Tribune Super 35: Bishop Amat No. 1 and No. 3 in Pac-5, but for how long as Serra begins

This week’s CIF-Southern Section football polls.

1. Bishop Amat (6-0) — The preparation has included a lot of lopsided victories, but the truth is unveiled this week in the league opener against 5-1 Crespi. Is Amat’s secondary athletic and disciplined enough to handle the Celts’ aerial assault? Can Amat put 40 or more points on the board? Answers come Friday.
2. Chino Hills (4-1) — We know the Huskies are the prohibitive favorites in the Sierra League, but are they contenders in the Inland Division, where they climbed to No. 2 in the poll? You prove that by continuing to win while the bullseye is firmly implanted.
3. West Covina (5-1) — Bonita hasn’t done anything to lose it’s No. 3 ranking, it’s just the Bulldogs, even with a loss, have looked better at this point. They’re No. 1 in the Southeast and have a brutal running game that hasn’t come close to being slowed down.
4. Bonita (5-0) — The Bearcats are No. 2 in the Southeast, but have yet to face the contenders in the Hacienda. We’ll know more once they go through Diamond Ranch, Rowland and West Covina. For now, so far so good.
5. Glendora (4-1) — After a week off they open the Baseline at Etiwanda on Thursday, a winnable opener and a must have if the Tartans are thinking about making the playoffs or contending for a league title.
6. Charter Oak (3-2) — QB Travis Santiago returns after an ankle injury and a bye week. If the Chargers are serious contenders in the Sierra Leaugue, they will let us know on the road at Ayala, a school that has a 5-1 record but has played the weakest schedule of all Sierra teams.
7. Claremont (4-1) — We’ve been saying the Wolfpack are the second best team in the Sierra but on Friday at home they get a chance to show they’re the best against mighty Chino Hills in the league opener.
8. Azusa (5-0) — The Aztecs will finish the season with ten straight blowouts to go 10-0 and take the No.1 ranking in the Mid-Valley Division. Their closest game is a 21-point blowout and the toughest part of their schedule is behind them.
9. Rowland (4-2) — The Raiders took one on the chin against West Covina, but the Raiders are too good and will bounce back in the coming weeks.
10. Covina (5-1) — We haven’t given the Colts enough credit. When you play in the MId-Valley and you own a win over West Covina, the No. 1 in the Southeast, that deserves a top ten ranking.

The Rest: 10. Damien (3-2), 11. Ayala (4-1), 12. Diamond Ranch (3-3), 14. Arroyo (4-1), 15. Baldwin Park (2-4), 16. San Dimas (3-3, 17. South Hills (1-4), 18. Diamond Bar (4-2), 19. Walnut (2-3), 20. Wilson (3-2), 21. Sierra Vista (4-1), 22. Rosemead (3-2), 23. Pomona (3-3), 24. La Puente (3-2), 25. Mountain View (3-2), 26. Ganesha (2-3), 27. Nogales (1-4), 28. El Monte (1-4); 29. Gladstone (2-3), 30. Bassett (2-3), 31. Northview (1-4), 32. Los Altos (0-5), 33. South El Monte (1-4), 34. Workman (1-4), 35. Duarte (0-4)

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  • Chino Hills Husky Fan

    Chino Hills is ranked #2 in the latest inland division poll. The Big 8 league is throwing things for a loop. First Santiago beats Roosevelt and people think they have secured 3rd place behind Centennial and Norco….then the next week, Santiago looses to King and Roosevelt beats Norco….hmmm. If Chino Hills can go 5-0 in league, they could secure the #2 seed in the playoffs and avoid Centennial until the finals…I think that’s what everyone is hoping for. Before we can worry about the playoffs, we have to deal with a very good Claremont team on Friday. Good Luck everyone!

  • kh

    how can somebody change the rankings after same results from last week.
    will let me tell you why,no brain no pain?
    because in life like fred being a fellower,not a leader,he went with the southeast rankings,we @ bearcat land could give a rats ass about some ink printed in the paper,w/c rowland and who ever else that has a loss is chancing us,
    get over it,when if ever we lose then fred fred fred has a point,,,,,
    ok freddy let me put it to your face like aram did with stats,do your homework.
    # 1 rankings
    national w/c 980 = bonita 528 + bearcats
    state w/c 81 = bonita 51 + bearcats
    section w/c 45 = bonita 29 + bearcats
    pf w/c 213 = bonita 178 + bulldogs
    pa w/c 144 = bonita 72 + bearcats
    = 4 bearcats
    = 1 bulldogs
    now we have our starting qb back we will blow by them in pf real soon,
    fred why dont you and aram debate this ranking would love to hear your sorry side of moving bearcats down in ranking.
    we only have given up 3 points on d with the starters in last 3 games.
    the 20 points were on second and third string guys getting some work in for next season dude,
    fred thats 1 field goal allowed in last 3 games with # 1 d on field. i said we will have the best d in the area and its allready showing,cant wait to punish w/c running backs, that qb will be running like the roadrunner,beep beep
    i must say this is by far your worst decision yet on the blog. you had a change to really put this game together for your old home town w/c. making them earn the win to jump over the #1 d in this town,when we dont pull starter off because we have chrushed eveybody we have played,santa fe 8 of the 12 points came off offense turn overs.
    aram crush fred please we will help him eat his words,
    go bearcats.

  • Who Cares


    So if the bearcats make it to the finals in football and lose are you going to blame the coaches again just like you did in baseball??? I can’t wait to hear your excuses next….

  • So Cal FB Fan

    Your logic makes perfect sense, but the problem is you have illogical people making the decisions. I have seen both West Co. and Bonita play. I would have to give the edge based by what I saw, to West Co. They are more physical and have better athletes across the board. I would love to see the West Co vs. Bonita game because I think either team could win. I think it will be a great game!

  • FredJ

    KH, I’m not going to argue with that logic …

  • JG

    KH, when you fall you must fall real hard!! it’s only HSFB, take nap have some lemonaid, WC will move up on the rankings whether tou like it or not!!!

  • These Rankings are not realistic

    Fred, I have a question on how you rank teams. How do you justify ranking Azusa over Rowland, Covina, Damien and Ayala? No doubt, the Aztecs are having a great year, But question one is could Azusa beat Damien? No! Could Azusa beat Ayala? No! Those two teams would not only beat Azusa head up, but they have played better teams. Come on you know Rowland is better than them. There is now way Azusa beats Rowland. Rowlands only losses came by Claremont and West Co. Covina deserves to be ahead of Azusa based on the fact that they beat a ranked team and their only lose has came to Walnut. Walnut is better than anyone Azusa has played. What do you think scores would be if Rowland, Damien and Ayala played their soft schedule? Bell Gardens in a quality win, but come on. Can you explain.

  • Colt74

    Was looking at the list and just for grins and giggles decided to come up with the ONE team that I would LEAST like to play this Friday. (And this has NOTHING against ANY team on the list). My overwhelming personal choice was West Covina. I think that they are firing on all cylinders ( all 11 of them )and are on a mission. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Right now they are making a statement. You might not like that statement but you can’t argue that it isn’t LOUD and CLEAR.

    This is a fictitious statement used in a well known movie but IMHO says it all….

    “I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant”

  • FredJ

    These rankings

    I would have said there is no way Covina could have beaten West Covina, but it happened. Azusa would have the same punchers chance against the teams you mentioned, they’ve won every game by 21 points or more. There are a lot of lower-ranked teams that I believe could beat teams I rank ahead of them, but you can’t can’t rank that way, you have to balance record with reality, which I have said a million times. Do I really think there are 16 teams better than South Hills? No, but the Huskies don’t deserve to be ranked higher than 17. There is no exact science or precise formula when you’re ranking teams that play far different schedules and compete in league and playoff divisions that are miles apart in some cases. It’s a balancing act and a feel for the teams, that’s how I do it.

  • Mikey


    10/29… cannot wait for this game! Bonita will get its shot @ West Covina!! This game could (should) decide the Hacienda… with apologies to Diamond Ranch…

  • AMAT 73

    It’s all in the perception of a team .Stats are basically meaningless on here.Like Fred wrote , Bonita did nothing to lose their number 3 ranking but WC just looks better at this point even with a loss. I mean and using my favorite whipping team how do you justify SH at 17 . They have looked like crap but the perception is they haven’t by the Trib. Your Bearcats are having a very good season so far and maybe if they string a few seasons like this together the thinking on them will also go up . One good season does not make an elite team . You have to be consistantly there.

  • SGV Athlete

    How is Ganesha ranked higher than Gladstone after last Friday?

  • milkman

    the Tribs(fred j )poll is like almoct all the others out there, not much ryme or reason to it, the biggest job fred j has is to not pzzzz off all his “buddies” big lou,gano,bogan……really now , fred knows ganesha and gladstone don’t matter a bit,yet he has Gladtone ranked below Ganesha(after soundly beating them last week….but for him to have Pomona Cathiloc boys(as another blogger refers to them) and SH where they are? really know take it for what it’s worth, liner for the bird cage…now ask KH, he’ll have the Bearcats on top, actually he’d probably say they are the 1st,2nd and 3rd ranked teams. he’s always good for a laugh or 20

  • SGV For 30 Years

    Read your Super 35 Fred. Very interesting. Looks like you are looking more at the record than the team, so I thought I would give you my top 20. (Sorry I didn’t want to go all the way to 35)

    1. Amat-This one seems pretty clear. They don’t play by the same rules (Attendance wise) as the rest of us. They should be better
    2. Chino Hills-They have played a very tough schedule. I think they could at least compete with Amat.
    3. West Covina-Their ground game has proven to be pretty unstoppable. It will be interesting to see what happens when they have to throw the ball.
    4. Glendora-They have played some tough schools. Big O line, good QB
    5. Bonita-Having GP back is a real boost. It will be interesting to see if they can shut down the rushing attacks of DRanch and West Covina.
    6. Charter Oak-Santiago coming back healthy could move them up the list a couple of spots.
    7. Diamond Ranch-Coach Layton has his boys shaping up into the usual DR form at the end of the season. Price is the real deal at RB.
    8 Claremont-Good QB quite a few playmakers on offense. Solid Defense
    9. Rowland-Michael Ball is legit, but he needs more help. The good news is that they won’t see anyone else like WC.
    10. Ayala-Solid coaching good schemes.
    11. Damien-A couple of wins in the Sierra League could move them up quickly. Can Gano work his magic?
    12. Azusa-Having a great season. Nunez is a great player. But you need a lot more than 1 player to compete with the teams above them.
    13. South Hills-Oh how the mighty have fallen. They must have run out of space in Boganville.
    14. Baldwin Park-Switched places with San Dimas based on their game.
    15. Walnut-Has been able to score pts when most thought they wouldn’t be able to. Could have moved up quite a bit if they had hung on against DRanch.
    16. San Dimas-Have people figured out their double wing-t?
    17. Arroyo-Always a tough game.
    18. Diamond Bar-Still waiting for their Defense to get off the bus. 41-0 vs DR and 53-20 vs Bonita.
    19. Sierra Vista-Piling up yards against inferior teams. Can’t do the same against the big dawgs.
    20. Wilson-I actually have them lower in my rankings but moving them up to 20 is the only way I can write about them. (#22 at best)

    SGV430 Ouutt!!!

  • lancer Baseball

    Kh, dont our Baseball teams play each other this Saturday @ 1:00pm at your place?
    Should be interesting! You only have Two Football players? Who do you have? (Bearkittens), you have no one! Youre weak!
    I guarantee we kick your Butts, like we would in Football.
    Kh, No excuses please!!!

  • Further Review

    Interesting list sgv430. But I think you left off Covina unintentionally and are you saying Diamond Ranch would beat Damien in round 2? Not sure if I agree with that.

    Hard to grade Azusa without playing any of the top teams but unitl they lose they should be in the top 10. Very convincing wins.

  • ST G54

    SGV Athlete,

    My guess would be due to strength of schedule..

  • whitey

    fred, last week you had gladstone ranked twice, 25th ,29th this week you have both covina and damien 10th, does anybody ever proof these almost worthless polls? heck kh could do better!

  • just askin’

    SGV For 30 Years – what “rules” are those that Amat doesn’t play by? The same rules that allow all of CO’s skill players from the past 3 seasons to come form outside their attendance area? those rules?


    just askin’,

    Get off of Charter Oak’s SACK, you sound like one of these parents who’s kids never got a shot to play except in blowouts.

  • Friday Lights

    Good article about Amat V. Crespi
    ESPN LA is also giving love to W.C. and BONITA in their LA south top 10 rankings.

  • sgv4fortyfive

    hey sgv 4 thirty, answer the question? what rules, are different for Amat, do you know most of CO S talent comes from outside their”area” what’s you beef with Amat or others, sounds like you NEVER played at Happy Rock or wherever you went, Sierra Vista maybe?

  • Bones

    Covina finally cracked the Top Ten. Good news. As always…Covina will get no respect until it wins sole posession of the VVL. A win over the Wildcats from Mtown or the Azusa Aztecs will prove fulfilling. Coach Thomas really doesnt care about the rankings, the players and assistants are another story. The goal for Covina football under Thomas since I was a lad going to CHS was to ‘win the league championship’ anything else more than that is great. GO COLTS!

  • dodgeball

    SGV FOOTBALL – so, does that make you sound like one of those parents whose kid couldn’t get into Amat. I think it was you who said they play by different rules. You were asked to explain how those rules were different. Seems like you’re up.

  • NotSince1995


    But for how long…? Hah…Does Fred J know what’s going to happen on Friday night…?

    “CUP…CAKE” schedule…! 6 – 0 and Afraid…!

    I think we all know what’s going to happen Friday Night…!


    Not in 2010 Either…!

  • SGV Athlete
  • Freddie Kruger

    No #13????…..There are psychotropic meds that will take care of that problem Fred! A little triskaidekaphobia up the Robledo family tree? Tis that time of year……..Don’t leave the house tomorrow!

  • Ro

    all you Bishop Amat haters say bishop amat has not been tested. maybe they havnt been tested week after week,but they beat Dominguez who is currently ranked 10th in southern california. no one else in the valley has beaten a team that is currently ranked in the top 25 southern cal rankings.

  • kh

    if a head coach blows a call then he will live by it,
    thats why they make the big bucks.
    we all play the game to win,in the end theres only one standing with the ring,in the crouse of a game am sure coaches blow many calls,it happens,but in baseball the game is so much slower tempo,all your moves should be pre thaught of before the game even starts,in the game if a pitcher holding the offense,break his groove,step out,clean off your shoes tie your shoes,act like you dont know what sign the third base coach is trying to give,ask ump for time and walk down there.i cant tell you all my offense about a squeeze play runners on third winning 1-0,not a bad time,that gets into a pitcher head,i never said the coach blow the play-off game,he wasnt up there with runners in scoring position and fell to get job done,it was the players,they couldnt make routine plays under presure,like i said early in the season,there going to be a time when we need guys to come thru in the clutch and they didnt,dont blame the coach,if k.c. hit that ball 3 feet more down the line and we never would look back,there was like five big ifs,,heres one,if my aunt had balls,she would be my uncle,
    we play amat this week in baseball what time and where.good want to go see my buddy andy,we played against each other 25 years ago his father had a team from montebello,the stars,played our pasadena redbirds…
    i dont know much about bonita winterball. football players cant play,we play 14 innings every sunday with the twins scouting team in compton mlb,k.c. is the starting s.s. 3b. the pros must see something,only played cf once,cant wait to get back to rt field,train your kid to play all positions,helps keep playing days longer,
    amat lover this game means about as much as freds top 10 picks,w/c 144 points allowed.bonita 72,40 of those points are from 2nd and 3 string d and turn-overs on offense.w/c we will be ready when the day comes,this friday night is all the bearcats want,one game at a time,,,,

  • Colt74


    This is just a wild guess but I bet you are in favor of Proposition 19….huh?

  • Whoa RO!!!!

    Where are you getting your rankings? Dominguez top 10 in So. Cal? Let’s compare Chino Hills victory over Tesoro to Amat’s victory over Dominguez:
    Rankings comparison of the 2 .
    La Times Max Preps Cal Preps
    Dominguez 22 25 So. sec 42 state
    Tesoro 20 22 So. Sec 37 state

    Also, Dominguez was the ONLY quality opponent Amat had…..all others SUCK!…lol Get over yourselves Amat fans. DO you REALLY think you guys are the 3rd best team in the Pac5… honest now….lol

  • Chino Hills Husky Fan

    Ok so I was bored out of my mind in the office this morning and was checking out max preps. I decided to compare the schedules of Chino Hills (my son’s team) and Bishop Amat since there has been so much talk about them both. Here is what I came up with…this is from max preps take it for what it’s worth.

    Chino Hills
    Opponents/ records/ state ranking
    1. Mayfair 3-3 148
    2. Santiago 2-3 95
    3. Tesoro 4-1 37
    4. Pomona 3-3 600 (ouch…
    5. REV 3-2 57
    Totals 16 – 12 ave rank 187 (pomona really skewed that)

    Bishop Amat
    Opponents / records / state rankings
    1. Garfield 2-4 319
    2. Dominguez 4-1 42
    3. Muir 1-4 380
    * 4. Damien 3-2 194
    5. Cathedral 4-1 253
    6. Venice 1-4 178
    Totals 15-16 ave rank 227

    * = Max preps had Damien as 4-1 and beating J Serra….they lost 42-7 and their ranking would be much lower if correct

    If you were to take out Pomona from Chino Hills schedule their opponents ave rank is 84.
    If you were to take out Amat’s lowest 2 ranked opponents, their average rank is 222.

    I think our tough schedule will help us in league since 4 out of our 5 games so far have had a playoff type feel to them….especially Tesoro, REV & Santiago.


    CH FAN,
    So what are you trying to say by the comparison. You failed to write your conclusion on why you compare the 2 teams . Do you feel because of SOS CH is the better team?



    No that was not me who said they play by different rules, it was a different blogger so man up and post under your real name since you read the blog soooo much. HAHAHAHAHA no balls to post with their real names LOL.

  • dodgeball

    SGV FOOTBALL – that’s why I wrote “I think it was you who said they play by different rules.” Think. After scrolling down it was SGV for 30 – and you just jumped on his bandwagon. Since he won’t answer – maybe you can – since you’re into fighting his battles

  • Football Observer

    Lets keep it real people. We all know that even though the chino hills “chihuahua’s” are playing well “right now” if they were to play Bishop Amat, Amat would spank that rear-end! You can post all the comparative schedules you want and you can utilize all the transitive properties in the world but AMAT taxes chino hills either way. You are having a good season chino hills, enjoy it and good luck, I hope you continue to win. Its good for your program, BUT please, stop with the non-sense about hanging with AMAT and being on a par with their program. I don’t think you even qualify to be in a discussion regarding football programs of their caliber. THEY have been doing what they do for longer than your program has know WHAT TO DO! Now don’t go all ballistic on AMAT FAN I am not an AMAT person I am merely a HS football fan that gives credit where due and I like the way they run their program. I am true to my alma maters program but we don’t do it like they do either. I give props to your “RECENT” success but let’s keep it in perspective. One good season does not a powerhouse make you. OUT!

  • SGV For 30 Years

    What I mean is that a student who goes to Amat could live anywhere from LA to Rancho Cuca. They don’t have any boundaries. Public school for the most part have to play with who lives in their area…… I did say for the most part before I get jumped on by the CO, SH haters. I’m not saying it’s good or bad. It’s just the way it is. Hagerty has done a great job with that program. The truth is that when Amat is good that spells trouble for the local public school. If I had a kid that ran a 4.4 and I thought he could be big time right now, I would send him to Amat. They are the most high profile program in the SGV. I’m no Amat supporter I just call it as I see it.

    SGV430 Ouut!!

  • Freedom to choose

    SGV-What’s with all the “unfair advantage” stuff? With the free transfer freshman year rule, isn’t everyone open to the same athletes? Let’s just say that I lived in Corona but wanted to travel all the way to Charter Oak HS everyday so my kid could play football there, what would stop me? Isn’t this opportunity available to all student athletes and all High Schools? Then why all the unfair advantage talk? The only difference between that scenario and doing it to attend AMAT is that I would have to pay tuition on top of gas costs, car maintenance and stress management for all the traffic. Enough with all the “they get an unfair advantage” crap”, the only unfair advantage AMAT has is that theu are well known and people CHOOSE to make the aforementioned SACRIFICES to send their kids there.

  • chino Hills Husky Fan

    Football Observer,
    WOW…lot’s of hate and smack talk…Like I said, I was bored at work and made the comparison. Did I trash talk Amat and said we’d whoop their butts? NO….do i think we could play with them and possible beat them…Yes. CHHS respects all football teams but fear non. I found this comment to be rather humorous:
    “I give props to your “RECENT” success but let’s keep it in perspective. One good season does not a powerhouse make you. OUT!”

    Chino Hills only has RECENT success because we’ve only had a full varsity program for 6 years! I don’t think we’ve done that bad for a new program. We have made the playoffs 6 years (one year with soph & jrs. only) won 3 league championships, made it to the quaterfinals 3 times and the semi finals last year and are currently ranked #2…I would say that qualifies for a successful program…are we the best in So Cal, no…but we aren’t to shabby. We have done it it with NO varsity transfers from other schools…..can Amat say that? I would like to hear you talk about Amat’s RECENT success in the last 6 years ( only making it past the first round once…and not even making the playoffs 3 of those years). Amat is a good program no doubt, however, with them being able to recruit legally from all over the SGV and beyond – they should have had way more success than they have had. I’m just sayin’

  • anonymous

    Why does everyone always play the “recruiting” card. It does not exist. Is this how people make it OK that they are not as good as AMAT, because they actually go out and get athletes and shake down the parents to make them pay tuition for HS that would otherwise be free? I would think that “IF” Amat was recruiting they would do it a little more successfully by getting some big huge linemen to secure their line with, don’t you? I mean c’mon dude, look at their roster and tell me who you think they actually went out and recruited???

  • You heard it first.

    Amat will get a Sophomore RB/WR transfer out of Fontana area who runs a 4.3 40. This kid is super quick, he wrestles and plays football, only a frosh at 5’10” 150 lbs. I talked to his Dad last night (former Amat grad) and his Dad is one big mean SOB.

  • C Santiago

    chino Hills

    You guys lost to Santiago who just last Friday lost to Riverside King. Riverside King? LOL!

    Riverside King lost to Elsinor. Does Elsinor sound familiar to anyone?

    Elsinor barely escaped Diamond Ranch 27-21.

    I’m sorry but BA destroys CH this year and next year.

  • Amat Dude

    I think all the Amat faithful should just sit idle let the haters do what they do best and hate and whine about Amat. When you have a good successful winning program, there is no need to defend the program, the results on the field will speak for itself and shut most of the haters up. You have those like kh who thinks just because his team is undefeated can hang with Amat, now you have Chino Hills who can think that also. It doesn’t mean squat to me what they think until these teams meet period.

    Let the team play on Friday night and trust me by Saturday morning most haters will disappear into their little holes they crawled from and then you will have the haters who will come out because they are in sheer denial.

    Silence is golden.


    CH FAN,
    If you’re bored at work ask your boss for more work . Why compare against Amat if not to look like you have the superior program . Why not choose CO or any other league foe or better yet one of the IE powers you will face in the playoffs. You know why because Amat is the team all look to for a measurement of their program . Even kh is now saying they could beat Amat this season as to how good Bonita is this year . Why bypass CO or others they have lost to in the past. Because Amat is the measuring stick for the entire SGV when you want to see just how good of a program you have . Why would you base it on SOS to say you could hang with Amat when that is just paper and ratings and not in the trenches . You are having a fine season so far but please know your place in the SGV . First take care of CO and then come and knock on Amat’s door.

  • Transfers AFTER their Sophomore year…

    Freedom to choose,
    Yes, all athletes have the option to make a 1 time transfer to the school of their choice without penalty BEFORE they attend the first day of class their sophomore year…..let’s take a look at Amat shall we? Gonzales and all the others transfered to Amat AFTER this free transfer period so lets not go there. Amat has unfair advantage becasue a parent can tell CIF their kid wants to go play at Amat for GOD!….how can CIF argue that point….lol

  • chino Hills Husky Fan

    C. Santiago (man who hides behind a title),
    We also beat Tesoro who beat up on Santa Margarita who is tearing up everyone else they play….who is tranked 16th in the state …..and we lost to that WEAK Santiago team who beat Roosevelt who beat Norco who at the time was ranked #7 in So Cal….at least we play a tough schedule….we knew we’d have to play great to get out 5-0 but we played poorly against Santiago and they beat us…no excuse. We don’t talk about how great our program is. We are proud of our program but don’t put down other programs to make us look better. Amat is a good program but there are so many Amat posters on here being so boastful of a program who has done very little the last 6-7 years. Now if you were from Corona Centennial or Mission Viejo, I’d understand.

  • Amat Honk

    Chino Husky Fan – “if you were from Corona Centennial or Mission Viejo, I’d understand” With a comment like that it is obvious that you are “NEW” to the game. I will worry about beating up on CHHS when you drop your Nads and schedule us. Until then, “you guys got a nice little ball club down there.” In other words, we’ll see ya when ya grow up. Transfers – Are you saying that Wallace G. was a recruit? You obviously don’t know the situation there and the kid did everything by the book for an athlete that wanted to transfer schools INCLUDING sitting out a year of football. That’s LAME to use him as an example. EVERY School gets transfers genius. You have mentioned NOTHING that “other” schools can’t and don’t do. Bring it BOY!!! I’m waiting for your “proof” of this unfair advantage?

  • chino Hills Husky Fan

    Why compare to Amat,
    The reason i chose Amat was based on the previous blog that compared the 2 schools. Frankly we don’t really care about SGV football except for CO and So. Hills who are in our league….we strive to become like successful programs like Norco, Centennial & Mission Viejo. Why would we want to be Amat or be like Amat? the last 6-7 years haven’t been that stellar. On the other hand Norco and Centennial are top performing programs year in and year out……not hit and miss. If we could develop a history like them we would be in good shape. Our coaches do a good job of coaching up homegrown talent…not transfers. We are proud of what we have acheived in these 6 short years. We do not have to put down other programs to make ourselves feel better. Like my college coach used to tell us “If you have to TELL people how good you are, then you aren’t that good”

  • BlueandGoldStud

    Chino Hills Husky Fan said:
    Ok so I was bored out of my mind in the office this morning and was checking out max preps. I decided to compare the schedules of Chino Hills (my son’s team) and Bishop Amat…

    I researched Maxpreps during my lunch since my son plays for’s something to consider as you think Chino Hills is on par with Amat. I looked at league play, not at preleague and here’s where it seperates the boys from the men.

    Chino Hills League teams of Claremont, Damien, South Hills, Charter Oak & Ayala

    Avg Rankings
    National- 2468
    State- 189
    Section- 92

    BA League teams of Crespi, Loyola, Notre Dame & Alemany

    Avg Rankings
    National- 709
    State- 56
    Section- 31

    This is what playing for Amat is all about, you are expected to compete against the best, once you get thru league, it gets tougher since 3 of the PAC5 leagues are in the top 10 of the State. Now do you see why Amat is respected & defended against those that think they are the same level either by winning passing leagues, linemen competition, preseason, league games or CIF???

    If you happen to win CIF at a lower division, that’s great, congratulations but it doesn’t give you the right or respect to try to compare your school to Amat’s football program until you have earned the respect by playing for the state championship or being considered to represent the Southern Section.

    Until then, good luck the rest of the season.

  • AHSfbfan

    CHHS FB fan said:
    We have done it with NO varsity transfers from other schools….. with them being able to recruit legally from all over the SGV and beyond – they should have had way more success than they have had. I’m just sayin’

    I’m glad you qualified part of your post with “varsity transfer,” but let’s be honest. Over these past years, you have benefited greatly from intra district transfers etc. Not saying they were illegal dont really care, but the Harkeys, Harris’, Roenicke, Olomu to name a few were from Ayala, Chino and other districts. Bonilla who went from Amat to CHHS to D Ranch also played a part in your history. The pot calling the kettle black. Lets face it. Good programs attract players. Amat is a good program players want to go there. CIF does not allow “athletic recruiting” at any school parochial or otherwise.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    First let me apologize to the Covina faithful. Leaving you off was an accident. Covina comes in at #15 along with Walnut.
    Further: I actually battled with where to put Azusa. Some of the teams above them play each other as they knock each other off Azusa could move up. As long as they keep winning.

    Freedom to Choose: This whole transfer thing you talk about is not as simple as you make it seem. Take a look at the CIF website and see how many transfers are denied, or undue influence is ruled. Before you can do anything your home district must release you. The Rowland School District just won a lawsuit against the Walnut School District for stealing students. That won’t be the last lawsuit of it’s kind. The Canada’s actually moved into the South Hills area last year and were declared ineligible by CIF. Gonzales from Amat had to wait a full year to be eligible. Booth had to go before CIF to plead his case. Amat doesn’t need to get out and actively recruit players. They are the highest profile program in the SGV right now. I don’t think what Amat does by taking kids from all over is cheating. It’s just the catholic schools are not restricted by where you live and school districts. I never said anything about unfair. It’s just that they have access to a much wider group of students. Hey there are the only Pac-5 school in the SGV so I will be pulling for them in the play-offs.

    SGV430 Ouuutt!!!

  • Classy Amat Fans…Real Classy

    You Amat fans blog just like the RAIDER fans you are. You can’t handle a decent conversation or challenger without turning ghetto and immature. I guess it is what you got from of your education at Amat. If this is the product that Amat put out, there is no way in hell I’d let my kid go there. You are so cocky and arrogant for no reason. Your team has played a bunch of crap teams except Dominguez and now you think you can trash anyone who comes on here to support their school or give you a valid argument. Let’s get the facts straight…..Amat is having a good year but they are no way a dominant program. To be a dominant program you need to have a RECENT history of success….no going back to the glory days of the 80’s etc. Why don’t you take a page from Chino hills fan and support your own team without putting down everyone else……you guys are a joke and are a classless representation of your school.

  • Colt74

    Why compare to amat?

    “You are having a fine season so far but please know your place in the SGV . First take care of CO and then come and knock on Amat’s door.”

    Know your place in the SGV?
    News Flash for you Einstein…you really should change Amats colors to black and the blue ( the color of your asses from getting knocked on them for the last 15 years ). You seriously think that anyone other than an Amat alumni care of how well or not you do? We have our own leagues, our own CIF championships, and our own fans.

    You are another arrogant Amat fan that hijacks every football thread, takes every word written as a personal stab against their almighty ( even if it’s a thread about other teams ), can’t stand not to be the center of conversation, and lives to come here and try to belittle or berate anyone that does not the same views as them and their cult.

    Does Amat seriously think that any team in the SGV cares whether they have Amats respect? Or that they don’t meet your approval for their accomplishments? If you really need to let some air out of your heads.

    Know your place in the SGV?

    I know where your place will be after league. Sitting in the stands watching the other SGV teams play for championships while you talk amongst yourselves how you would have kicked their asses…..Get a soda, some peanuts, a program, and enjoy the games….

  • chino Hills Husky Fan

    Being ranked 32 in the state…we’d fit right in with your league competition.

  • Lancer Baseball

    kh wrote,
    i dont know much about bonita winterball. football players cant play,we play 14 innings every sunday with the twins scouting team in compton mlb,k.c. is the starting s.s. 3b. the pros must see something,only played cf once,cant wait to get back to rt field,train your kid to play all positions,helps keep playing days longer,
    amat lover this game means about as much as freds top 10 picks,w/c 144 points allowed.bonita 72,40 of those points are from 2nd and 3 string d and turn-overs on offense.w/c we will be ready when the day comes,this friday night is all the bearcats want,one game at a time,,,,
    kh, youre a supposed Baseball Guy? And kc goes to Bonita, and you dont know much about Bonita Winterball and who the players are?
    Youre a FRAUD!!!!!

  • Amat Honk

    Pinto74-You WISH you had our fan base. Hate up close or Hate from a far, eitherway….you’re still a HATER!!!!


    AZUSA knows it’s place in the BIG SGV! That is why you don’t see anybody from AZUSA on these articles, because were to busy practicing! LOL… No time to be arguing on who’s the KING OF THE JUNGLE! HAHAHAHAHAH.

    By the way (SGV 30 AND OUT) by the way about your ranking, if you go to Max Preps rankings, I would have to say these are pretty accurate. ALSO!!! click on to Cal Preps, and they’re pretty accurate on predicting games and match ups! Click project a match up and input AZUSA against any team and see how many team(S) AZUSA is (predicted) to win! Not BAD!!!

    So you self doubters that say AZUSA can’t win some of these teams listed in Freddy’s rankings, well the FACTS DON’T LIE! By the way FRED is pretty accurate himself!


  • kh

    sir lancer4 lot
    winterball,big deal
    its a good time for coaches to see how they can work some new players into the you get excited about seeing your sister every night,its the same thing to us in our house hold.we are trying to bring bonita football a league championship dude then cif ring,thats what counts,its coach podleys time with my son,then cunningham if he would wake up, thats the wrestling coach,hes been sleeping for two years now,then john knotts turn,thats how we roll.dont forget 2 straight league championships in baseball and cif finales last season,now hes fully healthy and football team is 5-0 so slow your roll,nobodys loves baseball more then me and k.c. ask k.c. yourself,maybe girls are first,he is a teenager,,,,,
    were playing scout ball 4to 6 hours on sunday my friend,coach knott knows k.c. will be ready to be a leader with is tools this season,hey after 4 years on varsity football he was a captain two games ago,now about that….i was pumped someone at the school and staff give him his well regaurded ups,took them long enough.those are miner rewards we want the big awards,league champs cif ring,,,,,
    go bearcats

  • Colt74

    Amat Honk,

    Up until very recently I was an Amat fan. How recent?…Today. Today I realized that the class that I admired and respected is almost completely dead. Now that proud humble class has been taken over by angry narcissistic old men that think the 50/50 from their football games should be L.A Times front page material, and anything else happening in the world of sports within the SGV doesn’t matter because those sports are being played by second or third rate kids.

    Like someone mentioned before the Raiders have a huge fan base…..numbers don’t have anything to do with class.

    Don’t want HATERS and want respect? Reciprocate.


    Colt74, are you sure you really mean that?

  • AHSFBfan

    Funny thing..Cal Preps project a matchup currently has Bishop beating CH and every other team in SGV, but they project they would lose to Tesoro, who was beaten by Chino Hills. Even the compuers can’t figure it out.

  • Amat Honk

    Pinto74 – NOBODY CARES WHO YOU LIKE OR DON’T LIKE! Especially not me! I don’t care if you hate Bishop Amat with every fiber in your pathetic body, you are a joke! You actually do not like “AMAT” because of things you are reading o a blog??? Well I guess Bishop Amat will be a lesser school now that PINTO74 isn’t a fan! HAHAAA,HAAA,HAAA,HAA,HAA,HHA…HA……HA!!!!
    We do tend to miss the intellectual ones. It’s a Blog you MORON! You could literally be reading posts from one guy all day???? ALL YOU “NEW” AMAT HATERS who profess this hatered because of this blog are losers, haters and just plain simpletons!!! Get a grip and most of all GET A LIFE WORTH LIVING FOR! AMAT, DOES NOT CARE!!!! HA,HA,HA,HA,HA…….

  • turnabout is fair play

    kh – a year ago you were hanging your hat on a “winterball” game when you beat south hills in the Cory Lidle Tournament (when SH had a bunch of FB players not playing)

  • just sayin’

    Colt74 – in case you didn’t notice it was Fred and this paper that put the 50/50 in a headline story – not an Amat blogger

  • Holy Cow!

    Hey KH

    You can’t be serious with that crap your writing on this blog? You’re just joking, right? You’re just testing us, right? Ohhhhh, I just vomited again. I need to stop reading your posts. KH, last chance to come clean, you’re just joking right? Ohhh, I vomited again. Please tell me you don’t really believe all this crap you write about your son and BoHi. Ohhhh, not again!

  • Lancer Baseball

    Turnabout is right! Last Winter all it was, kc this kc that! With all your yappin about the great kc, you would think with your vast (ha!) Baseball knowledge, you could answer the very simple Bonita Baseball questions Lancer boy had about your home team!
    We have lots of Studs on our Baseball team that dont play Football, to bad according to you, you dont. Oh, dont go forgettin about Jay Anderson another non Football playin Stud!
    You want a Bonita vs. Amat game to happen, and here it is and you have no comment?
    This is as close as it will ever get for you, so dream away! Well, a Football game will never happen. So give it up for Amat, and say; I give up!
    Baseball Guru my Ass!!!


    AMAT CONK, STFU!EVERY FIBER OF MY BODY??? EVEN YOUR A$@. AAAAAAHHHHHHH. PATHETIC… Please this is a blog, and keep your thoughts to yourself and not in writing.

    What are 13?

  • Colt74

    Amat Honk ,
    You put the exclamation on everything I had said in my post. Thank-you.

    AZTEC PRIDE…meant what? That I have been an Amat fan? Been an Amat fan since Haden and McKay. Swear that on my grandaughters head.

    Amat fans don’t care…..I’ll lose sleep over that. I’ve said what I wanted to say…not going to keep on with the “Oh yeah…well my housekeeper can kick your houskeeper a$$” back and forth…so flame away….

  • Colt74

    Forgot to put this in last post. My rant is NOT against all Amat fans or even the coach and players. I could have chosen some words more carefully but alas I put out a generalization and I was wrong. A lot of you are in a class by yourselves. I have learned A LOT about amat and your league from you. I thank you for that. Hopefully some of you understand what set me off.

    Just sayin…I wasn’t referring to the Tribs story and I understand that was in humor. Thanks.


    Are you serious? Ask me this does your son K.C,read the stuff your writing about?. WOW, i mean quit with the promoting, because writing this hype will not get him a FREDDY SCOHLARSHIP!

    Come on get a grip!

    “do you get excited about seeing your sister every night,its the same thing to us in our house hold.we are trying to bring bonita football a league championship dude then cif ring,thats what counts,its coach podleys time with my son,then cunningham if he would wake up, thats the wrestling coach,hes been sleeping for two years now,then john knotts turn,thats how we roll.dont forget 2 straight league championships in baseball and cif finales last season,now hes fully healthy and football team is 5-0 so slow your roll,nobodys loves baseball more then me and k.c. ask k.c. yourself,maybe girls are first,he is a teenager,,,,,
    were playing scout ball 4to 6 hours on sunday my friend,coach knott knows k.c. will be ready to be a leader with is tools this season,hey after 4 years on varsity football he was a captain two games ago,now about that….i was pumped someone at the school and staff give him his well regaurded ups,took them long enough.those are miner rewards we want the big awards,league champs cif ring,,,,,”.

    You know what I believe i’m also going to throw up. This has to be right up their with SGV BEST!

  • Sane

    Colt 74

    On your g-daughters head? You sick twisted piece of dog doo. Shame on you.



    I wasn’t disrepecting you. But there’s some level headed Amat bloggers out there that don’t come on here pounding their chest, like AMAT73, Joe AMAT who try to keep the AMAT faithful in check.

    Well I probably said to much already, because you know what will come next…

    What’s the chances of AZUSA and Covina meeting in the playoffs. To tell you the truth I think Covina might unleash itself, like the Detriot Lions did to my RAMS.

    Take it easy Colt74.

  • Sane

    Colt 74

    On your g-daughters head? You sick twisted piece of dog doo. Shame on you.

  • Old Colt

    @chino Hills Husky Fan…

    Your upsetting the Amat fans because you have a valid point, Amat should be better than the other local teams,,, PERIOD… Its expected and demanded in the sgv… You have alot of class CHHF, I truly mean that… Amat gets (Or should get) the best local athletes that have talent and can afford it, you posted stats and the faithful hated it because you were right… lol… There are Amat kids in my neighborhood that should go to Covina but they chose to go to Amat, very happy for them… For Gods sakes the Geners live 2 blocks away, imagine what Covina would be like if they stayed home… My .02 cents

  • Hechler and Koch


    Your intellect is starting to show, you have stopped becoming a fan of a certain school because of what a blogger said? That is the most immature crap I have ever heard of. Sir, you are 54 years old and this is High School football with fans talking smack about each others team and not about someone wanting to sleep with your wife?

  • Ro

    @whooaa Ro

    just posting where I got my info is the info from espn CaL Hi Sports rankings.

    CIF Open Division Top 25

    (After all games played through Saturday, Oct. 9)
    (Previous ranking in parentheses)

    1. (1) Servite (Anaheim) 5-0
    2. (2) Westlake (Westlake Village) 5-0
    3. (4) Mission Viejo) 6-0
    4. (3) Junipero Serra (Gardena) 5-0
    5. (5) Centennial (Corona) 5-0
    6. (7) Centennial (Bakersfield) 5-0
    7. (9) Alemany (Mission Hills) 6-0
    8. (10) Bishop Amat (La Puente) 6-0
    9. (11) Vista 5-0
    10. (13) Dominguez (Compton) 4-1
    11. (14) Crespi (Encino) 5-1
    12. (15) Oaks Christian (Westlake Village) 3-2
    13. (16) St. Bonaventure (Ventura) 5-1
    14. (17) Clovis West (Fresno) 4-1
    15. (12) Crenshaw (Los Angeles) 3-2
    16. (23) Eastlake (Chula Vista) 6-0
    17. (NR) Long Beach Poly (Long Beach) 4-2
    18. (20) Helix (La Mesa) 6-0
    19. (21) Dorsey (Los Angeles) 5-0
    20. (6) Lakewood 5-1
    21. (22) Rancho Verde (Moreno Valley) 5-0
    22. (24) Santa Margarita (Rancho SM) 5-1
    23. (25) Oceanside 3-2
    24. (NR) Vista Murrieta (Murrieta) 5-1
    25. (NR) Chaminade (West Hills) 5-0

    Dropped Out: Previous No. 8 Norco; No. 18 Buchanan (Clovis); No. 19 Valencia

  • Colt74

    Beretta 92FS,
    Point taken. Thanks.

    And if someone wants to sleep with my wife…please do….take over payments!

  • Colt74

    Truthfully I would put our chances at 50/50. BP and SD still waiting in the wings. I don’t care what polls say. They are both good programs. IF we make it that far I’ll put up breakfast, lunch, or dinner ( your choice ) if Azusa and we play and Azusa wins.

  • whitey

    It seems like your losing your touch,
    Imagine, kh doesnt know whats going on with the Baseball team.
    kh, youre a Senile old Fart!

  • just sayin’

    Colt74 – there you go bring up 50/50 again 🙂

  • big hitter

    colt 74 how much are the payments count me in is she cute. and is she looking for a long term relationship






  • Hechler and Koch


    Berettas are for wussies, Italian trash. Only German and Austrian made please.

    Whoever takes these comments on the blogs seriously, have some serious personal issues. It’s okay to dish it out and take it every once in awhile….like Jcaz says, its all for fun. Now forget about your old wife, how old is your daughter? Now take kh, he’s a crazy dude when he’s not taking his meds, cause he makes zero sense, then you have Azusa Pride…oops now don’t talk bad about Azusa cause Azusa Pride Pendejo will give you an ear lashing. Bahahahahahah! And where’s that other friggen idiot SGVworst, now this clown takes the cake. It’s all good man. Keep on bloggin man.

  • kh

    all haters kiss my bass…..
    we dont play winterball, didnt play last year,cory lindel trny is after football season.
    theres only one reason i talk about k.c.
    because you all hate it ,so thats why i bring it on,you guys fall straight into the black widows web.
    easy pray.
    the main reason is it take all your minds off amat blogs,fred hates it,i love it.
    bonita on fire and freds the fire truck.but the fire way to big for the little trucks hoses.

    back to winterball,
    i call peter he gives me the insight,have not talk about the up coming games this week.maybe mr.b-h- told me at last friday nights football game we played amat,people my life has moved on,bonita baseball is just a faze,it in time will pass.
    i turned down the csla job,maybe baseball days are slowly moving in different directions.
    is that ok whitey older fart,
    people from the blog turn me off towards real sports people.don amat 73 jackboy the housewifes sdmom,ok people most of the rest of you guys are drunks coming on pissed off at the world,have nothing better to do then take shots at other bloggers,,,,
    put your real name towards your blogs.that way in real life,your accountable.
    iam going to pull back and let the amat nation control your blogs i will see you all after the w/c game…
    i will be back love all my blogger buddys.
    go bearcats

  • NotSince1995



    We have known this for the last 16 years…Not Since 1995 have the Keeblers had a winning team…!

    Every other Keebler team after 1995 is NOT a CIF Champion…! Including your current Keeblers…!

    No Ring…No Championship…No Banner…!

    Not in 2010 Either…! Over Rated…5 Clap!

    P.S. Congratulations to all of the Chino Hills supporters…! Don’t back down…These BishopNation arrogant losers have nothing…!

  • More Nonsense

    Nonsense95 – here’s some more nonsense for you-

    Top Division Outright Championships
    Mission Viejo NotSince-Ever
    Servite (before last year – NotSince83
    Lakewood NotSince-Ever
    St. John Bosco NotSince-Ever
    Mater Dei NotSince98
    Alemany NotSince-Ever
    Santa Margarita NotSince-Ever
    Crespi NotSince86
    San Clemente NotSince-Ever
    Tesoro NotSince-Ever
    Edison NotSince80
    Newport Harbor NotSince-Ever
    Loyola NotSince05 (in a year Amat beat them)
    JSerra Catholic NotSince-Ever
    Dana Hills NotSince-Ever
    Notre Dame NotSince-Ever
    Trabuco Hills NotSince-Ever
    Fountain Valley NotSince88
    Compton NotSince-Ever
    Wilson NotSince-Ever
    Huntington Beach NotSince-Ever
    Jordan – NotSince-Ever

    (and CHills dude – here’s some “on again off again programs for you – go ahead and schedule Edison, Lakewood – heck even St John Bosco or Santa Margarita. Check their playoff “success”)

  • Amat Honk

    I’ll say it again for the slow to comprehend. I Do Not Care What Your Opinion is! I dont care if you dislike Amat, Amat Bloggers, ALL Amat Bloggers or just little old me! Amat/We/I do not need your support or your approval. If you clowns get butt hurt over a blog then you people are idiots! And let me be clear on one thing…I do NOT speak for all Amat fans. Many, if not the majority of The Amat Family have way to much CLASS to engage the likes of you scum in a tit-for-tat on a blog but hey, I’m in with ya! You wanna dance then lets go! I enjoy reading some of your stupid replys. I can just picture you there, sitting in front of your computer, maybe in the dark, getting all redfaced and pounding out your well though out reply…HA! You losers entertain me. Let’s keep it going.



    What are you the new instructor on how to blog?by the way rule #1, when you start the name calling,(PENDEJO), don’t get all on your feelings when the person calls you an A$$ h@le. By the way you kind of remind of the actor in the Wizard of oz, you know the part were the WIZARD is hiding behind the curtains,HECHLER & KOOCHIEE???

    You see I can take a joke, and not once do I mention the AZUSA AZTECS! How’s that for not taking blogging to serious.LOL…

    Yeah Keep on bloggin.

  • I notice someone missing from your list

    More nonsense,
    Where is Amat on that list?? Or are they so bad they don’t even qualify for that list. When was the last year Amat won a CIF championship or even made it to the finals in ANY division? This is a serious question, since I don’t know the answer. Might that be because Amat is irrelevant to So Cal football????
    Mighty Lancers my A$$…… are a bunch of Raider fans who are used to supporting a sorry program. I bet the last time Amat was decent was about the same time the Raiders were and look how many Raider fans there are….you guys are a joke!

  • More Nonsense

    someone missing knucklehead – had you read the post just before you would notice he wrote NotSince1995. Which means everyone on that list have had just about as long a span – or longer! Are the all “irrelevant” too?

  • FBFan

    Why did you stop posting the CIF rankings? They’re the ones that matter most.

  • Amat Honk

    Hey Mr. “I noticed someone missing from your list” YOU are EXACTLY the type of Nit Wit I enjoy! You were so worked up while typing and thinking, “I’m really gonna zing those old arrogant, 50/50 loving Amat guy’s with this comment…” that you missed the point of the response to which you were blogging!! Ha, Ha, Ha, HAAAAAA! Way to go GENIUS! Keep trying! Oh Gosh, I hope this doesn’t cause more people to hate Bishop Amat??? BAAAAHHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  • Amat Honk

    Yeah Right – Hey you know what, YOU can shut up too!!! What? You think because YOU TYPE EVERYTHING IN CAPS LIKE A FIRST GRADER THAT EVERYONES GONNA LISTEN TO YOU??? Mind your business. Oh darn, another Amat Hater is born…BooHooHoooo.

  • Heckler and Koch

    If I got 10 cents everytime Azusa Pride mentions AZUSA AZTECS, I’d be filthy rich.

    “You see I can take a joke, and not once do I mention the AZUSA AZTECS! How’s that for not taking blogging to serious.LOL…” AP

    You just did you Moron!!! Kaching! Bahahahahahaaa!

  • dude

    Get over it already! (AMAT HONKY), come on your like that fat chick who you took home from the bar and you wake up and she still their in your bed, and it’s 12:00 p.m. already! Please do us all a favor and just go HOME!BAHHHHHHH,BOOOOHHOHOHOH… Dude get over it and move on. Please you sound like this 4 foot guy who is trying to take on the WORLD!

    oooouuu AMAT, just the name makes me shake in my rain boots. hahahahahahahh…

    Shut up…


    Well look who came back to see if he received a personal message, just like flies that are attracted to sh*!. Oh, okay were not taking this to serious now, or are we?LOL… Okay I would be rich also, if everytime some boob comes on here, like yourself and starts with the insults. Okay i’m still not taking this serious, because what? Oh yeah, you reminded everbody that this is a HIGH SCHOOL BLOG, “and it’s all for fun”. LOL… Come on, you know what i meant by not mentioning AZUSA, oh my gosh!!! I said it again, that AZUSA AZTEC word again. ahahahahh, by the way you see i’m having fun blogging, and did you notice HOOCHHIE & COOCHIEE that my keyboard buttons are the same as yours, if you know what I mean.(MORON)…

    You have a nice day!

  • Just Observing


    Football season runs past Thanksgiving… The Lidle Tourney is during football. Hopefully the sissycats get to play past Thanksgiving.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    I just have 2 quick questions. Fred maybe you will know the answer or you can find out the answer.
    1. Is the Michael Johnson that just took over as the offensive coordinater for the 49’ers the Michael Johnson that played quarterback at Baldwin Park years ago?

    2. What’s a Pendejo?

    SGV430 Ouuut!!!

  • Amat Honk

    I really tried “Dude” but I just couldn’t quite follow your scenario. Never been in that “situation” that you depicted, but hey, I guess when you do it on a daily basis it kinda gets burned in your memory huh? Hey “Dude” nobody made you marry her! Now you go away! I didn’t ask for your commentary and nobody needs, nor asked if I recall correctly, you to come to their defense on this blog. I will return to Football blogging when something of substance comes up and when people stop hating AMAT because of all those stupid, arrogant Amat bloggers. HA,HA, HA,

    That being said, I will disappear until needed again! Goodbye, Adieu, Chiao, Sayonara…..

  • Amat fans unemployed???

    I guess we can all tell what an Amat education gets you…unemployed. They seem to have all day to chit chat on these blogs. I come on here every once in a awhile to see what’s happening and you Amat a-holes hog these damn blogs. You Raider,…ooops I mean Amat fans are classic. The last time Amat did anything worth talking about was probably the same time the Raiders we relevant…coincedence I think not.
    Your MIGHTY Amat Lancer need to play some real teams like my Centennial Huskies. We have tried to get your punk A$$es on our schedule for 2 years. I read the e-mail Coach Haggerty wrote to coach Logan. He said “We are not ready to play you guys yet”……..MEOW. So keep talkin’ about your bad selves but many of us know the real truth.

    (I know, you little Amat whiners are going to cry “why are you on an SGV football blog”….well, I just moved to Glendora and like reading about area teams when you Amat jokes will let them)

  • Chino Hills Husky Fan

    SGV fan,
    Yes, it is the same Michael Johnson…..climbed the ranks…good for him


    SGV FOR 30 YEARS, I’ll tell you what (PENDEJO) means and break down for you in english.

    1. Dumb A%$

    2. Stupid A _ _

    3. dip sh _ _

    4. Moron

    5. idiot

    6. dumb blond,haha.

    7. fool

    8. Well you get my point.

    9 Oh, I almost forgot (hechler & kocher).

    10. By the way I am employed, nice little goverment job. Come on what did you expect me to work and I tell people to get to work if you know what I mean! Man i’m taking this blogging way to serious.hahahah..

  • Glory Days

    KH – didn’t know you still played HS baseball. I knew KC did, but you said WE don’t play winterball. See – that’s your problem, trying to capture the glory days through KC. Just let him play and stop living your life through him.

  • Amat Honk

    I’m Baaaaaccckkkkkk!!!! Unemployed – OOoohhhh, we are all supposed to believe that you- are true fan of the mighty SB County Football Giants named the “Centennial Huskies” are a transplant to Glendora? Yeah, right. Glendora does background checks before they let you move into their city and the mere fact that you had to cross back into LA County from the 909 eliminates you from being ALLOWED to move there. Now, all of sudden you get to Glendora and decide to “Champion” the cause of the Blog Nation by prfofessing your disdain for Bishop Amat of which SUPPOSEDLY you’ve read the e-mail ( OMG, how credible you are Mr. Man. I don’t even know if I should question this since you’ve “seen the email”??)and AMAT was afraid to play the mighty Huskies (with their flash in the pan title) stick around awhile and maybe you’ll EARN some respect!!! And NO, we/I don’t cry why are you on this blog…you belong here because your just as full of crap as everybody else on here!!! Present company included 🙂 You know what Unemployed? I just realized that Mr. Azusa Pride has pegged your County hopping @ss dead on….. You sir are a Pendejo!!! Please see the explaination below if you are still confused at the end of this post! Have a nice day- Cowboy!

  • Heckler and Koch

    SGV for 30 years.

    I have a better explanation of what that word means. Go find a Dictionary, look up Pendejo, and you will find a picture of AZUSA PRIDE next to the definition. A picture is worth a million words!

    AP, you work for the government? That figures where my tax dollars go, down the toilet, such WASTE! Bet you are blogging on government and taxpayers time while us taxpayers pay your salary.

    Bahahhaahahahaahaa! Don’t take me too serious Azusa Pride, because your feelings are all butt hurt!! Now back to football!


    Well I guess you are of that unemployed group because you are on here blogging and read Amat threads at 11:38 in the afternoon so how smart are you to make that statement. It’s mainly due to the education we got at Amat we are either the boss or the owner of the company where we work and have the time while we are in our offices to go on this blog. You see some jobs have perks and some don’t . It is very simple. I guess by the time of your post you are either at lunch in the library or using your Iphone to post while you stand in the unemployment line . By the way how did the trailer hold up bring it from the ie to the sgv. You see you are not the only one with out downs.

  • Colt74

    I finally figured it out….Amat Honk played in the Amat band…..He’s bitter because he was turned down for playing football but at least got accepted as their water boy…. And he still had the band and his horns to fall back on

    I found a video of him playing his little squeeky horns after he left Amat. Hope you all enjoy it.

    See Honkster I figured out how these blogs work…

  • SGV For 30 Years

    I gotcha AZTEC that’s kind of what I thought. Now I know how to use the word when and if I need to.

    Chino Hills Husky Fan,

    Thank you for that information. It’s great to see a local kid hit the big time. I know he worked his way up. It would sure be nice if we could read about his journey……………sayyyyy in a TRIBUNE feature story? (Hint, Hint)

    SGV430 Ouuutt!!!

  • dude

    AMAT HONKY. DUDE you’re completely addicted to blogging! Turn off your computer and step away! Waiting for someone to reply back to you is completey absurd. Come on your like the little energizer bunny and keep you going and going and…

    Your like a scratch CD, give it a bump already and change the song. Dude your opinion is getting dilapidated! Matter of fact is darn right boring.

    You promised you were leaving, and what happen? Dude your addicted and you like hearing yourself, plus when you’re finish placing your comments, you begin to pound your chest like a gorilla. Oh but I forgot, that’s what you AMAT people do!!!

  • Grate Amat edgeukation

    Plenty of work – I guess they didn’t teach you how to tell time @ Amat

    “because you are on here blogging and read Amat threads at 11:38 in the afternoon ”

    Let me help you son……. When the little hand is on the 12 and the big hand is on the 12 and the sun is shining….that is called noon. If the little hand is past the 11 but not to the 12 yet and the big hand is 3 dots past the 7…that is not yet noon, so therefore not considered afternoon.

    Tomorrow we will learn to tie our shoes. Make sure ypu don’t miss it. Now I know why you wear your slippers to the supermarket.

    No wonder you guys haven’t had success of the football field for so long…..didn’t know what time to show up and can’t tie your cleats

    I guess they just brainwashed you little catholic boys and girls into believing Amat was the only thing that mattered and not to say anything if you were touched inappropriately during confession.

  • Colt74

    Heckler and Koch,

    I just saw that H&K had settled on a new company slogan. It’s pretty catchy too…..

    ” Third Rate Weapons For Third Rate Pendejos ”

    I was wondering where you got that word from. It was in an ad for H&K in this months NRA American Rifleman.

    Oh and since you asked about my daughter…..she just turned 9 so you wouldn’t be able to hold an intelligent conversation with her yet. But keep learning those new words and who knows….


    What are you TAPPING OUT??? HAHAHA, I was just kidding, You know who said those famous words? “I WAS JUST KIDDING”, the movie clip from SCARFACE. But hurt, come on, your going to have to do better then that. I see you finally spelled HECKLER right instead of hechler.

    Well gee how the time flies when your having fun, wow 3 o’clock and it’s time to punch out! By the way, this government department doesn’t rely on taxpayers monies. It generates it’s own revenue, so you can rest assure or you can take your cr#p knowing your taxes are not being flush down the toilet.

    Well it’s been amusing HOOCHIEE & Coochie, but let me quote SGV30OUT!!!


  • Colt74

    Heckler and Koch and Amat Honk are one and the same…….LMMFAO!

  • Amat Honk

    Ha, Ha, Ha…Pinto74, Really? That’s what you got? I can totally understand your need for visual Links/posts, slow learners of your type NEED visual stimulation to see things in their proper perspective. Nice try PONYBOY, now leave me alone clown, I let you be already, now OFF WITH YOU!
    “Dude” Let’s just says that I have a job that pays me well and affords me the “opportunity” to sit on my computer all day and Blog with the “intellectual types” such as yourself while still being able to eek out a living 😉 and by the way, please don’t concern yourself with me, go get back into bed with that sweet “little” Honey you spoke of earlier. I don’t want Big Girl from the bar to wake up and find you gone, she may get upset and start smackin you around the trailer. What happened to the football talk? Do you two idiots really want to just keep lobbing insults back and forth? Enough already, obviously I’m a sick person and I can do this forever but let’s think about the blog community for a second…do you think they can stand much more of this?

  • Heckler and Koch


    How saddened I am, when she turns 18 you will be what a 73 year old man or 6 feet under. Don’t worry HK products are used by SWAT and all the best military in the world, not that piece of Italian made trash you have. Now back to football Grandpa. Azusa Who, he’s a waste of my time as he is a waste of my tax dollar….government job my azz!

    Go Colts and Aztecs!

  • Colt74

    With the EXCEPTIONS of the MP-5 and the PSG-1
    ( Both of which I have had the opportunity to fire as being an NRA RSO ( Range safety Officer ) ) H&K are overpriced junk. Little boy you are a minnow among the sharks if you think you can tell me anything about firearms. Stop now before you get spanked in public again.

  • Colt74


    One more to add to ok list..MK23 which I know you don’t own…My guess is you are a USP ( tupperware ) owner…

  • NotSince1995



    Not Since 1995 have the Keeblers had a winning team…!

    Every other Keebler team after 1995 is NOT a CIF Champion…! Including your current Keeblers…!

    No Ring…No Championship…No Banner…!

    Not in 2010 Either…! Over Rated…5 Clap!

    Bring it BishopNation Honk…! Bring it!

  • NotSince1995

    Amnot Honk is a racist**

    Fred – I have to tell you that I am deeply offended by the racism and discrimanatory language that this sorry A** of an excuse “Amat Honk” has displayed in his post below.

    “Yeah, right. Glendora does background checks before they let you move into their city and the mere fact that you had to cross back into LA County from the 909 eliminates you from being ALLOWED to move there.” Why Fred…?

    I can’t believe that this fine and reputable rag is allowing this trash (oops – I meant Amat Honk) to post these insulting words to my fellow neighbors!

    “You sir are a Pendejo!!!”??? What is that Fred…? This Amat Honk is insulting your people and my people, Fred! Why…? Why do you allow such distasteful verbage on you rag…?

    “nice day- Cowboy!”??? This idiot goes so far as to insult our good hard working rodeo clowns…! Why Fred…?

    Not in 2010 Amnot Honk…!


    Oh oh the monkey is getting restless.It Just follow the rules on the signs posted all over the zoo . DO NOT FEED THE MONKEY. You see if you just walk by him and not toss him a nut or banana he will yell and scream but he winds up in his cave brooding because no one pays any attention to him and that’s what bothers the monkey the most. He is very well trained though .Have you noticed he always knows how many times to clap for each team . The trainers have done a very fine job. He is also by lingual although his trainers need to teach him new words as he has been repeating the same lines for 2-3 years now . Well maybe it’s true you can’t teach an old monkey new tricks.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    So AZTEC, Why you gotta steal my stuff. Does this mean we’re dawgs now? You guys better not slip up this week!

    SGV PRIDE!!!!!!!!

  • Amat Honk

    Nice try SGV’sbe…I mean Nonsense1995, you were a “LOSER” under your old screen name and you’re “STILL A LOSER” under your new one. You are not even “mildly” entertaining anymore. Get a new Schtick or something. Anyway, back under the cone of silence you go….Monkey Boy!

  • HK

    Colt Malt Liquor,

    I have just demoted you, because you are beginning to slur when you talk Grandpa. You know I like you, my favorite pistol is an American made Colt M1911A1 .45. ACP . Yeah a Colt! And I own one, including all my favorite German and Austrian pieces. Now Back to Football for me and back to your rocking chair for you. I think Crespi will Beat Amat…..NOT! get it Amnot! Bahahahahahaha.


    SGVFOR30YEARS, no my man I wasn’t trying to infringe on your patened statement. I was quoting you, so I could end this squabbling with HOOCHIEE & KOOCHIEE. Slip up???, come on were playing, well you know. That would be a tremendous upset. Dawgs? I don’t know if you could hang with the AZTEC PRIDE! LOL…

    I’ll be at Citrus College tomorrow watching Citrus vs Chaffey College and game starts at 1:00 p.m. If your bored Saturday, come out and watch it.

    Can’t watch the AZUSA AZTECS tonight, working some OT, but that live blogging is pretty cool!
    Wow this article keeps on going, and probably hoochiee, will be coming back with a little remark. Now he’s a gun runner,lol…



    Honk, Please read the sign and follow the rules. DO NOT FEED THE MONKEY . If you feed him he begins to splatter his excrement all over the blog. It is boring and old but the traniers are trying to teach him new tricks. But until he learns no treats, so please DO NOT FEED THE MONKEY.

  • Amat Honk

    Sorry, My bad.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    AZTEC I hear ya man. Some of these people are trippin. I think I could hold my own with the AZTEC PRIDE. Hey this is the best part of the year. Now teams are starting to really shape up for their play-off runs.

    I’ll be at the Colosium watching the Trojans put the smack down on Cal tomorrow. It’s the first afternoon game of the year. 12:30 Kick-off.

    SGV430 Ouuuuut!!!

  • Colt74

    SGV430…If SC loses by a field goal in the last 5 secs again Kiffin needs tarred and feathered…period.

    AZTEC PRIDE….Good luck tonight and no injuries!

  • I was watching a view from the bay today and didnt hear where the restaurant was that was on top of a mountain over looking a valley.