Thursday Final: Etiwanda 39, Glendora 27; Tartans blow 14-point lead, 5 turnovers

Glendora scored on its first three possessions, led 14-0 and 21-7, but gave up 27 points in the second quarter, an interception by Chad Jeffries leading to an Eagles touchdown with 36 seconds left in the half and a 27-21 lead. The Tartans were about to take the lead in the third quarter, but fumbled a yard short of the end zone, the Eagles getting it back and later scoring to go up 33-21. The Tartans almost made it interesting, but fumbled again at the Eagles’11, Cortland Fort picking it up and going 89 yards for the touchdown an an insurmountable 39-21 lead with 1:15 left.

The league also includes Rancho Cucamonga, Los Osos, Upland and Alta Loma, with Glendora the lone team from the Valley.

It’s not, however, unfamiliar territory for the Tartans, who left the Baseline for the Sierra League after the 2001 season, when they finished fourth in league and 5-5 overall. The Baseline is far different now, though, with only Upland remaining from the 2001 season. Back then, Walnut, Claremont, Chino and Don Lugo were part of the league, which now features fifth- ranked Rancho Cucamonga, eighth- ranked Upland and ninth-ranked Glendora competing for playoff spots in the tough CIF-Southern Section Inland Division. Los Osos and Etiwanda figure to compete for playoff spots, too.

The Eagles started slow, but don’t be misled by their record. They opened with three consecutive losses to opponents with a combined record of 11-3-1 in losing to Fontana Summit (42-35), Vista Murrieta (49-27) and Norco (49-35) before winning two in a row against Fontana Miller (33-28) and Eisenhower (38-20).

Containing Eagles quarterback Larry Cutbirth is a priority. Cutbirth has thrown for 1,373 yards and 14 touchdowns, but he’s also error-prone, having thrown 10 interceptions, although nine came in his first three games.

There’s more than Cutbirth to be concerned with, though. Running back Marcus Mason is averaging 139 yards and has improved his rushing total each week. He’s coming off a stellar 178-yard performance against Eisenhower.

Glendora opened the season with big victories over Charter Oak (28-21) and Monrovia (21-7), then suffered its lone loss at home to West Covina (33-28), the top- ranked team in the Southeast Division.

Tartans senior quarterback Chad Jeffries, heading to San Diego State, will be the focus of the Eagles’ defense.

Jeffries is averaging 157 yards and has thrown nine touchdowns against just one pick. He is returning after a bye week and his best game of the season.

He completed 13 of 16 passes for 213 yards and four touchdowns in a 33-21 win over Lynwood, but he’s just as dangerous with his feet while averaging 46 yards rushing with five touchdowns.

Running back Corey Victoria needs to get going, though, to increase the Tartans’ chances.

Victoria rushed for 114 yards against Monrovia and 122 against Anaheim Canyon, but had only eight carries for 28 yards in their loss to West Covina. He also had only four carries for zero net yards in the win over Lynwood.

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  • if it’s not broke…

    Glendora, who’s bright idea was it to change your uniform colors. I’ll say this, those black uniforms were sweet and had a certain classy look to them. Now you’ve change to this pansy red odd looking uniform and what up with the goofy G!

    People can’t we leave certain things alone?

  • DRanchhhh

    I have Glendora by 10 in a shoot out. I dont know why but I like them. Ever since that 1:00 drive they pulled off against us last year, i have been a “somewhat” fan. Go to work GHS!!

  • Dan

    The Baseline may be a little more competitive today overall because there are five teams in there that are capable of knocking off any of the others on any given night. As far as being a tougher league to win, in those day’s you would have had to go through some powerhouse Upland and Chino teams along with a strong Claremont program to get to the playoffs. The Upland and Chino teams of those years, along with Diamond Bar, Ayala, & Mission Viejo were the equivalent
    of todays Corona Cenntenial, REV, Norco, and Vista Murrieta, in other words they were the division 2 elite. Claremont was close to that level too.
    The Baseline today is more competitive but I
    don’t think the teams in there are amongst the division elite, same with the Sierra, although Chino Hills is making a pretty good statement for themselves.

  • Dan

    I like Glendora too dranchh,
    Hope they suprise a lot of teams in that league, good luck too the Tartans.

  • Go Tartans!

    I don’t want to but I gotta take Etiwanda in a close game. Etiwanda only lost to Norco by 2 TDs and they had 4 turnovers in the game. Norco is a very good team and I don’t think Glendora has the guns to stay with Norco the way Etiwanda did.

    Etiwanda 32, Glendora 22

  • ghsalum08

    glendora and chad jeffries are ready for this moment to shine.

    Perfect timing for a bye they arejust chompin at the bit to play i see us winning tonight

  • GHS

    I agree with (if it’s not broke) The uniforms look bush. The black was kinda intimidating.

  • Chino Hills Husky Fan

    Good luck in the baseline Glendora. We will miss our epic battles with you guys. You have a class program. Maybe we’ll meet up in the playoffs

  • reality

    I’am 5 for 5 picking big game upsets this season. They all came in weeks 2 and 3. My 6th will be Claremont beating Chino Hills by at least l0 maybe 13 points. Claremonts loss to Bonita by 20 was an aberation. They are solid on both sides of the ball and have the finest recievers in So. Cal. It is my opinion that they are still under-rated.

  • tdrohan

    Watched Etiwanda last year.. Had a tremendous quarterback, just ran all over the place.. Lost in the final seconds to a very good Charter Oak team (understatement)… If Glendora can run the ball effectively, they should be able to do enough to let Jeffries win it late.. Glendora defense was coming up with timely takeaways early in the year.. Obviously that is the formula to their success.. Especially now that the offense seems more capable of taking advantage of mistakes, something they weren’t doing well even against CO and Monrovia..
    Would have to go with Glendora… Mistake-prone QB on the other side vs. An always well-prepared Glendora team led by their senior QB and an opportunistic defense… Good formula for success if you’re the Tartans.

  • wormseyeview

    I seem to remember that part of the whining we heard from Glendora about going to the Baseline were the l o n g away games?

  • Time to Learn

    All those here picking Glendora won’t be around here tomorrow.

  • Aaron

    Claremont’s loss by twenty wasn’t an aberration. But Claremont is better today than they were then and it would be closer, but Bonita would still win.

    For all Bonita fans:
    Frosh beat LA 18-16, moving to 6-0 in regular season games. Not sure what the reserve game was against Don Lugo and they have a loss to Damien in a reserve game.
    JVs beat LA 27-12, move to 5-1.

  • More comments

    old school said:

    no matter how the tribs people try to spin it, the sgv fishbowl is alive and well, while glendora beat some of the fish in our little pond, Etiwanda was playing Norco and others, if you like D7 football, yes we’re good there but travel more than 15 minutes to play somebody and the paper tigers fold…..I mean, who outside of Amat in their league really plays tough teams on the road and wins? sure ain’t SH or CO or Damien or Glendora, so drink the purple kool aid, it’ll make you drowsy enough to believe the tribs spin on things here in the fish bowl, lol
    October 14, 2010 10:18 PM
    Stupid is what stupid does said:

    Pasgy’s Award winning 30 Defence does it again!
    October 14, 2010 10:07 PM
    Interesting… said:

    Glendora can’t lose any more games, if they want to make the playoffs! They better pick it up.
    October 14, 2010 10:05 PM
    Big daddy said:

    haha glendoras a joke!
    with an overrated qb
    October 14, 2010 9:59 PM
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  • Friday Lights

    I have to agree with ACCURATE “FISH BOWL” comment. Amat is the only fish that can survive outside the SGV FISH BOWL. In my opinion the other schools struggle outside the fishbowl because there are too many schools. Better for education, bad for athletics. The more students the better (i.e. LB Poly, MV, Edison). Talent is not the issue. A lot of kids from different schools get scholarships. We also see these kids have success at Amat against PAC-5/D1 schools. The other angle is; besides Amat, the SGV thinks it takes football serious but as teams step up in competition, they just don’t stack up. Will it change? Yes, once these teams stay at higher levels they will expect to play,compete,and win thus improving the quality of the fishbowl and getting respect outside the SGV. I give WC credit Venice actually has legit skill players. Props to the Bulldogs.

  • azusa ave

    I know this is off the subject, but i cannot believe you, WILSON, got a thread shut down because of your disrespect and childish acts, the trib devotes an entire thread to you and your coach and because some people come on and voice their opinion, key word, opinion, you get bent out of shape and resort to ridiculous levels and get the thread shut down. why does it irk you all so bad when a person comes on here and rants negativity about your program and does it anonymously, and you just have to resort to their level. i dont get it…you guys anti define the phrase “act like youve been there before’…cuz you surely do not know how to act now that you have a somewhat successful program. stop shaming yourself and leave your head coach alone, he is a good person and a good coach with a passion to see your beloved wildcats succeed…like any of you could really do a better job than him. if you think you could, apply, take the job and all the armchair Qb’s and see if you can walk a mile in his shoes…you wilson followers are shaming the program, you have been doormats for much of your existence in football, now enjoy the lil success that is coming your way…its deserved

  • D-Mo

    Turnovers. Looks like that 2 edged sword came back to cut the Tartans.

  • COChargerfan

    GHS was winning 21-7 and went on to lose because they turned the ball over 5 times…not because of who they played in the pre-season.

    Besides, if playing a weak pre-season schedule marks doom than Amat is going to get killed tonight by Crespi…that is, unless one really believes that road wins against Gardena and Cathedral was top level competition. I don’t believe that there’s any correlation which is why I pick Amat at home in a close game.

    Besides, the fish bowl stuff is garbage because most teams play a local pre-season schedule (only die hard freaks thinks it is fun to fight the freeways on Friday nights to watch a game) and other than a few catch all divisions including the Pac-5, the divisions are arranged by (and named) geography. Sure, some schools get moved under competitive equity criteria but the numbers are small…geography rules the day so most division playoffs entail matchups between schools that are within 15 or so miles of one another and this certainly is evident in areas such as ours with a dense population and many, many high schools.

  • Freudian Slip?

    COCF – it was ChOak that was slummiing it vs Gardena.

  • Welcome To the Real World

    Look at Pasqy’s interview, he literally looks lost and has no answers. Looking around, Looking down and all over like a deer in headlights. This guy is scared to death at what comes next.
    Chad Jefferies looked like the high school version of UCLA’s Kevin Prince.

  • Lack of “D”

    Fred and Aram,
    Please do not consider Glendora in the SGV top 25 anymore. Were not worthy. If the Glendora coaches can not revamp the defense we do not belong on any list and we might as well give every team we play a 30 point advantage.
    Every Glendora fan in the stands can see the problem BUT the coaches.
    Fred you were there you have to know what were talking about?

  • COChargerfan

    Not a slip at all but a subtle comparison of two weak opponents for those that pay attention…you get an “A” for staying alert. If you must, go ahead and insert Garfield but it doesn’t make any difference, does it?

    And GHS “scoreboard” fans…hate to say that after the CO v. GHS game I predicted this Pasqy stinks stuff was coming after league got going…but after the 1st game, yikes, have a little patience. Heck, your defense should improve drastically in two weeks when Alta Loma comes to your house.

    Seriously, if it’s any consolation CO is in the same boat on the defense side with one big difference…Big Lou makes adjustments. Ok, maybe two differences…CO has a lock down corner named Rufus that few teams have the players to challenge.



    Go Tartans! said:
    I don’t want to but I gotta take Etiwanda in a close game. Etiwanda only lost to Norco by 2 TDs and they had 4 turnovers in the game. Norco is a very good team and I don’t think Glendora has the guns to stay with Norco the way Etiwanda did.

  • calling bull$#!+

    COCF – “subtle” my @$$!!! there was NO way that was intentional – you screwed up – ADMIT IT! and yes… Garfield would kick Gardena’s @$$. Ask Olu! or better yet – ask Jordan garfield beat them – and they were on Crespi’s schedule too!

  • GHS

    The 30 defense that we run is being picked apart big time. We continue to rush 3 guys and give the QB FOREVER to throw the ball. We up in the stands wonder why don’t we blitz more, change our scheme and make adjustments. I wonder if this is the only defense our coordinator knows how to run. The other baseline teams must be licking there chops. Its a pretty sad state of affairs here in Gtown!!!

  • Norco

    Etwanda is a pretty decent team…granted they had four turnovers against us….but hell thats part of the game…

  • IE Town

    Maybe you’ll finally admitt that the Tarty Boys and that coach of yours is no match for the IE.

    Its apparent that last night game only proves that your QB in the SGV may be good, but against better comp, what happens? Your coach can’t handle the tough questions in the press. A lost man with no answers.


    Hey Gtown,

    You G people are amazing, nothing but crying and whinning. You cried and whinned your way out of the Sierra and now your stuck playing in a league thats just a little tougher in Fball. It does not matter what defense you run, you don’t have the atletes in Fball to run with the big boys. You should have kept your mouth shut and stayed in the Sierra. You know what they say, “Be careful what you wish for”. 4th or 5th place finish for G-TOWN. Damien is down this year, you might have been able to beat them this year in Sierra play.


    Some one tell that village Idiot that that defence hasn’t worked against the better teams we have played. There will be no playoff this year unless they fire the bunch & get some real coaches. Spangler should of been Head Coach years ago.

  • Dan

    Lets not crucify Glendora just yet, Etiwanda looks every bit as good as Upland, RC, and Los Osos, and from the sound of the write up on this game it sounds like this game was very winnable for Glendora without the turnovers, the fumble at the goaline as the Glendora kid was going in for the touchdown was a game changer, a score there puts Glendora ahead instead of Etiwanda, then the next fumble was returned for an 85 yard touchdown, that was the difference in the game, it’s not like Etiwanda was too talented for Glendora, they just were able to capitolize on some key mistakes that Glendora made.
    IE Town, the season is still early, Etiwanda just may run the table in that league, Glendora was right there with them, lets let this league play out before we bury Glendora.

  • Say What

    IE Town,
    First, What did happen to the GHS Qb were you at the game? I hope you were before you start spouting off. He still threw more yards then the Duck throwing Qb from Etiwanda. I will admit we are now going to have to score 40 pts. a game due to the horrible defense that allows are opponent to score at will.
    Get your facts straight, We cried and whinned our way out of the Sierra? We didn’t ask for the change. Oh, I know you just wanted to be funny and had to write something didn’t you? You ignorant fool.


    Hey Say What,

    The facts are staight as an arrow. Tell you what, talk to someone in the know and you’ll get the truth. GTOWN wanted out and they got what they deserved. Don’t talk to one of the arrogant G parents that want to fire every coach that loses a game. Talk to someone that knows the deal. The only fool here is you, you jackhole. 4th or 5th place finish that’s it!


    Dan give me some of what your smoking, were u at the game? better yet have u been to any game the last few years? Some guy sitting next to me said maybe they will start blitzing & I told him they wont change a thing and they didn’t. You ask any kid playing that D they tell u they cant win. The coaches dont let them do anything but stay in that zone & then react. That D that cant stop anything & the kids are exhausted by half time. Any moron Exept the GHS Coaching Morons can see that.


    This is how it it will go at films, Coaches will blame joey, timmy & johnny for not do thier Job! They wont blame themselves because they run such a great defensive skeem that it should be able to stop some D1 college teams. So the kids will run run run run run! While Pasky waits for the NFL to call!

  • Say What

    HaHa who’s whining and crying now? Your trying to be funny again, I dont need to talk to anyone in the know, I couldn’t be more in the know if only you knew, ok. So lets not bring up who the fool jackhole is as you put it. Again trying to be funny and smartass.


    Say What

    The only duck that is OVER Rated is the QB with No TOUCH. What game were you at? He throws a soft ball that is very lose and your coach, we’ll isn’t up to pair for IE. Little Pasqy with so many excuses.

  • Bystander

    IE Clown,
    You IE clowns just love to rub it in, maybe the smell over there gets to your brain.
    Over rated? Soft touch, throws lose? or did you mean loose? At least he doesn’t look like hes’s pushing the ball on every throw like the Eti. kid. Every time he threw it I was expecting someone to shoot it out of the air it fluttered so much. If the Tartan backfield knew how to cover properly he would of been picked every other throw. I was on the sideline and from what I hear apparently he’s good enough to get a D1 offer from several schools. Whats your kid got?
    Over rated or not I really dont think he gives a s— what you think !

  • tartyboy55

    You know, I’ve been coaching for some what 15+ yrs. and I really don’t think GHS coaches(coach) really doesn’t have the passion to coach anymore. I think he really has other things on his mind other than coaching. I mean the 30 defence on the goal line? or throwing long with possession receivers?. This core of boys are athleticly as good as any team in the IE, but GHS coaches don’t know how to put it together. GHS has a strong line, skilled players, and good back ups.
    I think it all starts at practice, that’s where GHS needs to improve. The tempo is very laxidaiscal, no enthusiasm, no urgency and very blah. Pick it up pasky or you’ll find yourself 0-5 in league.

  • tartyboy55

    You know, I’ve been coaching for some what 15+ yrs. and I really don’t think GHS coaches(coach) really doesn’t have the passion to coach anymore. I think he really has other things on his mind other than coaching. I mean the 30 defence on the goal line? or throwing long with possession receivers?. This core of boys are athleticly as good as any team in the IE, but GHS coaches don’t know how to put it together. GHS has a strong line, skilled players, and good back ups.
    I think it all starts at practice, that’s where GHS needs to improve. The tempo is very laxidaiscal, no enthusiasm, no urgency and very blah. Pick it up pasky or you’ll find yourself 0-5 in league.

  • MTC the Clairvoyant

    Could it be that Mr.Clone was right all along about Glendora and their average coach?

  • Ahead of his time

    Mike the Clone was ahead of all of us and ahead of his time.

  • IE Town


    Just have your sorry a## coach schedule us! Talk is cheap, and last time I checked were rated 2 in SS. Smell that! LMAO!!!

    Your little Qb wouldn’t be the second guy on our team. That’s why he settled for a weak D1 program down south.


  • Colt74

    Someone please help me out here….I keep reading posts by these people that keep talking about the “IE”. What the heck is the IE? All these post are talking about how THEY ( the IE ) play the best football. I’ve never heard this term outside of I.nternet E.xplorer so I did a Google search….the best that I could come up with was:

    1.Inbred Ewes
    2.Inexperienced Elves
    3.Incontinent Ethiopians
    4.Improbable Expectations

    Someone suggested that it stood for Inland Empire so I looked up the definition of Empire ;
    “The term empire derives from the Latin imperium (power, authority)”
    Since this term was used in the context of Football in the land of Cows I knew that this definition could not possibly be correct. But it does open up an interesting possibility….
    Maybe we could change the name of the San Gabriel Valley to the San Gabriel Valley Empire.
    It definitely describes our football out here. We’d have to take a vote on it but right off the bat I would guess the the Bishop Amat Nation thinks it has a nice ring to it. Fruedian slip…did I say ring?

  • Mike the Clone

    Colt 74…….

    Rack’em !!

    That was sweet!

    Mike the Clone

  • Colt74

    Fruedian …oops..meant Freudian…

  • GT

    Come on now…glendora could win if their coaches wanted to, some might but the others are hiding something

  • Amat Honk

    Nice I.E. bash colt, I was with you all the way up until the “Bishop Amat Nation” crack!

  • We’ll survive MTC T-Shirts on the way

    This MTC was right talk is so stupid. How many back to back Sierra League Championships has Pasqy engineered. How many D1 players has Pasqy coached over the years yet at Glendora he’s had only one, Jeffries. How many times has MTC come on here and bagged on Glendora coaches and has yet to spell out the players that should not be on the field, the defenses that should be implemented or the defensive scheme that would maximize the talent base at Glendora. Now when it comes to raw athletic ability on offense, MTC son’s position he’s was conveniently mute during that time.

    Glendora has a great thing going. Last year was a watershed year for Glendora’s seniors as they enjoyed a crowning CIF title, in Baseball, to add to those already crowded Lettermen jackets. What is it that MTC doesn’t understand. School athletics is suppose to build character, build community and solidfy life long memories and friendships, Glendora athlectics meets all that criteria.

    MTC will be right some day when Glendora finds it’s self without great individuals as coaches like Le Duc, Pasqy and others but as for today MTC is the biggest blow hard of them all. Wasn’t it MTC who initially mentioned sitting around with other Tartan dads breaking down the previous night’s game. NOW THAT’S PATHETIC !

    Give it a rest MTC and get off your aS* and help out instead of always trying to prove how smart you once were or how gifted a player you once were. All you’ve shown over the years is how much you miss being the BMOC, again EXTREMELY PATHETIC.

    Over the years I’ve seen the Tartans win some huge games and at times I’ve thought maybe he was holding the reins in on some talent but understanding the macro BS that happens in the stands it’s a miracle Pasy has any hair at all.

    So MTC take time and dust off that huge ego of yours and put on a coach’s cap for once and implement a better defensive and offensive scheme for all of us to enjoy. Then take the time, since you know everyone on the team persoanlly, place them in the positions that best suit their abilities.

    Judging by the brilliance you pretend to have in your little finger that should take all of ten minutes. Better yet just film the BS I’m so much smarter than Pasy Saturday film sessions at your house and pass them along to Fred. That should be a hoot.

    What a freakin blow hard.

    Give it a rest MTC. Jim Rome did you dirty.

  • Ok ive made my decision, im subscribing, this is awesome, keep it comin.