Updated: Friday’s first round football playoff times and second-round coin flip results

SECOND ROUND COIN FLIPS: Second-round flips already have been taken, click the thread for results, home games denoted by *. Bishop Amat will be on the road in the second round; Covina would be home against Whittier Christian, Azusa would be at Rosemead, and Arroyo would be home against Maranatha. Bonita would be home against La Mirada and Diamond Ranch home against Burroughs — but this is assuming they all win. Check it out.

CIF Football Playoffs
Friday’s First Round
Pac-5 Division

Tesoro at Bishop Amat, 7:30 p.m.
Southeast Division
Bellflower at West Covina, 7:30 p.m.
Diamond Ranch at Mayfair, 7:30 p.m.
California at Bonita, 7:30 p.m.
Walnut at La Serna, 7 p.m.
Mid-Valley Division
Village Christian vs. Azusa at Citrus, 7:30 p.m.
Temple City at Rosemead, 7 p.m.
La Canada vs. Covina at Covina District Field, 7 p.m.
San Dimas at Arroyo, 7:30 p.m.
La Puente at Maranatha, 7 p.m.
Baldwin Park at Schurr, 7 p.m.
Gladstone at Monrovia, 7 p.m.
Inland Division
Corona at Chino Hills, 7:30 p.m.
Claremont at Roosevelt, 7:30 p.m.
Charter Oak at Vista Murrieta, 7 p.m.


Centennial/Corona vs *Upland
Centennial/ Corona vs *Chaparral

*Yucaipa vs Upland
*Yucaipa vs Chaparral

*Redlands East Valley vs Chino Hills
Redlands East Valley vs *Corona

*Etwianda vs Chino Hills
*Etiwanda vs Corona

Rancho Cucamonga vs *Roosevelt
Rancho Cucamonga vs *Claremont

*Murrieta Valley vs Roosevelt
*Murrieta Valley vs Claremont

Redlands vs *Vista Murrieta
Redlands vs *Charter Oak

*Norco vs Vista Murrieta
*Norco vs Charter Oak


Azusa vs *Rosemead
Azusa vs *Temple City

*Village Christian vs Rosemead
*Village Christian vs Temple City

*Whitter Christian vs Covina
Whittier Christian vs *La Canada

*Bell Gardens vs Covina
*Bell Gardens vs La Canada

*Arroyo vs Maranatha
Arroyo vs *La Puente

*San Dimas vs Maranatha
*San Dimas vs La Puente

Schurr vs *Monrovia
Schurr vs *Gladstone

*Baldwin Park vs Monrovia
*Baldwin Park vs Gladstone


Mission Viejo vs *Santa Margarita
Mission Viejo vs *Edison

*Wilson/LB vs Santa Margarita
*Wilson/LB vs Edison

*Poly/ LB vs Bishop Amat
Poly/LB vs *Tesoro

*Mater Dei vs Bishop Amat
Mater Dei vs *Tesoro

Alemany vs *Lakewood
Alemany vs *San Clemente

*Newport Harbor vs Lakewood
*Newport Harbor vs San Clemente

Los Alamitos vs *Servite
Los Alamitos vs *Jordan

*Crespi vs Servite
Crespi vs *Jordan


*West Covina vs Santa Fe
West Covina vs *Burbank

*Bellflower vs Santa Fe
*Bellflower vs Burbank

*Mayfair vs Burroughs/B
Mayfair vs *El Rancho

*Diamond Ranch vs Burroughs/B
*Diamond Ranch vs El Rancho

La Mirada vs *Bonita
La Mirada vs *California

*Muir vs Bonita
*Muir vs California

*Arcadia vs La Serna
Arcadia vs *Walnut

*Norwalk vs La Serna
Norwalk vs *Walnut

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  • Mike Robledo

    Just a general question with regards to seeds… why have seeds if there are coin flips after each round?

    In the Pac 5, all three of the four seeds have potential 2nd round road games (MV, Alemany, Amat & Servite if Crespi beats Los AL)

    Seems reasonable that the top four seeds should have home field through the semi’s…

    Not to pick on Bonita, but they made the most noise about not getting a seed, but could host La Mirada in 2nd round, a HUGE advantage for the Bearcats… good for them that coin flip went its way!

    guess we should really wait till Friday night to discuss… Good luck SGV!!!

  • conspiracy?

    the real question is…has anyone ever seen Fred and Mike Robledo at the same time in the same room…damn, these guys have a similar look.

  • RCcougars

    I agree with Robledo, why have seed if there are coin flips for second round games. RC is at Home #3seed. Roosevelt is at home. We both win higher seed should get home game. Seems like a no brainer to me.

  • Steve Ramirez

    I guess CIF looks at it that since it doesn’t seed all 16 teams in tournament, it would be unfair to have just the teams who are seeded be at home, while the matchups between non-seeded teams would be by coinflip. And it’s not always by coin flip. When a team has been home less than its opponent, it is automatically at home.
    I can remember when the NFL didn’t give the team with a better record the home game in the playoffs. Up until 1975, home field was alternated, so if the 12-2 Cowboys played the 10-4 Rams and the last time the teams met was in Dallas, the game would be in Los Angeles (remember, the Rams once came from here).

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