CIF rankings: Covina No. 5? That’s all a win over Southeast top-dog West Covina is worth?

1. Azusa (Montview) 6-0 Won Bassett 35-6
2. Monrovia (Rio Hondo) 4-2 Won Blair 57-0
3. Arroyo (Mission Valley) 5-1 Won South El Monte 42-0
4. Whittier Christian (Olympic) 6-1 Won Maranatha 31-24
5. Covina (Valle Vista) 6-1 Won Nogales 41-21
6. San Dimas (Valle Vista) 4-3 Won Pomona 28-14
7. Valley Christian/Cerritos (Olympic) 4-3 Won Los Angeles Baptist 42-9
8. Sierra Vista (Montview) 5-1 Won Workman 49-7
9. Village Christian (Olympic) 4-2 Lost Rio Hondo Prep 26-27
10. Maranatha (Olympic) 5-2 Lost Whittier Christian 24-31

1. Mission Viejo (South Coast) 7-0 Won Dana Hills 52-26
2. Servite (Trinity) 6-0 Won JSerra 41-7
3. Bishop Amat (Serra) 7-0 Won Crespi 31-28
4. Alemany (Serra) 6-0 Bye
5. Santa Margarita (Trinity) 5-1 Won Orange Lutheran 27-15
6. Poly/Long Beach (Moore) 4-2 Bye
7. Lakewood (Moore) 6-1 Won Cabrillo/Long Beach 40-14
8. Mater Dei (Trinity) 4-2 Won St. John Bosco 31-20
9. Tesoro (South Coast) 5-1 Bye
10. San Clemente (South Coast) 6-1 Won Trabuco Hills 43-19

1. West Covina (Hacienda) 5-1 Bye
2. Bonita (Hacienda) 6-0 Won Los Altos 37-10
3. Burbank (Pacific) 5-1 Won Hoover 56-0
4. La Serna (Del Rio) 5-1 Won El Rancho 24-7
5. Diamond Ranch (Hacienda) 4-3 Won Rowland 35-14
6. La Mirada (Suburban) 4-3 Won Cerritos 38-7
7. Mayfair (Suburban) 4-3 Won Glenn 48-7
8. Norwalk (Suburban) 3-3 Bye
9. Bellflower (Suburban) 5-2 Won Artesia 66-7
10. Rowland (Hacienda) 4-3 Lost Diamond Ranch 14-35

1. Centennial/Corona (Big VIII) 6-0 Won J.W. North 49-7
2. Vista Murrieta (Southwestern) 5-1 Won Chaparral 45-17
3. Rancho Cucamonga (Baseline) 5-1 Won Los Osos 29-28 (OT)
4. Roosevelt (Big VIII) 5-1 Won Poly/Riverside 27-8
5. Norco (Big VIII) 5-1 Won Santiago/Corona 49-28
6. Upland (Baseline) 4-2 Won Alta Loma 56-16
7. Claremont (Sierra) 5-1 Won Chino Hills 31-30
8. Chino Hills (Sierra) 4-2 Lost Claremont 30-31
9. Redlands East Valley (Citrus Belt) 4-2 Won Redlands 24-22
10. Redlands (Citrus Belt) 4-1-1 Lost Redlands East Valley 22-24

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  • Colt74

    “Badges? We don’t need no stinking Badges!”

    I gave up long ago trying to figure out :

    1. CIF
    2. BCS
    3. Black Holes
    4. The speed of a sparrow ( english )
    5. Why Diesel costs more than Gas
    6. Non Alcoholic Beer

    It’s just not worth it……

  • b

    Bellflower is in the running wins 1 more Playoff bound. LA head coach is a total Idiot with discipline.

  • lee roy jones

    How, or why is Whittier Christian at the 4th spot of the mid valley division, most of the teams they play or will play are in the top ten of the division!I would think that the other three schools above them will win league due to the fact that they have very weak teams to go up against in league play.Fred , base your thoughts on competition not scores!


    Good line Colt74, lets see if you know your movie trivia? Okay what movie did you hear that famous line,”Badges? We don’t need no stinking Badges!”

    By the way ran into a coach from Covina on Saturday, at Citrus College. Citrus was playing Chaffey College and lost(again). After the game I went up and talk to him about Covina, and brought up the conversation about a player from AZUSA who played Covina three seasons ago Rauley Zargoza, who had the game of his life their against Covina, and now is playing for Citrus Colege.

    That was AZUSAS first big playoff game they had won in many years and even Fred had Covina winning that night. Well the rest is history.

  • Colt74

    Blazing Saddles.

    Plus correction in mine..It’s swallows ( not sparrows )

  • Colt74

    The ONLY problem I have with the Mid Valley rankings is Monrovia at NUMBER 2……OH HELL NO!!!!

    Colt74..” Hey Fred…How many F’s are in Way?
    Fred….” Colt74…There is no F in way…”
    Colt74..” Like I said Fred..NoFin way! ”

    ‘Splain to me Lucy…….

  • stop!!

    Dad, Please quit posting!


    You my new found friend(COLT74) are incorrect!!! The original saying came out in the movie, THE TREASURE OF SIERRA MADRE, with Humphrey Bogart. Remeber thos mexican banditos are chasing them?

    Badges? We don’t need no stinking Badges!”

  • stop!!

    Dad, Please quit posting!


    Poor little Gladstone guy. Hey coach couldn’t we run a better play.

  • Colt74

    Listen to the wording……

    Close but no cigar! Blazing Saddles!


    Hey COLT74, which player are you shown here on this picture? hahahah.. Take it easy on the guy.

    I still think your wrong! Have you seen the old movie?

  • colts fan

    i am a covina supporter and i agree thats where covina belongs they have not proven anything. their young and talented and full of potential but with the ranking i dont have a problem at the end of the day they still have to go out their and let their play do the talking. at this point i really dont know how good covina is. i hope we find out by thrusday. good luck colts


    colt fan, did you take a tea spoon of selfdoubt today? if we beat BP, well were in the drivers seat. Come on they won SD, and that will be our last hurdle. THEN ON TO THE PLAYOFFS…

  • colts fan

    to believe
    covina has alot of hurdles left including the playoffs. alot of football has to be played. i dont just want them to make the playoffs i want them to go far and get covina back to its mcdonough years.

  • Colt74

    I’m with colt fan on a lot of what they said. Plus, CIF polls mean squat. I wish we were not even on the list. A CIF ranking and 10 cents gets you….10 cents. If we beat BP we can at the worst tie for Co-Camp. Our fate won’t be decided till after San Dimas. Don’t take BP lightly…especially since it will be the mud bowl.
    Anything and everything can happen in a rain game.

  • Wilson

    Wildcats will shock the division, win four and be primed for playoffs. They cant miss with their extra yardage option attack. OC is a genius, he will succeed.

  • colts fan

    wilson is not gonna do anything. once playoffs come one and done.

  • I’m gonna tell you all the truth about the Mid-Valley Division. There are about eight teams that could win it (and this CIF poll isn’t the eight). Nobody stands out. There are no powerhouse teams. Everybody is vulnerable. It’s going to make for a fun ride.

  • colts fan

    i agree with aram anyone could win and that includes covina. if covina would play in a tougher division they wont win but thats not the case.

  • kh

    quote from kh
    covia will win cif.
    thats no jokee smokee

  • awesome

    This picture is a dc’s dream. Talk about swarming to the football!


    AZTEC PRIDE (AKA Rauley Zargoza SR.)
    What’s your point? Remember when they used to have a Swap Meet at the Azusa drive-in? Do you remember the Alamo? Come on Rain Man. Here is your trivia? When was the last time you worked (8) hours?


    Colt74 but I prefer 45 .
    You’re wrong shweetheart that line is from my movie Treasure of Sierra League opps, thinking about football kid, I meant Madre. That damn Mel Brooks stole the line and didn’t a dime for it . Diesel cost more because you get more miles to the gallon with a diesel engine as opposed to a gallon of gas. Less fill ups so the gas companies have to get their profits either way .

  • Colt74

    I posted the link to a short video of the movie that shows “I’M RIGHT”. That was NOT said in that movie. Close,….different wording… but no cigar. Watch the 1 min video, come back..and post that I’m right. Now look how much time you could have saved if you just watched the video in the first place.
    ” Badges…we don’t need no stinking badges ” was ONLY said in Blazing Saddles.

  • Movie Buff

    The line originated in Treasure of Sierra Madre.

    Blazing Saddles just rearranged a few words in its parody.

    Anybody that knows anything about movies can tell you that.

    There is little chance Mel Brooks would have used that line had he not heard it in “Treasure”.

  • Colt74

    Movie Buff:

    “Good line Colt74, lets see if you know your movie trivia? Okay what movie did you hear that famous line,”Badges? We don’t need no stinking Badges!”

    Correct answer : Blazing Saddles..Am I wrong?
    Thats what started it

    Now if I was asked ” Do you know what movie that line was parodied from ? ” Then the answer is Sierra Madre. No questions asked! I now know that’s what he meant to ask…it just came out wrong. It’s all good.

    Now…so I don’t have to do another post….

    My vote for picture caption ”
    ” Did you know with 11 you get egg roll? ”



    covina fans shut up you guys are sorry got lucky against west covina and thats the truth… ur not gonna win the vvl so just stop you make playoffs and get owned by sorry ass azusa… and that’s where it ends….

  • billyb

    Hey Fred
    Where is Baldwin Park? Didn’t they beat up on San Dimas?

  • bbbbb

    Wildcats will not shock no one Zavala is hanging with Jim Arellanes that is just a plain loser.

  • Living Legend

    BP all day: when is the last time BP has sniffed a December game? When is the last time BP has won an all out VVL title (not shared)? When is the last time BP has beat Covina back to back years? Oh and I am sure Covina would rather have been lucky and beat West Co, then think they played well and get smashed by a one win South Hills.

    Don’t forget until last season Covina was the only team in the VVL to have multiple wins in the playoffs and they still are the only team whom went to the semis 3 times in the decade.

    Are you really trying to say your win over SD was a dominant win, cause from what I understand you needed an unbelievable defensive play in order to win that game!

    Ask anyone who actually knows football what is the more impressive win WC or SD? Sorry pal but I’ll take a win over the favorite in the southeast division!

    Maybe you guys are talking so much cause you need to
    convince yourself of something?

  • Wildcat Family (not coaching staff)


    That was a joke !!!!!

    The parent’s don’t think our OC can coach his way out of a paper bag with holes on both sides of the bag. After the last few games, Zavala is right their.

    Coaching 101, stop blaming the players.

    Tell you one thing Los Altos and Wilson have one thing in common; they both want their head coaches to go back to Northview. Personally from what I saw Northview won’t take them back. Zavala just got out coached by some last minute fill in over at Northview, and I mean out coached wasn’t even close.

  • stop posting

    Dad i told you stop posting

  • whaaaat

    I can’t believe I READ THIS,

    colts fan said:
    i agree with aram anyone could win and that includes covina. if covina would play in a tougher division they wont win but thats not the case.

    TOUGHER DIVISION? Why don’t you go play flag football then. hahahahaahahaha….


  • COChargerfan:)

    Ok son, But can I post between 4am to 6am?

  • sgv

    where is Rauley Zargoza now oh yea hes at citrus college in which they are a sorry team should of went to mt sac which has a way better football programs in the state when it comes to the community college level.

  • Blah Blah talk trash

    BP ALL DAY said:

    covina fans shut up you guys are sorry got lucky against west covina and thats the truth… ur not gonna win the vvl so just stop you make playoffs and get owned by sorry ass azusa… and that’s where it ends….

    Hmmm sorry but who did BP beat last year in the playoffs? Also who did they lose to? Cause last i Checked azusa went to the semis last year and lost to SAN DIMAS who was really good o and wait didnt they win CIF o yes they did! so before you say sorry azz Azusa look at your selves u beat gladstone?? lol wow here is a cookie…

    Dang BP you guys need to get your players off the big boy blogs!! maybe focus on the game