Tribskin Pick’em, your predictions and ours

Steve and I will go head-to-head in Tribskin Pick’em throughout the season for our annual dinner bet. I lead the overall series, two years to one.
Last Week: Robledo (14-4); Ramirez (14-4).
Season: Robledo (96-32); Ramirez (91-37).

Last week: We missed three of the same games taking San Dimas over Baldwin Park, Ganesha over Gladstone and Walnut over Diamond Ranch. The Braves’ win was the most surprising, but not as surprising as the Mustangs blowing a 21-point lead against the Panthers. I also missed taking Pomona over Northview and Steve missed taking Rowland over West Covina, so not a bad week, both of us gong 14-4.

This week: The season arrives in full force with the start of the Serra, Sierra and a triple header of all triple headers, starting with Glendora at Etiwanda Thursday, Bishop Amat at home against Crespi Friday and Diamond Ranch and Rowland closing out on Saturday night at Ganesha. Let’s start right there, Glendora opens the Baseline with a win, Etiwanda is 2-4 and if the Tartans are going to compete for a playoff bid, this is one they have to have. Bishop Amat and Crespi is basically a toss-up, Calpreps projects it 34-31 Bishop Amat. With Alemany and Loyola on the road later, the Lancers have to win at home, and despite how many points the Celts are scoring, especially through the air, I still take defense over offense, so going with Bishop Amat. DRanch may have rocked Diamond Bar and was fortunate to beat Walnut, but they will not do the same to Rowland coming off a tough loss to West Covina. South Hills and Damien at the District is a great way to start the Sierra, and despite how bad the Huskies’ have looked against good teams, I’m taking them at home. Count me as one who doesn’t believe the Huskies are as bad as their record, and one that might even compete for a playoff spot. Chino Hills will beat Claremont, though it will be closer than you think and Charter Oak crushes Ayala to let everyone know not to count them out as one of the area’s top teams just yet.
Note: Steve Ramirez will update later

Thursday’s games
Etiwanda vs. Glendora at Colony, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Glendora); Ramirez (Glendora)
Friday’s games
Crespi at Bishop Amat, 7:30 p.m. — Robledo (BAmat); Ramirez (Crespi)
South Hills vs. Damien at Covina District Field, 7 p.m. — Robledo (SHills); Ramirez (South Hills)
Chino Hills at Claremont, 7 p.m. — Robledo (CHills); Ramirez (Chino Hills)
Walnut at Diamond Bar, 7 p.m. – Robledo (Walnut); Ramirez (Walnut)
Charter Oak at Ayala, 7 p.m. — Robledo (COak); Ramirez (ChOak)
Arroyo at South El Monte, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Arroyo); Ramirez (Arroyo)
San Dimas at Pomona, 7 p.m. — Robledo (SDimas); Ramirez (San Dimas)
Bonita at Los Altos, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Bonita); Ramirez (Bonita)
Azusa vs. Bassett at Citrus College, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Azusa); Ramirez (Azusa)
Workman at Sierra Vista, 7 p.m. — Robledo (SVista); Ramirez (Sierra Vista)
Gladstone at La Puente, 7 p.m. — Robledo (La Puente); Ramirez (La Puente)
Covina at Nogales, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Covina); Ramirez (Covina)
Northview at Wilson, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Wilson); Ramirez (Northview)
Gabrielino at Rosemead, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Rosemead); Ramirez (Rosemead)
Mountain View at El Monte, 7 p.m. — Robledo (MView); Ramirez (MView)
Duarte at Ganesha, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Ganesha); Ramirez (Ganesha)
Saturday’s game
Rowland vs. Diamond Ranch at Ganesha, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Rowland); Ramirez (Rowland)

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  • Colt74

    I think since the football expert got it wrong last week with his predictions of upsets I think the football novice will take a crack at it this week……

    In just the first 3 games I’m going with Etiwanda, Crespi, and Damien. THIS is going to be the week for upsets. Get the eraser ready for the rankings come Monday morning.

  • ganesha101

    do you think ganesha has a chances to beat azusa?

  • ghigh23

    Do you think Terriantate Francis is the best qb in his league?

  • ghigh203

    Do u think Terriantate Francis can lead Ganesha to a win over Azusa?


    Damien over SH but if by some chance SH pulls it out look for a thread by the one and only Guru. Man where has that guy been hiding this year. Maybe he made the move to Crespi because he knew the downfall of SH was coming. Damien by 10

  • Bulldog Fan

    Ok, I went 14-4 last week, that brings my total for the year up to 100-28.

    Here are my picks for the week:

    Glendora over Etiwanda
    Crespi over bishop Amat
    South Hills over Damien
    Chino Hills over Claremont
    Walnut over Diamond Bar
    Charter Oak over Ayala
    Arroyo over South El Monte
    San Dimas over Pomona
    Bonita over Los Altos
    Azusa over Bassett
    Sierra Vista over Workman
    La Puente over Gladstone
    Covina over Nogales
    Wilson over Northview
    Rosemead over Gabrielino
    Mountain View over El Monte
    Ganesha over Duarte
    Diamond Ranch over Rowland


    1. Mission Viejo (6-0, SS-Pac -5) d. Redlands East Valley, 42-14; vs. Dana Hills, Friday. (1)

    2. Westlake (5-0, SS-Northern) d. Simi Valley, 56-8; vs. Moorpark, Friday. (2)

    3. Servite (5-0, SS-Pac-5) Idle; vs. JSerra at Saddleback College, Friday. (3)

    4. Corona Centennial (5-0, SS-Inland) d. Riverside Poly, 52-8; at Riverside North, Friday. (4)

    5. Gardena Serra (5-0, SS-Western) Idle; at St. Francis, Saturday. (6)

    6. Alemany (6-0, SS-Pac-5) d. Beverly Hills, 53-0; Idle. (8)

    7. St. Bonaventure (4-1, SS-Northern) d. Newbury Park, 42-14; at Agoura, Friday. (9)

    8. Bishop Amat (6-0, SS-Pac-5) d. Venice, 42-20; vs. Crespi, Friday. (10)

    9. Crenshaw (3-2, City-Division I) Idle; vs. West Adams, Friday. (11)

    10. Oaks Christian (3-2, SS-Northern) d. Royal, 50-20; vs. Thousand Oaks, Friday. (12)

    11. Long Beach Poly (4-2, SS-Pac -5) d. Lakewood, 27-14; Idle. (16)

    12. Lakewood (5-1, SS-Pac-5) lost to Long Beach Poly, 27-14; vs. Long Beach Cabrillo, Friday. (5)

    13. Norco (4-1, SS-Inland) lost to Corona Roosevelt, 24-21; at Corona Santiago, Friday. (7)

    14. Vista Murrieta (4-1, SS-Inland) d. Palisades, 45-16; vs. Chaparral, Thursday. (14)

    15. Dorsey (5-0, City-Division I) d. San Diego Mira Mesa, 22-21; vs. Locke, Friday. (15)

    16. Thousand Oaks (4-1, SS-Northern) d. Agoura, 21-12; at Oaks Christian, Friday. (17)

    17. St. John Bosco (4-1, SS-Pac-5) Idle; vs. Mater Dei at Santa Ana Stadium, Thursday. (18)

    18. Santa Margarita (4-1, SS-Pac-5) Idle; vs. Orange Lutheran at Orange Coast College, Friday. (19)

    19. San Clemente (5-1, SS-Pac-5) Idle; vs. Trabuco Hills, Friday. (20)

    20. Tesoro (5-1, SS-Pac-5) d. Ridgecrest Burroughs, 49-13; Idle. (21)

    21. Valencia (4-1), SS-Northern) lost to Loyola, 39-24; vs. West Ranch, Friday. (13)

    22. Dominguez (4-1, SS-Western) Idle; at Warren, Friday. (22)

    23. Crespi (5-1, SS-Pac-5) d. Taft, 53-47; at Bishop Amat, Friday. (23)

    24. Mater Dei (3-2, SS-Pac-5) d. Gardena, 48-0; vs. St. John Bosco at Santa Ana Stadium, Thursday. (24)

    25. Chino Hills (4-1, SS-Inland) Idle; at Claremont, Friday. (NR)
    Copyright 2010, Los Angeles Times

    With defeat of Vista Murrieta by Crespi and Norco by unranked Roosevelt, the Inland Division took a hit in regards to rankings. Corona Centennial stays solid at #4 with Chino Hills entering for the first time at #25! They should be ranked ahead of Tesoro!

    Out of the above ranked 25 teams, 12 belong to the Pac-5 which is a higher than usual number most seasons. This years Pac-5 playoffs will make national headlines.

  • dons big d

    # Player GP Solo Asst Tot Tck/G Sck
    1 William Trujillo
    Sierra Vista (Baldwin Park, CA) 5 40 61 101 20.2 2.0
    2 Fredy Ureta
    Sierra Vista (Baldwin Park, CA) 5 40 49 89 17.8 1.0
    3 Bernardo Pagovich
    Sierra Vista (Baldwin Park, CA) 5 36 35 71 14.2 2.0
    4 Ray Herrera
    El Rancho (Pico Rivera, CA) 5 37 28 65 13.0 1.0
    5 Eric Mikity
    Bonita (La Verne, CA) 5 43 21 64 12.8 3.5
    6 Erick Garcia
    Sierra Vista (Baldwin Park, CA) 5 23 41 64 12.8 1.0
    7 James Becerra
    Cantwell-Sacred Heart (Montebello, CA) 5 35 29 64 12.8 1.0
    8 Gael Esparza
    Santa Fe (Santa Fe Springs, CA) 4 43 19 62 15.5
    9 Jose Nunez
    Azusa (CA) 5 29 31 60 12.0 3.5
    10 Johnny Padilla
    Covina (CA) 6 59 59 9.8 5.0

  • Hefe

    Crespi upsets Amat this weekend.


    to Big Don D:
    Buddy those coaches are out of their minds at Sierra Vista hyping up those stats! You can’t average 155 team tackles per game.. these are 12 minute quarters, not the NFL!.. especially if the offense runs a power style run offense that holds the ball for most of the game! I thought the offensive stats were bad, the defensive stats might be worst. The rest of the world is lauging at you SV! Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin are going to come see your kids and be very disappointed.. hahaha!

  • Panther Fan

    Thursday’s games
    Etiwanda vs. Glendora at Colony,(Glendora)
    Friday’s games
    Crespi at Bishop Amat (Crespi)
    South Hills vs. Damien (South Hills)
    Chino Hills at Claremont, (Chino Hills)
    Walnut at Diamond Bar, (Walnut)
    Charter Oak at Ayala, (Charter Oak)
    Arroyo at South El Monte, (Arroyo)
    San Dimas at Pomona, (San Dimas)
    Bonita at Los Altos, (Bonita)
    Azusa vs. Bassett (Azusa)
    Workman at Sierra Vista, (Sierra Vista)
    Gladstone at La Puente, (La Puente)
    Covina at Nogales, (Covina)
    Northview at Wilson, (Northview)
    Gabrielino at Rosemead, (Rosemead)
    Mountain View at El Monte, (Mountain View)
    Duarte at Ganesha, (Ganesha)
    Saturday’s game
    Rowland vs. Diamond Ranch, (Diamond Ranch)


    To dong big d:
    c’mon you can’t believe these stats. w/your running stats so high you should have the most of the time of possession, right? so how do you have so many tackles? Sierra Vista stop making a fool of your football program. and the rushing stats is kind of hard to believe as well.

  • Remember

    Remember Bishop Amat is undefeated at home in Hagerty Era!

  • ST G54

    Hey Ganesha 101 & Ghigh 23/203

    How bout you focus on the task at hand this week instead of looking ahead at a team that your not playing yet..

    & to answer your questions
    -Ganesha wont beat Azusa if they play liek they did against G Stone.
    -Francis in not the best qb but is one of the best athletes in the Montview.
    -The Oline determines what Francis will do.

  • Amat Honk

    Look at all the RATS jumping off the ship! Eitherway, it’s a no win for situation for Amat with the Hateraid drinkers. Regardless of whether or not we have the SGV Hater support, AMAT will come out ready to play this Friday night! We will bring our best and hopefully post the “W” for AMAT and the SGV!!!Amat vs. Crespi is going to be a hell of a game no matter what the records are because these are two very good teams by any standard. Good Luck to my AMAT LANCERS as the REP the Blue and Gold AND the SGV!!!!!!GO BIG BLUE!

  • Go Big Blue

    Same stuff, same haters and same stories last year on how Amat could not beat Saint Bonnies and Amat could not beat Mater Dei. There is just no way, then to some the shocker of the win that was not supposed to be . Sure Crespi won last year but this is another very good very well coached Amat Lancer team and this is a new year. Trust me Amat is in Crespi heads already, you dont think that Crespi team has a little fear coming into Keifer Stadium Friday after seeing Amat not only last year win the league but this year on film. Crespi knows they have their work cut out for them on the road to a team that has not lost on their home field in 3 years. This will start off to be a good close game but Amat will pull away and win this one in 4th Qtr. Need not worry Lancer Fans this one is ours ……Amat 38 Crespi 24.

  • suckaaa

    workman will beat sv this friday!!!!!

  • Colt74

    Colt74 said:

    I think since the football expert got it wrong last week with his predictions of upsets I think the football novice will take a crack at it this week……

    In just the first 3 games I’m going with Etiwanda, Crespi, and Damien. THIS is going to be the week for upsets. Get the eraser ready for the rankings come Monday morning.
    October 11, 2010 11:10 AM

    1.Etawanda 39 Glenora 27

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