Is Bishop Amat 10-0 good or 14-0 great?

That’s the question we’re wondering in the office. We all want Alemany to beat Notre Dame this week so we can have two 9-0 teams, Amat and Alemany, fighting for the Serra League title next week. If Amat wins, then you seriously have to wonder if a Pac-5 championship is possible. With Darien Johnson, Jerry McClanahan, Jay Anderson, Austin Lacy, Daniel Kane and Davis Cazares all not back from last year’s team, nobody expected them to be this good, yet they look better than ever. They’re averaging 36 points while allowing just 14 points — a 23-point margin of victory. I thought with Ruiz, Zach Shay and Jalen Moore all juniors, next year might be the Lancers’ best shot at a Pac-5 title, especially with sophomore Dionza Blue and a handful of other underclassmen returning. But could this be the year Amat shocks everyone and wins its sixth championship? The way they’re playing, it’s not a silly question, even for Aram, AKA, the anti-Lancer.

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  • Hefe

    Amat is getting bounced in the playoffs.

  • Realistic Observer

    Mission Viejo 35
    Amat 17


    I think we will be great!!!

    ON BLUE!!!

  • Unreal…

    It’s not unrealistic to think that Amat could win the Pac-5. They are playing great ball. Obviously, the Pac-5 is tough but come playoff time anything can happen and this Amat has so much talent it might just shock the world.

    After watching them completely dismantle Notre Dame I was convinced that they had a pretty good chance and they weren’t just going to participate in the playoffs this year.

    I hope they can finish 10-0 and if they do, 14-0 will be a within reach.

  • CH Husky Fan

    I think Amat will make it to the semis with a favorable draw. I just don’t think they will make it to the finals. I think they are having a good season but I don’t think they will beat either Servite of Mission Viejo whom they will likely see in the semi finals (provided Amat wins next week and get seeded).

  • CH Husky Fan

    I think Amat will make it to the semis with a favorable draw. I just don’t think they will make it to the finals. I think they are having a good season but I don’t think they will beat either Servite of Mission Viejo whom they will likely see in the semi finals (provided Amat wins next week and get seeded).

  • CH Husky Fan

    I think Amat will make it to the semis with a favorable draw. I just don’t think they will make it to the finals. I think they are having a good season but I don’t think they will beat either Servite of Mission Viejo whom they will likely see in the semi finals (provided Amat wins next week and get seeded).

  • Sports Fan

    I think Amat has a very good team this year. And there’s no reason why they shouldn’t. But, they havan’t really played anyone good in the pre-season. And then beat some teams in league that are struggling this year (Loyola, Sherman Oaks, etc.). Except for Alemany. Which Amat will lose to in a close game. Then go into the playoffs, get passed the first round. Then move on and lose. So does that make them a great team???? NO!

  • Amat Dad

    This is the same talk that was written during baseball season.We all know how that turned out. Great team,Rio has improved every game,addition of Gonzales has changed offense but lets play 1 game at a time and focus on job the at hand. I believe Big Blue will go far but there are several teams out there that will give them a run for their money. Rooting for you but keep focused and never think all you have to do is show up. GO BLUE!

  • How am I the anti-Lancer? Fred, you clearly weren’t in this office a few years ago when the desk people were calling me Touchdown Aram and Bishop Aram. I try to keep people grounded, but honestly I’m enjoying this.

    I guess what Ro-blay-dough is asking is whether Amat can beat Mission Viejo and Servite. You must not know me very well if you think there’s anything I’d love more than Amat going upside an OC power’s head.

  • just sayin’

    Struggling? Loyola killed Upland and is Valencia’s only loss. Notre Dame beat them and lost to teams that have only lost FOUR games all season. Crespi beat up on Vista Murritta and is Clovis West’s only loss. Struggling?. Every team iini pre-league is .500 or better and Dominguez has only lost to Amat. Haven’t played anyone? Really?

  • Norco

    Bottom line…Amat is taking care of business…And you have to respect that…my wildcard in the PAC5 is Poly…

  • Lance R

    Fred how dare you bite the hand that spun you into something. Remember the host that this blog kicked off with, yes Aram T. He started it and you inherited it. Aram back in the day has always been fair to Amat. As far as this thread goes I believe like Amat Dad, one game at a time and if Amat players are reading this do not buy into it any of this. To think you will end up in a championship game will screw with your heads, Play and Focus on Alamany wait for your seeding and go from there. The tournament as we know is a one and done for the loser. Amat should get by the first round and should have got by Lakewood last year in that second round, but kicking and punting to their return speedster men was a huge coaching mistake and that was Amats doom. Pac 5 football is anyones game on that given nite,, Remember Amat beating LB Poly at halftime in a top seed (Poly) vs a At Large last entry (Amat) Amat sure does look good this year but come playoff time it is a new season and you must win 3 straight to get to the dance, not a easy task. As far as Alamany goes you do not give this Amat coaching staff two-weeks to prepare they will devise a gameplan to beat you. Close game but I see Amat winning. Amat can only beat itself in this game with turnovers. Whoever turns the ball over the most will lose this game. I do see Amat in the Semis this year and out. Next year I see them in the title game.

  • Amat Honk

    SportsFan – Really? It’s obvious by your post that you are anything but! Go back and review some articles, current rankings and team records….then get back to me. Hefe – the only things bouncing will be off your chin! Realistic – I don’t see it that way, but you know what they say…that’s why we play the games; also, see Norco’s very informative post (different thread) on the various factors that determine the outcomes of Football games, that being said…I think we can play with ANYBODY! CH Husky Fan – Servite is good but they didn’t overly impress me against Mater Dei, I think we would definately have a good chance (see previous comment regarding Norco’s post). Amat Dad – C’mon brother! You KNOW we always take it ONE GAME AT A TIME! Aram – Glad to have you aboard! πŸ™‚
    Just Sayin – AMEN BROTHER! Norco – You’re right, you can NEVER count out a LBPoly team!
    Allsaid and done, I LIKE OUR CHANCES. Respect all opponents and fear none! Keep taking it one game at a time Lancers! Go Big Blue!
    P.S. you gotta love two weeks to prepare for Alemany and a chance to watch them live and in action! We are coming ready and prepared Baby!!!Go Amat!

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J ,
    Am I mistaken but wasn’t it you and Big Steve who picked Loyola to beat us in some kind of ” TRAP GAME ” term I believe you used at the time and Aram tried to school you but you would have none of it . Some nerve calling him anti-LANCER. Just kidding but it is way too early for a thread on this . We are still in the fight for the Serra League title .I think you should have waited until after that game for this thread. I had a chance to see the Servite vs MD replay on TV and Servite although they won did not look unbeatable by any means . Sports fan, it is evident you don’t know shiat about football so change your name.

  • YO FREDDY!!!

    hey dude you have a lot of freakin’ nerve calling Aram the anti-lancer, So what should we call you the “anti-bulldog” or simply a hater!!!!

  • The Hat

    Hagerty’s Hat says it all. 14 “ONE AT A TIME”

  • Not happening

    I am SGV fan, but live in oc…I’ll Say it now, amat can’t beat mission Viejo or Servite. Even though those teams are evenly match. Ruiz would be the worst Qb if they played Servite or Mission Viejo. It would come down to Qb play, and I think Ruiz might throw a few pics and miss a few throws. But anyway. We will see.

  • Special Delivery

    Everyone is forgetting the most important aspect of the game, THE REFS. Mark my words, the referees will not allow Amat to win at Alemany. Think about how the refs tried to get Loyola back in the game. The same thing happened at Dominguez. I’m rooting for the Lancers but would not be surprised if the refs steal the game from them.

  • just askin’

    how long has Hags been wearin tht ahat?

  • FredJ

    I didn’t notice the hat until you just pointed it out, that’s awesome, “14, One at a time.”

  • Sierra League Champs

    This doesn’t relate to football in anyway, but is there gonna be coverage of the CHINO HILLS vs. ayala volleyball game tomorrow?

  • big dawg

    Win or go home, and the lancers ain’t going home. 15-0 state and national champs. Jalen Moore will be “player-of-the-year, period, end-of-story.

  • big dawg

    Win or go home, and the lancers ain’t going home. 15-0 state and national champs. Jalen Moore will be “player-of-the-year, period, end-of-story.

  • jcaz

    What makes that last match up even more interesting is that even if Alemany loses to Notre Dame, they can still win the League with a win over Amat on the 12th.

    If that were to happen, we would both be 9-1, and I wonder how that would affect our seeding come playoff time ?

    To add a little more spice to the mix, I wonder what could potentially happen if either one of us were to lose a game (or even two) along the way. Could the Serra league very well be one and done no matter who gets ?

    After all, all three of the teams would most likely have to play a tough road game to open things up.

    Man, talk about high stakes here. Imagine both teams having gone undefeated the entire year and then getting bush wracked on the opening round

  • the critic

    NEITHER: Bishop Amat will lose big next week the game won’t even be close Alemany is going to hand Bishop Amat probably one of the worst loses they have taken in Bishop Amat history. Sorry Bishop Amat fans but payback is a dish best served cold.


    Does anyone know how Zachary Shay is doing? His return is going to be devastating for defenses! He’s a great player and a great person!

  • !!!!!

    The winner of the Bishop Amat vs. Alemanay has a very good chance of being on the front page of!

  • AMAT 73

    Just make sure your boys do their job this Friday so we will both be 9-0 going into next Friday’s game . You know what they say about the Serra. Any one team can knock the other out at any time.

  • Amat Honk

    Critic – It sounds to me like you’re trying reeeaal hard to convince yourself that Alemany can win that game??? Handle the task at my friend, because in talking with the Notre Dame players…..they DO NOT fear you guys AT ALL!!! As a matter of fact, they have indicated that they are going to smack you guys in the mouth come Friday night? Good Luck. We have done our part to keep the showdown alive….now do your part. Stop talking about it and handle your business. Amat Blue is waiting for you! Go Big Blue!

  • Lance R


    Both Amat and Alemany match up pretty close is the stat departments and both have posted wins over some very GOOD football teams. This game is a toss up and is not a blowout for either of these two teams. This will be a hard fought battle and as I said before the turnovers will be costly for either team and the deciding factor as to who wins this contest. The Refs, well lets just say the Home Cooking favors The Warriors.

  • SGV Athlete

    I’ve seen alot of the AMAT coaching staff and other personnel on the sidelines wearing the “14 One At A Time” hats. I actually think they are for sale at the home games.

  • Fred J. Wannabee

    Is West Covina that good? Is Bonita that bad. Is DR playing fair? What happened to Rowland? Does DB have a chance. Is Podley funny or what? Are the players at Amat all Catholic and if not why? Who is God for when Amat plays O. Lutheran.Why don’t more girls play football? Does Aram eat pork chops?

    What country do cross country runners cross? Does Azusa beat teams by to many points. Are Zavala and Arellanes both going to UCLA next year to be co-head coaches? Why is West Covina’s band so small but the football team so big? Chew on that.

  • the critic

    man after reading you guys responses i couldn’t help but laugh so hard especially at the remarks that Notre Dame is going to smack us around now thats got to be a joke but Amat fans fear not there will be an undefeated show down coming up next week. oh and lets not forget this is the year of terrible ref’s and we’re the home team so hey it is what it is. but i hope Amat keep it close that way we can get prepared for tough games because truthfully we haven’t had one since the beginning of the year.

  • Injury Report out of Alemany

    Alemany’s Armstead out

    Major Armstead, a junior receiver for Alemany, is out for the season because of a broken collarbone.

    “He was our fastest player,” Alemany coach Dean Herrington said.

  • the critic

    man after reading you guys responses i couldn’t help but laugh so hard especially at the remarks that Notre Dame is going to smack us around now thats got to be a joke but Amat fans fear not there will be an undefeated show down coming up next week. oh and lets not forget this is the year of terrible ref’s and we’re the home team so hey it is what it is. but i hope Amat keep it close that way we can get prepared for tough games because truthfully we haven’t had one since the beginning of the year.

  • jcaz

    Fred J wanna be.

    Whew, you got way to much time on your hands there cowboy…but still, kinda funny πŸ™‚

    Lance R, interesting to see that you’ve gained a little bit more objectivity and maybe even a bit more maturity in your posts these days.

    The fact that you posted, “I do see Amat in the Semis this year and out. Next year I see them in the title game” is remarkable, considering the tongue lashing you and a few others gave me last year just before that St Bonnies game.

    In any event, i’m more than certain that we would both love to see that banner hanging in the rafters of the SAC next year.

    So lets just see how far this “E” ticket ride gets us eh….

    an Amat team “MIGHT” lose a game

  • Rio Ruiz

    ***ESPN Rise Player of the Week***

    Rio Ruiz, Bishop Amat (La Puente, Calif.)
    Before the season began, there was doubt whether Ruiz might not suit up for the Lancers football team because he happens to be one of the top juniors in the nation in baseball and made the U.S. Under-16 National Team. Ruiz did not give up the sport and is shining as Bishop Amats quarterback. The 2009-10 California Sophomore Athlete of the Year completed 22 of 24 passes for 346 yards and five touchdowns last Friday as the Lancers improved to 8-0 with a 52-7 romp past Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, Calif.). Ruiz completed 20 straight passes at one point in the game and tied a reported CIF Southern Section record for most consecutive completions. He has passed for 1,615 yards and 17 touchdowns for the season.

  • Mikey

    Fred J Wannabee asks:

    Is West Covina that good?
    yes, they are

    Is Bonita that bad?
    no, just not as good as West Covina

    Is DR playing fair?
    ?? who says they cheat?

    What happened to Rowland?
    they were probably overrated

    Does DB have a chance.
    slight… but a chance

    Is Podley funny or what?
    yes.. hilarious!

    Are the players at Amat all Catholic and if not why?
    nope… likely because they aren’t catholic

    Who is God for when Amat plays O. Lutheran?
    Amat of course!

    Why don’t more girls play football?
    they’d break a nail

    Does Aram eat pork chops?

    What country do cross country runners cross?

    Does Azusa beat teams by to many points.
    yes… they are good, their league is weak..

    Are Zavala and Arellanes both going to UCLA next year to be co-head coaches?
    I’ll take Dorrell again before that duo!

    Why is West Covina’s band so small but the football team so big?
    … and that one time at band camp….

    that was fun!

  • Colt74

    Bishop Amat 35 Alemany 21

    Remember that score. You’ll be seeing it on the front page of the LA Times come Sat morning too.

    Remember you read it here first…

  • Hefe

    I can’t wait for Rio to see a defense as fast & physical like Servite’s in the playoffs.

    Something tells me it’s going to be just a tad bit different than what he’s seen during non & league play.

  • Lance R


    I wont get into it with you as far as the lashing you got before the St. Bonnie’s game or the lashing you took this year over a chonies remark? Maturity is everything in this blog, lets keep it that way.

  • come on now

    Hefy, whatever Servite has, and I believe it when you say they have a lot of fast and physical players, but Rio is as athletic as anyone, he’s been that way as a kid no matter what he played, so I hardly think he’s going to be intimidated, especially other high school kids.

  • COChargerfan:)

    Is that a Charter Oak hat that Steve Hagerty is waving around?
    One day at a time, everyone is a fan!
    Go Chargers! Good luck to you too Amat.

  • jcaz

    Good come back there…

    Still, glad to know that no one’s out for blood with you for simply showing some objectivity here dude.

    Big difference from last year wouldn’t you agree ?

  • Curious

    Why did Darien Johnson, Jerry McClanahan, Jay Anderson, Austin Lacy, Daniel Kane and Davis Cazares decide not to play football this year? Weird, it seems anyone would like to play for Amat, are they disgruntled, or grade ineligible or what? Just seems strange.

  • amat!!

    curious!!, all graduated except Jay, hes still at amat, focusing on baseball… All are still very loyal to Amat…

  • tcbruin

    Darien Johnson/Davis Cazares Fb at NMSU, Jerry McClanahan baseball @ UCI, Daniel Kane Fb at Redlands Austin Lacy transferred to Pasadena,Jay Anderson playing baseball only at Amat.

  • Ro

    @curious. most of the guys graduated ,jay decided to concentrate on baseball and austin transfered. any of the pac 5 teams has a chance to win,they are all that good. never count out long beach poly when it comes to the playoffs. Servite did not look that great against materdei but there defense is strong. mission viejo have not seen them play but they have not faced a tough defense like servite and yes even amat.

  • kh

    fred fred fred
    when amat gets beat ,our you going to drop them 5 spots brother,
    no respect from you at all.
    whats your take on claremont moving ahead of us.we beat the crap out of them like we did walnut and s.d.
    d.r too fred,
    so bonita has a off night and you right us off,two starting d-fense players we out,sr. nose gaurd,and both way sr. # 33 was out to.
    do some reporting instead of just popping off.
    covia,c.h. clmt,ahead of us.did they legalize that whats next to come azusa # 2.dont forget what bonita did to s.d. your pick of the week fred.
    when your girlfriend has a bad week do you drop her down 5 spots too.
    at the end fred,covia and bonita will be the only teams left from the fight…..

  • Norco

    The Diary of Colt 74

    People do not understand me. It saddens me. I am a charitable person. I want people to like me. Understand me.

    I kick at the dirt below with my Air Jordans. It is brown. Such an ugly color. It stains them. Taints their existence. My mind wanders. The Air Jordans cost nearly $300 on I wonder how many pesos that equals. I give up. I cant count to infinity.

    Yesterday I learned the Spanish word for shoe is zapato. It may be a conspiracy to contaminate the global shoe market. If so I will drive the heal of that very Nike shoe into my heart. I will be famous. I will be a martyr. Someday they will make a movie about me. El Diablo wears Nike.

    Still hungry. These cravings will not quit. I must resist. If I have just one taco I will lose. We will all lose. We might as well give back the land we stole. Eminent domain. Such a beautiful phrase. It rolls off the tongue. It purrs. The English version of the Spanish R.

    I recall the dream I had two nights ago. I am frightened again. I am driving. It seems like months since I left Norco. I know it has been just a day. I suspect the Mayan calendar is playing tricks on me. I cant recognize the street signs. I drive on. In my rear view I read the words Little Saigon. So many foreign words. I cant take it. I hit a speed bump and my heart explodes on the steering wheel like an airbag…

  • Amat tested

    Blah…Blah…Blah Is Amat all that? Surely you can’t claim that Notre Dame was any test. They would have trouble with Damien. I do recall not too long ago a pesky Crespi team that was in the game to the end. Alemany will slap the ears back on these pups only because they’ll be soft for the game after having a week off. Look at Notre Dame…soft in the belly coming into the game against Amat. They didn’t know what hit them. Besides that, they had not 2, not 3, but 4 turnovers in the game and I believe each one was converted into a touchdown. That’s 28 points you chow hounds. Alright, so Ruiz is a “Gawd” and they are clicking on all cylinders but lets see if they get soft-bellied with the time off.

  • New Amat Hat

    15=Straight years of no title. Going on 16!!

  • ’00

    You know what one of the big differences is from the recent Amat past, and you can feel it even on the tone of the posts on this blog, is that Amat now truly believes we can win. Since ’08 we’ve been winning the big games that we weren’t supposed to – OLu and St. Bonnies stand out in my mind. We started to dare to hope, little by little until we started to believe- the talk of being back was tempered by the fear of a fluke year or of a strong senior class graduating; but now our gait is becoming straighter and our expectations higher, our swag more pronounced and our collective memory of pride and tradition has returned. Matre Dei, LBP, Servite, Crespi, etc. etc.- we no longer doubt our ability to compete, it seems we no longer settle to relegating ourselves to the status of an underdog. Playoff runs are expected and greatness is being demanded and Amat is stepping up and delivering. What an amazing family to be a part of. Steadfast, loyal and true.

  • Special Excuse Delivery

    Hey Special Delivery: It’s too early 2 start the ‘ref’s robbed us’ excuse, wait until bishop loses.
    Headline; Alemany 28 bishop 7.
    bishop backs into playoffs and is 1 n done n the arrogant bishop nation is silent.

  • just sayin’

    Amat tested – Loyola killed Upland and is Valencia’s only loss. “Soft bellied” Notre Dame beat them and lost to teams that have only lost FOUR games all season. ” Pesky” Crespi beat up on Vista Murritta and is Clovis West’s only loss. Together with the two Bishops the Serra League is the 2nd ranked league in the STATE.
    Yes, they are all that…blah…blah…blah

  • Curious

    Thanks for the info, Is Anderson better at baseball; does he have a chance at a D1 scholarship or pro ball career? Seems like he was a good football player.
    Thanks again.

  • Colt74

    Same person, same incoherent ramblings, same insertion of something spanish into his latest posts.
    It’s nice to see that Proposition 19 failing has not affected you one bit. Pack another bowl and read the back of a box of Captain Crunch to get some more ideas for another of your literary masterpieces….
    That last rambling made me stop,turn the lights off, light some candles, put on Zeppelins Kashmir and re-read it.
    Oh…to be 16 you…

    Speaking of music…you are probably more of a Who person yourself huh?. My guess would be you are more of a “see me.. feel me…touch me… heal me..” sort…
    Lonely, angry, and crying out in your attempts for attention….

    Hey…we’re all here for you… and it’s a lot cheaper than a shrink….
    But the touch me part of that song refers to someone else touching you…not yourself. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Special Excuse Delivery – I can guarantee Bishop will lose. Bishop Alemany or Bishop Amat
    that was funny though… to think someone will back into the playoffs at 9-1

  • Amat Stats

    Hello Amat Nation

    Our lancers and coaches have been working in stealth mode this past week. You can be sure that Hags comes-out with a few silver bullets he has been holding on to. If you truly are a die-hard Amater, then you probably know that the Defense was changed up quite significantly before the Notre Dame game. And, these kids absolutely delivered – not to mention what the offense did to get to 52 pts. These suttle changes have significant impacts to our gaming and allows us to improve every week. The point here is that the deep preparation this mighty team goes through always gives us the added edge. It’s the complacency factor that I always worry about. I believe these kids take each game one by one and ultimately start peeling the onion back until they get to the core. If they stay focused, we will come out with a “W.”

    For all the glory, winner takes all next Friday with Alemany.

    Have a good rest of the week Amat Nation

  • Amat Dude

    Amat Nation? Come on dude, haven’t you been around long enough to know that it’s not who we are, we are the Amat Family. Get that through your thick blue skull. Amat will come out with a W and screw all you haters!!

  • kh wannabee

    kh, Your post was soooo weak dude. Maybe I can help while you search for the meaning of life.

    Hey Fred! Did you know your the cutest guy on the wrap up videos. I dig youre hair. I bet you dont even die it. So why did you droop us so far down the list even past teams we beet in sept? Don’t you like me anymore. I thout I was one of your pets. I like you. I have the whole teem at my place rite now making them bbq and they say you are bogus man!!! I know I could coach way better than our coaches and I have proved it on tne baseball field. Please come watch me umpire this weekend and I will prove it too you. Clarmon and SD we beat up and Wc was lucky cause they wree holdin whole game espacially to #6. I luv you guys at the trib so why do you treat the cats so bad. Go bearcats. ps. fred if you drop your girlfriend like you dpopped bohi ill be waiting for you xoxo

  • Papa Bear

    To Colt74,Curious,New Amat,Special Delivery:
    Colt, we both think alike, except I see Alemany- 26 points And B. Amat- 35. For Curious,No, B, Amat is not disgrunted they have become grunts, 0311,butt plate, the heart and soul of the Marine Corps. They know how to form a line and sweep, chase the oppostion before they are able to reasemble. hit them with flanks.Alemany has already been attacked, come friday, Nov.5th. They have been hit hard by the flanks,sustained too many KIA’S and WIA’S, they are low on ammo.To engage in another fire fight, would lead to a blood bath.
    Special Delivery, You know about refs, no excuse everyone, this happens more times than you think.Mistakes are one thing;sometimes though, there is no mistake! I have seen too many close games, where a team is about to score and; one ref. will not let them cross the touch down line.
    New Amat,First of all, why pick this name? Call yourself New Player or Parent of a kid from another public school. No title huh! Would you be so kind and give me a numerical count of what sits in your trophy case. What sits in your home do not count! I am so blue with envey! GO BIG BLUE!

  • Amat Rolls Alemany, we did!

    Not sure why Amat is Playing Salesian’s schedule from the 70’s, lol. Last time I w Alemany we were kicking the crap out of them, 28-0! Loyola, Notre Dame and Crespi is another story. Seiously Amat plays Salesian’s former opponents. Crazy huh?

    Best of luck to Amat, all in good fun so please NO HATE!!!

    Here’s my take on Amat after seeing them many times this season. Funny but the Damein and Cathedral scores don’t look so bad after the Lancers destroyed Notre Dame and Loyola. All impressive wins!

    A point about Cathedral , they start four Freshmen on defense and have 19 Freshmen and Sophmores on Varsity so they’ll be back for more soon. Maybe even against Damien.

    Amat’s skill is coaching so it makes me wonder what they wil do against Welvh, Lara and Thomas. Seen them almost lose to Dominguez and the weaknesses have been duly addressed. Crossing patterns gave them trouble. Key to Amat is depth, tons of it at all positions., especially at the skill positions.

    Next year Amat should run the table but the key is Rio who grows by leaps and bounds quarter by quarter. He’s a stud until he gets smacked which is easier said than done!

    Here’s my take on Amat. Deal with three and outs, too many teams get nervous abouyt teh offensive firepower, and they’e loaded at RB.. Make it a fight at the line of scrimmage by attacking the weakness in their strenght, their inability to distance themselves from point of attack dominance, and take the short gains whether they are crossing patterns or traps. Amat has dominated teams because teams fade quaickly expecting the Lancer offense to roll.

    I know most teams have tried most of these things but the hurry up hurts the Lacers only when they seek counsel from the side;lines.

    Still think Amat is a year away, as is Welch.

    Still would lie to see a Serra game soon.

  • smallcity

    It’s interesting to note that Hags does not like bye weeks and considers them counterproductive. Sondheimer from the L.A. Times picked Alemany over Amat for the simple reason that Amat has a bye prior to the Alemany match-up. The absence of Armstead probably won’t be a factor since Alemany is deep at that position.

    This is going to be a great game and a fantastic game for me, as it will be the first time I am able to see Amat in person this season. Simply put, this is a toss-up.

  • Amat vs. Herrington Brothers

    Alemany has since got a makeover…His name is coach Dean Herrington. He and his brother Mike are coaching legends at Hart High. They were an awesome force there. And….

    Bishop Amat is no stranger to the Herrington Brothers. This will actually be the 4th time this decade that Dean Herrington has coached against Bishop Amat.

    Herrington is actually 2-1 vs. Bishop Amat

    I smell a story here…. =)

  • 12th man

    The key to the game will be Amat’s defense..Can they control the line of scrimmage..& put enough pressure on the QB!!..All you doubters & haters who think Amat cant beat Servite or Mission Hills are delusional!!..Amat has better stats on offense then both of theese teams!! Jalen Moore is the leading rusher in the Pac 5..& Rio Ruiz is the 3rd leading passer in the Pac 5..Do your homework!! Go to …The winner of the Amat-Alemany game has a good chance of winning CIF!! My prediction will be Amat 28 – Alemany 24

  • 12th man

    The key to the game will be Amat’s defense..Can they control the line of scrimmage..& put enough pressure on the QB!!..All you doubters & haters who think Amat cant beat Servite or Mission Hills are delusional!!..Amat has better stats on offense then both of theese teams!! Jalen Moore is the leading rusher in the Pac 5..& Rio Ruiz is the 3rd leading passer in the Pac 5..Do your homework!! Go to …The winner of the Amat-Alemany game has a good chance of winning CIF!! My prediction will be Amat 28 – Alemany 24


    Don’t fool yourself into thinking Damien and Cathedral put up a better fight than ND . Remember that the first string was out of the Damien game very early. Same thing on the Cathedral game but they stayed in for the complete ND and Loyola games . If that would have happened for Damien or Cathedral those scores would have been much higher than the outcome.

  • 12th man

    To realistic observer!!

    ~Bishop Amat Stats~
    Rushing Yards P/G Jalen Moore 163.2
    Passing Yards P/G Rio Ruiz 179.6
    Total Yards P/G Rio Ruiz 184.3
    Tackles P/G Michael Juarez 4.7
    Sacks P/G Jonathan Guerrero 1.0
    Points P/G Jalen Moore 12.9
    Mission Viejo Stats:

    Rushing Yards P/G Dallas Kessman 134.1
    Passing Yards P/G Alex Bridgford 187.9
    Total Yards P/G Alex Bridgford 190.5
    Points P/G Dallas Kessman 8.6

    Do the math!!!~ You still think we cant compete with anyone in the Pac 5??? Just like your shirt says..WHoot ThErE iT Is!!~

  • AMAT 73

    It’s all in the way it’s presented. LanceR while stating his view ( and he does say we will beat Alemany which is something I am not sure you think ) wasn’t as dissmal as your St Bonnie’s post . Your posts are somewhat on the don’t know shiat about football side like some of the bs in your notes on AMAT .I’m sure Hags read the blogs and switched WG for Rio at punter because of what someone posted on here . Also how could both Alemany and AMAT go undefeated into the playoffs unless you were thinking we would have a tie in our game with them. And how do you figure all three from the Serra would have to play tough road games the first week . Can’t you remember as far back as last year when our first game was MD at home because of being the number one seed out of the Serra .

    AMAT stats,
    Get a clue and drop the nation crap . We are THE AMAT FAMILY . Leave the nation to haters and the raiders. Isn’t it a hell of a coincidence that haters rhymes with raiders, one in the same I guess.

  • Norco

    12th man …

    I hate to say it, but your an idiot…those stats dont mean a damn thing…I can`t believe you would post that and then ask the question “You still think we cant compete with anyone in the Pac 5???”

  • 12th man

    An idiot is defined as someone who is Stupid & foolish!!~ Does this ring a bell???? Thinking you could beat Or even stay in the game with Corona Centennial!!~ You guys got punched in the Mouth!!~ How’s that for an Idiot Anaylyzation!~

  • he got cow manure on da brain….


    What the hell are you doing in here? Aram told us that he blocked your IP address on his blog. LOL!


    Go hang out with your little Sierra League buddies that actually give a rat’s ass about what you have to say…


  • Blue and Gold Stud

    WAIT A MINUTE & 12th man, let me correct your information on #54 Michael Juarez at Amat, he (and the rest of 1st team D & O)has only played in 3 full games, his stats for them are:
    Team Solo Ast Sacks
    Dom 6 4 0
    Cres 5 2 0
    Loy 5 3 0

    His best game thus far was against:
    Venice 4 9 1 -10yds broadcast on
    ND 4 1 1 -9yds tipped pass & fumble recovery on game broadcast on Time Warner ch 101.

    Stats could be misleading and is not a concern for the coaches at Amat otherwise records would be broken on both sides of the ball. I agree with both of you, the battle will be fought & won by Amat, can’t expect a blowout but did anyone foresee the game against ND?

    The players are dialed in to what the coaches have preached & practiced regardless of the bye week and what non believers may think or say. Go Amat! Go Big Blue!

  • Norco

    I’m here …so deal with it…As for Aram…he is not savvy enough to keep me from posting…so laugh all you want….I just find it funny that grown arse men need to b!tch and complain like women..

  • Norco

    No imagination
    No style
    No intelligence
    ….No chance

    your daddy

  • jcaz


    I think your confused again, which BTW,seems to happen every now and then with you, but hey, maybe Im to blame this time around because, maybe I didnt quite spell it out correctly for you.

    My fault…

    In any event, what makes these next two weeks so very interesting is that “if” certain things were to happen, then it could get very dicey regardless of the fact that both of theses teams are currently 9-0.

    For example, when I said that all three Serra league teams could be on the road in the first round and be one and done in the playoffs, then obviously, there would have to be a set of circumstances leading up to that, for that to happen….. right ?

    Now just for schitz and giggles, let me play this scenario out for you, oh, and just to let you know, im going to go a little bit quick here, so please, try to keep up with me, k big guy…


    My Example: Alemany loses to ND, and then beats Amat in the 12th. We are both 9-1 and we, along with the 3rd place team from the Serra, DO NOT GET A TOP SEED for the playoffs and must travel in the first round. In this scenario, there are at least 2 other unbeaten teams in the Pac5 playoffs, Mission Viejo and Servite, and because of a loss, we may have both Poly and Lakewood ranked ahead of us in the final tally.

    Road game for us, home game for Alemany ??

    Remember, there well could be a number of one loss teams in this years playoffs, and even if Alemany is league Champ, then would they be ranked ahead of possible league champ, Santa Margartia, or Tessoro ?


    Also, let us not for get that CIF rule that says that we cannot face a team in the first round of the playoffs that we played in last years first round, so this could also get strange but hey, Fred said that he was going to be at this years playoffs seeding, so maybe hell put in a good word for us.

    Ha ha ha

    Oh, one more thing 73,and like I say over and over gain in here, Im a Honk, but im not a homer. If the fact exists that there is a possibility that Amat MAY lose a game, and if I just happen to point out the obvious, and if that just happens to piss people off, then, really, who is the bigger schitz talker anyway ?
    The guy constantly who irritates the hell out of this blog by slamming all of the other football teams day in and day out, or the guy who looks at things and says ya, they really do have a good football team, and ya, they might even be able to beat Amat, on a good day….

    Look 73, quite often you come into this forum and correct all of those overly enthusiastic “Amat nation” folks, and at the same time, you often try to portray yourself as being some kind of an “elder statesman” or some such thing.

    Good for you, but come on dude….

    At times, it gets kinda funny but really…

    Anyway, so many of these bloggers in here have this over all “homer-isum” mentality and lack of objectivety eagrdng Amat in general. Often, the praise that so many Amat family members doll out to the other schools, is so very transparent, that no matter how many times many of those same people come in here and praise another teams success, that everybody knows that it is so plastic…..

    With me, you know where I stand, weather you like my posts or not.

    Also, what makes this blogs even more entertaining, is the battles that the honks get into with COFAN. He likes to come in here and roll with guys like you every now and then, and to tell you the truth, I just get a kick out of it.

    That’s why I tell that clown (that even though he sometimes comes off even worse than some of these other homers), that he can at least can back up some of his schitz talking garbage with some interesting statistics, and to tell you the truth, im cool with that.

    You know, 73, that’s what makes this blogg soooo much fun dude !

    Its all the people in here, behind those screen names. You know, the ones with whom we have been going back and forth with now for what, two years now ?

    Anyway, love them or hate them, they are the ones who bring this whole thing to life every day of the week dude, and that’s why this thing works so very well…

  • CIF SS office

    there are 5 leagues that make up the Pac-5(hense the name) the Serra league champ will have a 1st round home game as well as all the other champs, there will be 3 more teams designated as home team in the first round at the selection meeting, Amat has a very good chance at being one of those teams(if they are not the Serra champ) why,you ask….$$$$$$$$$$$ Amat draws as well as anyone and this office gets 50% of the gate…….

  • Joe Amat


    Playoff pairings in the Pac5 go like this. 5 leagues (hence Pac5) and 16 teams make it, so there are 8 home games. All 5 1st place teams get a home game, along with 3 of the 2nd place teams. Co-champs and ties are split by head-2-result first. There could, however, be a scenario where Notre Dame is the #1 seed via coin-flip and Alemany/Amat flip for 3rd, bute’ll find out of that options still open on Friday. 1st place teams get a 3rd or 4th place team in the 1st round. 2nd place teams play other 2nds or a 3rd. 3rd place teams are always on the road. 2nd place teams that play each other will flip. There is no scenario where all 3 teams from a league are on the road. None.

    thought I’d clear that up

  • Joe Amat

    CIF SS office,

    Never mind.

    Now THAT is funny. Great minds…. πŸ™‚

  • Joe Amat

    … and CIF Office… you forgot… now you get SIXTY percent of the gate. Teams split the other 40% πŸ™‚

  • Get over yourself

    Jacaz loves to read what he writes.

    ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz snore zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

  • so much haters!

    I just dont get it, most of us are from San Gabriel Valley, but yet most of you are hating on the only San Gabriel Valley Divison 1 school. Im not from Amat or have any association with them, but I am from San Gabriel Valley and would love to watch then win CIF championship, Whats up with all the hate? Would love to see any San Gabriel Valley team win against a team that is not. Confused about all the hate, arent all of the player kids?? Com’on they work hard and are showing winning results, give some credit where credited is due. I mean a win is a win, it should be celebrated, especially when the wins that count are against teams that over 30 mins aways out of the San Gabriel Valley…

  • jcaz

    Joe Amat and all, thanks for clearing that up.

    Oh yea, I do enjoy reading what I, and even you write in here because thats what a great blog is suppose to be all about right ?




  • big dawg

    Fellow Lancers:

    Have you guys noticed that all the haters come out when greatness has been achieved and/or is about to be achieved??????????

    All these attacks are coming from a hateful place, one full of “Jealousy and Envy”, wishing that they could be like us, but they can’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All you haters just sit back and enjoy the ride, and once we complete our ride/journey through the Pac-5 and state championships, maybe we’ll give you a call and to you to join us, not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Have you ever noticed

    The water downed definition of greatness?



  • AMAT 73

    Well I guess your confusion got straightened out .THE TOP SEEDED TEAM FROM THE SERRA GETS A HOME GAME. Did you get that , did I go slow enough for you.Like I said you don’t know shiat about football. Now you never did answer how both Alemany and AMAT could go into the playoffs undefeated unless we tie the last game which is nowhere in your post. As far as this nation crap yes it bugs the hell out of me and a few others as you can see by some posts to those AMAT honks how use the term. I remember when that crap first came out, many of the alumni fought tooth and nail to squash it and if I remember correctly you weren’t one of them . Haven’t you seen the haters use the term because they know we hate it . Let me remind you as you tend to forget a few things about AMAT , WE ARE FAMILY. As for this elder statesman you mention I portray myself as an alumni of AMAT class of 73 to be exact and that’s it . I have been around and involved with AMAT for 41 years so yes I do know a few things about our school but the elder statesman no way .If people come here asking a question on AMAT or a situation they are having at AMAT sure I will help them out with insight I know because THAT IS WHAT FAMILY DOES but the elder statesman stuff I will leave that for Joe AMAT because I believe he knows more than all of us put together.I mean after all he is JOE AMAT and you do remember reading about him on your first day of school don’t you. You know I would sure like to know who these transparent bloggers are from AMAT that you speak of . There are plenty of the registered AMAT bloggers who give props to the various teams of SGV so are any of these the ones you speak of and since you are calling them out might as well go all the way . As far as your possibility of AMAT losing of course there is always that possibility but like I said it’s all in the presentation and your’s suck . The kicker is all this is coming from the guy who equated watching AMAT pound our opponent ( who by the way had no problem pounding us a few years back ) as boring and being the equivilent of pulling the wings off a fly.

  • jcaz


    OUCH !!!

    Must have touched a nerve there eh…

    Anyway, there was this very famous guy who’s sound bite’s were almost always played whenever someone was angry or had a beef over something.

    The actual actor has sense passed, but the sound bite was classic and went something like this:

    “I as mad as hell and i’m not gonna take it any more…!”

    Whew, that guy really got worked up…

    But, what made that quote so incredibly famous, was not in what he said, but in how he said it.

    BTW, you can see that “classic” video at:

    Anyway 73, I could imagine you in much the same way earlier today, pounding on that key board, all riled up and all….he he he.

    73, often, I find that a cup of warm tea with a generous slice of lemon REALLY HELPS….

    See you at Alemany !


  • jcaz


    One more thing that needs to be said….

    No matter how much I get you mad at me, just remember this one, very, very, very important thing ok.

    I love ya man…


  • AMAT 73

    Not riled up at all. In fact more like cool , calm , and collected. Remember that jingle. That reply you just made is so typical of you.If you want to conjure up some little picture in your mind on how you have me spitting bullets be my guest as it couldn’t be farther from the truth. You come off like an azz in your post to me about you’re going a little quick so please try to keep up in your scenario of no top seed for the Serra . Keep up to what, some fool who has no idea what he is writing about. Like I said you don’t know shiat about football and I stand by that 100% .You still haven’t explained how you came up with AMAT and Alemany going into the playoffs undefeated even though I kind of tipped you off how it could happen by writing about a tie between them . You know the nerve you touched was the one that one that makes me wince when you post because bloggers associate you with AMAT and that is a shame. No shitz and giggles there just the truth, eh dude, he he he . See you at Alemany I will be wearing an AMAT sweatshirt by the way if care to look me up .


    you two are obviously in love…

  • big dawg

    Anybody know the score of the Alemany vs. Notre Dame game??????

    What about Loyola vs. Crespi???????


  • just sayin’

    big dawg – hope you got on CoverItLive – got all your updates there

  • jcaz

    Get a room,

    Just got through watching that new movie, “DUE DATE.” kinda like that I suppose…


  • big dawg

    Thanks for the info just sayin.

    You heard it here first, Amat 42, Alemany 24!!!!!!!!

  • Man, you were right. Im glad I got these guys to do my gutter guard installation for me. I have serious problem with falling off a ladder.

  • No kiddin, you better go out and make your Super Bowl futures bets while the odds are really high. The Jets are favored right now.

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