Saturday Morning Quarterback: West Covina and Bonita take another step toward a mammoth rematch; San Dimas rolls out the black jerseys and wins big; Covina, Rosemead go down

Bonita game story: The Bonita and Muir high school football teams entered Friday’s Southeast Division second-round playoff game playing their best ball of the season, and naturally, nothing was decided until the fourth quarter.

Fridays results
CIF-SS quarterfinals
Southeast Division

Bonita 49, Muir 25 — It was one of the ugliest, coldest and longest regulation game I’ve ever covered. There must have been more than 30 penalties and at least 20 against Muir alone. Bonita scored twice in the final minute to make the score look lopsided, but it was back-and-forth for most of the game. Muir’s Howard Vaughn scored on fourth and goal from the one to cut Bonita’s lead to 30-25 with 4:49 left, then Muir recovered the onside kick. But after Bonita’s K.C. Huth sacked Mustangs QB Jeffrey Davis for a loss, Muir threw a desperation pass on fourth-and-16 from their own 45 and didn’t get it, then drew an unsportsmanlike for throwing a helmet – which gave the Cats a first down at the Mustangs’ 30. Giomani Johnson scored two plays later on a 30-yard touchdown to make it 37-25, then Johnson scored again with eight seconds — his third touchdown of the fourth quarter to make it 43-25. Bonita scored again on the final play of the game with Muir trying to flea-flick the ball around to make something happen. Johnson rushed for 131 yards and three touchdowns and QB Garrett Pendleton threw for 161 yards. Muir’s Davis passed for 118 yards and rushed for 50.
West Covina 47, Santa Fe 7 — The Chiefs were as close as 14-7 late in the first quarter, but stopping the Bulldogs four quarters seems impossible these days.

Mid-Valley Division
Village Christian 34, Rosemead 0 — If you thought Village Christian’s win over Azusa last week was a surprise, then you probably weren’t surprised this week to see how easily they disposed of the Panthers.
Whittier Christian 28, Covina 17 — You knew the Valle Vista league champions had a tough game on the road. The Heralds are no joke, a legitimate threat to win the division.
San Dimas 56, Maranatha 20 — The Saints are looking like last years championship team again, leading 42-0 at half. Next up, a rematch at home with Monrovia.
Inland Division
Chino Hills 45, Etiwanda 21 — The Huskies move on to take on top seed Corona Centennial, who many believe are the best team in all of Southern California.

CIF-SS Semifinals
Mid-Valley Division

Whittier Christian at Village Christian, 7:30 p.m.
Monrovia at San Dimas, 7 p.m.
Southeast Division

West Covina at Mayfair, 7:30 p.m.
La Serna at Bonita, 7 p.m.
Inland Division

Corona Centennial at Chino HIlls, 7 p.m.

The Inland Insider reports from Chino Hills’ win over Etiwanda, setting up the Huskies’ home game next week with powerful Corona Centennial.

SCOREBOARD: For quarter updates of tonight’s games, click link

COVERITLIVE: Mike “The Cousin” Robledo will host his live chat from the chilly tower on Lincoln Ave., as host Muir welcomes Bonita for a ticket to the Southeast Division semifinals. For those who can’t make it or can follow on their cell phones, Mike will keep you up to date with all the action and if you have questions, he’s there to answer you. Steve Ramirez and Tyler Drohen will keep Mike

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  • SaintsR4real

    Really Fred, Really??!!

    There will be at least 4 teams advancing and one of them will without no question, be the Mighty Saints of San Dimas!!

  • Chino Hills

    Huskies are confident and flying high enough to knock the eagles down to earth. You can bank on it Fred.

    Go Huskies!

  • Bulldog Fan

    Good Morning all, wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend. Now that we have done all of the holiday stuff,here are my picks and break downs for this weeks games. Last week I really took a hit and went 8-7 and that brought my season total to 187-50. So do I dare to pick any teams after last weeks performance ? Well i’ll give it a try.

    Southeast Division :

    West Covina over Santa Fe in a close game for the first half at least. Two very big teams that do everything well,but WestCo will be there next week.Solomon and Lee win this game for WestCo.

    I’d pick Bonita over Muir, But they are playing at Muir. So I’ll take Muir in a close one. This will be a great game to watch.

    Mid Valley Division:

    Village Christian over Rosemead another barn burner,smashmouth football at it’s finest.

    Covina over Whitter Christian, I think this is Covina’s year.

    San Dimas over Marantha, not sure the Minutemen will have all the answer’s for the Saints.

    Inland Division :

    Chino Hills over Etiwanda.

    Have a great weekend everyone !!!!!

  • Aaron

    I’ll be at John Muir High School…will you? Saints4Real it would be nice if our schools can keep it going so there can be sort of a repeat of 1999…except this time we won’t play each other in the semifinals!


  • Warrior Fan For San Dimas

    Hey San Dimas if La Puente can hang with Maranatha then you win this thing.All this hype about them is total nonsense.Anyone at the La Puente game last week will tell you that despite the qb’s big numbers that game was closer than the 13 pt. separation.

  • Colt74

    I’m not one of those glass half empty or glass half full sorts. I’m more of a just drink out of the bottle person. Keep it simple.
    ( Que theme from Rocky )
    Not one team from here did not get to where they are right now without keeping it simple and doing what they do best. Win.
    Tonight is not step up night. To suggest such is to suggest that those doing battle from our barrios somehow squeaked into these playoffs and to stay we need to rise up and play to the level of our better opponent. Not one team we each face tonight is better than us. Step up? I say Step on.
    So far this football season has taught us two things.
    1. There has been a changing of the guard in the SGV and the new guard is enjoying the heck out of it.
    ( Change music to Looney-Tunes theme )

    I’m not going to wish good luck to our men tonight. Luck didn’t get you here. Keep doing what you know how to do. Keep it simple. Win.

  • corylidletournament

    Cory LIdle Thanksgiving tournament start today. Go to for the tournament schedule. Though teams are not a full strength and coaches are working guys in and out it would be a good preview of the upcoming season. The marque match ups for the HS bracket would be:
    7:30 GLendora vs Northview Henderson
    5:00 Northview vs Charter Oak at Maverick Field
    7:30 South Hills vs Bonita at Maverick

    South Hills
    Alta Loma
    Don Lugo
    Chino Hills
    West Covina
    San Clemente
    Charter Oak
    Golden Valley
    Orange Lutheran
    Cathedral City

  • kh

    cory trny is here,
    if bonita for some odd ball reason
    losses tonight,then bonita will be
    at full strength.
    matt g and k.c. h would join the winner of last season trny,bonita bearcats.
    s.h. got there lunch handed to them by us last season.then bowed out early for the cif rematch losing to lancaster 5 to 8.
    which we smoked 11 to 3 .
    so this is a great trny for great cause.
    but it wont happen bonita will be playing next friday.
    go bearcats

  • GHS

    Glendora is out so I’m headed over to Upland to watch them play Centennial. Can’t pass up an opportunity to see that team play!!!

  • Red Barron

    7 hours till game time and I’m pumped! Maybe it was the overdose of turkey. The Huskies of Chino Hills will come out both guns blazing tonight! 35-14 CHHS.

    Go Huskies

  • Too much good stuff

    Deciding which playoff game to go to tonight is a tough one. It’s a toss up between Monrovia vs. Schurr, and Covina vs. Whittier Christian. One thing is certain, don’t underestimate Maranatha, they hung with Whittier Christian, and went into 5 OT’s with Valley Christian before eventually falling to defeat. Also, they beat Village Christian, who knocked out the No.1 seeded Azusa.
    So to the San Dimas faithful
    (Saint4Real among others) don’t punch your tickets to the semis just yet. Maranatha is a very capable team that could beat & upset, San Dimas. Would that be considered as an upset? Anyhow, so the moral of the story is, don’t get cocky, proclaim victory, and think ahead to next week. The fact is…your nowhere near the level of last years championship team. You guys are good, but not great. And I say that and mean it with no disrespect to SDHS, just as an eye opener for tonight’s game.

  • SaintsR4real

    “Too much good stuff”

    I that all you got? The 5 OT and Village Christian??

    San is not the ame team as last year, they have become hungrier than ever!!

    This a guarantedd great game tonite, whatever the outcome is.

    Maranatha, bring it!
    We’re expecting it!!

  • Don

    My take, Bonita at Muir:

    Record: BoHi10-1, lost to West Covina Muir, 7-4 lost to Amat, Saugus, Arcadia, and Burbank
    Advantage Bonita

    Offense: Passing Bonita Rushing Muir
    Advantage Even

    Defense: Pass Defense Muir Rush Defense Bonita
    Advantage Even

    Special Teams: Kicking Bonita Punting Bonita Kick Returns Bonita Punt Returns – Muir
    Advantage Bonita

    Mistakes: Fumbles lost + Interceptions Bonita (9+12) 21 Muir (2 +6) 8
    Advantage Muir

    Takeaways: Fumbles Recovered + Interception + Blocked Punts + Blocked Kicks
    Bonita (16 + 16 + 4 + 8) 44 Muir (6 + 4) 10
    Advantage Bonita

    Teams are a lot closer talent-wise than most think. Muir has an advantage in speed but Bonita has it in numbers. At the risk of going all clich I’ll say it will come down to the fewest mistakes, mostly penalties, but also on special teams where the Bearcats have dominated all year.

    Final Bonita 28 Muir 14

  • Dan

    Good luck to both Covina’s tonight, Bulldogs keep the focus and keep doing what you’ve been doing, and Colts keep that magic going, you seem like the team of destiny in the Mid-Valley.
    Good luck also to San Dimas and Chino Hills in your battle’s against teams from outside the tribune area.

  • Dan

    Forgot the Bearcats,
    Good luck Bonita, your in a tough one too, Muir
    seems like another emotional team that can catch fire, heart attack in the making for any coach. for any coach.

  • reality

    Leaving for Bohi- Muir game. We are stopping in Old Town Pasadena first for a hot spiced cider at T Phillips then to the game. It’s gonna be cold. Not sure who that affects more, speed or passing. I know hard hits will sting more, and muscles tighten up quicker. Like most Bohi games we will know if we are in it by our third time up the field. We win or lose early. I think Pods empties his playbook tonite and sees what happens hoping his defense can keep up with the Stangs. I will not predict a bearcat win nor a Muir win, but I would like to go to another bearcat game next week though.

  • funny

    Is the Mid-Valley Division the same as the old Division 7? and the Southeast Division, division 6? San Dimas, Covina and West Covina should move up to the big boy divisions and play real football.

  • bigdog

    @ funny

    sounds like a disgruntle CO or SH fan baby

    go bulldogs


    Hey La Puente you guys earn lots of respect tonight!

  • Heralds

    Just watched Covina losr a tuff one. A real great performance by Whtr.Chrst. Some punk pu@@ies ruined it at top 50 yardline. Everytime I looked up they were throwing papers at fungoing Heralds fans. Like little no class ghetto punks. After the game one of those idiots even argued with an adault. Horrible parenting and upbringing. No manners, what a punk, he was crying hit me hit me im not 18. He was so ignorant and disrespectful his daddy should get smacked. It was a great game minus that idiot. I heard his ffriend off to the side say he was 19 but he always uses the im not 18 to get away with being a BI@CH.

  • Famous last words

    Gen Custer ’74

    “There has been a changing of the guard in the SGV and the new guard is enjoying the heck out of it.”

    So much for that theory.

  • Colt74

    Congratulations to Whittier Christian in their VICTORY over the COLTS tonight!!!!!!!!! They were down 17-14 with 8 minutes left in the game and dug in and got the win.

    Thank you COLTS for an exciting ride! It’s been a blast! What do you say we do it again next year?
    I’m PROUD to be a COLT and proud to support an outstanding group of young men.

    Congratulations to San Dimas for taking care of business tonight! Looks like for the rest of your trip I’m a Saints fan as promised. I’ll be there for your next game.

  • Colt74

    Famous last words said:
    Gen Custer ’74
    “There has been a changing of the guard in the SGV and the new guard is enjoying the heck out of it.”
    So much for that theory.

    Last time I checked Covina, West Covina and San Dimas were still playing while Charter Oak and South Hills were at home watching reruns of I Love Lucy.So my theory was/is true.

    Put that in your peace pipe there Pocahontas…


  • Too Much Good Stuff


    Unlike a lot of people that come on this blog and start talking trash and kicking up dust, and afterward don’t have the spine to show face and admit that they were wrong. I’m not. I’m man enough to admit that your Saints most definitely took care of business tonight, and showed the hunger that you had mentioned in your earlier post. That being said, CONGRATULATIONS to you, and the San Dimas Saints football program. Wow. 42-0 at halftime? I wasn’t at the game, but that first half score pretty much sums it up. What a difference a week makes. Was Maranatha just hype and that unmatched against S.D.? Or was Arroyo and S.D. just an evenly matched game as far as team wise goes? Either way, the win tonight is impressive, and has to turn heads. Hats off to you guys on a dominating win. For the record though, I am not a Maranatha fan, parent, or supporter, and meant no disrespect to S.D. in my earlier blog. I was just giving opinion as to not to overlook the Minutemen is all. But when you’re up by 42 pts. I guess you can be a little cocky if you felt like it. Lol. Good Luck to you guys against Monrovia in the semis.

  • Colt74

    On behalf of the Colts I’m sorry for taking away from your experience tonight. The guys with the paper do it at all the colts games. Problem is we have always had a stand to ourselves and this is the first time we had to share a stand on the same side. The paper celebration was not intended to be directed at any Herald fans. They just probably did not take into consideration that there were also Heralds fans amongst us. Still no reason for any kid or adult to get belligerent with you. Again, I’m sure that your experience tonight was not with the typical Covina fan and I again am sorry if even 1 of us took away from your experience tonight.

  • just sayin’

    no Wilson – you’ve been an embarrassment for years – and you’ve been at home for a while to prove it. They move you down & you still miss postseason

  • JFR

    Colt 74,

    I enjoyed kicking the crap out of the Wolak’s and Covina in the 80’s “4 years straight”. Jason never beat me and Jerry came over to the dark side the next year. Step up old man.

  • Bronco nation

    Great game against NORCO. Vista Murrieta 45 Norco 6…Go Broncos!

  • reality

    Back from Bohi game. A win is a win I guess but it was no fun. Long, cold, tense, frustrating and that was the 1st quarter. Are both teams that incompetent in their 12th game as to not be able to control themselves from amassing so many penalties that it took much pleasure away from what might have been a classic match? Instead I felt in many aspects that I was watching pee-wee football. I don’t blame the refs, I blame both coaching staffs for teams that lack discipline at this stage. G. Johnson had a career game for Bohi but the raggedy pace of the game prevents me from singling any one else out. Don’t get me wrong, Im thrilled we won but it should feel so much better. BTW I met many a gracious Stang fan on the way out even though the calls against them may very well have cost them the game, though I dont know how other Bohi fans fared.

  • Aram

    I’m rarely hard on the refs because I realize it’s a thankless job and we need those guys to keep the local circuit going, but what happened tonight at Muir was a fiasco. It’s just ridiculous to have that many flags in one game. Every other play, there was a flag. Sometimes these guys let the game get away from them and it becomes this cycle of flag after flag after flag.


  • shaming the sgv

    Colt74 said:
    On behalf of the Colts I’m sorry for taking away from your experience tonight. The guys with the paper do it at all the colts games. Problem is we have always had a stand to ourselves and this is the first time we had to share a stand on the same side. The paper celebration was not intended to be directed at any Herald fans. They just probably did not take into consideration that there were also Heralds fans amongst us. Still no reason for any kid or adult to get belligerent with you. Again, I’m sure that your experience tonight was not with the typical Covina fan and I again am sorry if even 1 of us took away from your experience tonight

    Typical classless covina!!!!!!!!!!!!!This isn’t an aberration, it’s what “ctown” is all about!
    A changing of the guard? Head to head and CO blasts “ctown” clowns off the field.
    Don’t go away mad…………just go away!

  • Don

    Excuse the rant, but I would like to add my voice to those unhappy with last night’s officiating in ‘Dena.

    To say it sucked would be kind. I don’t know what association those guys were with, but if they were the best crew available, (which we are told we get in the playoffs), I would hate to see what they field during the regular season. Put aside things like gratuitous holding calls against both teams and the sheer incompetence was simply amazing. Just brutal.

    Add to it all a late start at 7:30 and it was no wonder the Mustang fans were evacuating the stands at 10:30 with a quarter yet to play. FOUR HOURS to play a 48 minute Prep game is just embarrassing! Watching the Referee throw a flag RIGHT OVER THE HEAD OF THE UMPIRE IN FRONT OF HIM is embarrassing. Having to have an officials meeting over every flag, (and there were plenty), is embarrassing. Not knowing what the proper signal is for a foul is embarrassing. Failing to walk off penalties is embarrassing. Three times. Forgetting to start the clock is embarrassing. Twice. FOUR HOURS OF EMBARRASSING.

    These boneheads should get together today and turn their checks into donations for the foundation that trains seeing eye dogs. At the least, the game video needs to be reviewed by the folks who select these guys so they can be put out of my misery. Freakin’ brutal!

  • Scholar Athlete and Gentleman

    @shaming the sgv:
    How can you copy a sincere apology from someone and turn it into proof of a classless act. Name one program in the “all encompassing SGV” that does not have SOME belligerent, obnoxious, rude or outright drunk fans somewhere in crowd and I will show you a program where no one shows up. When you have 2,000+ people show up for anything you are going to have a few people exhibit abhorrent behavior. If you don’t believe this just go to any pee-wee game in the valley and you will be convinced.

    The measure of a program is not will fans mis-behave but will the program acknowledge it, police its’ own and attempt to address the situation. Colt74 was Gentlemen enough to apologize for behavior that he didn’t even partake in and far from shameful, I believe this is a truly class act. Given his acknowledgement and apology, I have no doubt that the Covina Colts will address the problem in a direct and proximate manner. Colt74, my hat is off to you. You Sir, are a Gentleman.

  • Hefe

    Best thing about the WCHS win is knowing Colt74’s crying on the inside.

    Love it.

  • just saying

    Humm Maranatha takes a drubbing. If I were La Puente I’d be feeling pretty good about myself hanging in and losing by 13 a week ago.
    Maranatha isn’t all what the writers say they were.

  • Aaron

    Call me a sour grape but that game stunk last night. I went to see a football game and I saw Zebra show. 35 total flags…the most went against the Bearcats I believe. Muir got their fair share.

    Why Howard Vaughn wasn’t ejected in the first half after he knocked over Cody McKenzie like five times (they called five false starts on Bonita when the only two people to move were Vaughn and McKenzie being on his back like a turtle). He was pulled after he knocked over Pichotta, but then he went back in after the officials somehow decided to rescind what was signaled as an ejection.

    Bonita is undefeated when having the lead.The never surrendered the lead to Muir. Like I said I’d take my chances with Brungard and Gelalich.

    Pendleton will be the first to say he had a horrid game…but looking at the stats it may not have been beautiful but he was still relatively efficient. Didn’t throw a pick against that speedy secondary. The feeling in the stands that on every PAT the Muir players were targeting him, they weren’t going for the block they were going for him.

    Defense did everything that they needed to do. To say all of their names wouldn’t be enough to show what they did.

    Giamani was nails last night. But why did we go for it on that last play? That made no sense to me.

    Things to improve upon are to continue protecting the QB…which, the boys did great but there were a few blocks I know the boys probably want back. A little bit faster on that one punt and we weren’t talking about a momentum shift.

    In the end really I’m glad to see these boys play one last time as I will not be around when they face La Serna next Saturday at Glenn Davis. I’m glad to see what this group of seniors has done and will continue to do.


  • JW

    Earlier you went on a rant about how Bonita kicked the crap out of SH in the Lidle Tourney last year and went on to win it,and how Bonita did the same to Lancaster after they beat SH last year in the playoffs.
    Didnt SH beat Bonita in the football playoffs last year? And before that, didnt SH beat Bonita in the quarters the year before in baseball?
    Yet, what has Bonita won?
    Lets get together so you can show me your Cory Lidle Tourney rings and I will show you my sons CIF Div 3 baseball ring? You talk an awful lot as a parent from a school who has won nothing!
    And this year, you can thank all those who took SH & CO out of the same division as BoHi, as now they may have a chance to win something, because before, Bonita could not win a “Big” game!!!

  • Colt74

    Sorry to disappoint there Hefe but no, I’m not. I’m just as proud this morning with my menudo to be a COLT alumni and fan as I was last week..and the week before. Penalties, a negated interception, and a couple of good plays by a good team last night put us on the losing end of a good game. I froze my butt off being there to support our young men and would sit thru a game in hell if I had to for them. So crying? Far from it. I just wish we had a planned celebration scheduled for today to show our appreciation for what these fine young men did this season.Seems like you really don’t know anything about me at all. I’m disappointed that our season has come to an end, probably as much as you are that you were wrong about me.

  • Aaron

    I’d written out a very long take on it, but it was held so I’ll shorten it. It was a Zebra show, those guys were bad.

    Defense continued to play great like they’ve done all year. Pendleton’s game appeared far worse than it actually was and he’s the first person to say that he played bad.

    I don’t know why they called to score with 40 some seconds left instead of just taking the knee. Giamani was big tonight. Howard Vaughns should have been ejected, I just couldn’t believe he hadn’t been. The feeling in the stands was that they were targeting Pendleton was he was holding on PATs rather than going for the ball.

    It was bad, didn’t get onto the freeway until about 11:30.

  • reality

    best thing about reading Hefers posts is knowing his team is sitting at home too!

  • Lancer#76

    Scholar Athlete and Gentleman

    Bishop Amat in the “all encompassing SGV” does not have belligerent, obnoxious, rude or outright drunk fans in the crowd and we get up to 100,000 fans at home!

  • Colt81

    I would like to second that Colt74 has always posted sincere and thoughtful comments. His participation here is both welcome and appreciated.

    To this year’s Colts team, Thank You. You gave your opponent a great game and made them earn their victory. Thanks also to all the fans for both teams that came out in very cold conditions to support their schools. You’re a credit to your boys.

    On a sidenote: I found the Whittier College stadium to be a poor choice in its current configuration for the size of crowd present last night. Poor vehicle access, narrow ingress and egress routes for the fans and dismal restroom access makes me wonder what the officials at CIF were thinking.

  • Dan

    How are these strange post that have nothing to do with this blog getting on here? For example
    the poster signed in as “Baby clothes sizes” who signed in at 11:50 am on Nov. 27. I’ve been seen them all over these blogs.

  • One n done

    Lancer#76; Why r u still here? Ur 1 n DONE!!!!
    U may hav 100,000 fans but yes they r belligerent, obnoxious, rude and they get drunk b4 the game ON CAMPUS with the red and blue cups. Pls arrogant bishop nation go away 4 this season.

  • Dan

    Much respect to the Santa Fe Chiefs,
    That team played hard and the score was not reflective of the game, I think they are the only team so far this year to slow down the WC run game, their defense was big, fast, and physical, they played with heart and stuffed a lot of runs last night, eventually WC figured a few things out to open some holes up. The WC
    defense has been good all year and in these last few weeks they have been really coming together, lots of hits and hits that caused fumbles, swarming to the ball, and the pass coverage and run stopping gets better the closer teams get to the redzone.
    Mayfair will have a revenge factor on their minds from 2006, they could be the division sleeper, they played some of the big boys this year and represented well against those teams.
    Their first three games where:
    Chino Hills 28 Mayfair 14
    Los Alimitos 31 Mayfair 19
    Lakewood 24 Mayfair 14
    Not a bad showing against a couple of “D”1 playoff teams and a “D”2 team that is still playing. If it was one game I wouldn’t think
    too much of it, but doing it three times in a row shows that it was no fluke, they are a solid team.

  • Aaron

    I don’t know why my last two posts did not get published. The game was without question ridiculous. Truthfully we could have put the game away in the first quarter had the Bearcats scored a TD instead of a field goal. Was the final score indicative of the game? No. Muir was tough, however, the Bearcats played their game on defense and for the most part the O could impose what it wanted.

    There’s more than a few things I didn’t like: All of the penalties, what looked and felt like the targeting of Garrett Pendleton on PATs, Howard Vaugns not being ejected, and the call to score with 30 seconds left to play…I liked it but then I didn’t because the game was more than over.

    Coaches keep it up, you and the players are making a community and many of us Alumni proud. To the players: Garrett, KC, Giamani, Danny, Mikity and others it was great to see you guys suit up one last time as I won’t be here to see you continue the journey. Good luck the rest of the season and BRING IT HOME!

  • Big Dog

    Well thank goodness Azusa and Wilson are done. Now we can actually talk real football. Guess we have till May when all the “homeboys” get back on the blog.

    Good luck Huskies, West Covina, Saints, and Bearcats. Represent the SGV well.

    Fred/Aram, Need to look at these teams when deciding all valley.

  • Born Again Huskie


    Your evaluation of Santa Fe and then Mayfair again leaves me with the same impression I always get from you. Maybe you can help me answer my question about you. I can’t decided if you are really ignorant or just simply stupid. Regardless your perception of your mighty bulldogs confuses me to the point of beyond frustration. Please enlighten me again about your team.

    Is West Covina a division VII school that can compete with anybody at any level including division I and II or are you at the right level playing the right caliber of competition?

    And is West Covina overachieving this year and underachieved in years past or is this team just a one year wonder that is a rare special group that comes along every great once in a while?

    Explain to me how you always seems to be the bridesmaid and never the bride until now and what makes this year so different? What happens if Mayfair actually does beat you? Explain to me what your trying to say about a potential hazardous semifinal football game. Is more disappointment on the horizon?


    AZUSA, HOLD your heads up high knowing we should have been playing last night! Coach Scherf, now people are knowing AZUSA got a tough draw the FIRST ROUND and were far from being OVERRATED!35-0 VC. Rosemead, AZUSA 24-16 leading with 3 minutes!

    These small Christian and Catholic schools,can play Football bottomline and can’t BE TAKEN LIGHTLY!

    Coach Scherf, i know you’ll have AZUSA right back in their next season, i’m just hoping we can have a good size offense and defense line to size up with these private schools!

    So all you parents, lets start feeding your kids right, because COACH SCHERF will do the rest!



  • SaintsR4real

    GREAT JOB BOYS!! Execution at it’s best. Maranatha had no chance. Great things will happen with great effort, attitudes, and coaches.

    Team Maranatha, I believe you are a better team than you showed us last nite, so keep your heads up, cheer for your league and good luck next year. Boyz, your TEAM effort and hunger are it’s best, roll as long as you can with it.

    IMO, almost every player stepped up. The standouts were Kolbeck, Darlington, Watts, Kennedy, Corona, Gonzalez and the entire O and D Line, that put shutdown pressure on a standout QB.

    I can’t think of anything I would change in last nights game, other than keep practicing on sustaining the outside run and the deep pass.

    Monrovia fans claim they can’t wait to play us again and that they’re ready to bring it. I believe they need to fill that gap of at least getting some type of win on us if there any chance of a satisfactory season.
    Never a good time to talk trash, too busy praising the hard work of our last win and suggestions and comments for our next game.

    Colt74 says “Congratulations to San Dimas for taking care of business tonight! Looks like for the rest of your trip I’m a Saints fan as promised. I’ll be there for your next game.”
    Your crowd is always welcome! Your team will be better and excel farther next year.


  • Dan

    Some more info on West Covina’s opponent Mayfair.
    They seem to be a running team with a huge “O”
    line, the listed heights and weights are:6’5″ 270lb, 6’3″ 305lb, 6’3″ 260lb, 6’1″ 255lb and 5’11” 275lb.

  • HuskieMan

    Before any of those Bonita parents can come on here and try to explain a loss because they will say the didnt have their team, SH beat Bonita last night in the Lidle Tourney to advance.
    Dating back to last year, “hey Bonita”, now you know the feeling, getting beat without your starters because your football team is still playing.
    But as it goes, Bonita just cant win a “big” game!

  • news bulletin

    Lancer#76 is not an Amat supporter. Take what is said with a grain of salt

  • Scholar Athlete and Gentleman

    Come on. I have been to a few Amat games by invitation as my co-workers son and daughter attended Amat. I also attend the accompanying tailgates and it was not koolaid being served in the red cups, repeatedly. With all due respect to the Amat Nation, if you have not seen any belligerent, obnoxious, rude or outright drunk fan in 100,000, then you sir are either delusional or blind. Ill stand by my statement.

  • Aaron

    Wondering why my posts haven’t gone through.

    Few things that struck me most were the amount of flags that stopped either team from getting into a rhythm. Why Howard Vaughns wasn’t ejected? Why what seemed on from the stands Muir trying to take out Pendleton on the PAT kicks? Why we didn’t take a knee?

    In truth this game should have been over in the first quarter, however we let them hang around a bit and the Mustangs to their credit were like wolves. They went after every opportunity.

    Sad for me to say it will be the last time I see this group seniors on the field, it was great to watch them grow up last year and then watch them lead and win if it was just only for one game.

  • Fredj

    Sorry if some of your comments didn’t go through, been getting a lot of spam so I was tinkering with the spam controls and wound up sending a lot of comments to spam. I set it back to normal, so you should be fine again….I found a few of the comments in spam and released them.

  • Aaron

    Seems my posts went through…disregard the last three I guess.

  • Colt74

    Nothing can take the cruddy taste out of my mouth from friday nights loss but a few things are helping.
    1. West Covina still taking care of business and looking like a tank driving thru a pumpkin patch while Born Again is at home, and STILL crying about how much better South Hills is. Karma.
    2. San Dimas opening a can of whoop-azz and the final score. I’m surprised their cheerleaders were not put in but then again, that would probably have been another 7 too. San Dimas vs Monrovia. Saturday football. College football followed by that game. Thank you lord.
    3. Florida State spanking Florida. Thank you lord again.
    4. Watching Tangled 3D with my 4 year old grand daughter last night. Seeing her wearing those big 3D glasses brought back memories of Hobo Kelly and got me laughing.Threading a rope through the eye of a needle is easier than trying to explain Hobo Kelly to a 4 year old. Trust me on this one.
    5. Knowing that 9 months is really not that long to wait…..

  • shaming the sgv

    Colt74 said:
    Nothing can take the cruddy taste out of my mouth from friday nights loss but a few things are helping.
    1. West Covina still taking care of business and looking like a tank driving thru a pumpkin patch while Born Again is at home, and STILL crying about how much better South Hills is. Karma.

    covina losing- BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!
    changing of the guard-HILARIOUS!!!!

    Don’t go away mad-just go away!!!

  • Dan

    Born again Huskie,
    Your right! Your a confused and frustrated lad. I’m afraid the effects of not having a team in the post season has made you a miserable soul. For Christ sakes take a look at yourself! Your lashing out all over the place! Trying to tear down the accomplishments of other teams! Making outrageous claims of South Hills greatness! I think your going delusional! YOUR TEAM WAS 3 AND 7! I know, I know son, your having a hard time coping with all the disapointments your team brought you. I realize West Covina having a great football team is driving you mad, but you must get a grip young man! Now wipe the tears, pick yourself up off the floor, and take a deep breath. Next year will be here sooner than you think, then we can do this all over again. Oh, and my evaluation on Mayfair? Let me make it simple for you:
    Chino Hills 28 Mayfair 14
    Chino Hills 51 South Hills 14
    Now wouldn’t you agree that Mayfair is clearly a worthy opponent and would pose a much bigger threat in these semifinals than your Huskies. Do we really need your 3 and 7 Huskies to make these playoffs more legitament? Would the SGV rather see a Mayfair team that hung with a couple Pac Five schools go against our Bulldogs or a Huskies team that we beat already?
    On your question about us and our division,yes we are in division 7 and yes this year I believe we can play with many D1 or D2 schools, maybe not the Mission Viejo’s or Servite’s or Corona Centennial’s, but I believe we can have good games with many upper division schools. Are we in the right division? Bonita is 11 & 1, has beaten a dangerous Muir team that was on the rise, and won big over a Claremont team that still had their best player [Kuramata] healthy, they weren’t the same team without him. La Serna is 11 & 1, and Mayfair has shown they can hang with some of the big boys, That tells me this division is better than you give it credit for, wether we belong in it or not will be answered in the next couple of weeks.

  • Colt74

    shaming the sgv,
    Like Covina, I’m not going anywhere. Colts will be back next year for another run while South Hills and Charter Oak will be fighting to not be last in their leagues. You heard it here first. This isn’t the 80’s. Like someone else said earlier don’t worry, in 2 years the CIF will move you both back down and West Covina up and you will be able to try and tell all how you are both the best in the sgv again. Even though the only 2 buying that are you.
    West Covina, Bonita, San Dimas,and Chino Hills are the pride of the SGV TODAY. Where are you guys again? Oh that’s right paying $8 to watch football with the rest of us.
    South Hills and Charter Oak are are not even a footnote in the 2010 football season. Get used to it. And STOP trying to compare yourselves to Bishop Amat. You guys are not even worthy enough to be their water boys.
    I’m not going to waste any more time responding to your drivel.I l-o-v-e knowing that I’ve gotten under your skin. I’ll be reminding you next season that I’m still here too with every one of your loses. Bank on it.
    Don’t forget..Covina won more games this year than Charter Oak and South Hills COMBINED. Ouch!
    How do you like me now? Am I still on your Christmas Card list?

  • shaming the sgv

    And one week after the play-offs you’ll be crying on here again. Drivel…..laughable.
    You truly are classy, and I wouldn’t doubt if it was your kid causing the ruckus during the game.
    You can build “c-town” as much as you like on this blog, but it will always continue to shame the SGV with it’s countless acts of shameful behavior.


    Ouch only 63 comments on “Saturday Morning Quarterback”!!!


    What did you expect without CO or Amat still in the race. People talk a lot of crap about Amat more than CO but without either one or both of them playing the blogs just seem to die off.

  • just askin’

    wonder why?

  • just answering,

    There are 40 or 50 other schools that aren’t around either, so get your heads out of your butts and don’t be so full of yourselves, I know this is going to come as a real shocker but here’s a little revelation for both of you: IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT AMAT OR CO!, there, you got it? Need a kleenex?


    just answering,
    Even you have to admit that with 5 SGV teams WC,CH,Bonita,Monrovia,SD still in the mix and winning it is sad only 66 hits for teams on the verge of CIF championships. Be realistic about the post and take the hater glasses off. These are just observations on a sad situation , lack of fan support.

  • Archives

    After last years 2nd round the “Saturday Morning Quarterback” had 155 comments.


  • Aaron

    Must not be a lot of “Football” fans this year then.

  • MidValleyFAn


    Hey Blowhard! You tell CO, and SH supporters to not compare themselves to BA?

    “And STOP trying to compare yourselves to Bishop Amat. You guys are not even worthy enough to be their water boys.”


    But then, YOU go ahead and try to compare Covina with CO, and SH?

    “Don’t forget..Covina won more games this year than Charter Oak and South Hills COMBINED. Ouch!”


    Are you trying to tell us that Covina had a comparable schedule to CO, and SH? Have you seriously lost your mind? Uh, I seem to have missed the CO/SH pre-league games against GLADSTONE, and EL MONTE. And, how about those barn-burner league games against Nogales, Wilson, and Northview? Yea, stellar competition there, Buddy. Look, you guys had a good year, but don’t let it go to your head. The only team you beat in the playoffs this year, was a .500 team. When you came up against a quality team in WC, you were done.

    And don’t try to keep rehashing your WC/SD wins. We all know WC looked past you, got sloppy, and gave away the win. And the SD win was just a teaser to get you thinking you really had a shot this year.
    This year was your best shot at making a run. Now that everybody knows you have some ability, you will be better planned for.

  • Just Answering

    Just Asking,
    Got a little jumpy there, sorry

  • class

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