Girls Volleyball Top 10: Huskies are top dog

1. Chino Hills (19-3) — Huskies showed promise last year, but stepped up to top dog with a rather easy sweep over previous No. 1 St. Lucy’s last week. They faced South Hills Tuesday before an intra-city rival against Ayala aet for Thursday.
2. Bonita (14-3) — The Bearcats, who had two sweeps last week, have been pretty consistent since losing in week one against St. Lucy’s. But the rematch against Los Altos will be very interesting in a few weeks.
3. St. Lucy’s (9-6) — The Regents looked a little rusty last week after taking the previous week off. They beat an under-manned South Hills in four games before being swept by Chino Hills. But we have come to expect a solid finish in past seasons by the Regents. Will it happen again?
4. Los Altos (11-3) — The Conquerors have picked it up since losing to Bonita.
5. San Dimas (13-4) — The Saints take advantage of some losses to move up to No. 5. They are liking a Ganesha-less Valle Vista.
6. Glendora (4-4) — The Tartans Baseline League debut was dismal after opening with back-to-back losses. The volleyball team might be taking the biggest hit from league realignment.
7. Ayala (9-6) — The Bulldogs have been somewhat inconsistent, but has found their rhythm lately, beating South Hills in five to go from out of the top 10 to No. 7.
8. South Hills (7-4) — The Huskies took the biggest hit of the week, losing middle blocker Jackie Valle-Acosta to a knee injury. But Charm Doyle still has enough talent to make an impact.
9. Gladstone (9-4) — The Gladiators have taken early control of the Montview League, but more tests will come in rematches against Ganesha and La Puente.
10. Bishop Amat (9-5) — The Lancers opened Del Rey League with a loss to St. Joseph.

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  • whitey

    fred, have you figured out the libero yet? I know in 2008 you had no clue, just look at your trib volleyball sgv all-stars, for that season… what a joke that was, I’m still laughing 2 years later!

  • baldwin park spikers

    Finally, the truth had to come out. St Lucy ‘s coaching staff still haven’t prove they can take their talents to the next level. Well, Chino Hills’ coaching just surpassed St Lucy’s coaching.
    Both teams got talents and deep benches, so it was obviously down to one factor.

    Los Altos coaching staff still rank high on my list with winning a title.

    Bonita is second.

    Ayala is third.

    San Dimas is forth.

    Chino Hills is fifth now.

    St. Lucy’s is sixth.

    Most coaches do work hard on what they do, but it comes down to personnel and game management as well as before and after the game.

  • Steve Ramirez

    I handle volleyball, and that was my call. The libero is a designated player position. I try to get the best players on the first team, not just picking a player to pick fill a position. That’s why in football one year, I chose a team with three receivers instead of two receivers and a tight end. In that year, I didn’t feel the top tight end in the area was as good a player as the No. 3 receiver.

  • The truth comes out….

    Went to the St. Lucy/Charter Oak game to see what is happening to the Regents. Baldwin Park Spiker might be right in his commentary about coaching.

    St. Lucy’s might be the most talented pool of players in the valley. But coaching? The backrow ran in to each other even after a player called it. No word from the sidelines to tell the players when a player calls the ball, back off. The coach stood there staring them down. Coaching is the only way this team will get it together. This Regent team is rattled and no sight of them bouncing back. Ayala will take care of them in four on Thursday.

    But Bonita over St. Lucy’s??? Bonita beat Diamond Ranch and Rowland. To have credibility, you need to beat credible teams.

  • sgvbl

    I thought St. Lucy’s swept Bonita fairly easy, yet they are ranked behind them. St. Lucy’s hasnt lost to any opponents that Bonita beat, interesting. I also think South Hills, Glendora and Ayala would all beat San Dimas in a head to head matchup

  • wackstone….

    ewww gross why in the world is Gladstone number 9? they dont deserve it.

  • Steve Ramirez

    To sgvbl, and truth:
    Season rankings, whether they are football, volleyball or any other sport, are week to week with a simple concept: You win, you move up,or at least hold on to your position; you lose you drop; You lose to a team ranked below you, who you should beat, and do so in unimpressive fashion (a sweep), you drop even more. Head to head only goes so far. Look at the Associated Press football rankings. Alabama would probably beat the seven teams that are ranked ahead of them right now, but they lost to a team that was ranked 20 spots below them when they played last week, and not only did they lose, they lost by 14 points and was down by three scores at one point. But look who Alabama is ranked ahead of – South Carolina, who just beat Alabama by 14 points.
    Head to head and who would beat who is only part of the equation, along with the season body of work, and how a team has played the previous week. You can say Bonita, San Dimas and Gladstone aren’t playing top competition, but they are beating those teams, and in Bonita’s case they are sweeping them, like in college football where Boise State is pounding teams it should beat, and is rewarded with the No. 3 ranking in the human polls and No. 1 ranking in the BCS.

  • vball

    Who won Ayala or South Hills?

  • vball

    Who won Ayala or South Hills?

  • Just the facts…

    Ayala/Claremont went to four and Ayala won.

    Chino Hills/South Hills went to five. Chino Hills won.

  • sgvbl

    Steve, thank you for the response. That would be a fantastic explanation except for the fact that Bonita’s football team won(undefeated I believe) and dropped in the rankings this week. Or perhaps when St. Lucy’s was #1 and beat #2 ranked Bonita, Bonita stayed at #2 and didnt drop any spots. So much for the win and move up or lose and drop down arguement. But thats ok, I understand that these rankings are a conversational piece and dont hold a lot of creedence in the CIF picture. We appreciate you providing a top 10 list and a forum for us to use to complain about it. 🙂

  • Steve Ramirez

    SGVL: I can’t speak for the football rankings, because I have no imput in them. But I look at it from week-to-week, and make adjustments as team’s win/lose.

  • Hey SGVL

    Dear SGVL,

    If I were you I would be more concerned about dropping from #2 to #7 in the CIF Polls.

  • sgvbl

    Thank you for your concern, however I am not a St. Lucy’s supporter if thats what you are referring to. I was just interested in how they could have swept Bonita a few weeks ago and then dropped below them this week. But Steve has explained how that happened, sort of.
    Is Valle-Acosta back for South Hills? If not and they took Chino Hills to 5 sets, that is quite impressive. That league could get very interesting for playoff spots especially if Chino Hills doesn’t run the table.

  • Azusa Aztec!!

    Lady Aztecs beat Gladstone tonight 🙂

  • Seriously???

    BHS: NO class like low class. Figures its a Bearcat.

    The comments began with Amat69. Another Class Act.

    Prudish-maybe; but most of these female athletes would want to be recognized for their athletic/scholastic accomplishments. Its these worthless comments/blogs/fans that take us back to 1950.

    Why does it have to be all or nothing? Why the threats of no female coverage at all? Steve and Fred have done great coverage of the local female teams for years.

  • BHS fan

    Great, prudish certainly. Why dont they ware uniforms like the boys do?
    Are the girls more comfortable? No!
    Are the uniforms more comfortable? No?
    Do the uniforms look better? Yes!
    Thats why they ware them!!!
    Why do girls ware Bikinis? For the same reason as these uniforms, to look better!
    So, I suppose you want girls to be 18 before they can ware a Bikini?
    Steve and Fred have done a great job with the local teams, as long as theyre Bishop Amat.
    Look at the amount of post for these sports as compared to the Football and Baseball post!
    Finally a nice looking girl gets some nice comments and you whine and cry about it.
    As for the Bearcats, we have more class in our little finger than you have in your entire body.
    But Ill bet youve heard that before!

  • Amat69

    You must be a parent of one of the other girls.

  • G-town

    Your right! Post their grades!

  • Volleyball Anyone….

    Big games this week in the Sierra. Ayala/Chino Hills (@ Chino Hills Tuesday) and South Hills/St. Lucy’s (@ South Hills Thursday). Great match up with Valle-Acosta back.

    What other matchups do we have this week in other leagues?

  • SGVVBfan

    In the Hacienda league, for the Championship, Los Altos tries to upset Bonita @ Bonita.

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