CIF Football Pairings: Bishop Amat happy with a No. 4 seed, will be home against Tesoro; San Dimas and Arroyo meet in Mid-Valley first round; No. 1 West Covina home against Bellflower

Click here to view the CIF-Southern Section Football pairings sheets.

Southeast and Mid-Valley breakdown: For more on pairings day, check out Aram’s In the Huddle Blog.

Bishop Amat coach Steve Hagerty on Lancers’ No. 4 seed.

Pac-5 Division
Top Bracket

LB Wilson (Moore 4) at No. 1 Mission Viejo
Edison (Sunset 2) at Santa Margarita (Trinity 2)
Mater Dei (Trinity 3) at LB Poly (Moore 1)
Tesoro (South Coast 3) at No. 4 Bishop Amat (Serra 2)
Bottom Bracket
Newport Harbor (Sunset 3) at No. 3 Alemany (Serra 1)
San Clemente (South Coast 2) at Lakewood (Moore 2)
Crespi (Serra 3) at Los Alamitos (Sunset 1)
L.B. Jordan (Moore 3) at No. 2 Servite (Trinity 1)

Note: Amat lost the coin flip and will be on the road should it reach the second round.

Southeast Division
Top Bracket

Bellflower (Suburban 4) at No. 1 West Covina (Hacienda 1)
Burbank (Pacific 3) at Santa Fe (Del Rio 2)
Diamond Ranch (Hacienda 3) at Mayfair (Suburban 2)
El Rancho (Del Rio at large) at No. 4 Burroughs (Pacific 1)
Bottom Bracket
Muir (Pacific 4) at No. 3 La Mirada (Suburban 1)
California (Del Rio 3) at Bonita (Hacienda 2)
Norwalk (Suburban 3) at Arcadia (Pacific 2)
Walnut (Hacienda 4) at No. 2 La Serna (Del Rio 1)

Mid-Valley Division
Top Bracket
Village Christian (Olympic at-large) at No. 1 Azusa (Montview 1)
Temple City (Rio Hondo 2) at Rosemead (MVL 2)
Bell Gardens ( Almont 2) at Whittier Christian (Olympic 1)
La Canada (Rio Hondo at large) at No. 4 Covina (Valle Vista 1)
Bottom Bracket
San Dimas (Valle Vista at-large) at No. 3 Arroyo (Mission Valley 1)
La Puente (Montview 2) at Maranatha (Olympic 2)
Baldwin Park (Valle Vista 2) at Schurr (Almont 1)
Gladstone (Montview at large) at No. 2 Monrovia (Rio Hondo 1)

Inland Division:
Top Bracket
Yucaipa (Citrus Belt 3) at No. 1 Corona Centennial (Big VIII No. 1)
Chaparral (Southwestern 2) at Upland (Baseline 2)
Etiwanda (Baseline 3) at Redlands East Valley (Citrus Belt 1)
Corona (Big VIII 4) at No. 4 Chino Hills (Sierra 1)
Bottom Bracket
Murrieta Valley (Southwestern 3) at Rancho Cucamonga (Baseline 1)
Claremont (No. 2) at Roosevelt (Big VIII 2)
Norco (Big VIII 3) at Redlands (Citrus Belt 2)
Charter Oak (Sierra 3) at Vista Murrieta (Southwestern 1)

CIF-SS assistant commissioner Rob Wigod explains how Amat got the No. 4 seed.

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  • They are


  • oldtimedon

    CIF has announced that El Rancho is the Southeast Division at large team.

    All at large teams can be seen at

  • This Blows

    What good did it do Montebello to play a tough preseason, when a team like Gladstone can lose every preseason game and then get 5 pathetic wins in the sorriest league in the Valley. I understand the 5 win rule and the third place rule, but here’s guessing teams will now look at preseason a little different. Great job by BP to get 2nd because with that preseason a loss to San Dimas and they’d be forced to watch Gladstone in their spot.


    There are a lot of people saying that Crespi stepped out of bounds on that play. It’s tough to call but I did not see any obvious step out of bounds. The refs were right there too and the game was at Notre Dame. What a dramatic victory for a playoff spot!

    Crespi is a very good 3rd place team and definitely good enough to beat Long Beach Poly, Los Alamitos, or Edison.

  • Anonymous

    Something to chew on while we are waiting.
    Did anyone else at the Glendora game the other night notice Brandon Rohrer and Jacob Crook both coaches at La Puente High roaming the sidelines.Could it be that they might be making a move back home? Is Pasquarella going to step down? Or could it maybe just a coincidence?
    This from Pasquarella himself talking about Rohrer going to La Puente awhile back in the Tribune.
    “That’s a good spot for him to begin his head coaching career, we’ll miss him,” said Glendora high football coach Mark Pasquarella said. “He’s young, he has a bright mind, and the kids are going to love playing for him. He’s got the kind of mind that works with new trend stuff, like the spread. He see’s the big picture and knows football is not the end all, he will do well.”
    Notice how he say’s he’s got the mind that works with the new trend stuff something Glendora has been missing the last few years.Interesting comment.
    I’m not saying I’m just saying,

  • @this blows

    BP didn’t lose to San dimas they beat them 19-14 they lost to covina

  • One more try at guessing

    Southeast Division

    1) West Covina (Hacienda: 6-0, 9-1)
    California (Del Rio: 3-2, 3-7)

    Santa Fe: (Del Rio: 4-1, 6-4)
    8) Arcadia (Pacific: 6-1, 7-3)

    5) Diamond Ranch (Hacienda: 4-2, 5-5)
    Norwalk (Suburban: 4-2, 6-4)

    Burbank (Pacific: 5-2, 7-3)
    4) La Mirada (Suburban: 6-0, 7-3)

    3) Bonita (Hacienda: 5-1, 9-1)
    El Rancho (Del Rio: 2-3, 6-4)

    6) Mayfair (Suburban: 5-1, 6-4)
    Burroughs (Pacific: 6-1, 6-4)

    7) Walnut (Hacienda: 3-3, 6-4)
    Muir (Pacific: 5-2, 6-4)

    Bellflower (Suburban: 2-4, 5-5)
    2) La Serna (Del Rio: 5-0, 9-1)

  • Confussed ……

    I am shocked, that Sweet over at Wilson didn’t make the call to CIF. This caused El Monte an easy playoff berth. By the point system with the non-league divison wins that El Monte would have had and that 5th needed win would have passed up Gladstone and got that final spot. According to school administration is going to be reported to CIF but why are they waiting, it makes no sense.

    The only way this does make sense is that CIF has asked Wilson to deal with it internally. This would be the third violation in Zavala’s two years at Wilson.

  • Footballfan



  • Happy Rock

    How does Happy Rock make the playoffs??? I feel bad for teams like Valley Christian & San Gabriel especially SG they beat Schurr the last game of the year and also has a win over Rosemead and Happy Rock gets in with its best win over Sierra Vista and they get Blown Out against every good team they played…Just Not fair

    Wilson Fans shut up nobody wants to hear you your season is over please go watch some NFL and stay off here

  • Tyroni

    What is the Mid valley division brackets?

  • Steve Ramirez

    Happy Rock:
    Gladstone finished in third in the Montview. San Gabriel tied Montebello for third, but lost to the Oilers, so it was a fourth place team. Montebello didn’t qualify, since it was under .500. Same thing with Valley Chr. It finished in a three-way tie for 2nd with Village Chr. and Maranatha. Maranatha won the tie break for second, with Village getting third on its head-to-head win over Valley Chr., making them a fourth.
    CIF-ss respects the league standing over anything else, unlike the NCAA. They looked at all the third place teams first, had four qualifiers, thus granted them at-large spots.

  • Colt74

    Covina 42 La Canada 14

  • really??/?

    really el rancho? after a great 21-18 victory over the mighty 0-10 whittier cardnials? cif really messed that one up.

  • what?

    So because El Rancho loses to a then 1-6 Cal High (who ended up a great 3-7) Cal makes the playoffs and El Rancho is out of a automatic birth and gets the wild card. So they lose, and get rewarded? That seams really fair cif.

  • whitey

    very good draw for Amat, Tesoro at home, then the winner of Mater Dei@LBPoly.obviously a chance for a home game if Poly wins(via coin flip) go Amat

  • delrioleague

    Wa Wa Wa go cry me a river…. The Ranch is in and you’r not..

  • Amat Alumni and Parent

    I believe that the higher seed should always have the home game. What good is working hard to get that top seeding if the end result is maybe only getting one home game. That being said Go Amat! So far a good season, let’s make it a great one!

  • MC

    Charter Oak (Sierra 3) at Vista Murrieta (Southwest 1)…..Welcome to the Big Leagues Charter Oak….

  • Sierra League

    Chino Hills and Bishop Amat have a real good chance of making it into the semis… and maybe the championship! Though Chino Hills would play Corona C., so that’s going to be tough!

    Good Luck!

  • game over. thanks cif

    Charter Oak and Claremont’s seasons end this friday. Horrible draws for both schools.

  • NotSince1995

    Amat’s seasons end this friday. Horrible draw against Tesoro. The Titans are one pissed off team after 2 losses at the end of the season.

    Freeway exit #16 coming on November 19th…!

    Not in 2010 EITHER…

  • cif office

    CO is already 0-3 against teams in the Inland playoffs, Claremont has lost 2 in a row and played some weak non-league teams, what? shoul we reward these schools for their ineptitude….count your blessings and bring plenty of ice for the bruises, this isn’t D7 anymore …..and to Amat parent, “the higher seed should be the home team” sure in the first round, try telling MD they have to play all the games on the road, the equitable solution is a coin-flip if both advancing teams have the same number of home games, Amat got a #4 seed over a league champ and perennial finalist in LBPoly(very rare circumstance here), be thankful for that willya, finally , be thankful for your blogger Whitey, who makes sense to all the misinformed and uneducated fishbowl myopics

  • strange days

    Orange Lutheran did not make the playoffs. wow.

  • Amat Alumni and Parent

    Actually I am shocked we got the higher seed than LB Poly. That being said I stand by the higher seed getting the home games. If you want a home game then finish higher than third. I would feel the same way if Amat was a lower seed as well. Reward the teams that are ranked with home games. Not all things need to be equal, they should be earned.

  • Amat Dude

    Great Draw for Amat. Tesoro at HOME!!! Amat is coming off a loss and is hungry for a win and they play at home. This Game is dueable for Amat. One game at a time!

  • NotSince1995

    CIF Janitor –

    Is that you JCAZ…? Get off of that cumputer and get back to moping the floors and picking up the trash…

    Not in 2010 Either…

  • Aaron

    It appears as though CIF threw their own rankings out the window and seeded a league champion rather than 9-1 Bonita. Honestly Bonita gets a good draw, but then again the bracket overall seems screwed up to me when they gave Burroughs the fourth seed.

    Upper bracket

    West Covina* vs. Bellflower
    Santa Fe* vs. Burbank
    Mayfair* vs. Diamond Ranch
    Burroughs/B* vs. El Rancho

    Lower bracket

    La Mirada* vs. Muir
    Bonita* vs. California
    Arcadia* vs. Norwalk
    La Serna* vs. Walnut

    *home team

  • Steve Ramirez

    Amat Alumni,
    I understand from CIF-SS’ perspective that his is not a true seeded tourney – 1 v 16 and so on, so they go with the alternating home games. But I’ve always believed if you go to the trouble of seeding the top four, then reward those more by giving them home games until they face another seeded team higher than them.
    The advantage of being at home isn’t a lot in the Mid-Valley and Southeast divisions, which are regional divisions. but it’s huge in say the Pac-5 and the Inland, where you are talking about long road trips.

  • 12th man

    Bishop Amat:

    Overall Win % PF PA
    9-1-0 .900 369 166
    League Home Away Neutral
    3-1-0 5-0-0 2-1-0 2-0-0
    Rankings: National State Section
    83 12 8


    Overall Win % PF PA
    7-3-0 .700 321 138
    League Home Away Neutral
    2-2-0 4-2-0 3-1-0 0-0-0
    Rankings: National State Section
    197 21 13

  • Aaron

    You may have been living in a hole all season but Bonita is 9-1, all of the Bearcats non-league opponents are in the playoffs in their respective divisions. Also go to Calpreps and you’ll see something real nice. They are the second team in the division. They were also the fourth ranked team going into the last week of the regular season and the highest ranked team in the Pacific was at seventh. So of course I want them seeded, guess what? Although we weren’t seeded they gave us a great opponent for the first round and yes I see us marching on for the first time in 11 years.

  • Bonita?

    They got dismantled by WC and you want them seeded? C’mon! Bonita will be lucky get by the first and second round…

  • Sorry Glendora boy

    Nobody cares about your 1-5 team. This thread is about play off teams.
    Beat scrub….lol

  • Upland Amat

    Just wanted to THANK YOU(Fred)for this information you all ways provide to us prep football fans.I’m hooked on prep football and everyone on the comment’s whether lame or not or over the top in there options you got to love this, we only have a few more weeks of Prep football and that’s sad fro us prep football junkies. Lets try to cheer for all those who have made it this far, so good luck to all stay faithful to your schools. Go Amat!!!!!!

  • 12th man

    Not to look past Tesoro…but we have some unfinished buisness with Long Beach
    poly from 2008!!~ Hopefully both teams will make it to the next round & this time it should be in our BACKYARD!!

  • Upland Amat

    12th man you are so right!!! L.B.Poly:when it come to the discussion about natural field, Its funny how they will say to play on a natural field and it end up being the field they use for their home game,since they have no football field on there campus.

  • FredJ

    Upland Amat, thanks, love doing it

  • big dawg

    3 things that I noticed:

    1. The CIF got it right, Amat is deserving of their #4 seed, based on their strength of schedule and Friday’s performance. Good job, go Lancers!!!!

    2. 44 seconds, that’s all it took to prevent the Lancers from becoming League Champs. No relaxing, play hard every second, minute, every down, no matter what the score is, and you’ll do just fine!!!!!!!

    3. The problem is not with the DB’s and their coverage. I have no problem with that. The problem is their reaction time when the ball is in the air. They need to start reacting when the ball is in the air, not after its been caught, by then its too late, touchdown or completion. Clean that up and you’ll do just fine!!!!!!!!

    The table has been set, nobody has it easy, and that’s the way it should be. Destiny awaits. Practice hard, stay committed, and the Pac-5 Championship will be yours, I guarantee it!!!!

    Good luck guys,

    Big Dawg

  • BA Attacks

    Tesoro is mostly a running team. The Bishop Amat run defense is going to smash them. Only one RB has ran for over 100 yards on the Amat D. That was Loyola RB Jared Baker who is commited to Arizona. Tesoro does not have running backs like this. Their season ends this Friday at Keifer Stadium.

  • Bones

    CIF, congrats, you rejects did it yet again! Anywayz, I like everything in the Mid-Valley, Schurr, Arroyo, and La Puente have been hit hard in their parings. Expect all other host team to beat its opponent on friday.

  • EvanLeigh

    Aaron… I think you need to understand the CIF seeding rules.
    Bonita could never be the 4th seed because West Covina is the No. 1 seed. By CIF rules 1st and 2nd place teams from the same league have to be in opposite halves of the bracket. That means that, although Bonita was 4 in the last poll, they couldn’t stay there or go to 5 because that would have put them in the same half as West Covina. And they weren’t going to jump La Serna or La Mirada for 2 or 3. That left only the 6th spot as the highest spot in the bracket not alread occupied and available by rule, which is where they are located.

  • Aaron

    Oh I understand, and CIF gave the Bonita Bearcats a great path to the finals. However I’m arguing that Bonita’s win’s the past two weeks were more impressive than La Serna’s and La Mirada’s…and definitely Burroughs.

  • DLo

    san dimas should win friday!

  • Question

    The Maranatha/La Puente game I don’t recall Maranatha having a lighted field or stands. Will that game be played somewhere else?

  • Question

    The Maranatha/La Puente game I don’t recall Maranatha having a lighted field or stands. Will that game be played somewhere else?

  • BoredWithYou

    NotSince1995, these blogs are for (usually) somewhat intelligent commentary NOT for berating student athletes. Do yourself a favor and stop exposing your bitterness and contempt for the positive things that dont (or didnt) happen to you.
    Success for you? NotSince1995 or probably EVER in your lifetime.

  • Wake up Aaron


    La Mirada will kick Bonita’s a$$. These guys are on par with Westco and do you remember how that worked out for you? Do you also remember the last second miracle at Santa Fe? Well La Serna beat Santa Fe 38-0 and it wasn’t that close. Every week I read your whining about how BoHi gets no respect and they deserve to be ranked higher, only to read how the CIF is so unfair. No more fishbowl Aaron. From now on you have to earn it. If you want respect now, Stop whining and win…

  • CHHS Alum

    where did all the CO fans go lol?

  • Don

    I’m kind of surprised about all of the talk regarding the awarding (or not) of the # 4 seed in the Southeast. Am I the only one who thinks the team quality drops sharply after the top six or seven? I mean really, can Bonita hope for a better first round than CalHi? Statistically, no.

    How about Arcadia; You tie for first in league and get Norwalk. Pacific Co-Champ Burroughs did much better. Speaking of teams that went 6-4, and there are SEVEN of them in these D& Playoffs, how would you like to be in Mayfair’s cleats? They get a very cranky, hopefully healthy, always dangerous in the playoffs D Ranch. Goody, goody. Mayfair, the #1 in the Suburban drew Muir, maybe the scariest offensive team in the tourney. Welcome DOWN to th D7 guys.

  • COCupcakefan

    Charter Oak is going to get pounded by Vista Murrieta. Charter Oak fans will finally get to see the program that barely lost to Crespi.

    Vista Murrieta is the most difficult team that Charter Oak has faced in the past decade. Coach Lou can’t run and hide from superior competition anymore.

  • Dan

    Aaron, snap out of it soldier, your going petty on me. La Serna’s overall body of work is every bit as good if not better, than Bonita’s: They’re 9 & 1, they Blew up Santa Fe by a score of 38 to 0. This was the same Santa Fe team that Bonita was fortunate to beat [I was there]. They Blew up a “D”3 Warren team 44 to 7, who recently went toe to toe with Dominguez[21 to 16], the same Dominguez that gave Amat all they could handle. On top of all that they beat La Mirada with their 5 “D”1 recruits. You mentioned somewhere else about getting another shot against West Covina, that would be a nice final but I would be a little worried about La Serna and La Mirada first.
    By the way La Mirada’s blowout win over Mayfair[42 to 14 or close to that] a few weeks back looks a little more scary than Bonita’s wins over Rowland and Diamond Ranch, especially considering Lakewood, Los Alimitos, and Chino Hlls all had much tighter games against Mayfair. I know I know, comparative scoring gets you nowhere but it brings up some interesting points.

  • Dan

    To Wake up Aaron,
    You stole my thunder, exactly my sentiments, I agree La Mirada and La Serna make this division very interesting. Good luck to all and especially to our Bulldogs.

  • Aaron

    Stated my case to the point where I’m sure it appeared I was whining. I was just quite annoyed and you would be if you’d thought your team was one of the four best.

    However, the opponent this week is California High School from Whittier, California. They are in the same position we were last season and we cannot look past them because they will definitely want to punch us in the mouth just like we did to South Hills. Stay focused boys and march on.

  • Bones

    Lol. As it pains me to write and admit, Charter Oak will in fact move on to Round 2.

  • valley guy

    so no one is giving Muir a chance against La Mirada will let me goon record and say if Muir does get past La Mirada expect Muir to either reach the championship or win it…..Muir 27-La Mirada 24

  • Ro

    this is the playoffs anyone can win.Tesoro is a good pick for Amat.would rather see Amat face mater Dei next round if they make it.Long beach poly has a more mobile quarterback that can make plays,that has been Amats problem all year,a good mobile quarterback that can buy them time to get receivers open.lets go all valley teams. my upset prediction of the week is charter oak .

  • just sayin’

    Bones -no chance. none. zero. sorry.

  • Question Answered

    Maranatha has a very nice field. Turf on top of the parking garage – sizable bleachers and yes lights.

    Field is one of the nicer fields in the area.

  • reality

    See you next year bloggers from Wilson, Los Altos, Diamond Bar, South Hills, Glendora, and the rest of the drama queens.I know for a fact that all the bearcats coaches and players want right now is to be practicing on Thanksgiving. One game at a time boys. All the bloggers from Bohi are still breathing fire and ready to rumble. I love it when we get no respect just like the start of the season. Watchout for the bearcats, they are awfully ugly and like to bite the heads off their prey.

  • Conq’ 76

    Loss Altos played a very tough schedule and should have been considered for an “at large birth”. Its not fair! lol

  • Amat Alumni and Parent

    I understand how CIF came to the conclusion of giving Amat the 4th seed. I don’t agree with it though. Long Beach Poly is a league champion and that is why I probably would have awarded them the 4 seed, but to be honest with you I really don’t think it matters much other than a rallying cry for Long Beach Poly.

    Amat and Long Beach can easily be flip flopped at 4 and 5, but the same can also be said for Mater Dei and Tesoro. I believe if Amat and Long Beach were flipped CIF would probably still have Tesoro at Amat and Mater Dei at Poly. Amat and Mater Dei was a great match last year and has already been done. Poly and Mater Dei would make a great Game of the Week for Fox and is by far the marquee game in the first round in all of CIF.

  • yo

    CO is driving a long way to get their butts kicked:p

  • sv player

    as a player for s vista.. i hope g-stone gets spanked ..and good luck to azusa ..represent the league everyone talks crap about

  • :)


    Ha. The drama has just begun in the Heights, Sir. So, be prepared for an excruciatingly long off-season of parent bickering.

    And, as far as your title chances go… Get real. When was the last time a team won CIF with a mascot that had an identity crises?

  • Just Maybe

    To All, I would like to ask a big favor of anyone that maybe able to help. I know so many people read this blog that are from San Dimas and Covina, and well this is my last hope. During the San Dimas/Covina game, my son (who plays for San Dimas) lost his gold chain with a gold cross on the field some place. We have looked and asked everyone, and still are unable to find it. If anyone may have seen it or found it, could you please leave a message on the blog? It would be wonderful to find it. It means a lot to him. Thank you in advance for your help.

    Saint Mom

  • kh


    just call the beer cats by there real names. teddy pu$$y.

  • smallcity

    Assuming it’s still there, you can get a sweeping type metal detector for around $50 or you can get someone from one of the local metal detecting/treasure hunting clubs and give them about the same and have them look for it.

  • 12th man

    Alemany has a easier road into reaching the finals..Amat would have to face Mission Viejo in the semifinals a team who has been ranked #1 all season & is running on all cylinders..Servite looked suspect vs Mater Dei & would have been a better matchup for BA in the semis…I still think that if all goes well & Amat does reach the semis..You have to put Rio somewhere in the secondary he has the experience but most importantly you have to give yourself a chance to win with the most athlectic player on your team! I know you start asking yourself?? Well do we really want to put our starting qb on defense risking the chance he mite get hurt??..This is the playoffs one loss & your done…so you really cant afford not to take that chance! All of theese powerhouses in the southland do it..they put in there starting rb,qb,wr, to go both ways thats what makes them dominating..although you mite see 60 to 70 players on the sideline there really only using like 15 to go both ways..there using the most athletic kids on the squad to dictate the game!! Anyways good luck to Amat & all the teams in the SGV we got your back!~

  • 12th man

    I think thats how you represent yourself..I cant help but laugh at all your postings lol..they are kinda funny & they also lead me to believe that your starving for attention..I think you mite have been deprived as a child or perhaps you lost your puppy somewhere.. Its obvious your clueless when it comes to football or any other sport for that matter..You strike me as a lonely overweight guy in your 40’s or 50’s who sits on the internet all night eating menudo or pazole wearing your swatch watch, your reeboks with the straps & a shirt from the 80’s that says “whoot there it is” LMAO!! Dnt know what the 1995 stands for maybe the last time a female spoke to you or your prison release date?? lol..never the less keep posting it makes theese blogs fun..& its all done in good spirits no hard feelings..~

  • Wilson Blogger

    So you guys get a couple more games, the same result as us.

    It is very clear you have no shoot against West Covina. Well one, they don’t show up.

  • whitey

    in the Pac5, it’s important to get a home game first round, that gives you a shot at being a home team in the second round, providing the flip goes your way and the 2nd round opponent won as a home team…….after that you’re gonna play a nationally ranked powerhouse, Servite or Mission Viejo, but! to get there you need to beat Tesoro, ask SH how good they are when they play a fishbowl team? there are 14 top notch teams in the Pac5, throw out the 3rd and 4th place teams from the Moore(because the football talent all transfer to LBP or Lakewood)there are no gimmes, no walkovers, the road to the state bowlgame starts at Kiefer, if Amat doesn’t make, the whole fishbowl stays at home……again…….best of luck to all

  • smallcity

    All but two of Tesoro’s wins come against teams that are no better than .500, yet one of those wins came against highly ranked Rancho Santa Margarita. (BTW SGV fans, Tesoro beat South Hills 59-6).

    Tesoro has a tepid offense, garnering on average less than 200 yards a game versus Amat’s nearly 400. Oddly enough, Tesoro’s point average per game is nearly that of Amat’s. Tesoro does have nearly double the amount of tackles per game compared to Amat, but don’t let that fool you. It’s not always a good thing. That could simply mean your defense is on the field way longer than it should be. Tesoro also has a ton of guys 6 feet plus with the O-line averaging well over 200 pounds and the D-line coming in a bit lower. As has been pointed out, Tesoro is a running team. The QB has about a 2 to 1 TD/INT ratio, which is not good. Rio on the other hand has a better than 3 to 1 ratio. This could explain the running on Tesoro’s part. Tesoro and Amat both average 3 sacks a game.

    Fred is right on this one. Tesoro will be traveling just as far as Amat did to play Alemay. Moreover, Traffic going north to Amat is a lot worse than traffic going north to Alemany. It’s a 1 hour drive with some traffic. Add traffic and the ride could easily be 1 hr 15 min to 1 hr and 30 min. And you better pray that you don’t run into traffic accidents.

    Maxpreps has Amat as only a 4.9 point favorite while Massey has Amat as a 6 point favorite. Not a blowout by any means, at least the way they see it.

    Tesoro is obviously a good draw for Amat. It comes at a price though. This bracket is the harder of the two. With that said, should Amat win the bracket, they will be favored to win the PAC-5. Apologies to “12th man”. I noticed I basically repeated you while typing this.

  • small details4smallcity

    the name of the school is Santa Margarita! they are located in the city of Rancho Santa Margarits, same as Tesoro is, the former being a co-ed Cathiloc HS tyhe latter a public school, just in case you’d want to seem knowledgeable

  • just sayin’

    small details4smallcity –
    as if someone who spells the city “Rancho Santa Margarits, and says “tyhe latter a public school” seems knowledgeable! LOL!

  • The Pope

    To Amat Dude, Amat is not coming off a loss, they are coming off a stolen!!!

  • big dawg

    This blog is funny as hell, keep it up you guys, this is some good reading!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Fred, Big Dawg.

  • Duh

    small details4smallcity,

    What is a Cathiloc HS? lol

  • NotSince1995

    12th little man –

    There is a reason they have always called you that over there at BishopAmnot and that’s because you were NEVER GOOD ENOUGH to get on the field to play…

    BTW, just curious, how does it feel to type “I am NOT a Champion Since 1995…?” LMAO…

    NOT IN 2010 EITHER little 12th man…

  • kh

    dose it matter who or where you play,at home or on the road,?
    to win the big ring you have to beat whos ever in front of your mission,go on get whats yours.
    its not your fault that every year fred biulds amat so high that the let down helps alot of people jump on your hate wagon.
    i saw m.d. plays boys,if you think you guys belong in there class all the power in the world.
    like i said go for it bring home the hardest task of all d-1 cif crown.
    w/c/ this is what we wanted all season long,was a game against the well coached bulldogs,we got it and didnt handle it too well,only two f.g. in the red zone,which we hung out over 8 times,and two big turn over which the good teams score from you guys did,good job we will take care of our business and bulldogs do the same,
    it will make for a full house cif run,
    bearcats vs bulldogs.good luck all in cif
    go bearcats

  • Dennis Green

    “They (Amat) are who we thought they are!” – Not league Champs


    and……..we will LOSE!! See what all that boasting gets you??? You didn’t even win your own league! You guys will be done after the first round….AGAIN!

    Then we will hear all of the excuses and you will start saying “NExt year is our year”….. and the cycle repeats!

  • NotSince1995

    1. whitey said: “very good draw for Amat, Tesoro at home, then the winner of Mater Dei@LBPoly” HA…HA…HA…LMAO!

    OH, OK GENERAL CUSTARD…! And the Indians did what…?

    2. TACONAZO special this week…”Tesoro Tacos” For Reals Homes…

    3. 12th Man said, “WHO AM I? .I AM A CHAMPION!!!”

    Ah…LITLLE 12th Man…Sorry Alemany called, they said you’re not even a Serra League champion! NO PATCH FOR YOU…

    4. “Cup…CAKE” schedule before Alemany! Am I wrong…?


    5. BA Attacks said: “Tesoro is mostly a running team. The Bishop Amat run defense is going to smash them.”

    HA…HA…HA…LMAO! Did you see your RUN DEFENSE running like chickens trying to stop the Alemany QB…? Did you see Fred Roggin’s the Challenge last night…? Please…!

    6. JCAZ said, “BTW, was it just me or did anyone else happen to notice that the Almeany crowd boo’ed our Lancers off the field at the end of half time tonight ?

    Hey, DUMBAZ, Miami Vice James gets boo’ed too…!

    7. just sayin’ said: “Bishop Amot – No Chance. None. Zero. You’re Sorry…”

    Now that is an honest Amat Honk…

    8. Great Game said, “The refs were horrible and it was blatantly obvious by anyone that watched…”

    Cheech & Chong…”You keep on knocking…but you can’t come in…(guitar rif)!”

    9. Colt 74 said, “Amat will bounce back. 9-1 ain’t bad at all”

    Ah…Colt 74…knock knock…Ah Yes it is bad. Burnt Toast is Toast that has been BURNED…LMAO

    9.1.A small city (aka: LaPuente) said: “Tesoro has a Tepid Offense…”

    Tepid…? Really…? And were you preparing your bath before you got onto this blog…? HA…HA…HA…!

    9.1.A-a Trying the Tesoro Tacos today…!

    9.1.A-b Your drunk Aunt “La Kit Kat” from the KittyKat in LaPuente…!

    10. Lancer Attack said, “THE NEW SEASON STARTS ON MONDAY!”

    Ah yeah…ITS CALLED 2011


    NOT IN 2010 EITHER

  • Frank

    @ no sense 95
    I understand that you are very angry and full of rage for the way you were treated in high school by Amats teams. I can totally understand your rage, hatred and jealousy. As Amat used to punk you all the time and whip your a**. You still carry that anger and hatred with you. Its obvoius that it effects your personal life, now as an adult your are still a punk but just a bigger one. Still probably get punked by your boss @ work. Carrying this type of anger around is not good for you as you only damage yourself. You must learn to let go of the past, doesn’t men you have to forget how amat punked you cause you were never good enough to play at that level. But you must let go for the healing to start. We are hear for you if you need further counseling.
    @ Kh
    Common man, get real, Amat shouldn’t come out of your mouth when you can’t even beat wescovina.

  • just askin’

    kh – you wrote “i saw m.d. plays boys,if you think you guys belong in there class all the power in the world.”
    Did you forget the Lancers beat them last year in the playoffs? They more than “belong there”

  • baller72

    You were there please enlighten me. In the mid valley how does the # 1 seed get a 6-4 team, and the #4 seed get a 5-5 team? Smells of shenanigans. Inquiring minds want to know

  • just another sgv guy


    GO SGV GO!

  • Stick to Bonita


    BA beat Mater Dei last year in the first round of the Pac-5 playoffs. The year before, BA almost upset eventual Pac-5 champ Long Beach Poly by only losing by a TD. Where were you?

    It’s obvious you know nothing about BA football. Stick to your “Smudgepot” type of world and leave the regional and California state contests to Bishop Amat and the Pac-5.

  • the critic

    DO i smell a championship in the near future for my Alemany warriors and those Pasadena kids….uhhhhh yes i do, i bet Amat didnt expect Alemany to do that to them, ohhh wait they did i have been telling the Amat fans for weeks the Pasadena i mean misson hills Alemany Warriors was on a complete different level then they were.


  • baller72

    Just another sgv guy

    No need to yell. Just wanted to know how the process worked, and why things were done the wqy they were. Take your ridlin and settle down.

  • just askin’

    the critic – Oh… so you mean… CHEAT?

  • AMAT 73

    Let me start off by saying I am glad to hear the injured player from Alemany will be alright . That was a frightening moment during the game . On Friday we got beat plain and simple . Alemany has a very fine team and should have a nice run in the playoffs . The QB is very good and can scramble with the best of them . As far as the critic’s view of them being on a completely different level I am not sold on that . When you play a team as good as Alemany you just cannot afford to turn the ball over as we did . We are a very good team but when you spot a team equally as good 3 turnovers it is just too much to overcome . The Men in Blue played their hearts out to try and overcome them but Alemany capitolized on our mistakes and that was the ballgame . Props to Alemany and good luck in the playoffs. Congratulations to all the teams of the SGV for making it into CIF and good luck in the playoffs. And to AMAT #1 and any others who were posting on another thread with names and numbers of who they felt the burden of the loss was on there is no need for that . We win as a team and lose as a team and you can ask any player on the team and he will tell you the same thing. No need for that here or anywhere and for any players not only the ones from AMAT .

  • jcaz

    Non-sense killed a deer while hunting and decided to bring it home for supper.

    But, nonsense knew his kids were very fussy eaters, and wouldnt eat the deer, if they knew what it was.

    So he decided not tell them.

    At the dinner table, Non-sensess little boy asked nonsense, “What’s for supper daddy?”

    “You’ll see soon enough son” said Non-sense.

    After they started eating supper, his daughter asked Non-sense once again what it was that they were eating.

    Again, Non-sense, told his kids that he would tell them later. But his daughter wouldnt let up, so finally nonsense had had enough, and decided to give in.

    “Ok,” said Non-sense, “here’s a hint…… the name of the animal your eating, is what your mother calls me every day of the week…………..can you guess what it is ?”

    “Oh my god said his daughter, I cant believe we’re eating asshole!!”

  • Amat Dude

    Good one Jcaz. There is no doubt this prick notsince1995, SGVworst or whatever the hell he’s calling himself these days is an attention whore. I wouldn’t give him two seconds of my life to rebut his idiocy.

  • Amat Dude

    I googled notsince1995/SGVworst, and this is what came up:

    A picture of a donkey with a caption reading:
    An idiot, dolt, or dullard is a mentally deficient person, or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way. More humorous synonyms of the term include addlehead, blockhead, bonehead, deadhead, dimwit, dodo, dope, dummy, dunderhead, nincompoop, ninny, nitwit, numbskull, jackass, stupidhead, thickhead, and twit, among many others. Archaically the word mome has also been used. The synonymous terms moron, imbecile, and cretin have all gained specialized meanings in modern times. An idiot is said to be idiotic, and to suffer from idiocy. A dunce is an idiot who is specifically incapable of learning. An idiot differs from a fool (who is unwise) and an ignoramus (who is uneducated/ an ignorant), neither of which refer to someone with low intelligence.

  • Colt74

    baller72 said:

    You were there please enlighten me. In the mid valley how does the # 1 seed get a 6-4 team, and the #4 seed get a 5-5 team? Smells of shenanigans. Inquiring minds want to know

    This post was missing just one more line to make it suitable for framing…..

    “What do you mean we’re not playing someone from our league again????????”

  • kh

    i grow up in t.c.
    didnt even know where the hell amat was,nor did we from t.c. care.
    took care of many cif championships in our own backyard,
    the only time we went to b.p was to visit my uncle harry huth .
    he still lives there,
    so you say i hate amat ,you stroking yourself.
    never did i say anything about hating amat.
    what i said is that i saw m.d. play this year,stop living in the past frank.this years m.d. team looks pretty good,so beat them, thats it mouth.

  • Frank

    @ Kh, I did not say you hated amat. I said you should not mention amat, due to the fact that WC spanKed Bohi and Amat spanked Wc.That would be a disaster for Bohi.
    Stop making stories that you never heard of Amat. Amat has been a power house for decades. So unless you went to high school in the 50’s when the Sgv was densly populated, could that be true. You know when monrovia, arcadia and duarte all shared the same high school. I don’t remember TC winning anything except beat downs from Duarte and monrovia. That might be why you struggle with your spelling. Still a little punch drunk!

  • just sayin’

    kh – same QB, same recievers, same RB, many returners, same coach. basically the same team Amat beat.

  • Not smarter than a fourth grader

    kh, I know you’re not the sharpest tool in your shed. But did you just say you won many championships at TC? You may have won a trophy or two but you forgot something very important in life than sports…to attend class, especially English and Grammar class. I hope the apple fell very far from the tree and that your kid is smarter than you or else some little kid from China or Mexico will take his job away.


    Another Amat article with a hundred hits!!!

    ON BLUE!!!

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