One of the best stories written on Kobe Bryant

Adrian Wojnarowski writes for Yahoo sports and is one of my favorite basketball writers. This was truly a magnificent piece on Kobe Bryant and his road to becoming a champion, which is a great read for high school athletes to help them understand the preparation and focus that it takes.

“How to truly make players better, what that really means. It’s not just passing to your guys and getting them shots. It’s not getting this or that many players into double figures. That’s bull[expletive]. That’s not how you win championships. You’ve got to change the culture of your team – that’s how you truly make guys better. In a way, you have to help them to get the same DNA that you have, the same focus you have, maybe even close to the same drive. That’s how you make guys better. I’ve never understood this stuff, where a star player sits out and a team goes into the tank. Well, they need him because he makes them better. Well, if he’s making them better, they should be able to survive without him. That’s how you lead your guys. You’ve got to be able to make guys suffice on their own, without you. If you’re there all the time and they take you away, they shouldn’t need a respirator.
“Once I understood all that, I looked at things completely different. I took my hands off. I didn’t try to control them. I let them make decisions, make their own [expletive]-ups and I was there to try and help them through it.”
Kobe Bryant

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  • 12th man

    Kobe has been the best player on the planet for the last 10 years..Even though he’s getting older & his minutes & scoring have come down..Its his other attributes that make him a champion! His leadership role & his knowledge & wisdom for the game excell him day in & day out,to lead his team to victory..There is still not a better clutch performer coming down the stretch when the game is on the line..then Kobe Bryant!~…Thanks for all the great memories!~..Im still curious to see if the Lakers are going to make any drastic changes before kobe retires..I think he has maybe about 4 years left..It would be nice to get someone like Kevin Durant to take over the thrown~

  • CH Husky Fan

    How soon we forget his “fun” weekend in Colorado. He is not a hero.

  • CH Husky Fan

    How soon we forget his “fun” weekend in Colorado. He is not a hero.

  • CH Husky Fan

    How soon we forget his “fun” weekend in Colorado. He is not a hero.

  • FredJ

    He is still a role model in terms of his work ethic and dedication to the game.

  • just sayin’

    CH Husky Fan – everyone seems to have discounted Magics’ “fun” … and James Worthy … and Shaq … now Tony Parker … Steve Garvey … should we go on?

  • Role Model

    Freddie – we know you are in love with Kobe. For me, I will take a role model in terms of behavior before I will take a role model in terms of dedication and work ethic on the basketball court. All of his accomplishments are forever tarnished in my eyes.

  • FredJ

    I guess you’re living a perfect mistake-free life then, and probably everyone you care about lives a perfect mistake-free life too … how appropriate….Knowing that EVERYONE makes mistakes, I’m more impressed how people rebound from those mistakes.

  • Steve Ramirez

    All I know Kobe is at best the third-most dominant player in his sport, playing third fiddle to John Force. who just won his 15th title in 20 years, and Jimmie Johnson, who just won is fifth consecutive title. All can’t do it without the rest of the team, but all play the No. 1 on their respective teams.

  • Red Barron

    Husky Fan,

    If you read the article it states,

    “For the modern athlete, his recovery from the scandal of the Eagle, Colorado, assault case has been one of sports most remarkable. You dont have a choice, Bryant said. You come out of it and you come out of it better than you were. You can crawl up into a little ball like a coward or you can fight it.

    Don’t just pop off. like a coward!

    This article wasn’t written to show Kobe as a role model, but more about his leadership, his fight to continuously win. He is an exceptional athlete.

  • Willie Ellison


  • Ro

    Kobe not a good team player .when he was playing with shaq he did not like the fact the offense revolved around Shaq so he threatened to leave the lakers unless they got rid of Shaq.lucky for Kobe the organization sided with him and built a great team for him.what would he really be like if he got drafted by the clippers,memphis or any bad team.I still dont forget those years

  • Chino Hills

    Kobe has evolved into the greatest basketball player in the game right now, period. You would be foolish to use any pro athlete as a role model in life. As far as his indiscretions are concerned, it was his fault and he payed the price. CH huskyfan learn to forgive and move on, have you asked yourself why you the one to cast the first stone?

  • ST G54

    All you Kobe haters STFU!!

    Like if anyone out there is perfect & doesnt make mistakes. Dont bring his personal life into this unless your willing to put out your own drama out for all of us to know..

    & to whoever posted about Kobe not being a team player because of the whole Shaq thing.. Double STFU goes out to you. Get over it!! Im a huge Shaq fan even to this day but things happened for a reason. Kobe & Shaq are both equally responsible for things not working out..

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