Two-Minute Drill with Robledo, Tolegian, Ramirez Bishop Amat-Alemany; Diamond Ranch-Bonita

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  • Fred Robledo

    FYI, I mentioned that Zach Shay would likely be available for Amat in the two minute drill, but later that afternoon coach Hagerty told me Shay will not be ready for Alemany…


    That jacket makes you look BUFF!!!

    ON BLUE!!!

  • Joe Amat

    Just as a point of information, everyone all year long has been talking about Dean Herrington coming over to Alemany from the great program at Hart.

    Let’s remember that MIKE Herrington is the Head Coach at Hart and Dean was an assistant. A valuable and talented assistant but an nonetheless. People talk about him as if he was the architect of the program, but the reality is he was a very important piece at Hart – much like DiFiori, Gallagher, Salter, Mulvehill, Ili, McCutcheon, Harris, Woods, Johnson, etc

    With tremendous coaching on both sides – this will be a GREAT high school football game to watch.

  • smallcity

    It really is too bad that we don’t mention the staff when we talk about Hags. Amat would not be in the position it’s in now without this staff. Take for example McCutcheon. What team can boast that they have a former NFL player as a coach? Each one of these guys brings solid experience and expertise. That’s why Amat has in the near past consistently performed beyond most expectations.

    Still waiting for that write up on the staff Fred.

  • 12th man

    Cant wait!! This game should be a showdown thriller~ Like fred said…its coming down to Amats defense..Mainly the DB’s can they contain the passing game..I believe they can come up with atleast 5 defensive stops thruout the game…One last key to the game will be..T.O.P time of possession!!~ Amat is the best in the
    pac 5 in keeping the opposing offense off the field!!…Final Score???? Amat by two touchdowns!!

  • Aaron

    Bearcats are a smart pick. If they win they’ll be a two or three seed, that’s because they are not allowed on the same side of the bracket as the league champion if they are the 2nd team out of the Hacienda.

    This may be an all Hacienda finals.

  • SGV for 30 Years

    Here is my take on the Bonita/DRanch game. I’m taking DRanch in this one. I think they are going to follow the WC blue print, and Pound the Rock. Team speed will be the determining factor in this one. Chase Price will have a big night. I see Bonita stacking the box to try to stop the run. The problem is that DRanch’s other RBs are just as much as a problem. Bonita’s offense will struggle again because of DRanch’s ability to match up and cover their receivers. This will be a game to see what Bonita learned from playing WC. But in the end speed chills, speed kills, and I think DRanch is the more physical team. I feel sorry for who ever draws the 3rd place Hacienda team in the play-offs. DRanch 30 Bonita 20.

    SGV430 Outtt!!

  • Alemeny Coach dad

    All 3 of you ate MUD this Week