Tribune Super 35 rankings: It’s November … Down the backstretch we go toward the playoffs

1. Bishop Amat (9-0) — Lancers winning by an average of 23 points a game — remarkable considering the competition. They remained No. 3 in the Pac-5 and have two weeks often before the showdown at Alemany for first in the Serra and a likely top four playoff seed.
2. West Covina (7-1) — The Bulldogs have won all their step-up games and won them convincingly, which is why they’re No. 1 in the Southeast and No. 2 in our poll. Until someone proves they can handle their athletic backfield and ferocious defense, they will continue to win.
3. Claremont (7-1) — No. 5 in the Inland Poll and closing in on a Sierra League title. They can clinch at least a tie with a win over South Hills, which appears almost a lock considering the amount of points South Hills gives up.
4. Chino Hills (6-2) — Dismantled South Hills and has looked like a beast ever since losing to Claremont. But now they get Charter Oak and an offense similar to what they faced against Claremont in a losing effort.
5. Covina (8-1) — The Colts can wrap-up the Valle Vista league title with a win at the defending champ Saints, which would give them two weeks off before the playoff. With the No. 5 ranking in the Mid-Valley, the Colts desperately need it to prove to pollsters they deserve a top-rour seed come playoff time.
6. Bonita (7-1) — They didn’t look very athletic against West Covina, but who does against them? The Bearcats are still a force and will have a chance to prove themselves against Diamond Ranch in their league finale.
7. Azusa (8-0) — They have been in playoff mode for more than a month, having the best season in school history and should without a doubt finish 10-0 and end up with the top seed in the Mid-Valley.
8. Charter Oak (5-3) — It’s been well noted the Chargers are 0-3 in step-up games and they’ve got another on Friday at home against Chino Hills. If you’re to believe the Chargers have any chance in the Inland Division, they have to prove they can win games like this.
9. Diamond Ranch (5-3) — The Panthers continue to look impressive in the Hacienda but now comes the test against West Covina at home, followed by Bonita in the finale.
10. Arroyo (7-1) — The Knights needed to beat Rosemead to feel confident about their Mission League title hopes, but they will have to beat fellow 3-0 El Monte on Friday to actually claim the MVL.

The Rest:11. Glendora (5-3), 12. San Dimas (5-3), 13. Damien (4-4), 14. Walnut (4-4), 15. Diamond Bar (5-3), 16. Rowland (4-5), 17. South Hills (2-6), 18. La Puente (6-2), 19. Ayala (4-4), 20. Baldwin Park (3-5), 21. Rosemead (5-3), 22. El Monte (4-4), 23. Pomona (3-5), 24. Northview (3-5), 25. Wilson (4-4), 26. Gladstone (4-4), 27. Sierra Vista (5-3), 28. Mountain View (4-4), 29. Ganesha (3-5), 30. Nogales (1-7), 31. South El Monte (1-7), 32. Bassett (3-5), 33. Workman (2-6), 34. Los Altos (0-8), 35. Duarte (0-7).

Raw footage from Bonita, West Covina game on Friday.

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  • wester michigan auto auctions

    Great Post. I add this Blog to my bookmarks.

  • sgv

    Cupcake Fan: Did you read that 0-3 in step up games… shouldnt be talking about anyone…shut it! CHARTER OAK BARELY SLIPS BY DAMIEN, yes that was the Headline for last week….zip it….ssshhhhh….quiet time!

  • Colt74

    I’ll bet Covina isn’t even thinking about down the road about playoffs. They know that they have to put it all on the line this Friday night against San Dimas. I enjoy going back and forth the the San Dimas fans but in all seriousness they are a good team. Our path(s) goes right through them and we need to take care of business at hand. I’m sure a loss to SD would be more fodder for articles but Covina wants to help make your job easier and win the VVL outright. Coach Thomas sets winning league as their number one goal each season. If the Colts leave it all on the field friday it will happen.
    Here’s to a good injury free game for both teams.

  • 2010…aka…Twilight Zone

    Covina, Bonita, and Azuza ranked ahead of Charter Oak, Glendora, Damien, South Hills, and Los Altos?


  • COChargerfan:)

    I assume you are a WC Bulldog fan, did you know your school name Bulldog was actually picked by your old rival school Charter Oak? They took one look at your cheerleaders and came up with that name. Good luck at the Prom. Ops, Pound!

  • CH Husky Fan

    Big Game this week against Charter Oak. I Wish it was for the Sierra League championship, but it still has huge CIF implications. We sure don’t want to go into the inland division playoffs as a 3rd place team. It should be a great game Friday night.

  • CH Husky Fan

    Big Game this week against Charter Oak. I Wish it was for the Sierra League championship, but it still has huge CIF implications. We sure don’t want to go into the inland division playoffs as a 3rd place team. It should be a great game Friday night.

  • CH Husky Fan

    Big Game this week against Charter Oak. I Wish it was for the Sierra League championship, but it still has huge CIF implications. We sure don’t want to go into the inland division playoffs as a 3rd place team. It should be a great game Friday night.

  • Colt74

    COChargerfan:) ,
    Interesting story about the Bulldog name. I heard one about how Charter Oak got their mascot name too. It seems that when your coach had to put those out of area transfers up in some place to live the apartment manager asked the coach how he wanted to pay for the rent, cash or credit card? Your coach handed over his credit card and said ” Charg-er”….
    So goes the legend……


    * Number denotes Southern Section ranking

    1. 9 BISHOP AMAT
    2. 24 CHINO HILLS
    3. 30 CLAREMONT
    4. 37 BONITA
    5. 38 WEST COVINA
    6. 47 LA HABRA
    7. 50 LA SERNA
    8. 58 ST. FRANCIS
    9. 70 ST. PAUL
    10. 72 CHARTER OAK
    11. 88 GLENDORA
    12. 89 AZUSA
    13. 92 DIAMOND RANCH
    14. 96 CANTWELL
    15. 97 MONROVIA
    17. 103 DAMIEN
    18. 104 LA MIRADA
    19. 109 COVINA
    20. 116 SAN DIMAS
    21. 123 ARCADIA
    22. 131 SOUTH HILLS
    23. 163 ARROYO
    24. 166 SCHURR
    25. 170 MUIR

  • Aaron

    Anyone in bulldog land care to give an estimate on what that tunnel cost, it’s sick…way better than the one I saw that Westlake and Thousand Oaks had.

  • COChargerfan:)

    I like that, it was a good one!!
    I hear there going to tare out the baseball field at WC and put in a miniature golf course because of all the little baseball players this year.

  • COSteelCurtain

    sgv has a bad case of the CO envys.

    What’s the matter little man? You didn’t get hugged as a little water boy? That’s too bad. What? You have low self esteem. Why? Is that why you type your name in lower case letters? You have no father? Oh, that explains a lot. What about your mother? Hey! Don’t talk about your mom that way, damm it! Its not her fault that she has to work the corner to feed you!

    Thee Charter Oak Chargers will always be here, little sgv!

    Keep hating little man. It only makes us stronger!

  • jcaz


    That really was a good one !

    ha ha ha

  • Norco

    CH Husky fan….

    The way things are looking…Norco and CH will square off in the first round…We will be at full strength come playoff time…

  • Colt74

    WesCos bulldog tunnel is TRICK! Now watch….after seeing that and not to be outdone, Amat is going to have each player delivered to the field by LIMO for the Alemany game….

  • sgv

    changer: haha if you only knew! I dont hate im just like everyone else here….tired of your crap! You guys think your the best, keep dreaming! I nor We have no reaon to hate on Charter schools…oh yeah I just let your mom off early from
    cleaning my house.. Shes tired..

  • Dennis Reynolds

    Hey COChargerfan:

    Didn’t you call out SGV for spelling lunch wrong on the Saturday Morning Quarterback thread? You said if he went to CO that he would have learned how to spell.

    I guess you did not go CO either. A bit of your earlier post to prove my point.

    “I hear there going to tare out the baseball field at WC”

    Nice job with tear!!(oh yeah,”there” is used incorrectly as well)

    Regarding your post about the Bulldog name and the cheerleaders; We all knew you were ignorant and unfunny,and now classless…Congratulations! you have hit the moron trifecta.

  • COSteelCurtain

    lower case sgv

    You sound like a guy that voted yes for prop 19 thinking that it would actually get you a job!

    Hate all you want little sgv! We have the CIF Rings and you don’t.

    Oh, BTW…the cupcake schedule you’re talking about is what Bonita, WesCo, DRanch, and everyone else is so excited about in 2010!

    lower case sgv, reach up and scratch my left one!
    If you ever met my mom, she would bitch slap you until you cryed like the little sgv that you are!

  • Colt-4-Life

    There is a lot of SGV HS football history that is obviously UNKNOWN by today’s posers – ‘er – posters. Here is some of it:

    1. The West Covina HS we know today as the Red and Gold “Bulldogs” were originally the Powder Blue and White “Spartans”. Can any of you explain the change?

    2. The Charter Oak HS we know today as the Blue and Gold “Chargers” were originally the Green and Yellow “Lancers”. Can any of you explain the change?

    3. The Covina HS we know today as the Cardinal and White “Colts” was for a great long time the ONLY winning team in any sport from the SGV. Can you explain why?

    And finally, two last questions:

    1. Why are there so many angry – and apparently drunken – dimwits on this website blowing their load over high school FB teams? Can you explain why?

    2. Why does a “Big Game” like Bonita (then undefeated) vs West Covina (then on a roll) attract such a lousy, puny crowd on a Friday night? Can you explain where the ans are???

  • Colt74

    1. West Covina and Edgewood merged. Bulldogs new mascot.
    2. Royal oak and Charter Oak merged.
    3. Covina was the only school in SGV with sports

    last 2 not touching with a 10 foot pole……

  • sgv….or SGV

    to BEEF CURTAINS….your a joke! you probably never even touched a field except when you were on the field Blowing in your Flesh flute…thats why you hate

  • sgv

    changer: haha if you only knew! I dont hate im just like everyone else here….tired of your crap! You guys think your the best, keep dreaming! I nor We have no reaon to hate on Charter schools…oh yeah I just let your mom off early from
    cleaning my house.. Shes tired..

  • COChargerfan:)

    Does a Colt-4-Life mean you never get to be a grown up horse? Interesting you would actually pick that Moniker!!!
    I told you how the Bulldogs got their name, I dont know about the others.
    sgv, at least my mom has a day job!!!
    Grow up, and stop giving little boys Pony rides at the Fair.

  • JG

    After reading the Latest blogs i have to say goodbye, how can we respect all the football players in the SGV, and not appreaciate their hard work, when you start talking about somebodys mother. you are all jerks!!! A real man and parent, or a properly brougnt up child would not expose himself to such stupidity. West Coviba bulldogs Donot get involved in this.. Sh….. Keep it real and honest.

  • Colt74

    Dude! whats with the non stop attacking ? Know how easy it would be to make fun of your logon? Let me show you….


  • Colt-4-Life

    One last history question:

    Q: When did Charter Oak HS change its mascot to “Jackass”?

    A: Whenever COChargerfan posts a brain dump.

    Hee Haw!

  • diogenis

    Memory is a little fuzzy, but WUSD was concerned that merged student bodies would clash if one ID over the other or set of colors were chosen, so a selection of options was offered to the groups was new name and colors and Bulldogs and Maroon and Gold were chosen. The previous combinations were trashed. So the preferences of two classes, the returning juniors and incoming sophs made the call and history was trashed. I guess they have now been Bulldog Maroon and Gold longer than they were Columbia Blue and White Spartan, but some adult minds and manners might have been employed here and used all four of the old colors and called the combined school the Temps or something else illogical untill those sensitive teens had passed into history and Spartans ruled

  • Chino Hills


    We thought you you disapeared after that 45-nothin’ beat down………..

    WTF happened ???????????????????

  • kh

    your crazy,you picked bonita,to beat w/c/
    we beat claremont by 20.
    take a good look at the video.every play w/c/ breaks for a long run look down field both hands are locked on the lb or corner backs pads…..
    thats holding my friend,,i see it five times.
    when g.p. makes up his mine we are better then w/c/ bonita will win the next match up if the refs keep a good eye on down field holding.
    the more i watch the tape the more i know will beat them next time.
    5 intro no bodys going to score alot of points,hes alot better then what he showed,its ok,still coming off major injurie.we will have 4 games intell we meet again,thatnks fred for the moral suopport now go back to jinxing somebody else.
    we should score 50 off rowland.
    go bearcats

  • http://dsfadasdf bearcat fan


    theres holding in every game the fact of the matter is we got beat plain and simple I know for a fact bonita holds and gets away with it sometimes just like every game every great lineman holds its just a matter of not making it look like a hold and for all the Pendleton haters look down field there was no one to throw to its better he holds onto it then throw picks our LBs have been lacking since horine went down except for mikity hes playing great WC was the better team last week we just got to look forward and come back stronger

  • Where is your pride?


    You guys got your asses handed to you by West Covina and now you attempt to belittle WC’s win by claiming numerous non-holding calls? LOL!

    You are pathetic, sad, and a sore loser…not to mention an absolutely horrible writer. But these are no secrets, right?

    You, sir, dishonor your “Mighty Bearcats” by resorting to these measures. Congratulations on representing Bonita High School football. I’m sure you have made the faculty, students, and alumni very proud!

    go bearcats (who only lost because the refs missed 5 holding calls lol)

  • just another sgv guy

    hey fred azusas all everything Jose Nunez benched for the workman game. think workman has a chance ? they might have a chance ? should be fun to watch covina beat bp wit limited livingston venegas stepped up let’s see how deep the aztecs really are…. go sgv go !

  • DRanchhhh


    When it goes that far dude, you just have to weed out the “ignorants”. Lets put our WC/DR thing to the side for a minute. When racial slurs, Moms etc. get involved, holla at the Administrator and have them review it. They read these blogs more than we do and somethings just shouldnt get through..

  • I’m shocked.

    You know what’s sad? Bonita’s fan attendance at their game w/ West Covina. Talk about a very poor showing for such a “big” game. I mean, this game meant a lot to the kids…especially in a huge away game at WC.



  • kh

    love g.p. dude.
    it was a off game big deal.there lucky it red 7 times only two fg.
    not down playing w/c/ we came up to there div. they didnt come down to our ,big differents.
    we can play with them thats all am saying.
    bearcat fan your like the rest of the bearcat fans quit with zero to bring to the games,win i lose which is rarely i find ways to win the next time,witch the clip,all of there big runs they were holding ,a blind man can see that,

  • Lil cisco

    Wow my lil 7year old act older then u fulls acting like b-.t-hs not hs kids an talking about mother this is not about u 2 or 3 p-..-k i call u guys an no 4 a fax u guy suc as player an were water boys guy get a life if u got a mother respect them talk about your drunk dad that gave u away 4 a coth45 beer ever week u 2 must be old bed lover that the word in Wc and Sgv

  • Lil cisco

    Wow my lil 7year old act older then u fulls acting like b-.t-hs not hs kids an talking about mother this is not about u 2 or 3 p-..-k i call u guys an no 4 a fax u guy suc as player an were water boys guy get a life if u got a mother respect them talk about your drunk dad that gave u away 4 a coth45 beer ever week u 2 must be old bed lover that the word in Wc and Sgv

  • NotSince1995

    Game of the Week:
    **Garfield v. Roosevelt at EESTELA Coledge**

    BishopNation – Your probation officer (errrr Pimp) gave you this Friday off. Yeahyou can leave LaPuente without your ankle bracelet!

    In fact, your Tia La 2Sexy from Maravilla called you twice yesterday to make sure that you and your BishopNation puercas will be coming to the Garfield/Roosevelt game. She says you do a good job selling paletas, burned elotes and the bacon grilled hot dogs! You memberthe ones that the Salvis sell at the Lakers games! You member!

    She said she expects you on the corner (the way you like it) of Atlantic and Riggins at 7 pm. Behind “The Hat”!

    Dont forget your Raiders sweatshirt and matching chanclas (errrrLaPuente issued shoes), your Sharpee black marker for your eye brows, and your rolling paleta cart

    Not in 2010 Either

    No Way…No How BishopNation…

  • Sgv

    To all….the mama jokes were out of line…but funny, but some of these guys here are just plain ignorant. Ill keep it about football but why are we dissing school mascots and students? This blog is supposed to be for information purposes… Im out, have fun

  • Norco your a joke

    At full strength…lol
    Nice excuse for never even being in the game against CC.
    You talked a lot of fish bowl talk to all of the SGV. Then you play like you don’t even belong in your own tank.
    Your best days have come and gone.

  • CH Husky Fan

    I don’t think we will see each other in the first round unless one of us totally falls apart and the other wins out. If we finish secon, I thinkwe will get redlands, the baseline #2 or Chaparral. We just don’t want to see Centennial in the first round……lol.

  • CH Husky Fan

    I don’t think we will see each other in the first round unless one of us totally falls apart and the other wins out. If we finish secon, I thinkwe will get redlands, the baseline #2 or Chaparral. We just don’t want to see Centennial in the first round……lol.

  • CH Husky Fan

    I don’t think we will see each other in the first round unless one of us totally falls apart and the other wins out. If we finish secon, I thinkwe will get redlands, the baseline #2 or Chaparral. We just don’t want to see Centennial in the first round……lol.


    Ok we get your hate for Amat and La Puente. Give it a rest as Amat has a bye so why don’t you take the week off also. If you had any brains you would realize most of the Amat fans will be out supporting other SGV teams because there are much better games in our area . Come back next week with a post on how Alemany will beat Amat .Your shiat is old and it’s the same thing everytime. By the way you can shove that elote up your azz while you’re at it .

  • Big rich

    Word is it that running back bubble johnson is with a player mother an are staying 2 getter he also lives in fontane i can he be playing in monrovia and ever player no it. BOY YOUR 2 YOUNG 2 BE WITH THAT 40YEAR OLD LADY KID

  • Norco

    For the CH clown who is opening his whisker biscuit…Here is a post I posted after the game..

    CC is very special…It was an ass whippn’ period, It had nothing to do with the officiating. We will make the playoffs unless we completely fall apart, And don’t see that happening. It happens, move on, we got our asses whipped, now time get back to work and show the next team we play that you have improved. We were out played, out hustled, had no fire in our souls at all. Norco got out coached period. 45 to 0 that is an ass whippn. Not since the North 50 to 7 have I seen such an embarrasing game. Game over, move on as quickly as possible, no need to show film on this one, no lessons to be learned. Use the extra day for practice instead of film…Norco will still make a deep run in the playoffs…I would hate to be a league champion facing Norco in in round one…by playoffs we will be at full strength…

  • Norco

    This thread is a public service for those people on this message board who have trouble understanding the game of football. It is MOSTLY inspired by the difficulties that various San Gabriel Vally posters have in interpreting how the Corona Centennial/Norco game went down last Friday.Since that game,I have read several post by arse clowns who literally have no IDEA how football games are won (and lost) and how the various PIECES of a football game fit together to produce a winner and a loser.

    First of all, football isn’t just OFFENSE and DEFENSE. It is not simply a matter of whose “offense is better” or whose “defense is toughest” that determines who wins a game. There are MANY factors that go into the formula to produce an outcome; some have more impact than others, but ALL are important. Furthermore, on any given NIGHT, one factor might play more of a role than another. Special teams, field position, time of possession, big plays, penalties, officiating, coaching, big time players stepping up (or not), physicality, intimidation, whose girlfriend dumped who, health….and many MORE things go into it. SOMETIMES, a team wins ALL of these battles and DOMINATES the game. More often than not, there is some kind of a SPLIT and who wins MOST of those areas WINS the game (by whatever margin the formula allows). And THAT’S how it goes.

    I will use as an example to illustrate the FORMULAIC CONCEPT of football…the CC-Norco game:

    1) Offense…CC played greatl. Norco has the potential to play better, but just couldn’t find it. Game was 14-0 with 3 minutes to go in the half and Norco had the ball on CC 5yd line. Norco has lost a couple kids who would have been big factors (TE Long 6`4 230lbs, OL 6`4 285lbs, OL Faulkinbury 6`2 250lbs) and is still finding itself.

    2) Defense…CC played VERY well, Norco for about a 1 1/2 quarters.

    3) Big plays…CC. Eubanks and Collins, to be specific. Norco had ZIP.

    4) Penalties…Actually went Norco way.

    5) Time of Possession…CC

    6) Officiating…IMO Norco actually had the advantage

    7) Special teams….CC

    8)Big play players….CC for sure. I don’t CARE WHY Gerhart couldn`t complete a damn pass. I don’t care WHY Young couldn`t break a few long runs. I don’t care WHY Norcos spread offense was irrelevant. But they were. Does CC D take all the credit for that? Absolutely not. But there are bright lights, issues of focus and concentration, mental and physical preparation, intimidation and a lot of FACTORS WHY the our play players don’t “show up” or “play well”. And if your big play players don’t play well, it’s hard to win. It’s happened to better teams in the past, God knows. And on this night, Eubanks, Collins, CC`s offensive line, CC`s defensive and Coaches all stepped up BIGGER than Norcos Young, Gerhart, offense as a whole, and Coaches. Out of these, Young was the only one who looked the part. Starr on defense. Otherwise, eh.

    ALSO, it can’t be overstated that a football SEASON is a story. This is one game, part of a LEAGUE battle, to position for the playoffs. And that’s how Norco is playing it. Norco goal is Get HEALTHY….marathon not a sprint. Get it?

    Fact of the matter is, Norco plays CC, do they win 10 times? No, obviously not. The “better team” doesn’t WIN 10 out of 10 because there are a 100 factors (those I’ve named) and many more that go into the FORMULA to win the game. On this night, Norco didn’t “give it away”. CC “DOMINATED. Ya got it??????

    That’s what it was and will go down as. Cold hard math.


  • Corona Resident Mckinley / Buchanan

    Lets be honest here Norco. The Norco Football team was intimidated before they even took the field. They played the game like a exercise and went through the motions, never came in mentally prepared, they knew it was going to be a azz kicking going in. True lots of factors play into a game and injuries are part of the game but Norco layed down and did not want the fight, they blinked big time. As Far as Norco goes, yes when healthy and clicking on all cylinders they are a force to be reckoned with but on that nite against CC they bury their tails between their legs and whimpered. They got taken to the woodshed, as far as other opponents Roosevelt also put up a W on Norco so there must have been some players whos grlfriends dump them back then too???

  • anonymous

    Mr. Robledo, it appears that our resident racist is at it again. Please do us all a favor and ban yet another IP address of this “Obviously Disturbed” individual befor we have to endure months of his racial put downs and demeaning innuendos. Please strike fast and decisively and BAN THIS CLOWN before this blog gets out of hand – AGAIN!!!!

  • Norco

    Corona Resident Mckinley…

    Please see my post below…it`s pretty self explanatory…We got our asses handed to us plain and simple…hell 99.9% of the teams that CC will play this year will get beat just as bad…And don`t confuse the Roosevelt loss with CC`s loss….I guarantee when Norco runs into Roosy in the playoffs…they win…book it

  • Chino Hills


    Do read the crap you write? Now your making excuses for your kids?, come on. You’ve listed every nuance of the game, any football coach knows them, especially Norco, they definitely have one of the best staffs assembled. We would be undefeated if we had your coaches, but your team couldn’t get motivated for the #1 team in the state? Come on!, you need to find out what it takes to motivate your team. To think they can just turn it on in the first playoff game is wishful thinking. Norcow you sound like a realist. it may be time to forget about this year and work on the upcoming 2011 season, good luck trying to steal players from Eastvale and get more transfers from elsewhere.

  • Norco

    Norcow? Are you serious? Time for you to grow up…We both know Chino Hills has the dairy farms and smell like sh!t when the wind kicks up…

    Anyways to answer your post that doesn`t contain any substance or relevance…Do you need a reading comprehension class? Where do you see Im making excuse? How much more clearly can I state we took an ass kicking? CC is in a class of its own . Maybe I should break my post down for you? I guess you can say there are two arguments to be made and my post addressed just one of them, the game. But to make it stupid simple for you…The winner of any game is the one who managed all of the tangible and intangible elements best and ended up with more points than the other side. Pretty simple really for such a complex game. Wouldn`t you say?

    And FYI…if you know Norcos history you would know Norco is always ready come playoff time…hell Chino Hills should know that first hand back in 06-07 when Norco came in as a wild card and beat CH. This season is far from over, we don`t quit like some teams. As for stealing players…lol…don`t hate…kids want to play for a top program…not a program who has never won a playoff game…

  • Chino Hills


    Your to easy to get spun, especially someone as smart as you. We all get a kick out of you norcow…. Done any cow tipping lately?….. Maybe pee on a electric fence or two? hmmmmmm

  • Norco

    Chino Hills…..

    You are a tool…typical response…name calling…etc…face-savers for people like you. They allow you to participate and show disdain in conversations that you are too dim to grasp. But hey at least your good at something.

  • Norco

    A few thoughts on this Chino Hills clown…

    Maybe he should switch to light beer…

    From this point forward when a man is teabagged by a tranny it shall be known as a Chino Hills tea bag in honor of this pathetic eunuch …

    This dude is gayer than a ship in a bottle…

    I can only imagine how excited he must get when he receives a piece of mail with Ed McMahon’s face on it…

    And not that theres anything wrong with this, but I suspect not only does he prefer tits on a bull, but he also prefers nuts on his women…

    In other news, the Mexican Air Force is going to try to land on the moon by 2011…

  • Chino Hills


    Moo Moo, so easy to play with, you start by using “tool”, then cry about name calling. We picture you as a chubby little effeminate, balding man with a lisp. It sounds you were picked on alot, most likely by the same football players you idolized and tossed off to. You’re the guy who tried out freshman year but couldn’t find a helmet small enough to fit your head, but you ended up quitting anyways because you got sweat in your eyes, I know, I hit it right on the button, didn’t I? Don’t be shy, fess up

  • Norco

    I like how you use the word ” we”…that says it all… Poor guy. I kind of feel sorry for you.

    1. A completely ridiculous statement that is written for reactionary purposes only.
    2. The thought process of adult males when standing in front of a urinal.

  • Norco

    Diary of Chino Hills Honk…

    Dear Diary,

    The stress is killing me. I fear people do not take me seriously. I am a serious person and these are serious times. I scream four letter words at the top of my lungs until they turn pink.

    The sun finally came out. I decide to do a little gardening. I have been so busy lately I havent had much time to mind the garden. My thumbs were once green. The Cheetos have turned them orange.

    Then I saw them. Little, slow brown creatures infiltrating the garden. Snails! Have they no shame? Why cant they stay out of my garden? Last summer I posted a sign that read Snails Keep Out! Obviously they cannot read English. Why should I learn their language? This is America.

    I have to take action. The snail is a disgusting creature. The French eat them. The French are disgusting too. They also eat frog legs. I have never eaten frog legs, but I have kissed a lot of toads. But that is another story for another day.

    Quickly, I go to the garage and grab a shovel. I do not care much for sports, but a wise man once told me the best offensive is a good defense. I decide to build a moat to protect my glorious garden from those filthy interlopers. When I finish I will name it the Rio Grande. I am not certain if a snail can swim or not, but they will have wet backs if they decide to cross. I am certain of that.

  • Norco

    Diary of Chino Hills Honk…Nov 3, 2010

    Dear diary,

    At home now. There is nothing on TV. There are so many foreign language channels. I want to puke.

    I call DirecTV to complain. An automated voice asks me to hit 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. I throw the phone at the wall. It shatters. All that is left is the made in China sticker.

    Fox News is showing footage of a Tea Party rally. The people are like me. They are angry. They are white. They are American. I would join them but I do not like tea.

    A talking head is calling Obama a communist. I am sad. I voted for the old, white man that looks like Gorbachev without the tattoo of Italy on his forehead. I am also sad because a woman cut her toe on a Corona beer bottle in Plano Texas today. The media will not mention it.

  • Chino Hills


    You get spun way to easy, I think your tiny bald may be wrapped to tight. It might be a good time for your meds.

  • IE Town

    Chino Hills

    Schdeule us and maybe you’ll understand Norco. You guys play who and in what league? Really dude….

    We’ll keep drinking the milk out here.. LOL

    Where’s that KH puppy and that Bonita team that thinks they can compete with Amat. Yeah right!

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