Thursday Final: Better take Covina serious, they defeat Baldwin Park despite losing Livingston

Colts all-everything quarterback Billy Livingston got his bell run on what appeared to be a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit late in the second quarter with a not so comfortable 10-9 lead. Even worse, Livingston was led away by ambulance to a nearby hospital at half for precautionary reasons, the Colts’ chances seemingly going with him. But guess what, the Valley found out who Vinny Vinegas is, the junior running back carrying the Colts in the second half, helping them grind out a 17-9 victory. The Colts’ defense was great too, forcing an early third quarter fumble and posting a second half shutout. These aren’t the finesse Colts we called them earlier in the day, they took the Braves’ best punches and by the end of the third quarter, were returning the punishment with regularity. You have to give the Colts their due now, no team in the Mid-Valley Division can boast a pair of wins the quality of West Covina and Baldwin Park. We called it their coming out party, that’s just what it was. By the way, why helmet-to-helmet hits aren’t illegal in high school football is a thread for another day, there were too many to count. Those there saw it and heard it, I guarantee you that.

By Steve Ramirez, Staff writer
Nobody believed Covina High School was the real deal when it opened the season with a victory over West Covina, considered one of the top teams in the CIF-Southern Section Southeast Division.
The doubters likely will believe now.
Vinny Venegas rushed for 118 yards yards and a touchdown and Covina forced three turnovers to take control of the Valle Vista League football race with a 17-9 victory over Baldwin Park on Thursday at Covina District Field.
The Colts improved to 7-1 overall and 4-0 in league.
The win might be costly for Covina. Quarterback Billy Livingston was injured late in the first half and did not return. He complained of a ringing in his ears and was taken to a local hospital as a precaution and later released.
Baldwin Park, which was limited to 86 yards rushing, fell to 2-5 overall and 2-1 in league.
“We had to come out and play, because (Baldwin Park) is a formidable opponent,” Covina coach Darryl Thomas said. “They can run the ball down your throat, so we had to buckle down. We had to play a great football game.
“The ball just bounced our way. We gave them two (interceptions) in the first half, and the ball bounced our way in the second half.”
The Colts also got a break-out effort from Venegas, who sparked the Colts to a 10-0 lead in the first quarter after turning a short pass into an 80-yard catch and run to the Baldwin Park 8. Gevontray Ainsworth scored from five yards out for a 7-0 lead before a Randy Robledo field goal made it 10-0.
Baldwin Park, getting a 1-yard scoring run from Mario Rodriguez in the second quarter, closed to 10-9 in the third quarter after a safety.
But the Colts forced a fumble on the free-kick return, then intercepted Rodriguez with six minutes left.
“They are a good football team,” Baldwin Park coach James Heggins said. “You can’t turn the ball over against good teams. That’s it.”

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  • Mtown Fan

    This game is going to be big one. This game is for the Valle Vista title for Both teams. Covina has a high flying offense, which can score alot points. Baldwin Park has a great defense. This game is going to come down to turnovers and field position. If Baldwin Park can get 3 and outs, cause some turnovers and play on a short field to help their offense, they can win. For Covina, they will have to score at least 21 points to win. If they get in a close game, Baldwin Park may be able to stop them in the crunch time. They can not turn the ball over and give BP extra offensive possessions. Their defense will have to worry about limiting Baldwin Parks big plays from Demetrius Jackson and Wardell Crutchfield. If Covina can run the ball consistently with Ainsworth and get one rushing TD, they should be able control the game. Expect Livingston throw for two tugs, one to Vinny Villegas and one to Mclain If I was to pick who is going to win, I would say Covina 21, Baldwin Park 20…

  • Colt74

    Bravehearts toughness ? You mean we’re playing Mel Gibson tonight? That dude is a taco short of a Combination Plate…..

  • COChargerfan

    Tonights game should be a real yawn fest! Both teams are weak this year and lack character, RIGHT COLT74?

  • Bones

    Lol? Both teams are weak? Not likely. However I agree, if the elements arent in favor of the Colts, this game can be devastating. But I really dont see coach Thomas’ team losing this one. Covina protects their house pretty well. And with league title likely on the line, I dont see Covina weaknesses. If Covina jumps to an early lead, it’s over for BP. IF its tied at halftime, this might go into OT.

  • Rain favors the Running Game

    What about a soggy grass field?

    Baldwin Park 20 – Covina 13

  • Colt74

    With the field conditions tonight being what they are and with my concerns for us to being able stop the runs….FLIP A COIN. That’s how evenly matched I think we are tonight. I think it will be a mudfest decided by turnovers and TOP. It WILL be nice seeing the whole San Dimas team there tonight giving us their support and hopefully some of the blog posers can bypass their usual Thursday night nail polishing/exfoliating, they can bypass watching their favorite movie (The way we were), and actually come out and see some good football. I’ll have to warn everyone though..our concession stands don’t serve Lattes or Chi tea…

  • SaintsSupport


    We’ll be there rooting you guys on.

    Best case scenario, Colts coming to our house on Nov. 5th undefeated!!

  • Colt74

    Can you imagine a 3 way tie for League? Never mind, of coarse you can …lol. Know what? I could live with that! It sure would add some zing to CIF! We’ve already done better than I predicted before the season ( Hey..what do I know? ) so anything more is just sprinkles on my donut…

  • its not over till its over

    GO BRAVES!!!

  • Sgrigs

    Yeah, BP is good but Covina seems disciplined.

  • Bones

    Uh, yea i agree. San Dimas-Covina game is always big…this year is no different. Uh, anyone remember 2oo5-2oo6??? LOl, enuff of that. Covina wins, 24-10!!!

  • jcaz

    I just had a funny thought.

    If it rains tonight, I hope that if that same cheerleader in the pick does that same split on the turf field this evening, that she at least has a change of “Chonies” before she get’s home tonight, ha ha ha….

    BTW, even though i’m a BP homer, I have seen Covina play this year, and I have to say that they are very very good.

    Big test for the Braves tonight.

  • Ron

    Real nice Jcaz, to talk about a teenage girl that way. I am sure her dad would like to cave in your face for that remark. Leave those remarks out of the blog that was uncalled for. My Daughter is also a cheerleader, so as a dad I say to you Watch what you say it could get you in trouble someday. You know what the rules are about adults that make remarks and prey on the underage. Be careful JAKAZZ

  • Bones

    Ron. Settle the F down. he didnt mean it that way. it’s obvious. Thanks to the Tribune… we’ve as a society of sports fans have matured.

  • Just the Truth

    Hey Bonehead and Jackass,

    Why don’t you calm the F down! Looking at little girls this way…wow…you should be ashamed of yourselves…EFFINNG Pervs…damm…grow up weirdos…

  • coltfan#1

    Will anyone give updates? Fred come on biggest game of the week and no chat whats up with that?

  • Bones

    Uh, to the self righteous idiot… we all know that what ur thinking…and we think that what u are thinking is wrong and unthinkable. Marketing and monies and protecting ur family are the most important things to maintain. Chill the F out and watch some football…ofc thats why we’re all here!

  • covinafan#1

    can we at least get a update?

  • Amat Tribune

    Don’t you know its the AMAT TRIBUNE and not the SGV trib!!!

  • SaintsSupport

    At the half Colts 10 BP 7

    Livingston just got jolted trying to run the ball, not sure if he’s coming back out. He left being checked out by med staff.

    FYI; Saints QB Sean Kennedy has the green light from Doc to play, will he make his comeback at Covina game!!??

  • SaintsSupport

    All Prayers for Livingston tonite, he left at halftime ambulance.

  • jcaz

    Man, sometimes you bimbos are just to much !

    Everyone has to be so plitically correct these days that no one can even say something without some crazy azz idiot (or two) taking things so far out in left field.

    Ron, get a life will ya !

  • finally

    Amat Tribune – at least you now have it right

  • coltfan#1

    Thats sucks to see ppl get hurt in any game wish him luck

  • Jcaz
    Your an asshole for even saying that.If you a daughter you would know how he feels.Matter of fact, even if you dont have a daughter you should know.Pure asshole you are.

  • coltfan#1

    So anything new?

  • jcaz

    Hey old timer, don’t hold back.
    Tell us how you really feel about it eh !
    Toooo funny dude….

  • Blog Police

    To jcaz,

    Anyone that starts his post with “I just had a funny thought” is a moron. And to tell Ron to “get a life” is definitely funny; because your posting your stupidity on this blog way too often.

  • Time out

    Why don’t we all settle down now, and act like adults and move on. and this going back and forth only makes it worse.

    Our thoughts and prayers should be with Livingston, and his family!

    Bottom line this could be a serious injury and we all hope it’s not.

  • NotSince1995

    JCAZ (aka Burro Pentheho) –

    Who really cares what you think…You are a real idiot! Just shut up loser…

    By the way I see you finally got your registered name icon? EXACTLY…! Nice try, “COCF #2″…

    Not in 2010 Either…

  • jcaz


  • Bones

    Covina wins, 17-9

  • cov80

    how about them COLTS ya bp hit hard but our boys have heart and VINNY #5 GO C TOWN !

  • Dan

    Taking a better look at the pic, The cheerleader looks like she is sending a text message during her halftime routine, I’ve always heard that women are good at multitasking.

  • Are you serious

    Dan, are you freaking serious! What you must be blind and dumb, or maybe you just want attention. You got to see the last couple of post on the subject,that it didn’t go to well for JCAZ.


  • Vinny Venegas?

    I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again, Vinny, Vinny,Vinny (that’s the crowd chanting his name tonight). Best wishes to Billy.
    For those of you that were at tonight’s game know what I’m talking about, Vinny Venegas is one of the best football players in the valley…ask Baldwin Park.
    Enough said.
    #5 is the man!

  • Colt74

    1. Covina WINS!
    2. The picture was taken before the game. The banner is what the colts run thru at intros.
    3. I understood what jcaz was saying and he’s wasn’t going where some of you took it.
    4.The hit on billy was for the highlites reel. It was a hit helmet to helmet headhunter hit. They had 2 of them in the game like that but second looked worse than it was. Billys ears were ringing.
    5. Hats of to Vinny ..the kid is a no questions ask stud.
    6. Covinas back up QB sfuentes stepped up and delivered tonight. Good Job!
    7. 2 weeks in a row a bad snap to the punter. This one went out of end zone and we spotted them 2.
    8. Got to meet FRED!
    9. Aram wussed out ( rain ) 🙂
    10. Got to see Mike and sake hands with ( 2005/2006 POY )
    12. BP gets to watch on Time Warner Channel 101 and relive this painful loss. 🙂
    13. COVINA WINS and a great night overall. Billy being OK will make it an outstanding night.

  • Shame on you two!

    jcaz for President and Dan for Vice-President and between the two of them they would make fine representatives of the “Donkey” party.

    I always had an opinion of jcaz but Dan you really showed your age and stupidity but then again your generation can always claim ignorance. Regardless, you two are dangerous, demented individuals and not fit to be around high school football fields.

    And someone may call you two husbands, fathers, and grandfathers. Did you two not have a sister?

    Male chauvinistic pigs like you give gentlemen the stereotype that we continue to try to separate and break apart from everyday. This is the 21st century gentlemen, go find yourself a time machine if you want to try and go back in time but if not please refrain from being so offensive. She’s a child for God’s sake!

    West Covina and Bishop Amat you should be really proud of your representatives.

  • Colt74

    Oh..forgot this…A GIANT KISS MY BUTT to the ref that said that the punt that went out on the 2 went out in the end zone. 3 feet in front of me..and the grass had a perfect indentation of where the ball hit nose first. The judge all the way on the other side of the field over-road the ref 6 feet from it. Can you say EL TORRO POO-POO ?

    Just had to get that off my chest….

  • Dan

    Are you serious,
    Lighten up cowboy, I was trying to change the subject, it is funny with kids nowadays, seems like they text every minute of the day, just got a kick out of the girl in the picture sending a text message during her halftime routine, you know, multitasking. Women are good at it, kind of like a mom talking on the phone and at the same time has a baby in her hands, and pouring a cup of coffee with the other hand, and in the middle of her phone conversation without missing a beat, hollers out to little Johnny in the back yard to quit hitting the dog, then continues on with her phone conversation in stride.

  • Blog Police

    Fred and the Tribune could have selected a much better picture to post than this one.

    To JCAZ and Dan: I suggest that you stick to football comments only. Your attempts at humor are just plain lame dudes !

  • Dan

    Shame on you two,
    Not sure what your thinking about but if you go back and read my post, I just thought it was funny that the kid would send a text during what appeared to be a half time show, what does that have to do with her being a child, Colt 74 cleared it up a bit, it was the pregame banner the team runs thru, never the less your getting paranoid on me, no reason to spazz out, now go back to your NOW meeting and leave the boards to us Chauvinistic pigs.

  • cov80

    hey Bravetown have fun watching the playoffs at home VINNY #5 FOR POY

  • Colt74

    That’s right…BRAVETOWN predicted PAIN for tonight! His prediction DID come true. The loss to COVINA has to hurt like hell…..

  • jcaz

    Colt74, your right, and Dan, it was funny, and really, these guys must have a totaly different perception of reality in here.

    Guy’s like Ron (et all) must have some serious issues at home to come up with stuff like this

    Lighten up people it’s just a blogg..

  • Colt Insider

    Great game covina awesome D! We are on our way to doing some special things here keep working hard and they will come. BP didn’t have any Offense tonight. #1 was shut down and I guess that is why he didn’t shake hands after the game. Great game by Bp’s D #2 and the QB #19 very physical kids. Vin#5 was the man tonight but what an overall team effort on D.

    Great Win Covina….

  • Billy’s Dad

    Thanks for the crowd at the hospital tonight to greet Billy when he was released.

    They really needed a bigger waiting room. Nice to see Mike McD and his mom.

    Billy is Ok and was getting game updates while he was in the treatment room.

    No major injury on that helmet to helmet hit.

    Great win, Colts!!!!!

  • Born and Raised SGV

    Well Bravenuts, where do I start?

    Vinny did what he has been doing since JAA. Just when you think you have him..he gets 5 more yards. Billy is solid, but Vinny is the team.. with a great supporting cast.

    To the bloggers that said we are nothing without Billy… I will pretend that was never posted and I am sorry you have been missing the Vinny show on Channel 5.

    I am glad San Dimas was there. I hope you believe that all you need to is cover Vinny and you are good. Livingston, Carillo, Robledo,McLain and De La Cruz (were not factors in tonights game) will pick up the slack. Let me tell you about Sifuentes…he didnt step up, he stepped in. Sifuentes was out last year and will get into the groove as he knows how. The kid hasnt really taken a snap all this year besides a few here and there. Hopefully Billy is fine, if not we know Sifuentes will be ready.

    As far as Jackson and Crutchfield… I am sorry, but I did not see D1 talent. I saw Jackson who was covering McClain and McClain was stronger and quicker of the line. I also saw a smaller DB in Carillo (6) take you all night and held you to a minimum. WC3 could not run against us… wants to be a big hitter and lead with his helmet.. can do that to our 5’6 140lb players but nothing that made anyone say wow. Good luck to the both of you. Speaking of leading with the head.. I hope something is done. I would hate for someone to get hurt because someone has been watching too much sports center.

    Go Colts.

  • Blog Police

    Call it perception or reality.
    JCAZ and DAN are not funny. The Dane Cook and Jimmy Fallon of the SGV Blog?

    Spare everyone your humorless ramblings,and stick to something you seem to know a little about (SGV High School Football).

  • Don

    From Fred: By the way, why helmet-to-helmet hits aren’t illegal in high school football is a thread for another day, there were too many to count. Those there saw it and heard it, I guarantee you that.

    Officials in California follow NFHS guidelines which, apparently unknown to you, have been trying to deter head first contact for years. As a matter of fact Fred, I have written on this subject on your blog at least twice, (guess that shows how little attention fredo pays to me, huh? ;)).

    Bad medicine here because the driller is as likely to be hurt as the drillee. You cats who didn’t play don’t get it, but trust me, those hits that get passed over as stingers’ or slobberknockers’ or bellringers’ all leave a lasting impression. Sometimes only a couple days, sometimes, as the NFL is now reporting, last until the end of days.

    The problem, as I have have stated before, lies first with coaches who stick with the ’60’s chant of drill ’em, stick him, put that helmet into his gut, and officials who think calling head first contact penalties somehow diminish the inherent manliness of high school football even though the high school football governing body called for it to be an area of enforcement in 2006, 2007, and 2009.

    But I wouldn’t expect you reporter types to know about that.

  • Colt74

    Billys Dad,
    THANK-YOU for taking the time out of your hectic night and giving us a status update. Great news to hear your son is ok. All the BEST to you and your family.

  • COChargerfan

    It’s 4-6 am so I’m back. Any post not in that time frame is from the garbage collector.

    Hey jcaz, I see that you just can’t stay away from comments about the little girls, can you? San Dimas girls volleyball and now the cheerleaders. Hey, aren’t you a Bruin fan?

    Admit it, you are the biggest poser on this blog aka COChargerfan, SGVBEST, Sugarballs, etc.

    At least you should show a little self control and keep the little girls out of your game.



    GO BRAVES!!!!

  • Living legend

    Was at the game: dont know what game you were at or have been at cause the colts with Livingston average over 30 a game without him they average 7. You say he is overrated well I would like to be overrated as with 1800 yards and 16 Tds in only 8 games. Yes 13 came in and did a hell of a job but make no mis-stake Livingston is as tough as they come. It is amazing how many people come on this blog and run their mouths about things they have very little knowledge about. Bel “was at the game” you may have been at a game, what game is up for debate!

  • C-Town

    Living Legend, why would u even respond to that jackass comment like that. U know he is only doing it for attention. We all know Billy is as tough as they come. Congrats C-Town on a great victory last night, God be with Billy and his family on a speedy and well recovery.

  • FredJ

    I took the Livingston is soft comment out because it was absolutely ridiculous. I saw that kid take one of the hardest hits I’ve seen in a while, get back up and walk off. He’s a warrior, no doubt about it.

  • Al Bundy

    “Was at the Game”
    How many TD’s have you scored this year?
    That’s what I thought..


    Braves D1 talent is overrated! Every team they have faced has ran all over them! UTEP is gonna be in big trouble!

  • jcaz

    Whew 4-6am COChargerfan, coming out smoken there !

    Ha ha ha…

  • 43 yardline,

    Lets go Cats, big win tonight. “20”. Big game from 24, 15, 3, 4, 12, 41, 58, 7, 56, 31, 5, 51, Hofster, 1, 22, and all the cats between.

  • Dan

    Thats good news about Livingston being ok, Covina is turning out to be a tough, scrappy team, I think they have a decent shot at the Mid Valley crown along with Monrovia, Azusa, San Dimas, Whittier Christian.

  • Covina vs BP from the Fan of a Midvalley contending team!

    I am not a Covina or BP Fan, however i saw some interesting things. First Covina has a cool calm an collective team. When livingston got knocked out, they did not panic. The backup #13 came in and threw a pic, but came back to have a nice game. Covina did a great job, of doubling up Jackson. They keep seven in the box as well. Covina is well coached. They play together as a team. Villegas is a athlete. They moved him to RB and he was too quick for bp. Ainsworth played well too. He blocked well and scored a tough inside run. Outside the penalties Covina gutted it out. Now, BP hand everything they needed and did not take advantage. They had a fumble, interception, a saftey and knocked out the best player in Livingston. They had a shortfield and still could not score. Jackson broke a kick off and fumbled. WC3 fumbled inside the 30.Outside WC3 and Demetrius Jackson, and their qb, they don’t have alot of athletes. Well their tightend was good too. Their Defense played well. But they allowed alot of 3rd down conversions and they gave up too many big plays. They were out coached. They should have attempted to put wc3 as a spy on villegas. Demetrius is a good db. He made some plays. WC3 really did not show much. He can hit, but I would like to see him in a linebacker spot so he can run. By the time he makes a tackle its a big gain.

    Both of these teams will be tough playoff outs. If Covina loses to San Dimas, then BP is in the playoffs for sure and they will be tri champs. This helps them, bc they have a chance to get a good coin flip and draw. This could be dangerous for all three teams. One of them may be playing Whittier Ch, Monrovia, Azusa or Arroyo in the first round. If Covina wins the valle Vista, then BP will be playing a #1 for sure. One weakness Covina does have is matching up against athletic recievers. They really have not played a team with strong WR Core. There were some times where BP WR got behind them, and open. They will have to tighten up in that area, bc Arroyo, Azusa and Monrovia, Excellent WR and better QB play. I still think the defense needs some work. Covina is becoming more and impressive every week. I do think they are right in the mix…After seeing last night, my midvalley rankings would be…

    1.Azusa(Just because they will be 10-0,has not been tested yet, but will be in playoffs)

    2.Monrovia( League champ, But They had a brain fart against San Dimas)

    3.Covina(They beat West co, league champ front runner…how will livingston play next week?)

    4.Whittier Christian(League champ, not sure if they are that good)

    5. Arroyo(good team, one tough game played and they lost…Rivera been banged up)

    6.San Dimas(inconsistent. Beat Monrovia, but lost to BP, must save season with win vs Covina)

    7.Valley Christian( They are a good team, they Blew out their last oppenent)

    8.Villiage Christian(They are tough team from one of top leauges in Midval)

    9.Maranatha(They are Champs moving up. only lost was to WC)

    10. Baldwin Park( They are still better than other teams in the midvalley, losing to covina is nothing to be ashamed of)

  • Ill ring your bell, and see how fast you get up!

    Livingston got hit really hard. He not only got up, he jogged off the field. If he hobbles off that field, covina loses that game. He showed his team and crowd, “I am tough, we are tough”. It help them. The midvalley is full of tough qbs. Livingston showed it last night, Bueno is a hard runner who lowers his shoulders, Rivera came back of a injury to lead his team…i am sure that ankle is tender. NUnez, plays LB nuff said. Anyone who would call, a kid tough after taking a shot is a idiot, and didn’t play ball. Football is full of train wrecks. A stud can get his bell rung. Qb’s are tough I played d all my life, and it would be crazy to sit in the pocket and have to throw that ball right before sweet chin music! Then you have to go it again and again. YOu are a target for crying out loud.

  • Ill ring your bell, and see how fast you get up! said

    Livingston got hit really hard. He not only got up, he jogged off the field. If he hobbles off that field, covina loses that game. He showed his team and crowd, “I am tough, we are tough”. It help them. The midvalley is full of tough qbs. Livingston showed it last night, Bueno is a hard runner who lowers his shoulders, Rivera came back of a injury to lead his team…i am sure that ankle is tender. NUnez, plays LB nuff said. Anyone who would call, a kid SOFT after taking a shot is a idiot, and didn’t play ball. Football is full of train wrecks. A stud can get his bell rung. Qb’s are tough I played d all my life, and it would be crazy to sit in the pocket and have to throw that ball right before sweet chin music! Then you have to go it again and again. YOu are a target for crying out loud.

  • Colt74

    Great input! I slightly disagree with one part and have a question for anyone on another part.

    “The problem, as I have have stated before, lies first with coaches… and officials …”

    The coaches would be a non issue “IF” the officials
    called the flagrant like they agreed to when they agreed to follow the NFHS guidelines. Once a coach sees the flags being thrown and his players ejected he’ll come around real quick. There is always going to be incidental helmet to helmet contact…the problem is with the deliberate “spearing”.

    If CIF knows that the officials are not protecting the kids then why are they not removing officials?

    Helmets are there to protect the Jello. They were not designed to be a weapon. I remember when guys would sharpen their cleats into needles and they were not designed for that reason also. I don’t see inflatable helmets so the problem is not in design it’s just in the use. Coaches can teach “snotbubblers” and will, until the governing bodies take an active roll and govern the officials. It’s pretty bad when you have to have officials for the officials.

    I’d like to hear the input on this from a coach or two.

  • SuperLoop

    There where two big, big cleanups by B.P. on Covina and a couple terrible Referee calls against the Colts that could of helped B.P.
    Hey, Who is that 20 kid?

  • Colt74

    “We need to remember we are parents first and can not live our dreams through our kids”

    Such a great statement I just had to re-post it.


    vinny vanegas does not get the creadit he deserves. he is a beast on the field. i like what covina did putting him a RB he looked good.covina was using him as WR all year but he looks good at RB and should stay their. KEEP POUNDING THAT BALL VINNY

  • FredJ

    I deleted several comments, and to the ones going back and forth, please take it somewhere else.

  • Living Legend

    Fred come on, why delete those post it was a few people discussing their stances it was not getting personal. Isn’t that what a blog thread is for so people can go back and forth about ther positions on a particular topic or comment that was made in that fourm?

  • Billy’s Dad

    To Bravetown-

    My commendation to you on your sportsmanship as evidenced by your post-game post.

    Best of luck to you and your team!!!

  • Colt74

    November 5th. The CEREAL BOWL ! Who gets the prize in the box?

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