Tribskin Pick’em, your predictions and ours

Steve and I will go head-to-head in Tribskin Pick’em throughout the season for our annual dinner bet. I lead the overall series, two years to one.
Last Week: Robledo (11-4); Ramirez (13-2).
Season: Robledo (178-54); Ramirez (175-57).

Last week: Steve picked up a pair of wins and now trails by just three heading into Friday’s quarterfinals. We both missed taking Bishop Amat and Azusa, but I also took Arroyo and Baldwin Park, who lost to San Dimas and Schurr respectively, which were two games Ramirez picked correctly.

This week: To make it interesting, we will pick the remaining games in the Southeast, Inland and Mid-Valley Division, where six of our local teams remain. The most intriguing game is Bonita at Muir, which is where I’m headed this week. It’s a tough game for the Bearcats for several reasons, like being on the road where there are only about 500 seats for the visitors, a venue that can be quite intimidating. Muir is a big-game type of team too. They may fall asleep during the regular season, but when they’re inspired, they can play with anyone as we saw against Charter Oak last year, and again this year with their upset over La Mirada 33-14 in the first round. For teams that wish to throw it, like Bonita, it can be dangerous because of the Mustangs’ speedy and athletic corners. But I like Bonita because they can run too, and the way to beat Muir is to pound it all night because that’s been their weakness for years, their rush defense. Even though they moved the ball offensively at times against Bishop Amat earlier this year, they couldn’t stop Amat’s run game at all. You can pencil West Covina into the next round, but I’m afraid all we will have left is San Dimas in the Mid-Valley after Friday out of respect for the Olympic League, which went 3-0 and proved what everyone’s been saying, that they have the best league in the division from top to bottom. I would have liked Covina’s chances at home against Whittier Christian, but not on the road at Whittier College. CalPreps’ computers has Covina winning 29-22, but that’s probably because they factored in the Colts’ win over West Covina back in the beginning of the season, and we know what would happen if they played now. I’m rooting for the Colts, but after what happened to Azusa, I’m not betting against Olympic League teams unless one of them goes up against Monrovia. Speaking of the Olympic, that means I have Rosemead going down, and going down hard to Village Christian. Chino Hills is rather fortunate to get Etiwanda in the second round of the powerful Inland. Not a bad draw when you can face the weakest of the eight remaining, so I like their chances of moving on. So, after Friday we should have four remaining, West Covina, Bonita, San Dimas and Chino Hills.

Friday’s games and predictions
CIF-SS quarterfinals
Southeast Division
All games scheduled for 7:30 p.m.

Southeast Division
Santa Fe (7-4) at West Covina (10-1) — Robledo (WCovina); Ramirez (WCovina)
Burbank Burroughs (7-4) at Mayfair (7-4) — Robledo (Mayfair); Ramirez (Mayfair)
Bonita (10-1) at Muir (7-4) — Robledo (Bonita); Ramirez (Muir)
La Serna (10-1) at Norwalk (7-4) — Robledo (La Serna); Ramirez (La Serna)
Mid-Valley Division
Rosemead (8-3) at Village Christian (7-4) — Robledo (Village Christian); Ramirez (Village Chr.)
Covina (10-1) vs. Whittier Christian (10-1) — Robledo (Whittier Christian); Ramirez (Covina)
Maranatha (8-3) at San Dimas (7-4) — Robledo (San Dimas); Ramirez (San Dimas)
Schurr (7-5) at Monrovia (9-2) — Robledo (Monrovia); Ramirez (Monrovia)
Inland Division
Corona Centennial (11-0) at Upland (8-3) — Robledo (Centennial); Ramirez (Centennial)
Chino Hills (9-2) at Etiwanda (6-5) — Robledo (CHills); Ramirez (CHills)
Rancho Cucamonga (10-1) at Corona Roosevelt (9-2) — Robledo (Rancho); Ramirez (Roosevelt)
Vista Murrieta (10-1) at Norco (9-2) — Robledo (Norco); Ramirez (VMurrieta)

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  • Colt74

    There you have it Colts!

    You have two choices:

    1. Call up Whittier Christian and forfeit the game because “YOUR FAVORITE TRIB REPORTERS” don’t believe in you (but still root for you), and jumped ship faster than Azusa could prove them wrong.


    2. Play with the same dedication, heart, and loyalty to your coach and teammates that has gotten you to where you are. Play every play like it’s the LAST play for your friends out there on the field with you. Do what you have been doing all season and every now and then look into the stands and see who else, besides yourselves, believes in you.

    Choose option number 2 and NOBODY can stop you…

  • Bulldog Parent

    Good luck to all the SGV teams this Friday!!

  • wilson fan

    just want to wish covina luck this week..hope you guys can continue on!

  • Norco

    Fred…for once I agree with you…

  • Red Barron

    Good luck to all the teams, favs or not, and an early Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. As a player and as a coach, I always said the season isn’t a successful one unless we played through Thanksgiving. Here it is, all ripe with all the fixings.

    Glad to see Fred has changed his mind with Chino Hills.

    Go Huskies!

  • Mr Football

    In the Mid Valley,

    Mid-Valley Division
    Rosemead (8-3) at Village Christian (7-4) (Village Christian);
    Covina (10-1) vs. Whittier Christian (10-1))(Whittier Christian);
    Maranatha(8-3) at San Dimas (7-4)(Maranatha)
    Schurr (7-5) at Monrovia (9-2)(Monrovia)

    During the playoffs, we get a good look at who is good and who has been pretending. So, Far we have seen that Azusa’s defense Was not what we thought they would be.. We also saw that Arroyo’s offense is not as explosive as we thought. As I predicted the experience you gain during the year is valuable. If your league is weak, your preseason better be good. Both these teams learned that last week. Now we are into the second round, we will continue to see if what we predicted will come true. Here are my predictions.

    Maranatha 28 vs San Dimas 21
    I am going to say it first, Maranatha is going to beat San Dimas. I saw them play against Covina, and they have a very hard time stopping the passing game. A team that can throw consistently can move the ball on them and put pressure on the Saints to score big. Arroyo could throw the ball, but Elfers is a bigger QB with a better arm. He will be able to see the field better. The team that gets the most stops will win. Maranatha wants a shootout and if they do they win.

    Monrovia 35 vs Schurr 14
    Monrovia will beat sure by at least two scores. Unlike this week, Schurr will face a team which does not have their best players going both ways. BP had their best players going both ways and just ran out of steam. However BP does not have a player like bueno on O and A Player like McCarthy on D. Monrovia cannot allow Schurr to hang around late, or Cantu could make them pay. Cantu will make some plays, but the Cats will prevail.

    Rosemead 14 vs Village Christian 28
    Village will win this game, but it will close. These two teams are mirror images of eachother. Fregoso and Aboul-Hosn will run like crazy, but the team that can mix it up, and keep the other team off balance, will have a great chance. The fact that Rosemead gave 36 pts to TC makes me wonder how good their D is. They are the underdogs, so maybe that will give them motivation. Village has been giving up pts, but thier league was tougher, and They just played Azusa. Village has to b careful not to have a let down after such a emotional victory.

    Whitter Christian 31, Vs Covina 28
    Whittier Christian wins this game in close one. This game is the most interesting game in week two. Covina has suprised alot of people, and practically came out of nowhere to be a top seed in the playoffs. They are no longer sneaking up on anyone. Both teams have QB’s in Livingston for
    Covina, and Anderson for Whittier Christian who has a better completion ratio. The only difference that seperates the two is Mobility. Anderson has 500 yrds rushing. This brings me to my next point…this game is going to come down to line play. This is where I think WC has the edge.
    With Worthy and company, I think the size factor up front may cause problems for Covina. Covina has the speed factor and should use that advantage. However I think WC D line will get to th QB.

  • The Stang Fan

    Freddie J,

    If you were on PTI, you would have tallied a few points with your comment about Muir’s run defense. It has certainly been the achilles heel when the Stangs run up against solid teams.

    The main reason for that is the lack of bodies at the school. Yes, we have a few athletes, but big bubbas are harder to find as we all know. This is why Muir is generally undersized up front. Someone posted the school populations of the SE schools a few weeks back and it was beyond staggering. Most schools are in the 2000-3000 range, while Muir sits at 1050. That’s crazy. The poster also noted that Muir would have been the 2nd smallest school in the Mid-Valley division, in front of Blair. Can you imagine the Stangs in the Mid-Valley? It’s been like that for a while now, and Muir has still been able to have some success. However, the lack of big, strong bodies up front usually gets exploited and has been one of the main culprits of our early playoff exits the past 10 years.

    Hey, you play with what you got, and you play hard. We’re used to it, and our boys give it their all and compete. But it’s still a valid point, and it’s an issue that has been brought up by writers, coaches, and bloggers when discussing SH and CO moving to the Inland. If we are LUCKY enough to play in a championship game against WC, we’ll be playing a team that TRIPLES our population (nearly 3000 to our 1000.) I know. Crazy, right?

    The ray of hope as a Muir fan, is the fact that we were able to play well up front and out-dueled two very physical teams in Burroughs and La Mirada. Let’s not forget that LM has 3 OL’s who’ll be playing on Saturdays next year, and a RB heading to the Pac-10. They drove the length of the field and scored on the first drive of the game, but got shut down the rest of the way. Bottom line, Muir won the battle in the trenches, and the speedsters did the rest.

    When the boys line it up on Friday night, neither side will give a rat’s a** how many kids go to Muir and how many attend Bonita. They never have and never will. My hope is that both teams bring their very best to the table and compete like hell in a hard-fought and exciting game. Good luck to both schools this Friday, and put on a show that we will all be proud to say we attended!

  • A different Wilson fan

    Just want to wish Whittier Christian luck this week. Hope you guys can continue on!

    Wesco was a fluke.

    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once every Fall.

    Gerry Cooney even had his 15 minutes, once.

    Skip Thursday’s practice, and load up on pumpkin pie, ’cause come Saturday morning, you’re gonna wish you had anyway.

  • Just saying

    I pick Amat they are the best team in the valley.

    After all they should get a ring for that right??

  • Colt81

    As a senior at Covina 30 years ago, I watched our guys roll through the playoffs to win. Now, with a son on this year’s Colts team, the excitement of Friday night football is back. I wish luck to all the remaining SGV teams, but I’ll be in the stands at Whittier College pulling for CHS.

  • SaintsR4real

    Mr. Football

    Thanks for your insights

    Couple questions, when did Maranatha face Covina, not this year. How can you state Covina had a hard time defending the passing game?

    Fact is San Dimas needs (IMO) to step up in 2 areas:
    Special Teams; too many kids doing too many blunders…. practice any and all situations that can and will happen!

    Pass Defense; I believe we have been getting burned al season long because our competition knows we are week in the secondary and can’t find the quality kids to fix it!

    You fix this, you have a VICTORY this Friday night!



  • Hefe

    I think the Olympic League teams are gonna roll right along.

  • Colt74

    The ONLY prediction I’m going to make is that Steve picks up some ground in this weeks picks. Now with that said and for your amusement…
    Since Friday officially starts the Christmas countdown, to help get us all in the mood I came up with a perfect carol that could be sung after the Covina Colts-Whittier Christian Heralds game. This one is a bit more football oriented. Hope you all enjoy it.

    A Colt Christmas Carol

    Hark! the Heralds players sing,
    Glory to Covina the mids new King,
    Scored at will the crowd went wild,
    Fred and Aram reconcil’d.
    Hark! the Heralds players sing,
    Glory to Covina the mids new King.

    Joyful all ye Colts fans rise,
    Livingstons passes flew thru the skies,
    Hollenbecks kids will all proclaim,
    Vinnys* the best that played the game.
    Hark the Heralds payers sing
    Glory to Covina the mids new King ( Repeat )*

    * Repeat verse until all Covina players named

    Now granted, my carol takes a tad longer to get thru than the normal one because of all the players but I really think it could catch on…..
    And of coarse we will need to change the opposing team mascot name each week.

    We could even invite “a different Wilson fan” to lead us in the carol this week! His schedule is free on Friday nights. And since this is the season of giving I’m sure we could find a couple of nuts for him and his blind squirrel.

  • cov80

    oh boy fred i can only hope u have crow for dinner this thanksgiving GO C TOWN!

  • Colt74

    Covina is going to win this Friday night. After all the stats and predictions I input both teams into the “ONLY” proven tried and true football analyzer….

  • colt insider

    Wilson fan just like it was luck that we whopped on your a….can’t wait for next our entire team is coming back with the exception 1 DB,1 LB and center so keep talking and maybe next year we will make it 60-0. Do you call it luck that the West C team had 3 int’s, onside kick they didn’t recover and one fumble or could it be the 90 plus tackles our team had vrs a much bigger and stronger team. This team has something West covina was lacking that day…called heart and a never give up attitude. Oh I forgot number 84 was kicked out the last quarter…BS we beat BP without our QB the entire 2nd half. Good teams find a way. West Co should have beat our team but they only had 2 long runs against our D and one was Johnson with a broken play up the middle to start the game. I guess it was luck that we beat SD, no it’s called 2nd half adjustments. Just like the West C game our D shut them down the 2nd half. This game vrs Whittier Christian will be a tough game but we will be ready. Good luck to the Saints let’s show that our league is the top dog in the mid valley.

  • Living Legend

    Fred, with respect to Olympic? You their third place team beat the first place team from the worst league in the division they have the best league, do you not study anything the VVL has teams who have beaten the number one team in the southeast and the number two team in this division already this season, also there is no other league that has teams whom have played the likes of Bonita, West Covina, South Hills, Walnut among others, Monrovia is the only other team in the division that has stepped up their schedule but their league is awful. You keep on talking about Azusa losing, like it was Douglas beating Tyson, FYI Fred Azusa was a tad overrated, come on admit it. No one has played the competition that Covina has played and had the success against them, the toughest team the the Heralds played was Cantwell and how did that turn out for them. Fred you are a flip-flopping hack.

  • Philly B

    Mr. Football, No faith in San Dimas, Covina, And Rosemead. Much respect to the Olympic league but come on now. I want the local teams to come out on top in the 2nd round. Colt 74- I HOPE AND PRAY that Covina doesnt pull an azusa and falls in the 2nd round. I mean…I saw it coming a mile or two away because of their league and schedule. I think Covina has a shot against whitier christian is they play sound, smart football. San Dimas Better watch out for the minuteman….I want to see them in the semi’s but will be fine with having the cats put maranantha back in their place. I just dont want any public schools losing to any private schools from here on out! personal choice…

  • Philly B

    Living legend- I like your style, very true monrovia Did step up their schedule. And Monrovia IS in a weak league…but then again…Look at the League Azusa’s in and Lets compare and see which league is weaker. I mean there was a coin flip in our league this season, and a california tie-breaker last season…Can you say the same for azusa???? Oh and a “tad overrated”???? Nah because they played nobody of importance and happen to come out undefeated they were very much overhyped up!

  • Colt74

    Covina and San Dimas will have their hands full this Friday- No doubt. But BOTH of us have showed that we CAN step when we need to. I truly believe that BOTH OF US will come out on top this Friday night as long as we don’t make dumb mistakes that we BOTH fall prey to from time to time. I will say this right now..IF the unthinkable happens to Covina on friday night and we come out on the short end I for one would be proud to support San Dimas and be there to watch them carry on the torch for our league. I hope they would do the same if the other scenario sadly plays out. My ultimate dream match up would be Covina-San Dimas in the FINALS. Lets BOTH of us see if we can make that happen!


    LIVING LEGEND,by chance were YOU at the AZUSA game??? Come on, please if you were’nt at the game how can you say they were overrated? By the way did you see AZUSA play all season long? Or you just going what everbody is saying???

    Yes I know AZUSA is out , i’m just talking Football and what I seen on Friday, AZUSA, JUST DIDN’T GET BLOWN OUT! They WERE up 24-16 WITH 3 minutes in the Game, so please people (BLOGGERS) and yes I i’ve been watching FOOTBALL for awhile, and not just AZUSA FOOTBALL, SO PLEASE. I know the difference from a team being BLOWN OUT(OVERRATED) OR COMPLETELY DOMINATE! AZUSA was not and should have won that game!

    Funny, how people keep throwing AZUSA in the mix, and I find it funny that all you Covina bloggers using that as a Crutch!

    Covina, why worry about the predictions that Fred & Aram posted about Covina losing to WC, just go out their and WIN FRIDAY!

    Look when AZUSA first won Covina, three seasons ago, FRED and The WHOLE SGV HAD Azusa losing, and look what happen with that PREDICTION. Okay, don’t get all excited people, that was just an example.

    By the way it looks, if Fred’s predictions come true, SGV FOOTBALL won’t be looking so good come Saturday morning!

    I’ll end with this,I hope Rosemead, Covina, San Dimas crush the OLYMPIC LEAGUE!



  • Colt74

    Fred has his opinions just like all the rest of here do. Most of us have personal biases and a few like Mr. Football come on and post their views and back up why they have those views. Fred has the luxury of being 3rd person and seeing the whole picture. True sometimes we have to come on here and turn the picture right side up so he’s looking at it correctly, but that’s what is so great about OUR blog. That is what this blog is all about. If we all agreed on everything it would be like a never ending Bishop Amat thread with a little sun smiley face in the corner and birds chirping in the background and everyone telling each other how great we all are because we are the only ones that play REAL football.
    Man, am I gonna get flamed by the Amat police…..
    Note to self: Buy asbestos underwear.

    And correction to Colt Insiders comment ( Respectfully)…
    “BS we beat BP without our QB the entire 2nd half”
    incorrect: Our QB for the 2nd half was Sifuentes
    and he did a damn good job.Got to give him credit for stepping in and taking care of business. So for the record we had OUR quarterback. We have 2 not just 1. I know what you are trying to say but saying it the way you did even unintentionally is disrespectful to #13.

  • Tyroni

    I hope you and Randy have fun on thanksgiving Fred

  • SaintsR4real

    Colt74 said,
    “proud to support San Dimas and be there to watch them carry on the torch for our league. I hope they would do the same if the other scenario sadly plays out. My ultimate dream match up would be Covina-San Dimas in the FINALS. Lets BOTH of us see if we can make that happen!”

    I can’t speak for most Saint fans, but I’m sure the my crowd will have the same intentions as you.
    So it sounds like a plan partner.

    The priority plan would be San Dimas and Covina families meeting up before the Saint vs Colt CIF finals for a game day celebration!!

  • Mr football

    @saints for real…sorry for not being clear. I saw the saints play Covina. they never played Maranatha. And I was saying that San Dimas does have a hard to time covering one on one. Kolbeck does a grea job in playing the deep ball, but when covina threw short intermediate passes, they had some success. The saints have always found a way to win, but like I said if it is a shoot out Maranatha wins.

    I have seen alot of games this year and last year, including Azusa… I try to be unbiased. I just try to back up my predictions. For example, If San Dimas gets by maranatha and plays Monrovia, they will lose…for the very reason they beat Monrovia last year. it’s hard to beat a team twice last year… Just like if whittier Christian plays Village agai… We will see. outside the Rosemead vs Village, every game could go either way. Here are some negative points which could cause each team to lose

    Monrovia* They could turn the ball over 3-5 times

    Schurr* They could play a bad game like against Saint Paul.

    San Dimas* They could give up a passing drive and lose late in the game

    Maranatha* Has a soph QB who may turn the ball over against experienced San Dimas team

    Village Christian* Could get behind early, and not be able to throw to get back in the game.

    Rosemead* could get behind early and not be able to throw to get back into the game.

    Whittier Christian* has won close games all year, maybe this game they give up the game winning score

    Covina* They have been winning close games all year. Maybe they don’t get the game winning score.

    So you see you can easily find issues with all teams….That’s why the midvalley is great this year!

  • FC

    Went to see Bueno play against Soutrhy Hills because he reminded me of Rion Cuccia who I knew personally and my brothetr who I know better, lol and is short liek Bueno.

    First off Bogan called that game in as di most of his players. The SH RB was murderous but some how under utilizes.

    Any way…back to Bueno…he’s amazing. Taht simple. He’s confident, why shouldn’t he neenm with POY awrads to his credit..but he’s a head at leat above all other player in field presnce, Football IQ and down right nasty moves. His side step in the open hield is flat out sick” !!!

    Also seen Schurr against St. Paul aqn di will say thsi …switch bodies and this isn’t even a conversation…Bueno is that unique and the Schurr Qb is not. ST. Paul harassed and confused the kid all noght. Not saying he can’t bounce back but it doesn’t seem as if BUeno has off nights.

    I sdaid Marantha was a load after beating Saklesian but no one listened,. They are well coach…extremely well coached and yes their fanms can be …ummm..diffent but taht’s not the issue here as teh playoffs are for players and not for fams.

    Mranatha has a better pasing game but are not as deep as SD is made out to be. Both are familar with taht junk opffense so it might come down to depth as BOTH teams ahve [playoffs pedree.

  • Wilson Parent

    Covina bloggers why are you getting so upset by someone’s opinion. After I read the other Wilson’s bloggers comment I realized he is right. I watched WC last week, clearly Anderson has the edge at the qb position. I did think you had the edge in the running game but the other blogger is correct Anderson is a much better running qb than Livingston. Both qb can throw the ball. The one factor that does give WC the edge is your weak pass defense. Your own coaching staff admits it is questionable at best. What we were a 4-6 team and threw for 250 yards. You guys beat Northview and Pomona by one touchdown. You guys don’t show up to some of your games. If you don’t show up to the WC game you are going to get blown out, sorry that is a fact. You can win the game, but you need to show up, play your game and a little luck.

  • Joe Amat

    Anyone who is not heading out to a game and is going to follow things here on CoverItLive (Great addition Fred – and Mike does a SUPER job!) can also view the Mission Viejo/Santa Margarita game live at Fox Sports new high school webcast, which are multi-camera, full graphic productions at the regular TV quality.

  • NotSince1995

    Get out the 10,000 Bleachers…

    BishopNation 59 – Long Beach Poly 3…!

    Not in 2010…


  • Worth the Wait!

    here’s some other interesting waits in the highest division of CIF:

    Long Beach Wilson NotSincenever
    Mission Viejo NotSincenever
    Santa Margarita NotSincenever
    Tesoro NotSincenever
    Newport Harbor NotSincenever
    Alemany NotSincenever
    San Clemente NotSincenever
    Huntington Beach NotSincenever
    Dana Hills NotSincenever
    Trabuco Hills NotSincenever
    Lakewood NotSincenever
    Compton NotSincenever
    Marina NotSincenever
    Millikan NotSincenever
    Notre Dame NotSincenever
    St John Bosco NotSincenever
    Long Beach Jordan NotSincenever
    Mater Dei NotSince98 -12 yrs
    Crespi NotSince86 – 24 yrs
    Edison NotSince 80 – 30 yrs
    Servite – until last year NotSince83 26 yrs!

    egg on their face? karma getting them too? “WHY DO THEY FAIL EVERY YEAR… WHY…? WHY CAN’T THEY WIN…?”

    it ain’t easy – that’s why! – and that’s what makes it great! you wanna be great? – play the best. wanna “win” stay in the Fish Bowl

  • Desert Rat

    Here’s my thoughts on Maranatha/SD (same post over on Miguel’s)

    You all speak of Natha as some powerhouse (emphasis for Pasadena Star/Miguel’s crowd). While it looks good for the Olympic, has anyone really took a look at who they have played?

    Big Bear – The most pathetic double wing team I’ve ever seen. Might have heart and finds ways to win but they’re a bunch of skaters and snowboarders. Coaching was horrible against the Bears. You lost this one, really? Couldn’t stop the wing, the veer, let alone the wind.

    La Salle – I can’t remember when they’ve had a year worth remembering.

    Santa Maria – Who?

    Salesian – Rebounding but caught playing with an ineligible player. On the fence on this one.

    La Canada – Just a horrid team that stinks because they’re coaching staff is clueless.

    Western Christian – I don’t know what is more of a joke…their program or their field with the Metrolink jamming by every 45.

    Dub C – Heralds are legit.

    Valley Christian – Graduated a lot of talent and had hit or miss weeks…and they suck, but you gave up 60 something points. Haha, and VC lost the coin flip for playoffs.

    Village Christian – Didn’t see the game, but I’ve never been a fan of Cortez. Nice guy, but suspect approach and played out systems.

    La Puente – You really let them score AT ALL! Sorry Warriors, you and the rest of that pee wee league should be bounced to the bottom of CIF SS Divisions.

    So here we have arrived to a established program in San Dimas. Billy Z has the players and the talent to smack Natha around like your little brother. If they stay on a roll and play up to their ability, I can easily see SD showing the Minutemen the exit this week.

  • These teams you listed are just very bad teams and will never win a Championship….

    Long Beach Wilson NotSincenever
    Newport Harbor NotSincenever
    San Clemente NotSincenever
    Huntington Beach NotSincenever
    Dana Hills NotSincenever
    Trabuco Hills NotSincenever
    Compton NotSincenever
    Marina NotSincenever
    Millikan NotSincenever
    St John Bosco NotSincenever
    Long Beach Jordan NotSincenever

  • just askin’

    Norco – would you really say that
    Newport Harbor, San Clemente , Dana Hills, Trabuco Hills, St John Bosco are “terrible programs”?


  • ok I shouldn’t have used “terrible”…but reality is NH, SC, DH & Trabuco Hills IMO all belong a few levels down, they don`t have the athletes or depth to compete in the PAC5..every year NH, DH & SC are one and done if they get into the playoffs…the games are not even close…I think they would fit in perfect in the Southwest Division with teams like Tustin, La Habra, Cypress, El Toro & Laguna Hills…Bosco on the other hand has not been to the playoffs since the inception of the Trinity and has underachieved every year…even this year…

  • Joe Amat

    I think those teams could catch lightning in a bottle and make a periodic deep run, but may not be built for the long haul because Mission Viejo will get most of the top players in the South Coast. Newport Harbor won a lower division title not too long ago with consecutive trips to the finals.No reason San Clemente or Dana Hills can’t put it together like Tesoro for a short run. Trabuco is being punished for Aliso Niguels ineptitude in the South Coast – and they had to move someone in, but they probably don’t belong.

    Then there’s poor St John Bosco. They lost to Santa Margarita by a point, Servite and OLu by one score, and led Mater Dei in the 4th quarter. Definitely not in the terrible category and might just take the right guy to get it going (ie:Santa Margarita – who you might have included had we asked this question a year ago?)

    Bottom line to the point in question – in the Pac5 you don’t have to make a trip to the finals or win it to be an elite SoCal football program.

  • Joe Amat…

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