Bishop Amat notes and quotes

Because of tight deadlines and no working area at Cathedral, correspondent Scott French had plenty of leftover material From Bishop Amat’s 53-6 win Friday to improve to 5-0. Here is what he sent for you to soak up and digest…

Wallace watch: Four passes thrown to Wallace Gonzalez. Two were rainbow lobs that got past him, one a bullet that he dropped, and the other — the only completion — went for 39 yards. He also was flagged for two of the eight penalties. Brock Booth, cleared last week, also played.

Bishop Amat coach Steve Hagerty on Gonzalez/Booth: “What I think happens is as we move into our league season, maybe there’s more to defend, maybe there’s more that teams have to pay attention to, but I don’t think tonight was really anything. They’re rusty,. It’s like game one for them. They’ve got to get caught up quick.”

QB Rio Ruiz on Gonzalez/Booth: “We’re going to be a team to be reckoned with. Wallace and Brock add a big pass threat for defenses.”

Hagerty on Rio Ruiz: “Mentally he’s a lot sharper than (at the start of the season). He’s making good choices, and he’s putting us in good situations, which to the subtle eye you’re not going to notice, but it’s just going to look like he handed off, but what he did is he changed a play where they overadjusted to something, and he got us in a good one. He’s starting to pick that stuff up.”

Hagerty on Jalen Moore: “He’s deceivingly strong, but he also can run the ball well. We kid him because he thinks he’s a scatback and he makes too many cuts, when he’s a much more punishing ballcarrier than he knows. So we like him getting vertical on the field with his shoulder pads forward and tilted much more than working side to side. That’s more Zach (Shay)’s game. We love that Jalen is emerging into what we all thought he could be. But we’ve got a long way ahead of us.”

Rio Ruiz on Jalen Moore: “Jalen’s just having a helluva year. He’s doing so well. … You’ve got to give credit to the line. We reward their dirty work with touchdowns.”

Defense: Cathedral QB Hayden Rettig was 13 of 35 for 120 yards with three interceptions (two by Ajee Montes, who returned one 34 yards for a TD). Rettig had just 46 yards passing at halftime (on 8 of 23) and 48 until the final play of the third quarter.

Hagerty on the pass defense: “We haven’t defended the pass real well in the past, but I think we geared up tonight because we knew they were going to throw it, and I think we did a much better job.”

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  • AMAT

    AMAT played very well and the deffense is getting better and better!

  • Amat Honk

    Cathedral Phantom’s, thanks for the game you guys kept coming despite the flow of the game. I wish a speedy recovery to all injured players Friday night, I hope there were no serious injuries. Your Hopitality was outstanding, very nice facility (could use more room though), definately good food and the crowd was very sportsman like. Thanks again for having the mettle, to step up and schedule that game and good luck with the rest of your season. Go Amat Blue and Gold!

  • Amat Dude

    The most underrated player on Amat’s Defense is Aaron Bowens #2. This kid is in every tackle and yet no one ever mentions his name. Also this new kid CB Ajee Montes #4 Jr is good, where did he come from? Didn’t see him on last year’s lower level roster. I noticed we had 3 sophomores starting in the secondary, Alcantara, DJ Daniels and Blue. Gener is a monster and Andrew Varela #43 SH transfer is coming along just fine. Venice is beat up, their starting RB may not even play. There will be another blow out in the making this week at Kiefer. First test will be Crespi.

  • jcaz

    Notes on Amat….

    gezz, that sounds so familiar. Wonder where I heard that one before ?

  • Jastrab

    I love how Blue is being used in the secondary as so many great RBs at Amat have done. Get him on the field while getting him ready for his turn. All the great ones have done it and he will be one too. I know we have a long, difficult path ahead with Serra, but all the Serra schools will have limited film on Gonzalez and Booth and who knows what the gang will put in place.

    Did Booth line up as a wide out? I would love to see Cook and Booth as WR and Gonzalez as an H Back or in the slot.

    To be continued Friday…


  • Jastrab

    How about Mater Dei’s lawsuit against CIF. These guys have 3, 4 5 guys show up every year for basketball and I am sure many sports (as seniors) and now that they get two guys rejected the CIF is biased against them.


  • Fridaylights

    Ajee transferred from south hills last year. Moore and Shay each have well over 700 yards of total offense. Might be the best 2 back combo in the southern section. Yeah you heard me.

  • 7-11


    A few times I think Booth was at TE and Wallace was split wide though

  • Witness

    I think fridays game will be one for the record books.
    Go Amat

  • slowly becoming an Amat Fan

    Moore and Shay, thunder and lightning, the Dynamic Duo, or whatever you want to call them. They just flat out get it done. It might be RR’s team but when he throws five yard outs and bubble screens to these 2 and they turn it into 60,70,80 yard gains it sure does make RR’s job a lot easier.