Two-Minute Drill with Robledo and Tolegian ….. No. 2 Bonita at No. 1 West Covina

“West Covina is a really good team. They’re really athletic. Their running backs are all studs. They’re going to be a real good test, but we’ll be ready, though. I think we can wear them out with our spread. I’m real confident. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be the starting quarterback for a 7-0 team.”Bonita quarterback Garrett Pendleton

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  • JFR

    I wish I could see this one but I’ll settle for CO bouncing back at Damien after a tough one last week. I’m old school and love to see teams pound it on the ground so I give the edge to WC, on the other hand I live in LV and know kids on the team so I’m pulling for BOHI. Either way it should be a great game to see.


    Much improved on the penmanship!!!
    I like the long tail on the A’s…lol…

  • Dan

    I see nothing but green this week, Bonita is on my mind, WC and Bonita, two freight trains headed for a trainwreck, somethings gotta give. Bonita is looking scary good on paper, Podley has those boys finely tuned, they will leave us with no margin for error, I think our WC boys are up to the task, they will have to be at their best, fully focused, bringing it on every play, and then bringing it again and again till its all over, till sweet victory fills Thyberge stadium, KH, Arron, Bonita Bearcats, welcome to
    Bulldog Country, good luck and may the best team win.

  • kh

    fred if and when we win ,why dont you bring the master bearcat on set.whats the big deal.nobody but kh predict winners like me.
    like what you said,iam good freddy with you on our side come on dude bonita is not leaving town dude,baseball and softballs next,really i liked the smile you had on your face,you looked twenty years younger,that was cool.iam going to show k.c. tonight when he gets back from gym.he dosnt care for me to be on blog,as long as i leave him out,whats his deal,they have a big game w/c/ thinks its big,i dont,the run will play right into our d hands,we are fast strong and quick fred,speed kills w/c/ will see..iam working a new gig down at manhatten beach,on the pier,the old beaches bar we are turning it into a new oster bar,6 mouths of work,,,yes,now i can pay off the bonita dues,its been rough year,but am strong and sober over that year fred,now i have the whole city believeing in ourselfs.i ask the student of deans ,,please bring the band,,will see if she has any pull bro…
    dame fred the ladys are on fire everyday at the pier,work money and lady in short shorts,lifes getting better ever day…
    go bearcats

  • Don

    Nice try.

  • kh

    dang it,
    back to beach for work friday,weve been getting home around 6to 6:30 not good with traffic coming from mannattan to get there early and smell the rubber from the turf,after a shower then the drive it puts me at kick-off.that time to haller at fred and the ram{ aram }.
    fred go up and intro yourself to my son k.c. # 6
    becarefull on the side lines bro the bearcats dont stop for the out of bounds lines,we keep driving tell the zibbra blow his horn,would hate for big reggis or harriman to take you out for your weak rating on the boys hard work…joking ..

    fred 36 more hours to tell the next winning should bring home the cif championship at the end of the storm…
    fred i,am not 100% bearcat bro.both my sister donna $ cori wilson graduated from w/c/ dude/growing up i spend many days down below the 10 off hoollenbeck,so am about 99 bearcats 1% w/c/ thats for the love of my two sister and mother thats it,tom brunanski was in my sister class from w/c he was my first roomie on the angle farm team.
    go 99% bearcats 1% w/c/ bruins

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