Two-Minute Drill with Robledo and Tolegian, Notre Dame-Bishop Amat, Charter Oak-Damien

FYI: Mike “The Cousin” Robledo and the Inland Insider, Chino Hills Tom will be at Bonita vs. West Covina to give it the full coverage it deserves, but we also will have Coveritlive updates from both Bishop Amat-Notre Dame and Charter Oak-Damien.

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  • smallcity

    You guys pointed out exactly why this won’t be a “trap” game as pointed out by some.

    Fred, It sounds like your getting your Amat tailgate meal ticket back. At least for this ONE game.

  • Go Amat

    I don’t know anything about bands and I normally don’t comment on it. That being said the one thing I love about Notre Dame is their band. It is the best high school band I have ever heard. Does anyone agree with me on this one?

  • HS band observer

    Ever seen Arcadia, Chino, El Dorado, Rowland, etc? These all completely blow away Notre Dame.
    However, Notre Dame probably has the best Catholic HS band around. For years, it was Mater Dei, then Santa Margarita. But the current best Catholic band probably is Notre Dame. They are EXTREMELY showy the way they travel to away football games, and most of the above mentioned bands don’t even go to their away games.


    Go Amat,

    I have to disagree on you with the band, LB Poly has one of the best bands that I have seen.

  • Amat Dude

    I noticed the comments from the Amat faithful have dwindled significantly. Is that because all of the haters have all crawled back into their sewer holes? You know what there is no need to pound our chest, the boys in Blue have proven themselves worthy on the field and have silenced all of their detractors and naysayers.

    Go Big Blue! Beat Notre Dame!

  • Witness

    I must admit that even though Amats band is small in size, they are big in sound.
    I remember back in the 80’s Schurr high school in montebello had about 200 members in their band and blasted the UCLA fight song, kinda punked me as a visiting player. How about those Banning Carson games? Banning had a bass guitar. crazy times! fun times!

  • Kaptain Kiefer


  • the Music Man, Professor Harold Hill

    The Notre Dame Sherman oaks hs band is the official band of the irish when they play USC in the Coliseum, go Irish….go Amat!

  • DR FAN

    Can someone tell me where the football blog is? Band Geeks!

  • Rose Parade Band

    I don’t know about you, I go to a football stadium to experience a football game; not watch a band. Are you people that claim Notre Dame has the best band around do so, so when Bishop Amat beats Notre Dame on Friday, you can say___ you beat us in football,but we have the better band? Now I have heard everything!What next!

  • jcaz

    Notre Dame high school does indeed have an awesome band, but hey, you got to give a little bit of love to that Dominguez high school band because if anything, they can really rock the house down when they get it going

  • Calm Down Rose Parade Band

    People are just commenting on the band. That’s all. Yes we all go to football games to watch football, but there are other things to talk about. The announcing, the tailgating, the halftime show, the food, the fans, and God forbid the bands.

  • Football Blog

    A bunch of Trumpet S G A F in here. read backwards.

  • 12th man

    This is supposed to be a Football blog that talks about predictions & upsets..& anything else that pertains to the grid iron, mainly Football!!!~ If you want to talk about bands you should have a Tea Party at your house & rent the movie Drumline!!


    Football Blog,
    Read it backwards and it reads football blog is an azzhole.