to make his reads, just hope OC noticed. Against DB it was the WW ( wilson wildcat ) show. Passing opened up the run and vise versa. 7, earned 135 quality yards. And Zavala’s defense has excelled tremendously since. We will see when DB and LA match up. That’s Gonna be the pounding we would have done with 7.

  • reply to wilson

    I have seen film on Wilson this year and can definitely see why Zavala has gone to Morales. And I saw it coming the meltdown of Mr. S. He did it over at LA and it was bound to happen over at Wilson. Yes, Wilson smacked LA but it was because of the play of Morales.

  • COChargerfan

    Question…how is it that Chino Hills beats the #21 ranked team Tesoro and follows it up with a good win over REV but still doesn’t get put into the Times’ top 25? And even though they beat Mater Dei in their house, Carson, whose losses are to #19 Santa Margarita and #1 Mission Viejo isnt ranked, but MD is? Just shows how biased Sondheimer and his cronies are to certain leagues and teams.

  • Chino Hills Husky Fan

    That loss to Santiago hurt us. We were ranked in the top 25 and Santiago had just lost to Dana Hills. The thing is…that Santiago team we lost to is good. We played like crap and should have beaten them…but they are solid. The lost to the #1 ranked Vista Murrieta in the las 16 seconds. I think the will be the 3rd place team in the big 8….if they catch a break, they could beat Norco. Rankings are so subjective, especially in high school.

  • Amat Pride

    Slow down,

    If you slow down any further, you will be going backwards dumbazz. Do your self a favor, stay off the blogs and stay in school.

  • words haunting you

    COChargerfan – because, as we’re reminded ad nauseum, there is no transitive property in sports

  • AHSfbfan

    What’s this CH Husky:
    Can’t wait to start league…should be fun.I see Ayala FINALLY played some competition and got beat. My Prediction for the sierra league race:
    1. Chino Hills
    2. Claremont
    3. Charter Oak
    4. Damien
    5. So. Hills
    6. Ayala

    You started this. I simply will not let your BS stand uncontested. I noticed FINALLY was capitalized. Your post looked to me like you were talking smack. That’s my opinion; you have yours. We have conceded that our pre-league schedule was weak. Once again, we are obligated by contracts to play some games. We filled our vacancies with St. Paul and Colony, not exactly push overs.

    Colored skies guy: You made a valid point about everyone losing players to injuries. I think everyone will agree though that playing without your QB is a bit different than losing players from other positions. (Look at the Chicago Bears last Night after losing Cutler.) If our soph QB had been taking reps as a starter all spring summer and pre-season like yours, I would not suggest that was the difference in our performance, but it was . I was not throwing him under a bus. He played as well as could be expected under the circumstances. I was not trying to make any excuses either. St Paul played well enough to win; we played bad enough to lose. My original post was intended to rebuke CH Husky’s assumption that our having a bad game was because we finally played a quality opponent. It wasn’t! The score was not indicative of the game. 7-6 at the half. Three St. Paul picks leading to easy TD’s and one pick in the endzone to stall a drive in a 28-6 game = We played better than the score indicates.

  • Insider

    Reply to …

    you are a true idiot , clueless moran. Watch second half of EM game. Problem is Mr. W not Mr. S.

  • AMAT 73

    Some very interesting posts on AMAT . I do agree with Storm in the fact that yes league is coming and we will face far better talent then we have faced so far. But that is where my agreement ends. Jcaz we really didn’t suck for the Garfield game . Timing was off and a few mustakes but sucks is kind of hard for a offense that was and still is a work in process and in it’s first game .Remember the whole backfield is new this year along, with the receivers. Without a doubt Rio is going to be a very good QB but it is still on the job training and I am not sure you can tag him one of best out there just yet. Time will tell and so will league . Our defense on the other had shut out Garfield and has held our opponents in check to say the least. The offense is rolling along nicely and Rio is learning every week on handling a game plan and reading defenses. If you notice even though we are putting up un AMAT like scores 42 , 53 the numbers for the running backs have not diminished . We still pound the ball which is and always be our bread and butter so far. Due to our defense and special teams we get the ball in a shorter field now and much more often due to 3 and outs by the defense and that is one thing we must continue to do going into league.When you get the ball that many times you tend to wear out the opponent as the game goes on . We also have depth on our side , and a comment was made on how many of the Cathedral players were going both ways. One thing is the teams in league will be seeing a threat thru the air in AMAT that we haven’t shown in years so they too will have some big adjustments to face when playing us . It is not a one way street where only AMAT has to worry about them , they have plenty to worry about us also.
    AMAT tested,
    We will talk before that Crespi game because it too soon now to think about them . Surprised you are putting your chips on them instead of Alemany who seem to be the Serra favorite at the moment.

  • Chino Hills Husky Fan

    What part of that was smack talk…it was the truth. Ayala has played a weak schedule…they FINALLY played someone decent, not good……and they lost. How is that smack talk? sorry if it hit to close to home… We were without our best player…the #2 prospect in the inland empire …. the 2nd half and we still managed to survive, not some unknown QB….blame is cheap….St. Paul also had turnovers that helped AHS out, but you guys just couldn’t do anything with it.

    You -> “Once again, we are obligated by contracts to play some games” yeah, like Alta Loma and Los Altos whose contracts you just renewed…give it a break and start playing some real competition like everyone else in the sierra league.

  • COChargerfan

    Looks like someone needs a refresher course on the transitive property. It goes like this: Team A beat Team B and Team C lost to Team B, therefore, Team A will beat Team C. But, since Team A and Team C have NEVER played each other, this is pure speculation. On the other hand, we KNOW that Chino Hills beat Tesoro so this is NOT some transitive speculation but, instead, is HISTORY. Get it?

    Chino Hills deserves to be ranked.

  • Schreiman

    All Wilson parent’s please stop posting negative comments on the blog. It’s tuff I understand trust me on that one. We need to support our team, we have a very big game this week. Please ignore the LA bloggers comments they are just a little upset since we have the WHEEL.

  • Big Picture

    However – the Chino Hills loss to Sanatiago is also HISTORY. Then Santiago lost to Dana Hills and they lost to Edison – who Mater Dei beat – and also lost to —Schurr? People ITK also realize that the Tesoro win is not all that great at the core. Outside of a rivalry win (which you can always throw out the window) Tesoros wins are against an awful South Hills team, a West Adams team that was within a score of Cathedral and… Valley Christian? Really? Maybe worthy of a bottom tier ranking – but not a signature win for someone else to vault into the poll. People ITK (Like Sondeimer) also realize that Mater Dei was playing without Blackwell – who is one of the best receivers in the nation – in the Carson and Centennial games along with another key RB. The Mater Dei team on the field vs Edison and San Clemente (who is otherwise undefeated and beat Newport Harbor – and they best Loyola who handled Upland – and they eliminated Chino Hills last playoffs) is not the same MD team that played Carson. Do that equation.

  • Anonymous

    Schreimen said:

    Wow that’s pretty desperate, posing as the ring leader himself. There’s no way he would post that. I have to admit it have me a good chuckle. But for arguments sake, I wont blog anything negative.I’ll focus on the positive. The kids are great fans are supportive and the coaching staff’s really putting it together. But Schreimen posting a truce comment, I dont think so. Watch him he’s up to something.

  • Amat Dude

    The most underrated player on Amat’s Defense is Aaron Bowens #2. This kid is in every tackle and yet no one ever mentions his name. Also this new kid CB Ajee Montes #4 Jr is good, where did he come from? Didn’t see him on last year’s lower level roster. I noticed we had 3 sophomores starting in the secondary, Alcantara, DJ Daniels and Blue. Gener is a monster and Andrew Varela #43 SH transfer is coming along just fine. Venice is beat up, their starting RB may not even play. There will be another blow out in the making this week at Kiefer. First test will be Crespi.

  • COChargerfan

    Big Pictureyou just went transitive on meplease remember the rules. And how does Schurr fit into the picture?

    It is much simpler than youre convoluted logicstarting with CHHS beat Tesoro head to headbooyaa. And CHHS is 4-1 with their lone loss being to Santiago who is 2-2 and came within 16 seconds of beating #14 ranked Vista Murrieta so Santiago is not some crappy team. And CHHS has a second quality win against REV.

    Tesoro is also 4-1 with their lone loss being to Chino Hills and their wins are against nobody, thats NOBODY in capitals.

    So youre going to penalize Chino Hills for losing to Santiago and at the same time reward Tesoro for playing a giant-sized cupcake schedule? Doesnt that go against the very soul and being of all the Pac-5 disciples? Isnt this why the elite Pac-5 teams continue their high rankings even when they beat each otherbecause all losses arent equal?

    Thats why Im saying that if youre going to rank Tesoro than you MUST also rank CHHSif you dont, then thats the biased part of the picture.

    And sorry, you cant factor injuries into RANKINGSonly wins and losses count as remember were talking about the very best teams. Besides, you dont think every team has injuries? Whats next, every half-way decent team arguing that wed be ranked if our QB, RB, Tackle, LB and Safety were healthy? Big can of worms, very big can.

  • Wilson

    Anonymous aka Loss Altos Parent,

    I thought you took a good enough beating two fridays ago, and now you are coming back for seconds.

    Question that monday after our game did you have enough players to practice. I mean do the math, you dressed around 45 players, ten were freshmen, 15 didnt show up to the monday practice that leaves 20 players at practice. Didnt even factor in the injuried players.

    The talk around Wilson was your school administration was crying to school police about Scheriman’s hat during the game. Somehow school poice couldn’t locate him. I guess they didnt check the 50 yard line top roll.

    For the record Longoria and Garcia both were cleared by CIF to play. Man your administration wasted a lot of time and money trying to stop these kids from playing football. With all the budget cuts?

    Well lets see how many freshman you loss this year.

  • Hear we go…

    Wilson…we don’t need Los Altos fans to post anything about our program, they have their own problems to worry about. Reading everything about Friday’s game, which we won, goes to show that Mr. Schreimen is the one leading this mess! We finally have a good quaterback in #12 and he just can’t deal with it!

  • Whoa
    You Los Altos and Wilson fans are starting to sound like Bonita softball fans.


    All i have to say is “Watch Out” Amat will start punishing its oppents with a TRIPLE THREAT offense! (1) They have Ruiz at QB who can run with the ball and has deceptive speed, not to mention A rocket of an arm with a high completion accuracy percentage. (2) They have Moore at RB who is getting better each game & if im not mistaken is leading the SGV in scoring. (3) And last but not least…Wallace Gonzalez 6″5 WR.. who is going to open up the defense of opposing teams..They will no longer be able to put 8 up on the box and play the run..And if they do look for the other Amat standouts to make a play (Shay or Booth)Too many Weapons!! So good luck to Amat opponents who are averaging only 8 points a game against them!!~


    All i have to say is “Watch Out” Amat will start punishing its oppents with a TRIPLE THREAT offense! (1) They have Ruiz at QB who can run with the ball and has deceptive speed, not to mention A rocket of an arm with a high completion accuracy percentage. (2) They have Moore at RB who is getting better each game & if im not mistaken is leading the SGV in scoring. (3) And last but not least…Wallace Gonzalez 6″5 WR.. who is going to open up the defense of opposing teams..They will no longer be able to put 8 up on the box and play the run..And if they do look for the other Amat standouts to make a play (Shay or Booth)Too many Weapons!! So good luck to Amat opponents who are averaging only 8 points against them!!~

  • Los Altos Fan

    Wilsons awfully quiet. Good to see you cry babies stop whining. It sounds like you’re doing alot better than us. The news is you still won’t succeed in league.

  • Ha Ha

    Loss Altos Fan,

    No the news is one of your top players transferred out of Loss Altos yesterday. Rumor is the commemts your head coach made to this player may cost him his job. Now that is news.

    O this player is your best running back and your starting corner Geo Martinez.

  • LA Loyal

    Ha Ha,
    It’s sad to see people feed off others’ trials and tribulations. You are our rival, yet we share the same city.

    You would think we would support each other (either publicly or privately)if and when someone made it to playoffs or better yet to the championships. However, we parents have forgotten what high school football should be about. When our kids were playing JAA or Pop Warner, we supported our kids no matter what. They had fun playing against other cities. Then they get to high school and suddenly it HAS to be an “Us” against “Them” mentality. Forget about all of the years our kids shared together. Now they are in the junior NFL. Because everyone’s kid is going to make it to the NFL. So parents start changing schools. And viola! We are now against each other. Sad!

    However, if you feel the need to get a kick out of our problems, just as some LA parents probably get a kick out of your problems, you have publicly displayed on this blog, then more power to ALL of you.

    I just want to watch my kid and his friends play football and maybe somewhere along the line, learn something about life through playing the game. I really do wish your team the best in your league. Hopefully your coaches get it together as ours. The kids deserve it. Play hard, be safe, and have fun.

    Loyal Los Altos Conqueror

  • SGV

    LoyalLos Altos Conqueror

    Good point and very true. just like you say its for our kids, I agree. In reality people leave because thats what their kids want, due to the horrible surroundings of a once great program.

  • well said

    LA Loyal,

    this is the first time I’ve ever agreed with something an LA fan said. I agree it should be about the kids but people bring it upon themselves as if theyre still the ones playing and put the other school down, i as well wish Los Altos the best of luck they are going to need it. As for my sons team lets beat covina this week boys!

    Go Wildcats!!!

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