Sunday Tribbin: Diamond Ranch still has the swag don’t they? Got a bigger question, is the Hacienda better than the Sierra?

Diamond Ranch upset? Not Really: Diamond Ranch scored 21 points in the first 6:30 of the final quarter to pull away for a 35-14 victory over Rowland Heights Rowland at Ganesha High School.

It doesn’t make any sense to doubt Diamond Ranch anymore, they win when they have to win, making my predictions look like I’m not paying attention. I am now, they have a great shot at taking down West Covina, Bonita or both, steering the focus to an even better question: Is the Hacienda League as good as the Sierra? Is it better? West Covina beats Glendora who beats Charter Oak. Bonita slams Claremont who beats Chino Hills. It’s hard to make a case for the Sierra, especially when a team like Rowland could miss the playoffs. The Sierra has bigger non-league victories because of what Chino Hills did to Tesoro and Redlands East Valley, but don’t tell me Bonita, Diamond Ranch and West Covina couldn’t compete in the Sierra, the results say otherwise. Great games this week, Covina hosting Baldwin Park for what could decide the Valle Vista League title on Thursday (which means I miss UCLA’s upset over No. 1 Oregon), and Claremont at Charter Oak on Friday, the winner jumping to a 2-0 start in the Sierra. The Mission Valley Leauge title also is on the line, what else is new when Rosemead faces Arroyo.

Serra’s 41-14 win over St. Francis gets testy: The Daily Breeze reported that St. Francis Coach Jim Bonds called Serra “a bunch of thugs.” And Serra Coach Scott Altenberg said a priest was yelling at his team.

Thursday’s games
Baldwin Park vs. Covina at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Friday’s games
Glendora at Los Osos, 7:00pm
Diamond Bar at Rowland, 7:00pm
Los Altos at West Covina, 7:00pm
Walnut at Bonita, 7:00pm
El Monte at Gabrielino, 7:00pm
Rosemead at Arroyo, 7:00pm
South El Monte at Mountain View, 7:00pm
Azusa at Duarte, 7:00pm
Ganesha at La Puente, 7:00pm
Gladstone vs. Sierra Vista at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Workman at Bassett, 7:00pm
Loyola vs. Bishop Amat at Los Angeles Valley College, 7:00pm
Ayala vs. South Hills at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Claremont at Charter Oak, 7:00pm
Damien at Chino Hills, 7:00pm
Nogales at Wilson, 7:00pm
Northview at San Dimas, 7:00pm

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  • COChargerfan

    Pay no attention to that that copycat poster COChargerfan, hes just trying to piss me off, but it wont work. Maybe we can call him COChargerfan #2 or just # 2.
    You cant say Im not much of a Volleyball fan, or dont have an opinion on the subject because as most of you have pointed out, I have an opinion on everything!
    As for the Amat JV Baseball team being sent to Bonita, Andy Nieto just insulted John Knott and the entire Bearcat Baseball program when he sent his scrubs to play the better than Los Altos squad on Sunday.
    Both Amat and Bonita have two Baseball/Football players that would have missed your Baseball game, and from what I have seen Bonitas mg, kc are better than rr, wg.
    In every Class act program, you want your best to play the best, thats how you get better and sorry Andy your just a Bush leaguer!
    kh, your right, the last time I looked it is Baseball season World Series just like Football season runs through the Super bowl.
    As for a Bonita Amat football game? Im starting to think Bonita would have the edge, you guys are for real! I see and feel the Bearcats have more Talent and Heart than the Amat Sports programs.
    Bonita, I just wish our teams were doing as well as yours this year!
    DRanchhhh, If you like Aaron, youd love Sugarballs!
    Go Bolts!

  • Panther Fan

    I see Walnut giving Bonita fits, if not winning the game. Rowland will win over Diamond Bar but not by much (around 7 points). Los Altos will lose big time again. Los Altos will have a chance against Diamond Bar for a 6th place finish. The last game of league play will be for First and/or Second Place between Diamond Ranch and Bonita. Depending on either or both teams beating West Covina. History has it that the visiting team wins at the home teams field when it comes to the DR/Bonita games. Bonita will be the home team. Walnut will take 4th place in league and Rowland 5th place.

  • Oh man, Fred. Good topic. You want to go in front of the camera and debate it with me? Wait, we can’t do that because I kinda agree … BUT you seem to forget Damien beat Diamond Ranch, so score one for the Sierra.

    I’d say it’s pretty equal, which is saying something for the Hacienda.

  • Hot off the press!!!!!!

    Zavala will step down at the end of the season he is currently under investigation for CIF violations.

  • jcaz

    Nonsense95 was at a local bar last Friday night, pounding down the Gin and Tonics and drowning in his sorrow after another Bishop Amat victory.

    After getting good and drunk, he decided to walk home so that he could reflect on his worthless and bitter life.

    As he was walking out of the bar, a prostitute approached Nonsense and asked him if he wanted to “have a little bit of fun.”

    Hum, thought nonsense….

    Well, Ive never really done anything like this before, but hey, what the heck, theres always a first time for everything right ?

    So, as nonsense and the girl were going at it in the bushes, a police officer just happened by.

    The cop pulled out his flashlight and asked nonsense what he was doing.

    Startled, nonsense said to the police officer, oh, I’m just here making love to my wife.

    Oh, im sorry said the police officer, I didn’t know it was your wife…..

    Thats ok officer, up until just a few minutes ago…… neither did I

  • Calpreps KH!, Use it!


    Bonita’s degree of schedule difficulty is rated at a 12. They are currently ranked 53rd in the state which is awesome!

    Bishop Amat’s degree of schedule difficulty is rated a 25.8 (Twice as difficult as Bonita’s) and is currently ranked 13th in the state.

    Do you see the difference, buddy?

  • Dan

    I agree with Aram, that is a great topic Fred,
    too early to tell at this point, the Hacienda teams could certainly compete well in the Sierra. Assuming the top three in no particular order are Claremont, CO, and Chino Hills in the Sierra [although Damien might have a say in the matter], and West Covina, Diamond Ranch, and Bonita in the Hacienda,[Walnut and Rowland still have their shots at Bonita]. Those six teams would have some epic battles if they were in the same league.
    Even the bottom half of the Hacienda would be competitive and maybe better than the Sierra for this year. Assuming it was in no particular order, Rowland, Walnut,DB going against Damien, South Hills, and Ayala. Those teams would have some nice battles.

  • JFR


    Good job at stirring the pot FJR, are you going to be at the game or Aram? I would think Aram because you could not miss Amat at Loyola so you should get food ahead of time, no freeeebeeee’s!

    I miss your best bud, GURU! Looking forward to seeing u!

  • Get your facts straight

    Hot off the press
    You are obviously a loser, with no life. There’s no instigation just your false info. Be a man and discuss your issues with whom they comcern.

  • NotSince1995


    Sunday Tribbin…Right? Suppose to be about anything right?

    You deleting my Factually True post only continues to prove what the rest of the SGV already knows…”CUP…CAKE” record!

    Isn’t true…?
    – Garfield won another game they are now 3 – 4!
    – MUIR and VENICE are just 2 – 4…!
    – CATHEDRAL got smoked by St. Francis…!
    – DAMIEN’s big win is against a 1 – 5 South Hills…!

    C’mon Fred…Is it True or Not…? Why do you protect the “Cup…Cake” record?

    And to answer your question: The Hacienda and Sierra are way better than the Sorry League (errr…Serra)!

    SERRA League is Over Rated too…Notre Dame beat Loyla…? Are you kidding me…? NOTRE DAME…at 2 – 5? SERRA is WEAK…!

    C’mon Fred…JCAZ…Not in 2010 Either…!

  • BigDog

    Where is the Guru this year talking up all his stars from South Hills! No where in sight.Fred is it true that Steve Bogan the football coach at South Hills is finished after the end of this year?

  • the gift

    glad to see you have finally come to your senses. Diamond Ranch has made it to the finals the last two years in a row and with the way things are going looks like they will make it three times in a row

  • SGV Athlete

    Having absolutely nothing to do with the game itself, AMAT should consider mixing up the colors on their new uniforms. Blue Top/White Bottom, White Top/Blue Bottom. Personally I think the latter would look SIIIIICK…haha =P

    Have a great week SGV!!

  • jcaz

    Nonsense, am I starting to get your attention in here ?

    Ha ha ha…

  • footballer

    An old man off the 60 frwy. in the middle of lots of good football and baseball stadiums. Good game last night in POMONA. DR out played a tired Roland football team. Roland came out strong and looked as if they just ran out of gas. DR a team with a good coaching staff that make adjustments to give their team a chance to win and win big. A team that will not give up or even try to loose the game as I witnessed watching the DB coaching staff. Maybe DB coaching staff should ask DR coaches for some advice. hahaha DR should have the edge over WC and BHS at the end. With DR off next week DR should be fresh and ready to run. Next Friday should be an interesting game to watch. Coming down to the end of the regular season. Will DB coaches pull out an upset over Roland? Since DB season is basically over, will DB make adjustments to give their team a chance to win over a tired Roland football team. Will DB loose up coming freshman and jv players for next years season? Will DB bring up and start up coming jv players and give the seniors their walking papers. Will DB administration be looking for a new coaching staff? Because they are bad and have no clue. We hope to catch a good game Friday night BD vs Roland. We lost interest and tired of the drama Wilson and Los Altos provide. Don’t feel like driving over the dump or driving into snob zone. GO WALNUTS

  • Steve Ramirez

    Hey Fred/KH! They just showed the Bonita cheerleaders on Fred Roggin’s show.



    If the Hacienda was better than the Sierra, why did the school officials for Bonita, West Covina, Rowland & Diamond Ranch vote to remove Charter Oak and South Hills out of that division. Too bad that Charter Oak leaves as the raining champ and will always be the raining champ. Charter Oak, Claremont, Chino Hills, and Damien are better teams as of today than West Covina, Bonita, Diamond Ranch and Rowland…

  • ???

    Does anyone know how Zach Shay is doing? The injury took him out of the game early so I can only assume that it’s not a good situation. I’m sure it will be the next big story to come out of BA…

  • COChargerfan

    The 1:31 pm post yesterday wasn’t from the real COChargerfan…I’m only posting between 4-6 am so anything else is from my wanna-be clown.

    If Bonita is so good, why did they struggle so much with Santa Fe…a team that CO annihilated with a back-up QB? And Aram, Claremont also convincingly beat Walnut.

    Ive said it before, when all is said and done, pre-season means absolutely nothing. Teams start the year at different levels due to variables such as the number of returning starters, injuries and coaching and/or system changes. So, even if a team beats another early on, it doesnt necessarily mean that they are better when it really matters, namely, at playoff timedoes it?

    Ive said it before, it is really funny that the powers that be at the likes of Bonita and WC sent CO and SH packing and now all the sudden they are your whipping boys. Kind of like avoiding the big bully down the street than after he moves to another town then you start bragging about how you could have kicked his behind

    Well, coming up on 6 am so Ive got to go.

  • just a question for anyone who can explain

    If there is anyone with the knowledge that can tell me, the correct answer, on how the Wild Card works in the Valley Vista League? Thanks for any help.

  • just a question for anyone who can explain

    If there is anyone with the knowledge that can tell me, the correct answer, on how the Wild Card works in the Valley Vista League? Thanks for any help.

  • tcbruin


    Zach Shay has a sprained ankle. On crutches.

    ETA for return, Alemany in 3 weeks. No sense in rusdhing it and potentially re-injuring.

  • For just a Question:

    dont worry about the VVL playoffs – dont know the order but there will be the following teams in the playoffs -BP SD and Covina

  • Wilson Parent

    The way it looks at this time that is correct. Wilson would prety much have to win out to have a chance, at this time not happening. We cant beat Northview, so how are we going to beat San Dimas and Baldwin Park. We need to worry about Nogales.

  • Don

    To COCF,

    Still not over that re-leaguing are you? Still jonesing for those extra couple bye weeks where you play a running clock and all reserves the second half, huh? ALREADY missing two shots at D Ranch?

    Get over it.

    What part of nine year, 34-5 record over Miramonte opponents don’t you get? How about 17-0 since 2006?

    If the CIF SS doesn’t use a team’s total dominance of a league as a measure to move them up, what do you suggest they use? Pure Geography? Hey, how about alphabetically, by school name, or uniform color. Wait, that can’t work, you’d be in Amat’s league then.

    Face it, something had to give and it wasn’t WesCo and BoHi that gave it. It was the SS; C O and SHHS victims of their own success. Either a move in by some more dominant leagues, (which didn’t work out so swell last time), or moving you out to a more competitive league. Do I think C O should be in D2? No way. But there you are and ultimately the Charger football team is a lot closer competitively to the teams in their new D than their old.

    That was the point, wasn’t it?

  • COChargerfan

    COChargerfan #2, did you see the Fred Roggin show last night? I think the Bonita Cheerleaders are better looking than the Amat Cheerleaders, but thats only my opinion, and as you know I have an opinion on everything! I dont know who this #2 is, but I bet he sits and Blogs in a Clown Suit eating a happy meal.
    Our new Football field is awesome! The lighting is good, still waiting for the new sound system.
    Don, youre right just this once, Im Still not over that re-leaguing, and I am still jonesing for those extra couple bye weeks where we run the clock and all reserves the second half and missing two shots at D Ranch too.
    Don I think youll agree with me that, our boys would crush Bonita with ease. Bonita is having its best year that I can remember even better than some of my old T.C teams. Chargers would be better in our worst year than Bonita in its best! case closed, end of discussion.
    As for Volleyball, what happen to my girl? I was a big fan! Don Im sure you kh, and Sugarballs miss her too.

  • AMAT 73

    I thought you were an alum of Monrovia . What’s up with the my old T.C. teams. Is this your new follower/imposter leaving his mark again or have you turned into the biggest perv on the blog overnight. Don’t know which one to believe anymore but in your defense you did say you would only blog from 4-6 am . Also what happened to the registered mark next to your name on any of your posts ?

  • COChargerfan

    Amat73, I would never post between 4-6, its to limiting to you guys that like to read my Blogs. Think about it, why would I do that? Its stupid, only a Moron would say that.
    As for being a perv, Ive always liked the girls, dont you? And the trademark got old like me.
    Amat73 youre a classy guy and I look forward to youre post, you are reasonable and fair.
    I like all SGV teams, Charter Oak the best of course, I was born and raised in the valley here and I consider all good successful programs my teams, and if Amat wins again this year I will consider them my team too, might even change my moniker to Amat2010.
    Flush # 2 out of here!
    Go Bolts.

  • Aaron

    That can’t be the real COCFAN…because he knows we’ve beaten the Chargers a few times. Not often…but then again more than some others ever have.

    Oh and didn’t you go to Monrovia…not TC?

    Playing today I think the Bearcats would do fine against the Chargers.

    Two COCFs…now this is bloody dumb as turds.

  • COSteelCurtain

    This is definately NOT the real COChargerFan.

    Nobody, and I mean nobody, from COHS that I know says: Go Bolts!

    JCAZ are you also the new “NotSince1995”?

    Amat 73 – are you now going to believe me that this JCAZ is fool looking for more attention than he deserves? Its a real shame that he turned out to be an Amat supporter. Particularly after all the terrible things he’s been saying about the Amat Family the past 2 years.


  • COChargerfan

    Yeah, it’s not me…I’m only posting between 4-6 am while the idiot sleeps.

    Really, Fred J and Aram need to register bloggers so this stuff can’t happen…the whole integrity of the blog goes out the window. Hey Fred and Aram, what if some posers started saying ridiculous things using YOUR guy’s names…I suppose you’d be doing a lot of deleting…and then ban the IP address. So why does everyone else have to put up with such garbage?

    COSteelCurtain, I had doubts before that jcaz or another Amat honk was the BEST but after this Im thinking that maybe youre right. One thing is for certain, its an AMAT honk because theyre the only one with motive. Hey Joe Amat and AMAT 73, this clown is representing your schoolnice image, isnt it?

    And Don, I couldnt have said it any better than you my friend34-5 over the past 9 years and undefeated for the past 3so it doesnt make much sense that all the sudden CO would fall to 3rd or 4th place in the Hacienda, does it?

  • AMAT 73

    Come on now .Of course we know that is not the true blue COCF. It is a far stretch for you to say it is jcaz in disguise. Even the false COCF is backing your deduction on it being jcaz . He mentions only an AMAT honk has the motivation to do those types of posts. What is the point of those post to AMAT .Yes a few of the over the top AMAT is everything bloggers get riled up over those types of posts but they are meaningless . The village idiot is who he is and has posted under various names for a couple of years and who really knows who it is . I personally don’t think jcaz is smart enough to do something like this , now COCF on the other hand well this is right up his alley. Just kidding but it could be anyone so pointing the finger at jcaz and any other blogger is senseless. Maybe the blog moderators should demand registration of the screen name and if you notice the registration mark is missing from these phantom COCF posts. What I would really like to see is a reply from COCF with his registration mark so we know it’s him . Kind of strange we haver not seen that as of know only this 4-6 bs by the imposter. # 2 fits him perfect as he is a piece of shiat.

  • Amat Honk

    I am NOT sgv’sbestjerk or non-sense1995! I am a lone gunman, and although I can go over the top on occassion, I prefer to stay positive. My 2 cents- I believe the imposter “COChargerFan” is responsible for all of these posts…”imposter COChargerFan,Nonsense1995 and “supposedly original” COChargerfan (answering himself). If CO is registered then anything without the “Mark” is bogus.

  • jcaz


    Honestly these types of posts are funny at best, but if your dumb enough to believe the crap from Curtain Rods, then go ahead and be just as stupid as he is.

    Look, the imbicle is just stirring the pot. I am sure he’s been at it for a long time now and to tell you the truth, allot if it makes sense to me now, especially after that last entry by Amat Honk.

    There is an old saying that goes something like this: “The first guy who smelt it, dealt it.”

    Ya curtain Rods, I think get it now. Your the fool and just for schitz and giggles your trying to make it out to be the opposite eh ?

    Classic I must say….

    Oh, BTW COFAN, what you believe or think from now on makes no difference to me any more because while at first I thought that maybe you had some level of honesty and some level of objectivity with your critiques of Amat, I can see now that it was all a bunch fo BS.

    COFAN, I have yet to see you post any thing that is in anyway on the same level on CO, as the stuff you put out there on Amat.

    Maybe when you start doing that, you’ll gain my respect once again, but I really doubt that this will ever come out of you.

    Anyway, Curtain Rods good try but i’m on to you now dip schitz….

  • COChargerfan

    COSteelCurtain, I had doubts before that jcaz or another Amat honk was the BEST but after this Im thinking that maybe youre right. One thing is for certain, its an AMAT honk because theyre the only one with motive. Hey Joe Amat and AMAT 73, this clown is representing your schoolnice image, isnt it?
    I am NOT sgv’sbestjerk or non-sense1995! I am a lone gunman, and although I can go over the top on occassion, I prefer to stay positive. My 2 cents- I believe the imposter “COChargerFan” is responsible for all of these posts…”imposter COChargerFan,Nonsense1995 and “supposedly original” COChargerfan (answering himself). If CO is registered then anything without the “Mark” is bogus.
    just a question for anyone who can explain said:
    If there is anyone with the knowledge that can tell me, the correct answer, on how the Wild Card works in the Valley Vista League? Thanks for any help.
    Gano has had tremendous talent, but it’s not like he just let’s those players go out there and play with no structure. He gets the most out of talented kids. They have a good system on both sides of the ball and nobody is bigger than the program. The kids all like playing for him which is a tribute to him, especially when you are talking about tremendous athletes. No, he won’t be at La Verne and that’s La Verne’s loss. It’s not like he’s beat up on bad teams for 10 years. He has scheduled the best teams around and beat most of them. What he has done the last 10 years makes him more than just a “good” high school coach. Those people that know him know that he understands X’s and O’s as well as anyone.

  • COSteelCurtain

    Why is Amat Honk jumping in to defend himself when we were talking about JCAZ?

    “Amat Honk said:
    I am NOT sgv’sbestjerk or non-sense1995! I am a lone gunman, and although I can go over the top on occassion, I prefer to stay positive. My 2 cents- I believe the imposter “COChargerFan” is responsible for all of these posts…”imposter COChargerFan,Nonsense1995 and “supposedly original” COChargerfan (answering himself).”

    JCAZ – you are so stupid that you forgot to change your name! Didn’t you boy?

    Case closed!


  • Doctor

    Baldwin Park 27 Covina 24
    Los Osos 38 Glendora 21
    Rowland 45 Diamond Bar 17
    West Covina 59 Los Altos 13
    Bonita 35 Walnut 24
    El Monte 28 Gabrielino 14
    Arroyo 16 Rosemead 13 – OT
    Mountain View 37 South El Monte 28
    Azusa 73 Duarte 0
    La Puente 34 Ganesha 20
    Gladstone 14 Sierra Vista 10
    Workman 48 Bassett 9
    Bishop Amat 37 Loyola 16
    South Hills 34 Ayala 31 – 2 OT
    Claremont 36 Charter Oak 34
    Chino Hills 31 Damien 14
    Nogales 16 Wilson 7
    San Dimas 30 Northview 17

  • AMAT 73

    Was that really you replying to my post or was it Jcaz # 2 . If you did read my post did you see where I wrote just kidding after the line and went against them accusing you of being the resident jerk behind all these posts . Go read my post again and then come back to me . The only true hater I like is AMAT sucks or suks as he uses sometines. He is direct and to the point and doesn’t waste a lot of space in his posts. One big clue as to who it is are the cutting and pasting of posts which is something the real COCF would never do and something the village idiot always does.

  • jcaz

    must have missed it…

    Curtain Rods…well, never mind dude, your an idiot

  • Amat Honk

    You guys are truely Brain-dead! You actually said that you thought it was JCAZ or another “Amat Honk” that was posing as “SGVbest chargerfan1995” …thus my response as being a lone entity/gunman (hypothetically speaking you Morons). Why do I waste my time…..because it’s fun and I got plenty of it!!!

  • And yet another Amat Attacker who’s funny as well, who knew!!!

    It’s easy to see the blog for what it now has become, olds farts at the local Mc Donalds comparing weenie size and telling tired old lies their wives are tired of listening to.

    Jcaz did this, no it was COCF, no it was BEST but then who’s on first!!!!!

    Instead of talking about the kids and the games the blog has morphed into an old folks home for some sort of look at me I’m so clever with this new contraption called the blog. PATHETIC!

    Seems the blog has died down if the only thing to talk about is reading COCF play CSI detective and JCAZ being a ring leader of his own stupidity. or Amat thsi and that.

    Intead of the cream rising to the top we’re left with a bitter old man in whitey and all his fake names, Jackass who challenges people to use one name while admitting he’s used various names to get things going and COCF who is a blue print for too much time on his hands. Every year it’s the same thing, one blogger making light of Amat to keep Amat on everyone’s tongue. Same sht different year. Gee I hate amat so much I have to make Amat jokes to pass the time, oh okay.

    Now who was that clever rascal who dogged Amat a few years ago, King Stud, and before that, and before that and before that? Get the picture?

    Now if we can get back to the games that would be nice. Gosh I miss the days when some blow hard dad talked too much in the stands and another Dad punched his lights out in the parking lot. Those were the days when men like Jackassss watched his mouth. Some Marine he turned out to be!

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