Jalen Moore is the key for Bishop Amat, who hope to remain undefeated at home since Steve Hagerty took over in 2008, a perfect 14-0

By Fred J. Robledo, Staff Writer
The key to Bishop Amat High School’s chances of winning the Serra League may belong to junior running back Jalen Moore, someone coach Steve Hagerty envisioned leading his backfield long before last year’s starter, Jay Anderson, opted to skip his senior season of football to concentrate on baseball. (To continue, click thread).

More Amat: For those who haven’t seen receiver Wallace Gonzalez, here is a glimpse of what you might see in his Serra debut. Keep in mind, these are his sophomore highlights from Glendora, he’s a senior now.

Moore is averaging 126 yards and has rushed for more than 100 yards in five consecutive games for the undefeated Lancers (6-0), ranked third in the CIF-Southern Section Pac-5 Division poll.

The Lancers face once- beaten Crespi (5-1), winners of five straight, in Friday’s Serra League opener at Kiefer Stadium at 7 p.m. – a huge concern with Celts quarterback Ken Stenhouse averaging 285 yards and coming off back-to- back record performances.

Stenhouse threw for a school record 484 yards in a 45-31 win over Vista Murrieta, then set a school record for touchdown passes, throwing six in a 53-47 win over Taft last week, passing for 364 yards to raise his season total to 1,730 yards and 20 touchdowns.

Safe to say, the longer the Lancers keep Stenhouse off the field, the better chance they have, which makes Moore’s impact so vital.

“I wish we could be that smart,” Hagerty said. “We move the chains by taking what the defense gives us, whether that’s running or throwing it.”

Taft’s Kenny Thompson rushed for 170 yards on 25 carries against Crespi, so challenging the Celts at the line of scrimmage will come often, especially against a team allowing 23 points a contest.

If that’s what they need to do, Hagerty has no problem calling Moore’s number.

“I’ll be honest: I think Jalen might have beat out Anderson as our starting back,” Hagerty said. “That’s no knock on Jay, but even when Jay made the decision not to come back, Jalen had his sights set on winning the starting position. He was working that hard, and I would not have been surprised if he beat out (Jay).

“We might have had to move Jay to receiver, I’m not sure, but sometimes you can tell with kids, and the way Jalen was working, you knew what you were going to get.”

Moore’s production, along with that of backfield mate Zach Shay, has allowed junior quarterback Rio Ruiz to blossom after a slow start.

Ruiz is averaging 166 yards passing with nine touchdowns, though he does have four picks.

“I’m not concerned (with the interceptions),” Hagerty said. “Rio’s different; he’s kind of a gunslinger, he likes to make plays and stuff.

“Sometimes he’s running right and throws left across his body. You don’t like it, but he’s going to be more successful than not.”

It’s a risk Hagerty’s willing to take.

“You live with the results, because I have every reason to believe that the bigger the game, the bigger the performance,” Hagerty said. “I believe that about him.”

Whether the Lancers are ready for the Celts’ athleticism is a different story.

Devin Lucian, a 6-foot-2 receiver, has 12 touchdowns after hauling in six receptions for 188 yards and three touchdowns against Taft.

Chris Harper also is a dangerous threat, plus the Celts have 5-foot-4, 130-pound receiver Michael Davison, who had six receptions and scored twice in their win over Vista Murrieta.

“This is my third season; the first two we faced Long Beach Poly and Lakewood,” Hagerty said.

“Crespi is just as athletic as both of them. That’s the challenge, staying with (receivers) that make plays.”

Amat’s secondary is a concern, but overall, the Lancers’ defense has been solid, allowing just 10 points per game.

“It’s not a great matchup for us – we’re better defending the run than the pass – but you have to defend the pass this week,” Hagerty said. “There’s no way around it. They’re explosive and we have to deal with it.”

Hagerty said one thing is certain, despite Amat’s undefeated start: they’re ready to start league with something to prove.

Amat is undefeated at home since Hagerty took over in 2008, a perfect 14-0 and bring a 15-0 undefeated streak into Kiefer Stadium, having not lost since a 2007 defeat to Sherman Oaks Notre Dame.

“This is what you come to Amat for, to be in games like this,” Hagerty said. “Whether it’s an Angelus, Del Rey or Serra league game, there are five teams in our league, and three make the playoffs. You have to go to work now; our coaching staff and kids understand that.” f

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  • Go Big Blue

    Read Below “IF Crespi upsets Bishop Amat”

    Alemany will be there watching.

    HS FOOT: Alemany takes break before Serra competition
    By Gerry Gittelson on October 12, 2010 8:01 PM | Permalink | Comments (0) | ShareThis
    After a perfect 6-0 start, Serra League favorite Alemany has a bye this week – perfect timing for coach Dean Herrington and his staff to take in the Crespi-Bishop Amat on Friday in La Puente.

    “Oh, we’ll be there,” Herrington said. “Yes, you can see everything you want on film, but it’s always nice to be there live.”

    The Warriors have been known to practice long and hard, so to have a light week this week with a couple of extra days off is a welcome relief – to the players and to the coaches.

    “I like it,” Herrington said.

    If Crespi upsets Bishop Amat, the Crespi-Alemany contest Oct. 22 in Encino would figure to be one of the most heavily anticipated showdowns of the regular season; either way, it’s going to be huge, a matchup between top quarterbacks Kenny Stenhouse of Crespi versus Alemany’s Vernon Adams.

    Stenhouse has completed 74.5 percent of his passes for 1,730 yards and 20 touchdowns, and Adams has completed 63 percent for 1,245 yards and 11 touchdowns, plus he has rushed for 319 yards and six touchdowns.

  • you jinx

    You just jinxed it fred, you don’t talk about the no-hitter during the no-hitter. If amat loses its first game under Hagerty, its all fred’s fault for bringing it up.

  • the critic

    man if dean harrington isnt the smartest coach in high school football then who is. if he doesnt win coach of the year after cruising through the serra league somethings gotta be wrong with who ever is doing the voting…..

  • What a Joke

    Relax Critic or should I say Mrs. Harrington. There is still alot of season left for Hubby to prove himself worthy and I’m sure he wouldn’t like knowing that you are on these blogs trying to drum up support for your man, now get back in the house!

  • Gambling Man

    Amat will win this Friday night. I have $1000 riding on this game against a buddy who has a son at Crespi. No Fifty/Fifty for me, I’m going for all or nothing.

    Go Lancers!!

  • I don’t remember a younger Amat team…

    You know what guys?

    Win or lose this Friday, our guys will play with class and with heart. This is going to be a great football battle! I’ll take my Lancers at home 42-28.

    What Amat and SGV fans should be excited about is that Jalen Moore, Rio Ruiz, Zach Shay, Adam Sanchez, Darren Andrews, Sal Valasquez and Dionza Blue are all coming back next season!





  • JFR

    Please win Amat,

    Please remember that Crespi is the GURU’S other team so I’m sure he’ll be there dressed in that lovely Brown gear cheering on the sidelines with H20 bottles in hand. If the Celts pull it out you know he will come in here telling us how he scripted the first ten plays on O or that he made the necessary D changes at half that made the difference.

    It’s been so nice this year without the GURU and I would love to continue the trend. It is in your hands Amat, keep the GURU silenced!

    Kick A$$ Lancers

  • Amat Dude

    You forgot about DJ Daniels, Andrew Varela, Adam Alcantara, Andrew Hauser and Anthony Carillo. They are all contributing this year and will be next year. All we need is an Oline.

  • FredJ

    This is true, the Scouting Guru works at Crespi

  • kh

    just watched w-g- clip.
    who coundnt throw a pass to a guy 6-3.
    i did notice any pass down field over 30 yards rio has to take three steps forward to get ball down field,arm streght looks like its lacking.could just be angle of footage,dose anybody see what i saw ,or is this kids arm ok to throw 40 yards without running up three steps,not cutting kid just asking ?its nice for a qb to have a bigger wr for a target,bonita had casey horine,that can jump out of the gym,he will be back for play-offs,looked good yesterday walking side lines.still cant under stand freds mind,putting w/c in front of bonita after they loss to covia,max prep ranks us across the broads nat, st, section higher,in stats we own them,fred 144 yards they have given up bonta 72,twice as many dude,now with garrett p back we will crush them.i know why you did it ,because if amat loses,ch loses that would put bonita @1 in your polls..we all know that will never happen,,,,,.
    go bearcats

  • anonymous

    kh you’re a tool! Save your backhanded compliments for Bonita or should I say inquiries for Bonita. I guess when so many other people come on here and take pot shots at your kid BECAUSE OF YOU (I’m sure junior is a good kid regardless of his parent) that you feel the need to come on here and put another kid down because you’re just wondering out loud…on the blog…with no harm intended? You’re an A$$!

  • witness

    Hey kh. That’s not Rio in the video. Rio can throw a 80yrs dart off his back foot against the wind, in the rain, with his eyes closed. Rio is that good.

  • Dan

    KH your funny, see you guys on 10/29, bring some kleenex.

  • Sheite Happens

    That match up they are talking about between Crespi and Alameny below is a non factor if Amat Loyola and Notre Dame have anything to say about it. That game means nothing if Amat Notre Dame and Loyola finish 1 2 3 in the serra. Remember teams that look good and must battle in the Serra league games sustain injuries along the way as well and game to game you just do not know if one of your stars gets hampered by a injury. This has turned one teams season into a wreck and has given life to a team that was not supposed to be there. Lets hope for no injuries for all teams so we can see who really is the best but mark my words this happens and is part of the game.

  • kh = krazy hick

    I hope WC cleans Bonitas clock. Thanks kh, you just convinced me with your incoherent diatribe to root for all the teams your boy faces.

    BTW that was WG when he was at Glendora, Rio has a better gun than Chad Jeffries in my opinion.

  • Ro

    someone questioned earlier where I got my info that dominguez was ranked 10th in so cal. got my info from espns cal hi sports. here is the info

    CIF Open Division Top 25

    (After all games played through Saturday, Oct. 9)
    (Previous ranking in parentheses)

    1. (1) Servite (Anaheim) 5-0
    2. (2) Westlake (Westlake Village) 5-0
    3. (4) Mission Viejo) 6-0
    4. (3) Junipero Serra (Gardena) 5-0
    5. (5) Centennial (Corona) 5-0
    6. (7) Centennial (Bakersfield) 5-0
    7. (9) Alemany (Mission Hills) 6-0
    8. (10) Bishop Amat (La Puente) 6-0
    9. (11) Vista 5-0
    10. (13) Dominguez (Compton) 4-1
    11. (14) Crespi (Encino) 5-1
    12. (15) Oaks Christian (Westlake Village) 3-2
    13. (16) St. Bonaventure (Ventura) 5-1
    14. (17) Clovis West (Fresno) 4-1
    15. (12) Crenshaw (Los Angeles) 3-2
    16. (23) Eastlake (Chula Vista) 6-0
    17. (NR) Long Beach Poly (Long Beach) 4-2
    18. (20) Helix (La Mesa) 6-0
    19. (21) Dorsey (Los Angeles) 5-0
    20. (6) Lakewood 5-1
    21. (22) Rancho Verde (Moreno Valley) 5-0
    22. (24) Santa Margarita (Rancho SM) 5-1
    23. (25) Oceanside 3-2
    24. (NR) Vista Murrieta (Murrieta) 5-1
    25. (NR) Chaminade (West Hills) 5-0

    Dropped Out: Previous No. 8 Norco; No. 18 Buchanan (Clovis); No. 19 Valencia

  • just sayin’

    kh – that qb that has to run up 3 steps has a D1 schollie to San Diego State

  • Jinx

    Undefeated Undefeated Undefeated.
    @Just sayin, is that schollie in football?
    @Kh = krazy hick (I agree); ro has a better gun than Jeffries – ur opinion is wrong.

  • kh

    thats good to know,
    the vidio wasnt him,thats all i asked,look at the good fellowship coming from amat nation,you love your selfs,and your in your own LITTLE world.
    freds world.
    small and little minded,w/c 142 points on d allowed… we will score 40 plus on w/c/ they will be lucky to get 14.
    got beat by covia…….
    ranked 850+ in nation max prep.
    your not in our league boys.
    s.d talked some much crap.buried them alive.
    claremont has 1 loss wasnt even a game all second and 3 string guys played 3nd 4th quarter.
    49 to 0 last week then the waterboy made a tackle in the 4th quarter.
    your all, want to bee,blog this.
    we here at our house back up every thing we say.so shut your traps and be ready for a good old ass whopping w/c.i think the talent around here is so weak,soft little players like there parents…..

  • Aaron

    Jerry McClanahan…does that not just scream QB? Yeah it does, kid was great.

    Rio is doing pretty good but he’s like Jerry in that he’s a baseball player playing on the grid-iron.

  • Amat69

    Why you hatin on us so badd for.
    What hav us lancers done too pis u off, isit cuz wre soe mucth better tham u.
    Cnnt believe u call youself a sports gay, yu no nothng. Yer fotball teem suks ass wel ass yer basball tee dose.

  • wee willie

    Always nice to see a blurb about how wonderful the 42nd ranked quarterback in the southern section is. Gasp- immagine if he got up there around number 30 or something. We could declare a state holiday!!! LOL

  • wow

    Kinda disappointed to see Hags talk so low of Anderson…afterall he did carry his team last year…what a slap in the face…he also failed to mention Zach Shay..the other tailback who has contributed enormously to the team…not sure if it’s fair to say one guy is the key to this team…they have many weapons that deserve credit..Rio, Shay, Sanchez, Wallace, Andrews, Gener, juarez, and the list goes on and on…don’t get me wrong Jalen has been good but the key?…not sure about that

  • just askin’

    hey you with the Wee Willie – is that the 6-0 QB you’re talking about?

  • the critic

    What a Joke said
    LOL….HAHAHAHA…so now all of a sudden im mrs harrington…good one but in reality me and dean harrington and the rest of us alemany warriors will be the ones with the last laugh….AND C’MON DUDE I AINT WITH THE GAY STUFF..

  • NotSince1995

    Shouldn’t you at least have won something recently to be considered a winner? How about this century…?


    Here are the facts – BishopNation 2010 Season as of today:
    Garfield: 2 – 4
    Dominquez: 4 – 1 (BYE)
    Muir: 1 – 4
    Damien: 3 – 2
    Cathedral: 4 – 1
    Venice: 1 – 4

    Total opponents record: 15 – 16…!

    Can you say BELOW AVERAGE…?

    Really…! I’m not making this up people…! These are the facts…And the Tribune says this is toughest schedule in the SGV…? Hah! This is what CalPreps ranks at #8…?

    Can you say CHINO HILLS…?

    This is an insult to CRESPI…!

    No Ring…No Banner…and No Championship!

    Not in 2010 Either!

  • reality

    Crespi hasn’t won a D1 championship since 1986. Amat has ’em by 10 yrs

  • number58

    The way you talk is something that is reminiscent of a high school freshman girl. See you on the 29th.
    Amat and Wc will take league….

  • smallcity

    Wallace Gonzalez overrated? Somebody might want to tell USC, UCLA, Arizona, Oregon State and others about this. After all, they are trying to recruit him.

  • Bandwagon

    the critic

    Are you still trying to convince people that you are from Alemany? LOL!

    Dude, no one believes that Alemany is your team. You can stop now.

  • Ignorance is not bliss


    Crespi has not won a D-1 Championship in 25 years? Well, according to several blog numbskulls, they must have a pretty crappy program because of their lack of CIF Championships. lol

    This explains why SGV teams are all lining up to play Crespi! lol

  • Good Luck Jay


    That is the most asinine comment you have made on record. Jalen Moore would not have beat out Jay Anderson. You sound like a baby or an ex-girlfriend who cant handle a break up. You should remain quiet about Jay Anderson. He gave you everything he had for two seasons. Instead you should applaud him for making an adult decision about his future. Lets not forget that Jay rushed for over 1,110 yards and scored 22 touchdowns against a much tougher schedule. How soon you forgot the 3 touchdowns Jay scored against Mater Dei in a televised playoff game. I think Jays performance that night might have gotten you a few transfers who watched the game on television (Booth, Varela, Velasquez). Obviously Jay is much more mature than you will ever be. He will play collegiate ball at the next level (Division 1) not DIII (where was it Whittier). haha

  • AMAT 73

    How do figure that Hags was talking so low on JA . All he said is that even before JA decided to leave it looked like Moore was going to win the starting position at running back. Nothing wrong with good old competition for a starting spot is there ? He even said and if you understood it that with Moore at running back it would allow Hags to move JA to a receiver and have another weapon on the field of JA’s caliber. No slap in the face at all ,in fact it shows Hags has the confidence in JA to be a receiver and team player as well .Remember at AMAT it’s not what you want it’s where the team needs you for success of the team. As far as Jalen being the key it is more like the running back being the key to getting our offense moving .If we have a good day running the ball that usually means eating up the clock and in turn keeping Crespi’s high flying offense off the field and also the same schools we face in league . That is SOP in the game of football . I think you could have picked a better battle then to knock Hags on this one.

  • Baby Ballah

    Did Jay sign a D-I baseball scholarship? Great job Jay. Where/who did he sign with?

  • FredJ

    FYI, never had the feeling Hagerty was saying anything negative about Jay, he realizes how important Jay would have been if he returned, noting they might have been better off with him at receiver as an extra weapon because Jalen had come so far so fast. Would Amat be better if Jay returned, absolutely and without question. Are they still good without him? The results say yes so far.

  • Tired of Imposters

    Good Luck Jay = Amat hater in disguise

    Really, dude. Do you not have anything better to do other than attack Hags?..and by doing so indirectly assaulting BA Football? If you were a real Amat fan like I am, you would know that Hagarty thinks the world of Jay Anderson and if Hagarty says that Jay would have had competition, than that is exactly what would have happened as it always has been at BA. If you were a true BA fan, you would know this.

    At Bishop Amat there are no gimmes. It’s all about practice. PRACTICE IF EVERYTHING AND HOW YOU PERFORM AT PRACTICE IS EVERYTHING. You have to win your starting spot EVERY WEEK. It’s like this w/ any Pac-5 school. Bishop Amat has been known for its running backs and as such, it has always been the most competetive position at BA. In other words, it is quite natural and very expected that BA’s starting running back would have 2 or sometimes 3 other running backs breathing down their neck for the starting position.

    No one is taking anything away from Jay Anderson or what he did but he too had to earn his spot every week like everyone else. So if Hags says that Jalen Moore is a pure football player that was busting his ass to start ahead of Jay Anderson, then that’s exactly what was happening…no more…no less. Anderson had competition just like Gaisie or Wagner did too! THAT’S BA FOOTBALL!

    But really, haters, sometimes you guys think you are smart and can fool BA fans but you give yourself away by your blantant misunderstanding of the football culture that surrounds BA. This is a culture that you cannot possible understand unless you are or were once a part of it.

  • Witness

    @ hags & Fred, Hags comments about Jay sound a little harsh in print. I dont think Jm would have beat out JA.
    We miss you Jay.
    Good luck with baseball!
    Go Amat!

  • Amat On Looker

    Witness – I guess we will never really know now will we, because only one of the two is out there (Still competing)working for a spot? I would have loved to have the “Problem” of deciding which back (Moore, Shay or Anderson) was going to start this week.

  • FredJ

    Witness, that was my point, I asked the question about the importance of Jalen helping establish Amat’s run game, a question mark entering the season with Anderson gone. Hagerty answered, saying in his mind it wasn’t a question mark because he had confidence in Jalen too, so much so that he felt there would have been great competition between the two in the spring. For anyone to try and spin it any other way is silly, Hagerty would have loved to have Anderson back, and holds him in high regard, he was simply trying to point out that Jalen deserves credit for what he’s done to this point.

  • the critic

    LOL….if im not an alemany fan then what team do i go for…..look BANDWAGON which is a perfect name for you because thats what you are but like i said before i been a fan since the scott brothers started the pipe line recruiting from pasadena when they were the indians…i mean it sounds as if you want to be a fan of them great warriors come on hop on this BANDWAGON…LOL….besides dude my nephew goes there….

  • wow

    I think Hags pretty much new what he was doing when he made the statements he made…..he didn’t say it would have been exiting to see them compete in spring, he said he thinks Jalen would have beaten Jay out and that they would have probably had to move him to receiver. Those are completely different statements. If he would have said the competition would have been great to see and left it at that then there wouldn’t even be an issue. If he thought Jalen was so great why didn’t he carry the ball at tail Sophomore year, if not over Jay..at least with him? I was also curious why Shay was never mentioned at all in that conversation either being he would also give Jay and Jalen some competition as we have seen already this season…don’t know why he doesn’t carry the ball more, seems he can be just as productive if given the carries but I guess that’s another conversation to be had….

  • AMAT 73

    Before I go any further just how familiar are you with AMAT’s brand of football. Are you a fan or just making some outside observations based on Fred’s report. I am not by any means trying to be smart or arrogant as it loved to be said on here but some of your statements make no sense if you had a feel for AMAT football.

  • FredJ

    Shay was mentioned several times in my conversation with Hagerty, but I didn’t choose to use it in the story, I was focusing in on Jalen. I talked to Hagerty nearly 30 minutes, we discussed several different things and players, there were lots of stuff he said that was never printed, which happens all the time when you write a story to a set length. I would say 70 percent of the quotable stuff he said went unused, that’s part of the business. That’s why I’m saying Hagerty is getting an unfair shake by some of you, I know what he said and how he said it and believe me, his intention was never a knock on Jay.

  • just sayin’

    Hagerty is never afraid of opening competition. You forget he replaced QB starter Lenhart with Jerry Mac. Seals and Prieto were primarily running backs as juniors – Gaise carried the rock as a senior – and he was essentially a DB the year before. Before that, the major reason McBride transferred to Los Altos is he was going to lose his spot to Marcus Wagner.
    It’s happened before and it could have happened again

  • This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.
    I appreciate the concern which is been rose. The things need to be sorted out because it is about the individual but it can be with everyone.


  • Amat Honk

    Fred – Did you pull JCAZ down? It was a harsh (maybe no coffee yet)”Opinion”, but it was just an opinion none the less right? Oh well, I guess if it would’ve made the kid feel bad it was the right thing to do.

  • jcaz

    Amat Honk

    That was my opinion and I stand by it

  • Amat Honk

    JCAZ-No problem with your opinion at all. Go Big Blue!


    Do you think Hags just might have been right on Moore winning the tailback slot this season. This young man took that rock and carried us to victory tonight . 200 plus yards against Crespi is a nice nights work . Great win and on to Loyola.

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