Sunday Tribbin: Four game of the week options

We could use your input on this one. Next week we all head to Alemany for Bishop Amat’s Serra League title game, and have the Lancers ever looked better during the Hagerty era? Even Aram’s wondering if the Lancers are Pac-5 championship good. I’ve always thought when they developed a potent offense to match their defensive intensity, they would be able to compete with anyone, and you’re seeing that now, a 52-7 win over Notre Dame with QB Ruiz completing 22 of 24 for 346 yards and 5 touchdowns. Said Hagerty. “This was shocking in some respects because they’re a great program. They’ve (Notre Dame) been the people we’ve been chasing. They put 52 on us a couple of years ago and I remember that well. Our kids have come a long way in a few short years and we’re happy about that.” BTW, I love West Covina, but those thinking this is the year they could beat Amat should leave it right there. They might be the best fit in terms of giving them a run for their money, but that’s about it. Speaking of West Covina, is their game against Diamond Ranch game of the week material, or is it Covina visiting San Dimas for the Valle Vista League title? You also have El Monte and Arroyo meeting for first in the Mission Valley League, and Charter Oak and Chino Hills might not be for first, but it’s a step-up game that both desperately need. Of those four, which is the best fit for game of the week? It’s a tough choice, Mike “The Cousin” Robledo would like to know where he’s setting up camp on Friday.

Friday’s games
Glendora at Upland, 7:00pm
Los Altos at Diamond Bar, 7:00pm
Rowland at Bonita, 7:00pm
West Covina vs. Diamond Ranch at Ganesha, 7:00pm
Arroyo at El Monte, 7:00pm
Gabrielino at Mountain View, 7:00pm
South El Monte at Rosemead, 7:00pm
Duarte vs. Gladstone at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Ganesha at Sierra Vista, 7:00pm
La Puente at Bassett, 7:00pm
Workman vs. Azusa at La Puente, 7:00pm
Chino Hills at Charter Oak, 7:00pm
Damien at Ayala, 7:00pm
South Hills vs. Claremont at Covina District, 7:00pm
Covina at San Dimas, 7:00pm
Nogales at Baldwin Park, 7:00pm
Wilson at Pomona, 7:00pm
Northview at Walnut, 7:00pm

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  • SGV for 30 Years

    Fred, What are you kidding us? Clearly the game of the week is the West Covina/Diamond Ranch game. This game matches two of the top teams in the SGV. Both teams are big fast and athletic. Both teams look like they are peaking at the right time for a play-off run. Both teams are on a winning streak. The Seniors from WC still remember DR spanking them 2 years ago in the play-offs. A WC Victory clinches the first Hacienda League Championship. A DR Victory puts them in the drivers seat. You want more drama? DR’s biggest fan for this game? The hated rival Bonita. A DR Victory and a Bonita Victory vs Rowland sets up a GREAT season finale for a share of the league championship between DR and BoHi. How is that?

    SGV430 Ouuuttt!!!

  • Dennis Reynolds

    Hey Fred,

    Did you really write “BTW, I love West Covina”.

    Bit of a memory refresher for you;

    Venice at West Covina…Fred picks Venice
    West Covina at South Hills..Fred picks S.Hills
    West Covina at Glendora…Fred picks Glendora
    Bonita at West Covina..Fred picks Bonita

    Not only were you wrong on all these selections, you even selected Bonita without even seeing them this season !

    Yeah you really LOVE WestCo. A bit late to the party Fred.

  • The guru

    Hot blood from last year with the fake punt…. Look for it to be a heated game lots of hype!!

  • covinafan#1

    The guru said:

    Hot blood from last year with the fake punt…. Look for it to be a heated game lots of hype!!

    NO DOUBT this is the game of the week… ALWAYS BAD BLOOD WITH COVINA vs SD

  • covinafan#1

    The guru said:

    Hot blood from last year with the fake punt…. Look for it to be a heated game lots of hype!!

    NO DOUBT this is the game of the week… ALWAYS BAD BLOOD WITH COVINA vs SD

  • covinafan#1

    The guru said:

    Hot blood from last year with the fake punt…. Look for it to be a heated game lots of hype!!

    NO DOUBT this is the game of the week… ALWAYS BAD BLOOD WITH COVINA vs SD

  • Colt74

    How many Coveritlives have been done with West Covina and how many with Covina or San Dimas?

    I vote to give Covina/San Dimas a shot.

  • Dan

    Fred, “SGV for 30” hit the nail on the head,
    This may decide the first championship in the history of the new Hacienda League, what more could you ask for.
    AS for your opinion on WC vs Amat this year, a good lower level team has to catch them in the right year, and there are not many “right years” that you can catch Amat in. I saw Amat vs Crespi and Amat is definately not in a down year this year, but I tell you what, we would give them a much better game than Notre Dame gave em. Now if you match this years WC vs some of Amats teams from their dark years [ie: 02, 06, 07] I would put my money on WC.

  • all the marbles

    Hey Amat fans, the Serra is currently the #2 ranked league in the state of California (#1 is Trinity). This is according to Calpreps.

    BA vs. Alemany is going to be HUGE!!!!

  • FredJ

    Dennis, I’ve been consistent, also picked West Covina over Covina and look what that got me ..

  • The Gambler

    Dan, I’ll take that bet! Check this out…

    In 2006, Bishop Amat beat Rancho Cucamonga 27-17 without BA star RB Dominique Gaisie. The next week, Rancho Cucamonga shut out West Covina 20-0. This was a great WC team too! They only lost to Mater Dei by 18 points.

    In 2007, Bishop Amat again beat Rancho Cucamonga 23-7. The very next week, R. Cucamonga destroyed West Covina 42-21.

    Now I’m not entirely sure about 2003 but I do know that BA team had standouts Daniel Robles, star RB William Wagner, Carlton Fletcher, Jonathon Cornell, Johnathon Soto, and Vincent Federico. You are going to find a hard time convicing any Amat fan (especially after reading the above listed names) that any SGV school could defeat an Amat team with these players. But we would have to ask Joe Amat to elaborate on Amat football in 2003.

    Basically Dan, if you put your money on WC during any of these years, you would more than likely lose the farm. This is bad for you, but good for me! lol

    Great win over Bonita btw! Congrats!

  • kh wannabee

    Fredy, You forget about beercats too soon? Its a must for to see M. Ball runnin at #6. Go to G. Daves stadium to look at top game of this week. Coaches messed up and half are starters hurtin and bed sportmanship by dogs also bad refs and lucky breaks allgo too WC but no excuses. We wii wipe out RH cause are band will be there and didnt go to WC. I cant wait till I, I mein we I mean they play WC again. Go bearcats!!

  • Colt74

    1. You have to admit that wannabe has him down pretty good…
    2. Now, does anyone here SERIOUSLY think that WC will have any problems with DR or DB? West Covina by AT LEAST 17 over both….

  • Norco’s exec. asst.

    Mr. Norco has been called out of the country on urgent business and does not know when he will return. Perhaps for the start of next season.

  • Yogie Bear

    To Fred & Mike,
    I think you should set up camp at Lake Arrow Head or Big Bear or even lake Arrowbear Just imagine, you will be on you back admiring the twinkling stars; instead of running

  • kh

    didnt roland get there lunch handed to them by walnut last week,
    walnut rolled over against us.
    rowland in for a big bone bruiser my friends.
    tone up for d.r. next week.
    w/c will put some of d.r. guys on dl.not like bonita nobody got really hurt,….

  • K.A.D.

    First, I want everyone to remember that all these Kids playing are great kids, leaving their hearts and souls on the football field. We parents need to keep things in perspective when we comment and at times tear down programs with the words we choose to use. That said, here are my two cents:

    I am an AMAT parent, and couldn’t be prouder of our boys and the coaching staff. The support our program receives from parents and alumni is fabulous. The attention we garner in the SGV is very well deserved.

    Now, I knew we would blowout Notre Dame, so I chose to go watch the WC / Bonita match. I was surprised at the ease with which WC handled Bonita. I had heard all the Bonita hype, and wanted to see it for myself. Instead, i saw a good WC team dismantle a much weaker Bonita team.

    With all this said, if WC met Amat this season it would be a good match. WC does have some talent. But in seeing their overall performance, I truly believe they are one notch away still from competing with the Amat program. If they did play, the score would be Amat 38 – WC 21.

    Hold your heads high WC, you have a good team. But let’s put to rest who the King of the SGV is……AMAT…….Go Big Blue !!!


    Amat fans,

    what do you think about having a bye right before the biggest game of the season? Too me as a fan I would hate to have a bye especially when the other team already has had their bye. I just think most teams coming off a bye come out a little rusty and play at a little slower tempo, not good when your playing for the #1 seed in the Pac 5 playoffs.

  • Keep It Real

    K.A.D. I have to agree with you. I am a huge fan of HS football, and I travel around socal watching the better games from week to week. I was at the Servite – Mater Dei game this last week. I have been to a couple of games in the SGV this season, and no other school deserves any attention but Bishop Amat. They stand head and shoulders above any other program in the SGV. I was at the Amat – Crespi game and that was a great game.

    The Pac 5 is by far where the talent lies in socal HS footbal. I’m very interested to see what Amat can do this year come the playoffs. Between Amat and Alemany, the Serra league will put two serious contenders into the Pac 5 mix.

    I think the title game will be Servite – Mission Viejo, but I can see Amat making it to the semis. They definately are back as a program to take seriously.


    We just got completely demolished by Corona Centennial. 🙁

  • DRanchhhh

    Wow O Wow,

    WC will put DR out!!

    DR is not a problem for WC!!

    LOL….I cant do anything except laugh at you folks. This stuff is hillarious!! I like WC and I wish them the best of luck. I called WC over BoHi bc I KNEW they had been playing “average to BELOW average” teams. I told you guys that BoHi couldnt even run the ball against LA. I told you that GP had not yet seen a good core of DB’s. I’ll let you guys keep pounding your chest. I just HOPE, JUST HOPE that WC is not taking us serious. That would be such a good thing!! I read someone going as far to say that DR was not BIG or Athletic enough to compete with a WC who only rotates RB’s?? LOLOLOL WTH??

    Well…I will say this, MAY THE BEST PREPARED TEAM WIN!!

  • Dennis Reynolds


    You are correct in being consistent.My point was that you picked against the Bulldogs in every game that was projected to be close.

    So to say that you love West Covina is just outright bull.

    And c’mon,everyone picked WestCo vs Covina!

    Considering your record,it would probably be a good thing for WC if you went with the Panthers this week;or have you officially climbed on the WC bandwagon?

  • SGV Lifer

    Without even reading the comments, I would imagine that the Amat Nation is going to come strong for that game to be the GOW, but I would like to see either the WC vs. DR game or the CO vs. CHHS game as the games of the week.

    Like eating too much turkey on Thanksgiving, I think I have had my fill of Bishop Amat.

  • Dan

    No one here trying to take Amats top Dog status away, to much tradition and history there, but your wrong in saying that no one else deserves any attention, arrogance at its best. By the way Fred brought this up not me, I’m giving my opinion on what he said. I do agree with you and Fred that as good as WC is this year, Amat wins the game, I’m thinking 10 to 14 points.
    I would take that bet too if we could go back in time, fun speculation for me. I did not mention 2003 although I think this years WC is a good game with that years Amat.
    2002 is the year I mentioned, that year Ayala crushed Amat and Damien beat them too. I think WC this year would beat that team. In 06 WC was a very talented team that never materialized
    due to injuries and discipline issues, The skill players you saw against Mater Dei didn’t line up together very much after that game, the three top skill guy’s played 4 or 5 games together that season. The Rancho C. comparison is poor because we were missing those break away threats, imagine not having your two stud runningbacks and your most talented reciever in a game, and no one close in caliber to replace them. That has a big effect on a team like WC who is not as deep as a Pac Five team. This year we are loaded with speed, and unlike in 06 we have no issues with discipline, and the team attitude is much better. Also [Cross my fingers] the injuries have been lite.
    07 both WC and Rancho C. were not very good, I think RC was 4 & 6. Amat was struggling that year too. If I remember it might have been your worst record in a long time. Beating Rancho C. was not a major accomplishment in those years, I pick WC over that year too.

  • jcaz

    SGV Lifer,

    I’ll just bet that you’ll get your wish this time around my good friend.

    In fact, I promise you that no matter what Fred, or anyone else in here tells you, that the Amat game THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, will absolutely positively not be the GOW.

    You can take it to the bank…Promise


  • BA Blues

    SGV Football,

    Hagerty has stated in the past that he does not like bye weeks because they throw off a team’s rhythm. I’m sure he’s not happy about this one either. On the other hand, the bye week might allow the return of Zachary Shay so we’ll see!

  • tcbruin

    Bye week for Amat comes at a ‘good’ time THIS season. Allows ALL of the ‘banged up’ players to heal a bit right before their biggest game of the season on 11/12.

    With a 5 team Serra league for the next few years it MAY be inevitable for each team to have a bye week when league play starts.

  • AJ

    They are good but not Pac 5 Championship good, Servite and Mission Viejo have created a pretty big gap between them and the rest of the top of the Pac 5(Amat, Alemany, Long Beach Poly, Santa Margarita, Servite and Mission are at another level and yes I have seen both teams play and Amat play against Damien and Crespi.

  • Young team

    whats scary is that BA is pretty much getting all of it’s skill position players back next year

  • Ro

    bishop amat is not an option for game of the week. they have a bye next week,so it should be the west covina vs Diamond ranch game of Co vs CH.

  • SD

    To “The Guru”
    shutup covina sucked and you guys still suck COVINA VS. SAN DIMAS isnt a Game of the week because san dimas is going to blow COVINA OUT THE WATER!!!!!!

  • Bones

    To be honest, you’re both wrong. Covina will beat San Dimas, not by much… but it will be a win.

  • Sgv,

    To NORCO…. What happened out there? Seriously did they bring their own referees like Claremont or were they that much better? I know every dog has its bad day…

  • NotSince1995

    Holy Free Ho Lees…!

    My CUP…CAKE schedule is over…!

    Now what do we do…?


    HAGS…? RogerMahorney…? Hello?


    Freeway exit #16 coming up BishopNation…

    NOT IN 2010 either


    Actually I do think the San Dimas/Covina game should be the game of the week, but we don’t need to have all the attention to win. The boys of San Dimas have enough heart and drive to take care of that. So, you all go to your West Covina, or your Amat games, you can read about the best game on Saturday morning. Thats all I got to say

    “Go Saints”

  • Lance R

    Nice game for Amat Friday and loved watching the payback to Notre Dame for a change. Question to The Host Fred and you may want to run a thread reguarding this and maybe you wont. “Records”. As I watch Rio Ruiz make the Amat scoreboard look like Pinball Machine the way the numbers were flipping in those bright lights I went to my program and started to look at the Amat records for passing yards etc. First off in Amat records you will not find most touchdowns thrown in a game so I was clueless if Rio with 5 was approching something special. Their is most yards passed in game, the three belonging to Pat Haden. 1969 470 yards, 1970 416 yards, 1969 358. In the completions in a game category, Brian Harmon 1988 31 comp. Pat Haden 1969 31 comp. and Pat Haden again in 1970 27 completions. With that said Rio was 22 of 24 for 346 yards and he was pulled with approx. 3-4 mins left is the third quarter,with a full 4th quarter to play,, doing the math you could see Rio was on the verge of breaking at least the 358 yards Haden put up in 1969 and possibly passing Hadens 27 completions in 1970. Now I really do not know if that is just completions in a game or consecutive completions? I know it has now become a gentlemans game where Hagerty did not want to run the score up on Rooney but it is debatable should they let Rio go for it and re-write records of his own there at Bishop Amat. The way Rio was hooking up with Wallace Gonzales that nite, I think some of these records would have been broken. Fred / Amat bloggers what is your take on this.

  • ouch!!!

    this should scare Norco away for a while

  • AMAT 73

    What a Friday night of football it was. WC just completely handled Bonita to make one big statement . The Men in Blue came out and put the payback on ND . Great win as ND has been putting it to us for a few years now and as Hags points out it was only a couple of years ago when they hung 50 something on us so it was sweet. As far as GOTW it could either be WC vs DR or CO vs CH but either way you can’t lose with either game . Looking for both of the real SGV teams to come out on fire and take care of those 57 freeway teams .
    SGV FOOTBALL as far as the bye , Hags has gone on record that he doesn’t like them but you got to feel it will be different this time . We will have the extra week for the wounded to heal and scout Alemany and after Fridays performance I don’t think this team will go flat because of the time off.

  • Amat Honk

    AJ – On paper it all looks good but I guess that’s why they play the games anyway, right? Because on any given day one team can beat another. Despite the “Gap” that Servite and Mission Viejo have created, they can still be beat. I for one would love the opportunity to be that team to hand them their first loss….That’s why “WE” play the games. Go Big Blue!

  • Colt74

    ( Open Pot )
    ( Insert Spoon )
    ( Stir )

    2010 Valle Vista CHAMPIONS……COVINA COLTS

    We can say that TODAY
    And it would be TRUE
    Can you say that San Dimas?

    We’re having the party on Friday… are invited! You don’t need to bring anything…
    We’ll take from you what we need…

    See you Friday!

  • schedule man

    interesting thing about Amat’s “cup cake” schedule. All pre-league opponents are better than .500 and their league is the 2nd ranked league in the state. anyone else around can make that claim?

  • MidValleyGut

    Colt 74 and Take a Look Boys:

    Colt, you are right….have your party but I know you don’t want to share it especially when we beat you head to head.

    It’s not about heart. Everyone knows the Saints have heart. It is about execution and details. Saint do that, they win.

  • Norco


    CC is special…It was an ass whippn’ period, It had nothing to do with the officiating. We will make the playoffs unless we completely fall apart, And don’t see that happening. It happens, move on, we got our asses whipped, now time get back to work and show the next team we play that you have improved. We were out played, out hustled, had no fire in our souls at all. Norco got out coached period. 45 to 0 that is an ass whippn. Not since the North 50 to 7 have I seen such an embarrasing game. Game over, move on as quickly as possible, no need to show film on this one, no lessons to be learned. Use the extra day for practice instead of film…Norco will still make a deep run in the playoffs…I would hate to be a league champion facing Norco in in round one…by playoffs we will be at full strength…

  • Amat Honk

    Very respectable Norco, good job. Way to lose with class and I mean that. Good Luck next week and in the play offs. I have a feeling Norco will be just fine. It’s Monday, New week, New Team to prepare for…One game at a time!!!

  • Both Bishop A & A

    To keep it real: You are correct, Bishop Amat will go to the semi-finals__ to meet Servite! The CIF will see to that!Too many of you are making a fuss about a week off. I relish(not on my hot-dog) this! What would be more difficult, writing two term papers in two weeks, or completing one in two weeks. You guess right! More time to cross all you T’s and dot all your I’s. What does every doctor say about what clears your mind? You guessed right again, REST! Besides, my Brother J attended Bishop Amat and his Grandson plays for Servite. What a conversation we are going engage; having dinner over at Mom’s; come game week!

  • Both Bishop A & A

    To keep it real: You are correct, Bishop Amat will go to the semi-finals__ to meet Servite! The CIF will see to that!Too many of you are making a fuss about a week off. I relish(not on my hot-dog) this! What would be more difficult, writing two term papers in two weeks, or completing one in two weeks. You guess right! More time to cross all you T’s and dot all your I’s. What does every doctor say about what clears your mind? You guessed right again, REST! Besides, my Brother J attended Bishop Amat and his Grandson plays for Servite. What a conversation we are going engage; having dinner over at Mom’s; come game week!

  • Both Bishop A & A

    To keep it real: You are correct, Bishop Amat will go to the semi-finals__ to meet Servite! The CIF will see to that!Too many of you are making a fuss about a week off. I relish(not on my hot-dog) this! What would be more difficult, writing two term papers in two weeks, or completing one in two weeks. You guess right! More time to cross all you T’s and dot all your I’s. What does every doctor say about what clears your mind? You guessed right again, REST! Besides, my Brother J attended Bishop Amat and his Grandson plays for Servite. What a conversation we are going engage; having dinner over at Mom’s; come game week!

  • SGV For 30 Years

    WC vs BoHi? I did call that one. In my first rankings, I had West Covina #1, and DRanch #1A. Looks like that is coming true. I really wasn’t all that suprised that WC beat up Bonita the way they did. I still say they are the best team I’ve seen this season. Coach Maggorie always has his team ready to go. My guess is that he will have the master of the “Go To The Well” speech guy give his pregame talk. I don’t think they will be looking past DR at all. Infact I think they have been looking forward to this game all season. I think DR has been preparing for it to. They held Price out against LA so that he would be 100% for this game. Roddy has his boys in play-off mode.
    Here is the way I see it going. I don’t see DR being able to have much success running the ball. This will be the best defense they have faced in the last month (maybe all season). So DR will need some way to keep WC off balance. Maybe some play action screens or draws. WC will also have issues running the ball early on. Johnson may be asked do more than manage the game. Same with Carillo. It will be a great game. I’m sure there will be some incredible plays, great hits and eye popping runs. Unlike BoHi, DRanch can match their speed and quickness. But when it’s all said and done. I think WC has more athletes (not better, just more). West Covina wears DRanch down in the 4th quarter. Final score West Covina 34 DRanch 20.

    Hey did anyone notice that Walnut beat Rowland last week? I thought for sure the the Walnut Insider would be telling us all about how the Mustangs shut Rowland down in the second half and pounded them into submission.

    SGV430 Ouuttt!!!!

  • Guess who

    WAIIIIIIT A MINUTE HERE!!! There’s a rumor that,. The Quarterback of Covina lives in AZUSA??? I’m not saying no names now,aaaahhhhhh…


    What gives Covina…

  • Colt74

    Guess who,
    Rumors are everywhere.I heard that he lives in the Boganville Apartments, Mows the lawn of a certain South Hills coach, is dating the DR coaches daughter, attends worship at Amat, and drives to San Dimas when ever he has to use the bathroom.


  • AMAT 73

    As you said yourself you took the AMAT game off to view WC and Bonita so something drew you there. That was the top game in the valley on Friday so keeping it real’s statement of no other team deserves attention but AMAT couldn’t be farther from the truth . All of our teams deserve attention as we all battle for recognition of our brand of football in the SGV . With the week off there are quite a few games the faithful will be taking in . CO vs CH , WC vs DR , Covina vs SD ,and Bonita vs Walnut. I am sure I missed a few but those came to mind as critical games and good teams to go watch . Also not to sure of that King of the SGV statement either. We are all in this together , we battle the PAC-5 and the others take care of the other divisions .

  • Notre Dame has lost to teams w/ combined record of 43-4


    I’m not so sure West Covina would do better than Notre Dame vs. Bishop Amat. There’s just no evidence to support this.

    I do know that Notre Dame dropped some very close games against Taft (who barely lost to Alemany, Crespi and Dorsey) and Dominguez (who beat Crespi and almost came back vs. BA). Notre Dame also upset Loyola who the week before upset previously undefeated Valencia. These are all big time football programs all knocking heads with each other. Where does West Covina fit in with this group?

    Basically, you are saying that West Covina would be able to hang with Taft, Alemany, Crespi, Dominguez, and Loyola. You are also indirectly saying that West Covina would beat Notre Dame.I don’t buy it. West Covina may have a good team but no school mentioned above would drop a game against Covina even if it was the first game of the season…not that Covina would ever schedule any of those schools! lol!

    And Notre Dame might be struggling but they have only lost to Pac-5 schools or schools that are no strangers to Pac-5 football. Again, West Covina does not fit into this category.

    If anything, Notre Dame has an advantage due to their more balanced attack and experience. West Covina has only attempted 73 passes this season. If this is not the pure definition of one dimensional offense, I don’t know what is. Besides Loyola’s Jaked Baker (whose going to a D-1 school) no has been able to run against Bishop Amat and there is no reason to believe that West Covina would do any better.

    Is West Covina better than Notre Dame? I’m sorry but I have to say no. I just can’t see ND’s balanced attack losing to Covina and I don’t think you’ll find anyone who will. Again, consider who Notre Dame has played and lost to and then look at West Covina’s record and compare. You will see that the difference in competition level is quite staggering.

    Notre Dame might be struggling but they have lost to schools that have an astonishing combined record of 43 wins and only 4 defeats! I’m no expert but I would be willing to bet that West Covina would do no better against this type of competition.

  • Oh no!

    Crime: Dan said that West Covina would do better than Sherman Oaks Notre Dame when they played Bishop.

    Sentence: Dan must now prove that West Covina is better than Sherman Oaks Notre Dame (which he wont).

    Why we all suffer: Because we now have to read huge essays about the Serra, the Pac5 and competition levels (AGAIN)

    What do we learn: Enjoy your season if you are having a good season. Do not talk about or compare your favorite team with D-1 schools or those that regularly play D-1 schools. If you do, a baby seal will be clubbed somewhere in the world and even worse, a Bishop person will write another long boring essay.

  • think – then type

    Oh no! – in other words – be realistic and exert some common sense

  • Dan

    To Oh No, & ND has lost to teams with,
    I didnt bring this topic up, but gave my opinion on it, {I do enjoy this kind of topic though}.
    Never said we were better than ND, but I did say we would make a better showing. [52 to 7 blowout loss]
    We did it last year, so why would I not think we could do it again with a much better team? Freakish things happen in football games and we don’t know if Amat is really 52 to 7 better than Notre Dame, maybe three or four TD’s better. Teams have nights were they just melt down, turnovers, penaltys or get some kind of mismatch and all of a sudden it gets ugly. With your reasoning your probably thinking Amat would blow away Dominguez by a 52 to 7 score too.
    You ask could we hang with Alemany, Dominguez, Taft, Loyola Notre Dame? Not so sure about Alemany this year but the others yes I do. In our good years we have proven it. In 2001 playoffs we had a defending Div. 2 Champion Upland team beat with just under two minutes left in the game, they made a last minute drive to win the game,
    In 2006 we had a good game against Mater Dei, Last year we hung tough with Amat, with several missing players. H#ll yes I think we can hang with those teams this year, have you seen us play? Have you seen our talent? lots of speed compared to other years and probably one of our best lines in this decade, plus a very fast defense. I’ve seen Amat and while I think they were very good I think this year we have the speed and talent to make it interesting, I think Amat would prevail in the end, maybe 7 to 14 points maybe 17, Venice suprised Amat for half the game and they didn’t have their stud running back healthy. All of their losses are without the runningback, the kid was another Adam Muema, 5’11 205 lbs quick and fast, brought balance to their great team of recievers. We played them with their stud runningback who goes both ways, to go along with their recievers and Dominated from the beginning to the end, if you take away two kickoff returns they had on us its a 35 to 7 game. Not saying we are better than those teams but I think we can hang this year.

  • Amat Fan # 1

    Amat Family, What about our Defense? Offense gets all the glory but I want to give that Amat Defense Mad Props for their performance on Friday. They, in essence, held a Sherman Oaks Notre Dame team to ZERO points! The second team gave up seven but what a Defensive performance! Great Job Defense! Keep it going boys. This team is getting scarier by the game! Go Big Blue!

  • Bones

    It doesnt really matter. Regardless of the outcome on Friday Night…Covina still has at least a share of the Valle Vista League title. Covina Colts are in the playoffs, and thats awesome. However, San Dimas is extremely physical, Idk if they can match the Colts’ speed. Covina wins, 35-21.

  • Keep It Real

    Amat Fan #1, you are right about the Amat defense, it is great week in and week out. It is the defense that I believe will lead Amat deep in the Pac 5 playoffs.

    To everyone that is hating on eachother, you need to chill and just appreciate your teams. Reality is that on any given Friday night a well prepared team, and well motivated team, can knock off a more talented team. You still have to play the games.

    Amat is the best team in the SGV, but WC would give them a game this year. The problem is that as much as WC has progressed this season, so has Amat.

    WC should be proud of what they have accomplished this season and just keep plugging away to win their league and division. No matter how much we argue, we won’t see Amat vs. WC this season.

    I give props to both and hope they both make a deep run into the playoffs…..Go SGV !!!


    To Colt74

    You know you sound a lot like the kh guy when he was talking about Bonita and West Covina, and look what he is eating now. Put that in your pot and stir it up for Friday!


    West Covina would not beat SO Notre Dame. Take a look at who Notre Dame has played and how close those games were. I swear, every time a Fishbowler is having a good year, they can’t just be happy with the Fishbowl. They gotta go and try to be more than they actually are without the schedule to back it up. Dan, your Bulldogs lost to Covina, dude…THIS YEAR! LAST YEAR IS IRRELEVANT. So what if you beat Venice? You still lost to Covina. What part of this do you not understand? You gonna seriously lose to Covina and then think you can compete with a school like Notre Dame?

    Covina lost to Walnut and almost lost to Northview. I guess they would also beat Notre Dame and Loyola too right? lmao!

  • Colt74

    See, that’s the cool thing about a blog. SD comes here and talks trash about how they are going to “get billy” and how you never know about a QB getting hurt in a game…and I can tell you to SHOVE IT with my factual we are the champs statement ( we are right now huh? We can do no worse than Co-Champs ). You can come on here and say that you hope we have big A$$’s because you are going to take a big bite out of them and I can post for you to kiss our big Colt A$$’s. See…give and take! We’re not the same Colts as last year…but then again you are not the same team as last year. Now who should be worried? If we lose we are co-champs (5-1) and go to playoffs. If you lose….2-2 and 1 game left to sweat. Now, who has the pressure?

  • Dan

    Keep It Real,
    Well said, agree with you 100%, always respect for Amat, good luck.

    To “GET REAL!”,
    You should read things two or three times before you post, or take a comprehension class or two, listen closely, NO ONE SAID WC WOULD BEAT NOTRE DAME, ok got it? I said we would make a better showing than they did. Can you understand the difference? Forget about the Covina game, are you so ignorant that you think one off game reflects the true team? So a team blows a game, are they supposed to just hang it up and figure they can’t beat anybody? Well WC has more heart then that. You speak of last year being irrelevant, well week 0 is irrelevant, WC is not the same team from week 0,
    even a blind man can see that. Come to one of our games and see for yourself, if your not too close minded it may lift you out of you myopic world.

  • Colt74

    Get Real,
    Covina would beat Notre Dame and Loyola too!

    Been using 2 pound test. Seems to be all I really need. You are right.

  • jcaz


    Did I miss something here big guy ?

  • NotSince1995

    Garfield v. Roosevelt at EESTELA Coledge**

    20,000 people…That’s a party…!

  • Serra League


    When you say that West Covina would do better than Notre Dame you are essentially saying that West Covina is better than Notre Dame. And if West Covina is better than Notre Dame then they would do better than Notre Dame in every game they have lost. ND has only lost to schools with a combined record of 43-5 (see below). The worst team that ND lost to was Taft. Taft’s only losses of the season are to Crespi, Alemany, and Dorsey (who is favored to win the City). So to say that West Covina can hang with the above or do better than another Serra squad, is a pretty bold statement considering the Bulldog’s loss to Covina and WC’s lack of a passing attack. The Serra is the 2nd most difficult league in California and the 9th in the entire country. To mention West Covina and Notre Dame in the same sentence will always piss a lot Serra people off…But you had to expect this when you originally claimed that West Covina would do better than Notre Dame when they played BA. Again, a very bold statement.

    ND has lost to:

    8-0 Serra
    7-1 Valencia (Lost to Loyola)
    5-3 Taft (Lost to Alemany, Crespi, Dorsey)
    7-1 Dominguez (Lost to Bishop Amat)
    8-0 Chaminade
    8-0 Bishop Amat

  • AMAT 73

    Let’s get this thing straight since it looks like it will not end anytime soon. Nowhere did WC Dan say WC is a better team than ND. Serra league, you seem to have a little bit of the COCF virus in that you twist what is written into something to fit your argument when you say to Dan, essentially you are saying WC is better than ND and that WC would fair better against the teams ND lost to . He did not nor come close to saying that . I for one agree with him that WC would give AMAT a better game than ND did without a doubt. Am I saying WC would beat ND no but you never know as WC is fielding a fine team this season. The match up between AMAT and WC would have been the best so far in the series for the simple fact of WC’s speed and depth. Plus you throw in the crosstown rivalness into the mix and a local trying to knock off AMAT probably adds more fuel to WC then it would for ND. One thing about Dan is that he is very realistic about WC and their capabilities and he is spot on this one . WC would have given AMAT a better game than ND and that is all he said. He didn’t even say they would beat AMAT only be in the game but eventually AMAT would win. I know we have a very good team this year but did you see this wuppin on ND coming I know I didn’t . Yes I knew we would win but to hang 52 on ND is something I never saw coming . Pretty sure you didn’t either.

  • Colt74

    Was referencing back to your post about the flies and how easy it is just to throw something out in the blog and get a bite. Was agreeing with you and adding that to fish here you only need 2 pound test line.

  • jcaz

    Ok, Got it…

  • Dan

    Amat 73,
    Thanks for clearing that up, exactly the points I was trying to make, you certainly “get it”. Oh oh, sounded a little too Mike the Cloneish there.
    Good luck up there in the Pac 5 your boy’s are looking more elitish each week, I’m done with this topic, I want to move on to Diamond Ranch.

  • AMAT 73

    No problem Dan . I just got tired of people twisting what you were saying. Make sure the Bulldogs take care of DR this Friday . I still say you guys are going all the way this year and I really don’t think it would have mattered if CO was still in the Southeast but that would been one hell of game to see this season.

  • Fountain of Youth

    Dan Said:

    “AS for your opinion on WC vs Amat this year, a good lower level team has to catch them in the right year, and there are not many “right years” that you can catch Amat in. I saw Amat vs Crespi and Amat is definately not in a down year this year, but I tell you what, we would give them a much better game than Notre Dame gave em. Now if you match this years WC vs some of Amats teams from their dark years [ie: 02, 06, 07] I would put my money on WC.”

    Here, Amat 73….I know your vision is going or perhaps it’s blocked by the buttock you are currently smootching so I’ll focus a bit more:

    “…..I saw Amat vs Crespi and Amat is definately not in a down year this year, but I tell you what, we would give them a much better game than Notre Dame gave em”

    Pretty straightforward, I’d say. Dan claimed that West Covina would give them (BA) a much better game than Notre Dame. It’s even written in English!

    Really Amat 73, you should read every post before you decide whose ass to kiss.

  • AMAT 73

    Fountain of Sorrow,
    Yes that is exactly what WC Dan wrote in his post.WC would have given AMAT a better game than ND. Glad you got it . I also agreed that WC probably would have given us a better game than ND . My take on it and no one else and evidently you don’t feel WC could have given us a better game than ND and that’s fine . I only posted to Serra that Dan did not say WC was a better team than ND which is what Serra wrote with his COCF type of twist. That is what it was about nothing more nothing less. Dan did go on to say the this years WC team would have given AMAT a good game in our Verti years and a couple of others and he would bet on it . Now if Dan wants to bet his money foolishly that’s up to him but even in those years AMAT would have beaten this years WC team but that’s a different subject . Now young buck point out to me where you saw any puckering up in my original post on the subject. Next time you go drink from that fountain do not forget to take a sip from the fountain of knowledge also . Good thing no one is kissing your azz as they would not know where to start. Oh yes and go read Serra league’s post again because it seems to me he was defending ND more than he could care if Dan said WC would give AMAT a good game . But that is how I read it and we know what your comprehension skills are don’t we .

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