Sunday Tribbin: Too good not to share

Anything and anyone you want to talk about: Roddy Layton conveniently didn’t return phone calls last week, probably not wanting to hype the Panthers-Brahmas game any more than he already had. But he was in fully Roddy mode after Friday’s win, along with other quotables from the weekend.

“We’ve got their posters that they put up around campus that says, ‘Rivalry Week: Diamond Bar vs. Diamond Ranch.’ Diamond Bar High is our rivalry and they know that we’re their rival.” Diamond Ranch coach Roddy Layton after 41-0 win over Diamond Bar.

When asked why he felt Diamond Bar was averse to playing his team for so long, Layton simply turned and looked at the scoreboard, which was now dark but once read 41-0.”Aram Tolegian in Saturday’s column.

“It’s not rocket science. If you hold on to the ball and create turnovers, you will win the football game.”Ganesha coach David Fleming after 69-14 win over Bassett.

“League is a whole new season. We still have a lot of work to do but I’m proud of our kids. They deserved this win.”Baldwin Park coach James Heggins after 33-7 win over Pomona, the Braves first after 0-4 start in VVL opener.

“I hope they don’t think we were trying to run it up. We’ve got a (heck) of a ballgame coming up next week against West Covina and we needed to get some work.” Rowland coach Craig Snyder following the Raiders’ 44-6 win over Los Altos.

“We wanted to come out and make a statement. The kids needed to know that they could compete and win at this level against the best. I thought we took it to them and played physically.” Chino Hills coach Derek Bub after 14-3 win over Redlands East Valley.

“(Wide Receiver) Andrew Aguirre, with his speed, was the different tonight with some big plays. But we have to get a lot better on offense or else it’s going to be a long road for us, no question about it.” Damien coach Greg Gano following 27-7 win over El Dorado.

“We play Bye High School, and we usually beat them.”Bonita coach Eric Podley in response to Aram’s question of “Who do you guys have this week?”

“Who is going to score more points tonight, Diamond Ranch or Bishop Amat? Panthers just took a 41-40 lead. Now I know why they went for two.”Commenter Chaleko on Coveritlive with Mike trying to make sense of Friday’s blowouts during the live Q@A.

This week’s games
South Hills at Los Osos, 7 p.m.
Bonita at Diamond Bar, 7 p.m.
Diamond Ranch at Walnut, 7 p.m.
West Covina at Rowland, 7 p.m.
Bassett at Duarte, 7 p.m.
Sierra Vista vs. Azusa at Citrus College, 7 p.m.
Workman at La Puente, 7 p.m.
Baldwin Park at San Dimas, 7 p.m.
Covina vs. Wilson at Covina District Stadium, 7 p.m.
Northview at Pomona, 7 p.m.
Bell Gardens at South El Monte, 7 p.m.
Chino at El Monte, 7 p.m.
JSerra at Damien, 7 p.m.
La Canada at Arroyo, 7 p.m.
Rosemead at Temple City, 7 p.m.
Venice at Bishop Amat, 7:30 p.m.
Gladstone at Ganesha, 7 p.m.
Mountain View vs. Bellarmine-Jefferson at Burroughs, 7 p.m.

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  • whitey

    Serra league, Crespi 2 hour busride to Murrietta and then opens up a big can of whup a** on unbeaten and top ranked Vista Murrietta, “lowly” 1-3 Cubs of Loyola smack #5 ranked Upland, Amat and Alemany remain unbeaten, the 16 team field in the Pac 5 playoff bracket has to be by far the toughest playoff Division in the country,

  • Whitney-
    You the man.
    You know all.
    Your never wrong.
    If you don’t believe me.
    Just ask you.

  • Panther Fan

    This week’s games.
    Gladstone at Ganesha, (Ganesha)
    Bonita at Diamond Bar, (Bonita)
    Diamond Ranch at Walnut, (Diamond Ranch)
    West Covina at Rowland, (West Covina)
    Bassett at Duarte, (Bassett)
    Sierra Vista vs. Azusa (Azusa)
    Workman at La Puente, (La Puente)
    Baldwin Park at San Dimas, (San Dimas)
    Covina vs. Wilson (Covina)
    Northview at Pomona, (Pomona)
    Bell Gardens at South El Monte, (Bell Gardens)
    Chino at El Monte, (Chino)
    JSerra at Damien, 7 p.m.
    La Canada at Arroyo, (La Canada)
    Rosemead at Temple City, (Temple City)
    Venice at Bishop Amat, (Bishop Amat)
    Mountain View vs. Bellarmine-Jefferson (Bell-Jeff)

  • whitey

    old timer, truth be told, I do know it all and I’ve been around longer than you………go back to your Brew 102 quart

  • Whitney
    Who won the Damien game?

  • old timer

    pomona cathiloc boys lost the only game that matters, got whupped……..again 42-7 verizon shut down your dsl last week? lol

  • don’t remember

    old timer – Amat beat Damien 42-7
    and it wasn’t that close

  • (A)

    This week’s games.
    Gladstone at Ganesha, (gladstone)
    Bonita at Diamond Bar, (Bonita)
    Diamond Ranch at Walnut, (Diamond Ranch)
    West Covina at Rowland, (West Covina)
    Bassett at Duarte, (Bassett)
    Sierra Vista vs. Azusa (sierra vista)
    Workman at La Puente, (La Puente)
    Baldwin Park at San Dimas, (San Dimas)
    Covina vs. Wilson (Covina)
    Northview at Pomona, (Pomona)
    Bell Gardens at South El Monte, (Bell Gardens)
    Chino at El Monte, (Chino)
    JSerra at Damien, 7 p.m.
    La Canada at Arroyo, (La Canada)
    Rosemead at Temple City, (Temple City)
    Venice at Bishop Amat, (Bishop Amat)

  • Panther Fan

    Left off the pick for JSerra vs Damien.

    I pick JSerra to win by a lot of Points.

  • Hey Whitney-
    there as stupid as you, they don’t get it.
    p.s. don’t you remember me? When you used to do our games, I was the one who always told you , the game is bigger than you, just officiate and shut up. Now do you remember me?

  • Hows that for Scoreboard?

    Hey Roddy, does that win against DB make up for LOSING THE CHAMPIONSHIP TWICE to the same team? You can’t lead them over the hill. YOU ARE NO ROCHE. Nice try. You don’t have the right kids. They quit on you at the end. Way to go with that bitchen Runner Up certificate in the womens locker room!

  • Panther Fan

    Roddy did coach DR to a win against a ROCHE Coached Chino Hills Defending CIF Championship team. Roche then retired for good. Maybe if DB would have played DR in the beginning they could have something to say. The past is long gone and forgotten. It is the hear and now that counts. Like the 41-0 score. Eat it and weep.

  • 4-0, thats the real score

    PANTHER FAN, you toothless wonder, The Ranch has never done it, and Roddy himself has admitted the kids quit in the end on him. You just can’t admit it. Show me the hardware. You can’t.

    As for saying DR beat a defending “Champ” Roche coached team, that is a crock. Roche wasn’t able to duplicate the CIF winning tradition he notched at DBHS. Chino Hills has NEVER won it all either. Even with Roche at the helm. What DB had was special. You can be jealous, you can be a hater, but those Panther Players fall short time after time in going all the way. Your history is highlighted with 3 runner up ribbons. You don’t have a seat at the table. You should be used to it by now. Your delusional.

  • Anonymous

    I like how Sierra Vista has 75 tackles with 4 players, thats amazing. Someone should check on that. Top 4 players in all the valley in tackles over all of bishop team!!!! wow. I am going to their next game. And i bet they will no more than 16 all together in the whole game.

  • DRanchhh

    Looks like you DB folks are haila sensitive. Let it go. Game over!! The kids are not even as upset as you guys are. Panther Fan you are wasting your time. These DB people live in the past and DWELL on it. Last I checked It was Oct 4, 2010 not 1985!!

  • Panther Fan

    4-0, thats the real score, actually it is 4-1.

    Talking about being jealous and a hater look at the response I got from you.

    “As for saying DR beat a defending “Champ” Roche coached team, that is a crock. Roche wasn’t able to duplicate the CIF winning tradition he notched at DBHS. Chino Hills has NEVER won it all either. Even with Roche at the helm.”

    Yes I agree with your statement above, I checked back in Calpreps. My bad – Chino Hills only made it to the first round of the playoffs. DR did win against A Roche coached Chino Hills team in 07 by a score of 42-28. It was then forfeited later in the season when a player was determined to be ineligable. Roche did retire after that season.

    “Your history is highlighted with 3 runner up ribbons.”
    Actually it is only two – back to back. Since we are living in the present what has DB accomplished lately? Hmmm just as I thought – Nothing, not even a ribbon.

  • Panther Fan

    Just havin fun DRanchhh, Gettin their goat.

  • SGV Athlete

    Just because its Sunday, here’s someone that we’ll eventually see playing on Sunday…

  • 2nd tier at best

    You long for to tab your Panthers “champions”, yet they break it off in you time after after. Twice in football (which really was no surpirse since you have never beat CO, 0-7??) and once in baseball to Northview. Thats 3 ribbons. DB had 6 championships by then. And they won with class. YOU HAVE NIETHER.

  • Greenwich

    SGV Athlete – by then -it was Monday

  • waiting for the answer

    Roddy, why don’t you answer the question? Since FJR and Aram don’t wanna go there.

    Why can’t you put it all together and nail down a championship for DRHS? With all this loaded local talent? Why can’t you establish some history for DR other than losing to your rival year in and year out, when the whole season is riding on that game?? Roche got it done, with the Purple and Gold. Why can’t you? You seem to have it all. DO TELL.

    How many times have you looked at that scoreboard in the waning moments of the CO game (’07, ’08 and ’09) and wondered what the hell went wrong? You were beat by a better team. You outcoached by an old fox. Just like the Brahmas were friday night, no doubt. Stick to softball for your possible championship runs.

    The proof is in the pudding. You can’t get those kids to play like champs. Its a thorn in your side. At least DB had their day. It is what it is.

  • FredJ

    That’s a pretty easy question to answer, in both years, Charter Oak was head and shoulders above everyone in the division. Diamond Ranch did win big games, twice over South Hills and against West Covina in the playoffs, games that propelled them to the title game. You can’t win every big game, but certainly, Diamond Ranch has “won” big games in the playoffs. Take it from a talent perspective, Charter Oak had six D-1 players on its roster last year. Six! That’s a lot from an SGV team, I’d say Roddy took that bunch as far as he could take ’em.

  • Thanks FJR

    So, they were outmanned. Nuff said.

    But wait how could that be? All you ever hear from the Ranch Nation is how dominating they are. How many D1 talents they have. How “we will see this year”. They want that claim of a championship season. The ones they heard of, but were on the outside looking in from, in ’98-’99 when DR was just starting out. But the Panther unders 4 different head coaches CANNOT match the CIF Championship success. Big playoff wins are impressive. That banner hanging in the gym says it all though. Who got it done????? DB did. Thanks for answering that Fred.

  • Panther

    Back to the past again for DBHS fans…whatever helps you sleep after that crushing defeat, I understand; DR has already moved on to Walnut, as difficult as I know it may be, I suggest you all do the same with Bonita.

  • dranchhhh

    I will say this….the past is the past. Did your school even make it to the finals? Hold on, how many of you can say you even made it to the playoffs? I keep telling you folks, its Not about your season. Its about the playoffs and when your school makes it. After you accomplish that goal in the NEW MILLENIUM, then talk. No one really cares how many CIF Rings you guys had in the 80’s when there were hardly any other schools In the area. You should have won 10. We r now in the 21st century, what have you done? Your only as good as your last try, this is why DR is progressing and will have a ring by years end. Roddy understands this and this is why he will take our program to the next level. Also before Martin came in, wasn’t DB RECRUITING Roddy for a coaching position along with BA and Damien?? I read that on the blogs before Aram left and came back? So don’t sit there and try to be the anti- Roddy clique. You wanted him but couldnt have him now your butt hurt. Seems like some FEMALE TRAITS.

    Take the ass whooping DR gave you and ponder on how you will finish the rest of your season. Its now Time for us to take a trip down walnut lane. Again, see you in the playoffs….

  • kh

    why dose not you keep pipe shut,
    do you like going Thur life creating
    hate ones.?
    anything negative about Bonita bear cats seating on 4-0 with the next three games looking like a lock,plus 6-5 starting qb back and his now favorite w-o- receiver,k.c. is 100 % healthy,first time in 3 years,3 to 5 passes a game will happen,if not now down the stretch,Bonita will go undefeated,so whitey my drinking buddy,chew on that and lets get the party started.

  • keep coming up short

    DRANCH, just admit your chasing what DB has done in the past. You crave some history. Your an empty shell. Aren’t you tired of asking “Why not us?”

    “You’ll see. You’ll see”. Don’t you have any more than that? No, the pathetic answer is no. 3 finals appearances in 80’s, one 14-0 season. Then 3 championship winning season in the ’90s, one more 14-0 team in Div 2. Thats the old Division 2 numbnuts. You can’t get it done with “all the good DB kids now” in Div 7.

    People will always say, DR has a good team, but they are nowhere near what the Brahmas were to this end of the SGV. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. At least the Brahmas had their time in the sun. You just creep around as the team that pops off and falls short. Everyone is well aware of your face plants in December.

  • whitey

    kc is gps new favorite receiver? What happened to the Brungard kid? Isnt he faster and plays with more heart? Hes a better target at 62 than kc at 56.
    Lets not forget about Gelalich another 61 stud! It seems like you have.
    kc does a fine job of punting, lets leave him there.
    If gp wants to win his first game back hell stay away from kc, and toss the football to the other two studs that he can look over the line and see.

  • dbarresident

    After talking to a couple of Dranch players this weekend, I was shocked! I knew Roddy wanted to play DBar and you could tell he was obsessed by it but the I had no idea it ran that deep. Most of us on the DBar did are really ambivalent about playing Dranch. It really isn’t that important to us. Then you add the fact that our program has been in a down cycle for ten years and antipathy moves in. Then when I was told about the practices and the intensity that Roddy had this week it was so sad it was comical. I would never have thought the Roddy I met a few years ago would become so blinded with a team that couldn’t beat his if they played ten straight games. I was told he wanted to win by a 100 points (that’s why starters were in with 4 minutes to go and the score was 41-0). I guess the poor JV team had to run punishment laps for losing to DBar… What happened to the what a great game for the kids and the city? If your only reason for wanting the game was to embarrass, humiliate and destroy the pride of those neighbors and kids, you need to check yourself. Did DBar turn down your job app years ago? Something must have happened Roddy, because you used to be a nice guy and great kids coach. OK, now, you’ve beaten DBar and you are the man! Can the old Roddy come out to play?

  • SGV Athlete


    technically you’re right, i just hadn’t gone to bed yet =P

  • ST G54

    Man what is with all you bitter DBar folk?

    & please stop bringing up the past on how you won when your school first opened up compared to DRanch not having the same championship success!! You can’t compare it to DRanch. The competitive balance is way different!! Its alot tougher to win now then back in those days when there weren’t many schools around..

  • DRanchhhh


    I was not even around Diamond Bar when all of this BS between Ganesha and Diamond Bar went down. So I personally can care less what DB did in the 80’s. I can tell you what Dominguez High did!! I have lived in the Ranch for 12 years and since then, DB has not accomplished anything that would make a new generation of DR kids covet. NOTHING. So umm….No none of these kids crave nothing you are talking about!! No one cares if the Raiders went to the Super Bowl in 2001. NO ONE. No one cares that the Cowboys havent been since the 90’s. No ONE. No one really cares about your rusty rings from the days of “Teddy Ruxpin” and “Knight Rider”. These kids werent even BORN during that time. Win a RING NOW. That is what matters. Do something NOW. You are obviously bitter about the loss. Dude let it go and go get spanked by Bonita, then pop off at them. Your not making anyone except yourself look stupid. HAHAHA!! In the words of Fred Sanford “You Big Dummy”!

    DBar Resident,

    You havent talked to NO DR football players. I am almost positive your blowing smoke and if you DID, whos the crazed lunatic that goes out and seeks KIDS to get information for you to blog about?? Isnt that kind of sick and deranged? Do you have a JOB?? That seems like a lot of downtime on your side. Like I said earlier, It hurts you guys that Roddy declined your offer to come coach at DB. If you dont believe me, do your research. It was all over the blogs a few years back. Also, please stop stalking kids about questions you have for adults?? Do we need to track down IP’s to have you monitored??

  • In My Opinion

    So what some of you are saying in this forum is that past Championships do not matter. Correct? But if you have recently made it to the playoffs and do not win, that does matter? Huhhhh? When DB looses to you week 4, 42-0 they are weak and suck. Correct? But if youre DR and you loose back in week 0, 56-0 to SM youre legit. During previous DR Blogs it was stated that DB got there 4-0 record by playing weaker opponents. But werent you in that same category for SM? I bring this up because there are so many meaningless contradictions here that do not make any sense IMO.
    DR Boys you played a great game and good luck to you in the rest of league. May you stay healthy and strong for the rest of the season. DB keep your heads up its not over till its over. Keep on working hard and dont let these bloggers tell you that you cant. Its up to you and God and no one else, your destiny is yours.

  • neutral observer

    Look, I don’t have a kid in this fight, but I have been passively watching sports in Walnut Valley for a years now. I have seen more than my share of local games, and have been to many DRHS, DBHS, RHS, WHS games through the past 5 years or so. The DBAR raise an interesting question. It’s one that Walnut and Rowland could never answer. They are basically the same kids that go to these schools, but only DBHS rose to the occassion time after time won it all.

    I believe Walnut had a shot at the title in ’04 but came up dry in the semifinal game against West Covina. They haven’t had much to talk about for 35 years.

    So now they ask the same of DRHS. I for one have been to at least 10 DRHS games in the last 5 years. Those fans seem to have a chip on their shoulder. They have felt every year that this was “the” team. The team has a certain swagger. But then they lose convincingly in the Finals. In fact they seem to fall hard every year. El Dorado dropped them like a bad habit in the Semi’s 4 years ago. They snuck into the playoffs that year winning the coin toss after losing the last game against Bonita. Charter Oak won 48-7 in a must win game for DR after the transfer paperwork screw up the next year. Then after horrible starts in both of the last two years, they make it all the way to the Finals only to be beaten badly by CO in the second half of both those games.

    Not really a peep was heard out of RHS during this time period except for a semifinal run they made in ’08 that ended in a loss to CO capping off their best season in 20 years.

    DBHS lost to Mission Viejo two years in a row back in ’02, and ’03 and havent been to the playoffs since then.

    That still presents us with no Championship team to have been crowned since the Brahmas last did it, in these parts. I think it has left some very hard feelings with the proud parents from the surrounding schools. You have to admire what DBHS did after realizing that no one been able to repaeat the success.

    You’d have to look this up at CIF but I believe it was also done in the old playoff grouping format of Division 1 trough 12, and DBHS did it in the D2 groupings. They were defeating opponents like Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, and Dominguez. It was indeed a different time.

    Who, if anyone, will be next around here to wear those Championship rings?

  • Panther Fan

    In My Opinion,
    (During previous DR Blogs it was stated that DB got there 4-0 record by playing weaker opponents. But werent you in that same category for SM? I bring this up because there are so many meaningless contradictions here that do not make any sense).
    It would make sense if you looked at the previous year record of SM (3-7) and their Calprep rating. SM was originally rated close to that of DR’s. Calprep’s prediction had SM winning by a score of 28-21 based on the ratings. So no DR was not in the same category for SM at the time the game was played. According to Calpreps they were near evenly matched. Only afterwards when SM was beating up on most of their competition was it realized on how much SM had improved from the previous year. There is where your reasoning comes in. Two weeks after SM beat DR 56-0 they beat Carson High 56-14. Carson High beat Mater Dei(SM’s League opponent)in week 0 14-10. So SM beating a div 7 team by 56 then beating a Div. 1 team by nearly as much now makes DR’s loss look more legit. DR’s loss was not just domination by SM but also by turnovers (I remember at least 4), one at SM’s 6 yrd line that ended a scoring drive for DR.
    Go back to Calpreps and look at the ratings for the teams that DB had Played against. The combined ratings of those 4 teams is less than 0.
    Then check the ratings of the 4 teams that DR played against. While you are at it check out the ratings of the teams SM has played.

  • Dbarlover

    DRanchhh – Dude you’re funny. Did you even read what I wrote before you went into your child molester rage…Remember, Diamond Bar is a small community divided by school districts. Remember you wanted to play DBar so the kids could have bragging rights to the city. Well guess what, my son actually has friends that go to Dranch and even after the beatdown you gave us they hung out on Saturday. And everything I posted was true. All the hype came from the East. The intensity that Roddy approached this game was boderline scary and that was according to his players. They laugh about it now but they sure are glad they weren’t on the JV team that lost. DBar hasn’t even sniffed the playoffs for fifteen years and you lost twice in championship games. You are better than us in football and you probably will be for the foreseeable future. Are you happy now? Now chill out, tell Roddy he is the Kind of Diamond Bar so he can chill a little. BTW Martin has a young 9 year old that is pretty good…In another year Roddy can start recruiting him too!

  • kh

    in bearcatland,
    we don’t pick and choose whose who of the athletes
    we pull for the win,that’s it brother,so in saying that dose d-bar have a chance Friday night,hell no.
    the big guy earned his start back and that’s the way we will roll whit neck.
    don’t see anybody even playing with us in tell Rowland then w-c-
    be careful talking slop about 18 kids,would hate to see little man crush your old d-3 coach of your mind champ.
    guys like you have one thing going on the blog,hating on kids and parents,what a way to move forward every day.
    whitey get a life you make the real amat studs of the blog,not proud of you being a old fart with zero to bring to a new quote on the blog.if you noticed,you make me sick,have some class,like amat 73 some of the other nation fellas,Fred loves his team,like i love my son.get over it.

  • a king?

    Roddy Layton, a king with no crown šŸ™‚

    contact the CO CHARGERS for more info on that

  • Panther

    You all are commenting like Roddy was foaming at the mouth…yeah there was more intensity because of the rivalry (I was at 2 practices) but nothing out of the ordinary. Too bad Martin couldn’t create that same intensity in his practices, it may have made for a better game. I gaurantee you DBHS wouldn’t be playing this down so much if they’d won, c’mon people, keep it real.

    Congrats to DB on their 20 year ago rings (the knight rider comment was priceless), bottom line is that this game is good for the community and the kids, you had people coming out that don’t normally follow football. Noone ever suggested kids from DRHS and DBHS wouldn’t still be hanging out with each other after the game, but I bet that DBHS kid has to deal with crap talking he’d prefer not have to – but then that’s what makes a rivalry so fun!

  • Right back at ya

    Congrats to the DRHS Football Program on being presented your Two Runner Up red ribbons that you have accumlated over the last 12 years of existence. You earned ’em. Nice job TRYING to establish Championship football in or around the city of DB. Such an inexplicable shame though, as to why your heralded program hasn’t produced the Banner of a Champ. Hmmmm. Guess you’ll just always be the runner up. Your used to it by now. You certainly got the kids to BUY IN to that didn’t you?

    DBHS used to measure success by winning CIF. They obviously, don’t do that anymore. But at least they did. DRHS measures their success by getting whupped by Pac-5 schools, slithering through the playoffs, then falling right on their face when faced with a better team.

    DRHS just can’t figure out how to do it over the course of 14 games. No one thinks of you as anything but the other team with a huge chip on your shoulder. Thats where your empty, mouthy, frustrated fans get their attitude.

    Way to go, Buffalo!!!!! Keep up the consistent work. Until you win CIF, you haven’t replaced anyone. Keep that chip square on your shoulder. Try not to choke on it again. And again. And again.

  • No kiddin, you better go out and make your Super Bowl futures bets while the odds are really high. The Jets are favored right now.

  • The Union Hotel is a wonderful place and I know so many people that just drive up to Occidental for the day to enjoy a wonderful meal at the Union Hotel.