Saturday Morning Quarterback: Bishop Amat rallies back against Crespi, 31-28; Claremont shocks Chino Hills; Charter Oak and Damien open Sierra League with victories

Aram’s reaction to Amat: You don’t learn much from blowouts. You don’t learn much from weak nonleague schedules. But you learn plenty when a heart is put on a treadmill and has stress applied to it.

Amat game story: With backfield mate Zach Shay limping on the sidelines on crutches after a first-quarter ankle injury and Crespi quarterback Ken Stenhouse rallying the Celts to a fourth-quarter lead, Bishop Amat’s Jalen Moore came to the rescue.

Friday’s results
Bishop Amat 31, Crespi 28 — After blowing a 17-0 lead, Amat rallies back in the fourth quarter, getting two touchdowns from Jalen Moore who finished with 270 yards, 177 in the second half to rally the Lancers from a 21-17 hole. It was reminiscent of several Amat comebacks in recent years, who are now a perfect 15-0 at home under coach Steve Hagerty. The Serra really got interesting with Notre Dame beating Loyola 21-18.
Damien 35, South Hills 21 — Say what you want about the Spartans’ chances in the Sierra, but the truth is, their only two losses have come against Pac-5 Division teams. South Hills? Defense still a problem.
Claremont 31, Chino Hills 30 — Still scratching your head over the upset of the night? Give the Wolfback credit, all we did was talk about how great Chino Hills was. This will certainly turn the Sierra into the wild, wild west.
Walnut 34, Diamond Bar 7 — The Mustangs finally netted a big win in the Hacienda while the Brahmas continue to lose league games after 4-0 start.
Charter Oak 54, Ayala 7 — What a huge statement by the Chargers. With all due respect to what Claremont did, this was just as impressive. And guess what, Claremont visits Charter Oak next … Think I found my game of the week.
Arroyo 42, South El Monte 0 — The Knights didn’t waste much time putting them away, getting ready for next week’s game against Rosemead. Steven Rivera threw for 210 and two touchdowns.
San Dimas 28, Pomona 14 — Raise your hand if you thought this was much closer than expected.
Bonita 37, Los Altos 10 — About what you expected, the Bearcats remaining undefeated, but they still haven’t gone through the heart of the Hacienda.
Azusa 35, Bassett 6 — Nobody expects the Aztecs to lose, staying sharp is more of a focal point.
Sierra Vista 49, Workman 7 — The Dons bounced back after last week’s loss to Azusa, a good sign for a team hoping to reach the playoffs.
La Puente 28, Gladstone 7 — The Warriors stay in playoff contention with the win.
Covina 41, Nogales 21 — This sets up Thursday’s huge showdown against Baldwin Park at Covina District field.
Northview 34, Wilson 27 — After an 0-4 start, the Vikings suddenly have won two straight in league, and this was over an improved Wilson.
Rosemead 42, Gabrielino 6 — The Panthers roll to an easy victory, sights set on Arroyo showdown on Friday.
El Monte 28, Mountain View 21 — The Lions open the Mission Valley League over the hot Vikings.

LIVE BLOGGING: Mike “The Cousin” Robledo will provide live blogging on Coveritlive of tonight’s mammoth Crespi-Bishop Amat contest from Kiefer Stadium. We will have updates on other games, particularly South Hills vs. Damien and Chino Hills at Claremont. Make sure you click on and join the live chat.

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  • kh

    quote from head prep writer.
    bonita has done nothing wrong to lose there #3 ranking.
    that show you the hate burning deep down for the bearcats,
    if amat loses tonight,
    claremont beats chino hills,which they can,
    that would put bonita # 1 if they take out l.a. tonight.
    fred is brain storming,,so after his quote, he moves little or no defense team w/c to # 3 =144 p.a. bonita 72 p.a. the amats are always thinking or making there next move,give respest fred wheres it earned,if claremont beats c.h. tonight,we jump back into front seat riding shot gun with are amat friends,
    fred we smoked the wolfpack,w/c would get there lunch packed against claremont,
    oh by the way,we will all know shortly,whos # 1 time will tell.
    gggggggggggoooooooooo bbbeeeaaarrrccaattssss

  • FredJ

    We have to do something about these ads popping all over the blog

  • Sick of Amat

    Are you an Amat grad or something. Am I the only one sick of seeing and reading about Amat in just about every blog? My son plays Upland so I am not biased towards any SGV team. It is just from an “outsiders” point of view you seem in Amat’s back pocket. I am sure there are plenty other quality programs and kids in the SGV that deserve recognition too. I mean i get it Amat is ranked #1 for now, but spread the wealth dude.

  • Fred Robledo

    The wealth is spread everywhere, look over the past week, blogs on other schools, sports, etc, but the best team, most fans, largest readership = additional coverage…

  • Lighten Up

    Sickly Upland Fan – by my count, of the 43 blog topics in October there are 5 or 6 that are “Amat articles” This obviously shouldn’t include the Top 10 Polls or articles that contain all teams – just happens this year Amat is at the top of those conversations.

  • This is Why


    That’s because Fred is a genius. He knows Amat will generate over 100 hits per thread. Actually it’s a no brainer at all. He who gets the most hits, will get the most ink…Kaching! Fred is a Salesman not a politician.

  • Maxie

    I hate it when local papers like the Trib over-hype a little game like Crespi-Amat. Wait…. dang… MaxPreps did it too! Amat on their home page as one of the games of the week… NATIONALLY!
    How dare the Trib cater to the Lancers. Must be in their back pocket. LOL!
    this is the Serra League guys. Pac5.One of the best leagues and divisions NATIONALLY

  • Colt74

    Sick of Amat :
    Fred writes about Amat = Free food at tailgate. Fred doesn’t write about Amat = No free food at tailgate. Freds momma didn’t raise no fool.

    Plus, like he says “largest readership = additional coverage”
    Us poor schmucks because we didn’t go to Amat had to learn to read from “Hooked on phonics” and then go collect empty soda bottles to get up the money to buy the newspaper. Then after we passed it around to our other friends so they could read it, sometimes it could take a while for your turn….Hell…it was just last week that I learned
    that the Wright brothers had invented this aero something or another and that there were 50 states now!
    Is anyone done with the Dec 1941 copy of the Tribune yet? I want to see if anything important is happening….


  • Amat Honk

    PONYBOY – Don’t give up your day job (apparently as an arms dealer) because comedy is definately not your strong point. On a sie note, sorry to hear about the rough upbringing 🙁

    *Don’t hate the player, Hate the game.

  • Amat Honk

    Corrected Version

    PONYBOY – Don’t give up your day job (apparently as an arms dealer) because comedy is definately not your strong point. On a “side” note, sorry to hear about the rough upbringing 🙁

    *Don’t hate the player, Hate the game.

  • Fred is not the only one…

    Go to maxpreps and check out the 1st page…

  • Unreal…

    Good luck to all the SGV schools tonight.

    I don’t get all the hate on Amat. We are the lone Pac-5 representative out of the SGV and bring a lot of attention to the SGV. When Amat wins the whole SGV wins. Plenty of coverage is given to other schools but Amat vs Crespi is far and away the best game in the SGV… probably SoCal.

    Amat will win tonight. Crespi is slightly one dimensional. If Amat can establish the run and pressure their QB they should win this game. Crespi hasn’t played anyone like Amat so I think our aggresiveness on both lines will catch them off guard. Genner is going to have to have a great game for the Lancers.

    GO AMAT!!!!

  • Colt74

    That IS cool that Max-Preps has the match-up on the front page. You probably have to be at the stadium by 4 to get a parking spot…if any are left.

  • max

    Crespi (Encino, Calif.) at Bishop Amat (La Puente, Calif.), Friday
    Crespi lost its opening game but now is 5-1 under first-year head coach Jon Mack, who previously led St. Bonaventure (Ventura, Calif.) to seven CIF titles. A major reason for the Celts’ five-game winning streak is the emergence of quarterback Kenneth Stenhouse. The senior has broken the school record for passing touchdowns in back-to-back games and has completed 75 percent of his throws for 1,722 yards this season. Senior receiver Devin Lucien is his top target, with 780 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns.

    Bishop Amat hopes to avenge its only regular-season loss from last season in this Serra League opener. The Lancers’ offense is led by junior Rio Ruiz, an early USC baseball commit who has passed for 998 yards and nine touchdowns in six victories to start the season. Junior running back Jalen Moore has eclipsed the 100-yard mark in each of the last five games and has scored 10 touchdowns.

    Mitch Stephens: Crespi 28, Bishop Amat 21
    Steve Montoya: Crespi 20, Bishop Amat 10
    Stephen Spiewak: Bishop Amat 28, Crespi 20
    Kevin Askeland: Bishop Amat 28, Crespi 27
    Jamie DeMoney: Bishop Amat 28, Crespi 24
    MaxPreps Projection: Bishop Amat 34, Crespi 31

  • Colt74

    Amat Honk….it’s easy to see that your ONLY strong point is that out of 500,000,000 sperm you were the fastest swimmer……

  • game time

    Don’t panic about room. Crespi does not travel well. It will be a surprise if half of the visitor stands are full. And who was the bonehead at Fox that did not pick this game to televise!!!

  • Amat On Looker

    The Amat defense is in the spotlight tonight, AGAIN! The offense will put points on the board and the defense has to keep them off. As long as we end up with more points on the board at the end of the night it’s all good! I believe Devin Lucien gets his clock cleaned AT LEAST ONCE tonight at the very least! Maybe more if he continues to play. Hopefully, The Amat Defense is hungry and looking to make a point tonight! AMAT will do just fine tonight and come out victorious. Get the “W” AMAT I could give a rats patootie about the score! Our Lady Queen of Victory!!! Go Big Blue!

  • Amat Honk

    Thanks, Mom and Dad feel the same way. I wish it were the same for you. We’re just lucky they ran out of gas on the way to the clinic; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here and I would be without a brother! Thank God for small miricles 🙂

  • Amat69

    Look for an upset tonight @ Los Altos!
    Bearcats lose by 6.
    Congrats to kh, on becoming a Grandfather!

  • Colt74

    Honkster, I don’t have a brother….but I heard your Mom had of each.

  • whitey

    Congrats kh, you old Fart,
    I agree with amat69. Bonita is coming in Cocky and Arrogant much like Glendora did last night.
    I never thought Bonita was as good as their record suggest! Theyve gotten lucky a number of times this season. Los Altos has something to prove tonight and luck has a tendency to run out.
    Again, congratulations you old Fart, you should bring a Rocking chair to your game tonight!

  • Amat Honk

    They did have Triplets. Me. Sis and you were the THIRD Ponyboy!

  • COChargerfan

    Congratulations Ken.

  • Aaron

    Where have those kids come out cocky…please show me! Just because you’ve got diehards like myself and Mr Huth…do you really think what we do or say affects how those kids play.

    They’ve been resilient and humble…and well Los Altos has looked bad all season.

  • Charger/Bruin Fan

    I agree with you, although I Dont really follow Bonita Football, Ive never found them to be Arrogant, and theres nothing wrong with self confidence or Cockeyness.
    I still wish you guys were in our league so we could have the win you usually give us in Football.
    Good luck this year, and stay classy as always, I look forward to watching your Baseball team again this year.
    Congrats, Mr. Huth

  • Colt74

    Amat Honk…what is it with can’t come up with your own stuff? All you do is take what I say and try and turn it around. Seriously…take some Metamucil and see if you can get that corn cob out. While you are in there take a notepad and a pencil and TRY to come up with an original comeback. You always bring this up and you STILL hold this against me and Sis..No matter how many times I tell you this your sister and I can’t help it if we came out normally and you had to be delivered anally. Get over it!

  • Sugarballs

    I like what Charger/Bruin fan said about being Cocky and Confident. Aaron always has a way with words, and Whitey, you just like it when people join that old man club of yours.
    Hey, did you see that smoking hot # 1 chick from the San Dimas Volleyball team thirteen post down? Please a little lower and to the left, auh, thanks.
    kh, I see what youre talking about, and good luck with that Grandkid!

  • Charger/Bruin Fan

    Wow, Sugarballs I see what youre talking about. Whitey and COChargerfan please stay away from that San Dimas Girls Volleyball post. Stay here, or go to the Old Folks Lawn Bowling post.

  • Colt74

    South Hills – Damien….

    Who is taking who and why?

  • Brandon Cartright

    Wow, I like it, I like it allot!

  • COChargerfan

    First of all, it was an imposter that posted the “Congratulations Ken” and Charger/Bruin Fan, I must have missed something because I have no idea as to what you are talking about…San Dimas volleyball, lawn bowling…dude, you must be having some sort of LSD flashback…maybe you should step away from the keyboard and dial 911.

    Good luck tonight to all the SGV teams.

  • COChargerfan

    Brandon Cartright, you sound like one sick puppy. As for you Amat guys, now youre having each others kids Anally, Whats going on over there at Amat? Maybe Freds covering the wrong sport!
    Nice job Steve, on your coverage of the womens Volleyball, now its getting the kind of exposure it deserves!

  • Charger/Bruin Fan

    The real COChagerfan wouldnt have missed the San Dimas Hottie on the Volleyball post, he combs through these post and has an opinion on everything!!!!
    As far as the LSD comment directed my way, be careful, what you say, if you know me at all, and you do if youre the real CO. well, you get the idea! It aint going to be pretty.
    As for the Lawn Bowling comment, the real CO. is old! If youre so thin skinned you cant take a joke, you dont belong here.
    CO, youre right about those guys at Amat! Strange!
    Go Chargers!


    Hey COLT74, you’ve been on here all day! Plus your last post on Damien and SHILLS, as you can see nobody cares, because both teams are going no where. I mean all those bloggers have gone bye,bye.

    I mean you don’t have some laundry to do? or some lawn tending,pluck some weeds, or better yet smoke some weed. Are you trying to start another thread? I mean Fred’s got this little video about that already.

    Here’s a little suggestion go and make yourself a little din,din, maybe a cheese sandwich, or maybe go give the dang dog some dog food. Is this the very first season on here? Calm down…

  • we’re watching you

    COCF – Amat’s so deep in your head you even attribute those with “Colt” in their name to Amat posts.
    What’s going on over there?


    Bishop Amat vs. Crespi is by far the best game in Southern California tonight!

    There will be about 10,000 fans at Keifer and the 50/50 is expected to approach $3,000.00!

    It DOES NOT get any better than this! This is the GRAND stage!

    This is why you play at Bishop Amat!

  • Colt74

    Get a life…follow your own advise. I now you can read…you have been following my posts with baited breath. Well slick…read up under the header on this thread…see the games and predictions ? Oh my! This isn’t a strictly Amat thread now is it slick? Come on least have the balls to post under your normal Amat Honk persona….

  • Colt74

    Get a life…follow your own advise. I know you can read…you have been following my posts with baited breath. Well slick…read up under the header on this thread…see the games and predictions ? Oh my! This isn’t a strictly Amat thread now is it slick? Come on least have the balls to post under your normal Amat Honk persona….

    (like yours..corrected )

  • kh

    whitey ive been a grandpa for 6 years now,my grandson just turned 6 last week.he lives in the south hills in future i might be a husky fan my friend,
    iam 50 years old with the hottest 30 babe in sgv.
    just hanging out at the warehouse pizza thatnight waiting for you, she fell in love,cant blame you.what a fox…..
    will see how long it last,you couldnt handle you.
    woman love stud baseball player,even ex-pros still get there ups…….
    bonita will cover spread 24 1/2 points you want actio. ?????????.6-0 in about 5 hours d=bag
    go bearcats

  • No. 23 Crespi challenges 8th-ranked Bishop Amat (LA TIMES)

    No. 23 Encino Crespi (5-1) at No. 8 La Puente Bishop Amat (6-0), 7 p.m. Crespi has been the odd team out of the playoffs from the Serra League the last two years, but the Celts have hung tough with Bishop Amat. In 2008, Crespi lost by one point to the Lancers, and last year the Celts handed the Serra League champions their only league defeat. Crespi has reeled off five consecutive victories since a season-opening loss to Compton Dominguez, with quarterback Kenny Stenhouse passing for 364 yards and a school-record six touchdowns last week during a 53-47 victory over Woodland Hills Taft. Bishop Amat defeated Dominguez, 21-15, the week after the Dons beat Crespi. The pick: Bishop Amat.

    Ben Bolch
    Copyright 2010, Los Angeles Times

  • Amat Honk

    Ponyboy! I told you Dude, I’m sick with this. I got nothing but time. As I stated way back when, I really don’t care what your likes and dislikes are. I dont care if you don’t like my material (or your as it were) and I do not need to post as someone else to engage the likes of you. I will just sit back and jump on all your stupid @ss comments just for shitz and giggles. I’ll be waiting for your next bit of stand up so I can respond. Later Loser (take the bait,please. I know you will because you can’t help yourself).

  • HK

    Ha poor Colt Malt Liquor or Pony boy, yeah Amat Honk and I are not the same blogger. Stay off the Amat blogs you bunch of wannabes and fish bowl fans. Now go back to your rocking chair and drink some more of that Metamucil and haterate Koolaide while you slip on your depends. Bahahaahahahahaha!!!!!

  • FOOL


  • Colt74

    Amat HonK..aka..HK…aka…Get a life..aka 12 other
    blog ID’s….

    Getting ready to go to the Covina game. Feed your cats, put on your snuggie, watch your favorite shows on the WE channel and I’ll be back to smack you around some more later. I know I shouldn’t but you’re just so easy and so much fun….

  • Ro

    bishop will lose 1 time in league,this may be the will be better to lose tonight and learn from it than lose in cif

  • Jennifer

    34-0 Charter Oak with 9 minutes left in the first quarter GO CHARGERS!!!!

  • Jennifer

    Make that 40-0 Charter Oak!!!

  • Jennifer

    47-0 Charter Oak going into half time. Way to go CHARGERS!!!!

  • JG

    celts..Hey look i know you are jumping out of your shorts right now, but lets get real dude, your are a dude arn’t you? When is the last time you went to a teams practice, and and the coach talked about how important the 50/50 is!!! Lets talk football!!!


    47-0 Charter Oak Halftime.










  • Mike Robledo

    The Amat fans cannot wait for Aram’s next blog post…

    Great game tonight!! Enjoy this one Amat fans!

  • Colt74

    Just read BA 31 Crespi 28

    Congrats to the Amat Family!!!!

  • Mike Robledo

    The Amat fans cannot wait for Aram’s next blog post…

    Great game tonight!! Enjoy this one Amat fans!

  • BHS fan

    Bonita winning big 30 to 3 at the start of the third quarter.

  • JG

    Hey Fred we can all see and here you, but can you give Aram a chance to get his opinion in the two minute grill without you cutting into his time. Quite frankly Aram is a little more articulate.

  • BA.

    Bishop Amat just beat Crespi who just recently defeated the #1 team in the Inland Division in Vista Murrieta. It does not get bigger than this.

    This is why you play at Bishop Amat!

  • Panther Fan

    Santa Margarita 27 Orange Lutheran 15 Final Score.

  • kh

    again bonita chrushed,
    37 to 3 pulled starters 4 minutes into 3nd quarter,hey whitey as i said we covered the 24 1/2 point spread,
    d -fense give up a field goal because of a dropped punt,thats 6 points in last 4 games from starting d-fense,keep talking long crap we are the best team in area with hands down, the best qb,g-p- of all teams in sgv.,with defense which only gives up 2 points last 4 games,w/c guys your in for a ass wopping boys.fred move us back out of your ranking like you did at the start of the seaso.maybe azusa should leap fog over us like w/c did last week.

  • keep wishing

    your sorry @$$ can just keep wishing form week to week

  • sorry bishop nation

    Sorry 2 hear bishop won 2night. Will b hoping the arrogant bishop nation loses next week @ Loyola, Go Cubs.

  • keep wishing

    your sorry @$$ can just keep wishing form week to week

  • keep wishing

    your sorry @$$ can just keep wishing form week to week

  • keep wishing

    your sorry @$$ can just keep wishing form week to week

  • It’s a good night for all of the SGV

    LOL@sorry bishop nation

    Amat’s kids grew up all over the SGV, bro. These are San Gabriel Valley kids and tonight is an awesome night for all of us.



  • slow down

    kh – slow down big fella. You just beat a team that is 0-6 and has won 4 games the past 3 years

  • SGV Lifer

    Would love to get the Chino Hills vs. Claremont score. I can’t find it anywhere

  • friday niter


    Are you sure your clean and sober. You get that excited because you guys beat a bunch of crappy a$$ teams and then proclaim to be the best team in the area. That does not sound like the words of a man that is sober. I tell u, u r in for a serious wake-up call. Tell u wat, put ur bloggin where ur mouth is. If BoHi wins a CIF champioship I will apologize and sing urs and the midgets praises all the way through baseball season. If BoHi does not win a CIF Championship, you quit blogging immediately and permenately. Step up big timer, take the challenge. Lets see how much you really believe the crap you write on this blog. MAN or MIDGET?

  • Apparently, Claremont beat Chino Hills, 31-30.

    So … Claremont-Charter Oak next week just got even bigger.

    As for Chino Hills, well, I’m speechless.

  • C-mont

    Claremont won 31-30!
    Hugeeeee win

  • wilson up…

    OK wilson, here we are, a few questions 4 ya…
    when are you going to open up a can of whoop a@@ again? soon right…
    why has your offensive become so conservative, what a joke
    why cant you play a game without committing a personal foul penalty?
    are you guys still gona make the playoffs? with BP and SD left on the schedle
    yews the game was close, but NV was in complete control of that game and ran the ball down your throat
    you guys are so overrated..
    good night, and go away…
    lets hear the excuses

  • C-mont

    Claremont won 31-30!
    Hugeeeee win

  • Woo Wooo

    Chino Hills-30

  • South Hills Questions…

    What’s happening at South Hills?

    They were 10-3 with a Semi-Final CIF appearance last year, and this year they are 1-5.

    They returned their whole O-Line and D-Line I think.

    WOW! What’s the word on Cameron?

    Would love to hear from the South Hills insiders.

  • JG

    KH… The storm is coming, when you play WC you will see more talent on the field then you have seen all year. Buy the way good luck leap froging WC this week, Not gonna happen!!! And Where do you come off bashing Azusa, they have had a great year thus far. If BHS is that good you are going to have to go through WC. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  • word on cameron

    the word on cameron is south hills only returned 1 only 1 defensive starter on defense and that is peter nonu. aiono and vargas both had experience last year on defense but neither of the 3 have enough gas to go the full game. it also hurts when ur starting 3 sophomore linebackers.

  • community football fan

    What a good game. Why all the bashing toward Wilson Wildcats here in Hacienda Heights? If you sit in he stands at Wilson its only a handfull of parents, or should I say 2 parents that give our school a bad name. Coaches are to blame. Why not have Josh Morales start? You put him in after the fact. And another thing why is it you hear the same names from the announcer. Theres other boys playing just as hard doing there part. J.R Nelson and Moses Vega came on there not the team even though everyone thinks they are.

  • WOw

    Just for your information! the score was 27-0 at the end of the first half and 47-0 at halftime! CO’s starting offense were benched at halftime!!!!

  • Norco

    Norco 49
    Corona Santiago 28

  • Good job Lancers

    Bishop Amat is the #1 team in the San Gabriel Valley. They beat Crespi without Zachary Shay.

  • The guru

    LIVINGSTON LIGHTS it up again!!!!! 5 touchdowns!!!!!

  • jcaz

    When that third touchdown was scored by Crespi in the third quarter to put them in the lead, there almost seemed to be a hush in the crowd. I cant remember a time this year when there existed the real possibly that Amat could actually lose a game at home and at the same time lose it by what could have been a significant margin if we werent going to be able to stop there momentum.

    To tell you the truth, that second half was really frightening. Our stud running back, Zach Shay went down early in the game with an ankle sprain and while we still had some quality running backs to carry the load, most notably, Jalen Moore, there was some genuine concern if we were going to be able to turn that momentum around.

    Interestingly, this game mirrored the JV game that Amat played against Crespi in so many different ways. Amat seemed to actually dominate the Celts in the early going and it seemed as if Amat was going to win going away. But Crespi being a very good team, battled back to put themselves into a position to win this game out right.

    I suppose however that in retrospect, if I were to look at this game objectively, Amat really should never have even been placed in a position where we actually could have lost that game.

    For example, Amat went into the red zone on at least two different instances and came away without any points. Had we scored on those two occasions, the game could have very well been a blow out very early.

    But that was not the case.

    Having said that, I have to say that this game was a very good barometer of how well Hags teams have progressed over the last few years.

    Many people came into tonights game wondering just how good a team Amat was this year. Well tonight, I think that Amats football team put itself right up there with some of the beast teams not only in the southern section, but in the country.

    A very good and exciting game to night over at Kiefer.

  • LOL@that Norco Fool

    No one gives a crap about Norco and Santiago! Chino Hills just lost to Claremont, dude!

    Get the hell out of here and never come back. No one cares about Norco football!

  • sgv finest

    Amat is a beast this year. Jalen Moore is a stud and who is this kid Ajee Montes. This kid shut down one the best receivers in Ca. Where did he come from? The only downfall was Shay going down. Hang in there buddy. Bring on the Cubs….

  • SMH

    Claremont, Damien and CO win! Questions? What happened to studs Harris and Ekpre for Chino Hills? Also what happened Hernandez and Hart for South Hills?

  • Witness

    Amat football, Great game! Great defense! We fought and won like we knew we would, like our coaches told us we would, Like our Amat hearts believed we would.


  • Norco

    Ya Norco is an awful team, better email CNUSD and have them disband the team before they embarrass the entire district well playing in the Inland.

    Tell you what…go get a good nights sleep, have a big breakfast and try to come up with something a little more original. You don`t want to tangle with me. I will run circles around your sorry ass…

  • Gee!!! Community Football Fan:

    Let’s see – why did the announcer call JR Nelson’s and Moses Vega’s name all night???????

    1) they were the only ones to score TD’s tonight for Wilson and get every first down in the game except three
    2) Moses Vega has 214 yards rushing and 2 TD’s
    3) Nelson had the other TD and ALL receptions for the game except for the last play of the game, 2 runs for 1st downs, and many tackles on defense

    other than that the announcer had no reason to call their names

    instead of being a community fan why dont you become a community organizer – Barack Obama started that way – and we all know what that gave us



    Run circles?

    Like Etiwanda’s Marcus Mason running for 149 yards enroute to a 500+ yard Etiwanda offensive performance against Norco?

    …Like Roosevelt and Crenshaw running for 219 yards each against Norco?

    Get the hell out of here. Norco is small time losing to small time schools. The only remaining strong team in the Inland Divison is Corona Centennial.

    That’s it. Congrats on Norco’s and Riverside King’s victory over Santiago! LOL!

    Goodbye, Norco!


    “Jalen Moore steps up to lead Bishop Amat past Crespi, 31-28”

    By Eric Sondheimer
    October 15, 2010|11:23 p.m.

    Jalen Moore knows that his body is going to be aching Saturday morning.

    “I’m going to be very sore,” the La Puente Bishop Amat junior running back said after carrying the ball 32 times for 263 yards and two touchdowns to help the Lancers pull out a 31-28 victory over Encino Crespi in a Serra League opener.

    Serra League madness is here and flourishing. In Sherman Oaks, Notre Dame got a 35-yard field goal from Hayden Ross as time expired to defeat Los Angeles Loyola, 21-18.
    This is how every week for the rest of the season figures to be in a league where the coaching is terrific and the teams are evenly matched.

    Crespi (5-2) rallied from a 17-7 halftime deficit behind quarterback Kenny Stenhouse, who completed 23 of 35 passes for 256 yards and two touchdowns. Terrence Williams scored on a four-yard run and Stenhouse’s one-yard plunge gave the Celts a 21-17 lead in the third quarter.

    But the fourth quarter was all about Moore running behind a punishing offensive line. He scored twice on four-yard runs. It was his sixth consecutive game of 100 or more yards rushing.

    “The offensive line bailed us out,” Coach Steve Hagerty said. “They pushed up front.”

    Said offensive tackle Christian Orduno: “It was a fight. I was trying to be a leader and tell them, ‘We’ve got to step it up.'”

    Crespi got a big performance from receiver Christian Harper, who caught 10 passes for 133 yards, including a five-yard touchdown reception with 1:55 left. But the Lancers covered the onside kick and ran out the clock by giving the ball again and again to Moore.

    Bishop Amat (7-0) lost its top speed back, Zachary Shay, to an ankle injury on the fourth play of the game, forcing Moore to test his endurance. And he responded with 172 yards rushing in the second half, breaking off runs of 51, 33 and 27 yards. He has 1,019 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns.

    Bishop Amat opened a 17-7 halftime lead. Crespi lost the ball on a fumble on Bishop Amat’s nine-yard line and Orduno had a blocked punt to set up a one-yard touchdown plunge by quarterback Rio Ruiz, whose versatility, combined with a couple clutch catches, was important to the Lancers’ success.

    Ruiz passed 27 yards to 6-foot-5 tight end Wallace Gonzalez for a touchdown. He also completed a 44-yard pass to a diving Adam Sanchez. And Ruiz broke off runs of 10 and eight yards to loosen up Crespi’s defense.

    Bishop Amat’s defense was designed to neutralize Devin Lucien, who came in with 12 touchdown receptions. But Lucien started to get open at the end of the first half and caught a nine-yard touchdown pass from Stenhouse.

    At minimum, everyone should celebrate the sight of quarterbacks who are two-sport standouts. Stenhouse plays basketball. Ruiz is a shortstop who even plays scout ball on Sundays. They’re enjoying their high school experience and not believing the talk that you have to be focused on one sport year-round to excel.

    And they know how to use their athleticism. Stenhouse had a 64-yard punt. Ruiz’s speed on the option play adds another dimension to the Lancers’ offense.

    But when the Lancers searched for a go-to player, Moore stepped forward, aided by the offensive line.

  • Norco

    resident clown…

    Yawn…What you forgot to mention 2 out of those three teams lost…please try again…give me something to work with here

  • Please Just Step Down


    We just lost to Northview, and you are questioning why so many Wilson supporters are so down on this coaching staff. People are so frustrated with this staffs lack of knowledge of the game of football.

    The personal issue that has been brought up many times just cost us this game. The coaches attempted on the job training, it was only Northview. Now we are officially out of the playoffs. Well not official, all we have to do is beat San Dimas, Baldwin Park, Nogales, and Pomona, no problem.

    This is one team with lots of pissed of parents and players. Zavala how can you sleep at night, please do us all a favor and just step down.

  • Churchh

    Ajee Montez came from South Hills, pretty legit. plus he’s my homie! Amat beasts. Got to give it up for Rio Ruiz and Jalen Moore. Poor Zachary Shay but shoot he’s a trooper he is for sure coming back soon. D was great in first half then got a little iffy in the second half, but Lancer’s came back, left their mark, and defeated like i predicted. (: Ohh man i ditched my schools game for this game. Sooo worth it! Poor South Hills.. all talk with nothing to back it up. Ahh well, someone better pick up on Jamel Hart though.

    Can’t wait for the rest of Amat’s season! <3

  • Your Fired Aram!!!

    This is a ridiculous story Aram. Your fired from all the SGV readers (I and several of us won’t read your blogs or stories anymore because you do not know how to be gracious after you say all these things about Bishop Amat these past few weeks and then just can’t plan admit that you are wrong of about BA. You don’t know how to pick teams and provide thought provoking discussions like Fred Robledo. To quote you, “You don’t learn much from blowouts. You don’t learn much from weak nonleague schedules. But you learn plenty when a heart is put on a treadmill and has stress applied to it.” How freaking stupid of you to write such a lame column. I am going to complain to your editor.

    You sit there with Fred Robledo chiding him on Bishop Amat these last few weeks about their “WEAK” schedule on your two minute drill show. And then you have the nerve, to compare Bishop Amat a few weeks ago to Chino Hills and ask who should really be number 1. Where are your glorious Chino Hills now Aram? And then you think you have an opportunity to challenge Fred and everybody even more about Bishop Amat and the upcoming Crespi game. You keep saying that Crespi is this and that and you keep going back to BA’s week schedule. You don’t know $%it Aram. Yo should stop and listen to Fred sometimes. Being gracious is knowing your really don;t know anything. As Trump would say – “Your fired Aram!!!!!!!!! Don’t put blogs up anymore. Nobody will read them. And if you dare to put anything on Bishop Amat again. You better think twice.

  • the critic

    DENNIS RUFUS is by far the best athlete in my opinion in the sgv…now im not like the ‘realist’ its just my opinion im pretty sure everyone has there favorites but mines is DENNIS RUFUS……AND NO NO MAN CRUSH….LOL

  • the critic

    credit to the amat fans:
    that JALEN MOORE guy is awesome i hope he bring his “A” game against them warriors the final week i must say amat and alemany will be fighting for the league title….GO BIG BLUE…BUT WARRIORS FIRST…

  • SGV Athlete

    AMAT is on the front page of the ESPN-LA Preps page…

  • norco guy

    how sad…i picture u as allan from the hangover…sad lonely dork loser…u live in norco so u cant tell me things r goin to good in your life…get off our blog

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    SEMHS —– 0
    ARROYO — 42

    Do you need more proof that “R.J.” Hernandez (apparently “Ray” doesn’t cut it as a first name) and his whack job coaches do little, if nothing at all, to spark any sort of offense?

    His coaching stats, since there’s very little to none, here is what we have so far as SEMHS’ coach (including last year):

    Overall [pre-season and league play] = 4-13
    [ a 0.235294118 Win Ratio! WOW ]

    let’s see his stats from La Puente:
    2008-09 – 1-9 [Overall] 1-5 [League]
    2007-08 – 7-4 [Overall] 6-0 [League]**
    2006-07 – 2-8 [Overall] 1-5 [League]

    ** – lost 1st CIF game to Temple City, subsequently won Coach Of The Year.
    ( )

    I don’t need to explain the fiasco that ensued before the week 9 game of the 2008-2009 season at La Puente =



  • Smallcity

    Your Fired Aram!!!,

    I almost thought your comment was a joke… until I kept reading. I’m an Amat fan and can tell you that Aram’s write-up was quite good. Although not a journalist, I did well in English and can tell you that Aram can write. I happen to agree with Aram that this game would say much about where Amat’s program stands.

    Don’t embarrass yourself by flaming someone that can articulate their point of view.

    …I guess Hags wasn’t joking when he said Moore was just as good, if not better than Anderson… no doubt that Amat’s “size” on defense is working to their advantage… the score could have been ugly if Amat had capitalized on some of Crespi’s mistakes…

  • Aaron

    Mr. Huth correctly predicted Claremont in the win against Chino Hills. I’d like to thank the wolfpack for the strength of schedule boost.

    And to all you weirdos out there saying WC is going to crush the Bearcats…I doubt there will be any crushing at all. Both are great teams and I got my Bearcats winning by 6-10 depending on what’s up.

  • kh

    dont worry mate,
    kh and bohi are sitting on top of the world,
    great win amat,,
    so fred like i said you screwed up a great challege,that would of made your little top ten real.know letting a sub par denfense 144 pa,#2 now,the bulldogs lose to covia beat acouple 500 teams,thats were the homerdome being a w/c kid yourself,so now your sroce #1 amat and your hometown # 2 w/c
    we cant wait to play for 7-0 next friday night,,,,.
    #1 amat
    #2 bonita
    #4 W/C
    #5 CH
    #6 CO
    #7 ROWLAND
    #8 AZUSA
    #9 DR
    #10 DAMEIN
    #11 GLENDORA
    #12 WALNUT

  • friday niter

    KH,Oh so now you have toned it down to the best in town. Well at least ur takin a reality check. Guess what ur still not the best in town. There is another team in LV called Damien that would beat BoHi, so ur the best on D street. The a$$ beating is coming KH, u ready cuz WC is pumped. U man enough to take my challenge. Read my previous post.

  • COSteelCurtain

    Thee Charter Oak Chargers

    Congratulations boys! Big Lou and Staff put together a good game plan, Defense attacked early and often, and Offense executed brilliantly. Great job by the big uglies up front. Offense and Defensive lines dominated the game. Great job boys!

    Enjoy our 1st Sierra League victory, but come Monday you gotta get to focused on our next game. Get focused on playing all 4 quarters. Play like you did last night and everything will take care of itself.

    Enjoy the weekend boys. I know I will!



    Where are all those CH fans now touting their SOS . Yes it sure did help you to think Claremont would be a push over ,you see it’s one thing to play a strong preseason schedule and it’s another to put it into perspective come league time. While you are remembering those great wins and quality loses of preseason the reality is you just shiat on yourselves in your league opener.


    Where are all those CH fans now touting their SOS . Yes it sure did help you to think Claremont would be a push over ,you see it’s one thing to play a strong preseason schedule and it’s another to put it into perspective come league time. While you are remembering those great wins and quality loses of preseason the reality is you just shiat on yourselves in your league opener.


    Where are all those CH fans now touting their SOS . Yes it sure did help you to think Claremont would be a push over ,you see it’s one thing to play a strong preseason schedule and it’s another to put it into perspective come league time. While you are remembering those great wins and quality loses of preseason the reality is you just shiat on yourselves in your league opener.

  • OldMan in Chino

    Congrats to Claremont, it was a great comeback aided by the men in the stripe suits. Not every pass thrown by Claremont’s QB should be asssumed to be a completed pass, yet it seemed that way last night. Only the most blatent penalties were called on Claremont and even then they had to dialogue if they should be called or not. But no use in complaining, Chino Hills had their chances to put the game away and they did not. If Charter Oak is even half as good as they looked against Ayala, Claremont will have their hands full.

  • just wondering

    I dont understand…CH coach yells at the stripes right before halftime, we start the 2nd half with a 70 yard drive all kn penalties that took a whole 9 seconds off the broken clock, claremont tackles CH qb by his facemask, he gets a 5 yard penalty CH tackles claremont without touching his facemask its a automatic first down with 15 yards?? 4th and 18, let me remind you this one is plain and clear and on tape and the CIF will be getting a copy of this robbery, the claremont catches the ball with half his body out of bounds? Haha everything they needed when they needed.because they couldnt pull it off on their own, we all know who the best team was lastnight shame on you! How can you actually celebrate that win? You could of got that win with out the huskies being there all you needed was the disgraceful referees to move the ball for you all night……Stats dont lie, neither does film see you in the unemployment line….

  • Aaron

    Actually Bonita would beat Damien.

  • Damien support

    Fred, were you paying attention last night? for all the bashing that has been directed at Damien, No Love from you or the rest of the minions they came out fired up last night! Timing is , everything, and now they have unleashed the Beast #21! this guy plays both sides of the ball, 5 positions and is throwing again! He has had massive hits in all of their games and will lead this team to what looks like a great season! We know where Amat stands, but they are insignificant to us now. Keep your eye on Damien and Ramirez you will be eating your words! I think everyone is sick of hearing about Amat, there are other schools and players that could use some publicity, especially the pics on Saturday morning! can’t ever open the paper without seeing the front page covered in Amat. Enough Already!!
    We Will Return Again! and again and again and again!!!

  • Wilson Alum

    Congrats Zavala and staff you are now competing with Nogales and Pomona for last place in the Valley Vista League. Im glad we played Los Altos early in the season, they would beat us now.

    Everyone and their grandmother told this staff that the left tackle was an issue two weeks ago. Our quarterback had to get killed for another week, and then our staff saw it and made the change. So what does this great staff do they put the biggest slowest player on the team in that spot. Lets see what happens, our quarterback gets killed all night last night. Coaches let me give you a hint, our left tackle needs to be quick. Giving their DE a free shot at our quarterbacks backside isn’t a good ideal. I know your defense sucks and you don’t want to give up anymore resources Zavala, but if we don’t score we don’t win, hint, hint put Serria in that spot. If not that put Camacho their, at least our quarterback will see whats coming if you put the weak one on the right side. As you saw last night lots of bad things happen when you let the DE on your quarterbacks blind side gets free shots at your quarterback. The said part of all this is I heard a parent make the comment they think you are doing this on purpose, I hope not. Zavala maybe you should sit in the stand one Friday, you will learn something about football, because it sure looks like the parents know more about the game than your staff.

    Every move you made this week the parents have complained about since the beginning of the season. It only took you five weeks to figure it out. So is it going to take you another five weeks to figure out what youre doing wrong now?

    I think you know?

  • Sorry You’re Sick

    Damien support

    BA was up 35-0 at halftime versus Damien. They just knocked off Crespi too. This is why BA is on the front cover all them time. If Damien wants the front cover, they will have to earn it.

  • Bartender

    kh your in the same drunken stooper you were in during baseball season. All this talk of greatness only to come home empty handed. You talk as if your full of wisdom, but I know your actuallt full of liquor.
    Recgonize the pattern?
    I’ll see you at the Finish Line!

  • bbbbb

    Coach Zavala have you been drinking with Jim Arellanes he is a bad choice to drink with.To beat Jim Arellanes there should not be anything to be proud of. He is in fantasy Island. Favoritism never works LA 0-10 Wilson following foot steps.

  • Amat tested

    Jalen Moore is a workhorse and deserves great accolades. But I hate to be the bearer of bad news but without their speedback Shay, their resigned to being dragged down from behind on breakaways as was Moore last night. He does not have that breakaway speed that Shay, Anderson and Gaisie have. I couldn’t believe a Crespi guy caught him from behind with a 10-15 yd. lead to the zone and was dragged down. That can’t happen.

  • get in line

    Damien supporter – Amat/Crespi was on the front page of MaxPreps yesterday – nationally. Can’t blame the Trib for going with the top story on the top team

  • More Perspective

    Ayala got manhandled by St Paul. St Paul needed a TD in the final minutes to come from behind and beat Cathedral. We all remember the Amat/Cathedral score.

  • Unreal…

    Congratulations to the men in Blue and Gold!!!

    What a great game last night, type of game that builds character. The Lancers came out and played smash mouth football when it counted. Wallace Gonzalez and his height are already paying dividends.

    I know I may be crucified for this but… Jalen Moore has to be the front runner for SGV Player of the year. Stats back it up but his effort on the field should solidify it. He pushes every play for as much extra yardage as possible whether he has to go around, through, or over defenders. Simply amazing performance.

    Kinda shocked about the Claremont-Chino Hills outcome. Guess there isn’t too much of an argument anymore, right Aram?

    I’m interested to see who will be #2 in Fred’s rankings. Bonita has a case but West Covina is playing great ball. Either way, next week’s Bonita-West Covina game will be a good one.

    Go AMAT!!!

  • an even greater perspective…

    Crespi defeated Vista Murrieta by 2 TDs. Crespi QB Kenneth Stenhouse completed 27 of 34 for 484 passing yards!

    Vista Murrieta has beat Etiwanda, Santiago, Los Osos, and Chaparral.

  • Witness

    @ Amat tested! Maybe Jalen got caught from behind because he was a little tired from rushing for “270” yards! Give the kid some props!
    Keep doing what your doing Jalen!

  • Husky fan

    referees? Where do we find these losers? Doesnt anyone care that these boys are out there putting it all on the line and you get blind ignorant referees makeing poor calls and getting butt hurt because a coach yells at them , so they take things into their own hands and make $hiat calls that are just plain and obvious!!!!!!!! Where is the CIF in this dont they know there is a such thing as game film??? Oh yeah , (Wolfpack) after your paid Victory lastnight it still didnt move you up in YOUR STILL IN 5TH BEHIND CHINO HILLS!!! Thats because the referees didnt print the paper this morning!! Where was the air show , did i miss it?? I just saw a QB running throwing OB or at the ground…hahah… you can have this cheap win CHARTER OAK is going to have you at their Home and we will see who gets burnt by referees!! keep celebrating you will lose next friday!


    Damien support,
    Geez you only beat SH who have absolutely nothing and they still hung 21 on your sorry azzez. Amat is insignificant to you huh. Well you better know we are significant in that fact that you can never become even close to what the Lancers put on the field. Did you think you would be on the front page by beating SH . Get real . You still must face CO ,CH , and now Claremont as they proved they are worthy aside from the crying by the CH followers as to bad officiating. You need to put the win in perspective and realize your toughest games lie ahead .I guess your timing was in a holding pattern when Amat and Serra put the wood on you. Now for SH the timing was right. Let’s see if that motor stays in time or if you start fouling plugs in the weeks to come . One thing about that timing , it seems it’s on when you play pushovers and fouls out when you have competition in front of you. But that’s Damien football .

  • Deleting Wilson comments

    Just heard from Lar Wilson people – they are deleting comments criticizing Wilson and coaching staff – why cant we criticize having no passing yards in the first half Fred?? – so just wait till the parents only meeting on monday


    Amat tested,
    Did you ever bother to read the thread on Moore and Hags comments. He is not a speed back but more of a power back who when he gets in the open field is likely to be run down by a safety, especially with the speed the DB’s from Crespi and other teams in Amat’s league but not by a linebacker because he does leave them in his dust . If you really saw the game he busted through the line and it took the safeties 25-35 yards to catch him after peeling of 50 or more yards. Also he stays in and finishes what he started on the runs. Everytime you try and come up with some angle where you think you see fault in Amat and come up empty . Just change your name because you truely know nothing about Amat and what it means for Amat to be tested. The real test was the defense against the Crespi air attack which was the joy of the blog’s Amat haters club and what they were hanging there battle cry on all last week . Well look at the stats on Crespi’s passing and that test was handled with flying colors. On to Loyola and another tough game so let’s see what you come up with for that game .

  • Real Housewives of Puente Hills Mall

    Please, please, please, please give us a one of the jaa coaches to save wilson football. Weeve been waiting and waiting. Firtst you sent us Hoyd and now this guy and neither one of them knows which boy to play or which plays to run. Get it right next time.

  • Joe Amat

    Amat tested,


    That’s what we’ve come to when it comes to Amat week after week. Kid has TWO-HUNDRED AND SEVENTY YARDS!!! And you’re complaining about getting caught from behind?!?!?

    Tell you what, I’d rather have a guy that gets caught from behind than one who never gets ahead enough to get caught from behind!

  • real cat parent

    we lost a tough one last night,our kids gave it a try but it was just to late. parents why are we so negative towards everything?if you have a problem and are unhappy then wny not go talk to those coaches? or in this case you seem so upset take your kid else where. im a loyal alum and true supporter and will remain so forever.

    go wilson

  • Outside looking in

    Bonita peeps,
    Come down off your high horse, YOU PLAYED LOS ALTOS !!

  • shriemster

    #2 From LA practiced all week at DB just to hear that Jim Arellanes was afraid to play against him called foul move athletically motivated what a sisssssy.

  • South Hills Defense

    What happened to the supposedly great Defensive Coordinator at South Hills that the Guru was pumping up last year?

    I think his name was Rias.

    Did he leave the school or was it just another situation of the Guru again pumping up people that really aren’t all that?

    How can they be getting smashed bad every week?

  • Loss Altos

    Who ever does the play calling at LA needs to be put to sleep NOW. I think its the head coach.

  • Dear Real Cat Parent:

    Why do you say?????? play calling and selection is just super ridiculous at times – we were behind at halftime last night by 17 points – and we had not a single yard passing – our only touchdown was because of a NV bad pass that was an interception

    – in the 3rd QTR (finally) Nelson got 3 passes for about 90-100 yards and that cool TD – why wait until you are 17 points behind, we got to the 1 yard line in the 4th when the clock ran out and lost 34-27 – BUT WHY DID IT HAVE TO COME DOWN TO THAT

    // we as parents have said it all year – if you want to be a running team we will lose most of our games – you are right the players played hard – and they are as tired as we are with these coaches and their sytem



    Game is not up yet…I wish they would hurry!

  • Molaa

    Sick of Amat, If you are sick of Amat, how would you feel, if your team had to play them? I suspect somone would have to call 911. Want more coverage! Join the Pac -5 Division!

  • Real QB

    Now that’s what a realQB looks like. Despite of all the pressure our defence put him under kenny Stenhouse was able to put some good stats up. Almost single handedly, he almost pulled it off. Thank God for. J Moore’s efforts, we almost lost this one. BTW Tyler P beat Kenny in all but one competitions at the UCLA 10 week combine they both attended. And Fred u must be getting greased pretty good to take Jalen Moore’s night and put the God sent on the front page instead of the MVP last night, Jalen Moore. Rio had a good game, but how can u compare that to Jalen’s. BTW he didn’t have any fumbles on the 1 yd line either. Instead he was pretty near to perfect. WOW!!! Great game. Go BlueM

  • Amat tested

    I don’t mean any disrespect for Jalen Moore. He pounds it play after play. He was caught from behind three times and one was on the third play from scrimmage to start the game. You don’t have to have break-away speed to make it to the next level but some big-time stamina would surely help. They’re gonna lean on him a lot. He stepped up big time. But better work on that stamina because he can expect 30 carries per game from now on. If Shay has a high ankle sprain it could mean a few weeks out. That star from Venice had a high ankle sprain and he was out after one big hit. They need time to heal.

  • Dbarlover

    Hey Roddy, there was a real rivalry game last night at Diamond Bar. Walnut kicked our butts and won the Branding Iron Trophy for the second year in a row. Typical DBar game. We drive 90 yards on a great mix of passes and runs to take a 7-0 lead. Walnut responds immediately and ties the game. Then the crushers….DBar punt gets a great roll and it looks like Walnut will start on it’s own 21, but while the DBar put team stands around and looks at the ball, number 17 for Walnut circles around and runs by at full speed, picks up the ball and goes 70+ for a touchdown. Unbelievable! Then just before half Walnut tries a 35 field goal that looks horrible from the start. it never gets more than 14 feet off the ground, hits the crossbar and flops over…Its good and the game is over…no wait it’s halftime. Not if you’ve been to DBar games. If you have you know that at half time DBar coaches take a nice nap while the opponents coaches are making adjustments. The second half was completely dominated by Walnut. They decided take away the run and that was that. DBar has scored 72 points in the second half of seven games this year, an average of 10.28 per game. Take away two defensive fourth quarter touchdowns against Wilson and the 20 garbage points against Bonita’s second and third string (DBar still had starters in with 58 seconds to go) and we’re really averaging 3.5 points the second half of games. This is Martin’s fourth year. DBar has not improved. There is no pogram, no systematic progression. The spread offense he introduced four years ago was neato! But it hasn’t changed since. Watching Walnut run multiple formations and different plays from their spread was kind of nice. Our defense is even more predictable than our offense. On pass plays instead of the linebackers dropping ten-fifteen yards deep they keep dropping…Underneath receivers are so open that teams with fourth and 15 can dump a pass off to a back five yards downfield to get first downs. Walnut ran the quarterback draw or he scrambled all night for key big yardage games. Did we assign a spy to him, yes, later we assigned a slow linebacker that couldn’t run with him…People are getting fed up. Come to the first half of our games and then leave. No reason to stay, nothing we do will change.

  • heights in horror

    Dear cats your coach learned from LA head coach
    winning is not everything we would like discipline.We also believe playing favorites will make sure we lose. We are from Pico and we bring that style to this community. Mayor of the heights can you fire all of varsity coaches especially Jim Arellanes. We grew up in this city and with this it is embarrassing to say where we grew up. THIS IS HORRIBLE We moved the hell out.

  • Jalen Moore Averaged 8.22 Yard Per Carry

    Amat tested,

    Do us all a few favors:

    #1 Change your name

    #2 Grab all your doubter and hater buddies

    #3 Get lost


  • NotSince1995

    Sitting here at the TacoNazo enjoying my favorite LaPuente Indigenous meal…!

    BishopNation STFU and enjoy your “CUP…CAKE” record! Soon Enough the PAC 5 play offs will start…then what…?

    We have all been to this Rodeo before…! More Onions and Cilantro please…!


    Not Since 1995 have the Keeblers had a winning team…!

    Every other Keebler team after 1995 is NOT a CIF Champion…! Including your current Keeblers…!

    No Ring…No Championship…No Banner…!

    Not in 2010 Either…!

    Your Conscience

  • Jastrab

    I would like to just comment on that Crespi kid Michael Davison. Listed at 5’4″ in their program. I had to walk up to him to see just how tall he is and he has to be 4’11” to 5’1″ and should be an inspiration that even at the elite level size just does not matter. I don’t know if that kid was at some programs anyone would even play him.

    Any kid that thinks that they are too small should take a page from that kid because he can play. I saw a few Lancers fans after the game walking up to him just to tell him how good he really is.

    Huge win Amat!


  • bishop hata #1

    I dont care much for bishop amat… But last night that kid #4 ajee montez was bumping their number 1 receiver lucien all into the sidelines.. Lucien looked frustrated and was complaining to the refs like a baby.. #4 is the real deal.. I seen in the blog he came from south hills how can they let a kid like that go… DUMMIES!!

  • Ro

    @Amat tested,who cares if you get dragged down by behind .moore will still get yards and wear down the opponents.he played most of the game without shay and look what he did. you always have to come up with something to say bad about the lancers every week. the fact is they are a best team in the valley and top 5 in the pac 5. maybe they cant beat servite which I think is the best team but sure have a chance if they have a perfect game.

  • Amat tested

    An Amat hater I am not. I respect their representation for the SGV and they represent very well. I’m just calling it like the rest of you armchair quarterbacks. 270 yards is monster but add 5 TDs to that stat and you have what I’m talking about.

  • Amat tested

    I’m looking forward to the rest of the games in the Serra. This Amat victory will go a long way. I haven’t heard much about Neuheisel from Loyola lately and Rio Ruiz has shown great poise at QB. Those roll-out passes are hard to stop and overloading the roll-out side with receivers has always left someone open and Rio is seeing this. I have to admit I didn’t think the DB’s could handle Stenhouse, but they managed alright. I hope they go on undefeated. Hope they don’t lose any O-line to injuries, that could be devastating.

  • Your hater conscience

    Fear of Amat is at the root of hate for Amat, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater.
    Amat fears no one, Amat hates no one!

  • kh

    friday niter.
    your a larry.
    win or lose.
    you will never have any power
    over the mighty kh.we will smoke w/c just like anybody else who walks on the opposite side of the field….
    i have # 6 and #31 here with me,and i just feed them steak and gun powder,
    they cant wait for w/c. both starting middle lb and olb.
    dude by running your mouth,my two lbs here are really starting to get pissed off at w/c.
    we only give up 69 yards rushing a game.your poor little guys will be so bang up,they wont be able to trick or treat come sunday at holloween.
    how about when we win league,ill let you come over and shine my temple city rams 1977-78 cif football championship metel,ok deal.
    all you haters hate a winner,that includes fred fred fred,
    bonita boys, back me up play for play….
    great job boys,and coaches..

  • Ro

    @notsince1995 ,you got to be kidding,Bishop Amat is rated where they are supposed to be.number one in the valley and 6 in the pac 5. those top teams ahead of bishop deserve to be ranked higher because they are better than Amat,Servite will win state this year,but that doesnt mean bishop could not have a chance in a cif title. any of the top 20 teams in Pac 5 have a shot.

  • Amat Dude

    I predicted this game to go down to the wire with Amat prevailing by 3pts!

    Jalen Moore is a beast. His Dad Craig Moore was also a beast in his playing days at Bassett High School, where he earned All CIF honors. Wow what a game. We lost Zach Shay in the first 5 minutes of the game and Moore carried the whole entire team. The kid may not have the break away speed but he sure has alot of heart and soul with each carry he gives it a 120% effort.

    I just can’t imagine how the game and perhaps the score would have been so different if Shay did not get hurt. I would have been real scary for Crespi if we had both speedsters in the backfield. It was not meant to be and Jalen stepped up BIG TIME!!

    Also great contributions to that Big Offensive Line lead by big Christian Orduno. Those guys did a helluva job opening up the holes. Also honorable mention to Ruiz who kept a cool head during the entire game as well as key catches by Sanchez, Wallace Gonzalez, Sal Velasquez and Brock Booth.

    Give it up to our Defense, the secondary did a magnificent job keeping Stenhouse under 250 yards. Ajee Montes #4 you are a stud for containing #15 Lucien for most of the night.

    Game MVP to Jalen and the entire Offensive Line.

    Go Lancers Beat Loyola!

  • Walnut Insider

    Look it was a pretty good game until that punt return. Can you imagine though what happens if #17 muffs that and DB got the ball right there? It was a gutsy call like O’Shields said and could have easily swung the other way.

    Dbar is rebuilding just like Walnut has, that’s what makes this rivalry so great both teams are very similar now. It’s not like when DB was a powerhouse anymore.

    As far as the crowds go, this game is awesome to experience. It seemed a little more subdued this year though. Some kids started a “DB sucks” chant and it was quickly shutdown by some teachers in the stands. Throw in some streakers at half time and it was a fun night.

    Some quick numbers for everyone to swallow first; Walnut is averaging almost 28 pts a game, almost 34 ppg in the last 4 games. The shocking part of this is that pretty much every week, special teams is giving the Mustangs 7 points. Teams are going to have to respect Walnut’s special teams more than they have. Defensively, it was the first time since Week 1 that Walnut allowed less than 2 touchdowns. Even with holding DB to only 7, the defense is giving up an average of 29 points a game. They did a great job of bending, but not breaking this week against DB.

    Walnut has to win one of the next two games to get into the playoffs. It will be an exciting two weeks for the Mustangs.


    PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE MONKEY. As you can read the monkey is eating his chose diet. Please refrain from feeding the monkey. It is very hard for his trainers to keep him quiet if he is fed by an outside source. Just let him rattle off his same old jibberish and walk on by . He is now being fed a new item to complement his diet . As of last night the trainers have started to feed the monkey a healthy helping of CROW. Whether the monkey likes it or not he has no choice because he will see it every week from now on . SO PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE MONKEY . The trainers have him in control now .

  • Amat egos out of control

    Now we have to deal with out of control Amat egos this week. Go Loyola

  • Witness

    ESPN LA highlights of Amat Crespi

  • Comparisons

    Hey, idiot – post ONE outta control ego post. I read more outta control posts from people gettin excited over wins over those powerhouses from Los Altos and South Hills

  • just lookin’

    I was tryin to find the ESPN videos of the big Bonita and Damien wins. Can anybody send me links?

  • First example

    First example.

    SEE YA CRESPI! said:









  • Really now?

    How dare you CH fans try to take away from the play of claremont last night by blaming the refs. Your team got not only outplayed but more importantly out classed in the second half last night. You guys are completely blowing all the calls out of proportion.

  • Amat on ESPN!

    LA South & LA North: No. 6 Bishop Amat 31, No. 9 Crespi 28
    By Blair Angulo
    ESPN Los Angeles Sports

    LA PUENTE — When things seemed bleak, all Bishop Amat needed was more of Jalen Moore. And them some more.

    The tailback was a workhorse Friday night, carrying the ball 32 times for 270 yards and two scores in No. 6 Bishop Amat’s 31-28 win against No. 9 Encino Crespi. Moore scored both of his touchdowns in the fourth quarter, helping the Lancers (7-0) erase a 21-17 deficit.

    Zachary Shay, Amat’s other top playmaker, suffered an ankle injury on the fifth play from scrimmage and did not return. That left Moore as the only backfield threat, but Crespi’s defense still wasn’t able to slow him down.

    Legs grew weary. Arm tackles just wouldn’t do.

    “Jalen was running with some good tilt,” Bishop Amat coach Steve Hagerty said.

    The Lancers, who jumped out to a 17-0 lead in the first half, needed as much tilt as they could manage after the Celts scored 21 unanswered points to assume a fourth-quarter lead.

    “I was glad we had adversity,” Hagerty added. “We faced it, we dealt with it. They found a way to pull it out and finish.”

    Quarterback Kenny Stenhouse, who had broken Crespi passing records on consecutive weekends, threw for 242 yards and two touchdowns on 21 for 34 passing. His goal-line sneak midway through the third quarter put Crespi (5-2) ahead, quieting the large home crowd.

    “They are a high-profile offense,” Hagerty said. “We had trouble.”

    If that wasn’t enough, Bishop Amat charged down the field on its next possession, but Crespi’s defensive front turned Rio Ruiz away at the goal line.

    From there, it was time for Moore.

    Crespi had averaged 41 points per game heading into Friday, but saw its five-game winning streak snapped because there was no answer for Moore. The 5-foot-10 junior rushed for 180 yards in the second half and had exhausting runs of 51, 38 and 33 on the night.

    “I don’t think we did that great in the first half,” Moore said. “But in the second half we had to come out and fight.”

    Stenhouse had thrown his punches, so it was Moore’s turn to take a few swings. He capped an eight-play, 38-yard drive with a four-yard score early in the fourth to put Amat on top for good. He scored from three yards out on the next possession to make it a two-possession game.

    Stenhouse responded with a 66-yard drive to cut the deficit to three, but Moore sealed it two plays later, breaking loose for a 27-yard gain.

    “The guys up front did a good job and we tried to stay within what we can do,” Hagerty said. “We got lucky and finished with a few more points.”

  • the truth

    Dbarlover and all,

    To call out the coach is just not cool. Dbar does not want to have a rivalry with Ranch ok, get it , you want one with a team you might beat. Get it. But you can not escape the fact that Ranch won the battle of the Diamonds. The newspapers will keep covering this as if it is a rivalry . So there.

    Just you coming on this blog and saying not a rivalry will not help you in the wars for the kids. Most of the top 8th graders are coming to the Ranch where the colleges are lining up to talk to the kids. Who do you think gets the colleges there , yep our coach. Thats probably the biggest fear of the schools in the area is that if the Ranch starts getting more depth that can compete for positions, well watch out. So go ahead and think what you want in wonderland cause for football its goodnight. The kids all know each other and THEY know its a rivalry especially when they see each other.

    Thanks for the play by play on the game though. The punt return was huge but really that was coach speak for it would have been a little closer thats all. Walnut is better and Dbar is well coachless. When they can not get kids out for football, and one of their best D1 athletes gets snubbed for a position because of politics well, how in the heck can they win…………. They first have to care about winning, truly. And I do not think “admin” really do. I think they only care about the entertainment aspect of the game. Lets face it they no longer have the blue collar work hard attitude and have lost the sizzle factor with the kids in the school.
    It is really a shame because of the whole package D Bar can present for the high school experience. One of the best in the area, but not in football any longer.

    I think the rivalry for DBAr- Walnut really is the bands anyway not the game. Both schools have awesome bands. Oh and the crowd was about the same as the Dranch game too. Truth out.


    out of control,
    Amat is totally in control and know we have another battle this Friday facing Loyola. All these so called egos you and only haters speak of are nowhere to be found . What will be out of control will be the haters like yourself trying to find reasons for Amat to lose this week . Amat’s staff knows Crespi is behind them and now Loyola is in front. They beat ND and now have Amat in their sights .Hags and staff will come up with the game plan needed for a victory you can rest assure. And it will be up to THE MEN IN BLUE to put that plan on the field Friday night as they did against Crespi. And so what if a few of the Faithful go a little overboard it is much the same as kh and Aaron do with Bonita. Maybe you are a SH fan or a CH fan because you do fail to mention who you back , then I can see the reason for your post as your team started on the wrong foot last night. So did you by putting your foot in your mouth with your post.

  • Amat Dude

    Correction: Notre Dame beat Loyola. So Loyola is hungry for a win. Another tough game on the road at LA Valley College this Friday.

    Go Lancers!

  • Hacienda stats


    Bonita League Record (2-0)
    Pre-league wins: San Dimas, Claremont, Santa Fe & Baldwin Park
    losses: none
    Week 6 records & results of pre-league opponents:
    San Dimas (4-3) 28 – Pomona (3-4) 14
    Claremont (5-1) 31 – Chino Hills (4-2) 30
    Santa Fe (3-3) 37 – California (0-6) 2
    Baldwin Park (2-4) bye

    West Covina (2-0)
    Pre-league wins: Venice, South Hills & Glendora
    losses: Covina
    Week 6 records & results of pre-league opponents:
    Covina (6-1) 41 – Nogales (1-5) 21
    Venice (2-4) 30 – Palisades (2-4) 13
    South Hills (1-5) 21 – Damien (4-2) 35
    Glendora (4-2) 27 – Etiwanda (3-3) 33

    Diamond Ranch (2-0)
    Pre-league wins: Chaffey
    losses: Santa Margarita, Damien & Elsinore
    Week 6 records & results of pre-league opponents:
    Santa Margarita (5-1) 27 – Orange Lutheran (3-3) 15
    Damien (4-2) 35 – South Hills (1-5) 21
    Elsinore (5-1) 31 – Lakeside (0-6) 14
    Chaffey (1-6) 0 – Colony (5-2) 21

    Rowland (1-1)
    Pre-league wins: Baldwin Park, California & Rosemead
    losses: Claremont
    Week 6 records & results of pre-league opponents:
    Baldwin Park (2-4) bye
    California (0-6) 2 – Santa Fe (3-3) 37
    Rosemead (4-2) 42 – Gabrielino (3-3) 6
    Claremont (5-1) 31 – Chino Hills (4-2) 30

    Walnut (1-2)
    Pre-league wins by: Troy & Covina.
    losses: Claremont
    Week 6 records & results of pre-league opponents:
    Troy (1-5) 21 – Sonora (6-0) 42
    Claremont (5-1) 31 – Chino Hills (4-2) 30
    Covina (6-1) 41 – Nogales (1-5) 21

    Los Altos (0-2)
    Pre-league wins: none
    losses: El Rancho, Bellflower, Wilson & Ayala
    Week 6 records & results of pre-league opponents:
    El Rancho (4-2) 7 La Serna (5-1) 24
    Bellflower (5-2) 66 – Artesia (0-6) 7
    Wilson (3-3) 27 – Northview (2-4) 34
    Ayala (4-2) 7 Charter Oak (4-2) 54

    Diamond Bar (0-3)
    Pre-league wins: Nogales, Wilson, Don Lugo & Brea Olinda
    losses: none
    Week 6 records & results of pre-league opponents:
    Nogales (1-5) 21 – Covina (6-1) 41
    Wilson (3-3) 27 – Northview (2-4) 34
    Don Lugo (1-6) 14 – Ontario (4-2) 31
    Brea Olinda (1-5) bye

  • kh

    amat fans.
    went over to see the power house amat baseball team today at bonita ,,you guys send your little small team,i hope it was the bee squad,we crushed you guys 10 to 4 in the 4th inn,i left,i knew we were playing amat because there was 5 parents slamming beers in the parking lot.did you come to drink or watch your son team get smoked by the bearcats.

  • AHSFBfan

    Congrats to Charter Oak.
    They completely dismantled our Bulldogs last night in every facet of the game. That was the best game anyone has played against us in all the years I can remember watching Ayala play. Charter Oak coached definitely put together a great game plan. If C.O. keeps playing like last night they may be Sierra champs this year. They have a good size line and awesome receiver corps. I would pick C.O. over Claremont or Chino Hills
    As for Ayala, they played very flat and lifeless. From what I have heard they had a very emotional week after it was learned that the head coaches mother passed away. No excuses for the loss, just a contributing factor maybe. Time for them to pick it up and show what they are really capable of next week or their season will end in four weeks. What a tough league.

  • HK

    Love that big hit by Sophomore Alcantara on D1 standout Lucien, knocked the shiat out of him.

  • wildcat alumni 06′

    i like reading these blogs every week cuz parents are always talking like they know what there talking about, i played ball at wilson and things never change..parents always complaining cuz there kids arent the star…that schreiman guy i know is behind all this, how do i know becuz i sat 2 rows from him n all he does is critisize the coaching and the players…coaches morales is a great QB he had a great game and for ur offense to have about 400 yards on the ground and give up 27 points, no one to blame but the defense for not showing up…schreiman needs take his boy to keppel if he wants to be QB…all u hear from that guy is critism along with other parents…GO CATS!!!

  • Witness
  • Hey wildcat alum (LA guy)

    Mr. S is fairly quiet and if you were 2 rows from him you were over the fence – there are a lot of complaints and here is why:

    Halftime score NV 27 Wilson 10
    1st half passing attempts 1
    1st half passing yards 0 the whole half zero passing yards

    Wilsons only TD in the first half was because of a NV interception which led to a 22 yard drive
    we started to throw in the 3rd QTR score NV 27 Wilson 24

    and the last play of the game was a pass to the 1 yard line as time ran out Final 34-27

    as we have said all year we will lose most of the games if Z and OC want to be a running team

    the facts are very clear
    Passing stats (all second half) Nelson 3 rec 85 yards 1 TD Czarnick 1 rec (LAST PLAY OF THE GAME!!!!!) for 11 yards

    Nelson, Czarnick, Soto, Hawk combined 4 completions FOUR the strength of our team receivers and FOUR receptions

    Moe had most of his 214 yards in the 2nd half because the defense started to get burned by the pass – and your 400 yards is way off

    and you wonder why we are so upset –

    coaches were even yelling on that last play :spike the ball spike the ball” – it was 4th down

  • JFR

    Thank you Amat,

    I was walking off the field after our win last night when someone came up to me to let me know that amat was down 21-17 and predicted an upset. I bet a twenty on the spot that BA would win 24-21, missed the score but collected the cash this morning, thanks again. I guess the GURU is a jinx and only backs loser’s, it’s like waking up and looking in the mirror for him every morning.

    Thanks again Lancers.

  • OldMan in Chino

    I have no problem giving credit where credit is due, however the frequency of calls that benefitted Claremont last night has to be factored into the final score. The men in stripes took the focus off of the players and onto themselves. Once again taking nothing away from Claremont; however the calls made by the stripes gave Claremont the advantage they needed to win by one point. If the stripes would have called a fair game; the end result might have been different, but we will never know that. If Claremont honestly looks at the game last night they know that the stripes had a big hand in securing them their win

  • SGV for 30 Years

    Truth I went to the Walnut-No-DBar game last night. I don’t know what kind of crowd DR had against No-DBAR but the Walnut side was standing room only with people still rolling in.

    If you all remember, I did sat that DBar was way overrated. They are getting exposed in the Hacienda League so far. They have at least a couple more brutal games to play. Walnut came out looking kind of nervous. They had 3 major penalities early on. No-DBar went right down the field and scored. Then they couldn’t even see the endzone for the rest of the game. I think DB was pretty much done after that punt return and fieldgoal that hit the crossbar.

    Here is the reality DBARlover, it’s not a coaching thing. It’s a talent thing. Walnut was just bigger faster and stronger. DBar’s dynasty days are long gone never to return. You are just going to have to live with that fact. I don’t mean it as a put down, It’s an epidemic all around the valley LA use to stand for excellence now it stands for Lost Again. Wilson Couldn’t hang in the Hacienda League. South Hills is getting spanked in the Sierra League. All these things are taking place because the young families are moving to the IE. Take a look at some of those teams.

    SGV430 Ouuuut!!!

  • JFR

    Old man in Chino,

    After watching the film today I somewhat agree, the refs made it about themselves last night. I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen so many flags in the secondary, it was horrible. I give Claremont credit though, they battled back in the 2nd half and CH didn’t expect it in my opinion. CH battled back but were caught off guard. The Wolfpack looked like a totally different team from when they got worked by Bonita, night and day.

  • Amat cant win in the playoffs

    Find one.
    Wait till Amat gets to the playoffs and gets bounced. He who laughs last laughs best.


    The entire game is now available for view at

    The game is located in the “On Demand” section. Just scroll to the right until you see it!


  • Amat on Maxpreps!

    Maxpreps article with pictures on BA vs. Crespi! Awesome NATIONAL Coverage! This is why you go to BA!

  • OMG!



  • foozball

    I’m not sure if anyone has posted this but Bishop Amat is on front webpage. Good win last night fellas.

  • footballer

    wow DB needs to make BIG changes NOW!!! Do they even have coaches on the playing field or in the booth? Someone said DB is well coachless. I don’t even think thats a word but it should be. Coaching is horrible. A few weeks back someone mentioned demographics, championships and dusty trophies. Thats what DB will have for a long time unless changes are made. I heard it through the grapevine that the DB band was beat as well. What a joke DB has become. Sitting in my car waiting for the game of the weekend. Roland vs DR.

  • NotSince1995


    STFU and enjoy your “CUP…CAKE” record!

    Congratulations, Garfield won another game they are now 3 – 4!

    The only problem is that MUIR and VENICE are now 2 – 4…! CATHEDRAL got smoked by St. Francis and DAMIEN’s big win is against a 1 – 5 South Hills…!


    SERRA League is Over Rated too…SHND beat Loyla…? Are you kidding me…? 2 – 5 NOTRE DAME…? SERRA is WEAK…!

    No Ring…No Championship…No Banner…!

    Not in 2010 Either…!

    Your Conscience


    NotSince1995 (SGVsWorst)

    BA is on the front page of

    I know you are not a fan of Bishop Amat but this is history in the making, buddy.

    How bout we call a truce tonight and celebrate all of San Gabriel Valley football?

    Cheers to you and best of luck to whatever school holds your heart!

  • NotSince1995

    Aram is absolutely correct…!

    BishopNation has yet to meet worthy competition…!

    Opponent record is a lousy 21 – 17 (including CRESPI)…!

    They’ll beat a lowly LOYOLA and Notre Dame…Then we’ll get the usual OVER RATED AND OVER HYPED result…Another 1st round loss…!

    Nothing’s changed…Same RaiderNation…Same Result…!

    Not in 2010 Either…!


    NotSince1995 (SGVsWorst)

    BA is on the front page of

    I know you are not a fan of Bishop Amat but this is history in the making, buddy.

    How bout we call a truce tonight and celebrate all of San Gabriel Valley football?

    Cheers to you and best of luck to whatever school holds your heart!

  • What..Me Worry?

    COChargerfan was right!

    Bishop Amat > Dominguez > Crespi


    Funny how the door mat of the Baseline Leaue- Claremont might be the best in the Sierra. I feel sorry for Glendora as it looks like they might be going from league champs to 5th place in the Baseline…..had they stayed in the Sierra they would be playing for a league championship.

  • Football

    Hey Fred and Aram
    can u guys please get off BA’s D#*@
    and actually report about the whole SGV and not just Bishop Amat

  • calm down


    BA is on the front page of Do you have any idea of what that means to SGV football? It’s huge.

  • Panther Fan

    DR handles Rowland easily, Final Score DR 35 Rowland 14. Rowland tied score at 14-14 with 1:50 left in 1st half. DR missed field goal attempt with 4.5 seconds left in 1st half after being stopped at 2 yrd line on third down. DR scores 21 un-answered points in 2nd half.

  • Ro can you say Amat is overrated.they are not ranked in the top 5 in the Pac 5,they are ranked number 1 in the valley and deserve it by far. yes they have lost in the playoffs but in the second round not 1st by teams that where ranked higher than them like lakewood and LB Poly. yes they will maybe lose in the playoffs again but to a higher ranked team,so that does not make them overrated. yes if they lose against loyola and ND you can say they are overated.

  • DR Fan

    DR proved you wrong again this week. You picked rowland by 14? Final 35-14 DR. Could have easily been 49-14 with a kick return called back and another silly fumble on the rowland 2. DR looked much sharper this week. Defense was solid and Price had another big game. We are getting better each week and DR fans are getting excited again.Looking forward to W. Covina and Bonita.

  • just sayin’

    Nonsense95 – the best thing about Amat opponents 21-17 record – – – it would be 21 – 10 without Amat’s 7-0!

    I see you now take a different tact and predict Amat victories vs Loyola and ND. Keep trying – you know what they say -if you keep throwing SGVsWorst against the wall – somethings bound to stick.

  • 2 days in a row on front page

    Football –
    Hey MaxPreps
    can u guys please get off BA’s D#*@
    and actually report about the whole nation and not just Bishop Amat

  • Dan

    Diamond Ranch looked good against Rowland, the game was close for three quarters, Rowland played tough and for the most part contained Chase Price [I hope his injury is not serious] but then you could see Rowland start to wear down and Price got in a few good runs. Number 3 and 15 for Diamond Ranch came in and gave DR a differnt look and made some nice runs, score could have been worse. After seen Diamond Ranch tonight and Bonita play Santa Fe a few weeks back, I think DR has a little more, although Bonita may have had an off night when I saw them against Santa Fe. GP wasn’t playing in that game so they may get better as GP gets more time in. Both teams will be competitive against West Covina, The Hacienda will be high drama in these next few weeks.

  • the truth

    best QB in the valley,

    easy travis santiago. And maybe the best athlete in the valley too.

    If the trib would get off the amat bandwagon a little they might see how good this young man is.

  • COChargerfan

    Some of the posts, including on the volleyball threads (sorry, not a volleyball fan so this morning was the first time I read them) and also some comments on this very thread were from an imposter and not the real COChargerfan. I’d like to see the Trib make people register as a condition of posting so this kind of stuff wouldn’t happen.

    I was unable to see the Ayala game but congrats to the Chargers for a job well done. Especially impressed by very good back-to-back games by the defenselooks like the naysayers prediction that CO is dead is a little premature.

    And big ups to Amat for a great win over Crespi and for representing the SGV at the National level.

    I’m shocked that Claremont beat Chino Hills. Perhaps Aram was right about them. We’ll see next week.

    And kh, I enjoy your enthusiasm but beating Los Altos (or even Claremont) doesn’t make Bonita the best team in the valley…you’ve got a long road to travel before you even have an argument that you’re the second best which, BTW, is the highest rank possible for your FOOTBALL teamthis isnt baseball. Well see how good Bonita really is after youve played those last three games against WC, Rowland and DR (looks like Roddy has some more magic up his sleeve).


    Please obey the rules. DO NOT FEED THE MONKEY. As you can see the monkey has no sense of reality nor which way to see his favorite team anymore. He is now calling for victories by his nemisis. As I told you in an earlier post his trainers are now getting him under control. It is very important to refrain from feeding the monkey with anything other than his new diet of CROW. It is fine to view him picking his fleas and doing his regular monkey shines , but you must follow the zoo’s main rule DO NOT FEED THE MONKEY. By feeding him he gets the idea that he is important to the zoo which he is not . We are now starting to train him not only to eat CROW but also to sweep up all the excrement of all the other animals cages and develope a taste for it . Soon you will see the monkry start to eat shiat by the shovel full as the trainers continue to do their work on Friday nights.

  • COChargerfan

    Hey zookeeper, after you get the monkey crap off your pant legs, it is spelled NEMESIS.

    And kh, so Amat sent over their JV team…wow, sure looks like they’re ducking Bonita in baseball…so Amat guys, what happened to the challenge of always playing the best of best? Los Altos instead of the team that will be the pre-season CIF favorite…you’ve got to be kidding?

  • Far, Far Superior according to

    COChargerfan is so predictable and he never dissapoints.

    Once again, he congrats and then he slams. You know what his real problem is? It’s FOOTBALL. He does not care about anything else but football. He doesn’t give a crap about Bonita! lol!

    The TRUTH is that it BURNS his ass to know that Bishop Amat is doing so well. Sure, he’ll give a quick congrats but then later, he trys to sneak in some sort of slam on Amat, the Serra, and he even tried to downgrade the Pac-5 last season. (LOL!) And then, people like me catch it and call him on it and his response is always one of confusion and “amat fans are paranoid” and “i’m with you guys.” lmao!

    COChargerfan, sir…

    The front page of MAXPREPS.COM will show you and a million others all around America just how special it is to play at Keifer Stadium for the home team. Make sure you take a screenshot because it could be years (or never) until we see another San Gabriel Valley football team on the frontpage of Maxpreps. This is as big as it gets in the world of prep football.

    And please, save us your BS excuses which always follow when you are caught being the bitter betty suffering from BA envy.

  • jcaz


    Your kinda starting to sound a little bitter there, or at the very least, a little more like “Steel Curtain Rods”…..

    maybe ya might want to chill out just a bit on the baseball thing, because, IT ISN’T EVEN BASEBALL SEASON YET !!

    Amat will bring out their “A” game when the time comes, but that time is not yet here….and this is coming from a guy who could give a rats azz about baseball ok.

    BTW Fred, where’s my Sunday tribbin thread at this morning anyway ?

    I have a new joke written up just for “nonsense.”

    Ha ha ha

  • kh

    being stats is how nlf gets there point spread.
    went on max prep compared.
    amat points scored 246 AMAT
    bonita 215
    amat points allowed 90 BONITA
    bonita 82
    please i seen some of the teams you guys have played i ? there streghts.
    now saying that, bonita has back there 6-5 starting qb.
    bonita has scoced 92 points 2 games qb is back, he only played about three quarters my friends…
    the starting d has only given up 6 points in last 4 games.
    so saying we dont belong behind amat ,
    maybe you should take ten minutes and go thru league stats do some comparing,
    wait didnt we crush your serria league leading claremont ,second string d played almost whole 3nd and 4th quarter…..
    i know the nent four games will make or break season,
    but arent you as good as the games already been played???????
    ok just went on max prep,i want all you amat fans to read this.
    these are state stats.
    amat vs bonita heads up across the broad you tell me whos # 1 in area?
    lets start with offense.
    here are team stats.
    amat ranked # 150 bonita
    bonita # 59

    amat # 276 amat
    bonita # 385

    amat #149 bonita
    bonita # 59

    total off
    amat #157 bonita
    bonita #138 now let go to where championships our won.

    amat #276 bonita
    bonita #117

    amat #187 bonita
    bonita #122

    intro ceps
    amat #297 bonita
    BONITA #157


  • Colt74

    First off: OUTSTANDING choice of FRONT PAGE coverage goes out to Maxpreps! and second:

    Someone please help me out here….I keep reading posts by these people that keep talking about the “IE”. What the heck is the IE? All these post are talking about how THEY ( the IE ) play the best football. I’ve never heard this term outside of I.nternet E.xplorer so I did a Google search….the best that I could come up with was:

    1.Inbred Ewes
    2.Inexperienced Elves
    3.Incontinent Ethiopians
    4.Improbable Expectations

    Someone suggested that it stood for Inland Empire so I looked up the definition of Empire ;
    “The term empire derives from the Latin imperium (power, authority)”
    Since this term was used in the context of Football in the land of Cows I knew that this did not imply there. But it does open up an interesting possibility….
    Maybe we could change the name of the San Gabriel Valley to the San Gabriel Valley Empire.
    It definitely describes the football OUT HERE. We’d have to take a vote on it but right off the bat I would guess that the Bishop Amat Nation thinks it has a nice ring to it. Freudian slip…did I say ring?

  • KH the Idoiot strikes again!

    Wow you must really be hitting the sauce hard this morning. Bonita is not number 1.

    I am speechless. Maybe someone should just give you a Speak and Spell and a bike helmet.

    Everyone though is entitled to their freedom of speech. Even idiotic morons such as yourself.

    Jesus Christ whatever happened to natural selection? How the hell did you ever beat that out?

  • Witness

    @ Colt. Inland Empire

  • Colt74

    Just for fun….Massey head to head….

    BA 32 Crespi 30 ( Pretty damn close to outcome )

    BA 36 Bonita 16

    Submitted for your approval. Reality in all it’s glory. Like a stop sign placed in the middle of a lonely, isolated, and dusty road. A road traveled by village idiots. Village idiots populating the Twilight Zone…..

  • sgv

    To really now: are you actually serious or just blind? Stevie wonder saw the game film and agreed! Outclassed?? Your team is so one sided with its 20 rushing yards and your QB already has more ints then brett favre, you need to watch then game film then comment! Your a joke along with your jackoffs in stripes I bet they were at eddies having pizza with you after the one sided game……the best team got beat by the officials bottom line watch the film…..all their help and it was still a 1 point loss…you will lose this week!!!!! GUARENTEED!!!!!!

  • yawn

    Amat nation on maxpreps? yawn

  • KH strikes again!!!



    Bishop Amat is on the cover of and you are talking about Bonita.

    You crack me up! If Bishop played San Dimas, Claremont, Sante Fe, Baldwin Park, Diamond Bar, and Los Altos, their stats would be through the roof too. Bishop is D-1 and Bonita barely escaped Sante Fe!

    Keep up the jokes! I luv em!

  • DRanchhhh


    Id rather deal with Aaron when talking about BoHi. At least he has a sense of reality. I saw BoHi against LA Friday and they could not even RUN the ball dude. Most of LA’s DL are under 5’10. They had to resort to the pass to get the score up. GP three 3 INT’s that just werent caught by LA defenders as well as the LA QB. Look I dont like some of the “cocky” and “arrogant” Amat people,, but dude they are good. Number 1 in the valley, just maybe. They can recruit and the pick of the litter and SHOULD BE better than all of us. Its not a secret that most of the PAC-5 is made up of PRIVATEs who can do this. Trinity league, all PRIVATES who get the top 2-3 kids from local schools SHOULD always be the best. It’s taken AMAT a minute to get to where they are and well lets just hope they can get the RING and hopefully a bowl bid and rep SGV right.

  • COChargerfan

    Pay no attention to that that copycat poster COChargerfan, hes just trying to piss me off, but it wont work. Maybe we can call him COChargerfan #2 or just # 2.
    You cant say Im not much of a Volleyball fan, or dont have an opinion on the subject because as most of you have pointed out, I have an opinion on everything!
    As for the Amat JV Baseball team being sent to Bonita, Andy Nieto just insulted John Knott and the entire Bearcat Baseball program when he sent his scrubs to play the better than Los Altos squad on Sunday.
    Both Amat and Bonita have two Baseball/Football players that would have missed your Baseball game, and from what I have seen Bonitas mg, kc are better than rr, wg.
    In every Class act program, you want your best to play the best, thats how you get better and sorry Andy your just a Bush leaguer!
    kh, your right, the last time I looked it is Baseball season World Series just like Football season runs through the Super bowl.
    As for a Bonita Amat football game? Im starting to think Bonita would have the edge, you guys are for real! I see and feel the Bearcats have more Talent and Heart than the Amat Sports programs.
    Bonita, I just wish our teams were doing as well as yours this year!
    DRanchhhh, If you like Aaron, youd love Sugarballs!
    Go Bolts!

  • Colt74

    Arams new top 25 up…….

  • Calpreps

    CALPREPS Prediction BEFORE Crespi game:

    Bishop Amat 34, Bonita 21

    Once Calpreps updates, BA will probably go up by 5 points or so because Crespi beat Vista Murrieta who was #1 in Inland 2 weeks ago. Calpreps will probably read BA 40, Bonita 23.

    This is not bad at all for Bonita but I think a few of you are getting carried away. Bonita has never played a Pac-5 school or even a school like Dominguez. Be proud, Bearcats but don’t be silly.

  • kh

    amat you guys have given up lots of points in last two games,bonita starting d 6 points last 4 games.
    that was the only stat you guys have over us is yard rushing,,,
    now your season will come to play for league rights??? ok
    bonita will do the same…ok
    iam going to come on here and say covia will whem cif this year, with bonita,and trurly from the heart,amat.
    iam not amat hater,but in life sometimes we get alittle tired of the same thing everyday,freds making the area bloggers work against are friends at amat,

  • FYI

    DRanchhhh –
    more than TWICE the number of public schools than private schools in D1

    28 schools in Pac 5 = 11 private schools + 18 public schools (with enrollments up to over 4000+

  • kh

    calprep dont think amat puts up 34 points against bearcats.ask claremont santa fe s.d. la d-b when all starter stay in for the whole game,we would of give up like 20 points.really its going to get alittle better in next few games.but come on we man handled claremont which beat freds # 2 ranked team,c-h- we beat them by 20+ and both lb didnt play whole second half,
    would love to see fred bring on live players and let them tell us who was the toughest team they played allready.
    my son k.c. said s.d. was the best team he thinks he played against,see the boys are in the trenches,us bloggers just like guessing from our hearts.
    thats why i put up stats last week bonita vs w/c.
    today amat vs bonita.
    by far we crushed both teams heads up.
    then comes, will if amat played in your league we would run up stats too.
    let me tell you one thing,
    at bonita we havent tried at all to run up stats all year,every time we get up by 30.
    podley pulls starters,thats no joke

  • Amat is the real deal

    Wow a lot of you guys do not what you are talking about!? Amat is the real deal! U guys talkin crap that have schools in division 100 cannot compare a game to the serra league. Notre Dame Loyola are very good teams who are capable of doing damage. The serra league is a very powerful league and everyweek anyone can win! Its like the Trinity League all very good teams. Bonita really you are talkin? Please! just stop! The only teams that actually have the right to talk are CO and Glendora so everyone else juss please stop. Amat is the real deal! Divison one football is real unlike all these little schools who think they are good

  • Somebody stop him

    kh – with all due respect – you;re embarrassing yourself. Stop. Now.

  • jcaz

    JFR, glad you made a few bones the other night…

    Colt 74, classic post. Very funny dude.

    KH, man, I usually try not to comment on your stuff in here, but really dude, come on. Enjoy the success your program has experienced so far and leave the trash talking to CO and Amat.

    Unless your Tony Bruno (two girls at the same time man….), it just seems kinda weird to get into a “three some” with you guys…

    Know what I mean dude ?

  • Witness

    Varsity Times Insider
    Times reporters blog about high school
    sports across the Southland
    New football rankings
    October 17, 2010 | 2:33 pm

    Here’s a sneak peek at the new football rankings that will appear in Monday’s editions of The Times (with last week’s ranking in parentheses):

    1. Mission Viejo 7-0 (1)
    2. Westlake 6-0 (2)
    3. Servite 6-0 (3)
    4. Corona Centennial 6-0 (4)
    5. Gardena Serra 6-0 (5)
    6. Alemany 6-0 (6)
    7. St. Bonaventure 5-1 (7)
    8. Bishop Amat 7-0 (8)
    9. Crenshaw 4-2 (9)
    10. Oaks Christian 4-2 (10)
    11. Long Beach Poly 4-2 (11)
    12. Lakewood 6-1 (12)
    13. Norco 5-1 (13)
    14. Vista Murrieta 5-1 (14)
    15. Dorsey 6-0 (15)
    16. Santa Margarita 5-1 (18)
    17. San Clemente 6-1 (19)
    18. Tesoro 5-1 (20)
    19. Valencia 5-1 (21)
    20. Dominguez 5-1 (22)
    21. Thousand Oaks 4-2 (16)
    22. Mater Dei 4-2 (24)
    23. St. John Bosco 4-2 (17)
    24. Chaminade 6-0 (NR)
    25. Kaiser 6-0 (NR)

  • smallcity

    Amat is the real deal is absolutely correct, the level of parity in the Serra

    league is ridiculous. ANY “underdog” team can beat any other team on any

    given day. There are very few leagues with this level of play that fall in

    the same category. I love Amat, but I’m also a realist. With that said, I’d love

    to see Amat and Alemany play for the league championship game, that my

    friends would be an absolutely monster game.

  • kh

    somebody please explain your madness.
    a kid grows up and plays in say claremont or l.v.
    decides to enroll in amat school.
    so now hes a powerhouse d-i h.s. football player.
    but if the kid would of stayed home,
    played for local h.s. team. claremont or bonita,hes just a nornal parents kid in d-2 or d-3 school.
    same kid same talent.
    what is it at amat,dose l.p. have better air,
    or dose the coaching staff just better coaches?
    or the lunches have more protein???
    dose it really matter if jay anderson runs for 1000 at bonita ,or 1000 at amat,hes the athlete not amat.
    you guys would down play wallace gonzo,if he was still in glendora land,.
    you can take the gang out of the gutto,
    but you cant take the gutto,out of the gang.
    come down to earth.
    come down to earth.
    you steal kids from all local h.s.
    still have a problem winning the big one.
    you parents way over rate yourselfs,
    talk alot of crap,is it true you havnt won a championship sents 1995? thats 15 years guys you have zero room to pop off,if thats the case,

  • Hey There KH!


    Be happy that Bonita is doing well. You should be proud of what they have accomplished. But please leave Bishop Amat out of that conversation.

    I like you and what you have to say most times. But you just cant compare statistics without taking into account the teams that are being played.Compton Dominguez and Crespi would run the tables on anyone that Bonita has played this season. These two programs (like BA) have years upon years of experience playing some of the top programs in the state.

    And as much I do like you and Bonita, you guys have never laid eyes on a school like Dominguez or Crespi. They are a different beast most seasons and there is a very good reason why SGV schools have never rushed out to schedule the better Pac-5 schools or the equivalent.

    One only has to look at Bonita’s game against Los Altos. Bonita only managed to gain 79 rushing yards on 25 carries. That an average of only 3 yards per carry against one of the worst teams in the San Gabriel Valley (sorry LA Fans)that is giving up an average of 35 points per game! I cannot begin to imagine what BA’s Jalen Moore and Zach Shay would do to Los Altos’ defense. But we’ll leave that there.

    In conclusion, kh, congrats to your Bearcats and enjoy the rest of the season but do try to keep competition level in perspective. There is a damn good reason why BA is on the front page of Maxpreps.

  • Witness

    PAC 5 Rankings:
    1 Mission Viejo (CA) CA 7-0
    2 Servite (Anaheim, CA) CA 6-0
    3 Alemany (Mission Hills, CA) 6-0
    4 Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA) 4_2
    5 Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) 7-0
    6 Santa Margarita (Rancho SM) 5-1
    7 San Clemente (CA) CA 6-1
    8 St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA) 4-2
    9 Long Beach Poly (LBC) 4-2
    10 Crespi (Encino, CA) CA 5-2
    11 Lakewood (CA) CA 6-1 12 JSerra Catholic (SJC) 4-2
    13 Tesoro (Rancho Santa Margarita, 5-2 14 Edison (Huntington Beach, CA) 4-2
    15 Newport Harbor (Newport Beach 4-2
    16 Loyola (Los Angeles, CA) 3-4
    17 Los Alamitos (CA) CA 4-2
    18 Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, CA) 2-5
    19 Orange Lutheran (Orange, CA) 3-3
    20 Dana Hills (Dana Point, CA) 3-4
    21 Trabuco Hills (Mission Viejo 4-3
    22 Huntington Beach (CA) CA 4-2
    23 Fountain Valley (CA) CA 2-3-1
    24 Jordan (Long Beach, CA) CA 3-3
    25 Wilson (Long Beach, CA) CA 4-2

  • kh is really an idiot

    KH are you really that stupid? I refuse to believe that there are grown men out there that are that narrow minded and can’t spell “does”.

    You make Bonita look bad and you bring their fan base IQ average down a bit.

    I have an idea. Why don’t you grab some crayons and some construction paper and create your own newspaper. You can get a hat and stick a ticket in it that says “PRESS”.

    After writing all you want about Bonita and how great they are you can sell your paper at your primary job at the lemonade stand.

    You can sell them for 25 cents. If you sell 2 copies you will double your 2009 income.

    Who knows maybe you can hop on your bike with the flowered basket and baseball card in the spokes and start home delivery service.

    I am sure God is shaking his head thinking to himself “what the hell was I thinking when I made this guy”?

  • kh

    i missed spelled a word.
    sorry,thats all i have too say.
    nobodys anwsering my ?
    so i will try to figure it out,
    is it because you play against the best h.s. players in d-1,it will make you a better play?
    let me think,not every kid that goes out for amat football is there just to play college football,i am sure you have a excellent eduacation department?
    so i dont think buy getting your ass handed to you every week would make you a better player if your just aveage in the first place.
    maybe the alumi hype makes you a better player?
    so if my son went to amat he would be a great player,instead of a pretty good player because hes only at bonita bearcats sitting on 6-0.
    help me MR,WIZZARD.

  • Frank

    @ Bonita fans
    Lets keep it real! In football there is no comparison between Amat and Bonita. You guys have a good squad for the level of competition you play. But if you played Amat, it would be over on the first play, kind of like the Amat/Damien game. Probably worse, now baseball much different story, both are much more comparable in baseball, Amat has some of the best talent in the valley but you guys do as well.Last year Amat played mostly D1 talent in baseball outside of their league schedule. This is why Amat got the respect it did. Amat beat alot of top D1 teams, they did loose Cif, which brought their rankings down, but it goes to show you you cant take anyone lightly, or have a bad game in a one game elimination playoff system.

    Kh, if you are wondering why the same kid who plays at one school seems so much better when he plays at amat is because level of competition that amat plays, at Amat there are a lot more kids who compete at a higher level then other schools, it doesnt mean that other school dont have talent who can compete at that level, there just isnt as many. Example, major league Baseball compared to minor league baseball, THe guys in the majors play with the top talent and against the best talent, this does not mean that guys in the minors arent good or cant compete at the major level there is, but just not as many who can. this is the difference between Amat kids who do well and kids at other schools. If you took those kids and put them at Amat they may do very well, but on the other hand they may just do ok, and not be much of a star anymore, the kid may have only looked really goood because of his level of competition, doesnt mean he is not good, he just may not be as great against the better competition.

  • Dose of Reality

    Why is everyone so bothered by kh posting? Is it because he escaped from the Looney bin and just discovered the Internet? Is it because of his bad and awful spelling? Is it because hes mentally challenged and delusional? Is it because he defied Charles Darwins the Natural Selection Process? Is it because his IQ is equivalent of a doorknob? Or is it because he reminds you of that stray 3 legged unloved dog, who just wanted to be fed and craving some attention? Oops that comparison would be an insult to all stray dogs.

  • kh

    makes scents.
    some one with brains comes to the table,more kids to choose from better the pool of players,easy to see the bigger friut,when the bowl is full of other little oranges.
    frank take care,
    go bearcats

  • KH the idiot

    K.H. Do us a favor and just go away. If you think you only spell one word wrong then you are really an idiot.

    you make e.e. cummings proud!

  • DRanchhhh


    13 of the TOP 25 are PRIVATE. OF the TOP 10, 7 of them are PRIVATES. So you just proved my point if you are trying to make one. Private schools SHOULD be better than surrounding schools. I cant comprehend a Private amongst Public Schools that cant WIN. It’s beyond me. Think of this, If BA has the ability to recruit 1 or 2 kids from the surrounding schools, THEY SHOULD KILLING SGV football and they had not until the last 3 years of play. That I can comprehend. I like what Hags is doing over there. Its kinda sneaky but hey look at the results. They had 17 transfers, ALL approved by CIF for some reason or another, most of which were Jr’s or Sr’s. TO ME (and it is just perception, I MAY BE WRONG AMAT folks) but it seems like they are waiting for kids to be coached up by public school coaches and recruiting those that have been “reared” by other schools. How many of their starters are actually 4 year kids at AMAT? My point!! SO yes, I like AMAT Now, and YES they should be the GOLD of the Valley bc no other school is able to do what they do, not even Damien bc FATHER does not allow it even though we all know that GANO will find a way! I only wish Layton and staff could actually recruit!!

  • for your info

    You are soooo wrong….all you public school people think you know all about how Amat gets its players…for your info J Moore, Rio Ruiz, Zach Shay, A Sanchez, J Gener, just to name a few star players at Amat…have all been there since freshman year. In fact Z Shay and Rio went to catholic school together for 9 years before Amat and both had every intention of attending amat …most of these kids went to a catholic elementary school and continued their catholic education at Amat …so before you make dumb comments about recruiting know your facts please!!

  • FYI

    DRanchhhh – what you wrote, exactly, was :

    “Its not a secret that most of the PAC-5 is made up of PRIVATES who can do this.”

    just pointing out that the Pac-5 is made of mostly PUBLICS (17/28) – who also do “this” (Mission Viejo, LBPoly, Los Alamitos, etc)

    And Amat has ALWAYS beaten up on the “surrounding school” Think back and come up with some “local” wins over the Lancers. FEW and far between.

    Unfortunately YOUR perception is no where near reality

  • are you really that dumb?????????????????

    Are you really that dumb???…You cant compare apples to oranges..Bonita has better stats because they play against weaker teams you Dumb A%# ! put them in the pac 5 & they woudln’t win a single game!!..Amat is ranked accordingly!!..All you other fake football programs, who keep crying & snibbling like a lil B%#CH about Amat getting all the publicity & front pages..Its easy!!! Your team sucks & plays in a lower division & makes football look like its being played by 13yr old girls!!

  • No Surpise

    Just watched the above Youtube video and bad habits just dont change. There’s Mr.WG giving the cut throat gesture and the Yellow birdies come flying in, haha that’s classic.
    I remember the Amat Nation saying how the school and Coaching staff is going to change him. Well you just got a little peek at what Glendora already knew.

  • DRanchhhh


    I’m wrong. You guys are right. I guess I am getting false info from AMAT folks. No need to debate if I dont have ALL of the facts from those folks who kids are getting the lower end of the stick over there. Either way LIKE I SAID, I like what AMAT/ Hags is doing. I like the way they are reppin’ the SGV and that is that. I mean for real who in the SGV can beat CRESPI outside of AMAT?? They are NOW 5-2 with 2 big wins prior to seeing AMAT. I have my opinions on the Serra but for whatever reason, WIN or LOSE those teams stay ranked for some reason or another. Its like the CIF/BCS rankings at times but whatever. Im just a little ole’ DR Fan who doesnt know what he is talkin about.

  • FYI

    DRanchhhh – only 11 private schools in Pac-5 top 25; 10 in LA Times top 25

  • DRanchhhh

    Here’s a sneak peek at the new football rankings that will appear in Monday’s editions of The Times (with last week’s ranking in parentheses):
    1. Mission Viejo 7-0 (1)
    2. Westlake 6-0 (2) ****
    3. Servite 6-0 (3) ****
    4. Corona Centennial 6-0 (4)
    5. Gardena Serra 6-0 (5)****
    6. Alemany 6-0 (6)****
    7. St. Bonaventure 5-1 (7)****
    8. Bishop Amat 7-0 (8) ****
    9. Crenshaw 4-2 (9)
    10. Oaks Christian 4-2 (10)****


    BRO…7 out of 10. Am I missing something??

    1. Mission Viejo 7-0 (1)
    2. Westlake 6-0 (2) *
    3. Servite 6-0 (3) *
    4. Corona Centennial 6-0 (4)
    5. Gardena Serra 6-0 (5)*
    6. Alemany 6-0 (6)*
    7. St. Bonaventure 5-1 (7)*
    8. Bishop Amat 7-0 (8)*
    9. Crenshaw 4-2 (9)
    10. Oaks Christian 4-2 (10)*
    11. Long Beach Poly 4-2 (11)
    12. Lakewood 6-1 (12)
    13. Norco 5-1 (13)
    14. Vista Murrieta 5-1 (14)
    15. Dorsey 6-0 (15)
    16. Santa Margarita 5-1 (18)*
    17. San Clemente 6-1 (19)
    18. Tesoro 5-1 (20)
    19. Valencia 5-1 (21)
    20. Dominguez 5-1 (22)
    21. Thousand Oaks 4-2 (16)
    22. Mater Dei 4-2 (24)*
    23. St. John Bosco 4-2 (17)*
    24. Chaminade 6-0 (NR)
    25. Kaiser 6-0 (NR)

    12 of 25, sorry off by 1.

    FYI, correct me if I am wrong!

  • To Dranch

    Westlake is a Public.

    Amat has 8 starters on Offense and 9 starters on Defense that have been there since freshman year. Most of those starters had brothers or Uncles that went to Amat before them.

    17 Transfers that are mostly Jrs and Srs????? Quit reading the National Enquirer

  • BA Blues

    No Surprise,

    I’m not entirely sure but I do believe Wallace Gonzalez has yet this season to be penalized for a personal foul.

  • Jastrab

    I think Joe Amat may have said it best, but Amat does have certain advantages with it being a private. However,if you look at our program and see that about 90% of the kids are from catholic/private schools we do not take much from the local public schools. Most likely these kids would attend a private high school. They generally are not the biggest kids in town. Now, look at Crespi, Mater Dei, Loyola, Santa Margarita and now JSerra and you will find that over 50% of their kids came from public schools. Do we really recruit or do they?

  • Jackboy

    Frank said:
    @ Bonita fans
    Lets keep it real! In football there is no comparison between Amat and Bonita. You guys have a good squad for the level of competition you play. But if you played Amat, it would be over on the first play, kind of like the Amat/Damien game. Probably worse, now baseball much different story, both are much more comparable in baseball, Amat has some of the best talent in the valley but you guys do as well.Last year Amat played mostly D1 talent in baseball outside of their league schedule. This is why Amat got the respect it did. Amat beat alot of top D1 teams, they did loose Cif, which brought their rankings down, but it goes to show you you cant take anyone lightly, or have a bad game in a one game elimination playoff system.
    Theres always a comparison between teams Frank, you sound intelligent to know this! If you saw the Damien/Bonita scrimmage you would know that Bonita dominated.
    I dont really know if Bonita would beat Amat in Football but Im sure they would give em a great game! 50/50 chance at least. It really turns out to be one of those any quality team can beat another on any given day type of scenarios.
    As for Baseball, Amat got absolutely no respect from any Baseball person watching the game Saturday. Amat played a D1 type of team and decided to send their JV squad and then sent their varsity to play Los Altos, an also rand in our league.
    I for one am glad with my decision to keep my son out of Bishop Amat, I think Bonita High is a much better fit in terms of environment and academics, and the coaching is better all the way around in all sports.
    Frank, youre right, top talent should play top Talent! Keeping it real as you say, Amat failed on Saturday to follow through, dont take anyone too lightly, especially a Bearcat, especially this year!

  • Smallcity

    Jalen Moore was just featured as one of “Rogin’s Heros” on channel 4. I’m sure you can check it out on the web… sorry, I don’t have the address.

  • Amat’s staff recruiting during the season

    Amat has lost it’s soul.

    Best of luck on the field.

    Might want to give Pat Haden a call.

    Investigation on the way.

    The dirty little Trojan is going to up end Amat’s title run.

    Shame, shame & shame.

    And now you know.

  • Loss Altos

    Head coach Jim Arellanes 209points scored against you. You are the play caller and do not know how to score. Step down now it is best for the Heights.
    You are one sorry a@@ INDIVIDUAL.
    This is sickening like a disease you will only Get worse you already SUCK.
    For the city of Hacienda Heights would you quit as fast as you can. Wcovina 50 LA 6, DR 50 LA 0,
    DB 12 LA 0, Walnut 40 LA 0………………….

    This is quite embarrassing for you since you run the team wouldn’t you rather just forfeit than even play? You dont know what play to run or when to run it. PARENTS Cheerleaders come to the rescue PLEASE SAVE LA

  • Ro

    Amat by far the number one team in the SgV with charter oak and diamond ranch movin up by the end of the season. even with losses CO and DR will finish ontop in league and end up 2 and 3 in the valley.

  • LA Loyal

    Loss Altos,
    The man who masters his own soul will forever be called conqueror of conquerors.
    – Plautus
    So maybe instead of being so negative and trying to start something so not worthwhile like those from the other side of the heights, why don’t you be a bigger man and speak to the coach in person. At the end of the day, the kids just want to play. No need to bring drama to this forum. Trying to keep it positive.

  • Witness
  • DRanchhhh


    Bro, besides depth I think LA has an IDEA!! I saw them against a BIGGER, STRONGER BoHi team and BoHi could not quite run the ball. Offensively, LA goes str8 forward and they played solid football in the first couple of quarters. You have to understand that they HAVE NO DEPTH. Otherwise, #17, #33 run wild with a fresh line. If I were a coach, I wouldn’t take them lightly.

    I have always stated that it is easy to coach from the stands. I’m sure we have a couple “Vince Lombardi’s” in the stands. If you don’t like what that guy is doing, take his job. Don’t complain, JUST DO IT. This is why I NEVER criticize Layton and CO. during there 1st 3 or 4 games. Everyone in the valley knows what he brings to the Ranch. Don’t put these coaches down when your doing nothin more than running your mouth!!

  • Amar Dad

    DRanchhhh said:
    Whyat is with you and these dranch people? my nephew attends DR and my brother thought the same way…That the kids from Amat are recruited..No, they just seem to gravitate to winning programs…wasn’t to long ago where the kids @ BA were leaving and going to other programs in the SGV.. but since Hagarty has become head coach we’re getting the cream of the crop in the SGV again. The majority of the kids on the varsity began as freshman…and winning games is the biggest recruiting tool there is! so stop the hating and start congratulating.This football team is the real deal….

  • DRanchhhh

    AmaR—AMAT DAD,

    Then tell your disgruntled parents to stop crying bc their kids are not getting time. Your very own PEOPLE are telling me this. I am not making what I am hearing up. Some of your parents gave me this info, hence this is why I said “I will not debate because I don’t know all of the facts”. Just know that there is a large group of parents who’s kids attend AMAT AND SH that are crying foul.

    I have said it time and time again, I LIKE AMAT. They are reppin the SGV Well. I still say that if your a PRIVATE you should BE DOING WELL, do you not agree?? I don’t care about the logistics of how you get your kids, as long as you don’t come east. And dude, REALLY?? You guys do recruit. Let’s keep it real. It’s a word of mouth type of deal or its by way of your Hit and hustle camps. So to say that they dont recruit is BULL.

    Im sure that most of the schools around here would recruit if they had that ability. I am not knocking there “Hit and Hustle”, do what you guys do and keep winning. Your bringing the spotlight to the SGV and that is what our community needs. No matter how much CO wins, SD wins, DR wins or WC wins, you will never read about them in the LA TIMES or see them on the home page of MAXPREPS. So stop taking shyt so personal and again, tell your drunk parents to stop whining and putting half truths out there!!

  • ???

    Does anyone know how Zach Shay is doing? The injury took him out of the game early so I can only assume that it’s not a good situation. I’m sure it will be the next big story to come out of BA…

  • kh

    kiss my grits
    foul mouth.
    500 am heading to work big guy.
    stay home its raining outside,
    i guess you dont see bonitas qb is back and all we are doing is getting him some game passing time in,
    we have 3 rb that will and can break it off any time,
    so you didnt see the 60 yard called back on reggie,do the math 72+60=132 yds rushing,
    we dont need guys hurt ,big games coming up,,,,,
    our qb just sit back and eat l.a. alive,6td 1 int two game ,4 quarters.numb nuts.
    lb eric m is leading everybody in take our same team, change uniforms with amat,you guys would love your team the same over there in l.p. estates.
    go bearcats

  • COChargerfan

    First of all, another imposter post yesterday at 12:58 pm. Heres the deal, Im going to only post between 4-6 am so if the copy cat clown wants to get up early to play your childish game, then go ahead you moron.

    And far and jcaz, youre both dead wrong because I can support Amats FOOTBALL team (i.e. the players and coaches) but still disagree with their inconsistent, arrogant FANSthey are two entirely different items. Im not saying you are one of the latter but certainly the shoe fits for many and that includes a lot of the fans for other teams. So, the praise was for the football team and the blast was for some of the fans who are constantly belittling many of the local teams schedules with stuff like we only take on the best of the bestso theres nothing inconsistent about my words.

    While it is true that league play hasnt yet started, it is pretty much always baseball season as evidenced by the fact that Nieto is scheduling and playing games. And he scheduled Bonita and Los Altos on the same day and took his varsity squad to play an inferior team instead of challenging a very good one in Bonitahe knew what he was doing so the only conclusion is that he wimped out plain and simpleso my point is that some Amat fans (again, not their Football team) are inconsistent for belittling local football teams for not scheduling Amat while at the same time your baseball coach is ducking the superior local baseball teams. What applies to your football team also applies to all the other sports.

    And far, my kid plays basketball and baseball so football is not even on the support list and, instead, is for entertainment only and many times I have praised Bonitas teams and stated that Im going to miss the rivalry that existed with COyou would know this if youd pay attention instead of dreaming up some contrived reason to attack my character.

    Seriously, many of the Amat guys should read up on narcissismthe main symptoms are big egos and selfishnessand every human has it to some point, but most keep it in check. Ive said this before, too many Amat fans dream up and even create false enemies. And why? Well, because they WANT, NEED and MUST keep the football team as their SOLE property, especially in the good times. This is achieved by painting everyone else as a hater even when they are offering praise and congratulations and/or by belittling others to provoke a fight.

    Do me a favor just this one time by thinking about narcissism for a minute or two before blasting back with nasty grams.

  • kh

    kiss my grits
    foul mouth.
    500 am heading to work big guy.
    stay home its raining outside,
    i guess you dont see bonitas qb is back and all we are doing is getting him some game passing time in,
    we have 3 rb that will and can break it off any time,
    so you didnt see the 60 yard called back on reggie,do the math 72+60=132 yds rushing,
    we dont need guys hurt ,big games coming up,,,,,
    our qb just sit back and eat l.a. alive,6td 1 int two game ,4 quarters.numb nuts.
    lb eric m is leading everybody in take our same team, change uniforms with amat,you guys would love your team the same over there in l.p. estates.
    go bearcats

  • i heard

    I heard Z Shay sprained his ankle and may be out for a couple of weeks depending on how treatment goes..not good for Amat to lose him now but hopefully he will be back before the end of league and playoffs

  • SGV For 30 Years

    Will someone please explain to me why the Amat people on here are so sensitive? Amat is who they are. Someone justified the whole recruiting thing by saying that the kids that are there have been there since their freshmen year. Isn’t 8th grade the perfect time to recruit them? I’m not talking about the ones who go to catholic schools coming up. Someone also brought up that under the previous coach that kids were leaving Amat. So what is this coach doing to sell this new generation of athletes? I say it’s simple they are winning. That’s the best recruiting tool out there. When Gano had LA rolling kids wanted to go there. When Bogan had South Hills on top kids wanted to go there. If I had an 8th grade son that was going to be a legit player I would be crazy to not at least consider Amat.
    I think we all have to give credit where credit is due. I’ve said and I will say it again. Amat being good is bad news for local public schools. I don’t have a problem with what they do or how they do it. Don’t spend so much time and energy denying it, just embrace it and move on. Those same people will be hopping on your bandwagon if you go deep in the play-offs.

    SGV430 Ouutttt!!!

  • Wilson Parent

    Los Altos Parents,

    Lets be real here you guys have very little talent on that team. You want to talk about a coaching issue look at our program. Zavala and staff are making us the laughing stock of the VVL. You saw our talent week 2 and we just lost to Northview. Northview had a decent back and thats it, we were flat out, out coached. You guys are in a real bad situation, you dont have the talent to compete in the Hacienda league.

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to all the SGV teams in their victories on Friday and Saturday and to those that lost make up for it this Friday . Great win by the Lancers Friday . They came out and shut down Crespi’s passing attack . I am sure many thought it was over early but if you know Serra football it’s not over until the final horn. Crespi did what they do best and the Lancers came back roaring to shut them down with Jalen taking over in crunch time . Great heart and the will to win, shown by the Men in Blue . On to Loyola .
    Did you happen to see Bonita got some coverage on Roggin’s high school report Friday night . I hope it didn’t spoil it for you that AMAT was first up and Bonita second. At least they are getting the recognition they deserve .My only advise to you is quit worrying on how Bonita measures up to AMAT .The Bearcats have 4 big games coming up the next 4 weeks so let’s see what the do against them . Even you have to admit these next games are the bread and butter of your schedule and they will tell the true story on how strong Bonita is this season. In essence you really have not been tested in league yet but now the test begins. Good luck and remember games are won on the field not on max preps or cal preps predictions or in the stat column.

  • Joe Amat

    SGV For 30 Years ,

    I’m not sure people are being “sensitive” but pointing out that there is a huge difference between “recruiting” and marketing your program. A private school must put there school in the best light possible in order to “attract” those students. THAT is not recruiting. That is simply creating your brand. The hurdle Amat has had to overcome is the interpretation of the quality of their competitors.

    Just because McDonalds sells the most burgers does not mean that they are as good as the burgers at In-N-Out. In the Fish Bowl there were many that have had trouble making that distinction. I think that the difference is becoming more clear lately as sales (read:”outcome”) is not the only measure.

    You need to take the taste test and compare a bit more closely. Most reasonable folks now understand – their really is not much comparison. I’d rather have a bad Double-Double than the standard Big Mac. Now that Amat is producing “animal style” results – the haters are far and few between – and stick out like a sore thumb.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    Joe Amat:

    I’m not really disagreeing with you. One of my points has always been that we shouldn’t compare the local public schools to the private schools. Because Amat does a great job of marketing their program they will be able to remain the program that everyone else is compared to. The hating goes along with being on top. You have tradition on your side. The only school that compares to Amats tradtion is Los Altos. And look what that program has bocome. They are affected by coaching and demographics. 2 things that you will almost never be affected by.

    SGV430 Ouuttt!!

  • LA Loyal

    Wilson Parent,
    1) No, we don’t want to talk about a coaching issue because we don’t have to air our dirty laundry out on this blog (really, who would want to hear such negativity anyways?)
    2) Regarding talent, that is in the eye of the beholder. Since you see no talent on our team, I suggest you keep looking at yours.
    3)I am proud to see our boys working hard (with or without talent) and making improvements individually each week.
    4)It’s good to see our coach trying to make some positive changes (regardless if I agree with him or not)
    5)I’m glad we are in the Hacienda league because the level of competition is high. Our boys get a good look at what great teams look like (not to say there aren’t great teams in other leagues)
    6)It’s good to see most of our parents trying to stay positive through this roller coaster of a ride because like I have said before, “It’s about the kids!”

    Good luck to you and your team for the rest of the season.

  • No Surpise

    BA blues,
    I dont care what you call it personal foul or not, what I see on the video WG clearly after making the TD catch giving the cut throat gesture. You dont see the flags being thrown?
    You cant tell me thats not unsportsmanlike conduct?
    To me he’s got some deep rooted issues going on in his head for him to do something like that.

  • joe Amat

    No Surpise ,

    I think you’re reaching with the “deep rooted issues” for a well-deserved unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. What you see is an impressionable kid (as are many) that reacted much in the same way he sees athletes on Saturdays and Sundays behave. The behavior was unacceptable, the team was penalized, WG was talked too and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did not have a little EOP (Extra-Opportunity Practice) this week because of it.

    That is NOT how Amat wants to be represented, and I can pretty much assure you that Wallace will learn from it. Based on his constant improvement as a Lancer – I see no reason that he won’t

  • Money Talks

    Amat vs Public / Recruiting?

    Amat does get the players if 1.) The player wants to play for Amat, lots like to stay home grown and play for their neighborhood school. 2.)It cost money not to mention parent service hours to attend Amat. This school is for some not all. 3.)If by winning Amat was stealing the players away from the public schools why are the neighboring public schools doing so well in their leagues? The SGV talent is not all Amats. 4.)If Amat had open enrollment and it did not cost a dime then I could see all that talent flocking BA and the other schools suffering with Amat winning D1 championship after Championship ,, this we know has not happened for 16 years. With this not happening,, there is no recruiting coming by ways of Bishop Amat. You pass a entrance exam, you have finacial backing and you have the desire to play football Amat is for you, if you do not then public is where you go. I am sure lots of the football stars from the public schools would love to play for Bishop Amat but there are factors to play there and some cannot or do not have what is required. Amat does not get everything it wants in football talent only a parital of it. The partial they do pay for it trust me.

  • COChargerfan

    COChargerfan #2, did you see the Fred Roggin show last night? I think the Bonita Cheerleaders are better looking than the Amat Cheerleaders, but thats only my opinion, and as you know I have an opinion on everything! I dont know who this #2 is, but I bet he sits and Blogs in a Clown Suit eating a happy meal.
    Our new Football field is awesome! The lighting is good, still waiting for the new sound system.
    Don, youre right just this once, Im Still not over that re-leaguing, and I am still jonesing for those extra couple bye weeks where we run the clock and all reserves the second half and missing two shots at D Ranch too.
    kh, I think youll agree with me that, our boys would crush Bonita with ease. Bonita is having its best year that I can remember even better than some of my old T.C teams. Chargers would be better in our worst year than Bonita in its best! Case closed, end of discussion.
    And kh, I enjoy your enthusiasm but beating Los Altos (or even Claremont) doesn’t make Bonita the best team in the valley…you’ve got a long road to travel before you even have an argument that you’re the second best which, by the way, is the highest rank possible for your FOOTBALL teamthis isnt Baseball. Well see how good Bonita really is after youve played those last three games against WC, Rowland and DR.
    As for Volleyball, what happen to my girl? I was a big fan! Kh, Im sure you Don and Sugarballs miss her too.

  • Wallace the Tallest

    WG sure did embarrass himself and the Lancer team with that BS cut throat. Not being hard on this young man but he is not playing for Glendora anymore where coaches allowed this type of behavior. Wally will get diciplined, Hags will see to that. Should he rebell he will not see the field, remember Amat can win without Wally World. This is a very disciplined Amat squad and it will stay that way. I am sure the next catch Sir Walter makes for a touchdown he will hand the ball to the referee and that will be the end of that. I like to see Wally crack back of the defensive end on sweeps more often, pull the tackle and Jalen will go for 6. I am sure Wally parents also had words with him.

  • Go stand in the corner

    Wallace the Tallest,
    Im glad to hear that WG will receive some dicipline for his behavior, I didn’t thank Amat would stand for it. But please don’t put a spin on it with the Glendora coaches were you say it was allowed. It’s the complete opposite, he was “kicked off” the team thats why he’s playing for you.

  • NotSince1995

    SGV for 30 years:

    The BishopNation has NOT won anything for 16 long and suffering years…!

    What winning tradition do you speak of…? Last century…? Last century when Ford, Bethleham Steel, and the type writer ruled the world…?

    C’mon people…! What world do you live in…? Amat is a .500 football program during the past 10 years.

    Joe Amat you are not In N Out Burger. TacoNazo…? Maybe. Definately not In N Out…!

  • This is it

    NS95 hasnt been laid since 95 by the sounds of it.
    This is Amat’s year and it must be killing you.
    hahaha…ns95 is one funny mad guy hahaha

  • lost respect for amat

    Sorry but amat assistants are recruiting players from teams they have played. Now amat doesn’t need to do this but somehow they are. Most schools will look the other way thinking why make a fuss. However, wrong is wrong and right now amat is dead wrong and should be ashamed of itself and stop.

    Enjoy the run to the championship, you’ll get there this year. So why recruit?

    Branding is one thing, and every one knows the difference, but soliciting players during the season, Completely outrageous.

  • kh

    your boys have moved on….
    bonita would crush you guys hands down like we have in baseball lately my friend,we have three peted in league champs.
    and what about your t.c. comment,
    dont go there t.c. has pride like todays amat fans,,,,,
    cant buy it,has to be earned the hard way,between the lines…

  • COChargerfan

    Yesterday’s 5:11 pm post is from the COCFposer…and not the real COChargerfan…I’m only posting between 4-6am when the idiot is still asleep with his dogs.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    Money Talks:

    You are right about one thing, Amat is not going to be for everyone. As far as the testing to get in Amat? It’s kind of a joke. What is does is keep the Average Joe (Not Joe Amat) from getting in. If you are a serious football dude or your family has money, you’re in. Hmmm do they take a different test? Private schools don’t turn away potential donors. So “Money Talks”.

    SGV430 Ouutt!!!!!

  • Amat Honk

    SGV430-Why don’t you hust find yourself a new cause? Look for a new whipping boy because your obsession with de-bunking and dragging Amat through the mud is getting old Bro. Everything that you profess is really just heresay and opinion. You have no concrete facts that any of the stuff that you write is actually an on going practice at Bishop Amat. As a matter of fact I bet all you know is what you heard right? Or what you “Think” happens “over there.” Find something else to worry about, maybe North Korea or Obama’s plan for “Change” can occupy your time from now on. While we appreciate your concern for the “Shams” that are being put forth over at Amat…We Got it under control! Be the consumate humanitarian and use your Genius to tackle the more pressing problems of society, please?

  • Joe Amat


    I happen to know *for a fact* that many a SGV stud has been denied admission to Amat. MANY others are forced to go to summer school to PROVE that they can handle it. Some of those have been denied – some admitted. I know a *for a fact* a local HS coach who was a GREAT athlete, big time HS player, D1 athlete, and had MANY people in his corner that did not get in because of his ridiculously low test score. Some things you just can’t overcome or justify.

    I’m not saying that some have not gotten in – but some kids in the band and even students that get their at 8 and leave at 3 have been admitted too. The test is the first criteria, kids that come from our Catholic feeder schools get a bit of a break, teacher & pastor recommendations all factor in, as do older siblings. I’ve always joked the easiest way to get admitted is to have a smart older sibling.

    Believe all the rumors, urban legends, and old wives tales you want – but they ultimately don’t pass the “Snopes Test” and get filed with all those “scholarship” athletes, and recruited transfers that we hear about.

  • HATERS!!!!!

    To all you Amat Haters….

    Perhaps this will answer many of the haters questions..

    Lets play the
    “when was the last time your high school…”
    1. was featured in the LA Times and Maxpreps?
    2. was mention NATIONALLY as a team to watch and as game of the week?
    3. was a division 1 school ranked in the top 25 of any rank?
    4. fans had to get to your high school football game 2 hours early just to ensure you found a parking spot and to ensure you have a seat to watch the game?
    5. 50/50 was over 1,500.00 dollars?
    6. a blog mentiong your school got over 100 hits
    7. over 1/3 of the people in your stands watching your game without having any kids attending the school?
    8. was featured on ESPN-LA Preps page?
    9. a kid from another high school skipped their school football game to come watch yours?
    10. Still won after losing a key player?

    Just something to think about!!!

  • AMAT!!!

    not worried about all the crap you guys talk about AMAT, those who are true know that the test is legit and getting into Amat is no joke, not to mention staying at Amat isnt easy either. Many kids leave, including big time atheletes because they cant take the rigor and strict rules/structure these kids have to follow, down to wearing a belt…

  • Who steals when you have a full deck?

    Having known amat grads from family and friends over the years amat is no Loyola. Never has been. Most amat bloggers I know don’t have college degrees and their amat legacies come up short as well. In some circles, some very tight circles, amat is looked down upon when it comes to academics in comparison to elite academic parochial schools in So. Cal. That’s a fact.

    Now as far as amat being a great sport’s school I’d say I do agree in certain areas they are outstanding but no more so than other local kids who seem to get equal access to recruiters although not as consistently.

    No one is hating on amat as some have in the past. Sheldon Price was too skinny to play Pac 5 ball, by some assertions, but Sheldon some how has been able to conduct his business as a true freshmen starter at UCLA. what amat teaches better than most is conditioning, technique and focus, at least on the field.

    Few truely hate amat. Most respect amat but recently amat has lost it’s soul recruiting players from the teams they’ve played this year, and that sucks. Joe amat knows this is beyond what amat stands for and would be the first to say it’s over the line. Can’t see Joe amat adhereing to the win at all cost mentality.

    I’ve seen amat grow as a team this year as they’ve followed the elite college scheduling pattern. Hagerty has done a remarkable job, as have all his coaches on the field, but the true grit of amat is it”s players, always has been.

    Still trying to understand why amat tore up a signed contract to play Serra over the past few years. Well now I know, who leaves Serra for amat? Now subject dynamic to this year’s lancer schedule.

    Not saying amat fears anyone, as clearly they don’t, but this year’s schedule was a recruiting trip few understood. To the amat followers that will say this is all urban myth consider where the recruiting is taking place, in the stands with the parents and not on the field or at camps where a friendly gesture impresses an 8th grader.

    Maybe Joe amat will respond to his opinion of assistant coaches speaking to parents of players from other schools during the season and communicating options. That kind of talk can’t even take place at the NCAA level.

    No need to involve names, as parents and kids have to do what’s best for them, but tactically it’s beyond anything that amat would ever have done in the past.

    This year’s team is extremely polished, disciplined and well coached/conditioned and should reach the Semis at the very least. The best is yet to come for amat unless and investigation gets them first.

  • Amat Honk

    Deck – Obviously you are not playing with a full one…your patronizing pant load of shite post was a pathetic attempt at belittling my school. Oh you have such regard for Amat, huh? And Boy, you sure sound concerned that Amat is going to get caught “recruiting” is it? You are alleging that Amat is “recruiting” right? Golly gee, I sure hope you are not speaking the truth here, what will we do? I sure hope CIF doesn’t come on this blog and read your post, then we might get all of our wins taken away…..I was pissed when I got done reading your waste of time post, you know what you are? ONE a pretty crappy and fake friend to be talking about your supposed Amat friends like you are and TWO you are just another HATER!!!! Later, Drive by artist! Oh and thanks for the fake concern and back handed compliments What a JERK!

  • been going on for years

    “strict rules”, what school are you talking about? have you been on campus recently? what’s the name of the big time player who shoved that girl up against a wall and still wears blue and gold?

    trust me it all gets out sooner or later. this athlete’s first mentality has been going on for years.

  • anonymous

    Dude what is your personal grind with Amat? You tried to get this topic posted earlier and nobody bit so now you try again with a long winded post fiegning concern. And what? Incidents like the one you posted DO NOT happen anywhere else? Or is it that they aren’t allowed to happen at Amat? The kids at Amat, and we are talking about kids Big Man, are just that KIDS, TEENAGERS so keep it in perspective. Get a life and quit getting your kicks off posting crap about other kids and other people.

  • truth

    been going on for years – no favoritism for athletes at Amat. period. look up Chris Rix – Dorian Wells – Tony Adams – ect – etc – etc


    All the ones accusing Amat of the recuiting transfers and free tuition do me a favor. Go thru the program and post your lists of all the transfers and free ride players from the current team . You can’t and you won’t . You will hide behind it wouldn’t be fair to the kids bs that is your security blanket. Well if it’s not fair to the kids why come on the blog and say things about these kids getting free tuition or passed on grades or given an easier entrance exam that you can’t backup and only with the line, a good friend told me this was going on or I have some kind of bs inner knowledge of wrong doing. Do me a favor , go to CIF or the league office and put in a fact backed complait. If you really hate Amat and their arrogant following just back your bs play and take it to CIF or better yet take to Aram, Fred or Steve or even the editorial guy I believe his name is Frank Girdot because if it is true it ia a heck of a story to put to press. The Great Amat downed by a honest blogger . You would be a hero to the valley.

  • Witness
  • Amat Dude

    Amat doesn’t have to recruit….the rich football tradition, the huge home crowds, the publicity it generates against its wins against elite opponents serves as an incentive and a motivational tool to play for Amat. We win kids wanna play for us, we lose games and kids transfer out like in 2006 and 2007. So no recruiting here. Amat has taken it’s lumps and criticism whether we are up or down. Trust me high profile transfers Wallace and Brock’s parent both pay tuition and both kids had to prove themselves on the field to get playing time.

    If Amat really recruited, our offensive line would be as big as Crespi’s or Mater Dei’s and all our linebackers would be D1 size 6’3″ 230 lbs like Norco and Mission Viejo but they are not.

    Everyone wants to play for a winner and those that can’t or don’t will continue to hate and try to bring the school down…what a sad bunch of losers!

  • ASSUME!!!

    all you people assume you know everything that happens at AMAT, well we all know what they say about people who ASSume…. Athletes or not, they are required to follow all the rules and are even expected to go over and beyond..Hagerty expects them to be role models, if not he makes them pay and many have left Amat because of the high expectation!!!

  • It is what it is

    Amat Dude, define recruiting.

    Amat is recruiting.

    Deal with it!

    No saying they are paying tuition of letting grades go but recruitiing is taking place. deal with it!

    Why is that hating or being a loser? When a coach soliticts a father and son after a game that’s recruiting. When it happens during the season that’s when it’s over the line.

    Understand the difference. Friends talk, parents talk and when those friends are parents and coaches from other schools that doesn’t absolve them from committing recruitiong violationson a scale that would make the NCAA blush!

    Now I know it’s hard to believe other schools have great players or players with great potential but it does happen and has happened this year.

    No one is filing charges out of respect for everyone involved: players, parents, coaches and yes even schools.

    Now if you insist it isn’t true that’s your call but I will tell you this, I’d bet the house and yours as well and sleep well at night.

    I know coaches recruit to fit needs. I know coaches talk and even more so now with so much attention to scholarships parents gerrymander their kids success but that’s not what I’m talking about BECAUSE that usually happens during the OFF SEASON. In theses cases it happening DURING the season, an ALL TIME LOW!

    Never would I have thought Amat would sink that low, but hey, it’s a new day at Amat and wasn’t it just a few blog seasons ago that Joe Amat mentioned that Amat rarely took in seniors, much less those with issues.

    Trust me no one hates Amat, hate is a word used by children who “hate” broccoli. Here’s my prediction, mat in the Semis. Is that hateration?

  • just askin’

    It is what it is – what senior transfers has Amat taken?

  • Amat Dude

    I said we don’t have to recruit, why should we when we have 100 kids that show up for frosh ball every year? I said if we really did recruit, we’d have 8 to 9 D1 players like most PAC5 schools we play. As a matter of fact we have demonstrated that we can win games teams that are loaded with recruited D1 talent. The last time I checked, we don’t even have a D1 caliber football player, if I’m correct…

  • It is what it is

    Amat Dude

    Maybe you should take a look at your team without the gutty little Bruin glasses. Amat has about 7 potential D1 players as of now. Probably a few more but why go out on a limb. Here I thought you knew what you were talking about.

    It is what it is.

    You’re right though, with over 100 kids to chose from who needs to recruit players from other teams DURING the season. Bet your bottom dollar it’s taken place. Bet your top dollar no one will make a fuss because the only ones that get hurt are the kids who feel torn between their alligiance to their team mates and coaches and the voice of YOUR assitants filling their heads with BIG BIG BLUE Glory.

    Maybe that’s why Amat bailed on a signed contract with Serra who doesn’t lose players. Notice USC’s Woods making a bigger impact than Amat’s Price. Great players come from where they come. Amat’s current preseason schedule was a local area recruiting trip.. Even you will admit that but most thought they would stick to elementary kids and stars in their eyes dads.

    Believe what you wnat to believe. My hope is that this gets back to the assisiants who can’t do what their doing in teh NCAA but think it’s okay to do this at the CIF level.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    Joe Amat,

    There may be more truth to that smarter sibling statement than you know. I know for a fact that there are students who couldn’t have passed that test that have been admitted to school (I’m not just talking about athletes)because the have older siblings or even parents who went there. Amat has great tradition. I do think that the majority of the athletes come there when they are freshmen. I also get the whole Catholic education thing to.

    It just amazes me that so many Amat bloggers are so sensitive. There is no need to be. Your tradition speaks for itself. No One can argue that fact. I’m not jumping to your defense nor am I an Amat fan. Infact I would love to see one of the locals knock you guys off (I don’t see that happening soon)……… But I will be pulling for you to Win your league and come play-off time because you are the only SGV school in D-1.

  • Joe Amat


    If you’ve been reading here enough (and I think you have) you should have figured out the “more than you know” part is clearly inaccurate. Not much on campus in the last 30-40 yrs falls in that category. LOL!

    I did write that because while I joke – it is true. A guiding principle is Amat does not want to separate families so when one gets in (assuming it’s a successful experience) the other is almost a sure thing. And second generation helps too – that commitment, as you say, is what makes Amat what it is.

    Thanks for the well-wishes.

  • Amat Honk

    SGV430-It’s not that we are “sensitive”, it’s just annoying, irritating and ridiculous when someone who has no idea of what Amat is about, comes in here and throws out BS like it is fact. The statement about transfers that have not been here all four years should realistically be “all three years” due to the first year transfer rule that ALL schools can also benefit from. Wallace and Booth? Is this who you speak of as non-four year guys? Niether has done anything yet, to cause a discussion about transfers having a drastic effect on the Bishop Amat Football team. Look at the list of starters for the Lancers this year. We are a very young team. I really hope that WG and BB develop into those monster standouts that people are saying they are because we will sure need them in the upcoming weeks.

  • Man I’m glad I met you here. I did end up using them to do my gutter cleaning for me. Too high for me.