Simple Question: who’s leading the high school football player of the year chase?

San Gabriel Valley Tribune football players of the year

1969 Fred McNeil, Baldwin Park RB
1970 Pat Haden, Bishop Amat QB and John McKay Jr., Bishop Amat WR
1971 Mike Vicino, Royal Oak RB
1972 Rob Hertel, Los Altos QB and Ron Himes, Walnut QB
1973 Dennis Sproul, Los Altos QB
1974 Brian Bethke, South Hills QB
1975 Richard Nyden, Azusa QB
and John Van Vuren, South Hills RB
1976 Bob Epps, West Covina DL
1977 Don Roberts, Temple City RB
1978 Ron Stivers, West Covina RB
1979 Ray McNeill, El Monte WR
and Danny Trejo, Baldwin Park WR
1980 Bill Stone, Royal Oak RB
1981 Blake Smith, Los AltosQB
and Steve Lauter, Los Altos WR
1982 Mike Smith, Los Altos QB
1983 Randy Tanner, Bishop Amat; Paul Hewitt, Monrovia
1984 Michael Johnson, Baldwin Park QB
1985 Eric Bieniemy, Bishop AmatRB
1986 Eric Bieniemy, Bishop Amat RB
1987 Bill Gallis, Northview QB
1988 Jason Martin, Los Altos TE/DB
1989 Marshawn Thompson, Bassett RB
1990 Jason Patterson, Bishop Amat FB/DE
1991 Marc Ruiz, Baldwin ParkQB
1992 Lawrence Phillips, Baldwin Park RB-DB
1993 Miguel Meriwether, West Covina QB/DB
1994 Daylon McCutcheon, Bishop Amat RB/FS
1995 Oscar Interiano, Sierra Vista RB
1996 Oscar Arzu, Sierra Vista RB
1997 Nick Covarrubias, Covina QB/DB
1998 Steve Stevenson, Charter Oak WR/RB/DB
1999 Jason Wright, Diamond Bar, RB/DB
2000 – Felipe Aguilar, Los Altos, QB
2001 – Donnie McCleskey, Bishop Amat RB
2002 – Daniel Drayton, Randall Brown, Los Altos RBs/DBs
2003 – Brigham Harwell, Los Altos DE
2004 – William Wagner, Bishop Amat RB
2005 – Mike McDonough, Covina QB
2006 – Mike McDonough, Covina QB
2007- Dorian Wells, South Hills, RB
2008 – Chris Allen, Charter Oak, QB
2009 – Adam Muema, Charter Oak, RB
2010 – ??????????????????????

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  • Amatblue

    Jalen Moore, best running back on best team. He does it week in and week out against the best competition. If you look at the stats, the Sierra Vista and Mountain View kid are the only ones with more rushing yards, but you can’t compare the three…It’s Moore’s to lose.

  • Unreal…

    Moore. Without a doubt.

    Absolutely punishes defenders and always fights for the extra yards. Statistically, he is one of the best backs in the Pac-5 and he has played well in every game but most importantly against Crespi when he was forced to carry the load after Shay went down early.

    If Moore can keep on playing this through the remainder of league it will be a no-brainer.

    He’s also a great kid. His dad coached my brother in JAA and their whole family are just great people. Jalen is truly deserving of the Award thus far.

    Go AMAT!!!!

  • just sayin’

    Today? Easy answer. Jalen Moore. Great stats. 6 games in a row over 100 yds. Best game against the best competition. Crespi is better than any other opponent anyone in the SGV played and Moore shredded them. How do Hagerty’s comments about Jalen winning the starting spot strike you all now?

  • AJ

    Dennis Rufus of Charter Oak by far, he plays offense at wide receiver and defense at defensive back. The athleticism, speed, play making ability, he can do it all. He will be a steal for which ever college gets him. Dennis Rufus is the player of the year.

  • anonymous

    Crespi is WAY, WAY, Overrated! No Defense at all. A lot of teams on the top 25 in the SGV area would beat them. Take my word.

  • Hey anon

    who else would be crespi in the valley? No. 2 West Covina? They lost to Covina.

  • Aaron

    What I would have said in August and then in September is not the case. One of them may make some serious noise as he’s beginning to play whereas the other is leading on the sidelines.

    Midway point I’d say Jalen Moore or Billy Livingston.

  • Amatblue

    That Amat haters are so desperate they have resulted to ridiculous statements like anyone in the top 25 would beat Crespi. The more ridiculous they get, the more you know Amat is headed in the right direction.

  • the critic

    i gotta agree with AJ:
    Dennis Rufus by far is the leading candidate for player of the year…

  • Joe Amat

    Guys like “anonymous” make me chuckle. Thank goodness there are far fewer these days, they stand out as more ludicrous and grasping at straws. You say, “A lot of teams in the SGV Top 25 would beat them”? Not Times Top 25, Not State Top 25… SGV Top 25? Is that what you meant to say?

    Crespi beat Vista Murrrieta, the #1 team in the Inland at the time, a couple weeks before facing the Lancers. VM has defeated Santiago (ask Chino Hills about them), Etiwanda (just beat Glendora… and what was that Glendora Charter Oak score? and Los Osos (who took down South hills). Crespi’s only other loss is to Dominguez (who has beaten everyone on their schedule not named Bishop Amat)

    Now, please, list “a lot of SGV teams” that would beat Crespi.

  • Best in the valley

    Jalen Moore is the front runner. He has 1019 yards 7yards per carry and 12 tds. Also quietly Ruiz is having a phenomenal year. Ruiz has over 1100 yards passing, he has completed 61% of his passes, he has 10 to 4 td to int ratio and a 105 QB rating. Honestly Rio is moore valuable to his team, so he might get be a candidate for player of the year. Solomon from West co is having a great year too, but no one is really close to the Bishop kids right now.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    Since everyone is putting in their 2 cents, here is mine. Chase Price from DRanch. I don’t know his stats, but my eyeball test tells me that he is in the running. Speed, strengh, atility, balance, I can’t imagine that there any “better” running backs in the SGV. I haven’t seen Moore from Amat, form what I’ve heard he’s a damn good one to. I can’t really go just by stats since level of competition can inflat those.

    SGV430 Ouuuttt!!!

  • Unreal…


    I laugh at those who insult a team like Crespi. How about you get out of the SGV every once in a while and watch a few games of the other Southern California powerhouse programs outside of the SGV before you make asinine comments?

    By the way, what school do you support? It really doesn’t matter. I’m sure they are neither overrated nor underrated, they are probably just happy to be rated.

  • Eyeball Test

    Anyone that has any questions about Jalen Moore can go to and type in “Amat” in the Search window. 10 games come up. Take a look at the Crespi game and you’ll see all you need to know.
    While you’re at it you can look for Rufus by typing in Charter Oak and you’ll find – – wait – – no games! Then try “Glendora” to look for Jeffries and you can see – – no games there either. Continue for West Covina, South Hills, etc – – same results.
    Those who doubt Amat – ask yourself why this is?

  • kh

    fred the homerdome strikes again with a amat player.
    come on player of the week.
    jalen moore 270 yards rushing 2 td.
    giovanni rivers 358 yards rusding 5 td.
    fred go ahead and say it,giovanni did it against nobody and the great jalen is playing at the highest level in the world.
    he by far giovanni out scored and out rushed your little amat player out of this weeks award..
    give credit to wheres credits do…
    iam going to wait to see,who wins cif and league before making a half way player of the year,pennleton from bonita looks like when the dust all clears will be right in the drivers seat 6 only 3 quarters of play, 1 intro. was on a exart point attemp.he tried to force throw,,,
    fred you say bonita lucky how things are by who weve played,what about amats week games so far,in three weeks we all will see whos left on the top,then you can say ,you guys play nobody,
    good luck,
    go bearcats

  • E

    Dennis Rufus

  • get real!

    Neither Rio Ruiz nor Chad Jeffries the over rated picks in the preseason have lived up to their hype. Presently the leaders are Daniel Kessler and Billy Livingston both approaching 1700 yards vs a mere 1100 for Ruiz and Jeffries. Lets go based on facts not emotional favorites.Livingston was not even acknowledged in pre season however, he has worked his fanny off all off season and it paid off. Now all of a sudden the writers are noticing him. Give credit were credit is due! Smell the coffee!

  • Colt74

    Player of the year is subjective. Best overall player, or player who has had the greatest impact on a teams overall success? Would Bishop Amat be where they are at today without Moore? Would Covina be where they are at today without Livingston? Would either athlete have the same season accomplishments if they were on another team? In the immortal words of Socrates ( I think he said it first )…..”Chew on this”….

  • Is Amat the new family lout?

    Gee why not just make this award the annual Best Player on the Best Team in the Valley Award. The Amat Faithful will soon be unbearable. Reminds me of the relative who can’t stop talking about his good fortune at every family function. Who hasn’t had that Thanksgiving meal where everyone at the table wants to “stuff” the braggard.

    Lighten up Lancervile. Fortunately Covina’s two time POY winner happened during Amat’s down years or else no one would have ever appreciated what a great player he was.

    I like the old Amat fans who pulled for Jerry Mac and still were able to allow for Adam Muema’s win.

  • Colt74

    Eyeball test,
    Why? Because ibn is solely fueled by user submitted videos. Maybe Covina, South Hills, Charter Oak, etc…don’t have fans on the sidelines video taping every time a player scratches their butts, gets a drink, blows their nose…then run home and post it on the internet under the caption “Look at us…See how great we are! ”

    Maybe those other teams fans watch the games, chat amongst themselves, eat their peanuts and enjoy the game for what it is.

    You will notice that I did not slam any particular team or their fan base…I just proposed one of possibly many reasonable explanations to your question.

  • Colt74

    And even with the mutiny brewing notice how in THIS CENTURY Los Altos has the most Players Of The Year….

  • WCkid32

    Chris SOLOmon from WC should at least be a nomination. Kids been killing it all year

  • Eyeball Test

    Colt 74 – have you watched the videos. Not user submitted but professionally produced w/ play-by-play and an analyst. The Crespi game was announced by Isaac Lowenkron of Fox Sports who has done radio play-by-play for the NFL, UCLA football, and UCLA basketball.
    Maybe , if you look at the videos offered – nationwide – you’ll see they cover the best teams in the best divisions. That’s the point.

  • reality

    I like guys who fly under the radar. Claremonts WR Murakata and Bonitas OLB Mikity. Both make the most of the skills they have with little acclaim. Check these guys out.

  • just askin’

    kh – are those Giomani’s season stats?
    The 270 yds 2 TDs is Moore’s single game vs Crespi stats.
    Good effort though.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    I only mentioned the eyeball test because I watched Price up close for a couple of games. That’s not to knock anyone else. West Covina has 2 or 3 running backs that could be in the mix if they didn’t play for WC. The award is going to come down to who the Trib likes that has the credentials to back it up. Moore from Amat, Livingston from Covina, Nunez from Azusa could win the popular vote for putting Azusa on the map. I’m sure there are others I have left off. Who ever wins it, the others will have a legit case for themselves.

    SGV430 Outtt!!

  • Colt74

    Eyeball Test,
    I understand why Amat has the most coverage of any of the other teams in the area. If going off a 100 point scale to judge coverage Amat would get 25 points just for their name. If they went 0-9 they would still get more coverage than any other team in the area.I don’t have a problem with that and/or that’s not my point is coverage should have nothing to do with player of the year for the Tribune. How many times was McD for Covina covered in the National News? Does that mean he’s was not deserving because he never made ibn? Is Moore good? Hell Yes! Even Stevie Wonder can see that! But he’s not good because of Videos that he is in.

  • AMAT 73

    Way to early for a list like this . Most teams are 1 or 2 games into league and already it is being asked for speculation on player of the year. At this point there are many that could be listed but the thread is getting the hits and that what counts to the Trib. I would say the 3/4 mark will tell a better mark on who is having a good as opposed to a great year. Too many players had good games to narrow it down to one this early and what they did in pre league really shouldn’t play into this as what they do in league is what really counts.

  • Zavala

    Come on Moses Vega fron Wilson should be on this list

  • JA

    Arellanes said

    Come on Tibbs gets 4 yards per carry.

  • Some guys not mentioned who should be …

    Demetrius Jackson from BP (watch him on both sides tomorrow)

    Julian Gener from Amat (yes, defensive players count, too and he’s been amazing)

    Steven Rivera from Arroyo (when he’s been healthy, he’s been outstanding)

    Chase Price from D-Ranch (somebody mentioned him, but I thought I would again)

    Austin Johnson from Chino Hills (can a nose guard win it?)

  • Joe Amat


    I come on here every year at this time and make the same correction every time you cut & past this list.

    Bill Stone was a ***Royal Oak*** Player of the Year (not Charter Oak) Unless, of course, you’re now claiming West Covina as your Alma Mater I’m sure you’ll understand the difference..


    You’re pretty right on and I do enjoy some of the humor/sarcasm you bring, as there’s usually some substance behind it. But you can’t make a mistake like the ibnsports error and keep all credibility. To make it seem like they are some YouTube of sports is simply ill-informed.

    ibnSports is a pretty reputable internet sports broadcast company and has a contract w/the CIF to televise over 100 games this season, live & on delay. This provides additional revenue for the CIF (keeping your Covina Colts dues a bit lower) and provides some additional income for the host school.

    I would suggest that anyone who has not viewed Moore (or Amat for that matter) take a look at the game video on their website. Heck, maybe even watch bits of some other games outside of the Fish Bowl to see what kind of football is played elsewhere and the *depth* of talent on all those teams at that level.

    We have many great individual players on some SGV teams that I’d love to see in a Lancer uni (Livingston being only one, but the depth on these teams is what separates the divisions. I remember stepping on campus feeling pretty good that I was one of the best from my city… only to find out that the best from 10 different cities were there too.

    As to the question at hand, I think it’s fair at any point in the season to ask the question “at this point in the season….” That being said at this point in the season, it is Jalen Moore. It’s not just “best player on best team that played the best competition”… he also has the stats to back it up. Considering the shoes he had to fill he has stepped up… and then some.

  • saladays

    Most memorable guys on this list to watch have to be Eric Bieneneny and Marshawn Thompson. Not on this list, but I have a real soft spot for old Binky Benton. Loved watching that guy run.

  • tydro

    The best players I’ve witnessed this year have been:
    Dennis Rufus, CO
    Travis Santiago, CO
    Chad Jeffries, Glendora
    Chase Price, Diamond Ranch
    Aubrey Coleman, Walnut
    Chris Solomon, West Co

    Of these, I would have to give the Player of the Year nod at this point to Rufus or Santiago… Rufus is the best athlete in the Valley.. Solomon is 1A best athlete… Chase Price carried his team the most followed by Aubrey Coleman…

    Overall, I think the late season success should be the deciding factor.. Here is how I see it…

    If CO beats Chino Hills and Claremont, wins the Sierra.. It goes to Dennis Rufus or Travis Santiago…

    If West Co wins out, Solomon should finish somewhere near the top.. He isn’t asked to carry the load nearly as much, but he is asked to do quite a bit as a safety and running back.. He is the most talented running back in the Valley and yet West Co typically doesn’t overuse him.. A great testament to the depth at West Co and a tremendous O-Line…

    If D-Ranch sneaks through the Hacienda undefeated, it will be all thanks to Chase Price.. He has carried the Ranchers on his back this year.. He deserves the POY if they upend West Co and Bonita…

    If Jeffries rallies the Tartans to win the Baseline league/ go undefeated the rest of the way; I thinkk he would deserve strong consideration.. If he cannot, he would finish somewhere around 5th in the voting..

    Aubrey Coleman does it all for Walnut as well, even running out of the Power Eye in the past few weeks for the Mustangs.. Overall though, he will finish last of those I’ve listed..

    The way I see it:
    1- Dennis Rufus
    2- Chase Price
    3- Travis Santiago
    4- Chris Solomon
    5- Chad Jeffries….

    THIS IS OF THOSE I’VE SEEN THIS YEAR.. Have not seen Amat, but obviously the way Moore is running the football, he’d be tough to beat… Assuming Amat wins the Serra.. If they do not, I think the award would have to go to someone like a Price(If Ranch wins…), Rufus(If CO wins…) or Santiago…

  • Mikey

    Freddy or Aram,

    Nobody from undefeated Azusa or Bonita on the list at this point of the season?

  • Jerry Mac started it all

    Joe Amat all good points but “best” doesn’t cover it does it. Jerry Mac was more deserving than Adam M last year.I’ll go to my grave believing that and I saw both play for two years, Jerry Mac was POY.

    This year however I think Kessler is just as deserving if Player of the Year is impact or impotance to the team.

    In Amat’s case the “depth” issue says it all. Shay and Moore replace and all league back like Anderson, and then some!

    That’s really where Amat is different from 99.9999999% of the Fish Bowl schools where “stars” make or break teams. If last year Jerry Mac goes down they have Rio in the wings.

    This year the Lancers have really replaced all that was Verti. The assistants have had three summers to fine tune players and challenge them to new heights. None of this happens without Jerry Mac who will go down in Lancer lore like Jim Kelly did when he started the Miami machine.

    In terms of skill level, depth, commitment and NFL level coahcing Mat is hands down ten steps ahead of every single Fish Bowl school in the Valley. That’s the real deal.

    No further evidence is needed that the outstanding play of the DBs who have learned form one of the best.

    Still I like to see Player of the Year awards go to a player who is “valuable” to a team like no other. Covina without Mc D? Hope that helps.

    My guess is Amat is on a run of about five year that will make people look at the Top ten List like it should be. No need to place USc in teh same catergory as Azusa Pacific. Mark my words the gap will widen quickly as the best players flock to Amat again, some form even greater distances.

  • kh

    those stats where against workman last week.
    ligit player of the week stats,
    but no amat amat amat runs away with honors.
    in the nfl they only list top running back week by week.
    they dont make excusses for the other team being less of a game.
    thats why the athlete did so good,
    fred amat time is coming in next couple weeks,
    am pulling for amat,not like you going against them this week???????

  • FredJ

    Those asking, include Mikey, we never put out a list, this was for you (the bloggers) to weigh in .. I have a list of five to six I’m thinking about, but not giving anything away yet.

  • Lance R

    You have to admit if Hagerty was one to run up scores and not play his reserves, padded stats for his star players etc and just flat out destroyed teams the way Vic Cuccia did with Wilson in the late 70’s.. Rio and Jalen would be going head to head for this POY. Amat pulled back in games, hence not running up scores and stats taking star player out of the game by early 3rd quarter. The way Rio has played (limited) he will not get it this year but if he plays football next year with what is coming back to the Amat team in terms of players, Rio is a lock for the POY next year barring no injury. Remember Vic Cuccia’s Wilsons teams broke records with his Son Ron leading the Mules to 3 undefeated season and 3 consecutive championships. Ron Cuccia broke some passing record of Bishop Amats Pad Haden. All because they never took him out of the game. If Wilson was ahead by 40 points their coach was onside kicking the ball to run scores up for records. It was crazy back in the day. Nowadays coaches take their foot off the gas pedal to save face in the eyes of other coaches.

  • FredJ

    Joe Amat, thanks … one of these day I’m going to figure out who you’re … I finally ran into Mike the Clone, he was great.

  • WestCoFan

    i like how everyone from amat is all about moore. and it is true, the reason why there’s so many youtube videos of amat players is because that’s all those parents do is try to get people to notice their kids. i think other teams deserve a lot more credit than their given. amat is good, no lie. but please, enough with the bragging its getting old and annoying. never let a win get to your head & a loss to your heart. and amat, your definetly letting it get to your head. yeah, our guys at wes. co lost to covina because they got cocky. they started winning because they knew that wasn’t the way to go. solomon all the way!

  • WestCoFan

    i like how everyone from amat is all about moore. and it is true, the reason why there’s so many youtube videos of amat players is because that’s all those parents do is try to get people to notice their kids. i think other teams deserve a lot more credit than their given. amat is good, no lie. but please, enough with the bragging its getting old and annoying. never let a win get to your head & a loss to your heart. and amat, your definetly letting it get to your head. yeah, our guys at wes. co lost to covina because they got cocky. they started winning because they knew that wasn’t the way to go. solomon all the way!

  • just askin’

    WestCoFan – who has mentioned any youtube videos at all? we’re talking about broadcasts.

  • wang chung

    I’ll go with Billy Livingston. His form is awesome and his deliveries are right on target!!

  • Colt74

    Joe Amat,
    Point taken. But now I have 2 questions for you. Does IBN personally send out film crews to cover the games that they highlight and show? Do they personally produce these game coverages in house?
    I may be misunderstanding something here ( set me straight if I am )but from what I have researched IBN contracts with whomever to provide the sources for their broadcast and they( IBN )mainly broadcasts what they have been given or purchased. If in that context wouldn’t my statement of them being fueled by user submitted be correct? Granted the use of the word solely on my part was a mistake, and in my defense I never described them as Youtube.

    I do understand supply and demand so to say that there would be more of a market for a game being taped of Bishop Amat say than South Hills,( If in sheer numbers of videos recorded alone ) and that Bishop Amat would have a larger menu to view on IBN still leads me back to what I was asked in the first place. How does having more videos on IBN relate to being a consideration for POY?

    Because if the number of videos of someone counts I nominate OctoMom !

  • whitey

    take the Tribs POY for what it’s worth , a glorified door stop! in 75 the Trib picked Richard Nyden QB Azusa,over Paul McDonald, USC Qb and 8 year NFL career, Nyden lasted a day at Citrus JC the following year, the even bigger snub was in 95 Ralph Brown on a Pac 5 Championship team, the heart and soul , 2-way player with a 11 year NFL career was passed over by 1 Oscar Interiano, from that powerhouse Sierra Vista out of the juggernaut Montview league, so pad your stats fish bowlers the Trib gets lots of goose bumps reading the inflated numbers

  • Colt74

    There is a game at Covina District Field tomorrow! Sure would be great to see BOTH stands packed. Come on…Jackass 3D can wait……Support the SGV!!!!


    My picks this year for POY will be Travis Santiago and Dennis Rufus. I have not seen the Amat guys this year I’m sure they will be plenty of Amat candidates.

    Travis Santiago is having a hell of a year and is pretty accurate.

  • COChargerfan

    Chad Jeffries, Glendora, or Jalen Moore, Amat, and if I had to pick between the two I would say, Jalen Moore.
    I guess the biggest reason is he has carried the Amat football team on his shoulders, not to say Amat doesnt have a great Football team, but The big River, Rio Ruiz and Wallace Gonzalez havent lived up to the hype!
    I predict Rio will Follow Jay Anderson and play only Baseball next year.
    AMAT 73, Joe Amat, jcaz, how do you like me now?
    Colt74, stop living in the past, your team sucks this year! Let it go
    P.S. Fred, can you get more pictures and videos of the Amat Football team on here please?

  • Peoples choice

    Michael Ball? What happened to this Phenom? Not a mention of his name.? I guess off year with losing and all. Jalen Moore at this point.. not because of schedule and playing against D1 teams but as a Junior this guy is doing a awesome job where most had Amat in a losing season because Jay Anderson decided to listen to Napolean and quit football. Jalen has stepped it up big time and is a very physical back. Jay Anderson who?

  • Bones

    I’d have to definitely go with Covina QB Billy Livingston. By being only a junior, I suspect great things to happen for him.


    If I am not mistaken that post on Jerry Mac was from a long lost blogger who we all know and love.Teh clues oh excuse me I meant the clues are there. With all the phantom posts going on here and then seeing this one maybe that is a clue as to who is behind the new COCF #1 #2 or 4 to 6 and maybe just maybe behind sgvsnotsincehellfrozeover1995. Only time will tell.

  • Colt74

    Am I the only one that notices that the fake COChargerfan also has a tendency to capitalize the word football just like another poster who we’ve all have come to know and love ( insert sarcasm here ). It’s funnier than hell that someone would go to that much trouble to post under that many log ons ( 7 at last count ).To each their own.

  • get out more!

    it’s funny when people say “definitely…” ; “it has to be…”; this guys the best athlete…” – – –
    BUT “I haven’t seen anybody but my team and the lousy teams they play” LOL!

  • The Hacienda Rocks

    @ Mikey

    The likely Bearcat, Garrett Pendleton to rise to POY status has just played a little over three quarters. At this juncture Bonita is a team in every aspect of the definition of the word. Great efforts from many of the players.

    Current Highlights to mention a few:

    #15 B. Davis (So.) 41 points, 23 PATs, 6 FG
    #33 Z. Brungard (Sr.) 36 points, 79 yards rushing, 272 yards receiving, 15 tackles, 1 INT, 1 FMB
    #11 M. Gelalich (Sr.) 24 points, 213 yards receiving, 24 tackles
    #1 G. Johnson (Sr.) 18 points, 243 yards, 33 tackles
    #31 E. Mikity (Sr.) 51 tackles, 5 sacks
    #6 K. Huth (Sr.) 6 points, 20 tackles, Punt ave. 36.6 yards, 2 sacks, 3 FMB
    #8 G. Spathias (Sr.) 70 of 118 for 832 yards, 6 TDs, 8 INT
    #10 G. Pendleton (Sr.) 27 of 40 for 423 yards, 6 TDs, 1 INT

  • Been Around The Horn

    First to, “Sick of Amat,” Advice: please do not read anythhing in reference to Amat. Doctors will tell you ,stress may lead to heart problems.
    Second, if your son’s team had to play Bishop Amat, how would you feel then! Please grow up! I think you wrote this; and not your Son Billy! To West Co fan:
    Jalen Moore is more, plain and simple! What you see is what you get!

    To Lancr R, You are right on the money about Wilson. I’m glad to see someone has been around as well; not someone who discovered football ten years ago! One of my friends attented Wilson when the little guy played q-back. I had to remind him, when City teams played CIF Teams, there was no contest. You are right, his Coach father just wanted him to run up the score. The little guy attended Harved, no one was impressed. At least he received a good education, I will give him credit for that accomplishment. One last statement, go see a Bishop Amat Game, so you can judge for yourself. Have a in/out burger or some pop corn on me.

  • wangchung

    @bestin the valley

    You must be Ruiz’ dad. . . or high. Or both.

    Moore is a definite candidate but Ruiz?!?!?!?! C’mon- what is he? 9th or 12th or something on the QB leaderboard and a distant 50th in the state?

    Big River is naught but a small tributary!!!! He should stick to baseball- and you should cut back on the koolaid.

  • The Hacienda Rocks

    Correction. Bonita’s top ten tacklers (10/20/10)

    #31 E. Mikity 51 tackles, 26 assists
    #6 K. Huth 20 tackles, 16 assists
    #1 G. Johnson 22 tackles, 11 assists
    #11 M. Gelalich 16 tackles, 8 assists
    #51 J. Serrano 16 tackles, 8 assists
    #42 D. Harriman 12 tackles, 11 assists
    #23 G. Horine 13 tackles, 9 assists
    #40 N. Berghoudian 10 tackles, 11 assists
    #53 N. Pichotta 13 tackles, 5 assists
    #33 Z. Brungard 10 tackles, 5 assists


    Jerry Mac started it all,

    If it wasn’t for Darien Johnson last year you guys would have lost alot more games. DJ single handed put the offense in a better position to score always. He was awesome when it came to special teams he was in my opinion your best player not Jerry.

  • Lance R

    Around the Horn,

    Yes back in the day Wilson was the City 3A champs and were a very well coached team, but they could not have beaten back then CIF powerhouses Los Altos, Eisenhower or a Bishop Amat. A city team back then that I think may have held their own was a 4A Banning or Carson team. They had very special talent back them Freeman McNeil, Wesley Walker, Jamal Halloway. Wilson is what a La Habra team is today. They won championships and are very good but at their level. Thats why when people come in here and compare So Hills, Los Altos, Charter Oak and the new one Bonita to Bishop Amat they have not seen football played at different levels and are just going by record. There is a differance and a Los Altos would have destroyed a L.A. Wilson back in the day. Vic Cuccia wanted to keeps sons Rons Record of consecutive wins and championships in tact, could not blame him he wanted him to get into a good college which he did. Popcorn and In and Out I am down for. I go to all Amat Home games.

  • Joe Amat


    I think “Jerry Mac started it all” ‘s point was that it is not necessarily the BEST player – but the “most valuable”. Jerry’s intangibles go without question. And you addressed him by saying Darien was “your best player” as if he was from Amat.

    I know it’s hard for some to believe that some posts supporting Amat and their players actually come from others who just understand football and have no affiliation with Bishop Amat. I can pretty safely say “Jerry Mac started it all” is not an Amat parent, employee, booster but really someone from the outside and a competing school who Amat has earned his respect over the past few years.

  • The Montview is…So, so

    @ Mikey

    Azusa has a clear candidate for POY honors in Nunez QB/MLB. Here are his stats:

    # 8 J. Nunez (Sr.) Offensively: 53 of 96 for 753 yards passing, 7 TD, 5 INT, 59 points scored, 5 TDs, 26 PATs, 1 FG, 249 yards rushing Defensively: 2 INT, 1FMB, 5.5 sacks, 33 tackles, 34 assists

  • Simple Question


    What do u go by to determine the POY? Maxpreps and their stats, and how well their team did? I know now for the most part teams enter their stats on MaxPreps, but half of those stats are BS… So how could u correctly select a player of the year or what steps to do take to pick one? Criteria!

  • apples and oranges

    kh – the difference in the NFL is, while some are better than others, they are playing NFL caliber teams every week. The difference between Crespi and Workman is about the difference between the San Diego Chargers and the Charter Oak Chargers.
    Plus, after everything that has been exposed regarding Sierra Vista stats the past couple weeks – not only don’t I believe anything I read, I also think Interiano & Arzu’s awards should be under investigation and vacated ala Reggae Boosh

  • Aaron

    Those that say I give too much love to the Aztecs…well here it goes:

    QB/MLB Jose Nunez, signal caller on both sides of the ball.

  • D-Mo

    Whitey, give it a rest on Nyden. He was an excellent HS QB.


    Joe Amat,

    You have to admit that DJ won a couple of games for the lancers last year right? Or am I wrong on my assessment of him?

  • Vinny Venegas?

    Livingston is not even the POY on his own team…Vinny Venegas is one of the best football players in the valley. Those that are talking about Livinston haven’t seen the Colts play and are just going on what others say. Without Vinny, the Colts are nowhere near where they are now. Vinny, Vinny, Vinny! Watch out for #5.


    IM sorry but its got to be

    Billy Livingston
    or Dennis Rufus

    Travis is not very good at all im sorry!He can run around and throw 4 Tds to Rufus thats not saying alot about the Qb but maybe the WR.
    billy is what 8th in the state and only 30 yards from kessler and common in a offense that does not throw the ball as much as claremont that has to be a achievement…

  • colt fan

    TO vinny vanegas said.

    i agree vanegas is the best football player on his team.i seen all the covina games this year and vinny makes that team run like a well oiled machine not livingston. hes a good qb but not great. billy needs to play defense for me to consider him a player of the year. its not the nfl go out their and hit someone. venegas does that but livingston does not. i cant give that award to him wend their are plenty of qbs that play both ways

  • whitey

    d-mo, was Nyden good b4 or after a few Coors Banquet beers with pops? where were all his college offers like Fictitious St. SE Northern Saskatchewan Tech? Paul McDonald played big boy football in HS at USC and the NFL enough said !

  • Spartan Alumni

    Player of the Year, easy answer Aaron Cantu from Schurr HS, he is an incredible QB, a great passer, good eye for the field and a natural leader. His stats are already higher then last year at this time, all this without the two 6ft plus receivers who graduated in 2010. This kid is the real deal.


    Hold the phone Whitey, and give me a few minutes…


  • Aint covina vikings boys and girls

    yes ive been to three of the games this year as well and so what if billy doesnt play defense?? have you seen the team when billy wasnt in? i saw it against Northview 1 touchdown without him… then the fist quarter of Wilson how many points??? umm…. 0? then when Billy came in bam 24 – 3 in a instant.
    Yes Venegas is great but the offense aint moving without billy sorry..

  • A

    Are you kidding me Jim Arellanes and Zavala had the kahunas to even Ask. The worst coaches ever. You both need to go back to sleep. With your leadership skills it will never happen. This is embarrassing for Hacienda Heights we are sorry.

  • Numbers Numbers

    Aram, what are you looking for when writers decide on post season awards.

    lets say Bishop wins the pac 5 championship and goes to state…the player of the year would have to be Jalen Moore or Rio Ruiz. Bishop does not go anywhere without either guy… For them both to be over a 1000 yrds at this point in the season, shows how balanced their attack is. I know livingston is having a great year, and other QB’s are, but you have to factor in Strength of schedule, how far the team goes in the playoffs and winning a title. I mean not one school outside Bishop can compete on the state level. Those guys having great seasons against the toughest division in the state.

  • Vinny Venegas?

    Look! I’m a Covina fan and a supporter of all the boys. I think Billy is awesome and he’s having an unbelievable year and I agree that the offense doesn’t move without him.
    My point: Offensive player of the year, absolutely a canditate.
    POY: Vinny plays WR, he plays RB, and has multiple receiving and running TD’s.
    He returns kicks and has a 94 yard kickoff return for a TD and plays defensive back and has mutiple INT’s on defense.
    IMO this is what it means to be a POY.
    No doubt Billy is the man, but no way you can talk about POY without mentioning #5.
    Go Colts.

  • kh

    season just heatin up boys,hang tight maybe someof your early guys wont finish the race,
    right now eric mikity is a shoe in the win,leads cif in tackles.and bonita 6-0 with the best defense in the area hands down,way better and faster then amat,will debate with any body anytime over whos the beast d in sgv.
    our starting d has only give up 6 points in last 4 games,,,,,,,
    rest of the points are because we blow everybody out and 2-3- string guys play 3 and 4th quarter,.we will kick west cost butt,cant wait,,,/
    just like we did every year in jr.all american football.slow fat slow fat ,guys we fold in the 3nd 4 th quarters i hope its close tired of not seeing my boy play but only 2 1/3 quarters.we have a guy who can catch a cold but plays w-o every game,thats a joke.somebody give us a game

  • give me a break

    U say you’ll go to ur grave believing jerry Mac was poy. And then to add that if he went down Rio would step in. LMAO. First of all what made jerry and the Amat team great was the special teams,because without them! This team goes no where. J Mac at best was adequate. Rio is having a hell of a time learning QB this year much less last year. Please give me a break.

  • Colt74

    Two things…I have to agree with V.V.’s logic.
    and, do you realize that it took almost 12 hours for this to show up?

    “I mean not one school outside Bishop can compete on the state level.”

    Come on Amat guys…you are starting to slip….


  • DRanchhhh


    Does anyone in the VALLEY have 1000 yeards rushing yet on 71 carries, just 7 games into the season?? ANYONE??

    Chase Price does!!

    Commited to SDSU–Same place as Adam Muema
    has 420 yards receiving.

    Yea…Who is Jalen Moore again??

  • Aaron

    Mr Huth has an interesting point about Giovanni Rivera from Sierra Vista. First you say hey the competition they’ve played…um hello it’s bloody hard to run that many yards per game period.

    Kid is second in the state with 1669 yds on 167 attempts.


    Whitey, I’ll give to you on the Coors Banquet beer in that era in 1975. In those day’s that’s what people drank and not Budweiser. Remember that Whitey, something went down with Coors and a lot of Hispanics quit drinking Coors soon after. Soon after that Budweiser took off?

    Hows that for going back in time Whitey. Okay I know this is a little off topic but 1975, wow and Richard Nyden must be around 54-55 right about now. You know what strikes me odd, it seem you have a little resent meant towards the guy! Did you attend High School with him? Because you keep bringing him up. Never met the guy and actually dont know a thing about him, other then he went to AZUSA and was selected the POY.

    What got me to reply to your post actually, was the comment you made of, ” the juggernaut Montview league. And you plugged in Citrus College. Well I just wanted to let you know that not all the players that come out from AZUSA fizzle out!

    There are currently two players from AZUSA who are playing for Citrus College and starting on Defense and Offense. No, Im not trying in any way to promote these players on Freds blog, because theyre beyond High School ball now, but when they did play three seasons ago and that was the year when AZUSA played Covina and won 28-6. Heres what they achieved, when they played for AZUSA!

    Rauley Zargosa, played Varsity football for three years, All C.I.F his senior year, All Montview league Junior and Senior, Outstanding track athlete and second year playing for Citrus. What will standout the most is when he single handily help AZUSA beat Covina on that playoff game with four interceptions and scored all AZUSA touchdowns that night, if Im not mistaken. If (ANY) of you Covina fans can remember that night!

    Also Rauley will go D1. There have been many scouts looking at him this year as a receiver!

    Next player from AZUSA. Steven Arceo, played three years on Varsity football, his Junior year went both ways, Defense and Offense and received All Montview league for both positions and was the first player to receive that honor from AZUSA. Had the most QB, sacks in his Junior year in the Montview League and receives player of the year for AZUSA. Senior year with Rauley Zargosa, AZUSA goes undefeated in League and plays Covina in first round and AZUSA wins, (See above) All league in the SGVTribune. Most Quarter Back Sacks in all the Leagues and second in total sacks to the player from Rosemead, Tramler Summer, and excuse me for not spelling his complete name.

    Well Whitey since you used that 5cent word JUGGERNAUT; well actually you were complementing the Montview League. Heres the third meaning: A RELENTLESS AND OVERWHELMING FORCE OR MOVEMENT! LOL So Whitey, yes theres still some good in AZUSA my friend. FOOTBALL THAT IS!



  • the coach has spoken

    Billy Livingston aint playing defense

  • whitey

    Azusa fan, I went to grade school in Azusa and have no bias against the city or it’s schools, even Happy Rock in Baja Azusa. It’s still a shame that Nyden was player of the year, he did it with smoke and mirrors, inflated stats against weak competition and supposed scholarship offers from Nebraska and a few others that were bogus, Paul McDonalds record and accomplishments speak for themselves, Amat,SC and the NFL, gentleman of the jury, I rest their case.the Coors Banquet reference id because Pops worked for the local distributor(Premium Dist Co.) and loved to pound them down, of course I myself had a few home brewed(Azusa) Lucky Lagers in my formativer years, lol……..btw best of luck this year Aztecs, if not Hags(another Azusa kid) for COY, then Scherf!

  • Joe Amt

    SGV FOOTBALL – 100% correct in that statement

  • Dan

    I can’t wait either, 10/29, don’t forget the kleenex.
    Ain’t Covina Vikings” has a good point, Covina doesn’t score points without Livingston, once he came into the game they score like crazy.

  • Colt74

    The cool things about this thread is that:
    1. There are no right answers
    2. There are no wrong answers
    3. It’s a pretty good barometer of support for the young men and teams that we haggle about. School pride is alive and well!
    4. Covina gets mentioned 🙂
    5. By being at my computer and posting this it keeps me from getting dragged into a conversation between my wife and her sister about dying their hair :p

    If I had to make a vote today…I’d probably go with Rivera from Sierra Vista.

  • COSteelCurtain

    Southeast Division Tackles Leader:

    Burbank HS
    Ryan Seidler, Senior, 73 total tackles.

    By the way, the kid had 159 as a Junior and 137 as Sophomore!

  • The guru

    Umm Amat fans its time to hop off rio now really???ummm nothing to amazing or striking about him… against crespi from what i saw your line is very very good and does not get enough credit at all. Good running back but Rio whats so great? hes like not even top 25 in state and way down in nation. All you who are saying win the pac 5 divison haha ya nice dream you guys think u can beat Edison? Servite? nope dont think so at all!

  • whitey

    guru, and I use the term loosely, who! in the fishbowl is top 25 in the state? not your ranking, give me a consensus ? is tyhat sh ship sunk yet, nice of you to jump off, now where to, Alemany?

  • Numbers, numbers

    I overweight playoff performance more than anything. Then league. Then nonleague.

    I put the most emphasis on playoff performances.

    Beyond that, I think that yet again this is one of those imprecise arguments. You have to judge everybody by the company they keep.

    I always laughed when people said “Look who Mike McDonough played against” … well, if it was so easy to throw for 2,000 and rush for 1,000 then people would do it every year. Not to mention in McDonough’s case, he played Tesoro right before it went Pac-5 and was the best player on the field that night.

    Anyway, I’m rambling. I do not ever discount an Arroyo or Azusa player’s accomplishments just because he’s not at Charter Oak or Amat.


    Just wanted to also add and mention that AZUSA can play ball with the best of them. Take a look at all the players and WHERE THEY HAVE PLAYED HIGH SCHOOL BALL AT, and yes there’s even a few from Bishop Amat!


    1 Puckett, Kevin Jr. DB 5’11 160 SO Garey HS Pomona CA
    2 Zaragoza, Rauley WR 6’2 170 SO Azusa HS Azusa CA
    3 Johnson, Ricky RB 6’0 190 FR West Covina HS West Covina CA
    4 Oyefeso, BJ WR 6’3 205 FR Rowland HS Pasadena CA
    5 Hatley, Adrienne WR 6’2 190 FR Locke HS Los Angeles CA
    6 Richards, Carlos DB 5’9 165 SO Cass Technical HS Detroit MI
    7 Loncar, Blake QB 6’5 225 FR Los Osos HS Alta Loma CA
    8 Esparza, Ernesto DB 5’10 175 SO Los Osos HS Alta Loma CA
    9 Toomer, Brett WR 6’0 185 FR Pinecrest HS Southern Pines NC
    10 Horn, Robert LB 6’2 215 SO Glendora HS Glendora CA
    11 Prieto, Jesse DB 5’11 190 SO Bishop Amat HS Chino Hills CA
    12 Karl, Lance QB 6’2 220 FR Foothills Composite HS Calgary AB
    13 Robles, Robert QB 6’0 220 SO Ontario HS Ontario CA
    14 Martinez, Brian WR 5’9 170 FR Ontario HS Ontario CA
    15 Glenn, Arsenio WR 5’10 165 FR Baldwin HS Milledgeville GA
    16 Robles, Oscar QB 5’11 180 FR Northview HS Covina CA
    17 Boyd, Michael RB 5’11 175 FR Rancho Cucamonga HS Rancho Cucamonga CA
    20 Noriega, Fernando DB 6’0 170 SO El Monte HS El Monte CA
    21 Brown, Jadarious DB 5’10 180 FR Baldwin HS Milledgeville GA
    22 Coons, Travis DB/K 6’2 195 FR Alta Loma HS Alta Loma CA
    23 Simmons, Kelvin RB 5’10 175 FR Baldwin HS Milledgeville GA
    24 Stansell, Brandon RB 5’6 180 SO Rowland HS Rowland Heights CA
    25 Ball, Arthur DB 5’11 170 SO Rowland HS Rialto CA
    26 Bankhead, Dawani WR 5’7 155 FR Glendora HS Pasadena CA
    27 Huezo, Herman DB 6’1 185 FR Ontario HS Ontario CA
    28 Finch, Lawrence DB 5’10 190 SO Temescal Canyon HS Compton CA
    29 Pearson, Jabril DB 5’10 160 FR West Covina HS West Covina CA
    30 Mantilla, Giovanni DB 5’11 190 FR San Dimas HS El Monte CA
    32 Leanos, Cesaer LB 5’11 210 SO Garey HS Pomona CA
    33 White, Terence RB 5’9 170 FR Southern Lab HS Baton Rouge LA
    34 Malcolm, John FB 5’9 215 FR South Hills HS Covina CA
    35 Goodlit, Marq TE 6’3 245 SO Upland HS Upland CA
    36 Peralta, Nick DE 6’3 225 SO Reno HS Reno NV
    37 O’Keefe-Lopez, Josyah DL 6’1 255 SO Charter Oak HS Covina CA
    38 De Lira, Eric K 5’11 175 SO Diamond Ranch HS Pomona CA
    39 Mendez, Mathew RB 5’9 220 FR San Gabriel HS Rosemead CA
    40 Wiley, Josh LB 6’2 230 FR South Hills HS Covina CA
    41 Smith, Terrence DB 5’9 175 SO Ayala HS Chino Hills CA
    42 Nevarez, Alonzo DE 6’4 240 SO West Covina HS West Covina CA
    43 Tauiliili, Jesse LB 6’0 220 FR West Covina HS West Covina CA
    44 Barbone, Nicholas LB 6’0 210 SO San Dimas HS San Dimas CA
    47 Arceo, Steven LB 6’1 195 FR Azusa HS Azusa CA
    48 Pratt, John LB 5’9 210 FR Paraclete HS Palmdale CA
    50 Mullaly, Mitch DL 6’2 265 FR Northview HS Covina CA
    52 Noriega, Christian OL 5’10 265 FR Ontario HS Ontario CA
    56 Rodriguez, Andrew LB 6’0 225 FR Northview HS Covina CA
    57 Butler, Larry LB 6’1 240 FR Southern Lab HS Baton Rouge LA
    64 Hoskins, Michael OL 6’3 320 FR Bishop Amat HS West Covina CA
    67 Gutierrez, Julian OL 6’2 305 FR South El Monte HS West Covina CA
    70 Schultheis, Michael OL 6’5 290 SO Don Bosco Tech HS Rosemead CA
    71 Peacock, Jason OL 6’5 305 SO Baldwin HS Milledgeville GA
    72 Cid, Albert OL 6’3 325 FR West Covina HS West Covina CA
    73 Aguirre, Abraham OL 6’3 300 FR Don Lugo HS Chino CA
    75 Triay, Gregory DL 6’2 260 FR Upland HS Upland CA
    76 Stringer, Chris OL 6’7 295 FR Alta Loma HS Rancho Cucamonga CA
    77 Arnold, Jared OL 6’4 285 FR Bishop Amat HS West Covina CA
    78 Bachman, Addison OL 6’4 300 SO Glendora HS Glendora CA
    80 Morris, Roshon WR 6’2 190 SO Hazelwood Central HS St. Louis MO
    82 Shirley, Kyle TE 6’5 245 SO West Covina HS West Covina CA
    83 Dooley, Scott WR 5’9 185 FR San Marino HS San Marino CA
    86 Osorio, Ilnes TE 6’2 235 FR Sierra Vista HS Baldwin Park CA
    87 Dixon, Elijiah WR 6’1 170 FR Southern Lab HS Baton Rouge LA
    91 Jumper, Richard LS 6’3 240 SO Claremont HS Claremont CA
    92 Sanchez, William DL 6’1 273 SO Monrovia HS Monrovia CA
    93 Steward, Ken DE 6’2 240 FR Pomona HS Pomona CA
    94 Flores, Gabriel DE 6’4 235 FR Bishop Amat HS Covina CA
    95 Noriega, Ryan DL 6’0 255 SO Glendora HS Glendora CA
    96 Zirkle, Jarrod DE 6’5 250 SO Ontario HS Ontario CA
    97 Faanunu, David DE 6’2 205 FR Baldwin Park HS Baldwin Park


  • sgv

    hey aztec pride don’t get me wrong yea Rauley Zargosa was a good athlete but he goes to citrus come on citrus can you do better then that if he was good he would of went to mt sac. mt sac has the best football program in the state in the community college level they would make citrus look bad it like putting azusa vs bishop amant. then yea he was a okay jumper for azusa but he didnt get the much better in the triple he got beat pretty bad at league finals to edward bonilla who jump over 45ft in the triple. before you brag about someone make sure they are at a good school before you brag.

  • until we meet again

    whitey what a bitter old one legged man you’ve been shown to be. Can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Nice of you to speak of people’s problem with alcohol considering the drug stupors your kids have been in. I know you coached some where but for the life of me i’ve never met a bigger ahole that was a former coach. most are great guys with bitterless hearts and are great to be around, you’re not. you’re a dicpsht of the highest order. i seen where you mention PED about someone’s kid. classic bitteration. is this what amat produces? to think how well people around you treat you and for you to come on here and lay your bitterness around. last time I saw you was at the amat san dimas baseball game. there you stood in all your Azusa white cholo demeanor manicuring that prison yard mustache of yours. too bad no one came up to talk to you. must be your out look on life, pisssss poor. dude I’d have some one poke out my eyes with hot coals than to be so bitter in my old age like you come across.

    get a life or better yet just allow other to enjoy theirs. you’re a prick. trust me i’m not the first to say so.

  • feature

    You used to have feature stories every week now its just notebook stuff…. Here are a few ideas and I don’t mean to upset anyone who isn’t mentioned:
    Azusa Dominance- say what you will about the montview and the Aztec schedule but bottom line is they have beat up everyone they’ve seen… Very tough kids

    Sierra vistassrun game- whens the last time you’ve seen these kind of rushing stats? The d ones are inflated

    Amats representation- no matter how many haters there are, they will jump the bandwaggon once they hit the PAC 5 playoffs

    Bonitas staff- ill tell you what… Podley not only knows how to produce qbs and depth but he blends the perfect mix of coaches….. Oldd guys with experience and yooung guys with fresh ideas
    livingston- some maay have said this kid uis good but how many thought hed put up these numbers

  • COChargerfan

    Bright and early (4-6 a.m. ONLY folks and everything else is from an imposter), the real COChargerfan is backeverything else is from my poser friend (friends?)JFR, since imitation is the greatest form of flattery, I dont have any problem with my little friend, that is, as long as they just imitate.

    Lets have a little fun. Knowing that people are creatures of habit, I did a little investigation into the possible identity of my copycat friend. BTW, it appears that the first copycat entry was on 10/15 at 12:06 pm with the Congratulations Ken post. Well get back to that in a minute.

    First off, I counted 12 copycat posts and they all occurred in the p.m., specifically, between 12:23 pm and 8:30 p.m. with 6 of the posts being between 4:56 and 5:21 pmpretty definitive pattern as to when this person is active. So, this is a very good starting point in trying to locate our prankster. As the regulars know, for over two years running the real COChargerfan posts like 99% of the time in the early morning hours so for those that believe that this is my alter ego, get real.

    To digress, for those that believe that Im the BEST/NotSince1995, you need to look at reality, specifically, that person is typically active between 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. This pattern doesnt match the real COChargerfans method of operation, does it? And trust me, during the week Im asleep at 9:00 p.m. Considering that the BEST/1995 rarely if ever posts in the telling late afternoon period, this also pretty much rules him out as the poser.

    Now, some folks think that jcaz is our man, after all, hes an admitted phantom poster who likes to stir the pot for shiats and giggles. So lets look at his postsout of the past 16 posts by him, there was one at 11:00 am and the rest are in the p.m., with 8 posts between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. and 4 posts between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. He is also an admitted serial phantom poster that has a history of doing this sort of stuff. So sorry jcaz, notwithstanding your denials your posting pattern and past conduct just placed you on the watch list.

    We also have Amat Honk who is an active blogger with 20 posts over the past 2 weeks. Recently, he has posted as early as 9:09 a.m. and as late as 5:21 p.m. In fact, he has posted 6 of those times in the telling 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. slot and 4 posts between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Then, theres the Oct. 15 spat between Amat Honk and Colt74 where the latter makes Metamucil and anal delivery cracks. Looks like we have another suspect for the watch list.

    Now, just sayin has as much motive as any other blogger so I took a look at his recent postings and he typically is active between 4:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. although he surfaced yesterday morning at 9:07 a.m. It is interesting that he was basically inactive with his usual screen name for the past 4 days while the poser was doing his dirty deedsmakes you go hmm, doesnt it? Theres also just askin who just might be the same person as sayin but thats a discussion for another day. Anyway, the just brothers got into it recently with SGV FOOTBALL in the evening hours on 10/11 which led to a totally out of the blue post from GOOD TO SEE YOU at 9:47 p.m. that accused me of secretly being the BEST/NotSince1995and then rambling on about leaving Amat alone. So, putting two and two together we come up with an Amat honk and the possible connection to one of the just brothers (or the one and only justwhatever the case may be). Certainly makes him or them a prime suspect.

    But then comes the post at 8:57 a.m. yesterday from Charger/Bruin Fan that, frankly, reeks of guilt. Whats up with the Ive got a lot of computers in my house and post from everywhere so good luck in pinning it on me excuse? Sure sounds like youre talking about yourself and not other bloggers. Heck, is it just me or did you just admit guilt? BTW, the IP address comes off your home router regardless of how many computers are linked. Anyway, looks like motive also exists because youre still angry that I slighted you five months ago after you inadvertently used my screen name. The truth is that I did apologize for calling you a moron and said that I was wrong to jump to the conclusion that you used it on purposeI also explained that the reason I overreacted. Was because someone previously did do this on purpose. But, Ill say it again because Im man enough to stand up when Ive made a mistakeI was wrong and I sincerely apologize to you. The question is whether you have now decided to get even by becoming the poser?

    To continue, in addition to a very big motive, there also is evidence that Charger/Bruin Fan is the poser. Lets start with the 12:06 p.m. on 10/15 Congratulations Ken postI dont personally know kh let alone whether he has any kids other than his son kc but apparently you do and actually tried to congratulate him for becoming a grandfathersound right? But, oops, you inadvertently used COChargerfan instead of Charger/Bruin Fanisnt that right? But, at 1:08 p.m. you came right back under Charger/Bruin Fan with Aaron, I agree with you, although I Dont really follow Bonita Football, Ive never found them to be Arrogant, and theres nothing wrong with self confidence or Cockeyness. I still wish you guys were in our league so we could have the win you usually give us in Football. Hmmit certainly looks like that is where the copycat language started and you messed up as you meant to use COChargerfan for that post. Definitely a very big suspect.

    But Colt74, you are on to something with the capital F in football clue. It is grammatically incorrect and not something the real COCF does. So who does this? I went through recent posts and noted the following capital F usage: At 9:17 p.m. on 10/17 by Jackboy. Now Jackboy posted on 10/20 at 2:40 p.m. that accused my of using a bunch of monikers including Sugarballs on volleyball postshmmcome on, how many of you read the volleyball posts? He also indicated that he thought the posts were funny and tellingly, said that the imposters posts were better writtenhmm, were you just complimenting your own writing skills Jackboy? Welcome to the list.

    The F also appeared on 10/15 at 12:24 p.m. by Charger/Bruin Fan (did it twice in one post) and on 10/12 at 2:33 p.m. by lancer Baseball (2 times). So more circumstantial evidence against Charger/Bruin Fan.

    So, anyone know where FC has been lately? Hes always a suspect. Interesting that out of the blue the post at 4:46 p.m. on 10/19 not only mimicked me but also added a bunch of stuff Ive NEVER said about Damien, namely, Gano has had tremendous talent, but it’s not like he just let’s those players go out there and play with no structure. He gets the most out of talented kids. They have a good system on both sides of the ball and nobody is bigger than the program. The kids all like playing for him which is a tribute to him, especially when you are talking about tremendous athletes. No, he won’t be at La Verne and that’s La Verne’s loss. It’s not like he’s beat up on bad teams for 10 years. He has scheduled the best teams around and beat most of them. What he has done the last 10 years makes him more than just a “good” high school coach. Those people that know him know that he understands X’s and O’s as well as anyone So folks, it certainly looks like this poser actually knows Gano and is a Damien guy, doesnt it?

    Theres some the evidence as I see it so who or whom do you think is our little pranksteror is there more than one?

    See you all tomorrow morning.

  • Really?

    I can’t believe I just spent all that time reading COChargerfans lengthy detective work on blogging and who is falsely blogging under pseudo names and others pseudo names.

    I thought Fred said this question was simple: Who is in the race for the top football player of the year.

    I think its the butler, in the library with the candlestick.

  • Blue & Gold Stud

    The guru??,DRanch and all other claiming to know anything and everything about Amat football.

    Consider this: 1st team D and 1st team O have only played all 4 quartes in 2 games this season; Dominguez & Crespi.

    Can you imagine what the outcome would’ve been had they played every game for 4 full quarters? Imagine the stats!!!

    Everyone knows that it’s not about stats but what you do with the time you’re on the field that matters most.

    I vote to have team depth rather than high individual stats especially when injuries occur.

    Fred has been to most of Amats games, he will be able to confirm the amount of playing time. Fred, I am curious to know how the preseason projections for All Area Team & Top 5 Defenders compare as of right now….at least we all know what team is #1.

    Good luck to all the teams in the SGV and may your remaining season be injury free.

    Go Big Blue! Go AMAT!!!

  • Blue & Gold Stud

    The guru??,DRanch and all other claiming to know anything and everything about Amat football.

    Consider this: 1st team D and 1st team O have only played all 4 quartes in 2 games this season; Dominguez & Crespi.

    Can you imagine what the outcome would’ve been had they played every game for 4 full quarters? Imagine the stats!!!

    Everyone knows that it’s not about stats but what you do with the time you’re on the field that matters most.

    I vote to have team depth rather than high individual stats especially when injuries occur.

    Fred has been to most of Amats games, he will be able to confirm the amount of playing time. Fred, I am curious to know how the preseason projections for All Area Team & Top 5 Defenders compare as of right now….at least we all know what team is #1.

    Good luck to all the teams in the SGV and may your remaining season be injury free.

    Go Big Blue! Go AMAT!!!

  • Blue & Gold Stud

    The guru??,DRanch and all other claiming to know anything and everything about Amat football.

    Consider this: 1st team D and 1st team O have only played all 4 quartes in 2 games this season; Dominguez & Crespi.

    Can you imagine what the outcome would’ve been had they played every game for 4 full quarters? Imagine the stats!!!

    Everyone knows that it’s not about stats but what you do with the time you’re on the field that matters most.

    I vote to have team depth rather than high individual stats especially when injuries occur.

    Fred has been to most of Amats games, he will be able to confirm the amount of playing time. Fred, I am curious to know how the preseason projections for All Area Team & Top 5 Defenders compare as of right now….at least we all know what team is #1.

    Good luck to all the teams in the SGV and may your remaining season be injury free.

    Go Big Blue! Go AMAT!!!

  • SGV For 30 Years

    Amat and DRanch people I have a question for you. If you were to take Chase Price and Jalen Moore and have them switch teams, would either team notice the difference? Remember you have to go by their performance on the field not what your loyalty says. Just a question.

    SGV430 Ouuutt!!!

  • POY Fersure

    Are you serious look at that receiver from Claremont. Who has been helping Daniel Kessler with all those yards and touchdowns. Aaron Dockery had three touchdowns in the game against Chino Hills who has a top defense in the area. He was matched up against top DBs in the area as well and had two clutch touchdowns one to win the game with less than a minute to go in the game for Claremonts great comeback win. He even had a pick to seal the game away not to mention he has 9 touchdown 8 receiving and 1 punt return to the house. He had over 650 receiving yards in 6 games and has a load to carry with Tanner Kuramata out. Im just saying watchout for #11 he is legit.


    Wow, great work! You should be a detective!!!

    Answer to question is Jalen Moore at the half way point, seen it with my own eyes!!! Lot of football to play, and anything can happen…

    So eat, sleep and train right…Truth is, that it can be anybody earning these honors!!!

    ON BLUE!!!

  • D-Mo

    Whitey, it’s not about who went where after high school. It’s about POY. Nyden led a pretty good ’75 Aztec squad. Home games saw a packed Citrus College, and we didn’t disappoint until that fluke ending to the El Dorado game. Were you there?
    BTW- we saved our beer banquets for after the games.

  • COChargerfan

    I see #2 is back at it again. The man has a right to an opinion and if you have problems with it, then take him upon on that specific subject!
    Please don’t go the route of name calling because in the end, look what happens. Both party’s get so hyped up over it that you guys eventually forget what it was that started the whole thing in the first place.
    Amat 73, the bottom line is that when the Amat loses, baloney gets exposed for what it is and some honks dont have a response, they just change the subject to personal attacks…you are a piece of work, come on, how bitter are you?
    Now, with that in mind there is always going to be a bunch of knuckleheads who just want to talk garbage and post using the “Drive-by” method.
    Well, the Catholic Church lost the most membersfrom 31% to 24% and it went on to say the losses would have been even more pronounced were it not for the offsetting impact of immigration. With predictions that the economy in California will not recover for perhaps 5 years and immigration reform, the near future for the private Catholic schools may not be so rosy. And folks, I said two years before it happened that the easy money mortgage market that caused an irrational run up in home prices was going to lead to a giant sized financial meltdownso you might want to think about what Im saying.
    I’ve got to go now and get some breakfast…maybe I’ll get some Cracker Jacks for desert…hopefully I’ll get the decoder so I can do some more Detective work today instead of more stupid stickers or a rub on tattoo.

  • AMAT 73

    Love the way you back the Bearcats and can’t blame you for being fired up . Started with a big win for the Smudgepot and has kept on going. My question to you since you say Bonita’s defense is way better and faster than AMAT’s defense . When did you go see the Lancers play a game to judge our defense as far as speed and ability. Like I said Bonita is having a great season but they have yet to go up against any offense that can really open it up. I don’t think you have seen AMAT play as the would mean you missing a Bonita game and we know that won’t happen . Do not think you have seen film on AMAT , so how and what are you using to compare other than stats .

  • AMAT 73

    I am soooooooo confused . COCF #1 or #2 real or not do you really have to play with yourself in a public forum .Keep that kind of stuff to yourselves or self . It really doesn’t matter does it . Whoever it is is still full of shiat so who really cares. SGV430, it’s not that simple of a question. I for one do not know what type of offense DR runs and really what type of back Price is , quick with moves or a bruiser like Moore . You would have to take that into account . If you have seen AMAT you know Moore is not the breakaway speed back although he does have speed but can power thru the hole and carry 4-5 guys along with him. Is Price that type of back . You might want to change that with Shay who is more of a scat back for AMAT . But not knowing what either teams style of offense it’s tough to say . I am sure both would do well but how well depends on many variables.


    This guy KH doesn’t really understand comp! Amat would have second string in by half time against Bonita, and your weak @ss defense would be EXPOSED! Count your lucky stars CO out of your league this year.

    Schedule us, still waiting for takers from SGV. Especially that little Pasqy and his so called tarty boys..

  • reality

    kh – I don’t think one player on Bonitas defense would even start on Defense at Amat. Special teams -maybe

  • Not again

    CO Charger Fan

    The reason WG doesn’t live up to the hype because its called attitude and discipline. Amat is now learning why G-town had to make certain decisions.


    Have you noticed that since the great number 1 and 2 COChargerfan debate has started that sgvsbestntsince2010 has not been posting as much as in the past. Maybe 1 and 2 is forgetting that he still has that option open . He is so busy and caught up in which COCF he is at any given time he has forgotten his other alter ego . Very interesting .

  • Duck Duck TD

    Chad Jeffries – I just LOLed

  • COCupcakefan

    I am the real COCupcakefan!

    I know I should focus more on Charter Oak football rather than sticking my nose up different Amat fan’s arses. Did you all notice how the majority of my investigation focused on Amat fans? I looked over my last post and I really can’t believe I wrote a book on when they post! That can’t be normal and perhaps I need to get a life. Of course, I will come back with “I investigated others too..” but anyone who knows me knows that my intention was to focus on BA fans!

    I’ve also come to the conclusion that my obsession with Bishop Amat really has no bounds. I comment on every BA post there is which means I post about 3x as much on BA than I do on my own beloved Charter Oak Chargers. It’s no wonder why the other Charter Oak bloggers do not like me.

  • Aaron

    There are always guys on every team in the Valley that could make serious contributions and even start at the vaunted Amat.

    If you say they aren’t big enough…I’ll laugh at you and point to you a child’s father who posts here during the football season under the name blueandgoldstud.

    Bonita has some serious players…the thing that Amat has over almost every school in the Valley is serious depth, most of their twos are just as good as their ones.


    Hey SGV, still bitter about losing to AZUSA in track in field, because when I read your reply I LAUGHED! Come on get over it already, Azusas Track team won the league and all you have is this Edward bonilla?? Can you put any type of stats up, on what he’s doing now??? Come on anything… By the way did he play football for La Puente, or even Basketball???

    Because Zaragoza did all that his senior and junior year! Did Bonilla, make the front page of SGVTRIBUNE, after winning Covina in the first round of the playoffs!

    Before I BRAG? I mean that’s what everybody is doing on here, LOOK AT THE TOPIC, POY!!! Yes I know he wasn’t selected as the POY, but he sure was THE PLAYER OF THE MONTVIEW LEAGUE, and ALL C.I.F. in Football. By the way Im in no way related to ZARGOZA, just a Fan who seen this kid grow up and become a great athlete for AZUSA.

    By the way I don’t appreciate how you try to put down Citrus College, like it’s nothing, and then you throw in Mt. SAC. SGV, I can you some choice words here, but I will not do that. Did you know players from Citrus get Scholarships and THEY DO GO ON TO D1 schools? Just last year this player from Charter Oak went on to play for IOWA HAWKEYES! How’s that for playing at Citrus College.

    Yes I do know how good Mt.Sac is, and they’re destroying everybody they play. Rauley could have definitely gone to Mt. Sac, but ended up at Citrus, were I believe he’s has several touchdowns this season, and is becoming quite a punter

    I’ll leave you with this, and did you know Steven Arceo and Rauley Z, both were on that TRACK TEAM who beat LA PUENTE in Football and TRACK, and were both BACK TO BACK LEAGUE CHAMPIONS, the year your precious Edward Bonilla ran track!!!



  • kh

    i-e- dreamer
    would never move son out to the ie boy,
    thats why they built the new jail out there,i-e- going no where dude,that intimadating tactic,please save it for your little brother man,matter of fact help little bro get the hell out of the i-e- do him a favor….6-0 bonita hater,
    will and have never gone to a amat game, dont need to every time someone craps there pants its front page,,,,, if you make it in cif and we somehow get out coached,thats the only way this team dosent win cif…
    i will come tailgate and watch amat game,i am not on the amat hate wagon at all. k.c. was either going to glendora or amat as of last season but didnt want to sit out this season football,look 6-0 we made the right decision,would of had a cif ring from glendora but the athletic director from glendora said k.c. was a risk to have at the glendora school district thats loduc who made the comment,same guy who sent wallace packing,if k.c. was a b.b. player we would of brought him in,things worked out for the best,in baseball lost 2-1 cif finales,and we have a good coaching staff i believe in,football coaches rock,just trying to finishes up h.s. with great spirit.
    so amat73 hopefully i wont have time too watch you guys run for the roses,good luck
    go bearcats

  • just askin’

    Aaron – who do you think on Bonita’s defense could START – and over who?

  • just sayin’

    Not again and phony CO Charger Fan – WG has done everything asked of him and in the games he’s played has not disappointed in the least. Rio is doing great – I’d say 7-0 is living up to any hype there was

  • Amat D

    I just think not enough credit is given to defensive players…Bishop Amat’s D has barely given up anything this year and all they could look at is the offensive players?? Aram made a point and he saw the players on defense that are also deserving… Many players go both ways but just don’t get the ball in their hands, so that doesn’t qualify them? FredJ i think you have to look infront of who is carrying the ball. the lineman and Defensive players…. Don’t get me wrong no credit taken away from anyone mentioned because they are all deserving of the praise they are given but i just believe that it’s more than jsut qb’s and rb’s….

  • 12th man

    Hats off to BA!!..Another great season! Unfortunately its coming to a close..They wont have any problems with Loyola or ND..but a road game vs Alemany mite just be too much to handle! They will make the play-offs..But i just dont see them getting past the semi-finals, theres too much talent in the pac 5 & trinity league to win it all!~ Never the less..I have never seen a program do a complete 180 on just a few seasons under a new coach~ In my opinion ..the thing that sets Amat apart from all the other High Schools..Is there heart & will to win games!!~ they dont put up record breaking stats or run up the score..they simply do what it takes to WIN!!..I enjoy reading all theese blogs & analyzing what the outcome is going to be…last week i was dead on..I said the score would be Amat 31 Crespi 28..This week its going to be Amat 24 Loyola 17..As far as the poy is concerned its too early to get a front runner..the next 2 weeks will give you a clear cut choice or choices!!…This is the 12th man..A spectator….A coach….A player…all done from the Sidelines!! Good Luck to the SGV this week!~

  • just stupid

    just whatever

    garrett horine, 6’3″ 215 started at safety as a Soph and made All Area second team as a Soph. and I think All CIF but I could be wrong on the last one, All League and was on a losing team. Strong as an Ox, fearless and one of the nicest kids from one of the nicest family in all of Southern California. Dad’s a firemen and one of the best sport’s dads of all time!!! His sister holds multiple scoring records in Basketball and his cousin Brock Z holds most of the Boys scoring records. His brother Casey is also a stud who unfortunately suffered another season ending injury.

    Couple Garrret’s work ethic, frame, dedication and leaping ability and Garrett is a two way starter, yes at Amat. He’s probably a better talent than WG in football since WG is now a TE playing WR because he can’t block worth tomatoes. Garrett and Casey also start on Bonita’s fine basketball team, so both are all around natuarl atheletes.

    From what I’ve seen of the Lancers they could use both players. Got to remember Amat makes players. Heck look what they did with D. Alberico after he transfered out of Damien. Kid wasn’t even 200 lbs and wasn’t as tall as 5’10 yet started for the Lancers for two years at DE.

    Pretty stupid for any poser to say Bonita, or any other Fish Bowl school, doesn’t have players that would start for the Lancers.

  • jcaz


    Whew dude, you certainly have allot of time on your hands to have posted such a long long long (did I say long ?) analysis of the blogers in here.

    But, I have to say that it was, somewhat entertaining…

    But, what really confused me (adding even more to 73’s confusion…ha ha, Just kidding 73) was that whole ramble about the catholic church.

    So explain to me once again how in the world, the enrollment numbers at the local Buddhist monastery down the street, had an impact on the the cost overrun on the national budget last year ??

    Huh ??!!

    I guess it’s alot like the old saying….”What’s that got to do with the price of tomatoes ?”

    Nothing right ?

    COFAN, let’s keep our comments to prep sports k.

  • kh

    i guess a 6-5 qb couldnt make the team either,

  • lmao@kh


    Bonita has never laid eyes on a team like Bishop Amat, Dominguez, or Crespi…or even Rancho Cucamonga. I can’t believe you refuse to take into account the teams being played.

    NO ONE is that brainless. West Covina (who has recently boxed with Mater Dei and Bishop Amat)is going to teach you a lesson in competition level.You will see with your own eyes, why everyone thinks you are crazy ignorant.

    But then again, one only has to look at your horrible writing skills to grasp your ignorance. Enjoy your next two weeks in Lala Land.

  • Don

    To Just askin:

    Tarez Lemmons (either side), Daniel Harriman, (a healthy) Casey Horine and Eric Mikity could start for any team in the valley. Kids like Gelalich, Huth, Brungard, McKenzie, Johnson, Garrett Horine, and Pendleton would all see plenty of playing time, again, for any area team. That means Chino Hills, Charter Oak, Glendora, and, yes, Bishop Amat.

    The thing that makes a team like Bishop Amat great isn’t that they field the 11 best individual athletes, it’s that they field the BEST TEAM. On any given play, you can look on an Amat sideline and see kids who may actually be better football players than some on the field but in the Coach’s opinion, they don’t fit to make the BEST TEAM.

    After spending the last few years on the blog telling some lower division fans they need to get out and see some Pac5 (or top end D2 or D3) ball being played, I think it’s funny to be now telling Amat fans they should consider showing some respect to the better teams in the lower divisions. The best TEAMS are in the higher divisions but not all of the best athletes.

  • COChargerfan

    just sayin’
    How youre bringing in the great WG into the conversation for high school football player of the year?
    just sayin just kidin! Come on Dad; quit touting your kid so hard. Hes at least seven down on the Amat depth chart for MVP this season. I will give you this; after its all said and done it was probably a smart move to send your kid WG to Amat to finish out his career in sports. When you think about it he, WG, doesnt have the kind of season hes having now if he was still at Glendora, as for the other sport he plays, baseball, WG wouldnt have been a starter at Glendora last year. WG would more than likely start in the outfield at Glendora this year, and as for shopping around for a local High School for jr. to play at, other than Amat where does he break into a starting lineup?
    Damien? NO
    Claremont? Maybe
    Bonita? NO
    Azusa? Maybe
    Charter Oak HELL NO
    Wilson? Maybe
    West Covina? YES, but who wants to go there!
    Amat? YES! But a weak program, unlike the football program, sorry but I have to give credit when credit is due.
    So, pops, in the long run it was a really smart thing for you to do; taking jr. to Amat, finally a starter in two varsity sports.
    just sayin, you should be working at the Laugh Factory!!!
    Im stayin with Jalen Moore for now, however it is early and anyone except WG could be in the running.

  • jcaz


    Was that really you ?

    It sounded like you, it even looked and smelled a whole lot you, but really…..was it you ?


    The debate/confusion/uncertainty and 4-6am paradox, continues…..

  • just askin’

    like debating about all-league, all-valley, etc – you can;t say someone should be on unless you say who they’d replace. So I’ll ask again – who do you think on Bonita’s defense could START – and over who?
    And who said anything about WG for POY?

  • NotSince1995

    Can we all say it together…?

    “C.U.P…C.A.K.E” Schedule BishopNation…!

    Your stats are meaningless…

    Not in 2010 Either…

    Know what I mean dude ?

  • COChargerfan

    jcaz, the 4-6 am posting is reality…I’m only posting during that time frame….so it is not some paradox. The only “paradox” pal is that you can’t get up that early.

    As for POY, unless you’ve seen all these kids play, who is really qualified to cast an opinion? Add in the different levels of competition (yes, Moore faces better athletes)and it gets even muddier.

    One thing is for certain, Dennis Rufus is a great athlete and this will become apparent to all when the D1 schools come calling in a few months. The question is whether he’s a DB or reciver…I’m thinking that latter.

    Got to go…see you all tomorrow real EARLY…so set your alarm jcaz if you really want to continue playing your game.

  • jcaz

    4-6am COChargerfan, Come on dude, I don’t play games, but I do want to ask a simple question here of you and that is that why are you so sensitive anyway ?

    I haven’t come in here and started a childish game of calling you names because we both know that when you go down that road you lose any sense of credibilty right ?

    I was just having fun with the other morn who is the imposter thats all. ..and at the same time, I was just wondering if it was really you who posted back there.

    Lighten up dude…

    Besides, and belive it or not, i’m probably the closest thing your ever going to get (on the Amat side anyway), to being a (shall I say it ??) a “friend” in here right ?

    COFAN, it’s all for schitz and giggles in here and maybe you can do just do as JFR says he does and that is to enjoy the blog for what it’s worth.

    So chill out a little ok dude. i’m not your boogie man…


  • kh

    do u like the big F.
    dame i missed the list.
    i will give my two cents to your mission
    your trying to solve,
    i would say it coming from some one who has a regurlar job,lots of time at work because nothing selling,or boss wont let him go out and
    do cold calls,moneys to tight,so i would say it a in house office type of person,looks to me after reading your blogs,the guys a bruin fan,sorry to here that,and usally where theres a bruin fan,someone in the family a trojan fan ? am thinking older brother or younger brother,not his dad inless other brother took dads trojan jacket so this half went the bruin way.
    then easy for me to see he likes san diego,
    so maybe he went to
    or u.s.d.hes trying to throw you off with the chargers,or maybe he played some kind of pro football or minor league baseball for the padres.
    i am filling it now,co you with me.go back re look your notes and see if this might come to play.
    go bearcats

  • lmao@just stupid….

    Your claim is D. Alberico transferred from Damien and Amat got him to grow passed 5’10 and increase weight passed 200lbs?

    Know D and he is still 5’10 (apparently not all Bishop Amat magic powers worked) and you received him as a freshmen to sophomore transfer. Don’t all guys gain weight after their freshmen year?

    Bishop is a great team/tradition/coaching but some of these bloggers are mistaken if they think no one can join their lineup from any of these local schools. Talent is talent no matter where their alma mater may be. Its just a fact. Save face and some of your credibility. Cause Good schools know good talent.

  • ???

    some people amaze me! you actually went out of your way to create a user name specifically targeted at Amat…. wow “not since 1995″… what happened to you? did you not to accepted back when you applied?? you must have some deep resentment!!

  • stupid as a just, just, just, just

    just stupid, thanks for proving my point.

    re-read or take a reading comprehension class, you missed all the points being made.

    most athletes, especially the ones I discussed at bonita would do equally well at bishop.

    as far as who would replace who that’s a coaching decision and it’s based on execution, commitment and dedication. THOUGHT YOU KNEW!

    Still haven’t gotten an answer as to why Amat tore up a signed contract with Serra, as per their HC, and yet bishop bloggers talk about CO, GHS and others tearing up theirs. Seems inconsistent don’t you think?

    Not an intelligent conversation so I’m out.

  • stupid as a just, just, just, just

    just stupid, thanks for proving my point.

    re-read or take a reading comprehension class, you missed all the points being made.

    most athletes, especially the ones I discussed at bonita would do equally well at bishop.

    as far as who would replace who that’s a coaching decision and it’s based on execution, commitment and dedication. THOUGHT YOU KNEW!

    Still haven’t gotten an answer as to why Amat tore up a signed contract with Serra, as per their HC, and yet bishop bloggers talk about CO, GHS and others tearing up theirs. Seems inconsistent don’t you think?

    Not an intelligent conversation so I’m out.

  • Amat Honk

    Don – “The best TEAMS are in the higher divisions but not all of the best athletes.” You are absolutely right, there are some phenominal(?sp)athletes on lower division teams but remember this if you have to tell someone that, they prtobably aren’t sports fans anyway so why waste your breathe? Props to all the unsung “Ballers” at programs that don’t get the “ink” they deserve. Alot of those guys, the really good ones, end up making it in the long run anyways. It becomes a motivational factor for them. IMO.

  • IE Town


    6-0, 7-0 against who? Really, your rating and schedule is weak. Our JV team would whip the @hit out of your pussycats.

    Better check our state rating, then get back to me little man. Like I said schedule us or just feel good beating cupcakes.

  • COChargerfan

    Bright and early again, as promised, (4-6 a.m. ONLY folks and everything else is from an imposter), the real COChargerfan is backeverything else is from my poser friend (friends?)Im just giddy with glee!
    Ive been reading this thread for amusement because Im not into mythical whose better comparisons and note you Amat honks narcissistic attacks on your new enemy SGV FOOTBALL,
    Pay attention YOU NEED IT MORE, Im Amat honks consciousand your conscious never sleeps!!! Seriously, it is obviously not just me standing on the soapbox so it goes both waysif honks like Joe Amat would let it go so would I but they cant so the conscious wakes up everyday around 4:00 am and chimes in so we can all have a nice day. (AMAT 73 and just sayinthats an example of tongue in cheek so dont come back at me with some twisted response)
    Im not khs bodyguard, but it was the Amat (snobs) honks who took potshots at the public education system via comments that khs literacy is a product of it stating that he would be more literate if he went to Amat. I think youre pissed that hes hot on the trail of the imposter and he is about to expose one of you Amat LADIES! kh, my friend, I think youre smarter than any of these HONKS!
    Nice to see as I predicted, Jalen Moore still carrying Amat on his shoulders!!! Amat is becoming a one trick pony.
    kh, didnt you guys beat the crap out of Claremont? Claremont beat us last night. Bonitas stock just shot way up in my book, Claremont has a great team! Im becoming a believer, Bonita vs Amat, Bonita wins by 14.
    See you all tomorrow morning.