Sunday Tribbin: Who’s 0 will be the last to go?

After eight weeks Bishop Amat (8-0), Bonita (7-0) and Azusa (7-0) are the last remaining undefeated football teams in the Valley and its not unthinkable all three could run the table in their own playoff divisions, though unlikely more than one could, so who’s 0 will be the last to go? Azusa is the safe bet because they’re absolutely going 10-0 and will win their first playoff game, but how far can they go after that? You would probably say no to Bonita because they’re at No. 1 West Covina on Friday, a game I’m still not ready to predict until I sit down with Aram for Monday’s drill. But if Bonita wins, they’re my best bet to run the table and go 14-0. After beating Claremont and West Covina, how could you bet against them the rest of the way? Bishop Amat is the worst bet, they still have undefeated Alemany on the road in the league finale, then the anything can happen on any given Pac-5 Friday makes their chances even tougher. But this is also true, the Lancers have looked so good through eight weeks they could lose and still keep the top spot in our poll, though I’m sure I would hear a mouthfull from Aram making the “Bonita” argument.

CalPreps Predictions on Friday
Projection: Bonita 35, West Covina 26
Projection: Azusa 48, Ganesha 8
Projection: Bishop Amat 38, Notre Dame 21

Thursday’s games
Azusa at Ganesha, 7:00pm
Bassett vs. Gladstone at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Nogales vs. Northview at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Friday’s games
Glendora vs. Alta Loma at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Bonita at West Covina, 7:00pm
Diamond Ranch at Los Altos, 7:00pm
Rowland at Walnut, 7:00pm
Arroyo at Gabrielino, 7:00pm
Rosemead at Mountain View, 7:00pm
South El Monte at El Monte, 7:00pm
La Puente at Sierra Vista, 7:00pm
Workman vs. Duarte at La Puente, 7:00pm
Notre Dame at Bishop Amat, 7:00pm
Ayala at Claremont, 7:00pm
Charter Oak at Damien, 7:00pm
South Hills at Chino Hills, 7:00pm
Pomona vs. Covina at Covina District, 7:00pm
Wilson at Baldwin Park, 7:00pm

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  • shfan

    What about the opposite side of that? What about Los Altos and Duarte?

  • kh

    fred great topic,
    steal sitting on hands with w/c.
    its ok buddy ,not to late to change.did you see the l.a. times top 25.oooppppssss.
    bonita # 25 in polls
    dont see your # 2 sgv fred poll w/c/ bruins anywhere my friend,
    just like last season, s.h. baseball team you said was the next coming of god, please.
    ask walnuts coleman how he felt after my son k.c. huth leveled him fred,i will have aaron send you the vidoe bro.maybe you can show w/c/ running backs who coming to town,and its not the boogieman either,bonita defense.i will give walnut credit both there td were earned the hard way.
    we still lead the area in d=fense.
    i see your already setting up your poll so amat can and will end up on top.hey its your basketball, so i guess we can let you play,,,,,
    fred you already loss ties with amattys nation,so nows a great time to jump like the indains did on bonita band wagon…
    arent we on top in v-ball, water polo,football,baseball.girls field hockey,softball,did i forget any other sports we dominate,
    come aboard fred my friend,leave the pass and jump into the future,
    bonita sports………
    go bearcats

  • Mikey


    The LA Times #25 ranking?? You mean the “kiss of death” #25 LA Times ranking?? Ask Glendora & Chino Hills about that….

    Bonita @ West Covina should be epic!!!

  • just sayin’

    it’s like bein #1 in BCS! jinxed

  • dranch

    All i Have to say DRanch. WC and Bonita are good. WC will beat Bonita and DR will be bonita. Its between WC and D ranch. Bonita isnt ready

  • SaintsR4real

    Congrats on Bonita bring ranked in LA Times top 25. You guys have been working very hard for the kudos u get. Enjoy the ride, focus on the mission, was your 12th man (fan support)as much as possible!

    Good luck with W. Covina, you’re gonna need it.
    Your neighbors, San Dimas Saints will be rooting for you!

  • Frank

    Azusa will win all regular schedule games going 10-0, then losing in second round finishing 11-1, not bad.

    Bonita will lose a regular season game and probably lose first round. 9-2 decent. top 25 big deal charter oak was in there most of last season and even winning cif they still weren’t ranked in top 25 at the end. I mean if you consider Diamond ranch competition, you need help.

    Amat I predict will be 9-0 going to final game of regular season along with Alameny being 9-0, this will be the biggest game of year before playoffs. Can’t call this one though I’m pulling for Amat. Amat will go far this year in playoffs, may suffer a league lose, which isn’t always a bad thing as long as you make playoffs. come playoff time there is now time for failure.

    Duarte sad situation I don’t see them winning a game for another year or two,the worse they do, the more in comming athletic freshman are avoiding that school. Using adresses in other areas or going to private schools. Los altos will probably win first.

  • Aaron


    Thanks for that. I know you guys are struggling but you’ve also played one hell of a schedule and it should pay off with the 2-see out of the Valle Vista. If you guys beat Covina that’s a back to back league title. Play Big!

    I have to also say I’m a big Claremont fan right now!

    That isn’t DRanchhh so whatever.

    The Bearcats are where they want to be. Defense has continued to play huge (tops in the division) and Pendleton is going to continue to hit his stride. Can we say anything more about KC Huth, Eric Mikity, and Danny Harriman? What about Matt Gelalich with his three picks and also Garrett Horine who continues to play great at the safety spot.

    And on offense…the O-line has done a great job, even with injuries younger guys have come in and played great giving first Greg Spathias and now Garrett Pendleton the time they needed to get the ball to receivers.

    This is another accolade, this ranking from the Times. However it means nothing and these kids know it!

    Big Game this week @ West Covina.

  • I’ll take the bearcats

    If Bonita can get thier QB healthy (from a broken arm earlier in the year ) and able to play the whole game, they will be the team that continues on.Ten touchdowns in just 6 qtrs played

  • LA TIMES #25 Jinx!

    If Bonita loses, I don’t see the LA Times giving any other SGV school the #25 ranking as Glendora and Chino Hills both lost after gaining the #25 position. A Bonita loss would be the 3rd SGV #25 team.

    Although Claremont is doing well, they did lose to Bonita which probably means that the LA Times would not consider Claremont for #25. Charter Oak is completely out of the question too for obvious reasons.

    It’s too bad West Covina lost to Covina. And it’s even more unfortunate that Covina lost to Walnut and barely escaped Northview. How they beat West Covina is beyond me! It was both team’s first game so there should be no excuses on either side.

  • kh

    co wasnt ranked because they had nobody to stop mauma,
    we have plently of healthy guys adam would feel.
    you beat up on a sorry d-ranch team,d-ranch is way over rated my friends,dameein spanked them,dont want to here there getting better,so what bonita going to roll over tow/c/ remember what i said,we always spanked w/c in the jr all americans football.
    so there bigger and slower who cares.we will be the only team undeffeated,when all the dust clears…
    we will run the flag around the track.
    mikey sr. dont you dare let that nonsense jinx crap come into play.
    keep feeding jr the gun powder mix with the steaks and we will be fine sir.
    we have the league in our back pocket,its ours to lose,not going to happen.

  • Frank

    @ kh
    Congratulations KH I can actually understand something you wrote for once. You say Damien killed DR, well Amat killed Damien so what does that say about the competition you are playing, I never said DR was good, but most football analyst seem to think they can compete with Bonita. All that really tells me is that Bonita is in a very weak league, also WC got crushed by Amat last year, so lets see if you can beat them before you talk about playing Amat

  • bobby

    its going to be Azusa, they will enter the play offs as #1 in mid valley but if they play play a #3 team from the Olympic or Valle Vista they can easily be beaten. I think that their lack of playing teams close to their calibur will cost them in the end. My prediction is they dont make it past 2nd round

  • Ro

    Bonita has a way easier path than Bishop Amat to go undefeated. if bonita was in Pac 5 we wouldnt be having this conversation. they would not handle any of the pac 5 leagues including the Serra league.SERVITE will win the pac 5 again and maybe it will be against bishop amat like in 83 .

  • b

    SGV ballers all varsity teams have improved weekly except Los Altos. Wake Up parents petition to DISMISS immediately.

  • Panther Fan

    First of all CONGRATULATIONS to Diamond Bar on their win against Rowland. You just may make the playoffs after all.
    My prediction for the Bonita / West Covina game is West Covina 35 and Bonita 26. Calpreps had a typo.

  • Smallcity

    I said I don’t make predictions in the Serra league because anyone could win on any given night. Well, never say never. For this ONE game, I will say Amat is a lock in the ND game. Amat knows that a a loss to ND could mean no league title, which means this is not a “trap” game. Amat is also undefeated at home and as a whole they are a better than most teams.

    It’s interesting to note that Alemany is listed just ahead of Amat in a slight majority of all the polls I could find. That’s how closely these teams are matched. Because of Alemany, you can argue that Amat is at risk of not remaining undefeated. Although, I don’t know how strong an argument you could make.

    Yes, Servite is an awesome team and will likely play in the championship game.

    As for the Amat/Damien game, Amat pulled their starters really early. And I mean really early. Hags could have easily embarrassed them, but being who he is, he took his foot off the pedal, as he should have. In any case, I have respect for Damien. They scheduled a tough D-I Amat team.

  • Stay Classy

    nothing could be classier than Amat/Hagerty taking a knee on the Loyola 1-yard-line with 30+ seconds left. 99.9% of HS coaches would have pounded it in and won by 17 – instead of 10.
    Wait! one thing was even more classy. Taking a knee THREE times inside the 10 vs Diamond Ranch a couple years back. The everyone got giddy that Dr stayed within 11. How would 18 have looked?

  • Lost Altos

    EASY Question Freddy, There is one team that will DEFINITELY end their season with a “0” in their record. That would, of course, be the pathetic Los Altos Conquerors. They will most certainly finish 0-10.

    Oh, and you heard it here first…they will go 0-10 again next year unless they get a new coach. Arellanes needs to go. Guy is a joke of a leader.

  • IE Town

    Its really comical to listen to this guy KH. Love his team ok, but Bonita is no Amat. Period!

    You guys have your nice little ranking system in the SGV but against who? Bonita beat Claremont when? 2nd game I think, without there RB.

    Bonita schedule is weak and shouldn’t be in any LA Times poll Period.

    Wonder why Boise isn’t ranked #1 in BCS and Auburn is? Strength of schedule. Enough Said

    Bonita PussyCats schedule us and Amat next year and end the drama.

    IE OUT

  • Dan

    Last years Amat / WC game was tied 7 to 7 into the mid third quarter, 14 to 7 well into the 4rth quarter, Game ended 21 to 7, I wouldn’t say they crushed us, we were also missing several key players for that game, give us a little credit. 2008 was a different story.

  • Aaron

    Sounds like someone is unhappy. Bonita’s schedule is solid for the division they are in which is what is needed. If you look at the non league games last year of those four only one was a win…so go somewhere else please.

    Who’s your team, I know it’s not Norco because at least he has tact.

  • DRanchhhh

    Why is DR they BUTT of all of your little comments? I see you little sneaky comments FRANKY Boy. Let the kids fight the battle on the field. You and I both know that DR is a challenge for BoHi. You are kidding yourself if you dont think so. DR is pretty bland in their play calling this year but hail, no one can say that they dont get it done, bc they do. I love that O and D line. Those boys are conditioned VERY WELL and ready for action. I have never seen DR come from behind like they have this year.

    I like BoHi, but truthfully, you guys will not make the finals. The spread, zone read, play action will not last long against a team with some ATHLETES in the Defensive backfield. Who of worth has BoHi really played dude?? Claremont, no maybe San Dimas?? I like their Athletes at BoHi. I like Podley. I respect the guy and his staff, but simple sh*t will not work against WC, DR or any team u will face in the playoffs. I have a ton of respect for those guys over at WC. They are strong up front and in my opinion, they will bytch slap BoHi as LONG AS THEY PLAY good football. You guys have 4 athletes on that BoHi defense that stand out. #23, #64, #1, #6. All 4 of those guys go both ways. There are 3 or 4 more that go both ways. Have you seen the way that WC rotates legs in and out?? I believe that both DR and BoHi will have problems with WC for that reason alone.

    Lastly, yu BoHi people really should come off of your high horse. Your posts are starting to resemble those of AMAT people and BoHi is not close to achieving that level success YET-KEYWORD: YET. It will happen…but be humble!!

  • Times Up!


    Your bros at Damien better start worrying about getting some “wins” or Gano may be the next guy to go! The dollar boys in the stands are pretty loud.

  • IE Town


    I told you the last time you asked? Have a bad memory?

    Were ranked #2 right now. Figure it out pussycat.

    If you want your butt boy to try and make a claim of comparsion to Amat, then put up or shut up.

    We’ll keep milk-in our cows out here and just let us know when you want to grab your balls and schedule us!

    Maybe we’ll see CO first round.


  • bearcat

    after bonita plays DR you are going to look like a dumb a$$. i guarantee a blowout. bonita’s defense is way to solid for their run game.

  • dranchhh
    Your right the bonita d-ranch game will be a tough game always is and bonita parents are getting to confident they’re acting like they already won as are some of the players which might be a cause of concern but Bonita does have a good team with good athletes with good technique but if Cody Mckenzie is done for the year which i’ve been hearing the o-line will take a huge hit as he probably is there best lineman in my opinion but this is the year i see them getting out of the first round i don’t know about winning it all because injuries are starting to take a toll but they should have a good chance to compete for it.

  • @bearcat fan

    if cody mckenzie is your best o-lineman your in enough trouble as it is lol…

  • Aaron

    Ranked second by whom? The LA Times has Westlake at Two and well they ain’t in no Inland Empire.

  • Frank

    @ Draanch,
    I have nothing against DR, I just use them at times as a measuring stick for weaker teams, nothing personal, I wish them the best.
    @ times up, not sure if your comment was directed at me, but I didn’t get the connection.
    @ FredJ, I appologize for even commenting on a blog that had to be removed. I tried to keepmy part clean, but siLence is sometimes better.

  • NS Sherlock

    IE Town = Norco? It’s completely possible. Although Norco can write like a gentleman, I have witnessed him also write like a smack talking thug. So, I would not put it past him to take on a new name with a new personality.

    Norco loses to Roosevelt, the blogger Norco dissapears after getting this loss shoved in his face repeatedly and now this IE Town guy shows up and claims a #2 team in the Inland Division or state.

    CIF’s #2 team in the Inland is Vista Murrieta. The #2 team in the state is Corona Centennial. Why this IE Town has not specifically claimed a school is a mystery.

  • Blue and Gold Stud

    Dan said: Amat v WC 2009 results

    Not wanting to come across as being disrespectful to WC, but that 7 point drive took nearly 12 plays in the red zone to get in thanks to several key flags thrown that kept the drive alive, otherwise the score may have been 21-3.

    The score was similar to your stadiums seating capacity; just wasn’t enough to contain Amat!

    Congratulations on stepping up to the challenge of playing Amat, not very many teams in the SGV can say they “competed” against Amat (at least for a little while in the game).

    Best of luck the rest of this year to you & the rest of the SGV teams.

    Go Big BLue!

  • Wheel

    Hey Los Altos….How can you say Arellanes is a joke? He is the guy you all wanted. I feel there is no talent at LA anymore. No way they should go 0-10 but I do feel expectations are way too high. How can you say Arellanes is a joke. Zavala over at Wilson…Yes, joke. So who is your predictions to get fired or step down this year? How can you not say the same about Martin over at DBar and Walnut? They are aweful every year. Perez over at Northview? Well I guess that fits if you say Arellanes is a joke, that makes sense for Perez since he coached under Arellanes.

  • JD

    Hey Pasqy can you listen?
    Let the kids play, get out of that zone defence & let them freelance & attack. The kids on defence are so afraid they’ll get out of thier zone position they look like statues. Please let the dogs out, make it fun! footballs an aggresive game let them attack attack attack. If they get burnt on something deap at least their off the field & not dying out there playing 48 minutes a game. Theres three games left lets play on thier side of the ball! I would rather die quick than a slow painful death. Oh ya put Donavan in at QB if Kyle cant play & lets run run run run that dam ball.

  • Wilson


    Maybe you didn’t know, but Zavala also coached under Arellanes for multi years over at Northview. Arellance is in a similar situation that Zavala was in last year, with much less talent than Zavala had. This years Wilson team has no business getting blown out by the teams they are competing against. After that coaching performance against Northview a couple weeks ago, I don’t think I would have went out drinking with the coaches either. Then this staff hits the down like they just won a CIF title when they beat 1-6 Nogales, should I note Nogales was missing their star quarterback.

    This coaching staff needs to spend more time coaching and less time drinking. Friday nights is when Coach O cut the film preparing for Saturday morning film, for the Saturday morning film, that our current OC doesn’t even show up to. The players are lucky if they see half the game. The coaches don’t make adjustments on the field because the coaches in the box have no clue what they are looking at. The coaches told the players we lost the Northview game because the defense was misaligned the whole game, and blamed it on the players. If we are misaligned one play that is the players fault, after the first play it is the coachs responsibility.

    Coaches take responsibility!!!!

    The majority of the players and parents have lost respect for this staff, and that is a direct result of Head Coach Brian Zavala.

  • So Everyone’s a coach Now!

    Come on dude…are you for real? What qualifications do you have to tell a coach with Pasquarella’s experience what to do. Is that how you coch your jr midget pee jr. all american team? Get a clue. You can sit in the stands and talk all the smack you want to….the fact is that your little boy’s Glendora team is not that good. You can’t pull a defense out of your ass? You are mad because you can’t stand the fact that you can’t brag to all of your co workers about what a stud your son is and it is a reflection on you… didn’t have glory in your day so now you are trying to live thru your son…THAT”S SAD DUDE!.

  • JD

    Hey Dumb Ass! I guess u dont watch the GHS games. A pee Wee team could beat that stupid stand back & loose 30 D. That so called experienced coach has been playing that loosing defence for how long now? you give me 1 team that plays that garbage, how he runs it and wins against the better teams I’ll be glad to shut up. I know most of the kids on the team & my sons one of them. They put in a lot of hard work in the last four years, for this! Any moron would know if somthing doesn’t work you change it. When you see that same D every game with no new rinkles, no aggresivness to get to the other QB or back field its enough to make u puke. So f off!

  • Dan

    Blue and Gold Stud,
    Your right, we barely got in there for that touchdown, our “O” line was porous that night but remember, due to the several injuries, we had some inexperienced kids on the line and elsewhere on the team replacing injured players. The bright side is that these kids gained some valuable gametime experience and have developed into some of our key players for this year.
    Anyways I just wanted to clear up Franks comment of WC getting crushed, it was actually a pretty competitive game, we were still in the game going into the 4th qtr, and still had genuine hopes for an upset.


    And that’s why WC gets the nod over Bonita. They may think they have played good teams and know what it is like to face one but they don’t have a clue. WC will take all the knowledge they gained from playing teams like Mater Dei and Amat and put it to the Bearcats this Friday . Just watch and see those Bearcats wither away as the game goes on . They are in for a pounding like they haven’t seen so far this season.

  • Bulldoggs

    West Covina at home, they have stepped up and played some good teams last year and this year. I am picking West Covina over Bonita West Covina has this way of getting up for big games. Bonita will fall for the first time on the road. Bonita is a good team not taking anythying away from them but West Covina will come to play on this night and wins a close battle 31-24

  • kh

    you left the sgv leading tackler out # 31 eric mikey,
    # 6 dose not go both ways, just the punter on off.
    but i herd hes going to play off. because # 33 is slithly hurt,hes another guy you forgotto name. the whole d-fense is a stud,

  • stat guy

    if you think about it – it’s not always great to have the leading tackler or big tackle stats on defense. That means the other team is moving the ball and running alot of plays. If you’re the kind of defense that forces alot of “3 and Outs” – you’re not getting alot of tackles. If you;re the leading tackler – you’re probably not that great. If you were great – they’d run the play away from you. just like DB’. The best cover corners never have the most INTs because the receivers never seem open enough for the QB to throw their way.

  • say what

    stat guy you are so wrong it’s not funny. even at the highest levels the best are leaders in most statistical catergories. what planet do you live on!

    so funny you’d even give stat man as your moniker

    typical blogger moron

  • say what

    stat guy you are so wrong it’s not funny. even at the highest levels the best are leaders in most statistical catergories. what planet do you live on!

    so funny you’d even give stat man as your moniker

    typical blogger moron


    Try Max and CIF #1 your moron. LA Times is a BK company trying to survive. They suck, schedule us you little pussycat.

  • say what is wrong

    it’s logical. if a team A defense causes a three and out and team B gives up 10 play drives, it’s only logical that more tackles are available for team B. Plus – go back and look at
    Here are the tackle leaders in the NFL
    1. Jerod Mayo, NE 72
    2. Stephen Tulloch, TEN 71
    3. London Fletcher, WSH 68
    4. LaRon Landry, WSH 68
    5. D.J. Williams, DEN
    REALLY? See any Ray Lewis in there?
    How about INTs
    1. DeAngelo Hall, WSH 5
    2. Charles Godfrey, CAR 4
    3. Earl Thomas, SEA 4
    4. Michael Griffin, TEN 4
    5. Leon Hall, CIN 4
    Revis, Palamaulou, Woodsen, Dawksins, etc????
    Point made!