Tribune growth among highest for daily newspapers in Southern California

Thanks to all of our loyal prep fans in the SGVN, we know you had something to do with this: The San Gabriel Valley Tribune’s total paid circulation has grown significantly over the past year, according to figures released Monday by the Audit Bureau of Circulations.The Tribune’s total paid circulation grew by 11.19 percent daily and 2.29 percent on Sundays, according to the audit bureau. Both growth rates are among the highest for daily newspapers in Southern California. Traffic to, which is not included in the audit figures, has also increased from last year. Year to date, page views have increased more than 26 percent and unique visits are up by nearly 28 percent.

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  • ron

    its all those darn kids who go around asking to subcribe so they can win a trip …they got me i signed up…

  • Never Underestimate the Power of Preps!

    I’m going to say it, Fred. I think this sports blog has A LOT to do with it. This blog gets thousands and thousands of hits which no doubt sparks the public interest, especially when it comes to prep sports in the SGV.

    Congrats to everyone at the SGV Tribune but especially to Fred, Aram, and Steve!

  • jcaz

    Do you only base those numbers on paid subscriptions ?

    Te reason I ask is because I used to have a paid subscription but now I just buy it at the local gas station.

    I am on the road allot, so as a practcal matter a subscription dosen’t work for me.

    So how those numbers factor in, if at all Fred/Steve ?

  • Jastrab


    While folks talk a lot of smack about the paper and other issues, the reality is the SGVT does a great job and living in the IE I cannot even find a blog that seems to have much activity regarding local talent/teams.

    As a kid I delivered papers in the early 70’s and my heart will always be in the SGV. The folks that look at stats should look at online as it is reflective of the papers connection with the community it serves.

    Great work and we should all tank the team at the SGVT as many papers are in a slow death, but not our paper.


  • Colt74

    I told you at the Covina-BP game that I was grateful for all you guys do for the community. Looks like there are about 38,000 others that feel the same way.

  • This isn’t just about preps, it’s the overall paper, so it’s great to see. Yes, preps is certainly a driver, no doubt. And you’re right, NOBODY or NOTHING does it better than we do.

  • smallcity

    I’m right there with you Jastrab. I was also a paperboy, but from mid 70’s.

    The Register is nothing but advertisements and the Times tries to be N.Y. Times/Wall Street Journel/local paper rolled into one and it just doesn’t work. It also doesn’t help when you charge for your app (Times).

    You’re just not going to get all the local stuff in a regional paper.

  • Colt74

    I think a fan appreciation BBQ in the parking lot is in order…who agrees? Heck, it would give the Amat tailgaters another reason to party if nothing else….not that they really need a reason….

    Just make sure the cups are blue……

  • FredJ

    We have been talking about an end of the year celebration for years…maybe it’s time we finally have one….

  • Amat Honk

    You got it pretty bad Ponyboy74!!!

  • Actually the New York Jets are one of the top three strongest Super Bowl contenders at the moment. I would make a Superbowl futures bet on them while the odds are really high.