Winter top ten previews next week

Winter top ten previews for boys and girls basketball and boys and girls soccer will run on consecutive days from Nov. 30 through Dec. 3. Winter sports teams begin playing on Nov. 29. We will run a wrestling preview the following week. TOURNAMENT SCHEDULES: Please email or fax your tournament schedules to me so we can post your schedules on the blog, in the newspaper, update them after each round, and of course so we know which games to cover. You can fax to 626-856-2758 attention Fred in sports or email them directly (which is preferred) to

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  • LA Futbol

    Freddy…here’s my Top 5:

    1) Bishop Amat – Total and complete DOMINATION last year! They scored in bunches last year and will continue to do so this year. There is no better 1-2 offensive punch in the SGV than April Juarez and Yazmin Montoya. Oh yeah…and they have the best coach in the valley in Ruben Gonzales. What concerns some is their ability to keep others from scoring this year. The loss of all-world sweeper Jasmine Roth will surely hurt their D. Can standout Alyssa Cabral fill those shoes? That will be the big question. Lancers get themselves a repeat Del Rey league Title.

    2) Los Altos – With EIGHT starters returning from last year’s Semi-final run, Coach Reeder’s Conquerors deserve to be in the same conversation as the Lancers. The good news…Top four scorers from last year are all back including STUD Midfielder Lauren Stupin and the “Beast” Tara Cofer up front. And their three Freshman Phenom defenders are all back a year older and wiser! The bad news…All-Valley GK Justine Padilla will be Impossible to replace. Junior Christina Lama had a great summer in the net so hopes are high but the Conqs will only go as far as she can take them. Los Altos splits with Walnut but LA gets the tie breaker for the first EVER Hacienda League Title…whew!

    3) Walnut – This team is SCARY! Coach Hansen’s defense was quite possibly the best in the valley last year…Yeah, you heard me right. I think they were better than either of the two above. Led by returners Nikki McKee and GK Deanne Resplandor there is no reason the Mustangs won’t lock down opposing attacks once again. With that said…the 12 shutouts in a row to end the season were a bit misleading. Let’s be honest, Walnut was the only San Antonio league worth a rip last year. Having to face Los Altos and Bonita in the Hacienda League this year will show whether that D is legit or not.

    4) Ayala – (Let me start by saying that I DO NOT consider them part of the SGV, but since Fred ranked them in football, I imagine he’ll also rank them in FUTBOL). Don’t be fooled by their record from last year (15-9-2) They were WAY better than that! Some of those early losses came against some STIFF competition. Once they got into League they were dominant! Top Scorers Makenzy Doniak and Alex Rovira return to lead the Dawgs to repeat as champs in arguably the toughest girls soccer league in the valley…the Sierra.

    5) San Dimas – The Saints had a YOUNG team last year a lost a couple tough ones early on. But by the end of the year they were one of the most complete teams in the valley…and balanced too! They return FOUR players who scored 12 or more goals last year (Jimenez, Duran, McKee and Quaternik) Those girls combine with returning keeper Rachel Jones to lead the Saints to another undefeated Valle Vista League Title! (Although look for Wilson to give them a run for their money!)

  • hey fred

    What about wrestling? You going to leave that out?

  • FredJ

    I addressed wrestling. I know I’m boring, but try reading the entire thread before making a complaint šŸ™‚

  • Wells

    LA Futbol —

    Very detailed breakdown…well done. Those are some strong teams. I am sure that all of the teams from the Sierra League will be included in the top ten; only three of those schools are actually in the SGV.

    Let’s see if anyone can match that for the boys side. It will be very difficult since there are many strong, equally balanced teams.

  • C Dawg The Dawg
    Baldwin Park-Sierra Vista Winter Tip Off Tournament 2010
    Pool  Teams
    A  Academia Avance, Baldwin Park, Covina, Rosemead, Sierra Vista
    B  Arroyo, Diamond Bar, Garfield, Verbum Dei
    C  El Monte, Esteban Torres, Rowland, Santa Fe, South East
    D  Azusa, Bell Gardens, Glendora, South El Monte
    BP  Baldwin Park
    SV  Sierra Vista
    Pool Play
    Date		Time	Venue	Opponents (Visitor vs. Home)
    Mon 11/29	4:30	BP	El Monte vs. Esteban Torres
    		6:00	BP	South East vs. Rowland
    		7:30	BP	Academia Avance vs. Baldwin Park
    		7:30	SV	Rosemead vs. Sierra Vista
    Tue 11/30	3:00	BP	Rowland vs. Esteban Torres
    		3:00	SV	South East vs. Santa Fe
    		4:30	BP	South El Monte vs. Bell Gardens
    		4:30	SV	Garfield vs. Diamond Bar
    		6:00	BP	Rosemead vs. Baldwin Park
    		6:00	SV	Covina vs. Sierra Vista
    		7:30	BP	Verbum Dei vs. Arroyo
    		7:30	SV	Glendora vs. Azusa
    Wed 12/1	3:00	BP	Arroyo vs. Garfield
    		3:00	SV	Academia Avance vs. Covina
    		4:30	BP	Esteban Torres vs. Santa Fe
    		4:30	SV	El Monte vs. Rowland
    		6:00	BP	Bell Gardens vs. Azusa
    		6:00	SV	Baldwin Park vs. Sierra Vista
    		7:30	BP	Verbum Dei vs. Diamond Bar
    7:30	SV	South El Monte vs. Glendora
    Thu 12/2	3:00	SV	Academia Avance vs. South East
    		4:30	BP	South El Monte vs. Azusa
    		4:30	SV	El Monte vs. Santa Fe
    		6:00	BP	Covina vs. Rosemead
    		6:00	SV	Glendora vs. Bell Gardens
    		7:30	BP	Arroyo vs. Diamond Bar
    		7:30	SV	Garfield vs. Verbum Dei
    Semifinal Round
    Fri 12/3		3:00	BP	B-4th vs D-4th
    		3:00	SV	A-4th vs C-4th
    		4:30	BP	B-3rd vs D-3rd
    		4:30	SV	A-3rd vs C-3rd
    		6:00	BP	B-2nd vs D-2nd
    		6:00	SV	A-2nd vs C-2nd
    		7:30	BP	B-1st vs D-1st 
    7:30	SV	A-1st vs C-1st 
    Final Round (All games at Baldwin Park)
    Sat 12/4		9:00am		17th place
    		10:15		15th 
    		11:30		13th 
    		1:00pm		11th 
    		2:30		9th 
    		4:00		7th 
    		5:30		5th 
    		7:00		3rd
    		8:30		Championship
  • Walnut Insider

    Nice job LA Futbol.

    I will add that the Hacienda League will be the league to watch for girl’s soccer. Walnut will finally have a challenging league unlike all those previous years just worrying about SH.

    Walnut’s soccer team always plays a killer preseason to get them ready for league. It will be interesting to see them go from a difficult preseason into a difficult league this year. The varsity just finished tryouts and I heard that 4 freshmen made the team. I don’t know how good they are, but interesting move to say the least.

    Really looking forward to this season.

  • Ted

    The four Freshmen at Walnut are really good players and they have what some people say you can’t teach SPEED.
    Erin Harris maybe the fastest of the group, a utility player that is a lockdown defender. Janae Avila has good speed and she is a really good scorer. Melissa Domingues and Julie Gaeta should also get their share of playing time.

    Los Altos has three Freshmen that are really good led by Melissa Gonzales who is just special.

    Diamond Ranch also has a girl named Danyale that’s really good.

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