Water scare at Bishop Amat … The Lancers forced to practice at Charter Oak, probably the closest they come to playing each other

They might not meet during the regular season, but Bishop Amat and Charter Oak were eye-to-eye on Wednesday. A mix-up on Bishop Amat’s watering schedule flooded the field on Wednesday, forcing the Lancers to practice at Charter Oak, adjacent to where the Chargers were preparing for their first-round game Friday. A caller insisted Kiefer was flooded ankle high, but coach Steve Hagerty said that was not true, that they didn’t want to practice on it in fear of tearing the field up. Hagerty said he has no concern Kiefer will be in tip-top shape come Friday.

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  • wow

    isnt basset high down the street and their field is still new and untouched, they dont even have a football team….haha

  • No Surprise

    Contrary to blogger antics including myself…Bishop Amat and Charter Oak are actually very closely tied at the highest level. This event does not come as a surprise.

  • How did they not get their scrimmage on!

    Wow: From what I hear, no schools around Amat wanted to let them use their facility.

  • Wildcat Senior Parent

    Why did’t they practice at Los Altos. There hasn’t been a real H.S. football team on that field for some time now. Maybe have Los Altos coaches watch the way Amat runs things so they can have an idea on how to run a football team. You may want to throw the Wilson coaches in there too to observe…ooops did I say Wilson? damn it here they come with there crying.

  • JFR


    This is taking recruiting to a whole new level,ha. It’s obvious why CO allowed Amat to practice over here.

  • Witness

    Bassett has a very nice field, but its turf. Gotta keep it real and go with the grass.
    Coach Hags knows what he’s doing.
    Kiefer is gonna be off the hook tomorrow!
    AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh(me yelling)

  • What’s the big deal?

    Wildcat Senior Parent,

    What an idi@t comment…what else is new coming from a Wilson parent! Talk to anyone in the Heights and they will tell you the Wilson football parents are ghetto. What goes around comes around…ask Schreimen and he can tell you all about it. He harrassed Gano for taking in transfers and his son was replaced by a transfer! Enjoy your great program!


    It’s really a shame. The school next to Amat has a football field….UNUSED…in a time when Bassett Unified is laying off and suffering big cut backs in student services, they have repeatedly refused to sell this usused property to Amat. It would be a win win situation…but politics are in the way of improving the lives of the children enrolled in Bassett Unified School District.

  • 12th man

    Dont forget your pre-sale CIF Playoff ticket available today at the Athletics dept. from 12:00 to 4:00 pm.

    (Game Time) Friday Nov.19,2010..7:30 pm.

  • FredJ

    If they would have called me, I would have made sure Edgewood was available down the street šŸ™‚

  • Bob

    Winning teams hanging with winning teams?? Will the wet field slow down Tesoro D-line?? humm???

  • Joe Amat

    BASSETT UNIFIED – Yes you are right – and we’ve tried often!!! Definitely a piece of property the Lancers would love to purchase, but without cooperation from the big wigs there in an attempt to drive the price up far beyond it’s worth

  • AMAT 73

    That Lou is a sly one but then again so is Hags. I guess it depends on who’s eyes you are looking at this thru. Either way it’s great Kathy opps I mean your principal is ok with us sharing your facilities.

  • James Smith

    This is no suprise. Amat will do anything, including flooding their own field, to level the playing field. Tesoro is superior in every way. Amat is going to be dismantled Friday night.

  • Wells

    Fred beat me to the punch. Edgewood is in walking distance, grass field and no team to get in the way.
    Odd that they would take a 20 minutes bus ride for practice.

    Good luck to all the local teams tomorrow night.

  • John

    I agree with Mr. Smith. Good thing Amat doesn’t belong to the Trinity League. They would be watching the playoffs from the stands.

  • D-Mo

    No Surprise, that’s right, and both have the winning MOJO going for this Friday. Lancers and Chargers will be victorious!

  • markings

    I’m guessing they didn’t use Edgewood either because the turf isn’t play ready…or there are just no markings on the field since it has not been used in a while?

  • AMAT 73

    James Smith,
    Don’t you think that wet field would affect us also with our running game . I know we are a Catholic high school but so far only one person has walked on water and he is not suiting up this Friday .

  • NotSince1995

    Hey Fref –
    REASON #11…! They over watered…? Oh…OK! Accidentally…? Really…? What’s CIF’s phone number?

    How was TacoNazo? Did you go there today…? Good tortillas or what…?

    Not In 2010 Either…

  • jcaz

    No Surprise,

    Yes you are very correct in that many of CO’s top administrators are connected to Amat.

    What is surprising is that even if we can’t buy the property next to the school, why is it that we cant rent that football field next door for instances such has these ?

    Additionally, why is it that Basset high school is so negative towards Amat anyway ?

  • jcaz

    I posted this earlier in the week, but I think it needs to be re-posted.

    Non-sense killed a deer while hunting and decided to bring it home for supper.

    But, nonsense knew his kids were very fussy eaters, and wouldnt eat the deer, if they knew what it was.

    So he decided not tell them.

    At the dinner table, Non-senses little boy asked Non-sense, “What’s for supper daddy?”

    “You’ll see soon enough son” said Non-sense.

    After they started eating supper, his daughter asked Non-sense once again what it was that they were eating.

    Again, Non-sense, told his kids that he would tell them later.

    But his daughter wouldnt let up, so finally nonsense had had enough, and decided to give in.

    “Ok,” said Non-sense, “here’s a hint…… the name of the animal your eating, is what your mother calls me every day of the week…………..can you guess what it is ?”

    “Oh my god said his daughter, I cant believe we’re eating asshole!!”

  • Bob

    AMAT 73..Good one.Your right about Amats running game.Three years ago Tusin HS had a playoff game and the other team had “two” good running backs. For some odd reason the water was left on all night the night before the game, so they had a wet field. The weather was in the 90’s that week. Just thinking out loud about the wet field.

  • Hefe

    I smell a rat…and no it’s not Robledo’s reporting.

    How does Amat make this type of blunder so close to the game?

  • 12th man

    Not to stir the pot…But i just read online how wet grass affects the game!~ Im sure it will be dry by Friday unless it rains…

    Article Online:

    Rain or wet grass is considered the “great equalizer” with the speed of faster teams neutralized to a certain extent because of the slippery grass.
    “I believe the biggest effect a soggy field has is on the defensive backs. The receivers know when they are cutting, so they can plant their whole foot while the defensive backs push off their toes and usually slip.”

    Who will have the Advantage????????????


    Here’s the deal on Bassett Unified. Any act they do to improve the status of Bishop Amat means less kids go to Bassett High School….plain and simple…they are afraid of losing kids to Amat. But they rent a portion of the school field to Amat for $3,000 a month. Look at the school next to Amat. They can thank Amat for paying for their air conditioners and that new preschool that is there. Years ago they wanted full commercial price of the land. District officials can’t get it through their heads that NO commercial outfit would ever build there, so it’s rediculous to ask for commercial pricing on excess school property.

  • no rat

    The field will drain right. It was just put in last year. It’s not going to retain the water and make a muddy mess like everyone is thinking.

  • AMAT 73

    Hey big mouth . I asked a question of you on the Inland notebook thread. Don’t pretend you haven’t read it . Man up and answer the question . You are always looking to get into some banter with me , well now is your chance big boy. And leave your usual bs out of this one . Let’s see what you are really made of this time .

  • why

    Aram wrote,”from what I hear NO SCHOOLS around Amat wanted to let them use their facility” Really. No schools. What deep throat do you know that could possibly know that? And then why would they tell you that dirt. I can answer that. You will print it thats why. Getting really bored reading about the gossip you heard, hears a thought, how about what you know.

  • Queen Mary Next Stop

    Jacaz give it a rest your stretching it there bubba.

    Keifer and Santa Anita, sure it will drain. Nice move Hagerty, looking for a edge. Hey if your not cheating your not trying.

    Will not matter Amat huge in this one.

    J.Moore 200+ yards
    Rio Ruiz 275+yards / 3 T.D.’s
    Wally G. 2 Touchdowns
    Julian Gener 3 Sacks

    Amat 35
    Tesoro 10

  • just sayin’

    Amat 73 – NonSense w/IQ of 95 is just a big p@$$y. He’ll never answer a direct question. I called him out on the Pac-5 Division Prediction thread and he commented to everyone but me (then got his @$$ deleted for a stupid comment).

  • Dan the Man

    Lots of dew on my grass every morning which does slow the drying of the football field, also a chance of light showers is in the forcast Friday which brings back some moisture on top of moisture. A saturated field maybe not but it will be wet just enough to slow down that pass rush of Tesoros big guys up front. This is a old trick thats been in the books for years. Eagle Rock soaked their field when Wilson L.A. had that Ron Cuccia winning streak going. It sure did slow down the Mules who skated away by the skin of their teeth 28-25. It almost worked. It does make a differance. This is no coincidence.

  • AMAT 73

    Dan you are not the man,
    We will hold that title for WC Dan. A question for you . How do you think that wet field will affect our running game ? Isn’t a good run game the counter attack to a quick pass rush . As you know we run to open up the pass not the other way around. Even worse is a wet turf to a passing team as you used Wilson for an example . And what will it do to our defense as they are very quick also . Please explain . Now is the time for some real football talk and as it goes in poker, time to get the shoe clerks out of the game. So what are you a player or a shoe clerk ?

  • i dont think so

    Two Lion Express busses were carting the boys over to Charter Oak. These buses are not cheap. Do you really think administration would REALLY conspire to approve such a crooked plan?

  • Amat Honk

    Wooooowwwww! What a bunch of conspiracy theorists. Yeah, we wouldn’t water the field down for oh. let’s say a faster team like Muir? Crespi?Venice???? I know!!! Let’s break out the old bag of tricks for tesoro :O You clowns need to find a hobby other than posting stupid Crap on the blogs. Non-sense 95 you’re still an Idiot!! And I’d bet a lot longer than 1995 – IdiotsinceBirth should be your new screen name. Taco Nazo? Tortillas and Not ever….That’s the extent of your wit? I guess if you go too far into your Racial bag of tricks you’ll get baned again, huh? So this is what you’ve become? This is how you now entertain yourself? DAAMMN! I’m pissed that I just wasted 20 seconds of my life even responding to you! DAMMIT! That is 20 seconds I WILL NEVER GET BACK!!! DAMMMMMMMMMMMNNN!

  • b

    Practice at LA the Head Coach would have nothing to do with winning tradition. J. A. head clown enjoys losing.

  • kh

    come on if that happens at bohi we use one of 5 giant fields we have so any fields at bohi,that one of the reason we moved to la verne the school goes for ever,love that about bearcat land,they should move amat out of the minor leagues and fine some place where the athletes can roam,
    but that another story,bg amat.
    bearcats rule

  • Still Waiting

    Queen Mary

    If WG scores 2 TD’s that will tie his best this year. Numbers and performance has been overrated at Amat. I guess your writers felt that Alemany couldn’t stop him either.. LOL

  • Frank

    The field issue is not as serious as many think. There was no conspiracy, it was a simple accident and that was about it. On another note NO Sense 95 will not respond intelligently to anyone, as he lacks this basic trait. On one of my previous blogs when I challenged him he only responded with belligerency and cultural attacks. His response was removed. It shows, as it is a known fact people with lower intelligence become belligerent and are unable to produce sound arguments when confronted with something that is challenging.
    Good luck to Amat this week as no game is easy in the pac-5, one game at a time. Also good luck to all other Sgv teams. Azusa prove me wrong, I have no problem with that.
    As for walking on water, Don’t know if it was only one person who did it. But Ive heard a couple of Amat players can run on water. That’s all we need!

  • Brandon Cartright

    kh, will kc be playing boys volleyball again this season?

  • Amat69

    Nothing wrong with our facilities, our football field (natural turf) is in great condition at all times, and it belongs to us! It seats five times as many people as the stadium you borrow and we generally fill both sides. As for using alterative facilities, We play baseball at Rio Hondo JC, the field is in better condition than any high school field anywhere, and you play football and baseball on fields that belong to the city of La Verne.
    For moving out of the minor leagues, I will pit our winning tradition in any sport over yours any time any where!!!!!

  • just sayin’

    Nonesense w/IQ of 95 –
    Fun facts to know and tell:
    Division 1 Championships
    Long Beach Wilson not since – ever
    Mission Viejo – not since – ever
    Edison not since 1980
    Santa Margarita not since – ever
    Mater Dei not since 1998
    Tesoro not since – ever
    Newport Harbor not since – ever
    Alemany not since – ever
    San Clemente not since – ever
    Lakewood not since – ever
    Crespi not since 1986
    Long Beach Jordan not since – ever
    Servite (before last year – not since Nineteen.Eighty.Three)

    seems like Amat’s in great company right where we want to be-near the top of one of the toughest divisions in the country

  • edwin

    Notice1995 …. your a joke bro.
    Amat would kill charter oak. CO would never make it past the first round in the pac 5, that’s if they would even make the playoffs.

  • kh

    amat 69
    rio hondo why not angel stadium,with all the big bucks every body has that leaves l-p-.high above.
    bonita sports are second to none,
    first rounder two season ago gio mier in baseball buddy.
    you have a good wrestling program,
    water polo.girl field hockey,boys water polo, girls volleyball.our baseball team runners up cif laST SEASON,PLEASE.football team has the same record this year.
    boys bb.give it a rest,dont over hate amat please,your have the paper covered just be happy with fred on your side,come to the monday night game of the week.amat vs bonita it should be fun good night,dont fill like getting into a piss contest,thats why ive back off the blog.everybody knows it all,all i know is my son is one tough s.o.b on the field thats the only thing that counts over here…..

  • Trevino

    Great job Guru. Give it up for the Guru. He leaves South Hills and they don’t make the playoffs. He goes over to Crespi and they go on the road and beat Los Alamitos. Welcome to the second round Big Game.

  • serra league pr guy

    Crespi Carmelite doubles up Los Alamitos on the road in the opening round of the Pac-5 playoffs 28-14, best of luck to the Bishop Alemany Warriors and the Bishop Amat Lancers tomorrow night

  • Really?

    Amat 69

    Maybe you have some facts mixed up! The football field and baseball field are the property of Bonita Unified. The city of la Verne has an usage agreement with the district.

  • Amat69

    Surely youre confused or just stupid. Please re-check what you think your facts are, youre sports plex football baseball fields and skateboard parks are owned by the city of La Verne just as the city of San Dimas owns the softball fields and the JV baseball field at San Dimas HS.
    Man youre Stupid.
    kh, not trying to get into a pissing match with you either, I know your boy is tough! Why are you coming at me?

  • edwin

    Haha your a fool.
    CO has a nice field,its funny how the best team and the best players to ever step foot on that field weren’t from CO, THEY WERE FROM AMAT! Gotta love it.

  • Colt74

    I read your posts when I can understand them and I recall recently that you were working on being clean and sober. How’s that working out for you? The reason I’m asking is you just made a statement where you said Bohi in sports was second to none. Really? You were second to Ocean View in Baseball last year right? How many CIF championships in Baseball has Bohi won? And when? How about Football? And when?
    It’s one thing to be proud of your school. It’s another to talk out of your ass.

  • Amat69

    edwin with a small e, please dont gloat, we are better than that.
    Just a note kh, I have done a little research on your Bearcat baseball team and I have your boy hitting cleanup this year. Are you interested on my predictions for the rest of your line up and positions?

  • Queen Mary needs to grow a set

    Queen Mary, so what your saying is that Bishop Amat Cheats ? Your a real dumb ass you know that. As for jcaz telling his joke. That was funny. You should try growning a set, maybe you’d be the king instead of always the queen.

  • just sayin’

    NonSense w/IQ of 95 –

    Still can’t hear you?????

    Division 1 Championships
    Long Beach Wilson not since – ever
    Mission Viejo – not since – ever
    Edison not since 1980
    Santa Margarita not since – ever
    Mater Dei not since 1998
    Tesoro not since – ever
    Newport Harbor not since – ever
    Alemany not since – ever
    San Clemente not since – ever
    Lakewood not since – ever
    Crespi not since 1986
    Long Beach Jordan not since – ever
    Servite (before last year – not since Nineteen.Eighty.Three)
    seems like Amat’s in great company right where we want to be-near the top of one of the toughest divisions in the country

  • Amat True

    How tough is the Serra League:

    You Heard it here first:

    Serra League #3 Crespi beats #1 Sunset League Champions Los Alamitos.. Score 28-14

    #3 Serra League Crespi will meet Trinity League Champions #1 Servite in the quarter finals, next week, mark my word.

    Serra League #2 Bishop Amat will beat South Coast League #3 Tesoro. Results will await Tonight.

    Serra League Champions #1 Alemany will beat Sunset League #3 Newport Harbor. Results will await Tonight.

    If Santa Margarita wins over Edison tonight no Sunset team will make the second round.

    All 3 Serra League Teams will make the second round one IN, two to Go.

    Expect Alemany to meet either Servite or Crespi in the Bottom semi-finals.

    Amat has a very good shot in making the Top Bracket semi-finals. But, first thing first, one game at a time. By the way for all you non Spanish speaking brothers. Tesoro means “Treasure” in Spanish. Amat will hold the Treasure tonight. The Treasure will result in a WIN.

    Go Big Blue. Mighty are the Men and Women you where Blue and Gold. Our Lady of Victory is with you all. Remember this saying Men in Blue.. it’s not the size of the Dog in the fight, it’s the size of the heart in the Dog.

    Speedster Class of 83′

  • kh

    stand behind what i said second to none,look as a whole.bonita high sports.

  • Bob

    Watergate was good for the blogs. Good luck to ALL our local teams!!

  • Really?

    Amat 69

    Ask the city attorney.. Skatepark yes, fields no! Usage agreements!

  • Amat BB WHO?

    Amat 69

    Have another beer, you drunk.. Schedule us in BB this year and lets see what happens.

    Have your clowns gone any where since you moved up out of that D5 division? Seems like that BS league of yours and that little man’s coach can’t get you past what? Your BB program sucks…

    And don’t tell us about pre-season, it hasn’t got Amat anywhere!

  • Don

    Breaking News: Amat custodian pushes wrong button on sprinkler timer.

    56 comments, Lord only knows how many hits.

    Any more questions on the power of the Bishop Amat brand?

  • Amat69

    Amat BB Who,
    What school do you rep? Schedule who in BB? Its too early in the am to be getting hammered or are you just getting an early start on that HS tailgate party! Your post makes no sense, just ask kh, at least you know where hes coming from.
    By the way, what other school do you know of that would get this kind of action for leaving the sprinklers on too long?
    I rest my case!

  • Amat69

    Skate park, football field, both baseball fields, and the rest of Los Flores park including the pool belong to Bonita parks and recreation with a usage agreement with the high school, the city of La Verne paid for the new football field, just ask the county Assessors office. These records are available in the county office on Baldwin Ave. in Arcadia CA. City attorney? Really? Youre funny!
    Really? Who do you rep? Bonita HS, or are you the facility police?
    Please do your homework before you come here and look stupid again.

  • november10

    Actually, a phone call was made to the facility manager to make sure the water was off and it was the facility manager who told the top brass the sprinklers were off. It was not a “custodian pushing a wrong button”

  • Colt74

    Rumors have it that the original plans were to soak and freeze the field for tryouts of Bishop Amats newest endeavor into total sports domination……..

    Hockey and Speed Skating !

  • Bearcat Fan

    Amat 69 is correct. When Bonita got its new football field San Dimas HS filed a complaint with the Bonita Parks and Rec. dept. because they didnt get one. Since the field was paid for by the city of La Verne, San Dimas HS had no basis for their complaint.
    San Dimas and LaVerne share the Parks and Rec. depts. as well as their school dist.
    Bonita Parks and Recreation.
    Bonita School District.

  • Hockeynut21

    Interesting you say hockey, I was at the Amat Open House and their was a representative from the Ducks signing kids up for the Amat Ice Hockey team to begin league play next year with: Servite, JSerra, Damien and Orange Lutheran.

  • Joe Amat

    FYI – a friend form Denver contacted me saying that former Lancer and current Minnesota Vikings Associate Head Coach Eric Bieniemy is the hot candidate to be the next Head Coach at Colorado. Current Vikes coach is on record saying EB would be a great coordinator in the NFL and future Head Coach.

    Does he hang tight for when Childress gets fired or look into the Buffs job?

  • LOSS Altos MASS Exist has begun…….

    It’s only going to get worse next year.

    One record set this year, and will never be broken. First and only team in LA history to not win a single game, 0-10.

    The mass exist started last week. Ortiz and Franco both sophomore have transferred to DAMIEN. One more sophomore to transfer to DAMIEN next week. The Ortiz family are very close to Gano, and Franco was the only quality player left from that mass exist from last years freshmen team.

    You think the principal at Los Altos was upset last year at the players leaving Los Altos, wait till this years freshmen start leaving. The talk is over 15 players from this years team are going to transfer to Wilson.

    The incoming freshmen from the local junior highs are all talking Wilson. It’s so bad that Burke and another varsity coach from Los Altos are going to the junior high flag games and talking to players. Last I checked I thought that was a CIF violation.

  • Colt74

    You think that he would be sick of all the money grubbing, prima donna, all about me, overpaid, whining football players that he has to deal with already.
    Why would he want to go down to the NCAA and have to deal with all that AND the parents?

    Seriously though I’d jump at a college coaching job in a heartbeat. The big 12 !!! 1990 Buffaloes !

  • jcaz

    Hey Joe, its always good news when you hear about an alum making it good out there like that.

    Having said that, I think that his hiring over at Colorado was being floated around more than a week now.

    However, what makes the potential hire even more intersteing is that at Colorado, they never sign coaches to long term contracts.

    In fact its always been their policy to do a year to year contract for all of their coaches except for when your talking about the head man (or woman as the case may be) of a particular program.

    I guess the idea of job security for the assistants is strictly based on performance.

    One tough gig there…. wow !!

  • My Pal Joey

    Hey Joey so “IF” EB gets the Colorado job or better yet gets the Vikings job will that cement EB’s place in Amat “INFAMY”?

    I could think of a more “infamous” accomplishment.

    Great news for Bishop Amat…first Pat Haden and now Eric B. … and you thought the Lancers were “INFAMOUS” before.

  • Joe Amat

    jcaz: It’s now beyond “floating”. They’ve officially asked the Vikings for permission.

    Colt74 – “overpaid”??? Adrian Peterson took a pay cut when he left Oklahoma for the Vikings! LOL! Yes the Big 12 is for real…”it’s not Intramurals, bruthah!”

    My Friend – Infamy? Hilarious. NOTHING gets by you! And as to other threads: I think GG was a score for you. The Frosh staff will help. I enjoyed the banter between you and 74. As you’ve always said. it would probably be a blast for everyone to throw back a few soda pops together!

    Stay dry tonight!

  • CLV

    Amat 69

    Hate to tell you but “Really” is right. City did pay for improvements and paid all expenses, but property isnt owned by city. The agreement is public record and quite detailed. The tax is paid by city and was part of agreement.

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