Mater Dei’s Todd Hunt wins state appeal just days after lawsuit filed against CIF

Todd Hunt, a linebacker who moved from Connecticut to Southern California and is enrolled at Mater Dei, was declared athletically eligible today at a CIF State appeals hearing.

Lawsuit: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange has filed a lawsuit, on behalf of Mater Dei, against the CIF-Southern Section alleging that the section’s application of rules and regulations have been biased against Mater Dei. “(The) CIF-SS has consistently, intentionally and systematically engaged in arbitrary and discriminatory actions against Mater Dei by issuing and enforcing unsupported and erroneous findings and ruling related to eligibility of student athletes at Mater Dei,” the suit claims.

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  • COChargerfan

    Here we go…shows that if you’ve got enough money, then the CIF becomes a lap dog.

    This kids story is tragic but it defies common sense that the only reason this 64 235 lb kid wound up at MDliving with the QBs familywas because he feared for his life. So, he doesnt have ANY relatives or family that are closer in terms of blood and geography than a prior friendship with the Wittiks of Orange County, CA? And whos paying the tuitionthis school isnt cheap?

    Im all for letting every kid play wherever they desire and not just the ones that have access to a deep pocket.just abolish the athletically motivated rule once and for all.

  • flipit

    COChargersfan, you make an interesting point, what if his friend lived in Covina and he transferred to Covina and Northview, nobody would make a stink, he would be instantly eligible. Because it was Mater Dei it raised a white flag, regardless of the tragic events that happened to him and forced him to move. In either scenario, his reason for leaving the state was more that he feared for his life than athletically motivated reasons, why couldn’t CIF see that. Why does it take a state board to make a decision CIF should have made using its common sense. Again, the rule stinks, but CIF’s interpretations stink just as much, otherwise why are so many of CIF’s so-called slam dunk decisions getting over-ruled? As it is, CIF’s decision cost this kid five weeks of football. But Thom Simmons will tell you the system works, just like he did with Booth. Works for who? These kids missed half their season. Problem is, there system is slow and unless you have the pocket money and time to appeal to state, kids like the Canada’s and others who don’t have the money to lawyer up will continue to suffer at the hands of CIF.


    One thing to move 3,000 miles away and not end up in the spotlight. I am not wishing ill upon anyway but if I was in harms way, I would not be suing the CIF and putting my name all across the LA Times and OC Register. Even Steve Fryer wrote an article on the whole debacle.

    Look at this google search … 386c77b788

    This is not what I would call a low profile and it makes it harder for me to believe that safety was a factor in the decision to leave CONN. Just my opinion

  • Jackboy

    I’m glad you agree with what I wrote on September 29th.
    Jackboy said:
    I personally dont see a problem with a kid transferring schools, for Academics or Athletics; to me its all the same.
    If an Athletic program is stronger at another school, and a kid wants to play there so what! If a school has a better Academic path to College we dont blame a student for transferring do we? We dont make them sit out a year of classes just because they transferred.
    Who do you think has a better shot at a D1 major College scholarship in Football, a kid who goes to (no offense) Wilson, or Bishop Amat? And as a parent what would you do for your kid?
    Who knows, it might make the schools theyre transferring from step back and ask themselves why, and make the necessary corrections and get better.
    And that makes us all better in the long run.

    Go Bearcats!

    September 29, 2010 5:28 PM

  • Colt74

    I think they should just do away will all transfer restrictions……If your school is upset that kids don’t want to play there…get better. If a kid has a better shot of going on to college playing for Amat than Covina…His parents would be a fool not to pursue that option. The kids, their education, and their dreams have to come before any of this other BS. Who here thinks that they have the right to stand in the way of what a parent thinks is best for heir kid(s).

  • Colt74

    Just realized I basically said what Jackboy already said…….dooooohhhhh!

  • jcaz

    Eventhough many of us disagree as to the reasons why, it seems to me that we all agree on the one thing that matters most.

    Getting rid of this stupid rule.

  • SGV Lifer

    The CIF is a JOKE as are these parents that move their kids from one school to another seeking stardom! Hasn’t virtually every instance of a kid having been initially ruled ineligible been over ruled? Stevie Wonder could see when these transfers are athletically motivated in most instances, so why does the rule even exist if the rulings will be over turned after a little pressure and after the kids miss 4 or 5 games? Wait until one of these kids whose parents have lots of money to pursue some cause of action against the CIF win a suit for having been forced to miss games or a season or something. In almost every case that we have been reading about on this blog, the transfer was athletically motivated so either the CIF needs to abolish the rule or have the stones to stand by their ruling. I mean come on, that Amat kid has been at like 5 high schools in 4 years and EVERY single move was athletically motivated.

    Just my two cents that probably isn’t worth 2 pesos