Inland Notebook: Chino Hills’ Bub says fourth seed doesn’t assure anything; Farrar sings Vista’s praises, then asked if they can win, says “Hell yeah, put the ball down and let’s go play.”

“It’s like a left and right hook, then maybe a little punch to the gut because if you get into the playoffs you get to go two hours to get your butt kicked and go home. But they think it will be good for CIF.” That’s what Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar said last spring after it was announced the Chargers were moving to the Sierra League and Inland Division. Judging from today’s comments on facing powerhouse Vista Murrieta, nothing’s changed. Farrar compared Vista to Auburn.

By Aram Tolegian, Staff Writer
Chino Hills High School’s celebration after winning the Sierra League didn’t last long this past weekend. The Huskies were made the No. 4 seed in the Inland Division playoffs, then found out their reward would be hosting Corona on Friday night. That’s enough to wipe the small off anybody’s face, according to Huskies coach Derek Bub. (To continue, click thread)

“It’s nice to get seeded, but unfortunately for us, a seed means we’re going to play the fourth team out of the Big VIII,” Bub said. “They’re good enough to win any league around. But in this division, I can’t really look around and say, `I wish we would’ve gotten this team.’

“We’ll play who’s in front of us and see how it works out.”

If you’re wondering why playing a Corona team that finished 5-5 is so bad, then you haven’t seen who the Panthers have played.

Corona’s only nonleague loss was to Mission Viejo. The Panthers then suffered four defeats in league, but the Big VIII is one of the top two or three leagues in the Southland.

Chino Hills can take solace in knowing its nonleague schedule has prepared it well for a situation like this.

The Huskies posted victories over Tesoro and Redlands East Valley, but lost to the same Santiago team that Corona beat in league.

The Huskies won the Sierra League after Claremont lost its final two games of the season. Now comes the pressure of being the league’s only team fans give a chance of winning a first-round game.

“A part of scheduling our nonleague the way we did was we felt like it would give us the ability to know what it’s like to play in big games,” Bub said. “That’s a nice thing going into a game like this. Our players know if they play their style of football, they can play with anybody.”

If the Huskies are to advance, they’ll need another big performance from their defense. Chino Hills is allowing just 14.9 points per game and came up with big efforts against Redlands East Valley and Tesoro, holding those teams to 16 points combined.

“I’ll probably be an upset camper if we walk off the field with a high-scoring game,” Bub said. “That’s not what we’re looking for. I would expect it to be a defensive struggle if our defense can come to play.”

Farrar familiar with foe

Just because Charter Oak will be playing its first-round game two hours from home doesn’t mean that Chargers coach Lou Farrar didn’t spend the weekend learning everything he can about Vista Murrieta.

“I watched their games, watched their head coach being interviewed by the local sports reporter,” he said. “Want to know anything about their program?

“Their team kinda looks a little bit like Auburn. They have a big quarterback who runs well and throws well. He’s an excellent athlete and they surround him with 98 other kids handpicked out of the 400 they have in the program.

“It gets better. They have 25 coaches, 23 of them on campus and nine of them are former head coaches. The principal is a former Pac-10 offensive lineman. But the band won’t be there because they’re away for the week competing for the national championship.”

So, do Farrar’s Chargers have any shot at upsetting the division No. 2 seed?

“Hell yeah,” Farrar said. “Put the ball down and let’s go play.”

The quarterback Farrar is referring to is Vista Murrieta senior Derrick Brown, who is 6-foot-3, 240 pounds.

Obviously, the Cam Newton comparisons are warranted.

Brown has thrown for 1,087 yards and 12 TDs. He’s rushed for 495 yards and nine TDs.

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  • AHSfbfan

    I’m pulling for all the Sierra League teams this week. Go forth and represent the Sierra League well! THe odds are against us making it past the quarter or semi finals, but we can at least get some upsets. Good Luck!

  • Red Barron

    Any team in the IE Division will be a tough match-up, and Corona is no exception. One game at a time, and they will go as far as they want. I know the kids are ready and healthy enough to get this on, I want to see our coaching staff open it up on offense and special teams!!

  • Truth

    It’s unfortunate the only now (when faced with the possibility of the elimination of the entire Sierra in the 1st round) that many people will come to appreciate what BA has been doing for decades upon decades.

    Welcome to our world and our level of competition.

  • WTF?

    Hey Lou – Now you know what the Pioneer/ El Mont/ Wilson/ Garey/ You name it coach felt like when he had to play you in the first round/ League. Being overmatched sucks doesn’t it. They do it with the kids in their neighborhood. You just need to go out and get better hand picked players. Looks like the ones you have been hand picking from other areas aren’t as good as the ones they have. Maybe Aram will write a BooHoo article for you like the one he wrote for South Hills.
    What goes around comes around. I would like to see Claremont and Chino Hills do well but I hope Charter Oak gets beat by 40.


    Ohh man i’ve been gone for two weeks in Hawaii going from island to island. I missed the SH game only to find out that it was a nail biter! I read that Claremont managed to find a way to lose to Damien! I read that BA lost to Alemany, and that CO got paired with VM who only lost by 6 points in last years CIF finals against Chapparal. On paper they they look good but when you focus on the stats, they have mediocre #’s. Their QB leads the team in rushing with 495 yards and has thrown about 12 TD’s and ran in 9 more! Besides the passing attack which I believe is nothing special you have two running backs #31 & 34 that get the bulk of the carries with about 760 yards total for both. This game is very winnable for Charter Oak, the defense is the one that scares me. I was thinking why does this team sound so familiar and its because last year I read an article on Su’a Cravens, how he was starting as a Freshman at another school in the IE and transfered to VM. This kid is a play maker, has scholarships to several D1 schools and if CO cannot get the offense going it will be a long night. Looks like if CO advances they will be playing Norco in the second round…

    CO this game is very winnable, go out there with the I dont have anything to lose mentality and I’m sure you can win this game.


  • Sierra teams will do fine…good luck to everyone Friday night…

  • chargers

    wtf? the difference is we have the same enrollment as all these schools that we punked over the last 4 years

    now co is playing a school with 3500 students and 400 kids in there football program…we had 60 come out for spring football

    and CO has beaten wes co 6 times in a row…4 at there place…put up 40 points 5 of those times..i dont think you all would be so brave to say wes co beats co if they were still in the southeast…

    and all you calprep nerds i do not need comparitive scores thank u

  • Unreal…

    Your 60 is not the same as 60 over at San Dimas, Azusa, or Gladstone who are pretty much all home grown.

    Your 60 is full of transfers via your Pasadena Pipeline. You are exactly where you need to be.

    When you guys finally do win one in the Inland it will be much sweeter than anything you ever did in the past. A win against Corona Centennial in the finals is much sweeter than a win against Diamond Ranch.

  • WTF?


  • WTF?

    Vista Murrieta has 3100 not 3500. Yeah and Alta Loma has 3100. What you saying they would beat CO too? Lame ass argument.

  • just askin’

    how many students at Mark Keppel? Could they beat CO too?

  • JFR

    VM’s front four on D are legit, they all have good size and only know one speed…..FAST. They honestly do not take plays off in any of the tapes I’ve seen, we have our hands full and then some.

  • Chargers…

    Quit bitching…we have an enrollment of a little over 2100 students every year and we compete year in an year…fricken crybabies


    Playoff appearances


    Semis or better:




    Division Champions:


  • Dan

    Since you brought it up, I would say it in a heartbeat, West Co wins by two or three scores this year, these are not the same teams as in years past, CO is not as good and WC is much improved, your “D1” studs have all left, and Rufus cannot do it by himself. I would also put my money on Bonita beating CO this year. It would take a lot to convince me that CO would have been better than a third place team in the Hacienda. For evidence purposes, WC beat the same Glendora team that beat CO this year and the game was not as close as the score suggest. In the Claremont scrimmage after two quarters we pulled our starters who were up on Claremont 24 to 7, This was the same Claremont that beat CO. We also had South Hills 42 to 14 when we pulled our starters at the START of the 4th quarter, the same South Hills who just took your boy’s into overtime, on top of that, these boys from WC beat your CO team as freshmen 42 to 20. Thats plenty of evidence to convince more than just me that WC wins easy this year.
    Charger, please spare us with your “we played schools with the same enrollment” claim, enrollent is not a factor when you have the Pasadena/Monrovia pipeline connection that you had in the recent past, CO doesn’t “punk” anyone if they only used local CO kids.

  • JFR

    What you guys have as a long bus ride down the 15…bring a jacket it is going to be cold

  • Dan ?

    Claremont beat Chino Hills. You’re going to tell me WC beats Chino Hills too! LOL… Please, CO and SH moved up for a reason. After watching the CO v SH game this past Friday I doubt you’d beat either team in a heartbeat. You’d have a chance to win no doubt, cuz WC is good, but 3 scores! C’mon… u better make sure WC takes care of that D7 title, cuz CO and SH may be coming back real soon!

  • JFR

    Fellow CO fans,

    Please shut the hell up with the enrollment argument, we are here due past success so deal with. We will take our lumps and learn to adapt like CO has from the past, CO was in the fricking montview with the teams that are still there when Big Lou won his first ring back in 85. The next year CO was moved up to the then Sierra and went 0-10, it’s going to take time to learn how to roll with the big boys. We are no longer the bullies of the block.

  • 951 swag

    sorry bout it..SGV football fans, but welcome to big time football..Inland Empire way..or should i say Riverside county ( Centennial, Vista Murrieta, Chapparal, Norco and the rest of the Big VIII confrence) Vista will handle Charter Oak and Clairmont will lose to Roosevelt..even thought Chino Hills is a I.E school, i think they will lose to the last place team from the Big VIII. So wit that said see yall at the state! Go CeHS…go huskies!! home of the 2008 STATE CHAMPIONS!

  • TM

    I don’t understand the hatred WTF has for Charter Oak. Yes they have a very good program and have had a lot of success over the years. The truth is CO has a class program and it starts with Big Lou. They don’t just win on the scoreboard they win with class. When CO gets ahead and its obvious the team they are playing is not capable of overcoming the deficit, Lou pulls the 1st team and gives the second and third teams a shot. Even then the play calling becomes very conservative. There aren’t many programs that will have the compassion CO has. Yes they have won big at times because you can’t ask the kids to totally turn it off.

    The only time I wish for a particular team to loose is if they are playing CO. Otherwise I want everyone to do well and be competitive, it adds to the strength of the area teams. It would be classless for me to wish for any team to loose by 40 points, the fact is the young men on the field don’t deserve to have the adults in the stands or writing on blogs wish for them to be humiliated regardless of the motivations.

    The fact that kids want to come and play for Charter Oak isn’t because they are recruited it’s because they want to be part of a good program. The program draws the kids. Private programs like AMAT and Damien can actually recruit and offer scholarships and what ever else they use to entice kids and no one complains about the distinct advantage they have over the public schools they play in sports. Instead if the public school has a winning program people like WLF want to bash them. I say grow up, act like an adult, show some respect and class and if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything. By the way; “Go CO”, and all the teams representing the the East San Gabriel Valley and the especially the Sierra League.

  • Bones


  • Coach Pasadena

    Good luck to all SGV teams. Do your best and the results can be positive.

  • AMAT 73

    You were going pretty good there until your recruitment statement. Where is your proof of tuition and other perks you speak of in your post. It has been nothing but speculation that this goes on but never any proof to the effect. The things you mention AMAT and Damien doing are against the rules and don’t you think if they could be proven that both would have been nailed by now . The line is long and far with the many who would love to take down either program . Maybe wtf’s problem is with the harping of some of the CO fans on the enrollment issue and other problems CO will encounter in the playoffs. Maybe the move to D-2 was a little far fetched but they defintely needed to be moved up and out of D-7 because there was nothing left to prove for them .Even you must admit the competition for CO in the Miramonte was not strong at all and not much more in D-7 playoffs .This is their first year in the Inland and have a lot of young players on this team . This will be a hell of an experience/learning curve for them and they will be the better for it . I think they will surprise people this Friday with a win . Remember they are champions and still have 2 time champions on their team and they will lead the younger players to victory. Life is tough at the top or near it and I am sure Big Lou will learn to adapt just fine.

  • The Stang Fan


    I understand completely. Muir has had under 1100 kids for awhile now, and would even be one of the smaller schools if it were in the Mid-Valley divison. At the same time, we have been able to compete with schools twice and three times our size in the divisions we’ve been placed in. It is what it is.

    Good luck to the CO boys this Friday. Rep the SGV well.



    For the first time in a while I agree with you! These CO bloggers coming on here have to shut up and get used to these schools with larger enrollments. You can still only line up 11 guys at a time, the advantage comes in the 4th quarter when players start to get worn out. Look at Mission Viejo with 75 guys and Amat with 78 guys on the roster. If you check on Centennial they have friggin 123 players now listed on the roster. We can all agree that maybe of 30-35 kids get major reps on offense and defense together. The other 60 + kids are either special teamers or pretty much watch the action from the sidelines week in and week out. CO lets get the W and make this thanksgiving memorable, the fans hope to play with teams like VM, CC and even Norco! I really enjoy the drives because I get all anxious and then comes my Friday night ipod playlist: Metallica, Rage, Korn, POD, Easy E, Warren G, Snoop, Dre just to name a few… Damn its only Tuesday and I’m ready for game night.

  • HuskyDo

    Yes WC handled SH early on in the year, but despite the losing record SH managed to play some good football at the end, Beating a good claremont squad, and really should have won that CO game…. blew a 21-7 lead! But I digress, Be glad WC is no longer in the same division, they would be in for a real dogfight with SH or CO playing in Novembor. GoodLuck with the playoffs

  • CO = Norco


    Your record is not impressive. Actually, Bishop Amat fans laugh at it. That’s A LOT of games without scheduling any Pac-5 powerhouses or the equivalent outside of your league (and I’m only referring to Centennial because everyone else is crap)

    GET REAL…There’s no difference between Norco and Charter Oak. You guys are both equally chickenshit when it comes to scheduling the best programs in California.

    Who is the most difficult school that Norco has scheduled in the past 10 years? hmmm?

    THAT’S RIGHT!…..NO ONE. And please, Crenshaw? LOL Last season was the first time Crenshaw fielded a decent team. Before that they were a laughing stock.

    Norco = CO = All talk and no balls (or victories) to back it up.

  • Take off the FISHBOWL sunglasses!

    LOL @ SGV FOOTBALL & CO Bloggers

    Dudes, it’s Vista Murrieta…not Claremont or Damien. They’ve only lost in a shootout with Crespi.

    VM beat Etiwanda who beat Glendora

    VM beat Santiago who beat Chino Hills

    VM crushed Los Osos who lost by 1 pt to R. Cucamonga

    It still amazing me how completely disconnected Charter Oak fans are with football outside the SGV…GEE, I WONDER WHY? Finally, you will all get an education on what it’s like to compete at a much, much higher level.

    Coach Lou Farrar has never played against a school like Vista Murrieta (cept for Bishop and that was a disaster). Sorry but all of years of Lou dodging great schools has finally caught up to him.

    VM 42, CO 10

  • JFR


    Speaking of chickensh#t, it’s little girls like you who have always cheered from the bench or the bleachers that make me laugh. I’m sure you were 1st team all practice squad and winner of the cleanest uniform award so please leave us p#$$ies alone.

  • I`m not going to lump all of Amats fans together, but you are a you pathetic eunuch.

    “You must not think me necessarily foolish because I am facetious, nor will I consider you necessarily wise because you are grave.”

  • Norco

    Take off the FISHBOWL sunglasses…

    I actually think this will be a lot closer game…CO Santaigo is a very good QB & lets not forget Crespis QB was 28-34 for 484yds with 5 Td`s…


    No we have two Norco bloggers LOL.

    Take off the FISHBOWL sunglasses!,

    Dude man up and stop stiring the pot, use your real blog name and stop hiding behind the fake names… Bring on the haters it should be the opposite since we are playing an outsider but some bloggers will never learn.

  • Dan

    To the person signed as “Dan?”
    I think West Covina/Chino Hills would be a nice game, I am convinced we’d have a pretty good chance in that game if it had happened this year, why the sarcasm as if it’s some kind of ridiculous thought that WC could line up with a team like Chino Hills. Probably because your thinking of past years, or maybe your going by comparative scores, what ever the reason, come out and see a WC game for yourself, I think you would be pleasantly surprised and come away convinced that WC could line up with some real quality teams this year.
    Huskydo, WC is clicking and is much better at this time too, but I’m glad your South Hills boys ended the season with a couple of great games, would liked to have seen your boys make the playoffs, and on the contrary I would have loved to have CO and SH to still be in our division, maybe they will drop the Sierra back into the Southeast division in a couple of years so that it could be a 5 team division again.

  • edwin

    I can’t wait for charter oak to get handled! They have ALWAYS been over rated, playing schools for the blind, and girl schools. Why don’t you step up and play against the big teams?
    Countdown to charter oak embarrassment begins!

  • Born Again Huskie


    You are hoovering in a world you do not want to participate in because I continue to tell you but you never want to listen and believe me when I say no one likes you and no one especially wants to hear what you have to say. I keep repeating myself but once again for the last time just go away quietly and stop posting and then I won’t have to make points that will expose the dirty dark secrets of West Covina.

    You know as well as I do none us should want to expose the truth about your program just like no one should want to wish bad on any other school or want them to lose but if you force us to we will state facts and then you will no longer just be a hypocrite and a fool but also a criminal as well. Your no better than anyone else so do not pretend to be holier than thou. Close your eyes and go to bed boy before lights out!

  • NotSince1995

    Southeast Division = Charter Oak & South Hills left overs.

    Dan, blah…blah…blah! Every year its the same…We couldah, we shouldah…And every year you get smoked. You know very well that West Covina chokes at the least opportune time…errrr when ever they play Charter Oak…! You pissed your pants last year and you’ll do it again this year. Now you just have to worry about D-Ranch, Bonita, or some school out of the SGV.

    Pimpin ain’t easy…just ask BishopNation. They haven’t won anything in 16 years…!

    Not in 2010 Either…

  • NotSince1995

    The FISHBOWL SUNGLASSES little boy is referring to the “BishopNation Memorial”

    This is the Event when they ATTEND…errrr “The 1st round of the PAC 5 playoffs”…to get their Ass Handed to them.

    He speaks from 16 years of experience…

    Tesoro Taco Tuesday Today at TACONAZO…

    Not in 2010 Either…BishopNation

  • L. Olivier…” Is it safe ? “

    Dan has a stalker!!!!!!

    WHO KNEW?????


    Gee Dan…what happened?

    Too funny.

    Not the stupid comments…just that Dan is one of the nicest persons you’d ever want to meet.

    Gee Dan never would have thought my life was at risk just saying Hi…incredible.

    Well nw I know it has nothing to do with nothing. Random Acts Of Blogger Terrorism

  • socalfootball fan

    Corona Centennial could score 100 vs Yucaipa if they wanted to run up the score. The Inland Division is a lock for CC unless their QB gets hurt. The CBL was very weak this year and only REV may advance out of round one. Redlands lost their qb JoJo Hernandez to an ACL tear earlier in the year.. Only Chino Hills will advance to round 2 out of the sierra league.

  • Dan

    Born again Huskie,
    I’m all ears, please entertain, I wanna hear about all these DEEEP DARRRK secrets of WC football,lol. Coming from a South Hills fan makes it extra funny. “Hovering in a world you do not want to participate in” you sound like a James Bond movie, just pass over my post if they bother you, but you can’t can you?

    You are not, so therefore don’t, no time for your jiberish, have fun with Vist Murrieta.

  • AMAT 73

    Ok here we go and I mean no disrespect to the CO fans.
    You have continually come on here and bashed AMAT and have sung the praises of CO these past 2 years. Now please show us what you are really made of and tell us what you think are the chances of CO going all the way in the Inland division playoffs. We get it on your feelings of AMAT but now it is time for you to speak on who you’ve been using as your team for the last 2 years . Everyone loves a winner which you seem to latch on to very easily ( where SH falls into play I am still trying to figure out ) but now it’s time to pay the piper if you have what it takes. And please no bs just give us your take if possible or at least on the VM game with real reasons not your regular bs. .

  • NotSince1995

    Old Man 73 (aka: El Cucuy)

    How dare you address me directly? You, of all people! I am outraged…!

    You, the one that has been crying to Fred about having me banned for pointing out the truth about your little school…? Really…?

    I thought we had an understanding Old Man. I ignore you and you keep calling Fred…wasnt that the deal?

    Why is my opinion all of a sudden so important to you…? You and your honks drove away people like COChargerfan, COSteelCurtain, and other CO bloggers and Now you want my opinion on the CO v VM outcome…?

    Hot Dam…You…are either desperate for an answer or you are really afraid to face Freeway exit #16! Whats the matter 73? Is your Old Age making you come around to realize that I am right? You do read my posts. Dont you?

    HA…Ha…HA…! LMAO!

    Alright…! Ill be your huckleberry…!

    Analysis: I havent seen CO play this year or any team in the SGV. From where I live the drive is just too long. However, I have seen VM play. I was at the Corona Santiago game which VM barely won. I was not impressed with their defense and their offense scored only 20 points. Santiago should have won that game. Etiwanda (in a down year) put up over 20 on them. Crespi put up 48 at VM. VM makes mistakes, so CO you will have your chances! Its a running offense that passes.

    CO Chargers…Dont beat yourselves! Play your style of Offense and Defense, convert on their mistakes, keep the game close, and hope the Refs dont screw with you! If you do that, you will win the game and make Fred eat his prediction!

    BTW Old Man, I cheer for everyteam in the SGV and everyteam that plays against your BishopNation!

    Now, I want you Old Man to tell us “Why does the BishopNation fail every year…Since 1995…?”

    Why…? Why can’t you win…? And don’t give your BS. I want a straight answer. The Truth would be nice too…!

    Lets Go Old Man…! Bring it…!
    Not in 2010 either…BishopNation

  • just sayin’

    Nonesense w/IQ of 95 –
    Fun facts to know and tell:
    Division 1 Championships
    Long Beach Wilson not since – ever
    Mission Viejo – not since – ever
    Edison not since 1980
    Santa Margarita not since – ever
    Mater Dei not since 1998
    Tesoro not since – ever
    Newport Harbor not since – ever
    Alemany not since – ever
    San Clemente not since – ever
    Lakewood not since – ever
    Crespi not since 1986
    Long Beach Jordan not since – ever
    Servite (before last year – not since Nineteen.Eighty.Three)
    seems like Amat’s in great company right where we want to be-near the top of one of the toughest divisions in the country

  • Bronco Nation

    Wow….”NotSince1995″ you are the stat man. Obviously you know very little About VM. Crespi was our first pre season loss ever…EVER….As for the Santiago game…VM just got it done as usual. VM is a team full of weapons..A monster D Line, A D-1 QB (Utah), two awesome running backs (one who is USC committed), a point leading kicker, An All American punter… and an unbelievable special teams…and plenty of talented reserves. Yeah, please go on the assumption that CO will be playing an early season VM team. Please underestimate VM, the lowly SW rookies…Vista Murrieta is an 8 year old school with 6 league titles and one Inland Div Championship game, which they lost last year 13-7. That one still stings and don’t think for a second that isn’t in the back of the minds of every VM player. So all in all, not too bad for a rookie (Public) High School. Oh and it will be loud at VM…. NotSince1995..You probably forgot this…VM has a HUGE fan base too…It will be PACKED….Go Broncos!

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