Girls Volleyball: St. Lucy’s is still No. 1

All the Regents are smiling these days after St. Lucy’s began the week ranked No. 1 in the area and No. 2 in CIF-SS Division 2-AA.

St. Lucy’s, which beat traditional power South Hills in four games on Tuesday, remained atop of the area girls volleyball rankings. But the Regents will get a challenge on Thursday when they travel to No. 2 Chino Hills.

TOP 10
1. St. Lucy’s (9-5) —
The Regents are still the team to beat. They caught a break when South Hills’ Jackie Valle-Acosta injured her knee during warmups of the teams’ Sierra League opener on Tuesday. But they are expected to be challenged against No. 2 Chino Hills on Thursday.
2. Chino Hills (16-4) — The Huskies are enjoying one of the better starts in the program’s history. But will that be enough to beat St. Lucy’s.
3. Bonita (12-3) — The Bearcats got some revenge last week, beating rival Los Altos in four games. Now it’s all about taking care of business.
4. South Hills (7-2) — Losing Valle-Acosta will be a major hit for the Huskies, who still look strong with Marisa Gomez and Whitney Deshay.
5. Los Altos (8-3) — Failed to close against Bonita. The Conquerors hope to change that in the rematch.
6. Glendora (5-2) — The Tartans went 3-0 last week, but opened Baseline League play by being swept by favorite Los Osos.
7. San Dimas (12-4) — The Saints have rolled through the early portion of the Valle Vista League schedule.
8. Diamond Bar (12-7) — Consistency is a big problem for the Brahmas, who swept one opponent last week, but also got swept.
9. Bishop Amat (7-3) — The Lancers went 3 for 3 last week, but might struggle in the Del Rey League.
10. Gladstone (7-4) — The Gladiators took early control in the Montview League with wins over Ganesha and La Puente last week.
Note: Records are those reported to this newspaper and are through matches played Oct. 2. Rankings are based on matches played through Oct. 2.

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  • St. Lucy’s Omega Mom

    Congratulations St. Lucy’s on winning last night. We are proud.

    To South Hills: Keeping Jackie Valle-Acosta in our prayers for a speedy recovery. In this game, all our hearts sink when a player goes down. Most athletes at this level have been there and it doesn’t matter which team. It is always sad to see an athlete hurt. Best of wishes.

    St. Lucy’s, keep your heads up and play hard. We have Chino Hills tomorrow in their house. And 10 days proved to be to long to be out. Lets get back in our game and play like we know how too.

  • VB Fan

    In these rankings…Los Altos beat South Hills in a tournament a few weeks ago, shouldn’t they be below LA?

  • Steve Ramirez

    VB Fan: Most rankings, like these, are week to week. In most cases, when you lose, you drop; you win, you move up, unless of course those teams ranked ahead of you continue to win.

  • sgvbl

    Unfortunately I dont think a whole lot of time goes into these rankings. In their defense not all teams report their scores and we should probably be happy that there is even a forum to express our volleyball opinions. But yea I dont agree with some of these rankings. In addition to LA beating South Hills yet being ranked below them, Diamond Bar got beat pretty easily by unranked Walnut last week in 3 sets that werent close yet it seemed to have no effect on their ranking.

  • vbfans

    The most underrated team is Ayala. They like to keep it quiet, but they are better than a few of these teams. The sierra league is the toughest league top to bottom by far. St Lucy’s should walk through though and be #1 in cif, they have everyone back and went to quarters the past 2 seasons.

  • Agreed

    Ayala is underrated. They are always a force and even though they are minus their outside hitter, they have always been a force to be reckoned with.

    The real question is why is Diamond Bar still in the top 10?

    St. Lucy’s looked rusty after that 10 day hiatus. Not sure if they will get back in time for the Chino Hills game. Then again, Chino Hills went four with Claremont. Claremont is a good team and will be great in the future but Chino Hills should have handled them in three. Tomorrow night will be a good game.

  • SGVVBfan

    Ayala is definately flying under the radar. Not a great record but playing some good teams, whereas Chino Hills is beating up on weaker teams, hence the impressive w/l record. I think both St Lucys and Ayala beat Chino Hills.

  • GHigh

    The little Giants have been quiet this year, but we are hoping to come back. Our future is bright and our new CIF division is winnable, so look for us to make some noise in the near future. My question to the blog is, what happened to all of the hits we used to get? The last few years Fred said we outblogged baseball, but now no one is posting? It’s just for fun, but I’m always hoping that we could have more fans for the sport we love so much!

  • chhusky

    Ayala is good again no doubt, definitely a top 10 team, and the girls will play it out, not us, but as for schedules ? Let’s see we beat glendora, whitier christian, Brea, & hemet.
    Ayala parents just hate that CH is the talk of the town so far. They have had a great run, but its over for now. We have nothing to lose tomorrow, go Huskies!

  • The good old days

    I miss the blogging days too when the setters Dad from Los Altos would run his mouth about his daughter was better than the Bonita setter and then the Bonita setter and her mom sent out her list of schools interested and full resume of accomplishments.

    Everyone seems to be keeping things positive.

    But if St. Lucy’s loses tomorrow expect everyone and their mother running opinions in the blogs (minus the St. Lucy’s folk). If St. Lucy’s wins then we know they are for real.

    Keep up us informed GHigh. We miss your magic too.

  • sgvbl

    Its because there is no drama at St. Lucy’s this year G High. We need them to start losing some matches and then run the coach out again like two years ago. Just kidding. But when they are content over there (and good) the rest of us have nothing to talk about. There used to be some L.A. drama too but then they had to go and win C.I.F.
    In regards to the Ayala talk, I have to agree. They need to be ranked probably in the top 5 or so in this poll.

  • What Drama?

    No drama because you have a good group of girls with strong leaders that have worked their butts off to be where they are now. All their successes are well deserved.

    chhusky, I agree that it is killing Ayala to hear you guys might have a better team. Regarding your schedule, didn’t see anyone in your list that is worth mentioning. Tomorrow will be the real test to see where you guys are. You already faced SL’s in the summer and didn’t do too hot, so lets see if that has any bearing.

  • VB Fan

    Yeah, LA does NOT miss the drama from last year setters dad….And, who is his number one setter playing for? Mt. SAC. Trust me, many people out there had the last laugh. That’s why you keep your mouth shut and wish all the girls the best of luck.

  • baldwin park spikers

    Los Altos won CIF with the current coach.

    Bonita went to the CIF final with the current coach.

    Ayala coach had several CIF semi finals appearance.

    St. Lucy’s haven’t even reach Semi-final with the current coach.

    Chino Hills coaches do not even any playoff coaching experience at all.

    Los Altos, Bonita , and Ayala fans has the right to talk and that’s all

  • You know its coming…..

    To Baldwin Park Spikers: How does one compare CIF titles when LA and Bonita don’t even play in the same Division? LA got moved up one level this year and they are not the same team and they have the same coach. Best to hold on to the good old days when CIF titles were easier to come by. Go hold your candle somewhere else, because it isn’t getting any light here.

    St. Lucy’s coach has been with the program two years. Two Sierra League titles and Two CIF quarterfinals. Chino Hills has stepped up its game and just may be competing for the Sierra League and CIF. Ayala and South Hills can’t be ignored either.

    LA, Bonita and Ayala can talk all they want. Ayala has received much praise and the comparison was with crazy dads saying to much and giving other teams ammunition to win.

    Us older bloggers were fondly looking back.

  • sierra league

    Sierra league will be tough. Feel bad for Charter Oak. Good thing thay played in easy tournaments early on or they might not have any wins this year.Probably wont win one league game. Moved up a division and really shouldn’t have. Not really fair to them or other sports at CO who have to move up because of football.

  • Stumble

    Wow, just read the Daily Bulletin and see that St. Lucy’s got swept by Chino Hills. Ayala beat South Hills in 5.
    Memo to St. Lucy’s… Stop shopping in the CIF catalog for your CIF championship ring and start worrying about just winning league. You are going to take a major hit in the CIF polls next week. You can still right the ship but Chino Hills and Ayala are now the top dogs in your league. You are currently sitting in third place.

  • No doubt

    No doubt Stumble. St. Lucy’s has lost any hope of CIF or Sierra league after last night. Chino Hills was fantastic and SL looked like a deer in headlights.

    SL was outcoached, out performed and outlasted last night. They folded completely. The defense was as bad as bad could be. Dropped balls all over the place. The first setter was setting everything at tape level and star setter who had been hurt was put in but the whole tempo was predictable and slow. No hint of a fast offense. The blockers from CH could see the hit coming and were there everytime.

    SL will need a major overhaul if they are going to compete.

  • chhusky

    It was a great night for the Huskies. Let’s keep it in perspective though, its tough to stay on top. They are great vb players, and their parents and team handled it with class, they will be back. It’s early and we are in a very tough league. Our ciiy is loaded with talent, Ayala had a nice win yesterday. Our kids out played them last night, now we move on to south hills, then Ayala. Go Huskies!

  • vball

    Intresting….How are the rankings going to look now…

    Chino Hills and Bonita on top
    St. lucys
    Los Altos
    South Hills (they will struggle without the middle)

    the rest are a toss up.

    I think diamond bar is good enough to beat the teams below them but not good enough to beat the teams above them….

    Ayala is not part of the SGV Tribune Area so they cant be on the list much like Los Osos.

  • vball

    By know means am I a St. Lucys fan… But I do know that they are very talented…

    I dont doubt one bit that they will bounce back… much like in the years past that league will be beating up on each other once again.. It is we all like seeing! COMPETITION!

  • Regent Fan

    yeah, not a pretty sight last night. CH beat SL’s in every respect. Congrats to them on a job well done.

    It is not all doom as some are making it sound. Hopefully this will be a kick in the butt that they need to not rest on what they have done in the past. The higher you are, the bigger target you have painted on you so they have to learn to play under the pressure. They can snap back and still take league. Now they are going to have to beat CH at home.

  • what?

    Do u know vb or geography?
    Regents #2, Bonita 3, we whipped em earlier
    Ayala is north of Chino Hills I believe.
    LA 4, Glendora 5, Ayala 6, SH 7

  • vball

    Ok that makes sense.

    Chino Hills
    St. Lucys
    Los Altos

    Sorry, I remember S.Ramirez saying something a few years ago about Ayala not being part of the area (refering the the newspaper area), I might be wrong though.

  • SGVVBfan

    Wow, convincing win for Chino Hills. Would liked to have read about it in Tribune.

  • sgvbl

    If Ayala is in the rankings they should be in the top 5. St. Lucy’s and Chino Hills should just be flip flopped. STL has beaten every other top team in the area and when they are firing on all cylinders I can see them beating CH in the rematch, but right now CH is the top team. I disagree with Diamond Bar being correctly ranked where they are, they got swept by unranked Walnut. Look at all the blog activity when STL loses, see it was a good thing.

  • Ricardo

    Here’s something for all you vball fans to go “hmmmm…” about. Just a year ago, Chino Hills was nothing more than a decent competitive team. Now they’re the team to be beat after beating SL in three. Anyone ever stop to wonder how this went about? Is it coaching? I doubt that. Coaching can only get you so far. How about talent & players? Now that’s something worth looking into. I would like to know how many players on their current roster are returners and how many are transfered players. I’m just saying..

  • sgvbl

    I have been saying for years that Chino Hills will be very good eventually. It actually took longer than I expected. The have a great draw of athletes there. They have tons of club players. They should have been this good 5 years ago. I see them being good for years to come. That Sierra league is going to be a tough league. Ayala, CH, STL, SH those programs are almost completely filled with club players. I think its a bit unfortunate but you need those year round club players to compete at the highest level.

  • HuskieGrandma

    I have watched the improvement the CHHS players have shown the last 3 years. They have worked hard, including playing club off season.
    It also has to do with having a consistent coach, who has conditioned them to be ready for these tough matches!
    More tough games to come so stay focused!

  • Hey Ricky

    Ricardo, this is the same SL group of kids that won Sierra last year. That’s reaching far to say SL doesn’t have talent.

    The backrow was in a funk at the game and to let the backrow shank after shank and never substituting anyone in for the backrow is coaching. The bench is deep at SL. The JV libero is ready to do the job. No excuses for dropped balls and letting core players who are rattled stay in the game. Benchers are hungry let’em play.

  • taylor

    i reported this game and spoke with coach kassandra after the game… all i have to say folks is that she is the real deal… a fantastic coach… all i know is chino hills took a steamy turd all over the girls of st lucy’s, way to go C.H.

  • Ricardo

    @hey ricky,

    I have no doubt that SL is talented. You misread what I wrote. I’m talking about Chino Hills. Last year they were decent to good, at best. Now they’re the team to be reckon with this year. I’m asking how did this come about? I wonder how many club players decided to transfer to CH this year? Any thoughts?

  • SGVVBfan

    Like all sports in HS the best athletes are seeking the best programs. Schools like Mater Dei, Orange Lutheran, Bishop Amat draw kids from larger areas to their elite programs. Though some top public schools may have some transfer students I dont think locally its become a problem.

  • Interesting

    St. Lucy’s dropped to #7 in the CIF poll in Division II-A; Chino Hills moved to #5 and the South Torrance who was just swept by St. Lucy’s two weeks ago was put to #3.

  • baldwin park spikers

    Finally, the truth had to come out. St Lucy ‘s coaching staff still haven’t prove they can take their talents to the next level. Well, Chino Hills’ coaching just surpassed St Lucy’s coaching.
    Both teams got talents and deep benches, so it was obviously down to one factor.

    Los Altos coaching staff still rank high on my list with winning a title.

    Bonita is second.

    Ayala is third.

    Chino Hills is forth now.

    St. Lucy’s is fifth.

    Most coaches do work hard on what they do, but it comes down to personnel and game management as well as before and after the game.

  • HuskieGrandma

    CHHS played tough Tuesday night. SH played hard to the end. I would really like to see some press at Thursdays game vs. Charter Oak at CHHS.
    Our league has great talent and the girls need to stay focused. I’m really proud of their hard work coming back from last years injuries.
    Go CH Huskies!

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