Girls Volleyball: The rubber match is set, St. Lucy’s and Chino Hills advance with semifinal victories, will meet for third time in championship

Breaking News: Chino Hills, St. Lucy’s Division 2AA Volleyball championship at Cypress College, Saturday, 1 p.m.

“This means everything to us,” Chino Hills coach Dana Buzzerio said. “And to play St. Lucy’s in the final, that’s exactly how we would want it to be.”

“Reaching the finals is what we’ve dreamed of for a long time now,” St. Lucy’s senior Alissa Young said. “Now we get a chance to win a crown against our league rivals.”

Above: St. Lucy’s and Chino Hills tied for the Sierra League title and split the season series, Chino Hills sweeping at home and St. Lucy’s winning in five at their place. After winning semifinals matches on Tuesday, the two will meet again for the Division 2AA crown Friday or Saturday at Cypress College. CIF’s finals schedule will be announced Wednesday.

Girls Volleyball
Tuesday’s Semifinal results

Division 2AA
St. Lucy’s def. La Salle 25-18, 25-16, 25-16
Chino Hills def. Oaks Christian 20-25, 25-14, 26-24, 25-18

Highlights: The Inland Insider was at Chino Hills’s victory over Oaks Christian, sending the Huskies to their first championship ever.

Girls Tennis
Tuesday’s quarterfinal results
Division 2

Arcadia 11, Diamond Bar 7
Division 5
Aquinas 11, Wilson 6

By Fred J. Robledo, Staff Writer
A dream scenario could come to fruition if the Chino Hills High School and St. Lucy’s girls volleyball teams take care of business in Tuesday’s CIF-Southern Section Division 2AA semifinal matches. The area powers split during the regular season and shared the Sierra League title, but a rubber match would provide a dramatic conclusion if both advance to Friday or Saturday’s championship at Cypress College.

Chino Hills (29-4) is the lone seed remaining after knocking out Riverside Poly in four games. The Huskies will host Oaks Christian (23-11) at 7 p.m., after the Lions knocked off top-seed La Canada in five games, winning 15-11 in the decisive fifth.

St. Lucy’s (28-11) swept third-seed Torrance in the quarterfinals and will be on the road in Tuesday’s other semifinal against La Salle (23-5-1), who knocked out second-seed La Reina in four. They also play at 7.

“I think everyone in the area would love that (Chino Hills vs. St. Lucy’s) final,” St. Lucy’s coach Sean Douglas said. “They swept up at their place and we beat them in five at our place. They’re still talking about it on the blogs, so it would be great to play again on a neutral site, that’s the way to settle it.

“But you know what, La Salle and Oaks Christian are in the semifinals for a reason and La Salle knocked off the number two seed, so we have a lot to take care of before we can think about an (all Sierra League) final.”

Huskies coach Dana Buzzerio admits it’s a dreamy proposition, but she doesn’t want any of her girls thinking about it just yet.

“We’re trying to focus on the game, we haven’t even talked about what could be,” Buzzerio said. “I’m sure it’s in the back of everyone’s mind and we need to keep it there and stay focused on what we have to do.”

“It’s dangerous to look ahead, especially against a team like that (Oaks Christian). They’ve been a great come-from-behind team. You can’t underestimate anyone in the semifinals.”

And how could the Huskies underestimate anyone, not only did they share a league title for the first time in history, this is their first trip to the CIF playoffs and they’re making the most of it.

“To go this deep (in the playoffs) it’s amazing,” Buzzerio said. “We want to keep it going. You don’t know when you’re going to get this opportunity again.”

Huskies senior Jordyn Siko has come up big in the playoffs, but so has outside hitter Karly Shockey.

“Jordan is an all-around athlete that plays every position well,” Buzzerio said. “But Karly has stepped up her game since coming back from an injury. It’s neat to see her peaking right now.”

St. Lucy’s junior setter Jackie Macy is another who has returned from an injury to help the Regents during their playoff run, though senior setter Kailey Faust played a huge role prior to Macy returning, and is still a big part.

What a luxury considering the Regents have the big three of Megan Callen (North Florida), Alissa Young (Sacred Heart University) and Deanna Dalton (West Point) all committing last week to playing big-time college volleyball.

“We wouldn’t be where we’re without Kaily Faust,” Douglas said. “But having Jackie back at 100 percent makes a world of difference.”

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  • Don

    You know what would really be cool?

    A list of all the leagues and their final standings in ALL of the Girls and Boys fall sports.

    Tennis, Volleyball, X Country, Water Polo, what else?

    Just a suggestion.

  • What would be cooler…..

    Staying on the subject. That would be really cool.

    Volleyball: That would be awesome if St. Lucy’s/Chino Hills went to the final match. What a great representation for the SGV and both teams are worthy.

    Chino Hills has the lucky break of hosting a home where St. Lucy’s will be on the road again.

    Good luck to both teams.

  • Don

    Golly, thought THIS WAS the subject: “Football playoffs start Friday, but for other fall spots, this is championship week”

    Those headlines always throw me off too.

  • Sierra Leaguer

    St. Lucys and Chino Hilles both need to win. If they played each other that would bring SOOOO much hype into the Sierra.

  • Best of Luck

    I agree with Fred. I hope both teams win tomorrow night so we can have the rematch.

  • Robert

    Good Luck to All Teams-St. Lucy’s VB, Chino Hills VB,Diamond Bar Tennis, Wilson Tennis, Damien WP, Bonita WP and Nogales WP.

    For the Seniors-Leave it all on the court (or pool); play like there is NO tomorrow. Be great leaders and challenge your teammates to give their absolute Best Effort. Continue your fine play; it has served you well in getting you to this round.

    For the Underclassmen/(women)-Appreciate the moment. Know how difficult it is to get where you are-Many of your school’s teams have never been here before. Finish the mission you started on this Summer. Get your true reward. Do it for all your teammates especially the Seniors who will never have this chance again.

    Play Hard and Be Safe

  • Cross Country CIF Finalists, Saturday at Mt.SAC

    Div. II: Ayala boys and girls, Claremont boys and girls, Glendora boys and Lauren Justus (GHS)

    Div. III: Damien boys, Dillon Nobbs (Bonita) and Alan Callison (Northview), Bonita girls.

    16 teams advanced to finals in each of the five enrollment based divisions along with high finishing individuals from non-qualifying teams.

    Teams finishing in the top 7 and up to five individuals from non-qualifying teams who finish in the top 20 will advance to the California State Championships the following Saturday at Woodward Park in Fresno.

    The Ayala girls, Claremont and Glendora boys, and Justus are likely to advance, with Claremont challenging for the title.

  • Don Fan

    Hey cool boy, maybe we should change the subject since only 7 comments seem to indicate nobody cares about the subject you want to talk about.

  • Really?

    Who is this Don guy and why do all his blogs sound like sour grapes? This isn’t recap week and lets list all the teams so they are all recognized.
    This is Championship week. Bob Ramseys blog was completely relevant. He gave a breakdown of cross country’s qualifiers and who is still in the running.
    The other blogs all consist of volleyball championship discussions.
    So take a deep breath Don. It’s not that serious.

  • Hugh Hefner

    Tough games to decide. Chino Hills and Oaks Christian…major talent St. Lucy’s vs La Salle…second level talent.

  • just sayin’

    Really? – maybe if you could follow the blog you;d notice he commented before Ramsey and was talking to “What would be cooler…..” (hence the nickname “cool boy”…

  • Sierra League Fan

    Good luck to St. Lucy’s and Chino Hills tonight.

    As for major talent and second level talent, I definitely wouldn’t say that. Both Oaks Christian and La Salle were seeded below the teams they have played and also seeded below SL and CH. These teams just knocked off #1 and #2. What makes you think they will have any trouble with #4 and #5?

    Both teams have proven they can run with the best. SL and CH need to be on their A games to win. SL is also away. Always a factor. There is no place like home.

  • to don

    hear hear

  • GHigh

    Congratulations to both teams! This is a big deal for the area as we are constantly overshadowed by OC teams, especially in volleyball.
    Good luck on Saturday!

  • tootney

    congratulations to both St.Lucy’s and Chino Hills High Schools for making it a all Sierra League final. Last time a area team won a CIF Championship was Western Christian H.S. in 2004. Its been a long wait since and one the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys dearly could use. The quality of Volleyball in the valleys is continuing to shine and can become a force for years to come.

  • tootney

    Also congrats to Coach Sean Douglas and his Staff for continuing a great tradition of winning and excellence at St. Lucy’s.

  • For all the chips….

    Congratulations to St. Lucy’s and Chino Hills.

    For all the smack talking on the blogs of which team is better, both teams have proven they are not only worthy of the Sierra League title but the CIF title too. It is an absolute testament to how strong these two teams are and despite the smack talking; they both had legitimate arguements as to why they are the best.

    I was at the St. Lucy’s game last night and I have to say this is about the best I am have seen St. Lucy’s from top to bottom. Dede, Megan, Alissa, Jasmine, Jackie, Mandara, Ashley, Ari and Sydney were the picture of composure last night. It is a unique gym and it reminded me of the when St. Lucy’s was at Chino Hills. It was a tough place to play and La Salle fans turned out in the bucket loads. What a difference a season makes…Overcoming being rattled at the Chino Hills game, this was the picture of confidence and determination.

    This is going to be a great match.

  • Thanks!

    Hey Tootney, welcome back to the blog buddy.

    And GHigh, you are about the biggest promoter of SGV volleyball. Thank you for the encouraging words. This is a big deal for both teams. This is the first CIF finals appearance by both teams for volleyball.

    Last year was Bonita and Los Altos for a Div III-AA title. This year it is St. Lucy’s/Chino Hills for a Div II-AA title.

    The SGV has come along way and continue to make great strides in volleyball.

  • tootney

    RE: no doubt this SL team is very talented top to bottom but around 4 to 5 years ago a very talented SL team just missed the Championship round by a hair and I mean a hair. So this current team continues a great tradition of fine volleyball.

  • Obe

    St. Lucy’s does not want anything to do with Chino Hills. They are scared to death of them.

  • FredJ

    CIF will announce the championship schedule on its website at 11:30 a.m….The finals are Friday and Saturday, but expect the game to be on Saturday, usually when a school has a football team in the playoffs too, as in this case with chino hills at home, CIF tries to accommodate fans of the school, which is why I don’t think it will be on Friday during the Huskies’ home football playoff game.

  • Let the smack talking begin

    Chino Hills won the coin toss for the seeding in CIF and has battled on their own home turf for their spot to be in the final match in the last two games.

    St. Lucy’s who drew the second seed, had two away games and conquered two #1 league champs (in 3) in their run for the finals. The Regents have been consistent and on fire.

    Afraid? They are determined. They know Chino Hills is beatable and they want the ring.

    Let the games begin…..

  • FredJ

    Just got word they will meet on Saturday, 1 p.m., at Cypress College

  • BRING IT ON!!!

    St Lucy’s wants CH so fricken bad, you don’t even know. This is exactly what we hoped for. With the way SL’s is playing, CH are the ones that are afraid, and they should be! They are going to get eaten alive!

  • outside opinion…

    This should be a game between Chino Hills from the Sierra League and ST. lucys from the PAC 6. Any public school with a closed geographic area playing in the finals against an open recruiter with no limits where they get there kids from has already won in my book. Good luck public school in State, you deserve it.

  • tootney

    As to the comments re: St.Lucy’s a private school vs Chino Hills being a public school, the presumed advantage going to SL, well its been my experience that most of the young ladies who attend SL do so at the behest of their parents. The enviroment in which these ladies are exposed to and the education (which is no slight towards public schools) is something they will keep with them throughout their lives. It’s simply a choice made by parents and their daughters to attend SL and schools like it.

  • A way, way outside opinion

    The opinion that a private school will outbeat the public school based on recruiting is completely ridiculous. Especially in these circumstances. This isn’t football where the parents shopped their kids around to find where their son will be a three year letter and Division I prospect.

    Some could argue that Chino Hills being a new school would draw the best athletes from local schools like Ayala, Chino, etc. Just like Los Osos has pulled from their area as well. Even Bonita was accused a few years ago for having the coach recruit a certain eighth grade setter who didn’t live in the La Verne area. For us oldtimers, we have a long memory.

    At St. Lucy’s, volleyball (or any sport) is a sidenote to what is really going on there, which is an education in a Catholic school environment. Its just that simple. There are players on this this SL team where their mom or Dad/sisters/brothers or even grandparents went to St. Lucy’s/Damien. As a matter of speaking, this last statement holds true for almost every single girl on the Varsity team. This is not about recruitment; but legacy.

    The San Gabriel Valley and Inland Valley has changed in the last ten years. They have gone from being obsolute to contenders with beach schools and all schools alike. So whether its public or private, I believe there are many contenders in this area and will continue to be for sometime to come.

  • another outside opinion…

    I can appreciate that some actually send their kids to Lucys based on education, but your polyanic assumption that everyone is there for that is what is ridiculous. You have way underestimated the power of a psycho parents, or priorities being backwards in homes. Don’t kid yourself. Public schools should be in divisions outside of that major advantage for schools like lucys. I say great job Bonita, osos, and the chino hills schools!

  • Peanut Gallery

    That is hysterical. Because when I think of Chino Hills, Los Osos and Bonita…I am definitely thinking Disadvantaged Children…..LOL

    Especially the volleyball girls. Clearly how did we miss that….Move over Ghigh. Because La Verne, Chino Hills and Alta Loma just became the new Pomona…lol And I am sure these families are living on beans and rice to pay the bargain basement price of $6000 and up per year for the Club Training that each and everyone of these girls are getting from Club West/Mizuno/Rancho Valley.

    Psycho parents are everywhere and you are among them. And yes, we should petition now that you guys get moved in to your own special “In the Hills League.” That is the answer.

  • Keeping It Straight

    I don’t believe the views (In particular about St. Lucy’s) wasn’t that there isn’t recruiting happening in private schools or public schools. Of course that happens.

    As for SL, if you look at the starting six for St. Lucy’s…One is a converted softball star, another is a converted soccer star, etc. In addition, every single girl in the St. Lucy’s starting lineup had a parent or sibling go to St. Lucy’s or Damien. Its not polyanic; its called TRADITION and FAITH.

  • SL Parent

    Peole who do not know should keep opinions to themselves so they don’t look like idiots. You actually think that someone would go to a school with the strictest behavior requirements, the highest academic standards, religious education, uniforms, 4 hours a night of homework and no boys to play volleyball (or any other sport)??? You are CRAZY!!! Get a clue! There isn’t one person on that team who is there to play volleyball. If they were, they would be gone by their freshman year, which is apparently what you will see at the end of this year was some early departures, and good luck to them, don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

  • Brandon Cartright

    Will kc huth be playing on the boys volleyball team at Bonita this year?

  • Robert

    It is far better to be silent and let them think you are a fool; than to open your mouth and dispel all doubts.

  • GHigh

    In volleyball I must agree that in this area I don’t see private schools recruiting. The issue I am seeing is the public schools that are from affluent areas in big school districts are getting athletes that would otherwise be going to their local high school. Some of those coaches are recruiting, making the little guys in their respective districts even smaller. I doubt that is happening at Chino Hills, but it is happening at some of our local schools.
    Unfortunately no one is driving across Pomona to play volleyball at Ganesha. I would never recruit, but i wouldn’t turn them away either.

  • CHHusky

    Best of luck to these two fine teams. Enjoy the experience!

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