Who will win Friday, Charter Oak or South Hills?

BTW, I heard both freshman teams were undefeated entering Wednesday’s game, with South Hills’ freshman winning 31-29.

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  • freshman

    anyone know who ended up winning Hacienda league freshman? bonita and diamond ranch were both undefeated in league

  • Sparty

    Lets go South Hills, we need you guys to win to give us a shot if we beat Claremont.

  • Actually

    Glendoras freshmen beat charter oaks. So they werent undefeated

  • David

    SH fresh. had one loss going into Wed. game. (@ Los Osos) Both CO and SH were undefeated in league though. Congrats to the SH fresh!

  • HuskyDo

    Good luck Huskies! lets keep the tradition going! we dont want to miss a thanksgiving practice! keep the streak alive

  • D-Mo

    South Hills will be saying “That’s the best team we’ve faced all year” after tomorrow night.
    The Chargers will be on a fire! CO!

  • huskie dogg

    D-moco, you must be crazy saying South Hills will come out of that game saying Charter Oak is the best team they have seen all season. South Hills will fight until the end and not sure if they will win or not but the best team they have seen all season is Tesoro and it will end up like that unless they win and get a tough match up in playoffs.

  • =

    It should be a pretty evenly matched game. CO getting the nod in the passing game and SH running the ball. It will come down to which defense has a better game. Both defenses have not shown much, a good game is always the best! SH better contain Rufus, and put some good pressure on Santiago. CO better get that D-line firing!

  • what!.?

    How does co freshman lose? They killed chino hills by 50 and sh squeeked by chino hills.. what happed?

  • D-Mo

    Huskie dogg, D-moco? You must be a freshman cheerleader or something – still picking your nose in public. Good luck tonight sweetie. Don’t forget your pom-poms and birth control.