CIF Rankings: Covina still the Rodney Dangerfield of the Mid-Valley; WCovina, Bonita No. 1 and 2

CIF-Southern Section Football Polls

Above: There were so many people telling me on Thursday that Colts’ all-everything Vinny Venegas is the straw that stirs their drink.

Pac-5 Division
1. Mission Viejo (South Coast) 7-0 Bye
2. Servite (Trinity) 7-0 Won St. John Bosco 32-24
3. Bishop Amat 8-0 Won Loyola 41-31
4. Alemany (Serra) 7-0 Won Crespi 28-17
5. Santa Margarita (Trinity) 6-1 Won JSerra 35-14
6. Poly/Long Beach (Noore) 5-2 Won Millikan 59-0
7. Lakewood (Moore) 7-1 Won Jordan 42-28
8. Mater Dei (Trinity) 5-2 Won Orange Lutheran 28-14
9. Tesoro (South Coast) 6-1 Won Trabuco Hills 21-14
10. San Clemente (South Coast) 7-1 Won Dana Hills 42-28
Robledo’s thoughts: How could the Lancers complain, if they take care of business the final two games they should be assured a top four seed.

1. West Covina (Hacienda) 6-1 Won Los Altos 48-7
2. Bonita (Hacienda) 7-0 Won Walnut 44-14

3. La Serna (Del Rio) 6-1 Won Santa Fe 38-0
4. Diamond Ranch (Hacienda) 4-3 Bye
5. La Mirada (Suburban) 4-3 Bye
6. Mayfair (Suburban) 5-3 Won Bellflower 35-0
7. Norwalk (Suburban) 4-3 Won Glenn 64-7
8. Arcadia (Pacific) 4-3 Won Burbank 48-20
9. Burbank (Pacific) 5-2 Lost Arcadia 20-48
10. Burroughs/Burbank (Pacific) 4-3 Won Glendale 35-6
Robledo’s thoughts: You know it’s not unrealistic to think that after an 0-3 start Diamond Ranch could end up the top seed when all is finished. The Panthers are No. 4 with games against No. 1 and No. 2 still to come. West Covina and Bonita are where they should be, now we get the rare opportunity of watching who deserves No. 1 on Friday.

Inland Division
1. Centennial/Corona (Big VIII) 7-0 Won Santiago/Corona 69-13
2. Vista Murrieta (Southwestern) 6-1 Won Temecula Valley 33-22
3. Rancho Cucamonga (Baseline) 6-1 Won Alta Loma 43-0
4. Roosevelt (Big VIII) 6-1 Won Corona 56-35
5. Norco (Big VIII) 6-1 Won M.L. King, Jr. 35-15
6. Claremont (Sierra) 6-1 Won Charter Oak 35-32
7. Upland (Baseline) 5-2 Won Etiwanda 53-34
8. Chino Hills (Sierra) 5-2 Won Damien 42-7
9. Redlands East Valley (Citrus Belt) 5-2 Won Eisenhower 48-12
10. Redlands (Citrus Belt) 5-1-1 Won Yucaipa 23-13
Robledo’s thoughts: For the first time in forever, looks like Gano, Bogan and Farrar might not have anything to do on Thanksgiving. Only the winner of the Sierra has a realistic chance of doing anything, and right now that looks like Claremont.

1. Azusa (Montview) 7-0 Won Duarte 46-0

2. Monrovia (Rio Hondo) 5-2 Won San Marino 56-0
3. Arroyo (Mission Valley) 6-1 Won Rosemead 35-21
4. Whittier Christian (Olympic) 6-1 Bye
5. Covina (Valle Vista) 7-1 Won Baldwin Park 17-9
6. San Dimas (Valle Vista) 5-3 Won Northview 43-0
7. Vallley Christian/Cerritos 5-3 Won Maranatha 70-64 (5 OT)
8. Village Christian (Olympic) 5-2 Won Los Angeles Baptist 56-19
9. Schurr (Almont) 4-3 Won Alhambra 44-13
10. Maranatha (Olympic) 5-3 Lost Valley Christian/Cerritos 64-70 (5 OT)
Robledo’s thoughts: There is no way anyone with one loss deserves to be ranked ahead of Covina, and that includes two-loss Monrovia and one-loss Arroyo and Whittier Christian. Covina has a victory over West Covina, No. 1 in the Southeast and over Baldwin Park, the team that beat defending champion San Dimas, you know the team that Monrovia couldn’t defeat. Covina owns a victory better than any win Arroyo, Whittier Christian, Azusa, or Monrovia has on its resume, plus a solid No. 2 win over Baldwin Park. Why they’re not No. 1 or the very least No. 2 doesn’t make any sense. It reminds me of the way Rosemead was voted down in the polls in 2008 before running the table to the Mid-Valley title game.

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  • intolerable

    Azusa Won (?!) Duarte?
    Monrovia Won (?!) San Marino?

    It’s beat! Beat! Azusa beat Duarte.

    That’s all.

  • Colt74

    Face it..Southern Section coaches are not accustomed to seeing the name Covina without West in front of it. It will take time and we’re doing all we can to help them conquer their phobia…

  • Watch out for ND!!!

    I am a huge Amat fan but SO Notre Dame is a concern and I do not believe some bloggers on here understand just how good Notre Dame is. YES, Notre Dame is not its usual dominant Serra League self but one must look at their losses to gain a better appreciation for the Knights

    ND was routed by Serra (Understandable because its Serra, who are undefeated State Champs)

    ND lost to Valencia ( Vals only loss this season is to Loyola)

    ND 3-point loss to Taft (Taft only lost to Crespi by 6pts and only lost to Alemany by 10)

    ND 4-point loss to Dominguez (LA Times #20. Dom has beat Crespi and only loss this season is to Amat)

    ND 4-point loss to Chaminade (Chaminade is undefeated this season)

    To sum up, these are quality losses and I believe we need to give a bit more respect for Notre Dame. They have an awesome coaching staff and they do have the capability to pull off another upset. They already upset Loyola and they will be looking to avenge last years loss versus Amat (Jay Anderson ran all over the ND defense last season). I do pray our Lancers are not caught looking ahead to Alemany.

    Have a safe and productive week of practice, Lancers!

  • Lance R

    I’d like to see the Lancers get a top 4 seed and that can very well be but, beating Alemany that final game will be difficult seeing Alemany is at home, beat Crespi by 11 at Crespi, where as Amat beat Crespi by 3 and fell behind in that game, so it stands to reason Alemany probably wins this game. No doubt it will be a playoff game atmosphere going to Mission Hills for this one and on any given night any team in the Serra could win it’s game. With Amat getting two weeks to prepare this could be where this coaching staff brings out the Magic and prepares this team for another road win and a League championship. One must remember before all that takes place Amat has Notre Dame next and everyone knows on any given night, right? Amat at home, possibly Shay back, Undefeated at Kiefer,The packed house,The In and Out Truck, The Tailgaters, The Blue cups and of course this 8-0 team…lets hope Amat wins again and sets the table for the Championship on the road. Serra League Football is Awesome.

  • Midvalley Man

    Well Fred j, The midvalley by far is the most difficult division to rank…their are so many arguments, so many determining factors…you can have alot of takes on the rankings… But one arguement used against one program has to be used against another… CIF is a little off on this poll. You can’t go off of record alone. You would have to go off Record, who they have played vs wins against SGV and Division ranked opponents, How they lost if they have, and who you think will win head to head. The reason why Covina is not Ranked ahead of Azusa or Arroyo is beyond me. Azusa is undefeated so i guess they are your #1 for now. But if you are going to knock Monrovia’s win against San Marino, you are going to have to knock Azusa whole schedule…you won’t do that though… so for now Monrovia is #2 in the polls live with it.For example San Dimas is still ranked in the middle of the Division because, they have a win against monrovia, and they played tough preseason. Head to head they are still better than the rest of the teams below them. They would be ranked top three if they don’t lose to baldwin Park. You are factoring in the Win against West Covina which is by far the biggest, but the Baldwin Park only has two wins. West covina beat Glendora the team that beat monrovia, however Covina lost to Walnut, who is not ranked in any poll, so that neutralizes, they win against WC. On the other hand, Monrovia Dispite what you think lost to two Ranked oppenents, and beat South hills who was ranked at the time. They also have a blowout win against Arcadia, who is better than Walnut, and who is Ranked in the top ten in South East Division. A arcadia team, who has beat a top ranked Burbank team. Also Monrovia Has wins against 3 upper division schools and has played 4. Head to head do you have covina over Monrovia? I don’t. We will see how this is plays out. I have the Mid Valley like this

    4.Whittier Christian
    6.San Dimas
    7.Valley Christian
    8.Villiage Christian

  • Monrovia Fan

    Covina is the third best team in the Mid Valley. They are not where they should be, but they will get their chance to be # 4 by the last week. With a win over San Dimas that should solidify thier position as a top seed, however at this point whittier Christian is the only team they will be able to jump. whittier christian can lose, or a Covina win could be the difference maker. That covina vs SD game is going to be tough. A 3 way tie would mean that Cif is predicting correctly. They may fall to #6 with a lose. I am not sold on Azusa yet, but they will not lose, so 10-0 will get them #1 seed. Arroyo is another team who I am not sold on, they will not lose either, so 9-1 will get them a #3 seed. My team monrovia will finish 8-2, and they will hold their spot.

  • Colt74

    MidValley Man,

    Monrovia doesn’t deserve to be ranked number 2.

    Monrovia has wins over 3 teams 2-5. Sure they beat South Hills by 3, (all the rest of South Hills loses have been by a MIN 14)we’ll get back to that. You say they beat Arcadia who is 4-3. Arcadia which has 3 wins over teams 3-4. Arcadia beats Burbank which is 5-2. Burbank has 1 win over Muir 3-4, San Gabriel 3-4, Warren 2-5,Hoover 1-6, and Glendale 0-7. Yeah that should make Burbank top ranked alright. So the paper trail of why Monrovia should be rated so high actually leads nowhere.

    So it looks to me Monrovias biggest win is over South Hills this year. Not rated. They lost to San Dimas. Rated. ( that’s a RED on Calpreps ).

    “..however Covina lost to Walnut, who is not ranked in any poll, so that neutralizes, the win against WC.”

    Ummmnnn..Not on this planet it don’t!

    Monrovia has no business being number 2. I’ve shown why and didn’t just post “so for now Monrovia is #2 in the polls live with it”

  • Colt74

    Monrovia Fan,

    “A 3 way tie would mean that Cif is predicting correctly.”

    CIF weekly polls are not predictions. If they were they would just have 1 at the start of the season. Weekly polls are supposed to be based on that weeks standings/performances. Am I wrong?

  • Colt74

    MidValley Man,

    I saw your ranking and changed it to more reflect what people not from Monrovia probably agree with :

    3.Whittier Christian
    5.San Dimas
    7.Valley Christian
    8.Villiage Christian

    Everyone has an opinion. There’s mine.

  • DRanchhhh

    Bearcat Fan, BoHi,

    Quit acting like broads on a blog. It’s solely my opinion and I am sticking with it. I dont care if someones says “Hey, Our school is going to beat the socks off of DR.” Im humble enough to know that DR is a WORK in progress 7 games in. I’m sticking to my guns, BoHi WILL NOT make the finals. You guys are jumping the gun. They are not quite a playoff team. They are good for the level of competition they face but drags, 10yd comebacks and posts will not get u down the stretch. Your run game is close to that of Diamond Bar, Long stretch reads, and speed gives will not work against WC or DR. Your players are even cocky and arrogant. #1 breaks a 25 yard run against the walnut defense and he goes in touched and FLIPS into the endzone?? Really?? AND the coach didnt even pull his a$$ out. You will be humbled in the next few weeks and lets say….2nd round. GP has not seen DB’s that can move like those of WC and DR. So we will see. I will live and die by this statement: May the best prepared team win. Best of luck to a good WC team and a good BoHi team. ALso, LOL, wish us luck against Los Altos.


    Fred, you have me a little confuse on your story. Then why do you place AZUSA higher then Covina, on your TRIB 35 rank teams, if that’s the way you feel. Why don’t you make everybody on here happy and just change it.

    Lets be consistent FREDDY BOY!


  • That is why


    You are a fool that is why you do not rank teams! You are not a good sports reporter so it is a good thing you do not get to rank the Mid Valley. You non athletic know nothing want to be!
    CIF has it right!!

  • Hacienda stats


    School……………| League | Overall | Pct. | PF | PA | Strk
    Bonita……………| 3-0-0 | 7-0-0 | 1.00 | 259 | 96 | 7 W
    West Covina……..| 3-0-0 | 6-1-0 | 0.86 | 261 | 151 | 6 W
    Diamond Ranch….| 3-0-0 | 4-3-0 | 0.57 | 172 | 165 | 4 W
    Diamond Bar……..| 1-3-0 | 5-3-0 | 0.63 | 214 | 254 | 1 W
    Rowland………….| 1-3-0 | 4-4-0 | 0.50 | 253 | 204 | 3 L
    Walnut……………| 1-3-0 | 3-4-0 | 0.43 | 178 | 217 | 1 L
    Los Altos………….| 0-3-0 | 0-7-0 | 0.00 | 28 | 257 | 7 L


    Bonita High School
    Pre-league Record (4-0)
    Date Result Opponent Score
    9/3 WIN vs. San Dimas 41-20
    9/10 WIN vs. Claremont 42-20
    9/17 WIN @ Santa Fe 13-12
    9/24 WIN @ Baldwin Park 29-0

    Week 7 records & results of pre-league opponents:
    San Dimas (5-3) 43 Northview 0
    Claremont (6-1) 35 Charter Oak 32
    Santa Fe (3-4) 0 La Serna 38
    Baldwin Park (2-5) 9 Covina 17

    League Record (3-0)
    Date Result(time) Opponent Score
    10/8 WIN @ Diamond Bar 54-20
    10/15 WIN @ Los Altos 37-10
    10/22 WIN vs. Walnut 44-14
    10/29 7:00 p.m. @ West Covina
    11/5 7:00 p.m. vs. Rowland
    11/12 7:00 p.m. vs. Diamond Ranch

    West Covina High School
    Pre-league Record (3-1)
    Date Result Opponent Score
    9/3 LOSS vs. Covina 21-27
    9/10 WIN vs. Venice 35-21
    9/18 WIN @ South Hills 42-27
    9/23 WIN vs. Glendora 33-28

    Week 7 records & results of pre-league opponents:
    Covina (7-1) 17 Baldwin Park 9
    Venice (2-4) bye
    South Hills (2-5) 36 Ayala 33
    Glendora (4-3) 21 Los Osos 38

    League Record (3-0)
    Date Result(time) Opponent Score
    10/1 WIN @ Walnut 41-24
    10/8 WIN @ Rowland 41-17
    10/22 WIN vs. Los Altos 48-7
    10/29 7:00 p.m. vs. Bonita
    11/5 7:00 p.m. @ Diamond Ranch
    11/12 7:00 p.m. vs. Diamond Bar

    Diamond Ranch High School
    Pre-league Record (1-3)
    Date Result Opponent Score
    9/3 LOSS @ Santa Margarita 0-56
    9/10 LOSS vs. Damien 19-26
    9/18 LOSS vs. Elsinore 21-27
    9/23 WIN @ Chaffey 21-14

    Week 7 records & results of pre-league opponents:
    Santa Margarita (6-1) 35 – JSerra 14
    Damien (4-3) 7 Chino Hills 42
    Elsinore (6-1) 24 Temescal Canyon 10
    Chaffey (1-6) bye

    League Record (3-0)
    Date Result(time) Opponent Score
    10/1 WIN vs. Diamond Bar 41-0
    10/8 WIN @ Walnut 35-28
    10/15 WIN @ Rowland 35-14
    10/29 7:00 p.m. @ Los Altos
    11/5 7:00 p.m. vs. West Covina
    11/12 7:00 p.m. @ Bonita

    Diamond Bar High School
    Pre-league Record (4-0)
    Date Result Opponent Score
    9/3 WIN vs. Nogales 38-21
    9/10 WIN @ Wilson 48-27
    9/17 WIN vs. Don Lugo 24-17
    9/24 WIN vs. Brea Olinda 38-21

    Week 7 records & results of pre-league opponents:
    Nogales (1-6) 6 H.H. Wilson 37
    H.H. Wilson (4-3) 37 Nogales 6
    Don Lugo (2-6) 33 Garey 21
    Brea Olinda (1-6) 14 Canyon 17

    League Record (1-3)
    Date Result(time) Opponent Score
    10/1 LOSS Diamond Ranch 0-41
    10/8 LOSS vs. Bonita 20-53
    10/15 LOSS vs. Walnut 7-34
    10/22 WIN @ Rowland 46-33
    11/5 7:00 p.m. vs. Los Altos
    11/12 7:00 p.m. @ West Covina

    Rowland High School
    Pre-league Record (3-1)
    Date Result Opponent Score
    9/3 WIN @ Baldwin Park 35-29
    9/10 WIN vs. California 41-9
    9/17 WIN vs. Rosemead 48-14
    9/24 LOSS @ Claremont 21-24

    Week 7 records & results of pre-league opponents:
    Baldwin Park (2-5) 9 Covina 17
    California (1-6) 27 Whittier 13
    Rosemead (4-3) 21 Arroyo 35
    Claremont (6-1) 35 Charter Oak 32

    League Record (1-3)
    Date Result(time) Opponent Score
    10/1 WIN vs. Los Altos 44-6
    10/8 LOSS vs. West Covina 17-41
    10/15 LOSS vs. Diamond Ranch 14-35
    10/22 LOSS vs. Diamond Bar 33-46
    10/29 7:00 p.m. @ Walnut
    11/5 7:00 p.m. @ Bonita
    Walnut High School
    Pre-league Record (2-1)
    Date Result Opponent Score
    9/10 WIN vs. Troy 16-10
    9/17 LOSS @ Claremont 13-38
    9/24 WIN vs. Covina 49-42

    Week 7 records & results of pre-league opponents:
    Troy (1-6) 3 Fullerton 36
    Claremont (6-1) 35 Charter Oak 32
    Covina (7-1) 17 Baldwin Park 9

    League Record (1-3)
    Date Result(time) Opponent Score
    10/1 LOSS vs. West Covina 24-41
    10/8 LOSS vs. Diamond Ranch 28-35
    10/15 WIN @ Diamond Bar 34-7
    10/22 LOSS @ Bonita 14-44
    10/29 7:00 p.m. vs. Rowland
    11/5 7:00 p.m. vs. Northview*
    11/12 7:00 p.m. @ Los Altos
    * denotes non-league

    Los Altos High School
    Pre-league Record (0-4)
    Date Result Opponent Score
    9/3 LOSS @ El Rancho 0-41
    9/10 LOSS @ Bellflower 18-20
    9/17 LOSS vs. Wilson 10-33
    9/24 LOSS vs. Ayala 7-34

    Week 7 records & results of pre-league opponents:
    El Rancho (5-2) 27 Pioneer 20
    Bellflower (5-3) 0 Mayfair 35
    Wilson (4-3) 37 Nogales 6
    Ayala (4-3) 33 South Hills 36

    League Record (0-3)
    Date Result(time) Opponent Score
    10/1 LOSS @ Rowland 6-44
    10/15 LOSS vs. Bonita 10-37
    10/22 LOSS @ West Covina 7-48
    10/29 7:00 p.m. vs. Diamond Ranch
    11/5 7:00 p.m. @ Diamond Bar
    11/12 7:00 p.m. vs. Walnut

  • Anonymous

    How the Mid Valley should look at the moment:

    1) Covina
    2) Arroyo
    3) Whittier Christian
    4) Monrovia
    5) San Dimas
    6) Azusa (Just saying what everyone’s thinking)
    7) Valley Christian
    8) Maranatha
    9) Schurr
    10) Village Christian

    And this is coming from a realistic Monrovia Fan.


    Did anybody notice the score between Valley Christian vs Maranatha score? Wow for a minute there I thought I was looking at a Basketball score! 70-64!!!! 5qtrs… Daaammmm. Hey Fred how about some Video or story on that game.

    I wonder of the snack bar ran out of food that night.

  • Coach Shula

    To: Watch out for N.D. I will be watching Notre Dame, with their heads down; on their way to their buses after the loss.

    Long Beach Poly reached the CIF Finals in Coach Hagerty’s first year.Bishop Amat was beating Long Beach Poly, up until the last two minutes of the game. Amat should have been in that final game;not Poly!
    Last year, we woke up too late!
    Do you really think Bishop Amat will let this one get away? I do not think so. If you have not learned your mistakes by now, the climb up the hill will be much harder later. GO Big Blue

  • Watch Out for ND!!!

    Coach Shula

    What happened last year or the year before is irrelevant. Looking ahead to Alemany and not being entirely focused on ND will lead to an Amat loss. This is the Serra and it’s that simple.

    In regards to Amat “letting one get away” BA was up 21-7 against Dominguez, 20-7 against Venice, 17-0 against Crespi, and 27-10 against Loyola. Do you see a trend here? In all of these games, our opponents where able to get back into the game.

    All I am saying (as in my initial comment) is that the vast majority of bloggers on here are not even discussing Notre Dame. Everyone seems to be overly concerned w/ Alemany. I just hope our team is not doing the same thing. That’s all. Like you, I hope to see the Lancers kick the Knights right out of Keifer! haha!

  • Just Observing

    CIF polls will be correct at the end of the season. Covina will drop once SD handles them. SD will not have another let down like they did against BP. BP is no good and that game was a huge let down for SD. Also, is it true QB #4 kennedy is back for the Covina game. That will give SD a huge lift and make them the favorites to repeat. The kid is a Winner. I will definitely be at that game to see how it all unfolds.

  • Monrovia should be ranked #2

    @Colt 74

    Hey man I like covina, I actually think they will be in the semis. However CIF looks at the whole picture. If you want to be honest, you have one Signature win West Covina. After that, who have you beat? How many uper division teams have you played ..2! You are 1-1 vs upper division. How Many Ranked teams have your played 1 and you are 1-0? West Covina is the only ranked team you played all year. Walnut is not ranked in the SGV nor Cif polls and they under .500. They are not a play off team and you lost to them. Baldwin Park is not a ranked team, they are under .500. The next playoff team you play is San Dimas. On the other hand Monrovia has played 4 ranked teams in the preseaon. Glendora is still ranked in SGV when they lost. We lost to San Dimas who is ranked in the Division and SGV. Arcadia is Ranked #8 in thier division now, ranked in the SGV and they beat Burbank who was #3 in Southeast. Paramont is a upper division who is 5-2, 2-0 in league play. They also beat South Hills, who was ranked at the time. Now if you add all that up, that is a better body of work, the Covina wins over Top ranked West co and not ranked BP with and with a lost to unranked 3-4 Walnut… Monrovia has taken more chances playing tougher schools in preseason. That is why cif and every other poll has us ranked higher. YOu all only have one more win then us. The rio hondo is weaker than the valley vista, but you still don’t have more quality wins than Monrovia. Monrovia has no losses to teams under .500. They have not giving up over 40 points. They have a blow out win against a ranked opponent. Covina has livingston and Vinny V on O. Monrovia has Bueno on O, and Mccarthy and Johnson on D. Monrovias offense it a alot better than BP, and so is their Defense. You all struggle with them. So…Right now things are where they should be. I would rank you higher, but Covina is not better than monrovia. We will be in the Semis…will you?

  • Colt74

    “Monrovia has played 4 ranked teams in the preseaon.”

    Yes and lost to 2 of them. Thinking those 2 losses should help your ranking …Thats kind of like going to Vegas and doubling down with 4’s and asking for style points when you lose. Wrong answer. Then the 2 wins are over Arcadia 4-3 and South Hills 2-5. Arcadia has 2 wins over positive rated teams ( Muir and Burbank )so I don’t think I’d let that be my bullet statement on my CIF resume. A win over South Hills any other year would be big. Not this year. So who again have you guys played or will play that is the caliber of West Covina and Baldwin Park? We still play San Dimas too…I’m sure you’ve heard of them.

    We’ll be there. And next year too. Will you?

  • Monrovia Should be Ranked

    @Colt 74.

    Actually Arcadia beat the # 3 team in the division. We blasted them. That’s our best win. You beat the # 1 team west co.
    Great win! But you lost to a average team, who is not going to make the play offs, and they put up 49 up on your D. What makes you think Baldwin Park is good team? What critiria do you have that says Bp is better, than Arcadia or Paramount. They have one win against San Dimas. That’s it. Paramount is a better team than them. They only scored 9 points against you guys. You gave up 49 pts to walnut and 21 to Nogales. Do you honestly think that Monrovia is not a better team than Walnut lol …. or Nogales? Do you think that BP’s Defense is better than Monrovias? Do you think BP is better than monrovia? We will have to see who is better when the season goes on….I would worried about san d, Instead of monrovia. We will be in the semis. /see you there i hope.

  • Colt74

    …And we have 2 more wins than you..not 1.

    I’m said “I like covina, I actually think they will be in the semis”…then you say “We will be in the Semis…will you?” Didn’t you yourself already answer your own question?

    Paramount has a good win over Downey. If they beat Dominguez ( not a chance ) then I’ll be impressed. That’s all they have going for them so far is the win over Downey. Nothing else.

  • colt fan

    im glad vinny vanegas is getting the attention that he deserves now. covina is gonna make a playoff run later this and vinny vanegas will be the one leading covina not livingston.

  • Dan

    Colt Fan,
    What a piss poor attitude,you cast a poor reflection on Covina fans, Who cares wether its Vanegas or Livingston leading the Colts, good thing the kids playing are not that self centered.

  • Colt74

    I had 3 paragraphs going on Covina being a team and yada yada yadda..but you said it best.

  • Mr Football

    @Colt 74 and Monrovia Deserves to be#2…

    What are we really arguing? Listen Rankings don’t mean a thing…you still got to win four games,and you still got to play the four best teams. It does not matter if you play them in the first second or semis. Then you have to win the dance. NO one knows that rankings dont mean ish better than monrovia fans. Covina is a good team…with lots of heart. They are worried about staying out of 3 way tie in the valle vista and protecting livingston! All other issues don’t matter at this point. The Midvalley gets real after the first round.

    You possibly will see these games and No one is a for sure lock in these games? Who would give a crap about rankings at this point?

    Monrovia vs Valley Christian
    Arroyo vs Covina
    Azusa Vs Schurr
    San Dimas Vs Whittier Christian

    Morovia vs Covina
    San Dimas Vs Azusa

    Finals….? who knows.

  • No kiddin, you better go ahead and make your Super Bowl futures bets while the odds are really high. The Jets are favored right now.

  • No kiddin, you better go ahead and make your Super Bowl futures bets while the odds are really high. The Jets are favored right now.

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