Two-Minute Drill with Robledo and Tolegian: Bishop Amat vs. Crespi moved to 7 p.m.

Bishop Amat normally plays home games at 7:30 p.m., but the Serra League voted (along with approving overtime) that all games start at 7 p.m., which might be bad news for you fighting traffic and tailgating, but great news for guys like us that write on deadline…I feel like dancing in the press box.

For a glimpse at Crespi, check out their fourth-quarter highlights from Friday’s 53-47 win over Taft..

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  • Colt74

    Crespi 32
    Bishop Amat 30

  • 12th man

    12th man wins this one!! Amat 31 – Crespi 28

  • anonymous

    Amat 28 Crespi 14

  • Witness

    Amat will wear/beat down Crespi.
    Crespi 17

  • AJ

    Hagerty finally loses at home, his first time in his 2 1/2 years, Crespi 35-24 over Amat.

    Jordan Simmons( keeps Kenny Stenhouse upright and he has a big night throwing the rock for a ton of yards against Amat. Devin Lucien 130 yards receiving and 2 tds, just watch and wait.

  • jcaz

    That Crespi video was about the most irritating 5 minutes that I have ever spent watching something in my entire life.

    I just wish they would have focused more on the plays of the game, instead of trying to show us all of the different colors that go along with brown.

    As they like to say on TV, what can Brown do for you ? Well, in this instance, nothing I’m afraid…….

  • just sayin’

    The half-hour head start will come in handy this week. All those incomplete passes by Crespi could make the game last forever!

  • AA

    DAMN IT! 1/2 hour less of blue cup drinking for the tailgaters. A sober Amat Crowd for a change.

  • Glass half full

    Hey A.A. – Nooooooo, while you’re organizing with the womens temperance league, the rest of us will be at your house drining in the basement with your wife!!! Out of Blue Cups!!!!Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  • Playah

    Take it easy Half full or should I say Half Wit. Nice try, trying to make Amat look bad but it is obvious you are not an Amat supporter…you can’t even spell “drinking” ha, ha, ha.