I’m no LeBron fan, but loved his new commercial; Won’t matter, Lakers 3-peat march begins tonight

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  • Colt74

    Lakers will lose tonight. They have not lit the fire in the boilers yet. Kobe will get 15 mins. Gasol will stay in his preseason speed and Yao will be out to prove what he thinks would have happened if he was there last season.
    They will laugh and high five during the ring/banner ceremony and then play with their normal “what me worry?” attitude and get down big early. Kobe will get some face time screaming and trying to be the leader but Jackson will be interviewed saying how disappointed he was with their performance when it’s all over.

    Tomorrows newspapers will all run stories about
    the Lakers and Heat and life will go on.

    Or…the Lakers could win.

    I say 70/30 the first scenario.

  • LeBron Suxs

    LeQuitter loses tonight. Cavs have a better record than the Heat.

  • Colt74

    Well, THAT turned out better than I thunk…..
    Heat lose to Boston…..pretty good night after all.