Two-Minute Drill with Robledo and Tolegian: Rowland vs. DRanch; Damien vs. South Hills



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  • Colt74

    Rowland and Damien

  • DRanchhhh


    I like your pick. Aram, I like yours too, but you already know what the situation. Fred’s pick is fuel. There is a reason why there is no roster. DR’s line is average 6’2 250 or so. Rowland’s D-line is AVERAGE 5’11 200 hmmm according to maxpreps. Did you see how DR worked Walnut’s line and backers in the 2nd half?? I heard that Walnut had some nice sized kids on the field as well. #44 from 5’11 220, #42 from Rowland 5’7 190, both middle backers and #44 gave up the ghost in the second half. If M.Ball doesnt put up points for their team, they dont score. So hopefully to fulfill your fantasy of Rowland beating us by 2 TD’s, lets hope Ball pulls a Vince Young on SC in the Rose Bowl.

    Rowland’s DB’s don’t want it. I notice you (FJR) said that Chase Price is the only weapon we have….Funny you say that. I don”t think Layton has nearly opened up their playbook yet.

    Balls out, DR wins by a few TD’s Saturday.

  • GoBulldogs!!

    I happen to be a West Co fan as you can tell!!!
    but i have 2 say after watching rowlands soft D last week…
    It only seems like Diamond Ranch’s game to lose…
    By the way, what’s with all this Bonita hype??
    They’re garbage they just happen to be playing nobody!!!
    Kinda like Boise State and the WAC…

  • JG

    I think Roland is too one dimensional, and lack size up front,no dought Ball is very dangerous, he can create a real problem real fast,but i think DR will wear Roland down in the 2n’d half, 34 to 21 DR.

  • Lovin The Heights

    @JB.. I can respect anyone’s opinion.. I don’t have to agree, but until you spell R-O-W-L-A-N-D right, you get no respect!!

  • JG

    Lovin..and all ROWLAND fans sorry about the typo.

  • JG

    Lovin… Buy The way It’s JG not JB, but who cares.

  • Aaron

    Here’ my thing with DR…yes they’ve won two league games. Yet if Walnut doesn’t make two or three mistakes we’re talking about the Mustangs this week.

    If Rowland scores early and a lot I see them winning…but 21 points won’t be enough.

  • Thursday Night lights

    I knew this was going to happen once league started. Now that glendora has to leave the SGV to play we are out-of-sight, out-of-mind with the Tribune. I guess since Glendora plays this Thursday night it’s not important enough to break down the game but you decide to do a couple of Two-Minute drill videos on a game that plays Saturday night and the other Friday night.
    I guess Glendora has to go into the big bad I.E. alone.

  • DRanchhhh


    Here you go again, 35 points in the second half of the game is “2-3” mistakes? I forgot DR should never leave your mouth, you seem to have this secret love jones for roddy. You have said a few times in the past that you dont care for DR, why IDK. Your post doesnt count Dude!!

  • DRanchhhh


    I happen to like GHS in league. Besides Alta Loma CJ will have to put up more than 21-28 points against the other 4 schools. I like your chances against Osos, RC and Upland. I GHS just prepares properly, all will be well.

  • Aaron

    Show me consistency and then we’ll talk…

  • Thursday Night lights

    Thanks for the support man. Thats the trouble though GHS doesnt prepare well enough and if you watch a few practices you would understand.
    The other problem is the coaches have CJ on a short leash for example last game against Lynwood he threw only 16 times for 4 TD’s, could of easily had the school record with 6 TD’s if he were ALLOWED to throw. And they can’t make their mind up who is going to be the go to ball carrier, Victoria or Hicks.
    But again thanks for the support!

  • DRanchhhh


    Shouldn’t you be more concerned with Bonita’s consistency? Also If 2 years of starting with poor records and making it to the finals isn’t consistent then what is? Looks like we are on pace to do it again now. That is consistency at it’s finest, wouldn’t you agree??

  • Footbull10

    Coach Rios from south hills shouldnt quit his day job! The Shhs defense has not given up this many points in years!

  • SGV For 30 Years

    Here is how I’m seeing the DRanch-Rowland game. Snyder will do his best to take Price out of the game (calm down I’m not talking about by hurting him). My guess is that he will do a pretty good job of it. DRanch will spy Ball and keep him from taking just off. If Rowland can force DR to throw the ball, they could be in big trouble. Walnut picked them off at least 3 times last week. I think Rowlands defense will be better than Walnut’s. And you can’t give Ball that many chances to make something happen. But in the end I think DRanch has more speed and athleticism. It will be another close game but in the end Price takes over in the 4th quarter. DRanch 28 Rowland 17.

    SGV430 Ouuutt!!

  • A Real Bulldog Fan

    Bulldog Fan,

    If you had been to every game, you would know that Rowland’s defense is probably the second best and most physical defense we have played to date. They obviously have a few holes, but every defense does. The trick is finding them. I would not discount Bonita or Diamond Ranch. Both are quality teams and the Bulldogs would be wise not to read the blogs or the papers too much. Diamond Ranch and Bonita will be both be great games vs West Covina. I would definitely NOT say Rowland is soft or Bonita is garbage. Rowland will give DR a good game and are good enough to have a chance to win the game. Should come down to the last 5 minutes. Good luck to both.


    What is it DR is going to do again. Go to the finals and shiat all over themselves like the 2 past years.You call that consistent . You guys are done . Time to move over for some real teams . Like kh said no one remembers who came in second and that seems to be DR’s biggest accomplishment the past 2 years.

  • Panther Fan

    DO WHAT AGAIN – you and kh are a couple of maroon’s. “Like kh said no one remembers who came in second and that seems to be DR’s biggest accomplishment the past 2 years”.

    If the above statement were true then you would not have injected DR in the sentence. The first place team is noteably remembered by the team they defeated (the Second Place team). Obviously you remembered who came in second. The truth is, nobody remembers the teams that didn’t make it far enough to become first or second. Most likely the team that you support couldn’t make it, and that is what seem’s to be your problem.

    Bye Bye Maroon.

  • DRanchhhh

    DO WHAT??

    Hit the road Jack, dont cha’ come back no more no more no more, Hit the road Jack!! Post under a real screen name then talk. And PLEASE do not play like you are an AMAT fan when probably a disgruntled walnut or DB fan. That conversation was with “Aaron” not you bud…


    You remember the 2nd place team sometimes when it is an epic loss. Second time in a row and you get shut out . That is what you get remembered for something like the Buffalo Bills you know those 4 in a row guys. Epic losses. And if I am a DB or Walnut or maybe a WC fan what does it take away from the truth . Now I think I will hit the road and you better also because that’s all your hitting this season . Drrrranch , didn’t you say something about consistently in the final and you were going to do it again and then saying that’s consistency at it’s finest.No sir consistency at it’s finest is going 2 years in a row and winning the titles and having a shutout in one of those games , not losing the titles . Hey do you have 4 h’s in your post name for a reason . A tribute to the Bills maybe or a sign of thingsa to come seeing as you are so consistent.

  • DRanchhhh


    Your diggin’ DEEP. You must be desperate for a conversation. Aaron said and not quote, in order for me to respect DR, show him consistency. Now one, why cant his BoHi bearcats show him consistency? DR doesn’t have to prove anything to Aaron. I asked a question because he has a LOT of HATE for a coach that he doesn’t know and a lot hate for a team that he CONSTANTLY judges.

    In regards to consistency, Hoorayyy for CO. Is that what your looking for? You people act like those boys over at DR didn’t have to get through the playoffs. You people make it seem like they ended the season 4-6 and we just got an invitation to the finals. In regards to the Bills, How many “so-called” HOF QB’s did Jim Kelly beat in the divisional finals? Why do people remember him? Why is Thurman Thomas even in the HOF?? Because people do remember 2nd and those semi-final or divisional playoff games ARE EPIC.

    Since we don’t know who your team is, Mr. Anonymous, lets pray your team GETS to the Finals again this year!!

  • Aaron

    If you look at the records under coach Podley he’s won more than he’s lost. They have shown consistency, maybe not have beaten CO as many times as I would have liked but I was there when we did it at their homecoming in 2005.

    I’m pretty sure 5-0 and gonna be 6-0 is pretty consistent. However teams like Diamond Bar and Los Altos don’t really prepare us for WesCo and you. But having looked at pictures and film DB did have some size.

    So you have four non-league games to schedule right? I’ve always believed in scheduling this way: a gimme, two maybes, and freaken tough one. And if you look at Bonita’s schedule from this year…three of the teams on the non-league schedule had beaten the Bearcats the year before. So there’s the improvement.

    Thing I don’t like about this year’s DR team is they’ve done one thing at least twice: Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I just have no idea what happened against Walnut last week for you guys. Or against Chaffey.

    There’s my answer. And as far as my Bearcats: I love them when they win and even when they lose, no choice considering Bonita is my Alma Mater.

  • SGV For 30 Years


    Why would you think anything happened to DR against Walnut (Can’t speak about Chaffey I’ve never seen them). Did you ever even consider that Walnut just might be a pretty good team? They have beaten Bonita 5 of the last 8 times the 2 have met. If my memory serves me correctly last year was a blowout. Now that’s not to say that this year will be the same. Bonita has been pushing all the right buttons so far this year. You can’t underestimate anyone and you have to prepare for everyone.

    SGV430 Ouutt!!!

  • Aaron

    The current series is only six years old and it’s tied at three a piece…so where are the other two victories for Walnut? Losing 15 to 30 isn’t getting blown out…but you definitely dominated the game that is for sure.

  • SGV For 30 Years


    You need to go back and look again. Walnut and Bonita started playing as a cross league game between the San Antonio and the Miramonte leagues. Which was back in 2002. So lets do some math here. Last year was 2009. I think that is more than your six years.

    Dude it was a blow out scoring on the second and third teamers made it look respectible. But anyone who was there would have called it a blow out.

    SGV430 Ouuutt!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ja

    Isn’t it interesting when south hills was recruiting, errr accepting transfers at an ever steadily increasingly alarming rate, after a win bogan couldn’t wait to stroll to midfield for his self stroking sound bites. But now with no recruits errr transfers they have been exposed for the big fish in the little pond they were . Now that they get to swim with the big fish you don’t hear a peep. hey bog how does it feel to be your new leagues Nogales , what’s that we can’t hear ya!

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