Here’s this week’s girls volleyball top 10, where there was no movement among the top eight, with the top five combining for a 10-0 record for the week:

1. Chino Hills (21-3) — The Huskies, who haven’t lost since early October, extended their winning streak to nine matches. They get intra-city rival Ayala today.
2. Bonita (14-3) — The Bearcats are taking care of business in the Hacienda League, sweeping their last four opponents. But it gets tough this week with a home encounter against rival Los Altos on Thursday.
3. St. Lucy’s (11-6) — The Regents appear to be getting their second wind, following up a 3-0 loss to Chino Hills two weeks ago with back-to-back wins, including a four-game win over Ayala.
4. Los Altos (11-3) — The Conquerors are No. 2 in the Hacienda League, but they get a chance to change that on Thursday when they travel to first-place Bonita.
5. San Dimas (15-4) — The Saints are cruising in the Valle Vista League, sweeping two matches last week.
6. Glendora (5-5) — The Tartans, after losing their first three matches in the Baseline League, broke through with a win over Alta Loma. It doesn’t get easier this week, with a match against Los Osos.
7. Ayala (10-7) — The Bulldogs are just a step below Sierra League powers Chino Hills and St. Lucy’s, who beat them in four last week.
8. South Hills (10-7) — The Huskies nearly pulled off the upset of season, taking Chino Hills to five games before losing.
9. La Puente (9-4) — The Warriors, who swept three opponents last week, take over the No. 9 spot after league-rival Gladstone was upset by Azusa.
10. Diamond Bar (14-8) — The Brahmas are back in the top 10 after winning two of their last three matches.

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  • any news?

    Anybody hear how the teams did tonight?

  • sgvbl

    can we get a update on league standings besides the two biggies

    1. Bonita
    2. L.A.
    3. Walnut
    4. Diamond Bar
    5. Rowland
    6. West Covina
    7. Diamond Ranch

    1. Chino Hills
    2. St. Lucys
    3. Ayala
    4. South Hills
    5. Claremont
    6. Charter oak

  • GHigh

    Ganesha upset Gladstone last night in a thriller 11-25, 25-22, 26-24, 14-25, 17-15.
    Montview League Standings (I think)
    1. La Puente
    2. Gladstone
    3. Azusa
    4. Duarte
    5. Ganesha
    6. Bassett
    7. Workman
    8. Sierra Vista

    Hopefully we can win 5 in a row and move up to 4th.

  • vball

    Please post scores!

    let us know how teams did!

  • volhi

    why is Diamond Bar ranked and Walnut not ranked when Diamond Bar is behind them in the Hacienda league and lost to them head to head? Diamond Bar hasn’t beaten anyone that Walnut lost to.
    Maybe Steve is predicting the outcome of tomorrows matchup when they play again.

  • Good point

    Vohi: That is a good point and the same arguement could be made about St. Lucy’s and Bonita.

    Strength of schedule also means nothing….Just like the BCS….

  • ChinoHillsHigh7

    Great win for Chino Hills last night! Way to go ladies!

  • sgvbl

    who did Chino Hills beat last night?

  • It’s Just a Sport

    chino Hills beat Ayala in 4 Tuesday night.

    It sure would be nice to see some coverage of Chino Hills’ Volleyball since they appear to be ranked as the top team in the area.

  • all star game?

    Is there going to be an area all star game?
    Any Blogger nominations out there?

  • all star game?

    Is there going to be an area all star game?
    Any Blogger nominations out there?

  • ChinoHillsHigh7

    Almost all of Chino Hills’ home games have been reported by the coach, and sometimes the local newspaper comes in and reports. But I do agree with It’s Just A Sport, I want to see some bigger coverage of the games.

  • question

    Tribune covering any matches tonight?

  • Steve Ramirez

    Sorry question, not tonight. I’ve been assigned to the Covina-Baldwin Park football game. But I will be at next week’s Chino Hills at St. Lucy’s match on Tuesday.

  • Bonita Uncle

    Bonita beat Los Altos in 5 Games. 17-15 was the score in game 5.

  • AHS

    Montview league standings in my opinion. it should end like this 🙂
    1. La Puente
    2. Azusa
    3. Gladstone
    4. Ganesha
    5. Duarte
    6. Bassett
    7. Workman
    8. Sierra Vista

  • volhi

    Walnut beat Diamond Bar again(4 games)

  • Sierra League

    Thursdays Results:
    Chino Hills-3 Claremont-1
    St. Lucy’s-3 South Hills-0
    Ayala-3 Charter Oak-0

  • sgvbl

    Ayala tournament this weekend please post results

  • Ayala Tournament

    Final game was St. Lucy’s/Los Osos. One game championship. Los Osos won. 25-22.

    Great job Ayala for hosting tourney…..

  • tourney surprises?

    Any surprises of local teams in any of the 3 local tournaments this weekend?

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  • Patrick


    stop your haterade already!! I think the sportwriters eyes just like you do! You been whinning on this post about Diamond Bar endlessly! Walnut is not going anywhere in the playoffs just like DB problaby isnt either! So there!, you satisfied, channel your energies on something positive instead of crying out for negative attention!