Tribskin Pick’em, your predictions and ours

Fred and I will go head-to-head in Tribskin Pick’em throughout the season for our annual dinner bet. I lead the overall series, two years to one.
Last Week: Robledo (16-1); Ramirez (16-1).
Season: Robledo (138-43); Ramirez (132-49).

Last week: Fred and I had a pretty good week, both going 16-1. I got him by going with the runaway train that is West Covina, which beat Bonita. He got me back, with Walnut’s win over Rowland. I was afraid that would bite me, but when you are down, you have to go further out on the limb. Oh well, there’s always this week.

This week:There are some big games this week as we wind down the league season and get ready for the playoff run. Three games — West Covina vs. Diamond Ranch at Ganesha; Covina at San Dimas and Arroyo at El Monte — have league title implications. The big ones are of course West Covina- Diamond Ranch and Covina at San Dimas. As much as I love how Diamond Ranch can turn on the switch in October and November, I just can’t see how they match up well with West Covina, which is basically taking the place of Charter Oak and we all know how Roddy’s Ranchers did against the Chargers the past two seasons. Go with WesCov. I also like the Colts to beat San Dimas and win the Valle Vista League. Sorry coach Z, but there’s just too much speed. I know the last time I picked against Z and the Saints, it bit me, but… I also like Arroyo over El Monte. The Knights just have too much for the Lions, who have made a nice run to set this battle up.
Here’s our picks:

Friday’s games
Glendora at Upland, 7:00pm — Robledo (Upland); Ramirez (Upland)
Los Altos at Diamond Bar, 7:00pm — Robledo (DBar); Ramirez (DBar)
Rowland at Bonita, 7:00pm — Robledo (Bonita); Ramirez (Bonita)
West Covina vs. Diamond Ranch at Ganesha, 7:00pm — Robledo (WCov); Ramirez (WCov)
Arroyo at El Monte, 7:00pm — Robledo (Arroyo); Ramirez (Arroyo)
Gabrielino at Mountain View, 7:00pm — Robledo (MntVw); Ramirez (MntVw)
South El Monte at Rosemead, 7:00pm – Robledo (Rsmd); Ramirez (Rsmd)
Duarte vs. Gladstone at Citrus College, 7:00pm — Robledo (Gladstone); Ramirez (Gladstone)
Ganesha at Sierra Vista, 7:00pm — Robledo (SVista); Ramirez (SVista)
La Puente at Bassett, 7:00pm — Robledo (LPuente); Ramirez (LPuente)
Workman vs. Azusa at La Puente, 7:00pm — Robledo (Azusa); Ramirez (Azusa)
Chino Hills at Charter Oak, 7:00pm — Robledo (ChOak); Ramirez (CHills)
Damien at Ayala, 7:00pm — Robledo (Damien); Ramirez (Damien)
South Hills vs. Claremont at Covina District, 7:00pm — Robledo (Claremont); Ramirez (Claremont)
Covina at San Dimas, 7:00pm — Robledo (Covina); Ramirez (Covina)
Nogales at Baldwin Park, 7:00pm — Robledo (BPark); Ramirez (BPark)
Wilson at Pomona, 7:00pm — Robledo (Wilson); Ramirez (Wilson)
Northview at Walnut, 7:00pm — Robledo (Walnut); Ramirez (Walnut)

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  • Guess Who

    WAIIIIIIT A MINUTE HERE!!! There’s a rumor that,. The Quarterback of Covina lives in AZUSA??? I’m not saying no names now,aaaahhhhhh…


    What gives Covina…

  • Nothing there

    It really doesn’t matter that his lives in Azusa. If he got an approved district transfer then it’s all legit. This is pretty normal. You don’t have to go to your high school even if it is across the street from you.

  • danny sheridan

    HS football must be incredibly easy to pick! either that or you guys just go with the chalk automatically, out of 18 games , you’re on the other side of the coin once? picking 76% with no spread and all the mismatches(south hills,bassett,los altos,wilson vs anbody)is really childs play……

  • A

    Well LA got a dose of DR freshman coaching and players and got whacked. I dont think the head coach looks at the scoreboard the whole game. This Guy should call in sick for the rest of their life. Give the team a chance to win and retire today.

  • Hates Byes

    Bishop Amat over Bye High School.

  • Baseball 2011

    Steve or Fred,

    Shifting gears just a little. Will you be posting the athletes that will be signing Nation Letters of Intent to D1 schools. I am aware of several schools that have athletes signing, but it would be cool to see a comprehensive list. I know Amat, DBar, Damien, Dranch and Bonita have baseball players signing. What about others?

  • rumor control

    The quarterback for Covina does not live in Azusa.

  • Colt74

    Everyone knows that he does not live in Azusa…………………He lives in Vail, CO and just flies in for the games……

  • rumor control

    how did you know? Was it the bronco tattoo on his thigh? He got that in the army. . . .

    ooooh another rumor!!!

  • FINALLY!!!

    About time Robledo picks West Co.
    After disrespecting West Covina players, coaching staff, and their fans by picking Bonita without ever even seeing them playy!!!
    And by picking venice, south hills, and glendora to beat WC earlier this season!!
    I figured he would jump on the WC bandwagon eventually!!
    Good job Fred!!!
    It took you 8 freaking weeks to get it right and stop praising these garbage teams!!!

  • Aaron wannabee

    Dad reported that the outcome was closer than the score indicated at the Bonita game. A bounce here a catch there a tackle made that was missed and the score would have been 49-21. Anyway have to get back to my radars and satellites. I’m trying to retask one to view Davis Stadium on Friday night.Write me Aram.

  • Aaron

    You’re funny. My dad said we got torched and that we didn’t bring our A game and the only way we were going to win was to do that. I knew that, I expected the Bearcats to play their best and well they didn’t.

    Moving on. Who would have thought Rowland would finish behind Diamond Bar at the beginning of the year?

  • Ohhhh noo Freddy what have you done????

    Freddy you picked West Covina to win? Thats it, its over The Ranch wins this game soley on Freddy picking to West Covina. You Jinxed us Fred WTF!

  • 12th man

    Should we start talking about “Player of the Year”??????? Jalen Moore should be a clear cut favorite!! Leading rusher in the Serra division but more impresive he’s the leading rusher in the Pac 5 & we all know how many talented RB there are in the Pac 5….According to Maxpreps Jalen is the #6 rusher in the Southern Section!!.& #19th in the State..Although there may be RB’s in the SGV with better numbers…You really cant compare because of the strength of schedule & the division of football Amat plays!!

  • Whatever

    I sure hope you both have big A$$’$ because those bites are going to be big from San Dimas. You all need to step back and take a better look at what San Dimas has done with out there starting QB this year. You never can tell what may happen in a game like this. They are more then ready to show there power, drive and heart. They never stop pushing, that is why they have the ring.

    Go Saints Lets rock them

  • Colt74

    Whatever said:

    So, what you are saying is that San Dimas is offering a headhunter award for the player that hurts Livingston? It’s already been said in a different thread.

  • jcaz

    Speaking of good running backs, I just wanted to share something with all of you concerning another good running back in the SGV. This from the LA Times:

    A running machine

    Junior Giovanni Rivera from Baldwin Park Sierra Vista rushed for “only” 167 yards last week against La Puente, his fewest yards in a game this season. He is one of the state leaders in rushing with 2,070 yards. His high game was 360 yards against City of Industry Workman.

    Way to go Dons !


    Colt74 your and idiot. If I was a Covina fan I would just want you to shut up! I was not talking about the San Dimas team, I was talking about the artical and what Ramiez said. San Dimas would never play dirty football. Man you are a such an idiot!

  • Colt74

    Really? Because I don’t see any such references in your post of what you say you were talking about. Read it 12 times…Can’t find it. There have also been posts already made of how SD is going to ” Get Billy ” because he transferred away from San Dimas. I showed your post to 6 people here at work and they all read it the same way I did. So the problem is not with my misunderstanding. Now whos the idiot again?


    Go with WesCov. I also like the Colts to beat San Dimas and win the Valle Vista League. Sorry coach Z, but there’s just too much speed. I know the last time I picked against Z and the Saints, it bit me

    Can you see it now?

  • SD

    Ive know billy and he lives in glendora and he went to middle school with us at lonehill in san dimas and moved to Glendora in 6th grade i think… but then he went to Covina as a freshman on a legit transfer… so whatever he missed on his ring and hes gonna get spanked AGAIN!!!


    Not for nothing but Jay Anderson might have made a terrible mistake. This Amat team might go 10-0 and that’s “without” their “starting” RB !!!

    Hope the kid is making big strides on the baseball field while Rio is only adding to his legend.

    What ever happened to all that talk about Rio not being the real deal or all the Rudy haters. Seems those two camps have been thankfully silenced.

    Great season for the Lancers. BTW where’s all the CO is supplanting Amat as the King of the Hill.

    All the haters have their know it all tanks on “E” for EMPTY

  • Colt74

    WHATEVER said:
    In the context of what you are referencing you are right and I am wrong. My apologies! Myself and another have been going back and forth with a SD fan that stated they were going to “get billy”. I assumed ( my fault ) that you were referring to us and not Steve and Fred since you said both of you and not Fred and Steve. I also asked in a question “So, what you are saying is that San Dimas is offering a headhunter award for the player that hurts Livingston?” and if you thought I misunderstood something you could have stated so without “Colt74 your and idiot. If I was a Covina fan I would just want you to shut up! I was not talking about the San Dimas team, I was talking about the artical and what Ramiez said. San Dimas would never play dirty football. Man you are a such an idiot! ”

    Again, misunderstanding and I do apologize to you.

    Now with that said Covina is still going to win…..

  • Amat Stats

    This week our BA lancers and coaches will be home putting their game plan together for a much anticipated showdown with Alemany next Fri. For all the glory and for the Serra League title, winner takes “ALL.” Have a good week AmatNation.

  • Wilson Family

    football jones,

    To bad you were at the Baldwin Park game because those comments normally coming from the 50 yard line were coming form the 50, 40, 30 20, and the 10 yard line. With the stands so close to the field and only ten rows the players and coaches heard all the comments, and the parents didnt hold back. The only sad part was the comments about the starting qb, and his mother in the stands listening to them all through the game. She needs to understand the coaches put her son in this situation, not the parents. The comments directed to the coaching staff was harsh and to the point. Multi comments directed toward the OC, explaining that we dont play football the same way as they do at Workman, and why doesnt he go back. The best one was the ultimate insult to a head coach at Wilson, they started calling him Hoyd.

    This was actually the first quality team that the staff put #12 in and keeps him in. Down by 17 early in the 4th quarter and attempting to run the ball didnt sit well with the fans. Now the Baldwin Parks game stats havent been posted but based on other comments and news reports #12 went 5 for 15 for 40 yards while rushing for 107 yards with at least eight sacks. From the perspective of the fans that fourth quarter was damage control, no attempt to come back from the 17 points. This staff has sent a clear message to the fans its not about winning; its about not making our defense look bad. If the staff didnt notice, we failed on both, 49-25.

    Interesting how the coaching staff answered that beating, Coach Zavala shows up hour late to the Saturday morning practice and the rest of the staff showed up 1 hour late, must have been a late night. Come Monday twenty kids dont show up to practice, wonder why?

  • tcbruin


    now THAT is a pretty pathetic post.

    What ever choice(s) Jay A. made are his. What do you ‘gain’ by ‘pointing’ this out?

    ANYONE who really follows the program would know Hag’s would have this covered & that the running game would be fine with Jalen Moore and Zach Shay. The REAL question going into the season was the O-line.

    Yes, RR had a solid to great 2 seasons so far, but LEGEND? Has RR LED Amat to any SIGNIFICANT wins in his 2 seasons? No CIF rings, No National Classic titles. Sure 2 league titles, but the league strength is a JOKE. Even St. Paul almost won the league last season. In the playoff game against Torrance, how many errors were made by RR? He is just NOT a shortstop. Pro ‘potential’ is there, but LEGEND status already, not so fast.

    As for Rudy, why bring him up at all? He is just a dad like the rest of the other dads. He just happens to be the father of RR.

    Talk about ‘HATERS’, pot meet kettle….

  • Whatever


    I am glad you acknowledged, that you where in fact wrong in your statements to me. I do accept your apology. I am sorry and ashamed, that a Saint fan would make such a statement, in regards to “taking out” your QB. I don’t want to assume, but who ever would make such a remark, could not have been a parent. My son is a starter for San Dimas, and has also, played with your QB in middle school, and I have never heard him or anyone else every say a negative remark about him. Matter of fact, most of the players where very concerned when he was hit hard at the BP game.

    But regarding my statement about “You being an idiot” well that still stands. (sorry) but I have read so much BS that you have wrote that, I just can’t see you as anything but an idiot. So with that being said, my final words till Saturday morning,



  • SaintsR4real


    Evidently, your a proud parent of SD Football. Nice to hear your support and passion for your “son’s team”.

    The best approach we can have is to exert all of our energy in pumping our kids up for Fridays game and win or lose, as long as they leave it all out on the field, they are Champions in our eyes. You see, that’s how we won last year, through praise and support.

    We need to believe the coach’s will have our boys ready and our boys will play with MORE HEART than they ever have.


  • Colt88

    It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than heart. Heart didn’t beat BP. Heart didn’t beat Rancho. Heart didn’t beat Bonita. “Heart” is cliche. The San Dimas boys better be working their tails off if they want a win, cause Covina is ready. They are ready to come over and take the league title.

  • Los Altos

    Hey Wilson….you are telling me that 15-20 kids didn’t show up yesterday? That is sad. That is poor parenting, whether you like the coach or not. You need to suck it up and teach your kids to finish what they start whether they agree or not. The problem at Wilson seems to be more the parents than the coaches. Parents may not agree with the coach, well too bad. Amat is up the street. That is what we have had to do over here at LA. At least we have kept our mouths shut.

    You parents are all over the coaches. Maybe if you actually supported the coach, regardless of you personal beliefs, they wouldn’t have to go out and drink.

    All in all, Zavala is gone. Merrill has already been making calls to replace him. Who in their right mind would let a Workman coach call the offense. That is a Zavala blunder. Also, on that note, who would let Zavala call the D? His defenses were torched in the Valley Vista when he was at Northview.

  • Bulldog Fan

    Hey Freddie & Steve-

    Week Eight was by far my best week of the entire season. I went 16-1 and that brings my season total to 143-38.Lost the Rowland game with me picking Rowland.

    Here are picks foR Week Nine :

    Upland over Glendora
    Diamond Bar over Los Altos
    West Covina over Diamond Ranch in close game !
    Arroyo over El Monte
    Mountain View over Gabrielino
    Rosemead over South El Monte
    Gladstone over Duarte
    Sierra Vista over Ganesha
    La Puente over Bassett
    Azusa over Workman
    Charter Oak over Chino Hills in a tough game.
    Damien over Ayala
    Claremont over South Hills
    Covina over San Dimas
    Baldwin Park over Nogales
    Pomona over Wilson
    Walnut over Northview

    Hope everyone has great week of football !!!

  • Wilson

    Los Altos,

    First off you guys have been on and off this blog talking your fair share of crap about your head coach.

    Second, who would allow Zavala to call their defense, your head coach. Or did you already forget Arellance was the head coach of that Northview team.

    At this point I think both schools can agree on one thing, hiring Northview coaches was a mistake.

  • Hear we go…

    Wilson…That previous los altos post was not an LA fan but another disgruntled Wilson parent! There has only been one idi@t LA fan posting and his kid is no longer at the school. LA is what it is but we are glad Schreimen is gone! Look at what he is doing to your program! This is one of the best seasons Wilson has had in a long time and he, along with all the other X-LA parents are slowly bringing your program down. The coaches are not your problem…he is.

  • Wilson

    You guys have your opinon of scheriman, ours is different. His son is in the middle of this mess, but scheriman stayed out of it for weeks, supporting the staff. Not until the staff made him look like a fool did he jump over to the other side. If little scheriman was my son I would have been all over this staff week 1. Coach Zavala lied to them and others and that is why so many parents have been all over this staff. Interesting enough Scheriman has been very quit at all the games, the other parents are very vocal. The majority of the complaining is coming from only 10 to 20 parents, but some of these parents are very powerful within the Wilson infurstruture, don’t be to surprised if Zavala is not the head coach at Wilson next year.

  • Los Altos

    I am an LA supporter. I do like Arellanes an I know he had Zavala as his DC. By default though. There aren’t that many quality DCs out there and he is friends with him from El Rancho and Rosemead. LA will right the ship. Wilson in my mind is having a good season so leave the coaches alone. But you guys are all over Zavala, rightfully so, but he is your coach. Not a good hire.

  • SD MOM

    Colt88: I like how you are pointing out our losses to Big Big Teams in higher division. Cause we scheduled up this year!!!! WHAT HAPPEN TO UR COLTS THE LAST 2 YEARS???? Where have they been????? We have a Ring and its Beautiful as a matter of fact we have 2 Championship Rings Baseball and Football…….whens the last time ur precious Colts did anything??? anyways leave it on the field Friday Night!!!! CIF CHAMPS SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Colt74

    Thanks for accepting my apology. I have to apologize again because after all your talk about your team having heart it seems that Baldwin Park just loosened it and now we are going to have to finish the job and rip it out completely. (Sorry) but you already know that it IS going to happen. So accept my second apology for making you go home after our game Friday, come onto this blog, and have to read all our hoopla for winning the Valle Vista league title outright.(Sorry)
    Hey..but if you beat Wilson you could still tie for third!

  • Saint Pride!!!

    Nice SD MOM!!

    It’s funny last year San Dimas was picked to finish at the bottom of the league after losing (35)Seniors. The Saints start winning games and was due to the soft schedule. Now this year, the Saints scheduled up and now they are not that good of a team. Answer one question? Of the teams that San Dimas did play in pre-season, which teams could the Colts beat?
    2.Rancho Cucamonga
    ***The answer is (0)***

    So for Colt88, Colt74, San Dimas has a lot of Heart. They did shut down Rancho Cucamonga for (3)Qtrs, they came back from (21) points in the 4th Qtr with 8 min left in the game to beat Monrovia.
    The San Dimas boys have been working hard and will be ready Friday night, you will see why the Saints have the heart of a champion!!

    GO SAINTS!!!

  • AHSfbfan

    Wondering if anyone from Claremont is on this board. If so can you update status of kid #24 I think that was taken off in ambulance. It looked bad and I heard he had a neck injury. Don’t know why there hasn’t been any mention in paper or on this board. My prayers go out for him.

  • JFR


    I’m surprised you picked CO over CH, it is going to be one tall order to stop 5 & 7 they are scary good.

  • Colt88

    Hey Pride and Mom…. you are classic. Heart… Wins and losses baby. We are going to rip out your “heart” and take the league championship back. You can tell your boys they had “heart” though…we got the win and the title, sounds good to me.

    FYI: this is 2010 not 2009, get out of the past or you won’t ever win. A lot of good last year has done you this year.

  • Wilson

    Los Altos,

    Ya, the rumor mill around Wilson is Williams OC, is gone for sure, the only question is the whole staff including Zavala gone. The interesting piece is we have a new teacher coming on board, this teacher has extensive football coaching experience. This will all play out over the next couple months. This staff is very much up in the air.

    Now your staff,based on talent hasnt done bad. They should have never let Feplie go, he was doing a good job based on your talent level.

  • just sayin’

    Saint Pride!!! – if Covina beat West Covina – and West Covina destroyed Bonita – there’s a decent chance that Covina would have a chance of beating Bonita. Of course they have to play, but – – – you did ask “which teams could the Colts beat?” and evidence suggests – – –

  • LA Loyal

    I guess we will never know what we should have done. It’s all in the past. However, I do know what we (both Wilson and LA)need to do. Whoever we get as our head coaches next year (whether they are replaced or not) we will need to support them as best we can and “leave it on the field.”

    We know that going against coaches will not do anyone any good. So we should try its vice. Now as for those kids who have the possibility of playing any level of college, let the parents do their jobs and take them to the combines, send out their paperwork, make sure the players keep their grades up, and I’m sure they will get looked at somehow.

    We need to represent our schools and community well. We should start off by setting a good example for our kids. LA Parent was right regarding making our kids go to their practices regardless of what they think the coach is doing right or wrong. He IS the coach.

    Well good luck and I wish you the best (even though you are our cross-town rival) 😉

    “Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.” – Earl Nightingale

  • Wilson

    Agree with the other parent also, but lets be realistic how many parents are aware that they child skipped out on practice. Just like the monday after your big loss against us around half your team didnt show up to practice and that was week 3. I believe this is the norm within sub. .500 programs. The only shocker to me was the Saturday film when Zavala showed up 1/2 hour late and the rest of the staff showed up 1 hour late, that is unexceptable and I feel the coaching staff owes the players an apoligy.

  • LA Loyal

    Even our players that did not show up for practice were wrong in not attending. Especially if they did it out of spite.

    That’s part of the problem with parents not being involved or aware. The other part is how well a coach holds his team accountable for being at practice. Do they set the ground rules at the beginning of the season? Do they hold their players accountable.

    Players should be held to these expectations whether they are a .500 over/under team. Isn’t this part of what they should be learning being on a football team? Discipline, responsibility, a sense of belonging?

    It’s not just about winning or losing. It’s about learning how to be a man as you grow and learn from your experiences…and yes, sometimes there are coaches that don’t do a great job of helping in that either. But I think it should be a collaborative approach.

    I don’t know everything, but I do know that high school football is taking on a different form and I’m not sure I agree with it all.

    Fundamentals…let’s get back to fundamentals…

  • WEST CO!

    Please quit with the Covina beating West Covina. West Covina benched their starting safety in the 4th quarter. Thats when they got burn with the long pass like three times. It was a melt down by WC but in no means does that mean Covina could beat Bonita. Didn’t Covina lose to Walnut?

  • covina insider

    West Co…one player is not going to make a difference….blame your qb for the 3 ints and for the fumble. In fact I think it was the 90 plus tackles that stopped your high powered Offense. Glendora had 60 plus tackles. Could it be that our D is that good and we can tackle! Yes, we scored once up the middle toward the end but you had your chances your coaches panicked and started to pass instead of running the ball when you had the ball on our 30 with less than 2 min to go. We will go at it next year! We have pretty much our entire off and D coming back next year so it will be fund. The loss was a blessing for your team because it put the team back down to earth and the WC team has worked hard since then!Congrats!by the way we should have beat Walnut we had the ball in the red zone many times and missed 2 fg’s but hey they won and that’s it…I hope we both win our respective Divisions good luck…..

  • SGV Athlete

    Glendora at Upland-Upland
    Los Altos at Diamond Bar-Diamond Bar
    Rowland at Bonita-Bonita
    West Covina vs. Diamond Ranch-West Covina
    Arroyo at El Monte-Arroyo
    Gabrielino at Mountain View-Mountain View
    South El Monte at Rosemead-Rosemead
    Ganesha at Sierra Vista-Sierra Vista
    La Puente at Bassett-La Puente
    Workman vs. Azusa-Azusa
    Chino Hills at Charter Oak-Chino Hills
    Damien at Ayala-Damien
    South Hills vs. Claremont-Claremont
    Covina at San Dimas-Covina
    Nogales at Baldwin Park-Baldwin Park
    Wilson at Pomona-Wilson
    Northview at Walnut-Walnut

  • Wilson

    LA Loyal,

    Agree 100%

    From personal experience l feel this is a direct reflexion on the coaching staff.

  • football jones

    Wilsons not so steel Curtain

    Lets review the facts;

    In Wilsons four losses, defense has allowed an average of 41.75 PPG. (48,36,34,49). That’s 6 TDs per game folks.

    Bloggers conclusions – must be the OCs fault.


    Ive seen Widcats defense and its average at best.

    More facts;

    Zavala has team playing .500 ball and special teams look good.

    HC has won more games in 2010 than past 2 years combined.

    Bloggers conclusions fire the bums!

    Cmon people, give the guy a little support.

  • The guru

    Yea so what COVINA lost to Walnut! at least they take it like men and say ya so what! but its on to the next game! not making excuses for them selfs like omg we benched our safety or omg our star player had cramps and all that other bull just take your loss and deal with it!

  • Wilson

    Once again football jones you werent at the last game. The defense does look terrible, but sad to say thats all Zavala can’t fire himself. Special teams were terrible at the baldwin park game. Down by 17 early fourth quarter and we are still running the ball, thats is an OC issue.

    Interesting plau at the end of the half, we are down inside Baldwin Parks 20, 13 secomds left in the half and we have one timeout left. Zavala goes to Williams your going to run it rigjt. Williams says no Im going to take a shot for the touchdown, pass. With our running qb in he passes the ball, it gets picked off, no points go in at half trailing by 10.

    These are just a few examples of poor coaching puting our team in bad situations.

  • Cats

    Though Schreiman is a thorn in many peoples sides, he is not the reason for the animosity. There are a several of various people who know this season should have been around the 8/2 record mark, 7/3 @ worst. Those of you who think that a 4/4 record is an improvement, youre right. But nowhere justifyable for the talent and off season that we had. Yes it gets repetative and annoying hearing the fans week in and week out, but thats 1/100th of what our parents feel daily. Its like having a Sears propelled lawnmower but stubborn a@@ grandpa wants to use the push mower. So this is just a way for the parents to lash out and let the coaches know how they feel.Attitude reflects leadership, and as you can see or attitude is all messed up.

  • Football Jones II

    Yeah that sounds like a good idea…Let’s bring back Merrill to bring back his Wing-T offense with #7 at QB with no RB’s returning…That makes great sense…Why didn’t anyone else think of that besides the 50yd line parents

  • Wilson

    Football Jones II,

    Don’t know where you got your information from but the new teacher is Ryan Merrill not Dave Merrill. Ryan is Dave Merrills son, and currently the OC over at Damien. Once again you are clueless about what you are talking about. Trust me if you had a clue as to what is going on over at Wilson you wouldnt be on this blog commenting.

    Just a thought with no running back next year how are we going to run the triple option? Your knowledge or should I say lack of knowledge of the wing t and double wing is showing. #12 is an option qb, #7 is a pocket passing quarterback with extensive double wing experience, something I know you aren’t aware of, talking out of your a@@ like usual.

  • saladays

    Wing t, single wing, full t, double wing, triple wing, it doesn’t matter as long as you have the same D coordinator it won’t matter.

  • Heights

    Hey Wilson,

    Here is an idea, run Wing T principles but throw the heck out of it. Put the back-up QB at RB or WR. Usually QB’s can do that. Make one of the WR, a RB. Not that hard. Get RBs in your system at lower levels. FYI, I have seen some talented kids that could carry the ball but are being wasted at WR.

    You guys are pissed at everything. Just let guys do their own thing and support them.

  • Football Jones II,

    Damien Offense:
    Pass – 128 att, 680 yards, 7td 7int

    Rush – 179 att, 752 yards

    Yeah it sure does look like he is doing an outstanding job??? Wait a minute are my eyes playing tricks on me or has he ran 179 times and passed 128 times??? Looks like he is bringing a prolific passing attack with him

    LMFAO did you just say #7 has extensive double wing experience??? How well does he lead block because thats all the QB does in the double wing. LMFAO

  • Wilson

    You keep trying to imply that we want to pass the ball 90 percent of the time. What we want is a ligitimate balanced running and passing game. With #12 in no one except the extremly weak teams respect our passing game. Once again a perfect example is tje Northview game. They had no business being in that game, but with our limited offense we let them stay in the game amd they ended up beating us. Our talent is superior to Northview, but we were out xoached by a bunch of rookies.

  • Spartan

    Hey Wilson,

    Don’t think Merrill will be leaving his teaching position at Covina anytime soon. Or his coaching at Damien either. Sorry….SOL yet again.

  • Wilson


    Keep thinking …………

    You guys have no clue ……….

  • Catzzzzzzz

    Give the Ball less to Moses and more to Charley if you want touchdowns Wilson

  • Football Jones II,

    Wilson, Sorry but can you come up with a better example…Wilson had 426yds total offense and 27pts against NV so I don’t think it was there limited offense that cost them that game. #7 had 130yds and 3ints against one of the worst D’s in the valley with Diamond Bar, even Nogales scored 21pts against them the same Nogales team that scored 6pts agaist Wilson. When #7 got the snaps against Covina he managed to score 3pts against the starters and could not lead Wilson to a TD til the score was 36-3 and the scrubs in for Covina. Regardless of how you feel about #12 he did lead Wilson to 25pts against a BP D that has shut everyone down in the Valley Vista and none of those pts were garbage pts.

  • football jones


    Why do you keep bad mouthing Northview?

    NV lost by a FG to a solid Covina team.

    Remember Covina?

    Im puzzled how some claim NV does not belong on same field as the mighty Wildcats.

    Even sillier, those rookies that supposedly out-coached Wilson are pupils of Zavala & Arellanes.

    You cant have it both ways.

  • football jones

    Wilson fans/bloggers,

    You guys baffle me.

    2010 Wildcat offense averages 28 Points Per Game.

    *******28 PPG !!!! ********

    Duuuhlets fire the OC.

    This is hilarious.

  • Wilson

    Once again love to play with the numbers don’t you. That Northview team that lost to Covina, you forgot to mention the same Nortview team that lost to San Dimas 43-0.

    “rookies that supposedly out-coached Wilson are pupils of Zavala & Arellanes.” thank you, just proved my point.

    Average 28 points a game, the only quality team #12 played against was Baldwin Park, 49-25 loss. Down by 17 early forth quarter and we are running the ball. We scored four touchdowns in that game, #12 ran for 107 yards and passed for 40 yards on 5 for 15, great performance.

  • #7 stats…

    #7 didn’t complete a pass…You don’t have to play with the #’s for a goose egg…Let’s play the qb that has extensive junior all american double wing experience…lol

  • SaintsR4real








  • what happened

    South Hills vs. Claremont at Covina District, 7:00pm — Robledo (Claremont); Ramirez (Claremont)

    What happened you guys picked Claremont to win?

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