Sunday Tribbin: Let’s hope Bonita-West Covina II is in the works, we need a good sequel

Is that too much to ask? I’d ask for Covina-San Dimas II, but that road is full of landmines named Whittier Christian, Village Christian and Monrovia.

You make the call: What’s our best choice for game of the week, Santa Fe at West Covina, Maranatha at San Dimas or Bonita at Muir?

Friday’s CIF-SS quarterfinals
Southeast Division
Santa Fe (7-4) at West Covina (10-1)
Burbank Burroughs (7-4) at Mayfair (7-4)
Bonita (10-1) at Muir (7-4)
La Serna (10-1) at Norwalk (7-4)
Mid-Valley Division
Rosemead (8-3) at Village Christian (7-4)
Covina (10-1) at Whittier Christian (10-1)
Maranatha (8-3) at San Dimas (7-4)
Schurr (7-5) at Monrovia (9-2)
Inland Division
Corona Centennial (11-0) at Upland (8-3)
Chino Hills (9-2) at Etiwanda (6-5)
Rancho Cucamonga (10-1) at Corona Roosevelt (9-2)
Vista Murrieta (10-1) at Norco (9-2)

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  • valley guy

    Sorry to say this but that just wont happen Bonita is running head first into a hungry Muir team that love when teams try to pass on them i dont think a rematch will happen but i do think you will see Muir against West Covina….i think Muir is going to pull this victory out by at least 2 scores.

  • cov80

    its a nobrainer fred C TOWN vs WHITTIER both teams div. champs both are 10AN 1 HOW COULD IT NOT B ! GO COLTS

  • Muir vs WC

    Bonita is too soft for WC. Muir would be a better match up, especially with their speedy secondary.

  • Aaron

    Muir is a challenge but the boys will be ready.


  • Don

    I’ll hold off any prediction of the Muir BoHi score until game day, although I’ll say this now: It will be the toughest game the Bearcats will play this season short of West Covina. Coach Howard may not suit up many, but everybody he does can play and every single one of them who shows up will be prepared. That’s just how they roll.

    I missed my numbers on the La Mirada Muir game, predicting a 28-10 Mustang win, but I did call the upset. Anybody who takes Muir likely is making a sucker bet.

  • They Meet Again

    Speaking of Rematch:
    Mike Maggiore Head Coach WCHS (Mt. SAC and Oregon State)
    Jeff Mahlstede Defensive Coordinator Santa Fe HS (Fullerton JC and ASU)

    1985 SAC vs. FJC
    1986 SAC vs. FJC
    1987 OSU vs. ASU
    1988 OSU vs. ASU
    2004 WCHS vs. SFHS (2nd Round CIF)
    2010 WCHS vs. SFHS (2nd Round CIF)

  • Bobby Bulldog

    Bulldogs vs Cubkittys again? Really Fred?

    Were you not at the first game Fred? Bonita is too soft and slow, I don’t think the Bonita players want any part of a rematch with us !

  • Jackboy

    Muir has a good football program and a very good team this season,
    Valley Guy and Muir vs. WC are all trying to bait us, sorry it wont happen. We dont run our mouths like; Bobby Bulldog, we have more class than he does. Whats funny is they are the ones talking re-match, not us!
    Im sure this Fridays game will be a great one, and well be ready, were not looking past Muir, their running game is similar to WC.
    I always like listening to Don; he knows his HS sports, thanks Don.
    Win or lose, Great season, Fantastic kids.
    Go Bearcats!

  • Colt74

    I vote for Covina-Whittier Christian. Besides the fact that who else would I vote for, Both teams are 10-1 and Calpreps predicts that this game will be the closest of all friday match-ups. Plus, Mike can be inside a WARM press box at Whittier College.
    This game will be close and Covina has to bring their A game if they want to come out on top.
    W. Christians only loss was to C.S. Heart who is playing Lompoc this week in their dance. Both teams can score but both teams can give up points. Who’s defense will step up and get the job done? Did I also mention that Mike can be inside a W-A-R-M press box?

  • Bobby Bulldog

    To Jackboy,

    What Bulldog Fan is talking rematch? Why would we talk rematch when we thoroughly destroyed the Bearcats 55-21?

    As far as not running your mouth, you may want to instruct the players as to the positives of that virtue.

    Bonita was (or very close to) the most trash talking team that the Bulldogs have played this year.

    That is not even including #6’s unsportsmanlike conduct at the handshake.

  • Don

    Thanks Jackboy, one thing I do know is not to plan too far ahead unlike Bobby B and some of his alter egos like Debbie Reynolds who seem to have already blown off Santa Fe, Burroughs and Mayfair. I’m hoping their long range plans find there way to the Santa Fe bulletin board.

    Word to the wise Bobbo, if you ever get up the nerve to speak to Coach Maggiore personally, he’d probably tell you to lay a little lower on the blog. Oh, but wait, your an analmouse contributor here aren’t you. Nobody knows who you are, huh; how riveting. So since you and your doppelgngers have chosen to go all secret squirrel, here’s a little personal advice. Call out kids when you hide behind your screen name, make allegations of trash talk or anything else without the stones to back it up with your name and plan on someone calling you on it.

  • kh

    look what a week can do.
    bonita is getting some fred ink.
    wont even bring up the other team we had to hear about for 15 straight weeks.
    jay anderson,baseball stud.
    same thing at bohi high withoutr are two baseball players this teams lost.
    dose everybody now believe me when i say baseball players by far are the best athletes in the world my friends.
    a62 games in 170 days.
    plus 1 month long spring training,then play-offs.
    rest my case.
    jay anderson ,we played on a claremont team with him years ago for the wolfpack.
    back them i know the guy was a athlete with pro future.
    sorry coach at amat.
    you dont control are kids future,only damage yours.
    your rb had like 12 carrys foe 29 yards.
    jay would of stumble over 50 years.
    i heard of read you put some like of structor gride lines onn jay ,either play 24/7 or your done.
    the kid is highly regaurded as a pro prospect.
    boy did you make it easy for his father to make that decision,
    the coaches at bohi share athletes to better all sports.its a team thing they have.
    could never see coach knott telling matt or k.c. baseball only boys.
    he loves those boys kicking butt for the pride of the bearcats future,
    you can get hurt just as easy in baseball as football,ask mark-linsey jason plowmen.
    good luck to jay this season,go bearcats.
    nobodys worried about w/c/ we have muir next,one game at a time

  • Jackboy

    Bobbi Bulldog,
    Dont you guys play Santa Fe next Friday? They beat a good Burbank team last week.
    If you get past them, I suspect youll probably play a great Burroughs team, good luck with that; I always pull for SGV teams.
    Thank you for the respect youve given us in these blogs, while we are concentrating on Muir, your concentrating on us and a game we played a month ago.
    Go Bearcats!

  • Upset City

    You read it hear first Santa Fe will beat West Covina

  • Scholar, Athlete and Gentlemen

    Fred, Fred, Fred
    Isn’t looking ahead just how you ate crow last week? You must be sitting too close to the ENORMOUS intellect of Aram. You have obviously jumped from the Amat/Azusa bandwagon (tailgate) and you are now drinking from the WC/Bohi Koolaid. Unfortunately the CIF is insisting that the quarter and semi finals be played before we just schedule up a rematch. Both teams have real challenges in those games as well. Granted it will be easier on paper for Westco, but a hungry and streaking Santa Fe and up and down Burroughs or Mayfair should not be dismissed or disrespected. I do believe that Westco will get there but I would not be shocked if they dont. BoHi on the other hand will have to dance with surging Muir and IF they get by Muir will meet a very talented La Serna or a double tough Norwalk. Quite frankly, no disrespect to Bonita but based upon seeing BoHi, Norwalk and La Serna I don’t think that the Bearcats make it past the stands at the Finals game. Obviously you dont think I am correct but why? My point is playoffs like journalism must be dealt with objectively and one game at a time. Bold prediction (of say an Amat and Azusa finals appearance) may draw clicks from homers but it tends to dismiss and disrespect opposing football programs. It also makes for some notable red faced mea culpa moments on tape late Friday night. I love your passion but please Fred, give us your insightful analysis of the games at hand (ie journalism) rather than this fluff.

  • AHHH…The sound of Amat Silence

    Boy it sure is nice being able to read these post without reading all the conceited Amat fans hijacking these boards telling us how great they are…how they are a dynasty…how they rule the SGV…….Hope they learned “Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk”…..Talk is cheap.

    Ok….enough about Amat. Good luck to the remaining teams in the playoffs. Looks like Chino Hills might waltz into the semis in their new division only to face Centennial…ouch. I think West Co. will not be stopped. Good luck to Covina as well.

  • Bobby Bulldog

    Don said;

    “Nobody knows who you are, huh; how riveting. So since you and your doppelgngers have chosen to go all secret squirrel”

    Kind of like “Don” and “Jackboy”?

    Relax. You guys(or girls) are great at making things up and then commenting on your own made up stuff.

    Who said we were looking past Santa Fe?. All the teams are shooting for us, anyone with any football sense would know we can’t overlook any teams.

    BTW, does Podley know you guys are trying to fire up the Bulldogs even more? You may want to have a chat with your boy kh.

  • JFR


    Santa Fe is down this year, we shut them out and got by them without Santiago at QB. Never look past anyone but I think it’s fair to say that you won’t have a problem with them.

  • the truth

    its been awhile,

    very busy with my kids getting them on the right path,

    thoughts from the bleachers,

    w cov is the class and bonita knows it, however bonita would love to get to the finals and lose their second cif in less than 12 months.

    Amat, amat , amat, love the posts about how its so nice to post without dealing with the amat egos. This now becomes a true SGV blog and not just the Lancer shoutout. “Praise the lord”

    Now we will have to wait for amaters to resurface for baseball. Hmm wonder who is going to pitch for them this year????

    Dranch, to bad Roddys talent pool was the last 2 years and not this year.

    Charter Oak , well its nice to see them compete with the big boys as a recruiting school should. Wonder if those s hills kids are happy?

    Overachievers award goes to Walnut high. Good job this year.

    What happened to Glendora, nothing that “school of choice is not going to fix the next few years.”

    Huth keep those posts a coming. I really like trying to figure out what you are saying. And I agree the baseball guys are the best athletes and you can get hurt just as easy in baseball as football although in football I think the injury could be way worse.

    The truth, out.

  • ctown

    COVINA vs Whittier Christian!!! GotW hands down this game decides who wins that bracket!


    Ken…sorry but baseball players are NOT teh best athletes in teh world, the country or teh local play ground. No way, no how.

    Basketball players, at least at the pro level micght be betetr, football palyers at teh highest levels are clearly better.

    Dieon Sand4ers and Bo Jackson played baseball as a hobby. Baseball is two steps in front og lawn bowling and one step in front of golf.

    Look at CC Sabbathia, Greg Lusinksi and Prince Fielder…dude I normally agree with you butttttt in this case NO FREAKIN WAY.

    Do baseball players sweat during a game if the sun isn’t out? Matter of fact isn’t it true that a baseball player can play 9 innings and never even have a ball hit to them. What’s that about? And that’s a starter!!!

    Baseball is a leisure sport, like golf and lawn bowling, but for the working class.

    Yes hitting is ball at 90 plus is difficult and getting wood on a major league curve ball is what separates teh do from the don’t but comparing the best athletes in multiple sports and it’s not even closse….baseball’s best aren’t really teh best athletes as much as tehy are the kids with the best eye hand coordination…that I’ll give you.

    All in fun Ken but ….

  • reality

    Heard through the grapevine that Bohi fans are concerned for their safety if they attend Muir game and will keep themselves and their kids at home.As school is out this week there is no chance to address this issue at a pep rally.My point is we fans do not travel well already but believe this, THE BOYS, CHEERLEADERS, COACHES, need us to be there Fri. night to back them up if need be. So get your butts up and out of your comfort zone and get there and shout out for your team.BTW I have heard alot a positive things about Muir and their fans. I know their H.C. is a class act. Also avg. income is higher in Pasadena as well as avg home price than La Verne.

  • Jackboy

    I was born and raised close to the area your talking about. Why would Bohi fans be afraid to go to Pasadena to watch our Bearcats play, again, why would we be concerned about our safety? Im not!

  • LA Insider

    Los Altos will reveal within two weeks their BIG NAME coach that just signed Saturday to aide Arellanes on the defensive side of the ball. Hint former H.H. Native. Stay tuned.

  • just askin’


  • Bulldog Dad

    Bobby Bulldog,

    Do the Bulldog Family a favor and stay away from the keyboard for the next three weeks. Our boys are focused on Santa Fe, your smack adds nothing to the task at hand. Follow the lead of West Covina’s own Blogfather Dan, keep it positive, keep it about WestCo, or keep it off the blog. Didn’t Will Rogers once say “It is better to not type and be thought a fool, instead of touching the keyboard and removing all doubt.” You’ve removed all doubt. Dennis Reynolds, this also applies to you.

  • Don


    I know you’re right about you guys and SFHS, I was at your game that night. (Sat two rows in front of Travis’ Dad and Grandma). Thing folks should remember is Santa Fe this season is a lot like BoHi was last year in that they started the season injured and it got worse every week. They have brought most but not of the talent back the last couple weeks including Coach Jack Mahlstede’s grandson Christian, a two way mainstay.

    Speaking of which, . . . Jack, not talent, I’ve watched this guy since I played against him over 40 years ago. Do not sell Mahlstede short, he is the best big game manager in his neck of the woods.

    By the way, where is my pal StangFan? Bro, you ought to be dancing today. Congrats.

  • kh

    i didnt say the toughes sports.
    it gets more skills to be a big leaguer the any other sport.
    football catch the ball kick the ball block for the runners,pass the ball,right,,,lots of skills there…
    if you didnt play the game at a higher then h.s. level then you cant really get the whole picture my friend,what about the traveling in baseball,

    bulldoggs fans are getting there faethers all wet.
    i love it.
    bearcats are coming boys.
    denise reynolds you dont listen to your husband why would you let some other man stop you now.
    the pressure is coming every week the big game is almost here.that little game was for the league patch ,this one for the rest of the kids life…….

    mr. bulldog.i have my patch from t.c. 1977-78 cif champs
    going to put k.c. right next to mine…..

    who in the hell thinks we are scared to go to pasadena,
    i live there two years,grow up 3 miles from there,
    you sound racist,
    we fill you,but the days of them against us,
    forget it bro.
    pasadena culture will always live on.thats one of the happing towns at night,old town rocks.
    if your scared call the police,bonita fans that support the bearcats will flock like seagals to the game with pride…
    go bearcats

  • JG

    Bulldog Dad Great advice to Bobby Bulldog to Tone it down, WC has had a great year lets respect our apponents, and take them on one at a time GO BULLDOGS!!!

  • Johnny Cochran

    Did kh just play the race card?

  • Jersey Shore

    hey LA Insider,

    Unless you are going back in time to hire Godinez as your head coach you are S&%@ out of luck cause you are going to see multiple 0 for seasons for a while. You guys had the chance to make it right, but you let him go!

  • O.J.

    If kh’s a twit… must acquit!

    Plus..I told them that glove was a batting glove!

  • HHNativeForever

    LA Insider

    Get real. No “big name” coach would touch LA with a ten foot pole, especially as an assistant to a clueless head coach. You may have hooked a disillusioned alumni player who thinks it would be cool to “right the ship”, but if he has any brains at all, he’ll be gone by summer.

  • JG

    KH Check yourself, your comments On Baseball players by far are the best athletes is a crock, BTW nobody is getting there feathers wet. You Mentioned that WC Got that little patch by winning the hacienda league, Well one of the reasons we won that little patch, is because we beat a good BOHI team Along with with other good teams in our league, We will take one game at a time, and if WC does happen to meet the Bearcats in the playoffs, And BOHI wins Then we are one win apeace. good luck this year, But then again you always have your baseball justifacation right. Like i said check youself.

  • 12th man

    Reading theese blogs is starting to get entertaining..Its like a mini-reality show!! Good jobs to all the bloggers!~

  • valley guy

    I think Muir will get past Bonita but in a very good game and Mayfair will lose to Burroughs, West Co is going to man handle Santa Fe and La Serna easily get by Norwalk wing “T” offense only West CO can run that offense and make it look like the coach is actually doing some coaching.
    In my opinion any coach that runs the wing “T” isn’t a good coach thats just my opinion the wing “T” goes no further than high school and most of the athletes that run crazy in that offense normally cant run a regular offensive setting good. they get use to the misdirection and confusing of the D.Line. THATS JUST MY OPINION

  • SDHS Wrestling Fan

    Can’t wait for wrestling season to start. Hope to read about the local high school meets.

  • Bobby Bulldog

    JG and Bulldog Dad,

    You guys are taking this blog way too seriously.

    I cannot imagine whatever is said on this silly blog would actually affect a team’s performance, but of course your entitled to your opinion.

    Since you guys think that I am out of line, I would like to point out that I thought the chanting of “overrated” was classless by our fans at the Bonita game.

    Hope you guys were not part of that.

  • Chino Hills

    Congratulations Huskies,

    Chino Hills taking care of business when it counts against a very tough Corona team. Your team stands alone as the sole representative of the Sierra League. Playing in the Inland Division with teams like Vista Murrieta, Eastvale Roosevelt, Norco and Corona Centennial is like an “E” ticket ride, it’s what High School football is all about. We know Ifo will lead his gang of Huskies to victory against Etiwanda on friday night and I know the Eagles remember who Mr. Ekpre’ Olomu is.

    Go Huskies!

  • JFR


    My neighbor plays for Bohi aka Fohi the powerhouse of the 70’s and 80’s. CO was up on Muir last year 20-0 with 7 minutes left in the game when they stormed back and we held them on the last play of the game for a two point conversion. Final score 20-19. Beware. Speed KILLS.

  • Bulldog Dad

    Bobby Bulldog,

    Your “thoughts” about the game on October 29th are irrelevant. Most of us in the stands share your thoughts. Nonetheless, our boys have work to do. Their focus needs to be on Friday’s opponent, not October’s afterthought. Save your comments for the season’s end, support OUR team, praise OUR boys, and good will come. Respect your opponent, even if it is the pathologically Bulldog-obsessed kh.

  • kh

    so if k.h. is a racist ?
    why would he ever play football ?
    dosnt football have a colored brown ball?
    the only color i see is bulldog red….

  • Loss Altos needs more than a coach

    Does this coach have any eligibility left; last I checked coaches can’t play.

    Based on current projections LA will have a good shot at stopping their losing streak at 20 games, when you face Rowland next year. That is going to be the only game you have a chance of winning next year.

    Is it true that Franco and Ortiz transferring out to Damien (Gano).

  • Dan

    Don’t think any team in this division is going to lay down for us, they will be gunning for WC looking to knock the top seed out of the playoffs, Our boys know that on any given night anything can happen. This road will not be easy.
    Santa Fe will come ready to play and with a chip on their shoulder. They were injured but have gotten healthy these past couple of weeks and I remember they had talented players on that team. They have a few nice recievers in Steve Hernandez[6″2″ 180,I played with his father a long time ago] and Christian Malested [6’3″ 190] and Joey Davis[6’0″ 185], I believe Malested also played QB last week vs Burbank and did a good job. Justin Rincon I belive also plays qb so I’m not sure who they go with. They beat us in the 2002 playoffs and we beat them in the 04, They have a good defense that swarms to the ball and I seem to remember they had good size on the line. They certainly have the talent to knock any team off in this division on the right night, just ask Bonita if you don’t believe me.

  • Overated

    I am a Bonita fan and was at the WC game. Who cares about the overated chant. It was in good fun and I don’t think it had anything to do with class. We need to get over it. WC killed us and were just enjoying the moment. Hopefully, there will a part 2 to the game and we can pull the upset.

  • Muir rocks

    Muir will show the the “slow Bearcats” what speed is all about. WC crushed you with their speed and were just as fast….

    See you soon!

  • The Stang Fan

    This should be a fun week and a very interesting game.

    Bonita is 10-1 and riding pretty high after scoring half a note against the competition last week. They seem to be a well-coached team with some really good athletes and a penchant to toss it around a little. Last Saturday’s article mentioned that Podley actually coached out at Muir a while back, does anyone know which years? I know he’s been at Bohi for some time now, so he might’ve been here during some of our good runs in the 80’s or 90’s. Looking forward to hosting all of the great Bohi bloggers, Don, kh, Aaron, reality, etc., but a little disappointed to read that some folks may be “afraid” to travel to NW Pasadena. Look, if folks from Arcadia and Crescenta Valley aren’t afraid to come to our neck of the woods, neither should the Bonita fans. I hope that that isn’t the case.

    As for the Stangs, we seem to playing the type of ball most had expected at the beginning of the year. Truth is, we got healthy at the start of league, and it took awhile for our injured players to catch up. There were some games when we only suited 23-24 players, and as of last week I counted 35 on the field. Against LM the boys played fast, tough, smart, and disciplined. I’m hoping that trend will continue this week.

    Good luck to all the SGV teams, and congrats to Amat on a great regular season.

    Btw Don, I’ll be waiting for that prediction early Friday morning with my “warm cup of Joe.” Lol.


    Christmas came early – B Amat is out of the playoffs and loses over a hundred spots on the national list,I love this time of year

  • jcaz

    Just got back from drowning my tears in Vegas. I guess you win some and you lose some…Oh well.

    Anyway,a couple of thing Ive noticed here in reading the blogs today.

    1. Lot’s of folks tearing down Amat and their blogers. Not surprising given the outcome on Friday night, however, as some of the other folks had observed…..The main reason why you had so much smack talking all year long was because there was always someone out there baiting these guys along. But what can you say about that anyway ? Its all for schitz and giggles right ?

    2. I also noticed that Aztec pride actually got far more negative hits than did almost all of the Amat faithful put together. Now, I dont really know if most of that came from his rivals in the Mountview league, or from folks who just, plan didnt like the guy, or even the comments that he made throughout the course of the year. For me, I enjoyed reading his post’s if only because this guy sowed so much pride in his school that I often wondered if he had Aztec pride engraved on his neck ! Lots of people came after him, but you know, this guy reminds me allot of Clipper Darryl. A true fan to the end, no matter what ! Awesome dude !!

    3. I noticed this year that we had lots of new comers to the blog as well as one very noticeable returnee…..Hum…… Anyway, we had Colt74, 12th man and a few others. That was cool, if only because I can reach back into my joke book and re-post one or more of my “Classic” joke book, and re-post some of my earlier “corny” Azz jokes…….and they would never have been the wiser. Something to be said about recycling eh ?? Ha ha ha

    4. Another thing I noticed was that after that third loss, almost all of the Charter Oaks fans disappeared from the blog. I have to say that I was very disappointed in that because if anything, I really did enjoy the stuff that came from some of these guys throughout the year. The only exception to that of course, was from Non-sense. But even if you look at most of his recent comments, you will notice that they have really been “somewhat” watered down as of late. I suppose that even he is feeling a little bit bummed out this week if only because he is having to save his smack talking for next year…Oh well…

    5. I think that if any one is as depressed as all the Faithful were this week, then its got to be the moderators of this blog. As I said earlier, without rivalries, how are you going to keep any interest in this blogg alive anyway ? Keep in mind that when Charter Oak and Amat were going at it, the hits came at you like wild fire. Now that the two “premier” programs in this valley sitting at home, I kinda wonder how the boys in the office are going to cope….Maybe there’s a plan “B” ? Who knows….

    6. As for the rest of the football season, wow, how do you not root for both Covina and West Covina anyway ? It would be amazing to see these two win a CIF championship. I’ll be there at West Co on Friday night that’s for sure….

  • SGV For 30 Years

    So do you think #2 Seed La Serna is more confident or less confident about possibly matching up with West Covina or Bonita ? They were lucky to beat Walnut, the 4th place Hacienda League team in OT (at Home). What if they have to go on the road against WesCo or Bonita? It would have been nice to see the Mustangs pull the upset. Too bad Coach O’Shields’ name won’t come up for the SGV Coach of the Year. Is there another coach in the SGV who got more out of his players? Aram picked them to finsh just above Loss Altos in his pre-season polls. All they did this season was play WesCo closer than anyone else in league did, hand Covina their only loss, lose to DRanch in 2ot, and almost upset the #2 seeded team at their house. All this with a team that supposedly was a one man show.
    TO WALNUT INSIDER: I think it’s time for you to put your 2 cents in for Coach O’Shields and the rest of the Walnut staff. The job they did this season was one of the best coaching jobs I’ve seen @ Walnut since the year the Mustangs went to the finals.

    SGV430 Ouuuttt!!

  • LA Scenario

    That is ridiculous, if you know who the so called big name hire is…then spill it. And please please please dont let it be Godinez. Do we all not understand that no one wants this guy around except maybe 2-3 people, he cant bring anything to the table. and if los altos is firing the D coordinator, why are they not firing the O coordinator as well? did not anyone notice that last year he ran a chino hills offense that went 0-10 and again an LA offense that went 0-10 ( and if i recall correct, isnt chino doing pretty damn well this year)
    Jus a thought

  • just sayin’

    ITMWTOTY – what’s really hilarious is that Amat drops that far – and they’re STILL the highest ranked SGV school by over 400 spots! Ouch!

  • Sequel??

    Sequel to WC and BoHi, why? These two teams strapped it up in the regular season and the best team won. WC is in a differnet class than BoHi. Why would I want to see another beating in the finals, I want to see a competitive game. Those of you that think there would be a different outcome to a WC/BoHi match-up are ignorant. The first game was not even close. BoHi is simply to slow. They couldn’t protect their slow QB and if he has no time to throw it’s over because he will not run up field. He either takes the sack or throws it outta bounds.On the defensive side, Bohi does not match up well. Again because of the speed factor, but also the size of WC oline. The WC oline pushed the cats all over the field. Bohi could not stop the running game of WC, they had no answer for WC. Simply put, WC is at a different talent level than BoHi. BoHi can change their game plan, try trick plays or even use differnt personnel, but it won’t work. They just don’t have the football athletes that WC has. WC will be CIF champions and Bonita has nothing to say about it.

  • Joe Amat

    Here is a Sunday Tribbin’ joke … not to be confused with the blogger who is already a joke –

    So JCAZ was crossing a road outside Vegas when a frog called out to him and said, “If you kiss me, I’ll turn into a beautiful princess.”

    He bent over, picked up the frog and put it in his pocket.

    The frog spoke up again and said, “If you kiss me and turn me back into a beautiful princess, I will stay with you for one week.”

    JCAZ took the frog out of his pocket, smiled at it and returned it to the pocket.

    The frog then cried out, “If you kiss me and turn me back into a princess, I’ll stay with you forever and do ANYTHING you want.”

    Again JCAZ took the frog out, smiled at it and put it back into his pocket.

    Finally, the frog asked, “What is the matter? I’ve told you I’m a beautiful princess, that I’ll stay with you forever and do anything you want. Why won’t you kiss me?”

    JCAZ said, “Look I don’t have time for a girlfriend, but a talking frog … now that’s cool.”

  • AMAT 73

    First off I want to thank the Men in Blue for a very exciting season and congratulations on your success this year although it didn’t finish as you would have like it is still something to hold your heads high as you gave it your all , all season long , thank you . Second , congratulations to a very good Tesoro team . They had the game plan and executed it to a T . Fine win because to come into AMAT and go home with the win is something no one’s done in 3 years , great job . On the game as in the Alemany game you cannot afford to turn the ball over 4 times to a good team and expect to win. Tesoro played great and deserved the win . We will be back as we had a very young team and many starters will return and hopefully so will Rio , he played his heart out as did all the fine young LANCERS . Now to answer sgvsworstsince1995. Truly I can’t answer your question as to why we haven’t won the title since 1995 . The easy and ridicules answer is we are not good enough but I believe we are good enough and have what it takes. It is very tough to win the PAC-5 and we are now in the hunt every year and we will win it sooner than later . I firmly believe that and you can believe what you want . Their are many variables why, but hating a school or a team isn’t a good enough reason to say it won’t happen as you do . I asked you for your opinion on how CO would do since you do use them as your team and you gave a fair answer. Proved to me you can be a contributing blogger and not just a pain in the azz as you have portrayed yourself to AMAT . Funny in the fact that I too cheer for every team in the SGV when they play an outsider only time I don’t is when they play AMAT . You got me all wrong on that Trib rating as I have always said the only rating that matters is the CIF #1 rating after the season . The Trib rating is what it is nothing more nothing less. If you would have asked me to give you my thoughts on the Tesoro game I would have replied then but your question is asked of us every week by you so what was the point of asking or answering . I though maybe just maybe you could see what I was trying to get from you and it worked but your hate just couldn’t let you be a real contributor for a while at least .So in closing it is really funny in the fact that AMAT losing brings such joy to you it just solidifies what I have told you before, love us or hate us we are always on your mind . To all the rest of the teams still playing on Fridays good luck to all of you and bring the championships home because this is one LANCER who will be pulling for you guys. Keep on reppin the SGV . And to all of you bloggers joining me without a team in the race we’ll get um next year .

  • War Chiefs

    West Co do not look past SFHS, just know Head Coach is in his next to last year of coaching and all his players and coaches are gearing up for a hard push. Jacks son is the defensive co. who changed from a 50 to 40 front after so many years. The players and coaches are now understanding. The only problem SFHS may have is that they play to many juniors. Play Hard Chiefs!

  • SGV For 30 Years

    AMAT 73,

    Good perspective on your season. Let people say what they will. I have no problem saying that Amat is still the best team in our area. As for winning the Pac-5? Do you think the rest of us in the SGV would have been able to beat Tesoro? Sometimes the ball just doesn’t bounce your way. The only thing tougher than getting to the top is staying there. Why do you think it is that not many teams have been able to win the Pac-5 back to back? All the rest of us have to do really is look at South Hills and Charter Oak. What did they do when they stepped up in competition? I’m sure that as long as Amat doesn’t do something stupid like let Hags go they will always be about to contend for a championship. Yea it’s been a while but some schools have never hung a banner.
    The bigger picture is that these youngmen have learned what dedication and sacrifice is all about. They have experienced the highs of winning and the dissappointment of losing. I think we all just hope that all these youngmen (all over the SGV) realize that the most memoriable part of playing high school football is the hard work, sacrifice, and dedication. Those are the things that will make them successful in their lives.

    SGV430 Ouutt!!

  • 12th man

    Amat had a great season!! They just ran into the wrong team at the wrong time!..It happens…Im curious to see if Tesoro can get by Mater Dei & if Crespi can make a run?? The Pac 5 is filled with action & my only question is..Who should play in the state open division??..Should it be the Pac 5 champion or Corona Centennial the team that has been beating there opponents by an average of 50 points in the Inland division..As far as the SGV goes..Good luck this hard!! play fair!! & play like its your last play every play!!~

  • jcaz

    Joe Amat, that was funny…

    Steve Ramirez. Read your article today and I just have one question for you. If you make the argument that the Big East should no longer be considered for a BCS bid, because of the fact that those teams left that conference, then how could you turn around and make the argument that the conference that Boise State currently plays in is as good if not better than either the ACC or the Big East as a whole ?

    In other words, you cant just say that a conference should be BCS eligible, solely on how one team performs. Ideally, you should ask Boise State to move out of where they are, into a more competitive conference.

    Also, in reading today’s fish wrap, I got a kick out of a joke someone had mailed into the paper this morning. I just wanted to share that with all of you….

    Non-sense got a job as a school teacher.

    One day a little girl in his class was talking to non-sense about whales.

    Non-sense sternly told the class that it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human being because even though they are very large mammals, their throats were relatively small.

    A little girl said, “I know what the bible says, teacher, and the bible says that Jonah was swallowed by a whale.”

    Non-sense, in a scolding voice restated the fact that a whale cannot swallow a human being because it was physically impossible !

    The little girl said to non-sense, “when I get to heaven, I will ask Jonah.”

    Frustrated, Non-sense retorted, “what if Jonah went to hell ?”

    At that, the little girl replied, “well then, you can ask him.”

  • Why-cuz it’s hard-that’s why!

    We’re talking about one of the top 5 divisions in the country. not just this year – every year. The country!
    Amat’s waiting 16 years – here’s some other interesting waits in the highest division of CIF:

    Long Beach Wilson – never
    Mission Viejo – never
    Santa Margarita never
    Tesoro never
    Newport Harbor never
    Alemany never
    San Clemente never
    Huntington Beach – never
    Dana Hills – never
    Trabuco Hills – never
    Lakewood never
    Compton – never
    Marina – never
    Millikan – never
    Mater Dei 12 yrs
    Crespi 24 yrs
    Edison – 30 yrs
    Notre Dame – never
    St John Bosco – never
    Long Beach Jordan never
    Servite – until last year 26 yrs!

    egg on their face? karma getting them too? “WHY DO THEY FAIL EVERY YEAR… WHY…? WHY CAN’T THEY WIN…?”

    it ain’t easy – that’s why! – and that’s what makes it great!

  • Can’t

    14 of your 21 on your list can not recruit like Amat.

  • All for one and one for all

    Can’t – if you really believe that you’re ignorant to the machinations of D1 high school football. There is ONE rule book used for everybody with Open Enrollment and 1 transfer after Freshmen year in it!

  • Can’t

    Did i touch a nerve. It is ok, open enrollment for all. With one transfer freshmen year; sounds like all the parents follow the rules. Enjoy the 2nd round of playoffs. Good luck to all the teams left.

  • Sequel ??

    Sequel?? said:

    Sequel to WC and BoHi, why? These two teams strapped it up in the regular season and the best team won. WC is in a differnet class than BoHi. Why would I want to see another beating in the finals, I want to see a competitive game. Those of you that think there would be a different outcome to a WC/BoHi match-up are ignorant. The first game was not even close. BoHi is simply to slow. They couldn’t protect their slow QB and if he has no time to throw it’s over because he will not run up field. He either takes the sack or throws it outta bounds.On the defensive side, Bohi does not match up well. Again because of the speed factor, but also the size of WC oline. The WC oline pushed the cats all over the field. Bohi could not stop the running game of WC, they had no answer for WC. Simply put, WC is at a different talent level than BoHi. BoHi can change their game plan, try trick plays or even use differnt personnel, but it won’t work. They just don’t have the football athletes that WC has. WC will be CIF champions and Bonita has nothing to say about it.

  • the nuts


    You sell your coaching staff short Mags schooled the Bonita staff and in my opinion was the difference in this game. Bonita does have a chance and that chance is only if the Bonita staff has the nuts to put its best athletes on the field all the time and less is more, no stupid trick plays just play good football. Every bid of momentum Bonita had Mags would call time out and slow the cats down he routinely made adjustments on defense and it worked. Bonita can make some adjustments to match the speed of West Covina but like I said the coaching staff has to have the nuts?

  • Walnut Insider

    I was impressed with Walnut’s play this year. I thought they were a .500 team at best and they ended up winning 6 and making the playoffs.

    A couple of surprises on the players side. First, Roach surpassed all expectations. He was an average QB that played with a ton of heart and I think helped motivate the team by example. He never gave up and always got up after some big hits. And I think the team rallied around that.

    Tsukada was a real spark early on and some of those wins might not have happened had he not stepped it up. Of course, Coleman performed like he was supposed to so that didn’t hurt.

    Defensively, they made some adjustments during the year to help that defense from bleeding like it was heading into league. Against La Serna we got to see the real strength of that defense with #44 & #42.

    How was the coaching? I thought they did really well. They had solid game plans every week and minus the Claremont game, the team was always up to play. Coming back against Rowland was huge, especially if you saw the Claremont game. They adjusted their game plan when necessary as well.

    At the end of the La Serna game, Walnut tried to run it in and not throw it. I thought it was a little weird considering Roach can also run, but then you have to think maybe O’Shields didn’t want to lose the chance at a tie.

    The only bad play call that sticks out is the one before half against Rowland, throwing the ball with 15 seconds left. I am sure he would take it back if he could. But them coming back to win made it that much sweeter.

    I think next year is going to be tough to replace some of these guys. Obviously you can’t replace a player like Coleman, but then you also have a player like Roach who has so many intangibles that he will also be hard to replace. However, I will be cautiously optimistic heading into next season. This was a solid season for Walnut and hopefully they can build on this momentum for the years to come.

  • Scholar Athlete Gentleman

    Did you see the LS/Walnut game? By your idiotic remarks, I don’t think so? I did and here is what I will tell you. You have stated in this blog and Campa’s that LS was “Lucky” to win the game. I can tell you that with the exception of 1 long pass were the LS DB slipped and fell, LS dominated Walnut defensively and limited them to their lowest point total of the year. If you have truly been watching SGV Football for 30 years there is 1 lesson that you should have learned, namely “Don’t shoot your mouth off about that which you do not know.” You ask twice if LS feels differently about Bonita and Westco after Friday night and I can tell you resoundingly No. This is not because the Coaches at LS are arrogant. It is precisely because the opposite is true. Coach Beltran of LS has enormous respect for EVERY program that he competes against EVERY week regardless of their record or their hype. This is why he prepared the team as hard for 0-10 Whittier as he did for LB Wilson or La Mirada. He will give that same unyielding respect for Norwalk, Bonita, Muir or anyone else he plays in this Tournament. You see, the man is old school and respect and preparation are simply an integral part of his moral character. You seem to be enamored with Bonita hanging on 50 points on Cal yet you somehow overlook LS doing the same in 2 1/2 quarters the week before. I would also forward that it was the LS thumping of Cal that lead to Bonita putting up the 50 points. Given the 50 years of bad blood (rivalry) between Cal and LS, I don’t think that Cal played with nearly the same degree of intensity or motivation against Bonita as they did against LS. Since you are wondering aloud and in all too many places, I will tell you that Coach Beltran and the La Serna Lancers will be physically, mentally and emotionally for Bonita, West Covina or any other team that they face, but not before they give all their focus and respect to Norwalk High School this Friday Night. It may not make great fodder for blog hits or for your muddled meanderings, but it is a formula that has yielded success on the field and I believe a formula that win or lose will lead these young men to success long after they lay aside their pads for greater endeavors in the future.

  • FC

    Yoi know Ken can be over teh top sometimes and sometimes he really puts his son on the libne but give the guy credit…he doesn’t back down and DOES have a CIF Ring and did get signed out of highs chool and does have connections because he does put in teh time in a game he loves.

    Last year I thought he was nuts putting Boinit out there AFTER they lost Plowman, and Gio and many other…YET Bonita bounced back and should have, could hav ewon a CIF title while Amat lost went they shouldn’t.

    Thsi year he says Bonita will be betetr, even though Podley had Basic and a few otehr Bearcat fans doubing…YET, other tha the WC game Bonita is undefeated…plus tehy schooled Calemont wit a second string QB and endured several injuries to main line players.

    Do I knwo it Bonita will beat MUir..I don’t know but give Ken some credit…he puts himself, and his kid…”out there’ and doesn’t hide behing anonymous names.

    Gee Ken I’m still waiting for an invite to a Redbirds game but in truth you’re okay in my book even though I’;d prepfer you didn’t singel out Bioniat players who play..”only three play a game”.

    Best of luck this next game….you’re going to need it!

  • kh

    fc well put.
    but you will still burn in hell.

  • my pal salizian slut (or any other names you can think of)

    …”out there’ and doesn’t hide behing anonymous names.”

    I just wish he would take his own advice

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