CIF Football Polls: Covina moves to No. 4 in Mid-Valley; West Covina still No. 1 in Southeast

Mid-Valley Division
1. Azusa (9-0), 2. Monrovia (7-2), 3. Arroyo (8-1), 4. Covina (9-1), 5. Whittier Christian (8-1), 6. Schurr (6-3), 7. San Dimas (5-4), 8. Cerritos Valley Christian (5-4), 9. Maranatha (7-3), 10. La Puente (7-2).
Fred’s thoughts: I think our constant complaining moved the Colts up a spot. With this vote Covina should get the No. 4 seed with Azusa No. 1, meaning they could meet in a semifinal with Monrovia and Arroyo possibly squared off on the other side if this is how it unfolds at Sunday’s pairings. However, with San Dimas, Maranatha, Whittier Christian, Rosemead and Baldwin park lurking, expect some upsets.
Southeast Division
1. West Covina (8-1), 2. La Serna (8-1), 3. La Mirada (6-3), 4. Bonita (8-1), 5. Mayfair (6-4), 6. Diamond Ranch (5-4), 7. Arcadia (6-3), 8. Burroughs (5-4), 9. Burbank (7-2), 10. Muir (5-4).
Fred’s thoughts: Diamond Ranch has a great chance to earn a top four seed with a win over Bonita, while the Bearcats would secure a top four seed with a win. When the pairings are released, I love Walnut and Diamond Bar as sleepers depending on who they get.
Inland Division
1. Corona Centennial (9-0), 2. Vista Murrieta (8-1), 3. Rancho Cucamonga (8-1), 4. Roosevelt (8-1), 5. Chino Hills (7-2), 6. Redlands East Valley (7-2), 7. Norco (7-2), 8. Upland (5-4), 9. A.B. Miller (5-4), 10. Claremont (7-2).
Fred’s thoughts: The Wolfpack almost fell out of top ten after losing to South Hills. Whatever happens, I’m not expecting the Sierra League to be alive after the second round, and quite possibly all three teams could go out in the first round. Just too tough of a division.
Pac-5 Division
1. Mission Viejo (9-0), 2. Servite (9-0), 3. Bishop Amat (9-0), 4. Alemany (9-0), 5. Long Beach Poly (7-2), 6. Lakewood (8-1), 7. Mater Dei (6-3), 8. Santa Margarita (7-2), 9. Edison (7-2), 10. Los Alamitos (7-2).
Fred’s thoughts: Nothing changes except the winner of Amat-Alemany gets a No. 3 seed at best and gets a home game while the loser isn’t guaranteed a home game and could have a much, much tougher first round game. And for those wondering, word is Amat RB Zach Shay won’t be available on Friday.

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  • jcaz

    Obviously I think it’s a good decision to keep Shay out because win or lose against Alemany, we are defiantly going to need that young man come playoff time.

  • Word is out

    News to talk about. A contract is in the works to have Amat play Servite 0 week next year. If Amat doesn’t see them this year…get your tickets ready for next year!

  • The Stang Fan

    Freddie J,

    I am VERY interested in reading your article about the playoff “seeding” process. I’ve always wanted to know how significant the CIF poll really is when it comes to the brackets.

    For example, will a team that is rated higher in a poll get a higher “seed” than another team who is lower on the poll (or not in the poll at all), even though the higher rated team placed lower in their league than the lower/not-rated team? (#8-in-poll/4th-in-league [VERSUS] NR-in-poll/2nd-place in league)

    Either DR/Bonita, either Muir/Burbank, and Norwalk will come in 3rd in their respective leagues, and all are somewhere on the SE poll. Even with a win this Friday Muir may finish 4th, and could potentially be a #8 team on the poll (which they don’t even compile after week 10) if DR and Burbank were to lose. Meanwhile Sante Fe is nowhere to be found on the poll, but as a 2nd place finisher in the Del Rio will they get a higher “seed” than the aforementioned schools. And in a 4-team league, as the SE is, are they going to give the four winners the top seeds, or will they put a Bonita or DR ahead of the Pacific League’s 1st place team?

    Hell, Burroughs is currently at #8 and only one team in front of them in the poll will lose this Friday (DR/Bonita). Will they be given a #7 or #8 “seed” even if they win this Friday and come in as the Pacific’s #1 team? Not to mention, one of those teams ahead of them (Arcadia) Burroughs beat and will place higher than in the Pacific. How could Burroughs beat Arcadia and come in 1st place in league and STILL get “seeded” below them?

    So, I guess I’m just wondering how relevant the CIF poll actually is. I know that CIF technically only “seeds” #’s 1-4, so after that how does it work? League standings? CIF polls? A crude mix of both?

    I know how meaningless ALL OF THIS is when it comes to playing the games, and the eventual winner always has to fight through some real battles, but I’ve always just been a little curious as to how the system really works…if you can even call it a system.

    Like I said, I’m anticipating your article…

  • cov80

    how do they rank monrovia ahead of C TOWN didnt sd beat them we beat sd cif doesnt count that or our better record GO COLTS

  • Colt74

    Coaches and sports-writers partake of the poll. Monrovia made it to finals last year. We went 1 and done last year. Monrovia is doing good this year as we are. We beat SD but that is not the same as beating Monrovia. It does not matter where we are in this poll. Playoffs start and everyone is 0-0. I personally just want to get another crack at Azusa. Mr. Toads Wild Ride is about to start. I don’t care who we play as long as we do our best.

  • jcaz

    Word is out,

    Wow, that is an interesting game, but I for one would rather like see that game played maybe around week 3 to 5, if only because Amat usually starts of a season a little slow, ya know what I mean ?

    In any event, it would really be an awesome game.

  • Red Barron

    Fred,no doubt the IE will be tough to get through with Centennial at the helm. But, I’m going to have to disagree with you in regards to Chino Hills getting through the 2nd round. If you are basing your decision on Claremont’s collapse to SH last week you are definetly wrong. CH is just getting on the same page on offense and the Husky’s offensive threat is just getting healthy again (#7 Ifo Ekpre-Olomu). On defense, with likes of man child Auston Johnson, Bergen and Gonzales, and one of the top DB’s in the state they are just too tough to skip over. Most likely they will face Roosevelt in the first round, tough but not un-doable.

    But first,they need to beat cross town rival Ayala (0-4 in league). All things could change this week, if Gano gets his team fired up for their last game of the season and beats Claremont making CH Sierra league champions (solo). You never know.

    As long as we get through this week without any significant injuries we should be ready and prime for the playoffs. Go Huskies!!

  • Steve Ramirez

    Unlike the NCAA, league standing takes priority over a divisional ranking. In volleyball, St. Lucy’s and Chino Hills shared the Sierra League title and St. Lucy’s was ranked higher in last week’s rankings. But since Chino Hills won the coin flip to be the league’s top represenative, they, by rule, had to be seeded higher than St. Lucy’s, which technically was the No. 2 team from the Sierra. CIF-SS uses the same priority in all sports.

  • OldMan in Chino

    I agree with Red Barron about the excitement of the last week of the season. The Battle for the Bone. between Ayala and Chino Hills is always a great game and even though Ayala is down this year the prospect of Ayala rising to the occasion and pinning a loss on Chino Hills is always a possibility. Spoiling Chino Hills’s chances of owning the Sierra League all to themselves is a great motivator for a team looking for their first league win. Hang tough Huskies and do not become complacent less you face the same result as Claremont when they faced South Hills.

  • Colt74

    From everything I’m reading about selection for the Valle Vista as much as who goes to the dance…If BP And SD win out on friday…BP gets second in league and SD has to hope for one of the 4 at large berths for the Mid-Valley. And them being ranked in CIF polls does not help their cause? Is that correct or am I overlooking something?

  • The Stang Fan

    Stevie R,

    Thanks, that clears it up. So really, the CIF poll doesn’t mean crap past the first few top spots. So why so much emphasis then? I guess, it’s to “seed” the 1st place teams, then the 2nd place teams, 3rds…, 4ths….

    It also means that Arcadia (potentially 7-3) or Burroughs (potentially 6-4) will be “seeded” in a higher slot than Bonita (potentially 9-1). Interesting.

  • Colt74

    Looks like according to brackets ( 1 and 4 top ), If Azusa and Covina win their first game ( against a league at large probably ), they will meet in the second round. Looks like it could be “La Bamba III : Revenge of the Menudo ” šŸ™‚

    (AztecPride and I both like Menudo)

  • Steve Ramirez

    Stang Fan:
    I guess you mis-ready what I was saying, or maybe I didn’t quite explain it right. You can still have a second-place team from one league seeded about a first-place team from another, just not second-place team from League A seeded above a first place team from League A. It’s possible that a Team 1 from League A could be have ranked No. 1 in its division most of the season, then loses a close league game to Team 2, which wasn’t ranked when they me. So it’s possible Team 1, drops say to No. 4, while Team 2 moves up to No. 5. They then both win out and are ranked Nos. 1 and 2 in the final rankings before the final game. They both win, meaning they should be seeded 1 and 2 in the bracket. But since Team 2 finished ahead of Team 1, Team 2 gets the higher seed, and in this scenario would be flip-flopped. But if we are talking the No. 4 seed, Team 2 would get the No. 4 instead of Team 1, even though Team 1 was ranked ahead of Team 2 all year, which is what happened in volleyball with St. Lucy’s and Chino Hills.

  • big dawg

    Hey Fred,

    Could you post a player-of-the-year blog, posting each players stats, allowing us/the fans to vote/comment on it?????

    Also, team and coach-of-the-year.


    Big Dawg

  • Steve Ramirez

    I should also say that in regards to at-large selections for the Mid-Valley, CIF-SS will look at all third-place teams before they look at a fourth. In other words, if for sake of argument, if there are four 5-5 third-place teams, and fourth-place team with a 6-4, 7-3 record and a better strength of schedule, that 6-4, 7-3 team is basically out of luck.

  • Joe Amat

    I posted this on Aram’s board and should have posted it here too.

    CIF doesn’t really seed beyond 1-4. In their estimation, and stated in their playoff handbook, it would be essentially impossible (and against their By-Laws) to fill the bracket, follow their rules, and seed any deeper than 1-4. The process is outlined on Page 12 here

    This is “Everything You Wanted to Know About the CIF Football Playoffs – but Were Afraid to Ask”

    November 8, 2010 8:18 PM





    Congratulations AZUSA on your #1 RANKING!!!! YOU’VE EARN IT 9-0 and not one lost and have completely dominated. COACH SCHERF and to the rest of the COACHING STAFF, Bettle, Muncie,Bubba, Beltran and I apologize if i’ve left somebody out,OUTSTANDING JOB.. I will definitely be wearing my MONTVIEW LEAGUE CHAMPION SHIRT AND HAT, this FRIDAY night at Citrus College!

    This is HISTORY for AZUSA being ranked by the C.I.F. This is something special for the City of AZUSA, and were all proud to be AZTECS!

    There’s one more game though, and that’s our rivial so accomplish the GOAL SCHERF!

    There’s a lot more I would like to say, believe that! But AZTEC PRIDE will reframe himself from what’s really on his mind. LOL..


    P.S. AZTEC PRIDE wants to invite all the skeptics and haters to come out this Friday night at Citrus College to watch the AZTECS, AND YES THE AZTECS STILL HAVE THAT PROBILTILITY of losing, so you can ALL get what we have, #1 RANKINGS. But do me a favor though, sit on Gladstones side.






  • SGV For 30 Years

    Mid-Valley Division looks really interesting. Azusa #1. They deserve that. 9-0 (Should be 10-0) is impressive. Looks like there are some pretty good teams in that division. I would like to see an Azusa-Covina match-up. I just don’t know if the City of Azusa is ready for a CIF Championship. All the partying in the streets. The parade down Foothill. I just hope you don’t run out of Menudo AZTEC. Best of luck to you guys. This is a season these boys will remember for the rest of their lives.

    SGV430 Ouuutttt!!

  • The Stang Fan

    Joe Amat and Stevie R.,

    Got it! Joe, that link is exactly what I was looking for.

    One interesting note though. The guidelines say that CIF tries to guarantee having teams from the same league play against each other in the 1st and 2nd rounds. In the SE that is virtually impossible. The only way that would be guaranteed is if the DRL’s 4th place team received the At-large bid. Otherwise, one of the other three leagues is going to get 5 teams (this year the Hacienda) and avoiding that possibility is impossible.

  • Interesting Issue

    Can’t go into much detail or they won’t post this comment. Let’s say a team has some forfeits coming, and two of them affect teams that are in the playoffs or on the bubble. A third place team that ends up 4-6 but with the forfeit would be 5-5 and playoff eligible. Now how is CIF going to handle this? Interesting, I believe in the past they let them stand and resolved it after the playoffs. This will affect setting and a bubble team, that bubble team could end up 5-5 and not make it, but with the forfeit be 6-4 and would have clearly made it.

  • Excellent read, I just now passed this onto a colleague who had previously been carrying out a little research on that. And that he actually bought me lunch because I ran across it for him smile So i want to rephrase that: Thank you for lunch!

  • Hi just thought i would let you know something.. That is twice now ive landed on your own blog within the last 3 weeks looking for totally unrelated things. Spooky or what?