The Big River, Rio Ruiz, named ESPN Rise Regional West Coast athlete of the week

ESPN Rise: Before the season began, there was doubt whether Ruiz might not suit up for the Lancers’ football team because he happens to be one of the top juniors in the nation in baseball and made the U.S. Under-16 National Team. Ruiz did not give up the sport and is shining as Bishop Amat’s quarterback. The 2009-10 California Sophomore Athlete of the Year completed 22 of 24 passes for 346 yards and five touchdowns last Friday as the Lancers improved to 8-0 with a 52-7 romp past Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, Calif.). Ruiz completed 20 straight passes at one point in the game and tied a reported CIF Southern Section record for most consecutive completions. He has passed for 1,615 yards and 17 touchdowns for the season.

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  • I’m First

    We know, we know, Tyler P. is still better. He scored better at some meaningless QB combine at UCLA. None of your grandsons ever get a fair shot. At least he won homecoming king.

  • DRanchhhh

    Good Job RR…

  • CH Husky Fan

    Gongrats to Ruiz….it’s always good when kids in our area get noticed.

  • CH Husky Fan

    Gongrats to Ruiz….it’s always good when kids in our area get noticed.

  • CH Husky Fan

    Gongrats to Ruiz….it’s always good when kids in our area get noticed.

  • CH Husky Fan

    Gongrats to Ruiz….it’s always good when kids in our area get noticed.

  • CH Husky Fan

    Gongrats to Ruiz….it’s always good when kids in our area get noticed.

  • CH Husky Fan

    Gongrats to Ruiz….it’s always good when kids in our area get noticed.

  • 12th man

    Rio is underrated!!!~ He has somehow managed to stay under the radar which is good!! He’s the 3rd leading passer in the Pac 5 ahead of Mission Hills & Servite QB’s..Lucky for all the opposing teams that BA has a balanced offense!! Otherwise you mite have seen Rio brake all the school & CIF records for passing!! I think hagerty is slowly unleashing the Big River so other teams dont have time to prepare & study!! Can you imagine rio throwing 40 to 50 times a game?? You wont have to wait long..The pac 5 playoffs is going to force BA to pass more..Every team in the pac 5 has a good run defense!! Cant wait!!

  • Witness

    Congratulations Rio. We all know what your about, now the country is finding out!





  • 12th man

    Correction..Rio just slipped back into 4th!!

    Heres the top 10 in the Pac 5 !!!!~

    # Name Pos GP Comp Att Pct Yds Yds/G TD Int Rate
    1) Kenneth Stenhouse(Sr)
    Crespi (Encino, CA) QB, WR 6 114 153 .745 1722 287.0 20 4 140
    2) Travis Wilson(Jr)
    San Clemente (CA) QB 9 112 187 .599 1715 190.6 12 5 100
    3) Tyler Schultz(Sr)
    Lakewood (CA) QB 9 103 154 .669 1638 182.0 26 1 139
    4) Rio Ruiz(Jr)
    Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) QB 9 105 162 .648 1616 179.6 17 4 122
    5) Alex Bridgford(Jr)
    Mission Viejo (CA) QB 8 80 126 .635 1503 187.9 15 4 131
    6) Trent Mason(Sr)
    Dana Hills (Dana Point, CA) DB, QB 9 118 199 .593 1463 162.6 10 10 78
    7) Raymond Medina(Jr)
    St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA) QB 8 99 195 .508 1398 174.8 12 5 84
    8) Max Wittek(Sr)
    Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA) QB 7 87 154 .565 1309 187.0 17 5 108
    9) Johnathan Newsom(Jr)
    Trabuco Hills (Mission Viejo, CA) QB 8 87 158 .551 1305 163.1 12 5 95
    10) Matt Lathuras(Sr)
    Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, CA) QB 7 89 185 .481 1196 170.9 4 3 70
    11 Derek Stewart(Jr)
    Cabrillo (Long Beach, CA) QB 8 99 199 .497 1186 148.3 12 4 80
    12 Andrew Perez(Sr)
    Wilson (Long Beach, CA) WR, QB 8 73 117 .624 1134 141.8 12 3 118
    13 Adam Young(Sr)
    Santa Margarita (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) QB, LB 7 68 105 .648 1098 156.9 15 2 131
    14 Mike Chislock(Jr)
    Huntington Beach (CA) QB 8 89 159 .560 1086 135.8 5 5 75
    15 Dylan Lagarde(Jr)
    Los Alamitos (CA) QB 8 81 145 .559 1048 131.0 10 7 82
    16 Chaiyse Hales(Jr)
    Long Beach Poly (Long Beach, CA) QB 6 51 91 .560 879 146.5 8 5 95
    17 Christian Ybarra(Sr)
    Millikan (Long Beach, CA) DB, QB 9 74 168 .440 853 94.8 6 10 47
    18 Matt Adam(So)
    Tesoro (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) QB 6 66 120 .550 816 136.0 7 3 85
    19 Chase Favreau(Jr)
    Edison (Huntington Beach, CA) QB, DB 7 52 116 .448 783 111.9 8 4 76
    20 Nick Marshall(Sr)
    Marina (Huntington Beach, CA) QB 8 57 128 .445 717 89.6 4 5 57
    21 Austin Rios(Sr)
    Newport Harbor (Newport Beach, CA) QB 5 56 78 .718 545 109.0 3 2 93
    22 Clark Livingston(Jr)
    Orange Lutheran (Orange, CA) QB, P 5 46 66 .697 486 97.2 2 3 82
    23 Jake Hall(Jr)
    JSerra Catholic (San Juan Capistrano, CA) QB 4 33 56 .589 478 119.5 7 2 111
    24 Brett Harper(Jr)
    Wilson (Long Beach, CA) QB 6 52 88 .591 453 75.5 4 2 78
    25 Johnny Stanton(So)
    Santa Margarita (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) QB, DB 8 22 35 .629 375 46.9 5 1 127
    26 Mike Markovsky(Sr)
    Orange Lutheran (Orange, CA) QB, DB 5 31 42 .738 275 55.0 0 2 71
    27 Kekai Fernandez(Jr)
    Fountain Valley (CA) QB, LB 6 26 59 .441 244 40.7 2 3 46
    28 Tremell Sneed(Jr)
    Compton (CA) DB, QB 4 14 37 .378 213 53.3 2 35
    29 Ryan Balzer(Sr)
    Fountain Valley (CA) QB, WR 4 20 34 .588 202 50.5 1 64
    30 Conner Sullivan(Jr)
    Orange Lutheran (Orange, CA) QB, WR 5 14 19 .737 186 37.2 0 0 104
    31 Andrew Magana(Jr)
    Loyola (Los Angeles, CA) 3 17 33 .515 171 57.0 67
    32 Ryan Develle(Sr)
    Loyola (Los Angeles, CA) 3 15 29 .517 131 43.7 1 50
    33 Ryan Ochoa(Sr)
    Trabuco Hills (Mission Viejo, CA) QB 5 12 29 .414 117 23.4 1 3 25
    34 Emmanuel Lara(Jr)
    Long Beach Poly (Long Beach, CA) WR, QB 4 13 34 .382 104 26.0 4 7
    35 Kelly Hiliniski(So)
    Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, CA) QB 3 6 12 .500 96 32.0 77
    36 Chris Bell(So)
    Lakewood (CA) QB 5 8 11 .727 90 18.0 2 2 97
    37 Jake Umphreyville(Sr)
    Huntington Beach (CA) QB, DB 5 11 16 .688 82 16.4 1 55
    38 Shane Lackman(Jr)
    Millikan (Long Beach, CA) LB, QB 8 3 7 .429 64 8.0 76
    39 Korri Smith(So)
    Lakewood (CA) QB 4 2 8 .250 52 13.0 54
    40 Reiley Higgins(Sr)
    Santa Margarita (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) WR, DB 8 1 2 .500 45 5.6 1 135
    41 Justin Johnson(Jr)
    St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA) WR, DB 8 1 1 1.000 42 5.3 1 177
    42 Chris Gutierrez(So)
    Millikan (Long Beach, CA) DB, QB 4 6 22 .273 39 9.8 3 0
    43 Tre Madden(Sr)
    Mission Viejo (CA) LB, QB 4 3 6 .500 37 9.3 0 69
    44 Chris Kearney(Sr)
    Dana Hills (Dana Point, CA) DB, WR 9 1 1 1.000 28 3.1 138
    45 Martin Brown(Sr)
    St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA) RB, DB 8 1 1 1.000 24 3.0 138
    46 Roland Blackiston(Sr)
    Edison (Huntington Beach, CA) WR, LB 6 1 1 1.000 23 3.8 138
    47 Gabe Sciolla(Sr)
    Tesoro (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) P, LB 7 1 1 1.000 20 2.9 138
    48 Jared Baker(Sr)
    Loyola (Los Angeles, CA) RB 9 1 2 .500 16 1.8 77
    49 Bobby Crane(Sr)
    Santa Margarita (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) QB, LB 5 2 4 .500 9 1.8 56
    50 Jack Doll(Sr)
    Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA) QB, WR 4 2 4 .500 7 1.8 0 0 56


  • Ya’ll Betta Recognize!

    Do you guys remember at the beginning of the season when there was an “outcry” when Rio Ruiz was put on the cover of the SGV Trib’s Preps Preview section???

    Do you remember how many people were crying that this or that QB would have been better or more deserving? Where are all those other QBs now?

    Looks like Fred and Steve knew EXACTLY what they were doing!


  • Frank

    Congratulations to Rio Ruiz! A great sportsman and person!

  • kh

    he steal not bitter then gp


    I remember they wanted The QB from Bonita or the Kid from Rowland on the cover because most said Rio had never done a thing as a QB and was a WR last year. He just was not deserving. Lets See Rio is 9-0 a ESPN Player….. Bonita gets romped by WC and Michael Ball is trying but is losing and will not make the playoffs. Cover was correct Rio is the Man.

  • kh again?

    Are you kidding me KH?

    kh said:
    “he steal not bitter then gp”

    Simpleton! KH you are still not smarter than a first grader. Wait a sec…let me put that in KH language.

    YoU aRe SteAL aS dUM as a roK!


    That’s one nice picture! That’s definitely a framer on the wall! Congratulations on your achievement.

  • Kay Atch

    That wasn’t the real kh…it was JCAZ!!!…who is JOE AMAT’s alternate blog personality!!!



  • Pac 5

    Its not too hard to see. Amat has that thing back. Any where, any time, etc. Its about SGV, Division 1. Amat defends it here, once again. It’s old school traditions with today’s attitude and talent. If I want to see greatness happen, I go watch it at Keifer Stadium.

  • reality

    Congrats RR

    6 for 6 picking big upsets this year. Last one was Claremont over Chino Hills. I got 2 this week. Cal preps has D. Bar 38-14 over Los Altos. Los Altos will win this one. Cal preps has Bonita winning by a similar score but Rowland will win this one surprisingly easy.

  • Anti-jacaz

    Do Not trust JCAZ he comes in multi personalities. He will forever be remembered as the guy who could have got his face smashed after his “Chonies” remark. He tries to come across as knowing HS sports knowing about Amat but he has little or no knowledge at all , he wings it then comes in as someone else. He has tried his hand at comedy and it has been “gonged!” His predictions are foolish and I would bet his personalities have changed into people like Werd Up! and other haters that have come in here to bash Amat. He is a hater in a desguise. He plays both sides of the fence with Amat. Jacaz cannot be trusted.

  • Amat!!!

    Way to go Rio, he is an awesome athlete to watch, and a very humble young man!

  • Smallcity

    Here’s the scary thing. Amat has been running the ball a lot. Could you imagine what Rio’s numbers would look like if Amat was a passing team?

    I’ve said it before. Rio has the leadership quality you look for in a QB. IMO, this one attribute is what makes him so good at this key position.

  • jcaz

    Man, I have got to tell you that sometimes this blog really gets it going in here !

    Like I said the other day, I must really be in some of you guys head, because even when I don’t post an entry in here, someones always thinking of me.

    Kinda makes me swell up with tears, you know….

    Sniffle, sniffle….

    I love you guys !!!


    Hey, but all kidding aside, “BIG BIG BLUE.”

    Dang!! You are so right on the money there, and I couldn’t agree with you any more. Where are all those people who said that this kid wasn’t deserving now ?


  • A

    Los Altos only chance to compete is if the Head Coach calls in sick for the rest of his life.

  • Lance R

    I addressed this on another thread, I guess this is your answer Freddy?

    Lance R said:
    Nice game for Amat Friday and loved watching the payback to Notre Dame for a change. Question to The Host Fred and you may want to run a thread reguarding this and maybe you wont. “Records”. As I watch Rio Ruiz make the Amat scoreboard look like a Pinball Machine the way the numbers were flipping in those bright lights, well I went to my program and started to look at the Amat records for passing yards etc. First off in Amat records you will not find most touchdowns thrown in a game so I was clueless if Rio with 5 was approching something special. Their is most yards passed in game, the three belonging to Pat Haden. 1969 470 yards, 1970 416 yards, 1969 358. In the completions in a game category, Brian Harmon 1988 31 comp. Pat Haden 1969 31 comp. and Pat Haden again in 1970 27 completions. With that said Rio was 22 of 24 for 346 yards and he was pulled with approx. 3-4 mins left is the third quarter,with a full 4th quarter to play,, doing the math you could see Rio was on the verge of breaking at least the 358 yards Haden put up in 1969 and possibly passing Hadens 27 completions in 1970. Now I really do not know if that is just completions in a game or consecutive completions? I know it has now become a gentlemans game where Hagerty did not want to run the score up on Rooney but it is debatable should they let Rio go for it and re-write records of his own there at Bishop Amat. The way Rio was hooking up with Wallace Gonzales that nite, I think some of these records would have been broken. Fred / Amat bloggers what is your take on this.

  • Not an Amat Fan, But….

    I find it so interesting how people blasted Amat, Rio and agonized over this blog about how good a football player he was or not and whether his decision to play on the 16U National Team and possibly miss some football games was a good idea or whether he should or would play football at all this year look so stupi.

    The team is having an amazing season and while Rio was blasted early in the season for not absolutely ripping it up, he is obviously having a great season and has proved that he is just plain and simple a great athlete and ballplayer.

    This from someone that is not an Amat apologist and who doesn’t have a dog in the fight, just a passionate observer of local high school sports that enjoys watching these kids step up and do work while parents, jilted players and other losers blog all kinds of negative junk about schools, teams, coaches and players!

  • Rio Fan

    This could be a conspiracy. Maybe they do not want Rio getting next to any of their golden boy Pat Hadens Records there at Bishop Amat. Is Amat ready for a Latino QB to re-write the passing records there at Amat. Are they holding him back for some reason? Could they be saying we will let him go for the records his senior year? Rio is here now and he should be allowed to surpass Pat Hadens records? What gives over at Amat? Can anyone remember if they pulled Pat Haden out early in games that were blowouts? Coach Hagerty you have a special talent there I say you let Rio go for it. Records are meant to be broken.


    Rio Ruiz

    A lot of things have been stated about Rio, but I have not read much on what are called the intangibles. Yes, he doesn’t have the stats like some other QB’s in the league. But stats are not the end all be all of a QB. The bottom line is RIO is a WINNER!!! He is a leader, a well liked young man among his peers, coaching staff and so on.

    He has what winners like Tom Brady, Joe Montana have, he has the INTANGIBLES. You have confidence that when he is in the game that no game is out of reach. He has done a marvelous job of being a part of the team. He has praised himself, but always gives credit where the credit is due. He is a rare breed of not just a superior athlete. He has ice in veins, when the moment knocks on the door for him to shine. Rio has shined.

    Yes, his stats are not the greatest. But they still rank him number 4 among the pac – 5. But his greatness shows in his ability to face adversity and win.

    Rio is ONE OF A KIND.

  • FredJ

    Sorry I didn’t see it earlier Lance, love the insight and perspective. wish someone had a highlight video we could share, hint, hint..

  • tcbruin

    Rio Fan: WTH? Conspiracy? Child please.
    Game was OVER when RR was pulled. ONLY thing that’s gonna happen: someone is gonna get INJURED. Hags is only focused on the TEAM and WINNING.

    Lance R: With no game scores it’s hard to tell IF the games were close and PH NEEDED to be in the game still passing. Also, I see no rushing stats, so MAYBE that was Amat’s offense?

    This team is BALANCED. Jalen Moore/running game has GREAT numbers too.

    IF the Offense was skewed to either the run or pass, not sure if the Offense would be running the way it is.

    One sided offense CAN be STOPPED. With a DUAL threat the the ENTIRE offense provides, opposing teams must respect each option in the Amat arsenal.

  • BA Blues

    Rio Fan

    This is just one example but Bishop Amat was up 35-0 at halftime when they played Damien. Rio Ruiz was pulled in the beginning of the 3rd quarter when the score was 42-0. If Hags had left Rio Ruiz in for the rest of the game and then Rio gets hurt, can you imagine the consequence of this? He would have to answer to the team, the assistats, the boosters, the alumni, etc. lol Besides, Amat football has always been a classy one.

    Amat took a knee with time expiring at the Loyola 2 yard line as well. This is just the way it goes at BA.

  • AMAT 73

    Great accomplishments by Rio and a well deserved award . He has done a terrific job so far in this being his first year at the QB position . Living up to all the hype and now the Trib staff seemed to have it right putting Rio on the cover of the prep preview. He will probably knock off a few of Haden’s records before he leaves AMAT .No conspiracy involved at all just smart coaching by Hags. We still have a long way to go and no sense in losing Rio to injury late in a game already won just to pursue records. Great job Rio and again contratulations you are one of many great Lancers and continue the march to the prize.

  • GUESS WHO???

    Joe Amat and Amat 73



    DEAL WITH IT !!!


  • Witness

    CA Athlete of the Week: Hitting 20 straight passes puts Ruiz in record book
    Bishop Amat junior is even more highly regarded in baseball
    11/05/10 – With all the accolades Rio Ruiz has received, even before starting his junior year at Bishop Amat (La Puente, Calif.), it would be no surprise if he developed a big head, or put his own self-interests ahead of the team.

    In fact, the exact opposite is the case.

    Ruiz, considered one of the nations top baseball pitching and hitting prospects in the Class of 2012, has made some huge sacrifices in his top sport in order to benefit the Lancers football team, and his own development at quarterback.

    So far this season, its been paying big dividends. The Lancers are 9-0 and No. 12 in this weeks Cal-Hi Sports state rankings.

    Last week in a 52-7 rout of visiting Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, Calif.), Ruiz had an outing that rivaled his performance at this past Augusts Area Code Games in baseball.

    The 6-foot-2, 190-pound signal-caller completed 22 of 24 passing for 346 yards and five touchdowns. At one point, he completed 20 straight passes, which ties a reported CIF Southern Section record. Completing 20 straight passes also earns Ruiz inclusion into the ESPN RISE Cal-Hi Sports Record Book & Almanac.

    With that performance, coupled with his overall season, and two-sport star status, Ruiz has earned this weeks ESPN RISE Cal-Hi Sports State Athlete of the Week honor.

    Baseball scouts salivated at his 93.6 mph right-handed fastball average at the Area Code Games, and the 360-foot shot the left-handed batting Ruiz crushed on the first pitch he saw. Much to the dismay of scouts, and the coaches of the New York Yankees team he was on, Ruiz was gone after two days of the six-day event.

    He had a Lancers football camp to attend.

    Ruiz had an even bigger decision to make in September after he was selected for Team USAs 16U National Team. Going to Mexico would have required missing a huge chunk of the football season.

    It is with great sadness that I have to decline this opportunity, wrote Ruiz, in a letter to Team USA. Being a two-sport athlete is a God-given blessing and Im dedicated to both, though I pray I have a future in baseball and have worked so hard to be able to compete at the highest level. Ive also worked equally hard for my football team and being the quarterback puts me at a whole other level of responsibility.

    Though my teammates understand my dream and passion for baseball, and my coaches have expressed to me their support, I feel a deep responsibility to not leave them when they will need me the most during the start of league, continued Ruiz in the letter. I cannot let my teammates, coaches, faculty and the Bishop Amat community down to pursue my own personal dreams.

    Not many other 16-year-olds with a baseball future as bright as the lights at Dodger Stadium would have such an understanding.

    His dedication to the team is awesome, said Bishop Amat head coach Steve Hagerty. I know he loves baseball, but he loves football, too.

    Ruiz might love throwing the pigskin almost as much as tossing the horsehide, but as a first-year quarterback he had a lot to learn after being used last year as a free safety and wide receiver, where he threw two option passes for scores.

    There was no question he can run and throw but learning to be a quarterback is more detail oriented, Hagerty continued. We eased him into things because the learning curve is more difficult. It took more time for the cognitive things.

    Ruiz didnt attempt 20 passes until the fourth game, but his production has increased, and culminated last week.

    For nine games, Ruiz has passed for 1,616 yards (105 of 162 passes) and 17 touchdowns with only four interceptions. Hes also run for two scores.

    Over the summer, when the tough decisions had to be made, Ruiz turned to family, particularly his father, Rudy Ruiz, a sales person in the hazardous waste industry who played football and baseball in high school, and then pitched at Pasadena City College.

    Ruizs mother, Dolores Delgado, was a cheerleader. Twin 13-year-old siblings, brother Noah and sister Cameron, enjoy sports. Noah plays football and basketball and Cameron plays soccer.

    More Coachs comments

    Rio sets the example first and makes sure hes doing it before he asks his teammates to do something, and hes the kind of kid that wont let himself not do well in anything. Plus, he so competitive.

    In the backfield with Rio

    Personal and team goals this season: To remain undefeated the rest of the season and win a championship for the school. Nothing can bring us down or tear us apart. Personally, I dont care about stats or what people think. I just want to help the team win.

    His favorite athletes: My favorite all-around athlete is Christiano Ronaldo, the soccer player. I like to watch him and go out and play a little soccer and video soccer. If I had to pick a football player, it would be Mark Sanchez.

    His tips for up-and-comers: First and most important is maintain your grades or you cant go anywhere. Have passion and desire in whatever you do. Whatever you do, dont worry about what people say about you. Live for something and go and get it. And lastly, remain humble.

    For corrections or comments or to nominate the next ESPN RISE Cal-Hi Sports State Athlete of the Week, email

  • slowly becoming an Amat Fan

    Congrats RR
    I have been curious to see how Rio would do when forced go to the air. Notre Dame’s game plan was clearly to stop J.Moore. They put 8 and 9 in the box single covered the outside and Rio shredded them to pieces.
    Amat’s defense is strong and this offense is High powered and clicking on all cylinders. I can’t wait till next weeks showdown!!!!

  • anonymous

    Yeah, I can totally see why an ADULT would want to come on a Blog like this and Hate on this kid. I mean, look at how he…….NOT!!!!!
    Keep up the good work Kid! Best of Luck!

  • TY Witness

    What an amazing article, Witness shared with us. Rio Ruiz is outstanding!

  • Joe Amat

    GUESS WHO??? ,

    That’s it!! I’m tired of this. You know how I feel about making predictions… but I’ve had enough…


    DEAL WITH IT !!!


  • AMAT 73

    Going on what I have seen and heard about Bye High even though they are a solid team , just look at who they have played this year . Man their SOS is a knock out. I think that we will prevail and go into the Alemany game undefeated.But that’s just my take I am sure there are others who think they will beat us . Have a great weekend Guess Who .
    Bet the farm on AMAT, this one’s a lock.

  • Ken

    Besides being a gifted athelete there is something that Rio possesses that will make him a cut above the rest, his attitude. I cant think of a time that Rio has not offered a firm handshake with a polite demeanor. Even during interviews it is not all about me but more about the team. These are the attributes that build successful winners.
    I wish the best for Rio.

  • Amat Dude

    I was always a big fan of Rio, but after reading about the personal sacrifices he’s made by staying true to his football team (much to the chagrin of Nieto)and the Amat faithful, I just became a bigger fan of Rio. He will become a legend in his own right at Amat after he breaks some 40 year records in Amat football history books. “The next Pat Haden?” as one LA Times headliner reads, I say maybe even better!

  • Actually the New York Jets are one of the top three leading Super Bowl contenders at the moment. I would make a Superbowl futures bet on them while the odds are really high.

  • No kiddin, you better go ahead and make your Super Bowl futures bets while the odds are really high. The Jets are favored right now.

  • the critic

    This is the week we all been waiting for well at least i know us warriors been waiting for this week for a whole year now and we cant wait to whoop on the Amat Lancers………………………MY PREDITION 38-17 ALEMANY…..I WILL POST THIS ON EVERY BLOG SO EVERYONE WILL SEE……..

  • Amat Honk

    Hey Critic, Thanks BUT….we don’t need locker room poster board material to get up for this game. We have been prepping for over a week now! As of 10-29-10 at approx. 10PM to be exact. We will be there and we are brininging along a few “Family” members as well. The Bishop Amat 12th MAN will be out in force for this one! Here’s a chance for you guys to make some money so you may want to bring in some extra bleachers because your stadium looks worse than ours over the internet!!! Believe me when I say The Lancers are eager, hungry and ready for this game! We have been waiting for this game for NINE DAYS NOW! On the 13th day WE BRING IT!!! See you there!!!

  • No kiddin, you better go out and make your Super Bowl futures bets while the odds are really high. The Jets are favored right now.

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