Plaschke blames schools and CIF for not taking care of the kids during Monday’s heat wave

Players don’t understand enough to say anything. Parents are too afraid to say anything. And, despite legislating everything from practice time to concussions, the CIF refuses to do anything.

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  • COChargerfan

    It’s about common sense, which too many coaches are dearly lacking…same kind of thinking that some coaches use to deprive kids of water…they rationalize that this somehow makes them tougher. Practicing on a hot day isn’t the problem and, instead, it is how hard a team practices. Full pads with contact and a lot of running type drills are contrary to common sense, while walk throughs and half-speed drills certainly aren’t out of line.

    And it’s not just limited to football, on Monday the varsity basketball coach had the kids running the football stadium stairs…asinine, totally asinine…especially considering that this is something that they pretty much never do…so why would he do this in 113 degree weather? To punish them or make them tougher, exactly why? I think some of these coaches need full psychological workups.

  • unfortunately

    I’m afraid this might be only your first time with your head coach doing something “questionable”

  • Colt74

    Thanks for the link Fred.

  • TeachDGame

    Read this article few hours ago… wow… I know Damien’s frosh had not had a full pad practice since a week ago Tuesday…. Sat morning half pads… Monday half pads IN THE AIR CONDITIONED OLD GYM… Tuesday & Wed half pads again. Performance in yesterday’s game definitely showed the lack of tackling practice and key live work, but after reading this article, had to self reflect and know deep down inside that was the right decision…. it amazes me how sometimes Football coaches take in this mentality you don’t see in other sports. Thought it was interesting that the Head Coach made comments fully supporting his frosh coach. Now, I don’t expect him to throw that frosh coach under the bus, but if I was a parent out there, I would have much preferred a comment like “we are going to review our policies and evaluate how we do things”….. again, Football is a different sport full of emotion / intensity / aggression… blah blah blah, but sometimes these coaches seem to have checked their brains into their locker when they grab that whistle….

  • TeachDGame

    OK, forgot another point, why does everyone look to CIF to regulate everything…. practice conditions, etc should NOT be regulated by the CIF office. Those guy’s have trouble with what they have. This is definitely the responsibility of the School Administration, AD and the coaches…. in reverse order. Coaches should be smart enough to understand what is going on. Seems to me that in every single “coaching periodical” the last couple of years there are constant articles and discussions about the affect of “heat” and “dehydration” on athletes with all the high profile cases in the NFL and College the last few years… these coaches should have a refresher session on these topics each year before the season starts in August… I also thought the comments about living in a hot climate and “we always have these conditions” really showed the coaches STUPIDITY ON THE SUBJECT MATTER…. if you always have something, one would think you would be better educated on teh subject matter and learn how to handle it better..

    By the way, where was the schools Training Staff ?? I know we have trainers onsite at every single practice, something goes down, there are there in minutes to assess and be impartial…

  • reality

    CO fan, C’mon now. Heck my next door neighbor, my co-workers,the idiot driving behind me!!!,they’re all nuts,lets evaluate everybody.How about the parent reading the weather report and asking your kid and your coach what the plans are for practicing in 100+heat. If you don’t like the answer take charge and keep him home. This aint life and death its H.S. football and if you think shrinks are the answer just check out their suicide rates. COMMON SENSE

  • COChargerfan

    reality…apparently you don’t understand that the word “some” isn’t the same as “all.” And also that “coaches” are a limited group of people that doesn’t include everyone on your block, every fellow commuter, etc. But when big brother starts testing, it appears that they should probably start with YOU.

    And apparently you never played sports or had any kids that did so or otherwise you’d understand that refusing to practice is a one way ticket to the bench or worse, the stands.

    But you got one thing right, high school sports isn’t life or death…which is why COMMON SENSE dictates that you don’t practice like maniacs when it’s 113 degrees. The question is why you failed to see the connection.

  • EvanLeigh

    I guess Palm Springs, Mojave, Death Valley Academy and all of the dozens of other schools in those areas have no common sense than since they routinely practice in those temps.

  • Delmar Tupper

    I dont know, but that Knoxville power cleaning company is all over the place in this town.