Saturday Morning Quarterback: Baldwin Park shocks San Dimas 19-14; West Covina runs past Rowland; Amat remains unbeaten; Azusa, Covina win big, Diamond Ranch rallies from way back to beat Walnut 35-28 in 2OT


Friday’s results
West Covina 41, Rowland 17 — West Covina racked up over 350 rushing yards and led 14-0 after five plays. They’re that good, whether it’s Chris Solomon, BJ Lee, Charles Tucker or QB George Johnson, they have weapons.
Bonita 53, Diamond Bar 20 — Bearcats continue to prove they’re legit. As impressive as West Covina was, the Bearcats are right there with them. Garrett Pendleton finished with 221 yards and 3 TDS in his comeback, returning in the second quarter. They racked up 550 total yards.
Diamond Ranch 35, Walnut 28, 2OT — The Mustangs blew a 21-0 lead. Those of us following on Coveritlive couldn’t believe it, but the comeback was even more shocking. Roddy’s Ranchers do it again.
Azusa 41, Sierra Vista 7 — This basically means the Aztecs will finish undefeated and probably won’t be challenged at all. Can you believe it, they could go 10-0 winning every game by at least three touchdowns.
La Puente 44, Workman 8 –– Warriors bounce back after 28-0 loss to Azusa, which kind of tells you just go good Azusa is, because La Puente might be the second best in league.
Baldwin Park 19, San Dimas 14 — Playing a tough nonleague scheduled paid off after all. Nobody is going to remember the Braves’ 0-4 start, but they will remember their upset over the defending CIF champs and 2-0 start in the VVL.
Covina 36, Wilson 16 — The Colts continue to be one of the most improved from last year, crushing the Wildcats in a game that really wasn’t this close to go to 2-0 in the VVL also.
Northview 35, Pomona 20 — Vikings grab first win of the year. In reality, they weren’t as bad as their record indicated, losing just 14-11 to Covina last week.
Bell Gardens 42, South El Monte 7 — The Eagles knew they might have a tough time and did, giving up 42 points.
Chino 40, El Monte 16 — Saw this coming, the Cowboys were 4-0 and better all the way around.
JSerra 42, Damien 7 – The Spartans fell behind quick and never had a chance. JSerra is undefeated for a reason.
Arroyo 26, La Canada 7 — This was close at half, but the Knights finally got the kinks out and pulled away.
Rosemead 29, Temple City 28 –– The Panthers needed a win in the worst way and got it, squeezing out a win over the Rams.
Bishop Amat 42, Venice 20 — Lancers gave up more points than they would like and it was just 20–14 at half, but hey, it was homecoming and the big one is next week against Crespi. Rio Ruiz completed his first 11 passes, finished 18 of 26 for 169 yards and two TDs.
Los Osos 43, South Hills 28 –– When is the last time you remember a Huskies team giving up this many points week after week. It’s going to be a long Sierra.
Gladstone 28, Ganesha 14 –– Don’t look now, but the Gladiators are 2-0 in the Montview.
Bassett 6, Duarte 0 — Falcons play their best defense of the season, but still not good enough.

Highlights of Baldwin Park’s 19-14 upset win over San Dimas …

LIVE BLOGGING: Mike “the cousin” Robledo will join me tonight at the Rowland-West Covina game, but we also will have scoring updates from Azusa-Sierra Vista, Bishop Amat-Venice and San Dimas-Baldwin Park. Of course, those of you text savvy can update us from wherever you’re at by signing on to Coveritlive.

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  • Lovin The Heights

    Fred, I agree with you. Rowland needs a signature win and everyone has marked them as the signature so if that’s what Rowland has to do.. Then Rowland “GIT R DONE”!!!!!!

  • dranchhhh

    Ouch…walnut over DR? Okay…that’s something to watch for. Rowland will get it done against Wesco. Unless they (wesco) have a hail of a game plan. After being at the walnut vs. Wesco game last weekend, im not so sure wescos defense can stop a kid like mike ball or their receivers. Walnut put up 24 points in a battle that was closer to even than a big win. I mean ball’s sophmore campaiign he almost single handedly took down a stout CO team that was stacked. I don’t thnk wescos secondary are any good. Covina, walnuts 24 points…I don’t see it. Jserra will mutilate damien;bohi will have dbs number;I have ganesha over gstone; and since wesco beat venice….ill have to take amat.

  • Wildcats

    This Wilson Covina game is big in the VVL. Covina and Wilson coaches have both commented that the winning is in the drivers seat for the playoffs. Obviously based on this years performance Covina is the favorite, that being said maybe that is what this Wilson team needs to kick start them. Don’t forget last years game was 21-17 (Covina). Both teams have the majority of their players returning from last year’s team.

  • Unreal…

    Amat-Venice = Homecoming.

    Just hope the men aren’t distracted by the event. I’m sure the coaching staff will have them ready.

    I find myself more and more excited to see Jalen Moore play. He’s a special player and he reminds me a lot of Donnie McCleskey.

    As always… Good luck to all the SGV schools. Let’s play hard and injury free.

    Go AMAT!!!!

  • JG

    Hey Dranch if you were at the game you must have seen that 10 points came from special teams, 7 points was on a fumble picked by a defensive lineman, that’s how can you say wc secondary is no good when the offence only mustered uo 10 points on offence, pay attention to the game!!!

  • SGV For 30 Years


    After the first quarter WC completely shut down Walnut’s offense. Walnut scored 10 first quarter pts. Bucause of WC misques deep in their own territory. Their other score came on a scoop and score of a fumble (WC was in the redzone at the time), and a kick-off return for a TD. Walnut was able to find different ways to score. But WC was in total control after the first quarter.


    You have got to be kidding us! This game isn’t even going to be a contest. I have seen both teams play. Covina by far the better team. Livingston will give Wilson fits from the QB position. I don’t see Wilson holding them under 45 and I can’t see them scoring more than 14. Lets compare games. Covina beat WC for their biggest win of the season. Who of any importance in the SGV has Wilson beaten? But if they can pull off this upset, I will jump on their bandwagon all the way to the League Championship.

    SGV430 Ouuuttt!!!!

  • Colt74

    My concerns for tonight is Livingstons ankle and how much District field dries out today. I’ll be there and try to send in score updates to Coveritlive.

  • Who is this guy DRANCHHH?.

    You know how dumb you sound saying west co has no secondary?. You sound really foolish. Haha they shut down Venice’s offense. I believe their points came from KOR. that’s special teams. Those are better athletes at Venice then they are at Rowland. Rowlands receivers a LITTLE too overrated buddy. Your guyses wins aren’t close to west co’s wins at all. Let’s not start w/your panthers because you guys are at a rough season as it is. When our week comes then talk all you want buddy.

  • Dbarman

    D-Bar exposes Bonita for what they are tonite. OVER RATED!!!!!


    What you need to worry about is Walnut . You better hope your team doesn’t think they will walk over the Mustangs because you have a big surprise coming. They just might hang 24-30 on you guys as that is the average you are giving up even with a shut out . You haven’t proved anything yet that gives you the right come on here and talk smack on WC . They no doubt will burn the bulbs out on the scoreboard when they face you . Your team has given up 123 points in 5 games so no reason for you to knock someone else’s defense. Get your own house in order before you come on here again with that type of bull shiat .

  • dranchhhh

    I love how I get under your skin. I was there and I. Saw how small your secondary was. How many catches the brick hands coleman have against your secondary? Isn’t that what you called the guy in previous posts? Also #17 for walnut how many catches/yards? And yes wescos secondary is small to me. Icc like 47 at backer bc he stood out. Your speaking of your miscues, how many td’s did you guys score off their “miscues”, 2? Correct? So let’s take 14 from 41=27 points? Hmm…

    As far as DR IS concerned…..all I will say is beat us first bc you have not been able to do that yet…

  • @Dbarman

    You’ve got to be kidding me. DBar got DESTROYED by DRanch and you expect DBar to beat Bonita? DBar was also 4-0 before. What school do oyu think is truly overrated?

  • EastHaciendaHeights

    Everything looks well on the horizon. Some team unity from the top to the bottom. Excitement crawls up the back of the O, in hopes to capitalize off of a week long journey of perfection. The D ferociously awaits tackles for loss of yardage. The Cats of Hacienda Heights are agile, hostile, and mobyle. Covina beware there’s a new Sheriff coming to town.

  • EastHaciendaHeights

    Everything looks well on the horizon. Some team unity from the top to the bottom. Excitement crawls up the back of the O, in hopes to capitalize off of a week long journey of perfection. The D ferociously awaits tackles for loss of yardage. The Cats of Hacienda Heights are agile, hostile, and mobyle. Covina beware there’s a new Sheriff coming to town.

  • EastHaciendaHeights

    Everything looks well on the horizon. Some team unity from the top to the bottom. Excitement crawls up the back of the O, in hopes to capitalize off of a week long journey of perfection. The D ferociously awaits tackles for loss of yardage. The Cats of Hacienda Heights are agile, hostile, and mobyle. Covina beware there’s a new Sheriff coming to town.

  • dranchhhh


    I diversify broski. Lol its a public blog governed by FJR. Guess the truth hurts. I’m headed to Bonita game tonight…not to worried about DR. THEY will do what they r prepared to do. I think BoHi routes DB but who knows its been a topsy turvy season, for example wesco loosing to pass oriented covina team. I mean hey who would have guessed? LoL

  • Dbarman

    My point exactly. Dranch will expose Bonita too. OVER RATED!!!

  • Amat tested

    Bonita opens up a can of Whoop A– on Diamond Bar. It will be ugly. They will run amok on that D-Bar defense.

  • Dan

    Correction WC has beaten D.Ranch, the series is even at 2 a piece with one tie, You beat us the last time we played, we beat you the time before that, don’t know if its a rivalry yet but it makes the series between the schools all the more interesting, but I’ve digrested, WC has only Rowland on their mind.

  • reality

    There is a young pup usurping my blog name but noting his inane posting style and lack of understanding of the grand game rest assured this is the real reality posting. While not entirely in concert with Dbar’s comment I have an uneasy feeling there is some truth in it. I have watched Bonita this year and I have an observation. While they have some fine victories does anyone think they would have the same results if they played those same teams now? Many of the one-sided results have been because of special team play, defense, and game changing turnovers. My uneasy feeling comes from the thought that Podley’s cupboard may be almost empty.Other teams are getting better and better while Bonita is not. With the loss of Horine, their big threat on offense they could be in big trouble. True GP coming back today is good but he still is untested under fire with no Horine to take pressure off.The team must decide they will get better after every game but sometimes Bonita seems to lack that undefineable thing called heart. If they can’t find it I think the DC’s of the league will quickly figure them out.
    A win by Bohi is a must as well as for Dbar.

  • Amat tested

    San Dimas could slap the ears back of Diamond Bar…i.e. Bonita ROMPS tonight.

  • Basic


    I couldn’t agree with you more, the lost of C.H. is devastating on offense and really hurts on defense, and while the team has been playing well I just don’t see them winning League. I still think they are a good team but will lose 2 maybe 3 games down the line I just don’t think it will be tonight…

  • Bones

    I agree. A lot of people wont think it, but it is surely true what a few posts have claimed… Wilson-Covina match is huge for VVL… although Wilson has played well in most its games under new coach Zavala… Idk if the ‘Cats are disciplined enough to defeat the Colts and coach Thomas.

  • Rollin Stacks

    I got my money on West Cochina getting beat by Rowland Fakers tonight.

  • Bones

    @ Rollin:
    Was that an oxymoron?

  • Bones



  • Dee


  • Ro

    walnut up 21-0 against diamond ranch,lets see if they can get the win.

  • SD John

    Azusa Azusa Azusa what ever they are the most overrated team in the valley. First team they come up against in the VVL will beat them…. OVER EFFEN RATED !!!

  • eastsider

    roosevelt over norco 14-7 at half

  • kh

    you have to be the one numb brain headed guy thinking after a week off and 4-0 bonotas not getting better dude,garrett came in about 8 minutes intio the game firsyt pass 40 yard bomb.29 to 0 half time the d is solid,i1 first down in the 1st half,it real reality,bonita the best team handdown in this area.

  • please sir!


    Your knowledge of football outside the San Gabriel Valley matches that of your writing skills.

    Please stop. Bonita and Bishop Amat compete in two completely different worlds. Stop embarrassing your Bearcats.

  • ???

    You know it’s really sad when people go on these blogs and put down schools that aren’t their own. Is it so hard to give theses schools/kids accolades for going to practice everyday and putting in the effort just as much as the kids from the bigger schools? When people post, “Oh, they’re overrated” or “They’ve played no one,” well obviously they’ve played someone because they don’t go out there and play with shadows or mirages. And they sure don’t go to practice everyday to play no one.

    I wish people would really think before they post rude comments. If you’re old enough to use a computer and go on these blogs, then you’re old enough to know that putting down other people is wrong. Obviously, not all comments are rude or disrespectful but if the shoe fits…

  • Aztec c/o 2010

    @SD John
    sir sir sir you are just another hater. THE HATERS HAVE BECOME OVER RATED too.!

  • eastsider

    Norco loses to Roosevelt 24-21

  • Aztec Pride

    SD John,you lost and now you want to vent your frustrations on AZUSA. You sound like SD M. Good job AZUSA


    When a penalty flag was throw at the Workman La Puente game the Workman p/a announcer would say.

    “There is a Question on the field”

    I’m like saying Say what you fool what the heck is a Question.

    Workman need to fire the pa guy and the guy running the clock.

  • covinafan#1


    there is a old song called I SHOT THE SHERIFF ever heard of it….. Coach Thomas for COY


  • Living Legend

    Covina looked dang good tonight, probably their most complete game. Looked as if after a few off weeks they get back on-track. On a separate note as a grad of Wilson high school I am ashamed at the way not only the way the players handle themselves but also their parents. If they continue to act in this manner they may not win a game in this league.

    By the way you cried to get in the VVL, well welcome to the league!

  • JG

    hey Dranchhh you should came to the WC game, hot dog and coke are on me, oh yeah, your at that other game. WC has too many horses baby!!! running backs,and D backs. Buy the way what’s the score over there?

  • Colt74

    What can you say about Wilson High? I think the “Refs Suck” chant from their bleachers says it all.

    Colts were nervous in the first. Almost gave up an easy touchdown with the bad snap and loss of 17. If not for a couple of dropped passes in the endzone or 2 feet from it this could have been a serious blow out. Coach T pulling the starters halfway thru the 4th made the score look respectable. It easily could have been 50-3. Colts still made some dumb mistakes but are getting better week by week.V. Venagas and A. Carrillo really impressed me tonight. And to think…they are only juniors…..

  • ST G54

    Ganesha 14
    Gladstone 28

    Game was handed to G Stone. Very frustrating loss..

  • Panther Fan

    JG – Last time I saw the DR – Walnut score board at 9:40 pm when the game ended, it was DR 35 – Walnut 28. I don’t think it is going to change.

    Got to give it to Walnut they seemed very solid. Returned the initial kickoff for a TD. DR making lots of turnovers in the first half to spot Walnut a 21-0 lead. DR came out blazing in 2nd half and sored 28 straight points. Refs helped Walnut get their final TD to tie the score. DR tries field goal with .2 seconds remaining. Kick was blocked and way off to the left. Game goes to overtime. DR scores in second round and then intercepts the Mustangs pass in the endzone to end the game.

    It looks like DB and Los Altos will be fighting for the cellar.

    My prediction for the Bonita game was almost right on
    (prediction Bonita 52 Diamond Bar 13) Actual Score
    Bonita 53 Diamond bar 20. I guess DB can score against 2nd and 3rd stringers.

  • Lovin The Heights

    Well.. gotta give West Covina their props and the coaches. They were a well oiled unit that capitalized on opportunities… Only thing bad I can say is.. Coach.. you didn’t have to tell your player to act hurt when you had no more time outs and 12 seconds left before the half and then you scored.. uummm some would say that that was ingenious!!! We might be down tonight but we’re not out!! We’ll be back. I think it will still be interesting the next 4 weeks, down to the wire of who takes Hacienda League. West Covina did what they had to do. They are a good team through and through. Shout out to 42 “Louie” Valdez and 13 Ryan Salausa ya’ll still inflicted some pain on a few of the West Covina boys… GO ROWLAND!!! Always a fan , never fair weathered…

  • GHigh

    Hey ST G54, tough loss tonight home skillet, but we can take solace in the fact that Pomona’s 19 paid coaches are now 0-2 and not going to CIF while we still have a shot. Giants will rule this league in time! Believe baby, believe!

  • Mikey

    Lovin The Heights-

    I found that play changed the entire game… if West Covina doesn’t score, it’s 14-7 @ the half and Rowland getting the ball to start… in high school, the play was legal props (i guess) to the WC kid who pulled it off…

    The Hacienda will be decided 10/29 when Bonita visits West Covina…

  • footballer

    I attended the BHS vs DB. Same game plan without making any adjustments again. 1st qt was back and forth up until BHS coaches made adjustments. DB staff just folded out coached again. My hat goes off to the kids who kept fighting for DB. I wanted to see BHS. BHS is good I think BHS vs DR will be a tight game when they face each other, advantage BHS. BHS has a running game and a passing attack. DR has a running game missing the passing attack. Stop DR running game BOHS wins the game. It sounds like DR had a tough time with WHS. Would like to watch WCHS. Who and where will WCHS play next week?

  • Stop crying

    @Mikey & McLuvin (the heights); Hey girls, stop crying, is that the excuse ur gonna use – puuhleze – try something like the ref’s were bad or the stars were not in alignment, the WC player faking an injury? reaching. Scoreboard!!!

  • Wildcat

    Well all I have to say is this Covina team is going to go as far as Livingston can take the. Their backup qb was in the first two sets of downs we stop them. We scored a fieldgoal up 3 – 0. They put LIvingston in ome play were down 7-0. Livimgston is their team, I cant even count how many dropped balls. This kid had a great night.

  • JG

    Panther Fan- thanks for reminding Walnut also had a kick off return against WC and a fumble returned by a defensive lineman for a score, i guess the difference is that WC domminated the after the I’st qtr. and the Panthers had to scratch for the win.

  • happy rocker

    look at the whuppings that SH and Damien got…….again …JSerra won’t make the playoffs in Pac5 and SH just keeps getting worked, I guess those lower division championships dont transfer well to the real powerhouses, Bonita, were pointing the finger at you and CO……where will gg and bogan end up next year?

  • reality

    Feel silly now after my earlier post. When GP came in, in the 2nd quarter it was 0-0. It was David vs Goliath with Goliath winning this time.Once GP came in the receivers all looked wide open and probably because of that the running game really started clicking.With a good defense, offense, special teams and kicking game as Gene Hackman said in Hoosiers “Were gonna be a real tough team to beat”

  • JG

    Loving The Heights- I guess perception looks that way when you are trying to justify something, you know a man down, i think you are giving to much credit to High School coaching. I wish we were that good, it would make up for all the miscues we had during the game.

  • Panther Fan

    JG – Not so much scratching, DR pretty much dominated the second half. DR had committed 4 turnovers to the Mustangs in the first half. In the 4th quarter with less than three minutes left, the refs got involved and started some weird stuff with some of their calls. Especially after Walnut was forced to kick on 4th down at their 20 yrd line, approx 2 min left in the game, ball was partially blocked – landed around the Walnut 43. Was batted by the hand of walnut player towards the DR goal. Initially the ball was put on Walnut 43 by one ref and another ref was signaling to put it on the 50 yrd line. Next thing we know it’s put on the DR 35. What the? Then a couple of penalties against DR put the ball back to the 10 yrd line. DR took the ball and worked it to the Walnut 2 yrd line with .2 seconds remaining. Field goal was partially blocked and wide to the left. Talk about playing favoites. It looked like these refs were related to the ones from the DR-Chaffey game and they wanted Walnut to win in the badest way.

  • jcaz

    Notes on Amat, notes in general

    First of all, congratulations to Azusa on the big win tonight, over a much improved Dons team. They may very well be the next school that Aram and Fred start to compare to Amat.


    Also,while it is true that I have been known to take a shot or two at Charter Oak this year, I have also let it be known that I would much rahter see a god Charter Oak team than a bad one. I think that the biggest reason for this is because I would really like to see CO just beat the crap out of Norco if they should ever meet in the playoofs this year.

    The fact that Norco lost tonight to a team such as Roosevelt, makes me think that Charter Oak has more than a good chance to do just that.

    I guess that in the end, no matter who you play, you have to win the games your suppose to win, otherwise how can anyone come into this forum and say that your one of the best teams in the south land when you end up get embarrassed at home against a team like Roosevelt anyway ?

    But I digress

    A blogger came in here not to long ago and said that up to this point Amat hadnt yet faced a really good passing attack, and that because of this, that Amat would be in some serious trouble come league.

    Well, I have to say that at half time, of the game over at Kieffer this evening, that there were more than a few concerned looks on some of the faces in the stands tonight.

    Now, dont get me wrong, I didnt believe for an instant that anyone really thought that Venice was going to win the game this evening, but the fact that they were able to hang around as long as they did, was something of a surprise to most of the faithful I must say.

    Still, as most good teams do, Amat showed why they are such a talent this year, because Amat put them away mid way through the third quarter and they did so with a tremendous statement.

    As you so often hear in here, the final score really didnt reflect the total second half dominance that Amat showed on that field tonight.

    I think however, that the fact that the defense was surprised at the way Venice executed some of those passing plays early on, will be an area that our coaching staff will need to look more closely before next weeks game, but even with all of that, this team rose to the challenge and beat a very determined Venice team.

    BTW, did anyone happen to notice, as I did, that our favorite game time announcer kept repeating over and over, that Crespi (our Serra league opponent next week), has averaged well over 400 yards of passing offense per game this year ?

    Do you think he was trying to say something here ?

    Well, while all of those statistics may very well be true, it is also interesting to note that this evening, Taft, another “lowly” city team, put up some big numbers on Crespi….at home.!

    Anyway, the facts are that next week will really be a bench mark game for the Lancers. They will have to not only win the game, but I believe that they will have to win big if they are going to make any noise in the Pac 5 this year.

    The reason I say that is because Crespi has been a team that has been very difficult to figure out this year. At times, they have been good, but at other times, they have really laid some eggs.

    If we were to blow them out next week, we would really catch some attention, and in a big way. Anyway, next week is the biggest game of the year so far, so lets see how this teams does.

  • Dan

    Mikey/Loving the heights,
    A weak and bitter excuse from the both of you, WC dominated plain and simple, they kept Rowland in the game with the early fumble in the red zone and the penalties that took several big gainers away, could have been a couple more scores for us. No need to take digs at our coach, he did after all giftwrap a nice TD for your boys when he put our second string kickoff team in for your last score.

  • Dan

    Jcaz,or any other Amat faithful,
    Did #5 the runningback Teondray Caldwell play
    for Venice tonight? He’s been out the last four weeks with a high ankle sprain.

  • jcaz

    Sorry Dan, I didn’t take notice.

  • Corona Centennial Parent

    Norco you couldn’t hold up your part of the bargain and be unbeaten when you get to play us. I guess that’s what separates the great teams from the good teams. Come on roosevelt really? How about REV getting smoked by MV??? They are not going to make any noise in the playoffs… SAD!

  • Friday Lights

    yes #5 for venice played but hurt his ankle again and left the game in first half.

  • Me Amat Grad

    I must say Congrads to all the winners in the SGV. To those who lost, get up and fight again never give up.

    Amat played good, but could of played better on defense. Amats defense allowed to many yards on the pass by Venice quarterback. Amat must do a better job in the defense of back area because allowing to many yards with a good quarterback will destroy you. Overall Amat performance was good but giving up 329 yard in the air is not good. Crespi will no doubt throw alot because of great protection by the line and they are pretty big up front but as you may recall defenses win championships. Amat defense is of average size but strong and fast. If Amat defense can pressure and disrupt Crespi’s quarterback and force him to throw Amat will win but if Amat allows Crespi quarterback to just sit back and throw, believe me, it will be a long night for Amat.

    Don’t under estimate any of the Serra league schools, for example, Loyola beat undefeated Valencia. Norte Dame, although hurting, can still come in and surprise you. Since Crespi’s first close lost to Dominguez, they have improved very much. And of course you got Alemany on rampage. Amat has much improved since the first couple of games but tonight’s battle showed Venice (1-5) came with fire power. Amat can clearly stop the run this is obvious by the 6 opponents they played and Venice so far is the only team, to my memory, to put up over 300 yards in the Air.

    The Serra league starts next week and look for Amat to beat Crespi at home, but will be close, then travel to Loyola, will also be a tough one to win, then back to Amat for Norte Dame. I predict Amat will go 9-0 and will challenge Alemany who will probably go 9-0 for the Serra League Championship. Alemany’s only concern will be Crespi because they play them at Crespi. And Amat will have to travel to Alemany to win outright the Serra League Championship which will be a difficult task but not impossible.

    Good Luck Lancers….Make your school proud and the SGV. Mighty are those who wear “Blue and Gold”

  • the truth

    up early for work, so reading the blogs, and wanted to add that Walnut QB roche played very tough and should be congratulated for his play against a tough DR blitz.

    Is it true Chase “CP” Price had another great game 40 carries for 325 yards?
    I thought he had more like 220 yards and one long reception for a td to get to the 325 either way , just another outstanding performance by this young man. As I said last week I have not seen performances like this since DBAR jason wright. Not even Muema last year.

    Roddy let your QB run too . He has great running ability and made some key runs in the second half.

    Gotta love the kicker Jeff Stamp after having kicks in first half go to the ten yd line he just blew the ball into end zone to stop walnut from even thinking of another run back.

    I do not like the ranch fan crying about the refs all the time. Yes they were bad at the end with the pass interference and personal foul calls but hey they are just doing their job. Oops sounds like Im crying too. My bad.

    Who is the DB POSTER WRITING IN ALL CAPS. WE CAN HEAR YOU. And I get the demographic card but Walnut has same issues and look how they are competing. Anyone at the DR DBAR game could see that based on the crowd that showed (packed) someone in DBAR thought this game meant something. You can bet it will be a way larger crowd than the Dbar Walnut game coming up.

    happy birthday roddy and thanks for making DR the “king of the Walnut Valley”

  • Lovin The Heights

    @ Stop Cryin.. aint cryin just stating the what happened.. he did fake being hurt and WC did score on that opportunity. There was 1 sec left on the clock. If ref didn’t call time out for the WC player on ground, there wouldn’t have been time left and it would have been 14-7 at half. Just statin the facts, not cryin. WC is a good team. I call it as I see it.. and you know in football any one play can turn a game one way or another.. didnt say WC wouldn’t have won. all you need is 1 extra point to win.. just sayin score might have looked a little different. still props to WC this night. Find somebody else to be a smart a$$ with.

  • Lovin The Heights

    @ Dan, the same can be said for WC last score. WC did a great job overall and that’s that.

  • Lovin The Heights

    Looking at other blogs this morning and saw what ultimately describes last nights game with WC… “WC is the real deal”. I didn’t see the team I’m use to seeing, but then I must give WC the credit for that. Alright my ROWLAND fans and haters, I’m gonna lick my wounds today and enjoy the rest of the season.. cause each week.. it seems you never know.. the team that lost to one beats the other so it’ll be interesting to see how each coaching staff in the Hacienda League strategizes to beat their opponents. I will continue to say we do have talent and we are exciting to watch!! See you “in” the playoffs!!

  • blue cup

    I was also at the Amat game last night. Not only was the safety play quite bad, but I felt the offensive and defensive lines were off and handled at least first half. I wasn’t until the score was 35 14 that Amat actually got to the Venice quarterback. Tackling was poor. I know Amat will look at the film and break down the mistakes, work on what is necessary to slow down Crespi. Hagerty is a master at preparation and adjustment. As another Amat blogger said, Crespi is by far Amats toughest game thus far and if they can’t find an answer to the 300 plus passing yards put up by Venice, it can be a long night for Amat.

  • Unreal…

    Good game last night. I think the Venice had a good game plan to start the game. The 40 yard bomb on the first play of the game seemed to really knock the Lancers back on their heels.

    The interception in the end zone by D.J. Daniels really turned the game for the Lancers. After that, the secondary played with confidence and looked a lot better. Our secondary is going to have to be ready for Crespi, it’s obvious they love to throw. More importantly, the Amat running game is going to have to control the pace of the game and limit the amount of opportunities that Crespi has to take the field offensively.

    I’m not too worried about Crespi, they give up a lot of points and our offense can score.

    Anyways…. Great game last night. Congratulations the men in blue and gold.

  • Dan

    Loving the Heights,
    Good luck the rest of the way.

    Friday Lights,
    Thanks for the update on Venice #5, sad that this is happening in his senior year he is a stud runningback.

  • Boost up the Stats!!!!

    Just looking at maxpreps and noticed that Sierra Vista had 111 tackles while Azusa only ran 36 offensive plays. I know there is special teams tackles, but come on S.V. whats up with the stat boost? Also noticed that their top rusher had 204 yards, but looked to me like he was shut down all night. The paper also said that as a team they had 172yds total. Whoever is doing their stats needs a math lesson.

  • kh revised

    youve got to be the only numb brain headed guy, thinking after a week off and 4-0 Bonitas not getting better dude. Garrett came in about 8 minutes into the game. First pass 40 yard bomb, 29 to 0 at half time and the Defense was solid; it was the first down in the 1st half, get real reality, Bonita the best team hands down in this area.

  • Blue Crush

    AMAT will be fine. Venice put up 300+ in the air but 77 yd td a 40 yd pass and another 45 yd pass up the sidelines in man to man coverage makes up over half those yards. Credit to Venice rec corps they made plays. Also the last big pass play was against second squad. Fear NOT AMAT FAITHFUL our young secondary was tested and IMO passed. Lot of room for improvement but hey have you ever heard the term bend but don’t break? I thought so. Go Big Blue!!!!!

  • Blue Crush

    AMAT will be fine. Venice put up 300+ in the air but 77 yd td a 40 yd pass and another 45 yd pass up the sidelines in man to man coverage makes up over half those yards. Credit to Venice rec corps they made plays. Also the last big pass play was against second squad. Fear NOT AMAT FAITHFUL our young secondary was tested and IMO passed. Lot of room for improvement but hey have you ever heard the term bend but don’t break? I thought so. Go Big Blue!!!!!

  • Outside looking in

    Norco : Where you at now big mouth ?
    Loving the Heights: Stop whining your starting to sound like COchargerfan.
    Reality: Stop patting Bonita on the back about last nights victory, remember you played Diamond Bar!

  • Chino Hills Style

    Hey Norco are you gonna comment on that loss..

  • Amat Dude

    Obviously there were some kinks in our defensive armor last night. Part psychological and part mental breakdown. Going against a banged up 1-4 team, Amat didn’t seem to take Venice very seriously. And the defense was caught napping a few times too many last night, but adjusted very quickly.

    Amat’s very young secondary (2 Sophomores, 1 Jr), will indeed be challenged by Crespi’s passing attack next week. I have faith McCutcheon and Hagerty will have a great offensive and defensive plan against Crespi. So put on your kevlar vest next week, cuz it’s gonna be an all out war at Kiefer!

    Congrats on all the SGV teams winning tonight!

  • Colt74

    You gotta cut the Norco poster some slack. Probably still doing chores out in the barn…milking the steers….

  • SGV for 30 Years

    I was at the Walnut/DR game last night. What an awsome game. Like Roddy said, Walnut came out and punched DR in the mouth. To me it seemed like DR thought this game was going to be another DBar game. They didn’t seem very focused. I see where people are complaining about the officials. DR jumped off sides at least 7 times during the night. Are the officials just supposed to let that go? I didn’t think they had any unusual impact on the game. The officials didn’t cause all the fumbles and interceptions in the first half.
    I think it just came down to this. Diamond Ranch didn’t respect Walnut. (THEY DO NOW) They thought it was a one man team and they were down 21-0 (and it could have been more)before they realized that Walnut is no DBar.
    I would have loved to hear Roddy’s halftime speech. Offensively DR’s second half game plan was simple CHASE PRICE and a whole lot of him. That young man may be the best back I’ve seen this year.
    So DR people that are complaining about the officials, don’t get caught up in all that stuff. Remember there is some kind of holding, tripping, kicking, and punching on every play in football. Great teams find a way to win inspite of all that. You still have quite a mountain to climb. Bonita, Rowland, and West Covina. I picked you and WesCo for the league championship. I’ve seen you both.
    TO THE TURTH: I assure you that the crowd at next weeks DBar-Walnut game will be larger than the one you saw at the DR-Dbar game.

    SGV430 Ouutt!!!

  • Colt fanatic

    What happend to all the D-1 Wilson players? Schreimen…I can’t hear you?

  • tdrohan

    To Panther Fan:
    No way the refs were biased. A number of clear Holding calls in the first half that the refs didn’t make… Also, the fumble that wasn’t for the Ranch.. The touchdown reception for Price which was close to a drop.. Overall, I thought the refs were not great for either team though.. No way the refs were biased from where I was standing..

  • 50/50!!!

    50/50 Amount at Bishop Amat vs. Venice =


    50/50 Amount at Bishop Amat vs. Damien =


  • BAShines

    Bishop Amat may have given up a lot of passing yards but it was mostly due to blown assignments and missed tackles. But no one should make any mistake about BA’s dominance. BA was up 42-14 until the end of the 4th Quarter and if it wasn’t for a long INT return in the 2nd, BA would have been up 42-7 at at point. But yes, BAs secondary does need to step up big time vs. Crespi.


  • the truth about the truth

    DRanch – King of Walnut Valley? Aren’t you guys the reform school of the Walnut Valley? Kids that cant play sports at neighboring schools seem to always find their way on to the field at DRanch. I suppose a .5 GPA at DBar = 2.5 at the Ranch? I guess thats part of the recruiting process. And what is it with the constant poor sportsmanship and lack of class displayed by the players. When you win a game like that aren’t you supposed to celebrate with your team? Of all players, I think that was your QB that runs across the field to taunt the Walnut sidelines? Theres something legit for you to boo at. Not a good look Dranch. This was the first time watching you in action. And definitely lived up to the negative hype.

    I guess your wannabe Vanilla Ice head coach instills those great qualities in players.

    No class, poor sportsmanship. WE AR DR!!!

  • kh

    whos cares
    love how again bonita just flys under the radar with friend,thank god hes making the wc /bonita the league championship game its going to be,
    theres no gus at d-ranch,last night it was 49 to 0 bonita late in 3nd quarter,we pulled everybody and the varisity team scored 20 off are jv.
    so saying that a 1st string d,give up 3 points santa fe=
    0 points bp
    o points d-bar
    3 points in last 3 games guys wake up
    ave. 1 point per game.
    next week l.a.
    nobodys even talks about it,its amat has a 50/50/ two weeks in a row 2000 plus dollars,
    we are for real people

  • John Cook

    Hey Boost Up The Stats!!!!!!!: Sounds like all you are worried about is How SV stats are. Did you ever play Football sounds like you did not even see the field. To be correct the Running Back Gio Rivera #6 rush for 199 yards on 22 carriers and Erick Garcia #21 Rushed 57 yards and # 48 6 yards. So you do the math. I don’t even think you went to the game. Like the news paper said didn’t think Dons would not have surpassed 200 yards in the game. So If you would like to see a copy of the Game film to verify the yards. I would glady lend you a copy. About Tackles are posted to maxsprep as assist and solo tackles on special teams and Defense Maxsprep Total them. So get a life and don’t worried about the numbers. If you want I think Sierra Vista would like to extend an invite to you to be on the sidelines to take the stats. P.S. I know the coaches personally.

  • Revised

    kh said:
    who cares
    love how again Bonita just flys under the radar with Fred; thank god hes making to the West Covina /Bonita the league championship game.
    Theres no Guts at Diamond Ranch, last night it was 49 to 0 Bonita late in 3rd quarter, we pulled everybody and their varsity team scored 20 off our Junior Varsity.
    So saying that a 1st string Defense ,give up 3 points Santa fe
    0 points Baldwin park
    o points Diamond Bar
    3 points in last 3 games guys wake up!
    Average. 1 point per game.
    Next week, Los Altos.
    Nobodys even talks about it! Its Amat has a 50/50/ two weeks in a row 2000 plus dollars,
    we are for real people!

  • jcaz

    Boy, everyone and thier Chihuahua, are really ripping NORCO a new one this morning.

    But hey, if there was ever a time where someone needed to remind this guy of his place in this world, then this would be the time I suppose.

    Look, NORCO, your team’s gonna lose some and win some. Ya can’t win em all no matter how good you may be. And make no mistake about it, NORCO is a good team !

    But, heck even Amat get’s bounced every year and when that happens, we as the faithful, come in here and congratulate the winners, and at the same time, we also accept the abuse that comes along with it all.

    The faithfull never loose sight of all the guns that are pointed in our direction, and that’s because of our high expectations.

    NORCO fan, take a lesson from “Laughing Sparta” on this one. You may recall that at the beginning of the week that we were going to play Damien, he came on here with some pretty tough smack talk. Especially right after his JV team literally slaughtered our JV squad.

    But to his credit, he came right back here after our varsity victory, and maned up. He showed some class, and that is why I for one, give him all the respect he deserves, even though he was talking some heavy schitz there for a while.

    Anyway NORCO, at the very least, why don’t you come in here and admit to all the blogers that NORCO took it on the chin last night.

    Try your hand at some “Humble pie.”

    It dosen’t taiste so bad you know….

    Because I for one, can tell you that we have been eating some of that very same pie now, for over 15 years…..

  • the truth

    to sgv 30 years,

    I will not be at the walnut dbar game so I will trust you. If it is larger than Dranch Dbar Ill buy the brew at chilis or applebees your choice.

    If not you buy it, fair enough, all on your word. cool??

    TO THE OTHER TRUTH: Ill take kids that compete, go to college on sports scholarships, and do great on the sat act tests and are ranked in top 10% of Ca api test scores anyday. You stick with the schools where your at and we will stay where we are at. Oh yeah how come you mention DR QB and not the walnut star player that did not shake hands with DR after the game? hmm sounds a little biased to me.

    Or how about an AD/coach that crys about a freshman game to cif in order to gain an edge in the varsity game. Now thats class.

  • LOL@Norco

    Goodbye Norco!

    How does it feel to get beat by an unranked team? Where are all your statistics and rankings you so like to post? I knew Norco was in trouble when they gave up over 500 yards to Etiwanda.

    I told you…

    Norco = Overrated

  • kh

    you need to be revised on what are you talking about,
    no guts at diamond ranch?
    i said no gus,
    that was last seasons qb gus at d-ranch.
    dont be another guy who just comes on to cum on people,go watch some games then let us know what you saw,whos the team to beat,which team will raise to the top,when all the smoke has clearedi have plenty of grammer helpers ,please dont need any more,thanks.
    bonita bearcats sitting on 5-0 with giving up 72 points,leading the league in d-fense just like i said they will.we are rated #1 in our section.

  • Panther

    Wow, did someone say DR had poor sportsmanship? I just watched tape on the entire game, our QB never taunted the Wanlut sideline after the game, so talk real talk.

    Funny that a Walnut player (38?) kicked one of DR’s players in the nuts on a PAT, guess what Walnut, we have it on tape and it’s going to CIF. And what’s up with #88, when we lined up to shake hands 1st he shoves our first kid in line, then doesn’t shake anyones hand, then walks off and leaves his own teams end of game talk…classless.

    Oh and to DBAR your academic statistics are all jacked up, must be nice to spew any bull you want on a message board; we will stay where we’re at, feels pretty good right about now.

  • kh say what?


    I understood revised better than the stuff you write after you smoke that crap in your pipe. Gus or guts who cares? Please get out of the barn and retake that a first grade English class you flunked during the America Civil War. My 4 year old writes better than you dude.

  • Wildcat

    Colt fanatic aka Los Altos Parent:

    “What happened to all the D-1 Wilson players? Schreimen…I can’t hear you?”

    The D1 talent? I am assuming you are talking about Nelson and Prohoff. Nelson had around 150 receiving yards with one touchdown, not bad is it?

    Why waste everyone’s time attempt to get us to believe that you are a Covina blogger. The Covina bloggers don’t even know the name Schreiman, they only know him as #7. I heard you guys had your best Friday night this week you didn’t loss, o yea you had a bye you didn’t win either. Well that is the closes you are going to get to a win this season, enjoy it.

  • Bohi booster

    Please don’t judge our cheer leader kh to harshly. You should see him with his green sweater on with the giant “B” on the front,cheering his boy wildly with a big megaphone.He is like all cute cheerleaders, they’re hard to ignore and would just like some attention. If you react to his cheering he will only cheer louder.

  • football jones

    Re; Norco

    The insufferable NORCO is MIA.

    Maybe he was so distraught he leaped off the bleachers last night.

  • football jones

    Re; Norco

    The insufferable NORCO is MIA.

    Maybe he was so distraught he leaped off the bleachers last night.

  • Steve Ramirez

    To John Cook: John, I stand by my stats, give or take 5-10 yards, either way. I’ve been doing this for 20-plus years, including five years as Citrus College Sports Information Director, when I compiled the stats for the Owls football team.
    A lot of mistakes some stat keepers make – even those who get them off the film – is they don’t know the general rules for stat keeping, with the biggest mistake being on plays with penalties, but others are made as well. I can recall the late stat keeper for Los Altos, Jim Anderson, who at a game I noticed was crediting a defensive player with a sack, even though the QB never intended to throw the ball, which by rule is not a sack, but a tackle for loss.
    Now no two people are going to have the same stats from the same game, because it depends on how they spot the ball, but again the general rule is that if the ball is past a certain yardline, then its rounded up to the next yard line. The exception, obviously being on a gain just shy of a first down, or a run or pass short of the goalline.
    I don’t think the differential I noticed this morning was intentional, just a lack of knowledge of the stat rules. Plus, I will add stat keeping is really easy from the field on the new fieldturf fields, which are easy to spot where the ball is placed.

  • DR Dad


    DR is classless?? Really?? There players taunted DR and the DR coaches from the very opening of pre-game. Twisting of ankles, kicking DR players in the balls ON THE FIELD OF PLAY, Walnut coaches referring to DR as “ghetto-playground players”, #88 literally bumping into players during the post game “handshake”, Soccer goal on our sideline upon arrival and when addressed, They were told by the Head Coach that it had wheels (insinuating that DR should move it themselves.) DR is classless?? Really?? Walnut coaches are incredibly arrogant and rude. How could they even have the nerve to be upset with DR when you blew a 21-0 lead, AT HALFTIME. What adjustments did Roddy and Co. make to beat you. I believe Walnut was simply out coached and their cocky arrogance cost them. #7 cant just lay up “prayers” and hope the #88 will come down with them. #88 was the same after #15 from Dr cracked him. I saw one play where #44 from Walnut got put on his butt by a DR lineman and he jumped up and ran full speed and hit the DR center in the back, not a split second after the whistle. I thought backers went after the football?? Totally not fair the address DR as classless. Is that what you guys do when you lose in “walnut valley”-what ever the heck that is. You guys had an opportunity and you blew it, get over it and get ready for next week.

  • JG

    Hey Panther: do you need a hug or what? this a football team!!! Do you need to go into the academic issues of the school to make a point about a team, you are reaching!! stick to that that green field, the one you see every Friday nite.

  • Azusa who?

    Damn can’t help notice Azusa steam rolling everyone. But is not getting any love from anyone, maybe because they play in a weak league? All I know is they have my respect, especially if they go very deep into the playoffs and represent their school and Community well.

  • Panther


    My academic comment was in response to “the truth about the truth” who, based on the post, is apparantly from DBAR. Couldn’t agree with you more; your little hug comment is better served to him/her.

  • crickets..

    hey wilson, kinds quiet on your side right now…where are all the excuses and all the rant? guys play in the valle vista league and still cant compete, maybe the montview will have you in 3-5 years…you guys are horrible!!!

  • JG

    Panther Fan. buy no means any disrespect,i was at the WC game last nite, the calls against WC were herendouse, i don;’ even know how make sence out of it, thats HSF for you.

  • New Rankings!

    Calpreps, Maxpreps, and now has Norco as the #1 overrated team in the Southern Section.


  • Wilson Wildcat


    As bad as you may think we are we always have the up side of that;

    We are the best in Hacienda La Puente School District.

    Head to Head
    Wilson 33 Loss Altos 10
    Wilson 36 La Puente 20
    La Puente 44 Workman 8

    Overall record
    Wilson 3-2
    Loss Altos 0-5
    La Puente 2-3
    Workman 1-4

    Funny how you guys from LA are so embarrassed with your program that you won’t even use your LA blogger screen names.

    Well you guys will break one LA record this year, the first team in school history to go 0-10. Think about it you are on a 9 game losing streak.

    Cricket cricket cricket cricket .

  • DRanchhhh


    I know WC is good thats why I chose them to to pick on. I knew Rowland wasnt going to be able to hang. I have a decent amount of respect for WC. Anyhow, WHOAAAAA.. BoHi is the truth. They played like they were a well oiled machine. I am more worried about them after actually seeing them. They can pass, pass, pass and RUN. Id be surprised if they didnt get to the semi’s. DB looked like a disgruntled group last night.

    I heard what happened at the Walnut game and all I can say is Preparation is key. I dont think DR has ever come back from that far down. I know SH went up 14 either last year or the year before, but 21?? This is a special group of kids at DR this year. I remember Roddy said on a interview a few weeks ago, that he didnt know this team. He said “he didnt understand who they were”. Well all I can say about that Roddy is giants dont sleep long!!

  • Hey – “crickets”

    Most of the Wilson blogs last week were internal – QB situation, proper use of talent, ect. Well we got our answers last night on some of those blogs – Schreimann played about 60% of the snaps last night – 16-26 244 yards – and Nelson was placed at wide out for the first time – 7 receptions 160 yards 1 TD // those controversies are over – if there are new internal blogs this week they will still deal with the ridiculous play calling that seems to take place at certain times in a game – that is very baffling // and how to shore the middle of the field against the passing game – our glaring weakness on defense

  • New to the program


    yeah you run your piehole now. Scared azz men. You weren’t saying nothing. If your a Colt you know, you were there. But its ok were will work harder and hopefully we’ll meet up in a few weeks. And if your an LA fan woofing this nonsense be real. Win a game, and if your not an LA fan I appologize. But beware, Wilson found their formula and will open a big can of whoop azz soooooon.

  • Colt74

    Covina won……
    UCLA lost…….
    Florida is losing…….
    Florida State is winning……
    USC hanging tough …….

    Now if just Kim Kardashian,Lindsay Lohan,and Paris Hilton were abducted by aliens…and a bus of Swedish pole dancers
    were to break down in front of my house….it would be a perfect week-end…..

  • Boosting Stats

    To John Cook:

    You don’t need to know football or to have played football to understand that the stats have been boosted. Like I said you just need to know math. Azusa ran 36 offensive plays, you add the 3 punts for SV and 2 kickoffs that gives you 41 chances to make tackles for SV. Now, on 5 of those plays Azusa scored a TD, now you are down to 36 again, on 3 plays azusa threw an incomplete pass and now that makes 33. This means that SV had only 33 chances to make tackles total in the game. If you look at their defensive stats they accumulated 49 SOLO tackles. If you need some help with this it means that SV made 16 more solo tackles than had a chance to make a tackle. Now lets get to the assisted tackles. 111 minus 49 is 62. That means that on top of the 49 solo tackles SV also made 62 assisted tackles. Let us say that there were 3 guys on each of those assisted tackles. This means that there were approximately 21 other tackles that were made. This entails now that with solo 49 and assisted 21 that they had 70 chances to make tackles in the game. I will go back to the fact from above that SV only had 33 opportunities to actually make a tackle yet their stats show that they have at least 70!!!!!!!! Like I said before it is not about knowing or playing football you MORON!!!!! It is about the math!!! I will not go into the offensive stats because I am afraid you will not be able to keep up. Maybe you should go back and brush up on your math skills. By the way, negative yards count against a player not towards him.

  • baby blue nutter

    Wow…get a grip DRanch fans. 3 positive posts from the Walnut faithful…one negative from a supposed Walnut fan that doesn’t sound like they were at the game….and you guys go krazy.

    I didn’t hear anything about taunting from either team in the stands…so sounds like theres a lot BS getting flung around.

    So you have a loyal hater following you around….welcome to the club. As your man ddddrrrranch says….don’t be so senstive.

    All these non football activities that people pick up from the stands is amazing. Don’t get me wrong…it’s all good stuff….but more made for the movies.

    In general….kids are dumb…and do dumb things…especially when the testosterone levels are high. Do yourself a favor….don’t over analyze game film.

    How about…it was a fantastic game…and leave it at that.

  • kh

    i like the band and the cheerleaders,its all part of the package,friday night football games.its not a B on my sweater,its a R for rams, get it straight,dont be a hater booster,just sit there with your wife a be the man you are,let me be who iam .i wouldnt trade with you for a the tea in china,
    mr.4th grager,bring her on ,ill bet am smarter then a 4th you know the square root of 69?????????????
    ate something?
    now go get busy,
    next season bohi you will all go back to where you belong,but for now in our house hold.cif patch # 2 is waiting.
    a winner never quits and a quitter never wins,
    its funny how bonita baseball went the farther then any other team ever?
    now the football team is undeffeated.and little man is still heathly playing ever game,scored first td last night just like i said he would,theres a spot on the offense who keeps dropping passes,k.c. would catch them one handed,
    its not my fault you washed up paerents never throw balls or hit bp with your kid,if you did maybe you too would fill good about your son ability to come thru in the clutch,its not luck,its hard work.why dont the band come to away games? or i know it might wake up the old timers trying to listen to there wifes explain tomorrows honey do list,,,,get a life.
    go bearcats

  • Colt 74 – A Perfect Weekend

    USC lost again on the last play of the game for the second week in a row- C-H-O-K-E, better learn how to spell it – you will be saying it in a couple of weeks

  • Dbarlover

    more fans at the DBar-Dranch game or the DBar-Walnut game? Easy…DBar-Walnut..Saying that the stadium was packed at the DBar/ranch game goes without saying…the stands there are small and horrible..Lot’s of DBar fans stayed home because they knew parking would be horrible and the stands are tiny. DBar vs Walnut would be packed at Walnut but at DBar the stands will be half least 20% of the fans at DBar come to see the band not the football game. Nothing better than asking five people, “what number is your son?” and having them point to the tuba player….nice….half empty stadium at DBar equals full stadium at Ganesha…

  • crickets

    hahahahahahaha, …did someone really just crown themselves champions of the hacienda la puente unified school district?…what a joke…yea, that outta get you the respect you are seeking…
    are you beating san dimas?
    are you beating b park?
    are you beating…no need to answer, your season ends there….like i said b4…montview league in a few years so azusa can smash you…
    and why do u always point 2 your win against LA, they dont count anymore…you have no quality wins….none…pretenders…hahahaaha, champions of the HLPUSD, hahahaha, that was great…speaks for itself

  • Wilson Wildcats


    Five games into the season 3-2 record, I would have to say over 50% of the teams out there would like to have our record, so why don’t you crawl back into that hole you crawled out of.

  • crickets

    hey Wilson wildcat..ill take an XL in that HLPUSD champion tee shirt?,…hey, do u get a playoff berth with that 1st place finish?
    let me guess, when the el monte and la punte conytracts are up…whos next…gladstone and basset?

  • Colt74

    Colt 74 – A Perfect Weekend said:

    USC lost again on the last play of the game for the second week in a row- C-H-O-K-E, better learn how to spell it – you will be saying it in a couple of weeks

    Actually I love USC but despise Kiffin. My dislike for Kiffin is stronger than wanting to see USC win. For he next two years any USC wins ( other than over UCLA ) are pointless.

    I don’t use the term CHOKE. I think I stopped saying that when I was 12. I am curious to what is happening in 2 weeks ? Nothing special that I can see on my calendar….

  • Get over it

    What is your problem?u must be a bitter LA fan and have nothing else better to do then trash talk about wilsons team.

  • the truth

    KH, whats happening, I have to say that I back you up cause you did predict the baseball teams run last year, but really who has bonita played this year? And did they have an influx of talent from pomona or something to make them this strong?

    They are good but I do not think as good as W. covina. So we will see. I will see ya at the end of the year when Dranch plays you at Davis stadium. Should be for second place and good playoff seed. Is KC playing? Loser buys the in n out burger after the game .

    Dbar lover, you gotta love having more band members than football players.

  • kh revised

    I like the Band and the Cheerleaders; its all part of the package, Friday night Football games. Its not a B on my sweater, its a R for Rams, get it straight, dont be a hater booster, just sit there with your wife and be the man you are, and let me be who I am. I wouldnt trade with you for all the Tea in China.
    Mr.4th grader, bring her on, Ill bet I am smarter than a 4th grader. Do you know the square root of 69?????????????
    Eight something?
    Now go get busy!
    Next season Bohi, you will all go back to where you belong, but for now in our house we will hold CIF patch # 2.
    A winner never quits and a quitter never wins!
    Its funny how Bonita baseball went the further then any other Bonita team ever?
    Now the football team is undefeated, and little man is still healthy playing every game, scored his first touchdown last night just like I said he would. Theres no spot on the offense someone who keeps dropping passes. k.c. would catch them one handed.
    Its not my fault you washed up parents never throw balls or hit batting practice with your kid, if you did maybe you too would feel good about your sons ability to come through in the clutch, its not luck, its hard work. Why doesnt the band come to away games? Oh, I know it might wake up the old timers trying to listen to there wives explain tomorrows honey do list. Get a life!!!
    Go Bearcats.


    AZUSA WHO, COME ON WHAT TEAM ON HERE GETS LOVE!!! NOBODY on here says anything good about anybody!

    AZUSA fans have known for a long time that they have had the athletes, but what we lacked was a Coach who could take us to the next level. Look what AZUSA has done in the last three years, but dominate their league! And win teams now from different leagues like COVINA, BELL GARDENS, SAN MARINO, ONTARIO, ETC… And completely win all the teams from the Montview league teams (THREE YEARS IN A ROW)! So I mean why would you need love from the haters, because they know nothing about our past history of pain and agony of losing, when we all knew we were better than that!


    Love, come on, youre in the wrong place AZUSA WHO! Just like the song, “looking for love in all the wrong places”. We all know we got nothing coming on this blog.


    AZUSA WHO, and not being disrespectful to CTOWN bloggers, why don’t you ask them if AZUSA plays FOOTBALL!




  • Colt74

    Wanna talk about haters…..heck, we were even hated by the LA Times back in 1932!
    So blame all this transfer mess on us…we started it!

  • Walnut Insider

    I normally avoid this thread, but there have been a lot of comments made about the Walnut/DR game, so here’s what happened.

    First off, DR was taunting Walnut’s bench. I saw #10 do it at least one time when they were down by 7. There was tons of talking because you could see the body language, I am sure the talking was from both sides.

    As far as the refs were concerned, you can watch the film and realize that the penalties that moved the ball for Walnut were penalties. The pass interference was clear. The biggest non-call of the night was when DR was going in for their first score. DR fumbled the ball, pretty clearly since he was holding the ball towards the Walnut stands, Walnut recovered and the officials called him down. If they make the right call, I don’t think DR wins the game.

    I will also add DR is pretty over-rated by these boards. But most of it comes from their own fans, so it’s expected. DR will slide into the #4 seed and make the playoffs though.

  • Panther

    You’ll have to let me know where DR is over-rated, I haven’t read that on any threads, only comments on individual games/rivals…we are an average team, with good coaching and kids with big hearts, whether that’s enough to get us in the playoff’s or not remains to be seen.

    I saw the kick in the nuts on a PAT by a Walnut player (on film) it was purposeful- something you might see in a street fight, no place for that in football; the game is about controlled aggression, emphasis on the word controlled. If that was your kid getting kicked you would be hollerin’, trust that. I’m done with it, CIF will address I’m sure.

    Good game Walnut, too many penalties, but I didn’t see any that didn’t warrant the flag they got. On to Rowland…

  • DRanchhhhh

    Walnut insider …

    You are obviously a bitter Bob. DR should have lost; FACT! BUT your defense couldn’t stop the OLINE AND CHASE PRICE. I heard that the other back Carter didn’t hardly even get the ball dude. Walnut coaches and players lost that game. And yes I heard from several sources that walnut was just a bad experience. Don’t try to play it like DR people are imagining things. Just let go and let GOD bro. Its Sunday…lol. Lets look forward to next week broski…lol

  • Loss Altos Su@ks


    We can make a T-Shirt for you guys Biggest Losers in HLPUSD. You must wear at least a 2XL fat a@@ just like your son.

    Isnt it interesting, what happened to all those LA bloggers?

    No where to be found, all we have representing LA is this lowlife. Interesting how you started off by attacking Schreiman, but in reality Schreiman was right on. Look at your program now; it is the worse program in the Valley. In just a few years your program went from the best to the worse.

    Is their any truth to the rumor that your coach is under investigation for the verbal attack on Geo Martinez? I heard he call him a little f@git. Clearly your best running back on a team with no talent and your head coach has issues with him. Well he was until he transferred to Diamond Bar last week. I also heard your other running back will not be returning next year either. Man the annual LA mass exist isnt even waiting till the season is over this year.

    The first time in school history the LA players didnt transfer over to Wilson because they figured they would get more playing time staying at Los Altos. Interesting I can see the trend switching over, Wilson players transferring to LA, the ones that don’t get playing time at Wilson transferring to LA. Well the positive side of this is kids like yours may get some playing time, where as on any other team they would be pulling those splinters out of their a@@ after the game.

  • Phones For You Aztec Pride

    Hey Aztec Pride…. Coach Scherf just called and wanted to know what time you were coming over to mow his lawn? He was just making sure that you earned your kids playing time this week!

  • Panther Fan

    Walnut vs. Diamond Bar – I see Walnut winning 35-6. As far as crowd attendance goes. DR had more in attendance than Walnut at the Walnut game. Walnut just had 1/4 of the stands filled by Band/Flag members, 1/4 of the Walnut side was empty. The Walnut crowd will show up at the Diamond Bar game because it will be one of the two league games they win this year. Diamond Bar will not show due to the lack off excitement (another loss).
    I Agree that the stands at Ganesha are bad. There is a much larger football following at DR than the other Pomona High Schools. The stands were designed to accomodate the crowds that Garey, Pomona and Ganesha were drawing before DR started to play football. The School board at the time wanted to save money by not having to pay for the use of the MT. SAC stadium and since DR was a new school with no alumni, they didn’t realize that DR would have the following they have now. The New Stadium at Ganesha was being built during the summer of 2000 and first used in the 2000/2001 season. That was the first season DR’s football team had seniors. Hopefully the new school board will work toward upgrading the Football Stadium at Diamond Ranch High School with expanded seating, lights and artificial turf. The parking situation is much better at DRHS. If not, then additional seating should be added at Ganesha, but the parking situation will be worse.

  • sgvpride

    AZTEC PRIDE has to be the most annoying poster on this blog. He or she, can’t really tell but IT wins the most annoying blogger of the year award. When IT always writes like THIS and saying AZUZA WILL WIN BABY!!!!! And coach SURF is number 1! MAB=Most Annoying Blogger of the year award! Congrats!

  • footballwhiz

    Hey fred, bell gardens is routing some teams right now… gave cantwell sacred heart a scare losing 46 to 56…
    azusa must have a squad because the blow out was unbelievable.
    azusa has a shot this year

  • west covina fan

    for the coach from rowland to say that the player from west covina was not hurt in the paper is just nuts the player got the wind nocked out of him and was trying to get off the field because we were trying to get a play in because those refs were plain out doing a shitty job. the coach from rowland is a sore looser did you see him after the game he didnt even shake the coaches hands he just walked to the side what a looser. rowland good luck with your other games you guys will do fine alot of good players. your coach on the the other hand is a sore looser oh yeah get ride of your anouncer he is horrible you cant even hear him i think he is hard of hearing.

  • Aztec Massa


    Azusa gets no love, thanks to idiot bloggers like yourself….full of Shiat! If they are that good, there is no need to advertise how good they are RIGHT? What an insecure moron!! Now go cut Sherfs lawn and serve that Menudo nice and hot.

  • NotSince1995

    Look at So Cal’s most Overrated team giving advise to Norco –

    Check it out homes: “heck even Amat get’s bounced every year… and we also accept the abuse that comes along with it all.”

    I’m not kidding…! This is straight from the JCAZ mouth! Howbout that…! Even IT knows they’re overrated!

    Not in 2010 either!

  • jcaz

    No sense, none sense

    Yes, I can be objective and that is the difference between you and I.

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ll come in here and talk some smack every now and then but honestly, the biggest difference between you and I, is that I wipe my azz with toilet paper, and not with my fingers like you do.

    As Vick the brick likes to say….FEEELING YOU !!

    Ha ha ha….

  • More Nonsense

    Nonsense95 – here’s some more nonsense for you-
    Top Division Outright Championships
    Mission Viejo NotSince-Ever
    Servite (before last year – NotSince83
    Lakewood NotSince-Ever
    St. John Bosco NotSince-Ever
    Mater Dei NotSince98
    Alemany NotSince-Ever
    Santa Margarita NotSince-Ever
    Crespi NotSince86
    San Clemente NotSince-Ever
    Tesoro NotSince-Ever
    Edison NotSince80
    Newport Harbor NotSince-Ever
    Loyola NotSince05 (in a year Amat beat them)
    JSerra Catholic NotSince-Ever
    Dana Hills NotSince-Ever
    Notre Dame NotSince-Ever
    Trabuco Hills NotSince-Ever
    Fountain Valley NotSince88
    Compton NotSince-Ever
    Wilson NotSince-Ever
    Huntington Beach NotSince-Ever
    Jordan – NotSince-Ever
    Feel free to have your school schedule any of these other “losers”

  • Dan

    More Nonsense,
    This is a little off your point but I think its safe to say that a couple of those Mission Viejo teams would have won the Pac Five, particularly the 04 team.
    04 Pac five Champ – LB Poly
    04 Pac five runner up – Los Alimitos
    04 Mission Viejo 55 Los Alimitos 21
    04 Mission Viejo 41 LB Poly 14
    They also beat Mater Dei, Concord De La Salle,
    Hart, and Valencia that year.

  • Julius Rosenberg

    Oh no,

    It appears that kh has flipped and morphed into west covina fan. No use of capital letters, limited punctuation, and atrocious spelling. Could it be? Has kh become a West Covina wanna be? Or, is west covina fan simply a pathetic ignorant whiner that does not know the rules? Real West Covina Fans don’t whine, have decent grammar, and know how to spell. Let Dan be the official voice, west covina fan, stay away from the keyboard!

    kh, if this was your doing, props to advancing your writing skills to the fifth grade level! You might be ready for ninth grade English by the end of the season.

  • NotSince1995


    You say you “wipe with toilet paper, and not with my fingers like I do.”

    The part you’re not telling the SGV is that I then wipe my fingers on your furry back and bald head! 🙂

    Bring it Jack Ass!

    OVER RATED…5 CLAP (Yankees Style)…OVER RATED!

  • Boosting The Stats

    Sounds like you need to get a life and put your attention to something else. Just because a school decides to go to a running offense where they run 90-95% time and boost yardage like that everyone get to be a stat guru. Just leave that stats to the people that take them and by the way MORON if SV Defenders Gang Tackle with
    3-4 players like they have been doing they would have that many tacklers per game. Like I said let the kids play Football. By the way I think you need to go back to school and get your teaching creditial Because most of the schools in the SGV need excellent Math teachers like you.Which you seem to be very good at in your brief little exp: Someone that cares to see SV program turn around for the sake of the kids.

  • NotSince1995

    **BishopNation is now Below .500**

    AVERAGE – Week 6

    BishopNation 2010 Season as of today:
    Garfield 2 – 4 – They beat Jordan. Jordan got smoked by CRESPI 51 – 8! Oh…Oh!

    Dominquez 4 – 1 (BYE)

    Muir 1 – 4 – They lost to Arcadia. Arcadia got smoked by the powerhouses that are little old St. Francis and Monrovia! Oh…Oh!

    Damien 3 – 2 – OMG…did you see what JSerra did to these guys! Brutal…! JSerra is a historically below .500 team and JSerra beat these guys worse than you did!

    Cathedral 4 – 1 – They beat South Pasadena who also lost to that powerhouse that is Alhambra.

    And then of course your below average performance against an undermaned 1 – 4 Venice team.


    Total opponents record: 15 – 16…! Can you say BELOW AVERAGE…?

    Really…! I’m not making this up people…! And the Tribune says this is toughest schedule in the SGV?

    Sondheimer…Is this really worthy of your ranking in the Times? Hello…? Crickets…Crickets…Crickets! C’mon! Shame on you…These are the facts!

    And, this is what the Keeblers are so proud of…? These are “the best football schools in Southern California?” Really…?

    BishopNation, stick to the Fishbowl. This is NOT 1995.

    Leave the Powerhouse contests to the actual Big Boys in the PAC 5!

    Your Conscience
    Not in 2010 Either!

  • Defensive coach

    I also think SV is boosting their defensive stats. I’m all for gang tackling, but you should only give credit to the initial tackler and the second finishing tackler. Just because to or three more defenders jump on the pile doesn’t mean they deserve credit for an assisted tackle.

  • John Cook

    John Cook Said:
    To Boosting The Stats:

    Sounds like you need to get a life and put your attention to something else. Just because a school decides to go to a running offense where they run 90-95% time and boost yardage like that everyone get to be a stat guru. Just leave that stats to the people that take them and by the way MORON if SV Defenders Gang Tackle with
    3-4 players like they have been doing they would have that many tacklers per game. Like I said let the kids play Football. By the way I think you need to go back to school and get your teaching creditial Because most of the schools in the SGV need excellent Math teachers like you.Which you seem to be very good at in your brief little exp: Someone that cares to see SV program turn around for the sake of the kids.

  • Norco Buster


    Please come out and take it like a man. We’ll be nice to you, we even put the vaseline away. I was so looking forward to your cocky and arrogant response to Norco’s loss to an unranked team. NORCO where are you? I hope you didn’t go crazy on that bottle of Xanax. We miss you!

  • Colt74

    John Cook,

    I don’t ave a pony in this race about stat boosting so was just watching from the sidelines of this back and forth. Right up until you called the other poster a MORON and said that he needed get a life. Then you finish with that you want to see the SV program turn it around for the sake of the kids.
    You want to really help those kids?…get a calculator and a new pair of glasses. Then, stop padding their stats and building them up to believe they can walk on water because of your creatively padded accomplishments. Help those kids by giving them credit for what they do, not what they didn’t do….or what you wish they would do. If I was a coach and found out that someone was padding my teams stats like it looks like is going on here..we’d both be going to the hospital…..but I would only be going to get my shoe back…..


    What,I was called a woman, Coach Sherf’s bootlicker to put it mildly, masa,lol… Gardner,lol.. annoying, insecure moron,lol… Oh yeah, let me not forget to say Menudo EATER!LOL… By the way had some today at Casa Moreno’s on Citrus, and taste YUMMY, with tortillas! Life is good!

    But I draw the line with being call the(MAB) MOST ANNOYING BLOGGER, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Here goes my top ten MAB list!
    10. JCAZ, sorry!!!

    Hey did you notice not once did I mentioned AZUSA! HAHAHAHAH…



  • Colt74

    John Cook,
    Correction and addition. You were called the Moron first so apologize that part of my problem with your post. But…after reading that you were personal friends with the SV coaches that makes what is going on even more of an injustice to those kids.

  • the truth

    feeling for KH,

    Its amazing that the best a blogger can come up with is punctuation and spelling and complete sentences. Don’t you worry kh keep the text blogging going , I can understand it no problem. And I understand if you do not do capitals cause you want to type fast. I get it.

    As for Dranch stands, in my memory that was the first time the stands were packed to where there was overflow, including the playoff games of the last few years. I guess I need to inspect the visitor side to see if they are old wood bleachers where one might get splinters in their a@#@. Our restrooms are clean and modern, the snackshack is ok, maybe I could bag on parking if anything. But horrible, not. Walnuts visitor side is concrete steps that are very dangerous when going to your seat. No bleachers there for a district that can afford it.

  • VVL Scout

    That was MAJOR bullshit what the Wilson parents pulled when Covina’s Ceasar Murillo #54 was hit hard enough to stop his breathing for a few moments. Really Wilson? You’re gonna call the team and coaches “wusses” and other more profane names for calling 911 and making sure the kid gets the care he needs?


  • Colt74

    Aram has this weeks Top 25 list up.

  • kids come first

    Vvl scout, I don’t know what you seem to think but nobody was in any way happy about the kid being hurt
    I was in the stands when the kid got up and was ok. we gave an applaud jus like the rest. The only negative comments made were towards the refs, throughout the game. we wish every team to come out healthy!

  • Hey VVL Scout

    What were you drinking at the game!! For the longest time we did not even know someone was hurt – it was on the other sideline — what we did know was our HC arguing with the ref about the 7 Covina personal foals and continued cheep shots throughout the game such as the intentional facemask turning Vega around and the 8 yards out of bounds three players throwing Nelson on his head stuff after one of his 25 yard gains – when the coach got the “dont know what you are talking about” routine from the refs – then the fans sent their messages to the refs –

    I’m lust glad I got out of there with my hubcaps still on

  • The Real Truth

    VVL Scout,

    Man you are the one that is MAJOR bullshit, no one on the Wilson side knew anything was going on. A matter of fact the first version we heard was one of your fans was hurt. That had to be five ten minutes into it. Like the other bloggers stated we were to busy watching our coach talk to the ref. about the consent cheap shots by your players. The sad part is this is taught by your coaching staff, it was to many players on your team player dirty. What I learned in that game was you really don’t have much of a team. Livingston is your team, without him you guys can’t score. As we all saw in the Northview and Wilson game when he was out. Just remember your not the only team that plays dirty, how do you think Livingston got hurt. Now the word is out, Livingston is out so is your team, so be careful.


    Good boy there sgvsbestheadcase. I see where you work on your therapy sessions over the weekend. It must be tough for you on the weekends seeing that they start on kind of a sour note for you since Amat has been winning every Friday night . But I commend you for put in the work you need to make your miserable life worth living . Keep up the good work boy you are well on the road to recovery or at least finding worth to miserabe life.
    You have broken a cardinal rule when entering the zoo . DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS . Don’t you know what happens when you feed the monkey outside food . He begins to shiat wildly all over the blog. Next time the monkey pops off just walk by his cage and wave .

  • Norco

    Nobody is hiding….We were out coached bottom line…Norco is a very young team…we started SEVEN underclassmen on offense and Friday night…four true freshmen and three sophomores…and at times we played like it…

    Norco got beat last night in all aspects of the game…starting with coaching and on down to the players…Roosevelt did a GREAT job of scouting and focussed thier offensive and defensive attacks exactly where they should…

    We will be fine…

  • Wilson Fan

    .Livingston lights up Wilson, well Schreiman as well lights up Covina. The difference was not only the score and win, but the offensice scheme and play calling. How can the score be so lopsided when the passing attack was so alike (as far as yardage). Maybe it was a running scheme that Wilsons not built for. Now that HC has seen the light, maybe he will put out an all points b bulletin for an OC that will give this team a chance to compete. If the kids are held to this standard by staff, then why cant coaches be held to this same standard by fans. I hate to be a know it all alum from the stands but if the staff cannot see that the triple option is a joke and that Schreiman is and always should have been starting QB then they either dont get it or dont care to win. The whole stadium seen how dangerous Schreimans passing offense was. He brought Livingston off the IR bench. And what do we di? We show Covina our garbage ash wanabee triple option. If OC cannot see that this team has done better in their two losses to credible teams than the three wins to wack ash teams then maybe the HC should demand a pass attack or seek a new OC

  • Norco

    I love it. Norco loses ONE game and now there’s something wrong with everything. All the criticism just goes to show you that if you build something up there will always be someone to tear it down. Norco is an oustanding program, we will have a great season, and life goes on. We lost, so what? The coaches will make adjustments, players will practice and improve, every game under our belt bodes ill for the IE division come playoff time. People are always going to tear down what they don’t understand or can’t achieve.

  • Colt74

    Wilson- So what you are saying is that our 1 player beat your whole team? And you want to brag about that?

  • jcaz


    Hey, it’s all good because at the very least, I made someones top 10 list.


  • Living Legend

    The real truth, very interesting how you come on here and talk about the “7 personal fouls” on Covina maybe it’s that HLPUSD math but there was not 7. Second thing maybe your coach should have stopped talking to the refs about how Covina was playing and started to talk to his own team about not quitting during a game cause that is what they did they quit. Third you say that Livingston is there team, seems to me that there first team defense held your team to 3 points and last time I checked Livingston does not play defense.

    Last point if Livingston is there team well that is a lot more of team then the wildcats have, so I say the same to you be careful before you find youself winless in the VVL

  • Colt74

    NORCO……the problem that most people have with your team is not with your team. Norco is a V-E-R-Y good football program and yes ( although I’m going to get flamed for saying this )most SGV teams would hate to have to play against you guys. The problem is when on our own boards we get dissed from you( what is this 8 man? ). If you can dish it out you have to be able to take it too. Have a good game this week.

  • Norco

    Colt74…fair enough

  • Joe Amat


    I think many of those in the Fish Bowl don’t realize that Roosevelt is pretty darn good and from some of the comments you can tell they think this is the Roughriders from East LA that battles Garfield on a yearly basis.

    Corona Roosevelt is 4-1 and has the athletes to play with anybody in the Inland Division. If I remember, hasn’t their been an “exchange” of players over the past few years between Roosevelt and Norco. That kind of added “motivation” always adds an interesting element to rivalries and sometimes effects results (see Tesoro/Santa Margarita)

  • Poor Norco…


    No one has a problem with Norco High. No one really cares about Norco High. What people on this blog care about is having to your read your smack talking about SGV Football and how great Norco is and how highly they are ranked, blah blah. Norco is going to lose to Centennial and probably to Santiago. But really, dude, no one cares. I never understood why you thought someone would.

    Congrats on your latest ranking of being Calpreps #1 overrated team in the Southern Section. lol! Whoever wrote that below is damn funny!Hope you enjoy your slice of humble pie…or is it cow patty over there? moooooooooo!

    P.S. Look! Even Joe Amat had to come up for some damage control! LOL! Poor Norco…I’m sure Roosevelt is ranked very high on some poll…maybe…somewhere…

  • Not a Wilson or LA fan

    Why are the Wilson fans causing so much of a ruckus in here week after week? Hey you Wildcats have a subpar team, even with all those LA transfers and you guys still suck….keep all that noise to yourself will ya? Just play the game and STFU!

  • Norco

    I don`t make any excuses…we lost…we were out coached…Roosevelt is a VERY good team. One loss does not put a stamp on our team. It just means we had a bad night. It was one game and a rivalry one at that.What I saw was a bunch of HS kids who know each other battling it out with their hearts. Norco will be fine…We only care about winning games #11 through #14…thats all that matters…

  • Wildcats

    Livingston 36
    Backup zero (four series)

    You guys can not move the ball with your backup, period.

    Funny how you talk about the cheap shot Northview took on Livingston, and now we all know why.

  • Cat82

    not a wilson or la fan

    The what fan are you, get off of our sak. Youre all up in our koolaid homo. Oh yeah STFU PANOCH

  • Colt74

    Wilson…….We shot the Sheriff, We embarrassed your team and you still want to talk smack? You come here like a fist grader and want to make excuses..then you want to puff out your chests and proclaim to the world how you are better than Los Altos. In 100 years you will never have a football tradition to match Los Altos or from what you have shown here 1/100th of their class. Now that’s the REAL truth.

  • Wildcats


    What are you questioning, the cheap shots you took or that Livingston is your team.

    Nothing wrong with the Livingston comment LA would have never won those CIF titles without Cody or Harrwell.

    Cheap shots are cheap shots you got away with most of them. To be honest with you I personally would rather our team be more like that. Espically if the ref. is going to allow it.

  • Cat82


    You didnt embarrass our team, maybe the coaches, but definitely not our boys!!!! The boys can only run the plays that the coaches call. FYI we talk truth not smack. And yes 1 person can beat a team, ask Cody and Harwell. Ignorance is not an excuse for your dumb comments.

  • Colt74

    “Ignorance is not an excuse for your dumb comments”.

    Seems to me that dumb comments seem to be an excuse for your ignorance……

  • Colt74

    The only time I’ve ever seen 1 person beat a team is when his name was Dwayne DeSpain ….

  • SGV For 30 Years

    After reading the comments from both sides in the Walnut-DRanch game it looks like to me that there could be the real rivalry. Lots of complaining from both sides. But here is what I saw in the game. Both teams competed well. DRranch realized they were in a fight for their play-off lives at halftime. I wouldn’t say it was a clapse by Walnut as much as DR just lining up and taking control. I can’t say I saw anything that I considered a problem that officials didn’t control. It’s Football people are gonna get punched, tripped, bit,scratched and held. That’s why girls don’t play the game. (Walnut’s kicker doesn’t count). I think there is natural trash talking that goes on during games from both sides. I kind of expect that. Kicking some in the nuts is over the line and I can just about assure you that if the Walnut coaches see that in film they will punish (if not suspend)that player. I love the emotion of the game. They only thing I though was excessive was the DR player (#11) who taunted the Walnut sideline after every play he made. I’m not a fan of “Hey Everyone Look at ME”. I like the way that Chase Price handles himself on the field. If anyone he should have been the one chest thumping. But he just went about his business.
    I also don’t think that Walnut is arrogant and I can’t imagine their coaches calling DR a “Ghetto School”. I think anyone who thinks that should check DR test scores across the ethnic groups. They are pretty impressive.

    To bad that adults have to come on here and bad mouth the other team and ruin what I thought was one of the most exciting games of the year so far. Walnut and Diamond Ranch thank you for such a thrilling game. Good Luck the rest of the way to both teams.

    SGV430 Outtt!!!!

  • LOL Schrieman…

    Schrieman could never win a starting job not even in POP WARNER the kid is just no good…Hey Mr S where is that “Princess” jersey that he use to wear in POP WARNER…We don’t need him to transfer to El Rancho either and you know why…LOL

    Go Dons

  • Comments

    Colt 74

    Dont you have anyone to brag about on your side of town? Get off of our (hacienda heights) sak alrrady. We’ll meat up again. Yes meat since you love hacienda height saks

  • behind the scenes

    your problem sgv for 30 years is that your trying to talk football with a diamond ranch group that wants nothing to do with talking football. the stigma with that football program remains. they have a history of recruiting that at times has been seen as less than honorable. the bishop amats, chino hills, and now even pomona has dried up for them. not sure what happened there but it looks like karma has bit them in the butt. now they are desperate to get the db pop warner and walnut ja kids. if you look at their posts, they make no sense most of the time. its just weak attempts to discredit the local schools. this ddddranch guy comes in every other month and accuses diamond bar of being racist. you’ve been around probably as long as i have. to this day i have never found db to be anything close to racist. running up the score against diamond bar is not the makings of a good coach. nor does it show much heart. i think the way dr goes about handling its football program is dishonorable. i know some of the kids i think they are a good group. nothing against them. they are solid players. i just think someone needs to do some house cleaning over there. and take a look at some of the things that are being spread throughout the youth football programs. it would be nice to have a 3 way rivalry between db, dr and walnut. but it has to be on a level playing field.

  • C-town

    would like to see Pomona out of the VVL, and move Azusa out of the Montview and into the VVL. Geographical a better fit and also competitive wise, a better fit.

  • DRanchhhh

    BE- HIND

    I do come in and accuse DB people of racism, but tell me why I do it! I’ll tell you because no, and I MEAN NO ONE has been able to explain the difference between a North Diamond Bar/Pomona “Ranch” kid and a SOuth DB kid. You guys are constantly throwing the comparison out there. Speak on it!! Yet you guys use that as an excuse for loosing. Like I have said in previous posts, when you guys explain the difference, I’ll regress. Until then, I know what you guys differences are. When I call you out on it, I am racist?? Then you go and refer to DR as a recruiting school?? REALLY?? No, REALLY? Do you realize how much better we would be if we recruited? That is PURE, 100% SLANDER of character. You call a head coach who simply shows up to DBPW game on DBHS’s field recruiting?? I call it having a effin presence in your community. When was the last time Martin showed up to a game to support the DBPW kids? Does Roddy talk to parents OR DO THEY initiate conversation with him. We have 1800 kids at DR compared to your 3400. Walnut has 2900. You name some kids DR has recruited or some transfers they have received!!

    Then you have the nerve to cry about DR running up the SCORE?? REALLY? you guys were 4-0 when we played, correct? What were the scores dude?? nogales and wilson game ring a bell?? Did you accuse BoHi of running up the score?? Is DR supposed to take it easy on DB? Its a competitive sport and the BEST prepared team wins. DR is not sittin back and accusing Santa Margarita of running the score up 56-0. I am sure DR respects them and learned from that as you guys should. No one feels sorry for either school when its all said and done.

    There is a level playing field with all 3 schools. Did you forget that Walnut was up 21-0 at halftime. What do you think happened at halftime, we suited up some Mt.Sac players and had them finish?? GTFOH. Our coaches made the necessary adjustments and I am SURE that Layton had a few things to say about their first half play. The problem is, I dont think NO one realizes just how damn good DR is. Now they think DR is a one dimensional run, run, run team. Put it this way, put 8 in the box if you want too, watch the passing game take a raw turn. Diamond Ranch is a great school with great administrators, with great kids. Don’t hate, get on the bandwagon. It’s not about who’s dad donates the most to the school over here. Layton takes kids that other schools will not touch and turns them into stellar student/athletes. Maybe you should go meet the MAN instead of tearing down his program. Finally, get a life Dude!!

  • baby blue nutter

    Don’t know nothing about no recruiting. However, I would say….don’t hate the player…hate the game. When you play in the same division as Charter Oak…and battling South Hills….well it’s all alleged… so nevermind. One day I would like to see the Tribune step up and do a little piece on recuiting throughout the SGV…very compelling read I would imagine. Back in the 80’s I use to hear stories about Amat coaches knocking on doors.

    Whether or not DR is shacking hands in the Walnut JA league…doesn’t have much impact on Walnut. I don’t think parents are willing to make that drive for some soft hands and a YO YO. It’s not BA. I could see DB taking a major hit from their pop warner. But…you either play the game…or start asking for addresses.

    “It’s not about who’s dad donates the most money”. With that, I have to agree the some posts appear to be nonsense….and have ulterior intentions. YOU AINT GOT NOTHING….I could shake down the high school kids too and dig up gossip. Talk football….dude…you’re shoveling crap. Unless you have facts, don’t speak on it. Otherwise report it to the IRS.

    You keep pounding your chest…who are you trying to impress? Were you the one running the ball? I think that was Chase Price that dropped 300 on us. You don’t have to speak for him or any other kids on that team. Their games speak for them. BTW….I thought WesCo had some good backs….Price is real deal. He kept bringing it till the end.

    Great rivalries are built on mutual respect…not animosity. Tighten it up folks. Just my opinion…it’s better for everyone if Walnut and DR can put on a show like that every game….and Diamond Bar can be competitive. I know it’s hard to swallow when we live in a society of my kid is better then yours. All it takes is one deep breathe… exhale.

  • Panther

    Well said Baby Blue!

  • Dam this Blog is AWESOME. If you wrote this any better i would think you were a super human. lol nice.:)